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1. SPTA AC110 230V Electric Engraving Polishing

SPTA AC110 230V Electric Engraving Polishing

Sand blasting, long life use of aluminum alloy shell. It's ideal for drilling holes on plastic, wood, acrylic, pearl, paper, thin aluminum board, PCB circuit plate board, bodhi, walnuts and nut shell. The package includes a 1x tool, 3x wool felt grinding heads, 2x diamond coated burr head, and 3x sanding bands. A 22mm Hss Saw blade, 3x hand drill bits, 5x collets, 2x 1/8" shank mandrel, and 4x aluminum oxide grinding stone are included. A drum is being sanded. For cutting, grinding, polishing, deburring, removing, drilling and more. 6 speeds adjusted One button lets you set and adjust rotation speed according to the work contents and the type of materials being used. It is possible to make quick and easy bit changes. Hold one-handed. The tool is about 0.035 lbs. It made you work better by holding it like a hammer for rough work. ROTARY TOOLS ACCESSORIES are suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, castings, welded joints, rivets, rust, stone, glass, ceramics and porcelain. Sanding drums and sanding discs are used for rough shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass. WIDE APPLICATION The mini rotary tool can be used to cut, grind, carve, polish, engrave, grind, drill, or smooth the surface of the object. It works well on metal, wood, plastic, modeling clay, jewelry, aluminum and other materials. Do not use hard materials too much. WIDE APPLICATION The mini rotary tool can be used to cut, grind, carve, polish, engrave, grind, drill, or smooth the surface of the object. It works well on metal, wood, plastic, modeling clay, jewelry, aluminum and other materials. Do not use hard materials too much.

Brand: Spta

👤I need to adjust the speed of my metal jewelry, usually low to medium. The Dremal tool is too powerful and fast. I like this. I don't know why it got so many bad reviews, it's "MINI", that's what it does and what it's for small projects. It's perfect! It's easy to hold due to its skinny body. I will need a replacement down the road, so please don't stop selling this.

👤I've been using the tools for over 50 years. I need lighter tools for my older hands because my Proxon are Regular Weight. I looked at the SPECS on the machine and thought I would try it out. It costs 1/3 of my Proxon, but it is comparable to my Proxon in terms of performance, and I think a Little Lighter in weight means a Keeper! I was taught decades ago that time is money and that you can save money by changing out cutters. I have 3 different tools with different cutting tips that I use a lot.

👤The tool I purchased is soft and can help remove support lines from prints from a 3D printer. When I got it, I plugged it in to see how much noise it made, and I was very pleased to hear it was whisper quiet. I have room mates that go to bed when I am getting around and want to do things. I bought it to replace a tool that made the devil's own noise when I turned it on and it was next to useless. I would like to give this tool a big thumbs up for its power, quiet operation, ease of use, and the variable speed dial. If you have light duty detail work that needs to be done this is the tool for you. I didn't give it a five out of five stars because it didn't come in a nice case. It comes with a variety of tools and chucks to fit any type of add you want to make. This is a great tool for hobby use.

👤I was surprised by how much I liked this tool. I'm not new to these tools. I own a lot of different drills. I am a metalsmith. I'm also "Vertically challenged", so to speak. My hands are small. I was looking for something that wouldn't be too long, too heavy, bottom heavy or too wide at the working end. This is perfect! It's hard for me to find tools. It's everything I need it to be, but I don't know how long it will last. Would definitely recommend!

👤I was excited when I received the product because it seemed like it could be used for many different things. I only needed it to clear out the paint in the holes of my jewlery and to grind down and buffing. Cool? While I set it aside to clear out the mess and give it a break, I tried to turn it back after. I have a drill. There is no way that it broke from me. If it did, it's not for multi use. If it broke from this, the saw would most likely break it. I haven't owned it for a long time and now I'm cut off from my work.

2. Makita 9557PBX1 2 Inch Grinder Aluminum

Makita 9557PBX1 2 Inch Grinder Aluminum

The gift is packed in a carrying case. It's more reliable when it's falling resistant. The machines and accessories are lightweight and easy to carry around. The POPULO kit is great for small family projects. It's a gift for people who like to make their own things. A powerful motor for high output power is only 4.5 pounds. The small barrel grip is only 2 to 1/2 inches. The motor and bearings are protected from dust and debris. Lock on/off feature for continuous operation. AC/DC switch can be used with an alternative power source. The zig varnish protects the armature from dust and debris. Extra large paddle switch.

Brand: Makita

👤The grinder's initial build quality and workmanship were good. I was unaware of the risk of damaging the motor when using an angle grinder. Within 24 hours of opening the box, I damaged the device by grinding concrete. Because this is a common problem with angle grinders, Makita should have taken at least one of the following steps. None of these things are the case.

👤I bought this one despite some warnings that it runs hot, because I wanted to like it. The people were told to not apply pressure but to let the machine do its job and to cool it down by running the machine in air. I did that when it arrived. It ran hot quite quickly. After 15-20 minutes of intensive use. It takes more than an hour to cool down. It ran very hot after I had given it 1.5 hours to cool down and it felt normal to the touch. I returned it. Something must be wrong with this design after other reviewers warned of it. I replaced it with Dewalt's DWE402K to keep the job going. The Dewalt doesn't get warm doing the same job. There is something seriously wrong with the design of this product.

👤I wanted to clear up the confusion. It comes with: 9557PB angle grinder, side handle grip, and type-27 guard. The type-1 guard is a guard. The case of the case includes the grinding discs for steel/stainless and the owner's manual. The case is made of aluminum with zinc coated hardware. They should be rust free in no time. I spray nuts and bolts on the floor jack and other zinc hardware to not rust, but I don't want to lubricate the latches because I wouldn't be able to open the case. Better than a box. The case is made of eggcrate foam on the lid and tougher foam with cut outs for the tools and individual cutouts for each disc. It's great protection for fragile wheels. The lid does not fully open. After a thousand times of throwing the lid open, it stops preventing damage to the lid. It hitting the floor. This is my first Makita. It works well and is a great value. It ate through the disc-lock. I was able to melt through the lock one-handed because of its small size. I have a 7-inch R*dg*d angle grinder that has more power and lethality, but it would not have been able to complete this job due to it's size. Having the right tool for the job is another testament. Smaller is better. It doesn't have the power of the big boys, but I'm not cutting through the foundation or plate. I'm not flipping breaker every few minutes. The included grinding wheels can handle both mild steel as well as the Horrible Freight discs. The tool runs so smooth with the included discs that they must be balanced. The brand-new grinder and small diameter probably have something to do with that. It has a push button near the base of the paddle that can be used for lock-on and dead-man's operation. Nice feature. This grinder is a great addition to my collection and I wish I had it sooner. I might buy another one. It's a great tool and I would expect nothing less than the best from an industry leader in tool manufacturing. I haven't switched teams yet, but this gem has grabbed my attention. If you like your vision, wear a face shield. Safety glasses are not enough. Wear both. There were gloves and long sleeves.

3. Metabo HPT G12SR4 Grinding Lightweight

Metabo HPT G12SR4 Grinding Lightweight

There is a carrying case and a 4 1/2 inch angle grinder. The motor has 980 watt of max output power for tough grinding jobs. The SPINDLE LOCK is a lock. Disc and accessory changes can be done with a Spindle lock. SWITCH: The slide switch has a quick-off feature. Side hands. The side handle has been removed for better control and comfort for both right and left-handed users. Light weight: Experience more control and flexibility with less fatigue. The grip is very tight. The labyrinth design is better for dust and debris.

Brand: Metabo Hpt

👤My mother is old. I mean old. Aging brings crustiness. I'm not talking about her personality, but her aged attitude. Her toenails are old and hard. I've tried everything to keep her toenails trimmed. Her ancient bedrock-like stubs were not worked on. I used the Metabo grinder. What a job it does! I took the grinder to the war horses feet. They should be ground down like butter. Mom is happy. She's not using those yellow tack nails anymore. No more scratching the wood floors. No more frightened kids. Great purchase!

👤The instruction manual states that the power tool is intended to function as a grinder, and I was shocked that it was stated. Sanding, wire-brushing, polishing or cutting-off are not recommended. Holy cow! There are no instructions for installing a cut-off or cup disc when it mentions this. Who buys one of these and doesn't do anything? I wonder if this is a legal card. Had I known this, I wouldn't have bought it, even though it handles well and seems brave. The guard requires a screwdriver and the switch is inconvenient, I would have preferred a paddle. I only get two stars from you because people will use it with cut-off, etc discs and because they haven't given any instructions on using anything other than depressed-center grinding discs, someone could get injured. Hopefully not me! It would've been 4.

👤These little 6amp grinders are the same as they have always been. This Metabo is a rebadged lower line of the same name. This unit is not a bad one but it needs a no tool guard adjustment and is not better than a harbor freight. It would be easier to turn on the switch with gloves. It would have been nice for the wrench to be in the handle. If it did burn up, it has a 5 year warranty, but that's basically a throw away. The name Metabo would have been left on the higher end grinder.

👤The instruction booklet was the only thing that would have gotten this 5 stars. I wish the companies would have a beginner learn how to use a tool and then have a professional writer write them. The caveat is that it's not something that should be said here. The on/off switch is difficult to understand. Push forward at the same time if you press the rear of the switch. 2. The guard does not move. It might be to prevent injuries. 3 The wheel nut can be mounted in either direction, for a grinding wheel with a round edge. 4. The DeWalt masonry blade has a thin disc that has a flat side of the wheel against it. 5. The side that goes up is the one with the discs. This is confusing because of the printed side faces on most saws. I have been using this to cut pavers and it has performed very well.

👤Did you ever purchase something that you knew was a great deal? I bought the Metabo HPT G125R4 4 grinder and tried it out yesterday. I dropped my grinder last fall while cleaning up the basement cover doors. The handle fell apart. I wasn't upset because the brushes were worn bad. I read their reviews for a long time. I decided to buy the Metabo grinder when the price drops. I am happy that I did. The kit comes with everything you need to protect the shelf. If you buy 5 grinding wheels, you will get half the price of the grinder. I can't find any negative things to say about this grinder. I can't speak highly enough about it. It definitely gets it, thanks!

4. DEWALT DCG413B Brushless Tool Grinder

DEWALT DCG413B Brushless Tool Grinder

The set is for Salt mill and Natural Pepper mill colors. The angle grinder has a brushless motor. The DEWALT grinder's brake stops the wheel in less than 2 seconds. When a pinch, stall, or bind-up event is detected, Kickback Brake will engage and the electronic brake will stop the wheel and shut the grinder off. The ON/OFF switch has a no-volt release function. In the event of a power outage, thetrigger switch needs to be turned off and then on to restart the tool. Two actions are needed to start the tool. Two actions are needed to start the tool.

Brand: Dewalt

👤Another fine tool from Dewalt. The 20V MAX line of tools seem to have charge level indicators and don't self discharge like Ni-Cad batteries, which is great. The only issue I had was in the limited documentation as to how to use the arbor grinding wheels. This has been a point of contention for me. I bought this tool, along with the grinding and cutoff discs, but the metal cutting cut off discs I ordered were replaced with masonry cutoff discs. I went to the store to buy metal cutting discs but I was unsure of the spec. The manual says that the arbor is 5/8. The grinding wheels I bought are a size that fits fine. While it may not be 'officially' supported, a 7/8" arbor disc or grinding wheel will install securely, centered, even if it is not officially supported. In the photo, you can see the diameter of the threaded arbor, the yellow o-ring that looks to be interfering with where a 7/8 diameter wheel would install, and the boss on the backing flange.

👤I didn't think to get this one when I bought other power tools. I forgot to cut the cement backerboard when I was done. It has been great to do that. It has been great for cutting metal. It's easy to switch out the blades. There is a brake to hold it in place so it can be switched out. The guard is easy to adjust. I have not experienced any cutting issues while cutting. Very powerful. No cord is my favorite part. I use the 6.0AH to keep up with the demand of this beast, even though the battery in the picture was bought separately. It's a very important tool in your arsenal. I would buy it again.

👤I used this to grind down a maple stump so it wouldn't fall down. The tool uses 800W according to the box. Their website says 850W. The DEWALT 4A battery should last around six minutes. This is what I got from the batteries. The higher capacity batteries ran a bit longer. The batteries get very hot after use and the charger will go into thermal delay to protect the packs. It had a lot of power comparable to a corded model. The anti-kickback and the brakes are features I like. I wish they kicked in quicker, instead of taking 1.5 seconds to stop.

👤It seems to take more time than the cheapest plug in, but it's more convenient. When grinding masonry, you may spend a lot of time waiting for the tool to speed up again or the task to take longer as the tool is running slower. If you're grinding things, you probably want a corded model. I bought the tool only, the cheapest I could find, but the wrench you use to change out blades was not included. The giant allen wrench that was included is not related to this tool. Not sure what's going on there. Since I didn't get a blade change tool with this, I'll have to share it with my grinder.

5. Bosch 1375A 2 Inch Angle Grinder

Bosch 1375A 2 Inch Angle Grinder

The body is narrow for a comfortable grip. The Bosch 1375A angle grinder is lightweight, compact, and ideal for metal workers, vehicle fabricators, and other professionals who use grinder on a daily basis. The Efficient motor was designed with an extremely small field diameter, letting the user grind or cut with ease. The top handle of the angle grinder is also designed to make it easier for the operator to use. The Bosch Service Minder Brush System makes the angle grinder more convenient, it stops the tool when preventative maintenance is required, and it mounts the most popular accessories. The 1375A angle grinder has a sealed switch to keep dust and debris out of the switch mechanism, and it is also protected from abrasive debris with an epoxy coated design. The 1375A angle grinder has a sealed switch to keep dust and debris out of the switch mechanism, and it is also protected from abrasive debris with an epoxy coated design.

Brand: Bosch

👤I purchased a fantastic grinder, but I didn't know there was a newer model for $5 more.

👤I am. An idiot. I started a review about how I'm a professional furniture maker who has owned many grinder over the years and while I love this grinder, I couldn't get the inner flange off because of the tight tolerances. I tried to pull it off. I was going to get a replacement and ream it out before I sat it. I searched for "flange" among the other reviews. The palm of the face. Yes. The Bosch grinder is different from the other ones I've owned because the inner flange is threaded. What a dummy. I feel bad for the abuse I inflicted on this machine. I like having at least 3-4 grinder set up at all times with different discs so I never have to switch mid- job. I wanted to find the lightest grinder possible because my wrists are getting sore by the end of the day. For careful work. My go-to grinder has always been a Makita. I thought this Bosch was worth a try. I was impressed with the design and quality immediately. The finished parts looked great and it felt great to use. The Bosch ran like butter and was very well balanced and lightweight, compared to a crappy Metabo I wasted money on. I would like to replace all of my grinders with this model. Anyway... Don't forget about the threaded flange, I recommend this grinder. The cord is not very strong. It's like the strength of a rope. Make sure no off-cuts fall on it. I will only say that... It's a small grinder.

👤I wanted to remove an old-school basketball goal so I bought this angle grinder. People used to have to rig their own, as they couldn't just buy from the store. The goal was installed decades ago by the previous homeowner. The plywood that made up the goal was rotted to the point that I worried a stiff breeze would blow it down onto my wife's car, so I bought the appropriate tool for the job and got to work. For a good price, Bosch does good work. The angle grinder will let you use thin cutting wheels. The included wrench makes wheel swaps easy. The guard and handle are appropriate for safety purposes. If you're left handed or approaching from the other side, you can change the handle to the other side. This tool has helped me with a lot of things, including the stupid basketball goal that needed to come down. I've used it to break down folding chairs so that they fit in recycling bins. I and my neighbor cut hardware panels for both of our fencing projects. I'm happy to have this grinder in my garage because I never know when another use for it will come up. If you spend a lot of time working with the tool, you can use the power switch to continuously grind, which is great if you're buffing something. Be safe. If you're cutting metal, wear safety glasses and a face shield. Take this seriously, angle grinders are not a joke.

6. DEWALT DCG426B Variable Speed Grinder

DEWALT DCG426B Variable Speed Grinder

It's hard to determine market gimmick from the actual performance features that matter, but KIMO hopes to help with that. A simple one-click order will get you the most valuable tool kit. The cut-off tool kit comes with paper, metal, grinding wheel and wood. The cutting wheel,Hook&loop backing plate, carrying bag, fast charge, and battery are included. DEWALT built a motor for the die grinder. The electric die grinder has a variable speed. The DEWALT die grinder has lights at its nose. There are multiple handle grasping options. There are multiple handle grasping options.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I've used the corded version for welders a lot. This tool is great for running a burr bit. Is it possible to ditch a cord, have anLED light, and adjust speed? Holy smokes. Genius. The variable speed is great when you have light touch ups. You don't have to worry about bouncing around all over the place. You know what I mean if you use them. For your usual pickup, the battery life will last all day. There is plenty of power for a burr. I caught this on sale for 99$. I don't think it has the power to push one. First impressions say no. This is a car. Beautiful work, fast and sharp. You might want to do something else if you need to do heavy hauling. A welder friend and I. He uses the discs to hone his cylinders. He loves the tool and the light.

👤This is a great tool. The electric die grinder is a souped up version of a Dremel tool. I've never had a tool that was more versatile for cutting, grinding, and removing rust than a Dremel, and a 4.5" grinder. This will do anything a Dremel can do. It's a liberation to have a corded version after years of owning it, it's a great way to quickly grab this tool, for single jobs like cutting off a bolt, or sanding off corrosion on a ground connection quick and easy. You don't know how useful a DeWalt tool is until you have one. I don't mind that the tool has a safety feature so I won't object to the fact that it can be locked on for some jobs. The tool is strong enough to do what it needs to do. If you want to get into some fine work, it is possible to use the smaller collets, but for most things, all the 1/4" tools that work with this collet system are great. This tool is rock solid because there is no air hose or electric cord to stop it. The DeWalt grinder is highly recommended.

👤Product looks built. We will see how it holds up over time. The collet holder is out of co-axiality, so I am returning the tool. Not happy.

👤The tool is very flexible and beats every fixed die grinder out there. It's nice when there is sudden sound when cutting steel holes, but it's a little stiff to operate even though it's a rocking type switch. The control is good in all settings. Compared to corded machines, the size of the battery is large. It's a must have for metal working. 3Ah baterry works. It's a minimun. The way to go is cordeless brushless. The noise is lower than brushed corded. Torque is amazing. A good one.

👤Another great product from DeWalt. It was better by corded, but not letting go of it. It lasts for a long time using 5 Amp batteries. Heavy grinding is not its forte. Small, odd, remote jobs are the best. Will probably use it more than all my other grinders combined. Every tool has its own use. This one fills a gap and now is first in an assortment.

7. Dremel 4000 4 34 Variable Rotary

Dremel 4000 4 34 Variable Rotary

Two actions are needed to start the tool. TheTILE ROTARY TOOL KIT includes a corded and non- corded tool. The high performance motor provides maximum power and performance at all speeds. Variable speed and electronic feedback circuitry make for consistent performance in the most demanding applications. The air flow system is new. The mechanism helps prevent heat build-up. SLIM AND ERGONOMIC BODY has a grip zone for added comfort. The separate on/off speed dial is for the perfect speed every time. There are 34TILE accessories included. It's ideal for crafting projects like sanding, grinding, cutting, carving, polishing, and drilling. There are four appendices included - Multipurpose Cutting Guide, Sanding/Grinding Guide, Circle Cutter/Straight Edge Guide, and Detailer's Grip.

Brand: Dremel

👤He uses it for everything he can get his hands on. When he needed to grind down a part, he started researching and decided he needed a tool that could do that. He realized that the best quality one on the market was this Dremel. He started texting me the link to the product, then casually mentioned how much he could get done if he just had one tool, and finally explained why the tool was a great value. What should a girl do? I ordered it. He asked me how long it would take to arrive. Thank you Amazon for two day shipping! He ran to the garage to play after I handed him the box. I don't know what he's doing with it, but I know he's happy and he's not in a trailer park. If anyone knows of a support group for such conditions, I would appreciate it. This is a good quality basic set that gives you everything you need to get going. Even the most persnickety organizer is happy by the great carry case.

👤I bought a refurbished one at the new price, but am pretty sure I got a new one. There was a zip-loc bag in the case, the manufacturers box had been re-glued with hot glue, and the dremel had been used. I expect the item to be new if I pay the new price.

👤This is the 4th Dremel tool I've owned. The first lasted a long time. The last 3 were not worth the money. These are worthless because of their reliability. I've held off buying other products because of the cost, but it would have been worth it since I have to replace them. The first one I bought was not quite 2 years old, but this one has been lightly used. The speed controller only runs at full speed no matter what you set it to. It has no Torque anymore. I will never buy another Dremel tool. The quality has been ruined by outsourcing manufacturing.

👤There are a lot of reviews about issues buyers had with the Dremel. I bought this model and think I can understand the problem that some users ran into. A word about terms. Dremel calls the accessory shank the mandrel, which is the solid shaft that the cutting or grinding tool is mounted on. The collet is a silver-colored hollow tube that slides into the mandrel when you install the cutter on the Dremel. The collet nut is dark metal and is used to hold the collet and screws onto the unit. The accessories that come with the Dremel model are made with small diameter mandrels. Most accessories that Dremel sells use this size. I noticed that none of the included bits fit into the collet when I received my Dremel 4000. I think some of the other buyers concluded that their Dremels came with the wrong size collet. I found that the collet had been jammed tightly into the collet nut, closing it down so that the shanks wouldn't fit, when I took it apart. I used a small screwdriver to push the collet out of the back of the collet nut after removing the Dremel collet nut. The collet was able to open up to its full diameter because of this. If you buy one of these and it seems as though the shanks don't fit into the collet, you should try it. Dremel could probably do a little quality control on this to make sure everything goes smoothly. Dremel sells a 4485 collet nut kit that has the collet sizes listed above, if you need a different collet size for other mandrels/shanks not sold with this kit.

8. Accessories MultiPro Engraving Polishing Woodworking

Accessories MultiPro Engraving Polishing Woodworking

It's convenient. It comes with 3 Jaw Universal Chuck, which is suitable for all brands of tools. You can change accessories on the machine tools. The Multi Chuck accepts accessories from 1/64" to 1/8". It is ideal when the application requires a lot of accessory changes. It is possible to become an artist with the help of a fan, which can be used for sanding, polishing, cutting, shaping, drilling, deburring, grinding, cleaning, engraving, trimming, etc. This is a great investment if you are working on home tasks or creating art pieces. TheFlexible Shaft holds a pen for your projects. Protection for cutting and grinding is provided by the cover shield. The drill locator helps to work on wood precisely. The Diamond Cutting Wheel is the best tool for cutting glass. Extra carbon brushes are included in versatile accessories that will save you money and help you find a new set. The performance fine copper motor provides powerful power for cutting, grinding, engraving, drilling, cleaning/polishing, etc, and it can be set and adjusted according to the work contents and the type of materials being used. The gift is packed in a carrying case. It's more reliable when it's falling resistant. The machines and accessories are lightweight and easy to carry around. The POPULO kit is great for small family projects. It's a gift for people who like to make their own things. The gift is packed in a carrying case. It's more reliable when it's falling resistant. The machines and accessories are lightweight and easy to carry around. The POPULO kit is great for small family projects. It's a gift for people who like to make their own things.

Brand: Populo

👤I have always wanted to carve wood, but I have never used a non power tool to do it, so I bought this as a trial tool for my adventures. This tool is wonderful so far. The price is a great value.

👤I retired from the military in 1991, so I've been staying at home. The wife has a small space at a country shop and she wants to do little things around the house. We sell and fix lamps. I will put the tool to work immediately. The lamp was cut and added to it. The job I did looks good to the wife. The little tool did what I asked it to do. You will be happy with the tool if you keep in mind small things. The paking case is great, and all the stuff that comes with it. I'm a happy camper.

👤It was so cheap that I bought it expecting it to be junk. It carved out all the stars in the flags with hardly being turned off. It's worth it so far. I highly recommend it.

👤I switched to a corded model of Dremel because I was tired of ordering batteries. I was surprised at how high quality the kit is.

👤I usually buy brand name tools, but decided to buy this model because of the accessories. I'm glad I did. It works as well as the one I replaced, and the accessories have already come in handy. I was happy with the quick delivery by Amazon.

👤The tool kit was ahead of schedule. It came with a flex shaft, which is really nice. The flex shaft must be purchased separately. There are a lot of bits and accessories. I had to buy extra types for my Dremel tool. I bought this for a backup for my dremel, I think I'm going to use it for a while to check it out for ease of use.

👤I used this tool to cut a speaker hole. I used a side cutter. The tool is high quality. The power chord, switch, chuck, and housing all have a quality feel. The included bits are the bare minimum, but with a case, cutting guide, and stylus, that is no problem.

👤The name is just as good. The speed is gradual. There is a lot of power.

👤Ahora, los materiales son de baja calidad.

9. BLACK DECKER Grinder 6 5 Amp BDEG400

BLACK DECKER Grinder 6 5 Amp BDEG400

The metal gear case has a longer life. The 3 position side handle gives added comfort and control. Simple accessory changes can be made with the help of a Spindle lock. The included components are a small angle grinder, a metal grinding wheel, and a wheel guard. The body is narrow for a comfortable grip. The body is narrow for a comfortable grip.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I put ads online for someone to remove the metal fence posts that were surrounded by cement. A man responded to my ad and told me to buy a grinder for 20 bucks and do it myself. I'm not familiar with many tools, so I had never heard of it. I decided to take that guy's advice after getting some crazy bids for the job. I took all the precautions and just did it, even though I was a little concerned about the sparks. I did all my posts. There is one disc that comes with this. I posted a picture of the used disc. The $20 grinder is an amazing tool. I would still have gotten my money's worth out of it even if it quits tomorrow. I ordered the end of January and my grinder quit today. I had to shut it off when it started smoking after I plugged it in. It continued to smoke. The grinder was rarely used so I think it should still be working. I am lowering the rating because it was great while it lasted.

👤I intended to use it to cut through the bike lock. I bought the 5-pack of cutting wheels that Amazon notes are frequently bought in combination with the grinder since it comes with just a grinding wheel. I did not heed the advice of another reviewer who pointed out that the grinder's instruction manual states that a type 1 disc cannot be used. Only a type 27 disc is allowed for safety reasons. The wheel sits within the guard housing. There is no mention of the "Type" number in the description of the frequently bought 5 pack of wheels. The wheels are marked with a type 1 on them. I ordered a cutting disc. It's easy for the uneducated to assume that the cutting discs have the same size and thickness, since they have the same 4.5 inch diameter and 0.045 inch thickness. The type 1 is a flat disc, whereas the type 27 has a raised portion at its center, which causes it to sit lower in the safety guard.

👤If it holds up after a few weeks of grinding, I will give it 5 and change my review later. I used it once to grind down some metal I was welding on and it worked well. It was great for the price. I have nothing bad to say about it. I don't recommend buying the recommended wheel "DEWALT DW4523 4-1/2-Inch by 1/2-Inch by 5/8-Inch General Purpose Metal Grinding Wheel" for this grinder. It was recommended as an add-on. It's not the right type. I am not familiar with these wheels.

👤Did the job I wanted it to be? It was bought vs renting. I did not have a problem cutting a pocket in the tile. Two stars off for a bad manual. I had to look online for the correct lock washer placement because the blades I bought were thinner. I don't like having to worry if the tool is set up correctly. The outer washer hub-side should be used for thicker blades. The hub supports the inner diameter of the blade. If a thinner blade, the hub towards the blade will not fit on the inner washer. The hub should be away from the blade if the outer washer is flipped around.

10. DEWALT DWE402 2 Inch 11 Amp Grinder

DEWALT DWE402 2 Inch 11 Amp Grinder

The 1375A angle grinder has a sealed switch to keep dust and debris out of the switch mechanism, and it is also protected from abrasive debris with an epoxy coated design. The angle grinder has a Next Generation 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 RPM motor. Dust Ejection System protects the metal grinder from damaging dust and debris. The DEWALT angle grinder has 2 times the brush life of the previous model. Large spiral gear has a long transmission life. The guard can be rotation with a single action.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I bought the "angle grinder only" option. I would have given this a 5 star review if there was more information about which guard was included. The included guard was too deep to be used with a standard arbor flap disc or grinding disc. It's so thick that you have to hold it at a 45 degree angle, otherwise the corners of the guard will scratch the work surface. A reviewer went through the effort of cutting his guard down on a band saw after he stated the same thing. The good news is that Dewalt makes several different guards that fit this unit, and one of them is the right thickness for these discs. I wanted to share what I learned so that future buyers could learn more about the guards, because it is difficult to find detailed information about them. See the picures. The 4.5" guard is called the " 4.5in / JuMBO FLAP" guard. The 4.5" guard is perfect for use with non-hubbed flap-discs or grinding discs. The 4.5" type 1 cutting guard for this grinder is not the correct one.

👤My old corded grinder got jacked out of my garage after I bought this because my grinder is a battery milwaukee that lasts about 10 minutes of low pressure grinding. I knew what the project was when I ordered it. I wanted to use a piece of a machine that was scrapped at work for something else, but I had to give up some cargo space with sand bags. I have been a truck mechanic for many years. I have placed many quality grinder in their final resting place. You could tell on the first day what to expect. I will have this one at home for the rest of my life. I fed this thing a hot supper for 8 hours. It was exactly when I needed it that Amazon got it. The mail man brought the snow when I was done blowing it. I used up 8 cut wheels, 3 gemini cut-n-grind and 6 flap disks. The bad first. The guard is too large. I'm pretty sure it's consumables that have a built in nut. I cut and sanded it to make sure it was correct. The spindle is too long. The wheel sticks out 5/16 past the nut. I took the belt grinder and sanded it to the nut, then took the nut off and feathered it. Something inside was making noise. The ring gear was dry after I smeared the high quality moly grease over it. The sound lasted for about 20 minutes, then went away, and it was as smooth as I have ever heard. The commutator may have had brushes on it. The good. More power than you need. The consumables are only able to handle so much. It is light weight and smooth after a break. Having a grinder that can make the least work of it is important. 5 stars isn't enough. There is a lot of junk out there. This isn't that. A pro grade tool is ready to use. A star is assembled in the USA. I hope they expand on it as we make great stuff. I bled red for a long time but the future may be mostly yellow for this reason. 1 star for power. Staying cool is one of the reasons for this. 1 It feels good in the hand. 1 star for fast and easy disk change. The cord was very flexible and did not get hot. I got a 1 star for packaging, not excessive, and went to my wood burner not the dump. Yellow tools are hard to misplace. The star did not come with the nut, it was a packaging mistake. I don't know why it came with a 3/8 allen wrench. Still a long way over 5. I had to remove a few wheels from the edge of the table. If you break the wheel, it is usually not worth saving because it is not worth the trouble.

11. Cuisinart DBM 8FR Automatic Certified Refurbished

Cuisinart DBM 8FR Automatic Certified Refurbished

There is a 12-month free warranty. Within 1 month, there is a free replacement and within 3 months there is a refund. There is no risk with your purchase. If you have a question, please email them. The product is certified refurbished and includes all original accessories and a 90 day warranty. There is quantity control, timer, and a container for coffee. 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤The blade grinder that I purchased is starting to go out. I decided to take a chance on the refurbished model because of the reviews and price. As time allows, I will be updating. This is not a conical burr grinder. It is a burr grinder. The burr grinder is not more expensive. The price and performance of the two are vastly different. Don't deal with it. The grinder does not have a classification. Fines will be made. It is life. Don't deal with it. I know industrial size reduction from the chemical engineer here. It's a function of time between the plates that I expect a reasonable grind with about 5-10% fines. What a difference in grind! Wow. It is much more consistent in the grind. I could taste the difference. Smoother, less bitter. The appliance is large. It is not going into a cabinet to hide. I had to find counter space. I ground a pot of coffee with the grind adjustment set to medium-fine. The grinder is loud. Time to wake up! It isn't loud. The grounds were in a bin. I removed the bin, tapped it a few times to get the grounds to settle, and poured it into a filter. There was a small amount of fines left on the plastic due to static cling. I did not analyze it. It was much less expensive than a blade grinder. I put the cover back in the unit. The bin safety switch contacts and there is a click. I looked at the grinding plates. It was cleaned easily. It will be a once-per-week chore. It's a great grinder for the money so far. It's better than any blade grinder I've used. The May 15 update is still great. A pot worth daily was grinded. The cups are worth a lot of money daily. Awesome grinder! July 8, 2017: keeps on going. Each day there are 10 cups. It grinds very well.

👤The motor of the grinder stopped running after only 6 months of normal use. I have never had a break after purchase of a refurbished product. There is an update. After talking to Cuisinart, I found out that there is no warranty for refurbished models, so I removed the Hopper and cleaned the burrs. I removed the bottom and realized there was a switch by the catch container. It works now. The 2 year warranty with manual does not apply to refurbs, and you should remove the burrs every so often. The lid to the grounds container keeps the static mess contained better than the lower line capresso or baratza burr grinder, which costs over $100.

👤The seller was great. It's all you need with fast shipping and safe packaging. I was asked to get a grinder similar to the one we used before, which made awesome coffee, and I always got it. The first two pages of my search are occupied by over-reviewed grinders. I'm not fond of brands that give away free product, and I was unable to find a burr grinder that was under $200. I was surprised to find this one, and it was far cheaper than I thought. Is it a newer model? Nope, the same as before. Talk about time-tested. It was still a little uncomfortable to purchase a remanufactured grinder. I couldn't find a mark on it. I couldn't be more pleased with it. We were back to having a perfect grinder two days after ours broke. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the person who remanufactured it. I swear it's brand new. If you're looking for a coffee grinder, please buy it. I'm very grateful to the seller. I wasn't paid off, no free stuff, so go ahead and check my profile. I'm blown away by this deal. I would compare it to the old T 100 pickup that doesn't know how to die, but it cleans up better. A small appliance that works well for ten years is not something I have seen before. I would like to shake the hand of the person behind the design. There is no powder explosion from the ground coffee's container. It sticks to the walls of the container, but a gentle tap of the hand lays it back down. I'll buy a t shirt if these guys sell them.


What is the best product for electric grinder tool?

Electric grinder tool products from Spta. In this article about electric grinder tool you can see why people choose the product. Makita and Metabo Hpt are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric grinder tool.

What are the best brands for electric grinder tool?

Spta, Makita and Metabo Hpt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric grinder tool. Find the detail in this article. Dewalt, Bosch and Dewalt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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