Best Electric Guitar Case Backpack

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1. Flexzion Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Flexzion Electric Guitar Gig Bag

The Electric Guitar Gig Bag is portable and perfect for carrying your favorite electric string instrument anywhere you want. 2 Pocket Design makes it easy to carry all your gear and accessories in one bag. Multiple Reinforced Handles and straps allow you to carry your guitar from place to place, with 2 padded shoulder straps for a comfortable hands-free transport. The headstock is secured inside the case, saving the guitar from impacts and possible snaps. Made to protect your instrument from rain and water. The thick padding protects your guitar parts from daily wear and tear. The interior dimensions are 40.5 in L x 11.5 in lower bout. W x 3.5 in D.

Brand: Flexzion

👤Is a nice bag, but I wish it was bigger. There was plenty of room for my guitar in my previous gig bags. I can get both in this one, but it's a challenge and tight fit. I'm happy with the bag. It seems to be very durable.

👤The case fits perfectly and arrived on time.

👤I bought a guitar that was supposed to be 45 inches. The bag was only 42 inches in diameter. I would have to pay 20 dollars for the return ship.

👤Great product, but tight for my skim. One back pack strap seems to work even though it doesn't have a side strap.

👤It was a cheap gift for a friend. I was surprised by the quality.

👤Excellent deal. The bag is very sturdy and it fits my guitar very well. It was easy to ship.

👤It fits as expected, I use it for a mini fender.

👤The product was very good and I was very happy with it.

👤The case was very nice and quick.

👤The gig bag arrived quickly. It is a well built bag. I have all of my guitars in bags and this one is the best. This product and the selleer are recommended by me.

👤I love my gig bag, it has all the pockets I need.

👤My car is perfect for it. It looks good, but I'm not sure if it's water proof.

2. CAHAYA Acoustic Guitar Cover Padding

CAHAYA Acoustic Guitar Cover Padding

The gig bag from CAHAYA is ideal for the musician who travels with their guitar on a regular basis. Protect your guitars from water and dust with a water resistant fabric. It's for holding smaller acoustic guitars. The backpack shoulder straps allow comfortable carrying. The guitar bag has a large front pocket for storing A4 size music sheets, guitar straps, and other tools. Those who need to store guitars at home can use a rubber shockproof base.

Brand: Cahaya

👤Exactly what I needed. The guitar stand took up a corner that my wife didn't like. I don't play my guitar often, but I pick it up once a month so we put it under the bed. The case is light and portable. The material is not sturdy and does not have padding, but it is still durable and avoids the guitar from getting scratched or dust. 5 stars all around.

👤It is snug for a full size dreadnought. It fits but you need to be careful with the zip so as not to scratch your instrument. The fabric seems durable but it isn't intended to provide any structural support.

👤It's a soft case, so no support or sturdiness, but if I had to grade them, I would. If I can't fit my guitar into it, it's useless, so I had to give one star. I don't get any value from it.

👤I needed a bag for the guitar I bought at the pawn shop. It seems to be pretty good quality. I didn't give it 5 stars because of the cigarette smell.

👤My son in-law loves it.

👤The price was correct. Did the job! Thank you!

👤Fix my guitar perfectly.

👤sencilla, simple de buen material, es una opcin econmica.

3. Travel Laptop Backpack Charging Laptops

Travel Laptop Backpack Charging Laptops

Men travel backpack has 20 independent pockets for large storage and organization of small items. There are 3 spacious main multi compartments with many hidden pockets that can hold a lot of stuff, like college supplies, travel accessories, clothes, stationery, notebook, cord organizer, side deep Zipper pocket, and Elastic net pockets that hold travel gear umbrellas or water bottles. The ideal book bag backpack is for high school boys. The extra large backpack can be unfolded 90-180 degree. The backpack is large enough to carry a lot of things. You can use it for international travel, camping, hiking, and overnight trips if you choose to. Convenient charging of your cellphone is offered by the externalusb port with set-in charging cable. A hole in the ground gives easy access to Earphone usage. The student backpack with a sturdy rugged handle with steel cable on the top for carrying, side compression straps, and exclusive backpack for whatever size you require, is also available. It's fashionable, comfortable and convenient as a men's/women's backpack. Extra large and durable material. There is a separate padded laptop compartment hold for 13 inch MacBook, 14, 15, and 16. There are laptop backpacks for boys and girls, teens, adults, women, men and teacher. The large laptop backpack for the city was made from high quality polyester fabric with nylon lining. Tech backpack with back U shaped threedimensional ventilation design, comfortable wide breathable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge pad help relieve the stress from your shoulder. The side of the shoulder strap with lanyard design can hang sunglasses. Premium book bags for men. It is a perfect present for a man or woman.

Brand: Shrradoo

👤I am almost done with my first year of law school. I used my backpack for the entire year. It was a pretty good backpack, but it wasn't big enough and past its prime after 5 years. The backpack I was going to get was a miracle worker and I knew I needed another one. My law school textbooks are large. I had to carry several books into the school from the parking lot because my backpack wasn't big enough. I did some searches for backpacks on here, but was not impressed because most of the backpacks were similar to the one I already had. My mom researched and found this backpack. It holds everything and more. I rarely write reviews on Amazon, but I knew I had to write a review for this backpack for other students of the law or any other program with massive books that are looking for an amazing backpack. The middle pocket is what I posted alongside the review. You can't see what I have inside of that pocket in the picture. That is how much space it has. I have a wooden book stand, a padfolio, 4 case books, 2 wide textbooks, and my planner in that middle pocket. I was not able to fit all of it in my backpack. My friend was worried that my back was going to suffer since I could fit everything in my backpack. The backpack that holds more stuff is easier to carry than my last one. I don't know if there is extra weight. I am impressed by this backpack. I am now able to carry everything I need in one bag, thanks to it.

👤I haven't traveled with this yet, but I already love it. I didn't think I could give it 5 stars because I haven't traveled with it yet. It has a lot of room in the back pocket for my electronics, as well as lots of pockets on the front and sides. I will use the lock on the electronics part. I will update after I travel with it.

👤The soldierknife extra large backpack is a decent backpack for the price. I felt like returning it because I didn't think it would fit my needs. If you are a heavy traveler and looking for something that is durable, this isn't your bag. Aim for something with a higher price point and more durable material. If you're a student, gym buff, or just going to and from your place of work, it's a pretty decent backpack. The back of the backpack is a thin non-cushioned layer, so I would recommend that people with laptops put it in a protective sleeve before using it. Also, note: The material used in this backpack won't hold up to long term wear and tear, it's just a short term backpack. Oh. You could easily break the lock the manufacturer gives you if you buy a 3rd party lock. 7 month review: It's in great shape, I use it as my work pack, and the zips haven't lost their grip, no major wear and tear. The bag has a lot of storage space.

4. CAHAYA Acoustic Pockets Waterproof Multi Pockets

CAHAYA Acoustic Pockets Waterproof Multi Pockets

Six pockets on the bag's exterior provide convenient storage space for sheet music, strings, tuners, picks and other accessories. The pocket is hidden under the handle. The front pocket has two organizers that can be used for tablets and phones. Three handles for convenience. The guitar bag can be hung on the wall for decoration. The guitars are 40/41/42 inch and have a measurement of 43.7 x 16.9 x 4.7 inches. Extra Thick Padding is a thick padded bag with a waterproof cloth exterior. The guitar is protected from scratches and dirt with a rubber shockproof base and sleek appearance.

Brand: Cahaya

👤I found a new case. Light weight and structured, perfect for any gig. Every guitar accessory has a pocket. The smallest one is the best for keeping track of capos. There are pockets on the guitar that hold sheet music. The guitar stand is perfect for the long pocket on the neck. This case is great for guitar players who want to keep their case organized. It's waterproof! This case fit my guitar perfectly.

👤The case was going to be thrown away. I needed a light-weight case with shoulder straps to carry my Gretsch electric hollow body to my guitar shop two miles away because of the Pandemic and I was walking a lot. It fits perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the case looked, the workmanship, the material, and the mechanics. The thickness of the case feels like it would protect the guitar from the bumps and subways, but I'm not sure about that. The number of well-designed pockets was the best part for me. I think one of the pockets has a mic stand or guitar stand. I think the style and function is good for the price.

👤The Cahayu Guitar bag can hold a dreadnaught-size acoustic guitar. It won't fit an acoustic guitar of that size. This is not a slight against the product, I knew that going in. If you have a Jumbo-size guitar, this bag will be too small. The bag is well padded and fits my guitar well. It is light and strong. I have used it to bring my guitar in my car. I would be very uncomfortable if my guitar was to make it to its destination in one piece because I wouldn't be able to handle my own bags. The bag is good for personal trusted handling, but it is not a hard shell bag and wouldn't hold up to aggressive handling by others. I bought this knowing I wouldn't let this or my guitar out of my own hands. All my Attachments and Buckles are secure and not loose. The downside is that I only count 5 of the six pockets that are claimed, and that's why I gave this a 4 star rating. I would have liked to see a smaller pocket to hold things like extra picks, capo, and other small items that we all use regularly. The small pocket on the front of the case is a little too deep, so it would just be about right. Pickings are difficult to retrieve because my fingers can't reach the bottom of the pocket. For the price, it is a good bag for personal transport and protection of your guitar. I bought a second one because I liked it so much.

👤I love the way this case is stored and moved. It fits my seagull. I'm not worried that it's not protected as a soft case. I love the various pockets and handles that I need to carry my guitar with me. The only downfall is that the guitar isn't in the case, which causes the neck to flop over. It's a soft case.

5. Simple Electric Thickening Waterproof Backpack

Simple Electric Thickening Waterproof Backpack

The bass bag size is 47 x 15.7 x 2.4inch and fits both Jazz and Precision Bass Guitars. Also, note: The guitar bag is too small to hold a bass guitar. Please compare their bag's dimensions with the guitar's first to see how it will look, to make sure you buy what you want. A specialized pocket with an organizers for more accessories can be found in the large exterior pocket. The backpack style has a back handle loop and reinforced carry handle that makes it easy to transport between classes or rehearsals. Extra wear-resistant protective cloth is added to the headstock to provide added protection.

Brand: H&z Simple

6. Acoustic Backpack Water Resistant Electric Adjustable

Acoustic Backpack Water Resistant Electric Adjustable

The previous version had a larger front pocket. It's really worth the price. The guitar bag size is 41.7 x 13.7 x 3.9 inches. Three handles for convenience. The guitar bag can be hung on the wall for decoration. There are two exterior pouches, one on front body and one on neck, that can fit sheet music, documents, music books, accessories, and more. The fabric may have a smell if it is closed for a long time. You can place the goods in aventilated place to dry after you receive them, so that this problem can be solved.

Brand: Evil Hair

👤I have bought a picture of the YMC brand before and I like it, but this one is not the same. The handle and straps are different. It stinks because it is not 36” as I ordered. The quality is not as good as the YMC brand. I thought it was the same because the 36” was cheaper than the YMC. It was a disappointment.

👤I keep my classical guitar at home and don't need a bag. From time to time, I bring it with me to my friends, and they will get something. I didn't want the bag to be too big and I didn't want to spend too much money. I didn't expect much when I pulled the Trigger on this one. It was very thin and smelled like a hell, so I left it in a garage for two days to smell out. If you need to drive your guitar for a few minutes, it will give you some protection from the rain. The protective foam is smaller than covers and leaves the neck protected just by fabric. If you are looking for more than a weather shield, look for something else. It should cost $10-15. It would be a reasonable price. There is a I was able to find a better bag for $29 when I needed to ship my guitar for repair, so I am returning this one.

👤I have purchased a number of soft acoustic guitar cases. I needed a guitar that was larger than my travel guitar. This fits perfectly, but it is very strange. It is very thin. A little more than a nylon cover. It is probably my fault that I didn't read the description right. The inside is lined with a very thin plastic material. It's hard to see in the pictures. You can see the shine from it. The interior stitching has something that catches in the zip up. I have purchased better quality bags on Amazon for the same price, even though this is inexpensive. I can't recommend anything unless you want to keep the dust off.

👤I bought this bag to hold my guitar. I bought this bag because of the low price and description. I was not happy with the overall quality of it. There is no padding, and the zippers were sticky. The straps on the back-pack are notpadded. This bag would be fine if I only needed it to keep the guitar dust off when not in use. The product is too flimsy to be used for transporting an instrument. I returned the bag and found a better one at Guitar Center.

👤The bag is nice but not waterproof. I got caught in a heavy rain and some water got inside.

👤This is an extra protection for our small classical guitar. It was a good deal and good quality.

👤This thing is very cheap. The material inside sounds like a toy. It won't protect anything at all. Not worth it and returning it.

👤The stitching is poor, the padding is minimal, and it sounds like a piece of paper when you touch it. If you value your instrument, you should spend more money to protect it.

7. CAHAYA Acoustic Waterproof Adjustable Shoulder

CAHAYA Acoustic Waterproof Adjustable Shoulder

It is compatible with 40/41 inch guitars. The soft bag is waterproof. Two-way plastic zippers are durable. Two handles for convenience. There are two exterior pouches, one on front body and one on neck, that can fit sheet music, documents, music books, accessories, and more.

Brand: Cahaya

👤I was wondering if this would fit my guitar so I was going to post this review. I bought this for the Takamine GD20-NS and it fits me. Some people think that a dread is a bit snug. The bottom of the case is where I can see what they mean. There is about one-half of a play between the top inside of the case and the width of the guitar's body. There is about 1/3 of play at the lower bout area. That is fine for me. The case expands to accommodate the depth at the endpin if you look at the bottom of the picture. The seams are 888-405-7720 The guitar's depth is outside the seams, even though the case is not squeezing it. I don't have a problem with this. I can see where some may refer to it as a "snug", but I'm okay with it. It zips up. Some dreadnoughts may be different in dimensions. This is the biggest guitar I'd want to put into this case. This case was not real. It is basic protection. This is not a flight case. This case can accommodate a few different sizes. guitars are bigger than dreads. I tried my small classical guitar in this and it was swimming in it. The padding is adequate for handling. The quality of this case is very good, and it's not cheap. I will use this for storage at home and even carry it from place to place. I wouldn't use this to put it in the back of a van with all the equipment. This is not the case for a guitar that is really expensive. I received an inexpensive case for basic protection when the guitar is not on its stand, or better yet, in my hands.

👤I've only carried my guitar in this case 25 times and it's already ripped. I understand that it's a cheap bag, but I don't understand how this happened to my bag, which has many positive reviews. I want people to know that highly rated items on Amazon can be problematic. I'm too scared to use my bag anymore because of the rips in it, so I'm asking you to buy a better bag.

👤I don't give a product 5 stars unless I find it exceptional. I didn't find a flaw that would make me drop a star or two because this is an inexpensive item. Carlo Robelly has an inexpensive acoustic electric. I wanted an acoustic that was comfortable, felt like electric, and could connect to my existing equipment after playing electric guitar. I bought the guitar for just $140, it did not come with a bag. The bag did not disappointed me, I took a chance on it. My guitar came with 10 free picks and it fit well. The guitar is in the bag on the photos above.

👤I was not sure what I was expecting for $20, but I guess I was expecting more than that. There is a They pack it as tight as possible. The bag is rolled up. If it didn't make the bag look like garbage, this wouldn't matter. The guitar is rolled up so tight that it still doesn't look right. This is more for an acoustic guitar. A standard sized acoustic guitar is barely large enough to fit. You get what you pay for with the bag. It will protect your guitar from some damage, but it won't do much more. I bought this just to protect my guitar during a move, and wasn't expecting amazing quality, but I was expecting a bag that was appropriately sized and not messed up from inadequate shipping.

8. Backpack Charging Friendly Resistant Business

Backpack Charging Friendly Resistant Business

The package includes a tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece. Large organization and culture. The travel backpack has pockets for large storage and organization. There are 3 spacious main multi compartments with many hidden pockets that can hold a lot of stuff like college supplies, travel accessories, clothes, stationery, notebook, cord organizer, side deep zip pocket and side elastic net pockets that hold travel gear umbrellas or water bottles. Gifts for family and friends. The TSA has approved and multi-purpose. The travel backpack can be unfolded at the airport security checkpoint and you can keep your items neat. The backpack is large enough to carry a lot of things. A large laptop bag, large school backpack, or spacious college backpack is included. Perfect travel gifts for women who like camping, hiking and overnight trips. Convenient charging of your cellphone and other electronic devices can be accomplished with an external port. A hole in the bookbag for headphones makes it easy to use. The backpack has a steel cable on the top for carrying. Side compression straps keep the exclusive backpack at a certain size. The men's backpack is an idea gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day. The material is large anddurable. The extra large backpack has a capacity of 50L and can hold up to 17 laptops. The travel backpack for men and women is made from high quality shockproof fabric and nylon lining and is heavy duty. It's convenient. The men's backpack has a three-dimensional design that helps with heat elimination. The wide mesh shoulder straps with sponge pads help relieve the stress on your shoulder. The shoulder strap has a lanyard design that can hang sunglasses. A large bookbag is ideal for men and women.

Brand: Yorepek

👤The police called it a "bust and go", but the husband's backpack was stolen in less than 20 seconds after he grabbed it from the rental truck. He was very sad to have to find a replacement. He narrowed down options to about 1/2 a dozen backpacks and chose this one. He reports a few things. There are 1 positives. It is well made and above the price. The backpack that was stolen had a cost that was long. 2. It's large. 3. He needs everything to fit. 4. When all open, there are a lot of compartments. There are some things that are CONS: Unless you consider his opinion a "con". It is possible that you could overload it and make it very heavy. There are a couple of notes. He has not looked at the charging aspects of the bag. There are places where you can attach your devices. He has not had any issues with the TSA. At the time of the review, you are not required to remove things from your bag. I update my reviews whenever new information seems useful. There was an update on 9/16/2017. The husband loves this bag. He is not easy on his bags because of the reinforced and strong handles and the outer power connections. The backpack is worth the price.

👤I bought this for travel. I was amazed by how much it held when I packed it the first time. I was going to write a review, but my husband told me to wait until after the trip, because it might fall apart. The backpack is the best and most comfortable I have ever had. The computer section was padded, the big compartment easily held my cpap, the wide padded straps and padded back felt great, and the handle on top was very sturdy. I would buy this again for anyone who needed a good backpack. I liked having my carry-on on my back.

👤The dell laptop won't fit in the back pack. They said it fit large laptops. My laptop is 16 1/2 x 13 1/2. It wouldn't fit. They went beyond what I have ever seen to make it right. They made a bigger backpack for me. It fit perfectly. They have given me great customer service.

👤I've been looking for a good backpack for a while. The backpack has exceeded my expectations. It's well built and loves the individual compartments that help keep my gadgets separate. There's room to carry all my gadgets, clothes, and snacks, and my 17" computer doesn't have a problem fitting into this bad. The bag is light and the shoulder straps are comfortable, even though they are large. The straps and zippers are heavy duty and well handle the bag full. The padding on the back of the bag is well placed and has prevented the electronics and camera gear from digging into me. I highly recommend the bag.

👤This is a very nice backpack. I'm using it for the railroad to carry my equipment, and I'm also using it for my laptop while I'm away from home. It seems to be a lot of work, but so far it has worked well for me. The laptop pocket is easy to get to. There is enough room in the laptop pocket for my iPad and a large gaming laptop. It has large straps that fit on my back, which is a problem for me since I am a larger man. It is hoped that it will be durable enough for my work and the amount of weight I carry.

9. ChromaCast CC EHC Electric Guitar Hard

ChromaCast CC EHC Electric Guitar Hard

Extra neck and Bridge padding are included in the plush lined interior of the lockable wood hard case. The case has chrome bumpers on the sides and bottom for added protection. The molded handle is comfortable. There is a large interior storage compartment. The interior dimensions are 41" Length, 14" Wide upper Bout, 13.25" Wide lower bout.

Brand: Chromacast

👤The case was a good beginner case. The guitar is protected from bumps, bends, or knocks. There is a locking latch. There is a small compartment for picks, cord, etc. There are four The material on the inside is very soft and does not shed. The plastic is very lightweight and the coating is easy to remove. It is not strong enough to hold any weight on the guitar. The guitar is not in place. There is enough room in the case for the guitar to wiggle back and forth. The only place that holds the guitar is next to the gear compartment. There are 3 more There could be more than one compartment on the sides of the neck. The compartment is barely large enough for a few picks, a fabric strap, and maybe a short cord, and there is a lot of wasted space. Not large enough to have a set of strings or a wireless pack. Small tin rivets are used for the thin and cheap bolts. I don't think the handle can hold a lot of weight. The lock is flimsy and bends open if pressure is applied to it.

👤There are many things that make this case a great buy, and one of them is construction quality. It is not like the very expensive cases that are designed to protect a guitar from abuse during travel, or for that matter being thrown into a van by a roadie. It should be fine for general purpose protection and storage. It is attractive. The stitching on the leatherette covering is very bold. The chrome latches are chrome. The interior looks pretty good. It was very large. The case's size makes it stand out. It doesn't look or feel larger than other cases, but it is larger in a key dimensions. It was large enough to hold a Jazzmaster or Jaguar. Several guitarists have been bought.

👤This is a great case for the price. I wouldn't ship a guitar in it, but it is a nice case. I bought it for a Jackson Dinky, but it's a long case, and my Mockingbird fits as well. All of the weight is on the neck with a thinner body like the Mockingbird. The neck support is tall so it allows for headstocks that tilt back, and the back of the body does not touch the case. There is a seam in the lid that is visible, but for someone who's handling their own gear, and respectful to it, it will work. I wish it had a bigger storage compartment or a smaller one on either side of the headstock cavity. The outside is showing signs of wear and tear, but the case still provides decent protection. I've not been very careful with the case, it's been used to haul from home to practice 1 - 2 times a week. It's still worth the money, but I wouldn't put an expensive guitar in it.

👤I desperately needed the upgrade and have been using a gig bag for the longest. This is a good case for the money. It could be just plywood. It's a very strong build. The guitar's interior is very soft and black. It is smaller than I thought it would be, but it does the job. The latches work well. I remove a star because my guitar does not harm anything, but it does move around inside. I would recommend this case for occasional travel and rehearsals.

10. Fender FE405 Multi Fit Electric Guitar

Fender FE405 Multi Fit Electric Guitar

5mm of padding with a soft touch velour lining is needed to keep your instrument safe. The reverse water resistant zipper is made of metal. The backpack straps are easy to adjust. The case dimensions are 21.25" (533.95) length, 1" (25.4mm) depth, 15.5" (393.7mm) lower bout, and 10.37" (263.4mm) upper bout.

Brand: Fender

👤It's a perfect fit for the Stratocaster.

👤I thought the padding and protection would be better than other cheap gig bags, however, the padding and feel of the material was the same. The design is nice, but it is not a good idea to get the guitar in and out of the gig bag since it stresses the bag. You will not fit a Les Paul type. I can say that it's worth it, however, I would suggest putting a couple more bucks if you really need to take it to gig, this bag is mostly good for storage and travel in safe environments.

👤The fender brand gig bag only has 2 pieces of nylon sewed together and a couple of zippers, and it's for the price. There is no padding in this bag, not even the thick foam you find in packaging to protect valueable items. Just nylon. I have owned generic gig bags that have a lot of storage and are better for your guitar. I borrowed some money to get a real case for my new vehicle after having this case for 3 weeks. A full sized strat can be fitted, but only because the top barely allows space for the headstock to fit, and a lefty would have to put in backwards with the strings facing inward JUST to work. Get anything else. When designing this junk, Fender didn't care about the end product at all.

👤If you own a guitar with a 70s oversized headstock, you may find this bag to be a tight fit. It is possible to fit the guitar to fit snug if you wiggle it around. This bag seems to be made for Teles. If you own a Jazzmaster, Paranormal, Starcaster, etc, I am willing to bet that it won't fit. The obvious is that there is very little padding. If you need something to carry around on a daily basis, this bag is not for you. This product is for people who have inexpensive guitars to begin with and only need to transport their gear once a month. You could get a substitute product for the same price. The bag I am buying has a Fender logo on it.

👤It is a case of dust. If you don't travel with it, there isn't much padding. In my opinion, there is inadequate road protection. I put my cheaper Tele guitar in the case, but I won't put my Stratocaster in it. It works. Not bad for the price point. It's better than a plain old guitar sleeve. I wouldn't dare to use the straps on it. It has a red logo on it. It does not have a strap on top.

👤It's like a guitar sock for the '18 Fender Squire Affinity Stratocaster. The fabric is well made. It was definitely not made for tossing around. Carrying around a guitar and keeping it clean and dust proof. There are a few Fender logos.

👤Over the years, I've handled a lot of gig bags, all of which had more padding than this. I got this for my Squier because I don't think it would be safe in this bag if it fell over. I know from experience that you can get a better gig bag for less money. I ordered the FE610 because I wanted a Fender gig bag, and it looks like it should be their basic model. It's a shame. You will get the same level of protection with this as you would with a bath towel. If you want to include a brand new genuine Fender gig bag in your sale, I can see you getting this gig bag, but the trade off is you'll likely lose sleep.

11. Donner 43 Inch Water Resistant Nonwovens

Donner 43 Inch Water Resistant Nonwovens

Sturdy material. The electric bass guitar gig bag is made of 600D nylon Oxford, 10mm padded sponge and 210D smooth soft lining fabric. It's not easy to rip off and protect your guitar when it's in storage. The bag is lightweight and has a size of 16 inches. The bass guitar has a design for it. It fits Jazz and Precision Bass Guitars. The bass guitar case has a padded side carry handle and two backpack shoulder straps to make it convenient to carry for home storage, daily commute or travel. There is enough room for accessories in the 3 pockets, which include a large front pocket and an extra neck pocket for small items. It's possible to hold your phone in the exterior pocket. The double metal zippers on the Donner electric bass guitar case are very strong and do not get stuck or break in either direction. The bag could be hung up with a top loop hanger. The products of Donner are built to last. They have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty and world class customer service.

Brand: Donner

👤This is a $25 bag. There is a You are mistaken if you think it will protect as well as a $50-$100 gig bag. This bag isn't going to protect your guitar very well if you drop it. The padding is very thin. It is $25. You can get a bag with a lot of compartments and sturdy straps for $25, but make sure you don't slam your axe around like a jerk. I received this for an iranian Tmb105. It is a $250 bass. I went with a $25 bag. It fits perfectly. I wouldn't use this with my guitar. I didn't buy this with that in mind. The bag is a great bag.

👤The gig bag will do its job. It isn't what I wanted. The strap inside is too high to hold the neck, and the Velcro won't hold anything anyway. There is a lot of room above my bass. The pouch on the outside is not big enough to hold an 8.5*11 sheet of music. If the bag size matched the description, I would give it 5 stars as it still seems to be a good product for the price.

👤I bought this for the P-Bass that was not in the gig bag. It fits the bass. Storage is not generous. Padding is not generous. This bag is used to keep the dust off a cheaper bass in a room. I wouldn't use this for transportation or giging. Think of it as a dust cover for your bass. I thought the gig bag might be made well, since I saw how well the Donner P-Bass was made. I was wrong.

👤My jazz bass is in the house. It appears that the zips work well. The bag material seems to last a long time. Bass can be carried on the back with two straps. The carry handle looks sturdy. There are several compartments to carry things. There is some padding to protect against light bumps. I bought this bag again to store my bass in the house. Good enough for light usage, but wouldn't use for heavy usage.

👤Not much to dislike about a bag. The stitching is done well. The padding is the same thickness as other brands. I think that the bass fits in the bag well, and that it won't be a problem with the heavy weight of the bag. The gig bag is adequate for my needs because I am not a touring musician.

👤I've owned a few and this one is pretty good. I have only one issue with my bags, they have better inner material. This is a bass bag. I like it because it doesn't feel heavy when you're back and it carries well when grabbing from handel. There are lots of pockets as well. I would give it 5 stars if it had better inner materiel. Overall, a very good bag.

👤I bought a bass guitar and wanted something to protect it from being damaged. It seems like it would do the job for the price. I wish the padding was better. I guess I would have to spend more money. It has three good size pockets. All in all a decent quality bag for the price.


What is the best product for electric guitar case backpack?

Electric guitar case backpack products from Flexzion. In this article about electric guitar case backpack you can see why people choose the product. Cahaya and Shrradoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric guitar case backpack.

What are the best brands for electric guitar case backpack?

Flexzion, Cahaya and Shrradoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric guitar case backpack. Find the detail in this article. Cahaya, H&z Simple and Evil Hair are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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