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1. Qielizi Adjustable Matching Electric Acoustic

Qielizi Adjustable Matching Electric Acoustic

The material is material. The black strap is made of leather and dacron. The strap is thick and easy to adjust. It comes with rubber washers and discs that you don't need to purchase additional locking mechanisms. The rubber rings help prevent the strap from coming off. It's comparable with all of the GUITARS. Universal compatibility is one of the best features of their strap. Your guitar can be acoustic, electric, or bass. The strap had a string and two picks for acoustic guitars. The strap is guaranteed to work for you. It is adjusted and practiced. The guitar strap can be extended to work with almost body size, as it has a width of 2 and a length of between 36 and 58 inches. A beautiful artist pattern. This guitar strap is different from all the others because of its beautiful pattern. It's a great gift for friends and family. There is a package that includes a guitar strap, a string, a lock and a pick.

Brand: Qielizi

👤The print is pretty high quality and the strap is exactly as pictured. The picks are cool and the image fades with excessive use. The strap locks are made of brass. The slick material is the only downfall. It doesn't provide any grip. If your guitar is heavy, the strap will slip over your shoulder and the neck will fall unless you hold it. The live playing is tough because of the slip of the buckle. I would recommend using a practice instrument.

👤This guitar strap is very nice. I am very happy with the look and quality. It does say that it is made in China, which is not surprising. The green quicksand looks great. It looks like the picture. The gold in the picture is still enough to accomplish the look I wanted. It looks like marble. It comes with two washers to lock it on and a string if you don't have a second nut. The color is gorgeous. I didn't know it had a pick holder in the end. One of the picks matches the strap perfectly and I love it. I got a blue and white one. They seem to be light. I am very happy. You don't attach it to the tuning fork. If you have no nuts on your guitar, you can get them installed at a guitar store. If you have two nuts, one is at base and the other is where the neck will attach to the body. If you only have one nut, it will be at the base. Attach it there, then use the shoelace that comes with it to tie it over the nut on the head. It can be viewed on YouTube. You will see a video. It's easy. Works well!

👤This pattern is my favorite. I have a shirt and sweater that have the same design, so I might have gone a bit too far with it. I didn't realize my case was the same as the shirt until someone mentioned it. It feels great back to the strap. I haven't worn it for a long time, but my bass feels very light on my shoulder, barely feeling it. It is very comfortable because I am not a muscular guy. The strap is well made. The strap was kept locked on by the stoppers. Time will tell how long it will hold up.

👤I think the nylon will hold up. The colors are bright. I like the strap locks. I think the picks will probably wear the printed on art work if used frequently. The pick holder on the strap is too deep so the pick can get stuck sometimes, however for $11 it is a nice added bonus. If anything changes, will update in a few months.

👤This guitar strap is gorgeous. The design is cool and has a great color scheme. The material is more expensive than I thought. The weave is similar to a car seatbelt. It's very comfortable to wear for long sessions. The pattern is the same on both sides of the strap. The ends of the strap are strong and the slots are good for my locking mechanism. Not included with the strap is obvs. I can't say for sure if the ends are faux leather or not. It feels right. I had been looking for a while for a brand like this, until I came across this one. I was very happy to do it!

2. Ernie Ball Guitar Strap P04164

Ernie Ball Guitar Strap P04164

The world's number one polypro guitar strap is now available in a number of stylish patterns. The design is purple. The length is adjusted from 41 to 72 inches. Leather ends are machine-stitched. The webbing is made of Polypropylene and provides comfort.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤I bought 2 of these straps for my instruments. I won't be playing guitar or a bassist, so these serve as a way to hold my guitars while I play. I'm building a simple home recording studio for my music. This is a great and affordable way of doing it, if you use it like I do, and you don't need locks for added security. The basic design of the pattern is not flashy and I like it. It adds to the beauty of my guitars. I've seen other guitar players use the brand, so I thought it was a good one. I bought them without breaking the bank. It's highly recommended for someone on a budget that won't rock out too hard. Just gets the job of attaching your guitar.

👤I don't like my guitar straps. I have several, including some very nice leather ones. I wanted a few others with vintage-y patterns. One of the most respected names in music is called the Royal Orleans pattern. It adds a nice flair to my guitar. It is lightweight and has a plastic strap that won't ding my guitar like those metal ones. These come in many different styles. Highly recommended.

👤The color is Imperial paisley. I have purchased 2 of this strap. I had to cut the leather hole much longer to make it fit on my guitar, because the holes are too small to fit my buttons. The gold color of the Earnie Ball logo is too bright. I rubbed nail polish removal on it with a rag. The logo comes 100% off with time and rubbing with a towel dipped in NPR.

👤I love the look of this strap. The edge of the backing of this strap feels like it's been saw-toothed, which is a downside. I hope it will change over time. It's beautiful, but functionally could be better and they could have used a "seat belt" style backing that is skin friendly. Update 1 It was later. Reduced from 3 to 1 star. The strap is not functional. It tears up my neck and any clothes that I'm wearing with the coarse edges on the strap. I can't handle it anymore. I'm replacing it. It's worthless if a strap can't be used as a strap.

👤I love the fact that you can see the straps on everyone from guitar "gods" to youngsters just starting out. They'll definitely "do", though not the most comfortable strap for extended play sessions. You'll never go wrong with them, they're practically nonpareil in terms of value, choice of styles, prints, colors, andc. One of the straps is 15 years old. Old and works like new. I recommend the straps for the guitar.

👤The purple paisley version I purchased is absolutely gorgeous. Looks aren't everything. It was not comfortable with a Les Paul style guitar. It should work well with most acoustics and lighter weight electrics. The ends of leather are not as thick. You get what you pay for.

👤The strap is much better looking up close than in photos. The leather ends seem to hold up over time. Love the extra length. I'm not sure if this is the fault of Amazon or the man. It was shoved into a bubble mailer and is creased up as a result. E.B. might want to consider a small cardboard sleeve to keep the strap from unraveling.

3. WOGOD Guitar Strap Jacquard Hootenanny

WOGOD Guitar Strap Jacquard Hootenanny

It is designed for a variety of guitars including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and ukulele. It is a good option for smaller guitars and ukuleles, as it fits normal guitars. The blue lightning guitar strap pack will make the players feel comfortable. STURDY & COMFORTABLE GUITAR. The electric guitar strap is made of soft cotton and has been designed according to the standard of flexibility and comfort of the car safety belt, as well as high quality, flexible and durable. The safety of instruments is ensured by the fine stitching on leather. ADJUSTABLE GUITAR. The length is from 29" to 57" and can be adjusted to suit a majority of players, including men, women and children guitarists. Whether players are tall or short. This guitar strap is cool and can be used to play your guitars on the stage. Still looking for the perfect gift? It is important to choose a guitar strap that is comfortable. The guitar strap is made of durable leather and keeps the instrument safe. These guitar straps are a great choice to give as a gift to a loved one who has a guitar or other music instrument on any special occasion, such as Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or any special occasion. The package comes with a blue lightning guitar strap and 4 free guitar picks. A 30-day return guarantee is provided by the WOGOD guitar strap. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you are not completely satisfied with their guitar strap.

Brand: Wogod

👤I wanted a strap to wear with my new bass, but this strap doesn't come close to the photo the seller provided. It is almost entirely black and the small areas that are blue are dull and boring, so it will be returned tomorrow. I sealed the photo for tomorrow's pick up. It was cheap, but next time I want to see photos from other buyers, rather than those from the seller, as buyers tend to be more honest.

👤Many of the reviews said a strap was necessary, so I got this to go with my guitar. Happy birthday, me! The Traveler is heavy and wants to point down. The problem is that the strap has a slippery surface on both sides, so it doesn't keep the guitar from leaning down. It's great. The picks. My picks were similar to the picture and one was heavier. The thin ones are useless to me.

👤The slam dunk is the best strap for money. I usually don't notice guitar accessories, but straps which are a dime a dozen are not. I am picky about guitar straps, they are comfortable. I have a pile of garbage straps. I turned out to be junk when I arrived after I got burned on that. The strap material is smooth, thick, strong and soft. Leather ends are strong and have a proper size hole. The reason I ordered the strap was because it has a longer leather end. Not overly thrilled with colors or design, even though not so bad, but would be nice if offered a standard Corinth weave pattern and variety of solid colors. Will be ordering more and trying other designs.

👤The strap is ok. My child picked out the guitar they wanted. The ends are not made of leather. The quality of the webbing is good. It is close to being a little long for a child to play a guitar like the one the Ibanez Mikro one childs body frame has. It is adjusted in a way that makes it the shortest it can be. If it holds up, it will allow room for growth.

👤You're looking at a guitar strap with purple lightning on it. They want $16 for it, but I saw it first at Guitar Center. I think it's worth about $10-12. The price is a good deal. It's perfect for anyone that likes purple things. The B.C. Rich Warlock has evil looking guitars and basses. Not sure who, but definitely someone.

👤The strap is a run of the mill. There is nothing wrong with that strap, it is just a normal strap. I have used it a few times and have no complaints. I have been using a generic strap for 24 years. It's exactly what you would expect. It is sturdy, reliable, and no frills. It gets the job done. I need to find a matching vest.

👤I wanted a cheapo guitar strap, and here it is. It does its job, but it has been damaged. The design in person does not look like lightning. Well... How polite do I be about it? Have you ever seen stains on a boy's bed sheets? It looks like he expressed himself all over the strap. It doesn't look like lightning.

4. KLIQ Acoustic Electric Jacquard Hootenanny

KLIQ Acoustic Electric Jacquard Hootenanny

The Vintage Series guitar straps are woven in colorful patterns from the 60's and 70's. KLIQ straps are made with strong attention to detail. The Modern Comfort strap is made with a soft reinforced poly-web backing that makes it more comfortable and durable. The strap is fully adjusted from 37" to 64". This makes it suitable for acoustic and electric guitars, and ensures a great custom fit for players of nearly any height. Premium leather ends are made to stand years of attaching and detaching from your guitar or bass. The rubber strap locks are easy to use. Their NYC strap design team is behind every sketch and stitch, and they are guaranteed to last. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Kliq Music Gear

👤The strap looks great and feels nice to the touch. The "Hendrix Blue" looks exactly like the picture. The installation is a nightmare. I tried to put on my acoustic guitar for 15 minutes, but I couldn't. I was about to throw in the towel when the leather finally squeezed on after intense cursing on my part, it was so stiff and small that I was about to throw in the towel. I'm pretty sure that the developer made a joke about us hurting our hands in vein by using strap locks. They won't fit my guitar. There's no way those tiny things will fit over the strap bolt.

👤I am cheap and play mostly acoustic guitars, so they don't weigh much. I have always bought cheapo nylon specials of the Ernie Ball. I saw this one while shopping for a cheap strap for my daughter's guitar and thought it looked cool, and the price was under $20, not $39.99, and up like all the other fun looking straps that draw my attention at the guitar shops. Long story short... It is thick, comfortable, built really well, and it costs almost nothing. This strap will be of great use to you. I have two colors, grey and blue. One of my band mates stole the blue one from me. I will probably get the blue one again.

👤This is a great strap for the money. It's very affordable and comfortable if you're on a budget. I agree with a lot of people that the installation is tight. I have a solution. It's a lot easier to put the guitar's back part back on it's own, and it doesn't make you want to throw it. It took about two minutes.

👤There are only a couple complaints about this strap. The hairs are growing around my neck and shoulder. It's weird, but annoying for a guy with my hair level. There are two more This thing is moving all over the place. The guitar will drop straight down if I let go of the neck. Most of my straps have fake leather under them, and they don't slip at all. I would like it to be twice as wide. I would pay more for an extra wide strap. If you're a heavy-set guy, you'll want a wide strap. The strap is soft and well sewn. If this thing were twice as wide, I would shave my neck and shoulders. This thing should be comfortable if you're not hairy.

👤The quality is top notch and the design is great. It was difficult to get the leather straps to fit on the metal clips. It took me 30 minutes to get them on. Don't wait until the last minute to put this strap on your guitar. It feels very secure once they are on and I have no worries of the strap slipping off my guitar. I think the leather will be ok after overtime. The quality is better than expected and the price is unbeatable.

5. Electric Acoustic Stocking Christmas Guitarists

Electric Acoustic Stocking Christmas Guitarists

Don't pay an extra $10-12 on a headstock strap button Guitar Picks and safety locks, they have them for you. The gift set comes with everything a pro guitar player will need, including 2 picks, strap locks, and a strap button. Special gift sets for guitarist and musicians are great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Stocking Stuffer, New Year, Black friday and more. It's fully adjusted and compatible with 37" and 67", so it's perfect for you. The men, women, and children are guitarists. The design is unique and made with the highest quality materials. 100% customer satisfaction and 24 hour customer service are available.

Brand: Art Tribute

👤I call myself cheap and that is likely a true statement, but I have never let myself indulge in a stunning strap before. As I approach my mid 60's, I decided my little Luna travel guitar deserved something lovely that would also be comfortable. The rubber washers on the strap secured it to the pegs. I can dash about the house and yard and not worry about dropping my instrument. If you want a bit of bling for your guitar, I say go for it. I needed something pretty and practical.

👤I needed a new strap for my guitar because I bought this for a red electric guitar and it was too flimsy to support it. I could practice standing up. It looks cute with the red. It is classic at the same time. It comes with instructions that are very clear to understand. It is comfortable. The weight does not strain me. It comes with more accessories. The picks have a cute rose design, but they are a little thin for my taste. They are okay for beginners. I would recommend getting more picks if they get lost.

👤I bought this for a guitarist who is filming a concert and it is a gorgeous strap for a very reasonable price even when ordered from overseas, shipping cost was very fair and it fit both on a white and a black guitar. The warned guitarist said it's important to use it softly in the beginning, not attach it and pull hard on the guitar, this is the same for any strap, it should adjust a little. It was sturdy to me.

👤The strap looks great. The threading is not like some straps. It is a little cheaper. This is good, but I prefer the Kliq straps more. I love the rose print. It is comfortable and all. There were no big complaints. The build is clearly cheaper than other brands. The strap locks are good and the picks are cool. The acoustic strap and string work well. The pick holder is not very useful. It stretches and wears out fast, showing how cheap it really is. It is a good strap for the price. I am happy with it.

👤I was reminded to be gentle when adjusting this strap by another reviewer. It's comfortable, but I am having a little trouble standing because of the heavy weight of this model of Gretsch. I would have liked to have had a shoulder pad. The colors are bright. It is a good width. It seems strong. I appreciate the extras that came with it.

👤It was better than my last one, but it didn't want to endanger my bass. This is even better because of the strap clasp. The back of my bass has a top strap on it. I can't find straps that won't twist. The strap was straight up. It went perfect on the praise team.

👤This strap is very good quality and comes with rubber "keepers" so it won't drop your guitar, and it looks very pretty on my white Telecaster. The guitar picks are punched-out polystyrene and not real guitar picks, but they aren't really an important part of this purchase. They were turned into magnets. They are pretty on my fridge.

6. AmazonBasics Adjustable Guitar Electric Acoustic

AmazonBasics Adjustable Guitar Electric Acoustic

The comfortable stay-in-place design won't slide off. It is made of soft polyester and has PU leather ends. It's suitable for most users and accommodates both kids and adults. Measures 2 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Someone was thinking when they designed this strap. The material is similar to a seatbelt, but instead of being thin and sharp on the edges, it's fluffier, making it infinitely more comfortable. The guitar's hardware is plastic, so it won't scratch it. The pleather ends are double sewn together, which makes them thin enough to allow the use of strap locks, and thick enough to resist getting stretched out. It's what I'm looking for in a guitar strap. It wouldn't change anything.

👤The guitar I bought this strap for was the one I own, the 2017 Ibanez RG450MB in Candy Apple red. I tried another brand made of polypropylene in burgundy, which looked like it would match my guitar, but when the strap arrived, it was much more purple than red. I ordered this one after returning it. The Amazon Basics strap color is a better match than the polypropylene straps that have pinched my shoulder and neck in the past. The sheen on the polyester is similar to a smooth substance, which makes it look brighter or darker depending on how the light strikes it. The construction of the strap ends that attach to the guitar is being taken into account. They are sturdy, but not as strong as the ends of a single piece of leather. The strap ends use a single thin piece that is folded and sewn onto itself, making it easy for your strap pin to get stuck between the two layers. If you are not careful, this can cause more stress on the seams. You have to learn how to handle it. Attaching the strap is not a problem. Something to be aware of.

👤Good strap. It is made well and does a good job. It is easier to practice with my guitar on a strap than it is at home. The material is similar to a seat belt and the ends are fake leather. It can be adjusted to put the guitar as you need it. It does what I need it to do. No complaints at all.

👤This is a great strap. I have a large collection of acoustic and electric guitars. Most of them have these straps. There is a I don't know anyone who would use the flimsy picks, so I'm not sure if they'd use them. Too thin, no texture for a grip. The strap is very comfortable, but only used with the heaviest of solid body guitars. They are perfect for acoustics.

👤I only have one problem with it, it isn't very long. But! It's slightly higher than I like to play. It's not a big issue. If I was going to be picky, I could have bought one at guitar center. This is a good strap for beginners. It's not something you want to use if you're going to try out guitar spins and stuff. It's cheap because of that. Get something that costs more if you want to do that. This one is very comfortable. Really soft.

7. Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap

A versatile fit for most players is provided by the length of 44" to 52.50. Tweed material has a vintage-style vibe. The gold Fender "F" logo on the reinforced leather ends adds an extra touch.

Brand: Fender

👤Take a look at the picture. It was bootlegged from china. The part of the strap that allows you to adjust the length is a thin piece of metal that doesn't hold, so don't use it in a live setting or for any time period longer than 30 seconds without having to adjust. It's pretty short. I keep expanding it. I don't have to worry about it, but it will be a big problem for people with shorter arms.

👤I felt compelled to write this review as a precautionary measure, after dropping my guitar again, but this time hitting my table. I have way too many of these, so I bought a few of them. The quality of products packaged as genuine Fender has diminished recently. The guitar strap looks nice. The leather ends are very thin and unless strap locks or something similar is used, these straps will definitely release and you will be in trouble. I'm done with these. The appearance is pretty without function.

👤The doctor ordered this strap. I decided to roll the dice and order after reading a number of negative revues. I could see from the first inspection that this was a quality car, it had a genuine Fender tag attached and it did not appear to be a bootleg. The ends of the tan leather are thick and well made with the fender logo printed in gold. The black plastic is snug. The quality exceeded expectations. It's light, comfortable and looks good on my blond hair. The fabric has a vintage speaker look. The price was a good deal. I am very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it.

👤I found a strap that was better than the metal one, it was half the price. If you've ever made the argument that your guitar is an investment to a SO or spouse, then you should care about stupid things like that as well. It's a guitar strap that works, but I wasn't able to find one that was better made for less money, it's just for the money.

👤People complain about everything around these comments. The leather ends are a bit reddish, but the rest is wonderful. Being fabric feels great. The problem is that the F sign is all over the place, so I put it with a set of straplocks. In case anyone wants to see how it would look, I include some pictures of how it looks, in contrast to a Tweed G&G hardcase for a Stratocaster. The yellow from the case is a tad more greenish. It looks great, but I would love to have a tweed amplifier to complete the set.

👤I would recommend looking at reviews to see if it is a color you would like. It is very much yellow and resembles a khaki color. The product page says yellow. I think I deserve some blame. The hole for the button is very close to the edge of the leather so I can see it having issues with heavier guitars over time. If you need to cut the hole larger for a larger button, it won't work.

8. Electric Acoustic Stocking Christmas Guitarists

Electric Acoustic Stocking Christmas Guitarists

Don't pay an extra $10-12 on a headstock strap button Guitar Picks and safety locks, they have them for you. The gift set comes with everything a pro guitar player will need, including 2 picks, strap locks, and a strap button. Special gift sets for guitarist and musicians are great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Stocking Stuffer, New Year, Black friday and more. It's fully adjusted and compatible with 37" and 64", so it will fit you perfectly. The men, women, and children are guitarists. The design is unique and made with the highest quality materials. 100% customer satisfaction and 24 hour customer service are available.

Brand: Art Tribute

👤The strap is exceptional. This is the second guitar strap I have purchased from this company. The build quality is better than straps. The fabric is strong. It's everything the pictures say it is. It is worth it if you are on the fence. I did not receive a discount for my review. I don't like when people add that at the end. If a product can't stand on its own, then it shouldn't be purchased. The strap is worth the money.

👤The guitar strap I ordered was a gift. The vintage look was a good choice. The price and extras pushed this product into the Wow category. Adam, the owner of Art Tribute, sent a note after it arrived. His email was a sincere thank you, a concerned question if I had received it and a special offer for an eBook containing guitar lessons. I had questions. On Christmas Eve, Adam was ready to reply to the questions. How often do we get this level of customer care? The features of the strap, especially the button grommets and picks, are being praised by my sister. I'm sure she will enjoy using it and learning from the eBooks. Home run! Thanks to Adam and Art Tribute for making our Christmas merrier!

👤I have used many guitar straps in the past and this one is one of the better ones. I don't like to stand up and play my guitar. It's nice to have the option, but I mostly use this strap to hold my guitar in my chair when I shift. It's much easier to play my acoustic when I have a strap on. The strap is made of a soft material that feels good on the shoulder. It is made with comfort in mind and you can tell when you have it over your shoulder. It is a fair price for all of the things that come with it. It has a cool looking strap, strap locks, a built-in pick holder, and a string or faux leather loop that can be attached to the headstock in case your guitar doesn't have two strap buttons. The rubber strap locks give you more strength on the strap. It's nice to know that the guitar won't fall out of them, which has happened to me, and it's not fun. I highly recommend this!

👤Beautiful! This is feminine enough for me, but not so feminine that the male guitarist in my band won't wear it because he doesn't want to wear his acoustic and electric guitars. I don't play more than 30 minutes at a time, but it's still comfortable even when I'm wearing a tank top or summer dress. If I wore it for a long time andstrummed a lot, I think it would start to irritate my bare skin. I love the pick holder. That has been used many times. All around great strap!

👤This guitar strap is old school. It reminds me of when I was a kid. The rubber washers hold the strap on the guitar and the matching picks are nice touches. The button on the bottom of the strap will allow it to work with any instrument. If you must attach it to the neck, it comes with a string and a small strap. The fabric on the strap is colorful and classic. Good value and quality.

9. AmazonBasics Folding Acoustic Electric Guitars

AmazonBasics Folding Acoustic Electric Guitars

A frame for guitars. There are 3 settings to accommodate most guitar shapes. No assembly is needed for this metal construction. Soft foam arms and back rest to protect your guitar. Non-slip rubber feet make folding flat for convenient transport and storage.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The stand is very sturdy and packs up well, as other reviewers have said. It fits my acoustic guitar well. Padding and feet are well made. This doesn't fit my bass at all. The cradle arms won't line up well with the slight asymmetry of the bodies. They lean to the side if you align the body in the arms. You can adjust the width of the arms but the top pad is anchored to one of the arms, so that makes it odd to align the legs with anything other than the width of it. The cradle arms are welded to the frame which is a design flaw. They could be adjusted to hold the instrument upright with one arm wider and the other narrower than the other. There is a note... I have a musical instrument. These aren't the kind of profiles you'd find on the Explorer. I will use it for my acoustic.

👤It's a great option for getting your child's cello off the floor. The cello is sitting pretty and no longer on the carpet. I think it would work for a 4/4, since the bottom support still has room for expansion. The cello sits in the stand fairly secure because of the foam pad on the back support. It's safest to sit it in a corner just in case. It does fit a full-size cello. It's on the safe side, but it has to be knocked into the stand for it to move. P.S. It's good to have the instruments out and available, instead of sitting in their cases.

👤I wasn't expecting much for 13 bucks, but this guitar stand is much heavier duty than it looks. The guitar fits perfectly, the push button lock works, and everything is padded. Nothing bad to say about it. Excellent stand.

👤The price was low and I bought it to try. I was wrong. The stand is easy to transport and fits my basses well with no adjustments. I ordered a second through Prime after the trial purchase. The stand was undamaged when it arrived. I used it to take a picture of my Rickenbacker and Lakland hollowbody. Both are kept safe. I love the price and stands.

👤It's simple and easy to safely hold your longboard vertically. I know it's not a guitar, but it works well. Thanks to the people on the Boosted subreddit who suggested using this product.

👤I'm more satisfied with this purchase than I have been in the past. It's great. It's easy to build, sturdy, and it holds my dreadnought guitar perfectly. There is no room for improvement in this product.

👤I've bought three of them, two for the church I attend and one for myself. The price is right and there are many more expensive guitar/bass/mandolin stands that I would rather buy. I use this stand for bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and mandolin. I've had trouble finding a stand that will fit my bass guitar and my mandolin. This does it because of its width. The mechanism for folding these stands is sturdy. I was a little skeptical of the strength of the stands as my church sets up every week. The stands are thrown in a bin every week. I would recommend this stand for a musician who needs to bring their own guitar stand. I'm in a cover band and I would use this stand in a heartbeat.

10. Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar

Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar

It is durable and comfortable at the same time. The length was adjusted 41" to 72" Black leather ends. The gold print on the ball logo is stamped. The Delrin is black.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤There is a warning. The ones that used to get great reviews have changed. The ones I got had the ends of the leather that I used to have. The leather is light. I'm worried it will tear. I'm not going to have faith in these not dropping my guitar. I'm not going to use them. The product is not usable because they decided to reduce the quality too much. Try something else. You'll be sorry when these tear and drop your stuff on the floor.

👤This is not the same strap I bought from Guitar Center. There is no logo for Ernie Ball. This is a cheap strap made in China. The ends of the ad are made of real leather. I don't know if it's true, but I've never seen real leather that looks like the ends of the straps I received. The strap is prone to twisting. If you try to fold the strap without leaving lines, it will return to its original position. These straps are the cheapest I've seen for a guitar strap. I received a photo of the strap I bought from Guitar Center, and I'm going to return it.

👤After a few weeks, the bottom strap loosened, and my electric guitar no longer supported it. The guitar slipped out of the strap and slammed against the floor, damaging the hardwood floor and putting a small dent in it. I should have known better to use a cheap strap. Buying a leather one and getting some strap locks. Can't be too careful with your investment. Hope this helps someone else. Get a lock on the strap.

👤I got a red strap for my Epiphone. It seems like a good deal. The ends are real leather, which is the reason I bought it. The guitar's strap buttons are covered with leather. The nylon has some sort of depth to it, which makes it feel good against my clothing. This is useful, as it can prevent neck dive, which can result in a broken guitar neck, and it is also useful as the guitars are neck heavy. Highly recommended! If you get a strap, you should get strap locks. I like the rubber locks on the guitar savers. Over a year later. My rating was lowered to one star. It is too expensive for what it is. Perris has a full leather strap for 10 bucks online, which is a few more dollars. The part where the leather met the nylon was rough and the finish on my guitar was not good, so I fell out of love with this strap. It wouldn't have been possible with good leather or suede.

👤I've been a fan of the products of Ernie Ball for a long time. This strap is made in the USA and is great for the price. Love that. The strap could come off if the leather around the holes gets ragged and lose, and some people have complained that the leather is too thin. If you're worried about those things, get a set of strap locks. I'm not worried that the leather will tear, I don't play electric guitars with double-necked solid-body. The leather on the straps I bought was too thick. The leather on the guitar strap was stiff and thick. You can't please everything with the Goldilocks of leather thickness. This strap works for me. m/

11. Guitar Strap Holders Electric Acoustic

Guitar Strap Holders Electric Acoustic

The minimum length is 93 cm. The maximum length is 165 cm/65in. All guitars, such as electric guitars, electric bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and semi-acoustic guitars, are suitable.

Brand: Mr.power

👤. The least expensive option was it. It was the best match of its kind. The black and blue strap is the same as the one on my blue Ibanez. Four stars for being an effective strap. I didn't like the pick holder. It was a fun stunt to try and a secondary reason to wear the strap. I use out of habit. If I stand straight up, never lean down to adjust pedals or take the guitar off, they stay in. If I have to move, there is a chance that a few will drop out. That was a bonus effect to the best strap for my needs and budget. It was not a huge loss. I have had no issues with the strap falling off or twisting. I'm happy with this strap. The most important things it does. The natural order of the world will continue to keep my picks out of my pockets.

👤I own a lot of guitars. I mostly stand up during performances. I don't like having to swap straps from guitar to guitar, so I'm on a mission to add straps to all my guitars that don't have one. I saw this strap and took a chance. I attached it to my string and it was perfect. I usually have half a dozen in my pocket, but there are a few spots on the strap where I can hold extra picks. I can't tell you how long it will last, but the mounts are sturdy and the strap material is strong. I knocked it down for comfort because it's a very thick strap and the edge is a bit hard on my neck. Let's see how I feel at the end of the night. I feel guilty. I want to be transparent. Would I buy more of them? I would. Yes, I am.

👤The cheapie strap is for my guitar. Exactly what I needed. A strap with low investment for a new hobby. It's fine for a lightweight guitar, but not a full size. Fine for my used car. I wouldn't put it on a really valuable guitar. Why? It's strong, but it's narrow. A wider strap would make heavier models more comfortable. The ends that fit over the buttons on the guitar are the worst part. The ends of the guitar are low quality and not as secure as I would like. Make sure the attachment point stays on the button if you buy this. Make sure it stays attached by adding more rubber type grommets. The strap is fine if it is secured properly. A heavy guitar used while standing may need a shoulder pad to be comfortable and prevent sliding on the shoulder. This one is easy to slide. Even with a guitar. The actual strap width is 2 inches.

👤If you're not careful, the strap will cut you if you're not careful. The strap buttons are still functional despite the poor quality of the ends. Pickholders are decent and I like the look of them. Most straps are 12 to 20 dollars. You get what you pay for.


What is the best product for electric guitar strap?

Electric guitar strap products from Qielizi. In this article about electric guitar strap you can see why people choose the product. Ernie Ball and Wogod are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric guitar strap.

What are the best brands for electric guitar strap?

Qielizi, Ernie Ball and Wogod are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric guitar strap. Find the detail in this article. Kliq Music Gear, Art Tribute and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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