Best Electric Guitar Strings 10-46

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1. Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings

The new state-of-the-art wire drawing process combined with patented RPS technology dramatically increases the strength of the wire. A string that is treated with Everlast and is wrapped with a revolutionary wire that is enhanced with a special substance repels oils, resists rust, and keeps your tone alive for longer. The Slinky tone and feel is legendary. There are 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, and 46gauges. Made in California, USA, with the finest and freshest materials.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤There is some context. I work 3 to 7 shows a week. I bend strings a lot and am a lead player. I used to break a high E or B string at least once a show. The power slinkies were used. I put these on and they felt better immediately. I figured it out halfway through the show after forgetting that it was a new line of strings. I played the same set for 6 months. Never broke a string. I had a special gig that I didn't want to break a string for, so I changed the strings. I have never broken a string while playing with these strings.

👤It's referred to as TL;DR. The strings are great for heavy playing and they have great Tone with Stable Longevity, Staying in tune, and just not breaking. I've waited a long time to write this, because on my first two sets, I had almost immediate breakage on at least one string, but I was able to get a couple sets before they were available to all the public. I'm a heavy handed guitarist who plays rock music akin to The Who or QOTSA and usually wear down a 60mm pick in a couple sets. I've played hundreds of shows over the past five years, and D'addario EXL110 was the best choice because my Luthier always put on a set, so I figured they were the best choice. I was always out of tune on multiple strings by the end of a song in the D'addario's, so tuning between songs was always a mood killer. The D string was the highest break rate I had ever experienced, because I was breaking 3 strings a set in random fashion. When I broke the next string, I had to have a backup guitar and someone to change the broken string. I had to borrow a guitar at times. I always kept the guitars out of the air and wiped down the strings after each play. I tried many different treatments, but nothing mattered. I tried the new NYXL, but they had short and unpredictable lives, and the tone would change rapidly, I never knew what to expect. I was able to get in on the early batches of Paradigm strings and though I had a few problems with them, the replacements and others lasted what was, for me, amazingly long. When I switched over to the Paradigms, I had to change all of the strings at once, something I hadn't done in years. The Paradigms changed my life. Not having strings break mid-set is a blessing. I use the backup guitar less and less because of a broken string. They stay in tune for the entire set. There is a high level. The "brand new" tone takes a few hours to calm down and then the tone stays stable for weeks. These blow away the former D'addario strings for me. I strung up a guitar in the studio that sounded like a toy compared to the one I had with the Paradigms. It was full rich tone immediately after I restrung with Paradigms. I thought I had bad guitar tuning hardware that would cause the strings to go out of tune. Apparently, it was the strings. I don't like the brand new sound so I don't like to play live until I've had a chance to work the strings. The new sound is still better than what I was used to, but not the great sound that comes after a break in. Even though the strings have not broken in years, I still worry about them. I usually put on a new set of strings when I have a studio or a big show that I want to record, because I don't want a string to break. Since I have to play until the brand new sound goes away, I am confident that I have gone past that point where a bad string would have broken. I think it's a matter of how heavy handed a guitarist you are, because I've seen reviews in which the tone was unsatisfactory for the player. If you never wear out your picks, it might not be the right type of string tone for you. I haven't found strings that are close to the richness and pureness of these strings. I know that everyone is different. I know some players who are so good that they will play for years and never break a string. That was not my case. Do they still break on stage? I should have changed the strings by that time. My music life was changed by Paradigms. I feel lucky that these exist. I always recommend them to other players when I see them break a string. The Tone and stability tuning alone would have been justified for me, but what I really needed was strings that could take a regular beating and not break. These do that. It's just awesome. The review is from the person I bought them for.

2. Dunlop DEN0946 Electric Strings 009 046

Dunlop DEN0946 Electric Strings 009 046

The product is called DEN0946. There is a nickel plated steel light top heavy bottom electric strings.

Brand: Jim Dunlop

👤I've been playing guitar for over 40 years and have tried every major brand. The best strings I have found are the dden ones, they only need a few stretches and stay in tune. I have to stretch and stretch before they stay in tune. You are ready to rock if you have 3 or 4 good tugs. I will not use anything else.

👤They are not a killer that makes them stand out. I don't have to recommend them, either. It was very run-of-the-mill. At least they come from the United States. Someone made these and got paid a decent wage.

👤My favorite strings are now mine. I have always used the 9-42, but wanted a little heavier string and didn't want the extra thick jumbo strings. These are perfect. The ones I had used in the past are now priced over $12 per pack. Forget that! Great strings! Check them out.

👤It's not saying much, but a thousand times better than the ernie ball. I don't like the way they're colorcoded.

👤This is the set of strings that I like the most. I like smaller gauge on my lighters strings to play riffs and larger gauge on my heavier strings to play bar and other types of music. This is the best of both worlds.

👤The thin outer winding makes for a smooth playing, but pick scrapes are weak. Love them.

👤The strings have not much bottom strings. I love them at a great price.

👤I was a little disappointed that it didn't have a sticker. These only lasted about 3 weeks and then fell apart, which is recommended for gig and stuff, but they stay in tune and sound nice.

👤Think of 'Ernie Ball' brightness with a lot more character, because of the incredible Harmonics these Dunlops generate. I wouldn't want them on every guitar, they have a unique sound. It is very durable. These may be great for lead. The sound gets a bit complex when overdriven. I would buy them again for the fun factor.

👤corde molto equilibrate, con una tensione leggermente superiore ad altre marche.

👤ma affidabili, altre corde da pochi soldi.

👤Produit conforme.


3. Elixir Strings Electric POLYWEB 010 046

Elixir Strings Electric POLYWEB 010 046

Electric guitar strings are made of nickel-plated steel. It was played for a warm tone. The strings are kept from getting in the way of playing with the soft, slick feel of Original POLYWEB coating. Their patented coating technology protects against common rust, which is why it is more effective than any other brand's coated strings. The light gauge is.

Brand: Elixir

👤I put a set of Polyweb lights on my ES-335 Pro and the D string almost immediately began to shed its coating between the bridge and stop bar. Within a few hours of play, the coating was gone between the 5th and 7th frets. Why did the five star review come up? I contacted the support team and they replaced me with a new set. They didn't claim it was normal and they didn't quiz me about my passing habits, but they corrected the problem. The difference between success and failure is how you handle issues.

👤I would hear the phrase'buy the cheapest strings you like and change often'. I did the nickel plated standards based on the advice of the guitar shop guy. I was stupid to not try these sooner. Many people shopping for strings have 1000's invested in guitars, Amps, pedals, and much like the idea of putting go kart tires on a Ferrari to save a little money, are skimping in the LAST place you should... the strings are the ones that let you feel the road The strings are still changing often. If you need the extra 5 bucks to buy these over the standard $6-8 strings, you should cut some coupons for the grocery store. If the car doesn't handle that well, you won't have fun driving so was it worth it to save money? The answer is no. The box says it is warm, slick and fast. That is correct. I feel that my playing feels cleaner because of the'slick'. You can have a marketing idea for free.

👤I've been playing guitar for 36 years and I've never had an issue with Floyd Rose Tremolos. I have used D'Addario strings 9-46 gauge for most of my time playing, but I never thought I would use another type of string. I wanted to know if the strings were smooth and fast after I came across them. I think D'Addario is better than my guitar after stringing it up with the Elixir strings. I tried to get the B string to stay locked into the bridge by using the 9-42 gauge, but it kept sliding out if the block was used. I finally got it to the point where I could actually tune the string, but one bend and it would fall out of tune. The B and the high E strings both fell out of the bridge and I couldn't get them to stay locked in. I went online and found some forums where other people with Floyds had the same problem, only in those instances they had people telling them it was their fault, but I know better, and it's not me or the bridge. Looks like it's back to D'Addario's. It's a waste of time and money.

👤I use nearly every string out there for my electric, and these Polywebs are what I'll stick with. They last for a while. It was ev. Er. Since I use a metal pick, I am hard on the strum ends. I don't use metal picks, but I go a couple years without needing a change. The neck parts of the strings are not slippery and only need a quick wipe. I don't like these on my acoustics, they're too bright for me on acoustic guitars, but for electrics, you'd be hard pressed to find anything with the longevity of these bad boys.

4. Ernie Ball M Steel Regular Slinky

Ernie Ball M Steel Regular Slinky

Magnetic attraction with the most artistic strings ever created. Increased output and added strength is what the dynamic frequency response has. A rich and powerful tone is produced by the Super Cobalt alloy wrapped around the Managing steel wire. The string life is extended by keeping strings as fresh as the day they were made. Made in California, USA, with the finest and freshest materials.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤I like bending my strings and working the tremolo bar. The strings feel like butter on the fingers, without the annoying finger drag noise that happens on slides. The strings are quite large in these condintions. They only had a session of 3 hours to get them broke in and seated. I always tune my guitars before I play and I think they stay very close to tune and maybe the G or b off by a tad. The air pressure and humidity will be stable by the middle of summer. I like them and will probably rest with them again. I have never used strings like the best feeling I have ever experienced.

👤My favorite strings... New is relative. I've been using these strings for a long time. I can tell you that 4 of the 5 sets I've used start out rough. They seem to have a rough coating on them, but with a few minutes of play they are smooth as silk. My first impressions were not good. The reviewers were correct. All of a sudden, they were silky smooth, I kept fiddling with them on my guitar. I thought I got used to it. I picked up my other guitar and the strings were fine, so I went back to the new strings and they were still silky smooth. I've used strings that are smooth and sound good. I could see people not liking the sound of certain types of music. I wanted my guitars sound to be more aggressive. They don't ruin my Blackjacks nice sound. If you're afraid of the reviews, try them out for yourself. It's not a big deal to try out a single set. Play them for a few minutes. Or destroy them... I will post a follow up on here about how that works after I try it on my next set.

👤Thanks to Kirk Hammett. I found the highest output on Earth, and it was called Ernie Ball Slinky. I received a magic pack but couldn't decide if I should install it for a couple of weeks. I didn't want to set up my bridge for new strings and different thicknesses of strings, so I hesitated to replace my Elixir's. I opened "New world of tone". When I went to "E' on 6-th, it was gone before 1.5 tones of "E". The shortest experience in a new world of tone! Thanks a lot,Kirk! I apologize for my broken balls. Thanks for the fast screw up, Ernie Balls! I didn't get a chance to reset my bridge.

👤Durability is the number one issue for any guitar player, from professional, celebrity, casual, to even you, the person who is to play your guitar once in a blue moon, I know it's in your closet, don't worry, you're a majority, but If your band mates and the audio technician want to hear good music, they should replace the strings once they start to sound dull and smell bad.

👤I tried them out at a gig on an iranian rg with a hard tail and solid body. The bridge is a Dimarzio Steve's Special. These sounded clear. Smooth overdrive distortion and great note separation. They are more responsive to picking dynamics. I liked them so much that I tried another set on an identical guitar with an Air Zone in the neck and Tone Zone In the bridge. I will test a set out on my Les Paul if I like that. I think they are my new favorite string. I didn't spend an entire night tuning between songs because they settled in fast. The tone wasn't as boomy as I expected. It was clear and balanced, with just enough bass to make it sound warm. They sounded good through a guitar. I use 5mm Primetone picks, and they stayed in tune through some aggressive bends.

5. DR Strings Blues Nickel Round

DR Strings Blues Nickel Round

The guitar strings are made of pure nickel. A distinctive warm and balanced sound with rich overtones and a vintage vibe can be produced by using a pure nickel wrap wire on a round core wire. Tone and feel of classic American rock and blues with sweet and round chords that ring out, while leads have more punchiness and sustain. They feel smooth and responsive. 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46

Brand: Dr Strings

👤I can't say enough good things about DR strings. I have been playing guitar for over two decades, when I played live shows almost every night of the week I would change my strings. I started buying DR Pure Blues. The strings only get better with age, and I could play for hours a day. The round core, Nickle wraps are amazing. I have never played another string after buying my first set of DR's. The guitars I have these on them. It doesn't matter if they carry the tone for it or not. I have tried dozens of different high dollar strings from Elixers, D'addario, and others, and this is the only one I will ever switch back to.

👤I like the strings. I love nickel electric guitar strings. The core wire is supposed to be smaller than the wrap wire in these sets, according to a rumor I heard a few years ago. This means the tension is reduced enough to make bends a little more fluid, but not enough to change the feel of picking. The manufacturer's website doesn't show it. Maybe I made it up. They fit that description in one way or another. I like to use them on my guitars.

👤This is the first time I've used the DR Pure Blues strings, and I'm posting because I feel the strings performed so poorly that it must be more to it than just the luck of the draw. The wound D string began to relax, creating a dull, buzzing sound within 2 weeks of installation. There were breaks in the winding. I noticed buzzing sounds again within a month. I narrowed it down to the unwound string. The sound came from the end of the string. The B string was suffering from this as well, and this only lessened the buzzing. I had to replace it as well. 3 of the 6 strings failed within a month. I've never had a problem with the toy. They are less bright sounding than Slinkys, which is what I was looking for, but overall it wasn't impressive. I was very disappointed since I wanted to support a US company. Maybe I got a fake. The feedback is helpful.

👤If you like a pure tone, then DR has your back. Other brands are great as well. One brand is not better than another. It's mostly down to a feel and preference. I have played many brands. All good. DR's add a little more dynamic to your picking. The strings feel tighter and faster for me. These are great if you are a lead player. Does it all well? If you are using passive pickups that are lacking in picking dynamics, these might help a bit. You will enjoy playing more if you use active pickup strings.

👤I like DR strings. I think they are not appreciated. They are made in America, last forever, have a very short settle in time, and are very affordable. The round core wrapped in nickel is the difference in these strings. The result is a very warm sound. The nickel is easier on the frets. It is nice to know these won't chew up my frets because I tend to have a heavier hand. Pure Blues are strung on all my electrics and they all sound great. I put a set of 10-46 on my Jazzmaster and it completely changed the tone on my instruments. The bridge position is no longer biting. It mellowed out. I have a set of 9-46 that I can use to give me a little bit more low end and keep the classic tele top end. They make these strings in many different ways to fit different guitars. I don't see why you would switch to another brand. DR for life!

6. Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular 010 046

Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular 010 046

The magnetic relationship between strings and pickups is stronger with Cobalt. The strings of the cobalt electric guitar are long, strong, and clear. The strings are wrapped around a high-carbon steel core wire. Regular Slinky's 10-to-46 gauge has become the industry standard. Made in California, USA, with the finest and freshest materials.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤I have used different brand strings for over 30 years. I always wanted a deeper sound like Zack Wylde, even though I used to use Ernie. I wanted to change things up and try these, but they didn't have a deep heavier sound. The dob have a nice feel and work great when adding a bit of vibrato, but they really only sound good when laying down an 80s type solo. They are lacking in that area if you are looking for a punch in the gut. If you want that rich, deep sound, stay away from these, but I would recommend these for clean soloing. 3. The boss has other pedals.

👤There is a quick background. I've been trying to learn guitar for a long time, but end up putting the guitar down for a couple of years before I pick it up. I don't have many years of experience to offer a review of the quality of the strings. They sound good. When I pick orstrum them, they make noises. Back on point. I got these strings to try something different and to reduce the size of my wound strings. I've changed strings before, but I'm not an expert. The core string broke at the tuning peg and the winding started pulling apart, after I broke the low E string. I reached out to the customer support of the company and told them what had happened, even admitting that it might have been my fault because of my lack of experience. They collected some information from me, including the type of guitar, when and where I purchased the strings, serial number of the strings, picture of the breakage, and then they shipped me a new set of strings and a sticker. They care about collecting information for their process, and they make things right with their customers. If you have a problem with a product, reach out to the manufacturer.

👤These are interesting strings. I've been a fan of D'addario for a long time, but I only used earnies as a kid. I love these but don't like regular earnies. They are a bit stronger. The D'addario Half Rounds are very slippery, and there is a fuzzy feel to them, almost like they are etched, which is the opposite of my favorite string on my Les Paul. These are great with some string lube. They shine for my Hagstrom. The right tone mix can last a long time. If you don't know how to set up a guitar, get someone who knows how to do it, because many guitars have been written off as being bad. Keeping the strings fresh and using good strings make a huge difference. It protects them and makes them play better. Also, trim your nails. The strings and fretboards are damaged. These are good if you need a hotter sound with a blanced brightness and some crunch that still works when clean. I like playing prog, Jazz- Prog, ShoeGaze, Hard Rock, and ambient. It's worth the extra 3 dollars a set. They stay in tune, but not perfect.

7. Elixir Strings Electric NANOWEB 010 046

Elixir Strings Electric NANOWEB 010 046

Electric guitar strings are made of nickel-plated steel. It was played for their bright, vibrant presence and dynamic punch. Ultra-thin NANOWEB coating provides a traditionally textured feel. Their patented coating technology protects against common rust, which is why it is more effective than any other brand's coated strings. The light gauge is.

Brand: Elixir

👤I had my guitar set up on the strings of the Elixir set, then switched to the Les Paul set. I cut them off because they are not usable. The 3rd string in the set is wound. There is nothing on the packaging that says this is a wound string. The guitar needs to be adjusted for a wound 3rd string. Every other string manufacturer specifies 'wound 3rd' in their sets, not doing so is just stupidity. My guitar buzzes and hums so loudly that the tone is ruined. I can hear the hum on the guitar. The ground path of the strings is interfered with by the string coating. Yuck. They sounded nice and bright, but I could not hear them. I wanted these to work out.

👤After a long session with a standard set of non-coated strings, those strings are discolored and dirty, and have lost their brightness. These strings come in. They stay fresh much longer than your standard non-coated string, which means you save money over buying several packages of non-coated strings. If you want strings that will sound good for a long time, then you should get these. People who say that your tone is dark must have great hearing. I think most of the people on the radio could not tell the difference between these and a fresh set of strings. It's a no-brainer for me. I switched and never looked back.

👤I had to restring the old Les Paul and these seemed like a good option. These are excellent for the price. These are great, regardless of the price. This isn't as good as strings costing three times. The high E made me angry. It is slippery. The over-over-under rule is needed to get the string tail at the machine head to wind. It worked well once I remembered to do that. I noticed they were very different. You can tune them by hearing how they make the other strings vibrate. Pull one string and move the tuning knob until the other strings start vibrating. They are that good. You need to make sure your first E is on. It is easy to tune the others after that. This resonance ability allows for a much colder, smoother tone. That leads to metal distortion tones. The strings are medium to light in weight, which makes them bright on a different guitar. The Les Paul can get into some light. I have a guitar that has a wide range of tone with these strings. They seem to stay in tune for a long time.

👤I did not like Elixer strings and tried other strings. I thought I would give them another chance since I've been trying so many string brands recently. I don't like that they don't have as much zing as other strings. The string seems to have a coating on it. I like using a lubricant string with normal strings to cut down on string talk and save the strings from my acid fingers. Elixer strings don't need lubricant. The strings are naturally slick due to the coating, which means less talk string. The coating on Elixers isn't as bad as some other coated strings. The coating doesn't start peeling off on you and is very durable. Elixers find a balance of long life and good tone. You won't have to change them every week because they won't be as rich. I've decided to leave my main "practice guitar" strung up with Elixers, while the other ones will use a more "alive" string for recordings and performances. This is the best coated string on the market.

8. Fender Super Nickel Plated Steel Strings

Fender Super Nickel Plated Steel Strings

Steel outer wrap. It was a perfect blend of highs and lows. It's suitable for all styles of music. 014,

Brand: Fender

👤I fell in love with these strings because they were the stock strings on the 59 reissue. The magic was gone after I changed the strings. The guitar was harder to play. Put these back on and they felt right again. They have less tension than most popular nickel wound strings and sound warmer. I use them on my vehicles.

👤You can usually get a 3-pack of these for less than a 3-pack of D'Addario. They are priced right compared to those two. They are good strings, but restrained in tone compared to other brands. They wear out quicker than the Slinkys. I wear strings out fast because I play a lot. The extra money spent on the other brands is worth it, as I like the tone better on the other brands and they both last longer. These do sound good, if not remarkable, and represent a great value for the money. If you don't look for something with a heavier or brighter tone, they are a good value. Reviewers who said they had strings snap while putting them on, or within 10 minutes of playing, are doing something wrong. If they are strung up correctly, that shouldn't happen.

👤I don't like giving negative reviews. The quality control seems to be run by monkeys. Dumb ones. The fender 250 strings cost me $180.00 in a doctor's bill. The metal got so deep in the finger that it needed to be lanced by a doctor and chunked out. Its miserable. I saw the horror that is fender strings after looking with spy glass. So angry.

👤I used the original strings from my Squire Bullet and the ones from my Vibe 60. They were decent, but not much to make me want to buy more sets. I changed my mind at the last moment, when the strings were on a good sale price. Both guitars sounded like they had just received a $10,000 upgrade after restringing with the new NPS 9's. I oiled the fret board and cleaned and polished the frets during the string replacements. I think the guitars came with a bit of a beat from the wear and tear on their strings, and also from the shipping process. If you own any of the Squire series guitars, and you're not sure what to buy, try out a fresh Fender NPS's. I think they're good strings, make that better than average strings for the price.

👤I paid $9 for a set of 3 in December of 2021. I tried them out on a '86 Japanese Squier. They sound great, bend and feel great, and they have been playing for a month without tiring. These are not the bullet ends that I have used before, but they are holding their tune with non-locking tuners and tremolo use just as well as the Bullets, but with a slightly more flexible feel for the 9 gauge. I thought I'd try these because of the 1/3 lower price for 3 and they seem to be as good as my normal strings. If D'Addario makes these for Fender, that would explain it.

9. DAddario EXL110 3D Electric Strings Regular

DAddario EXL110 3D Electric Strings Regular

The D'Addario's bestselling electric guitar set is called the XL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings. Your extra string sets are kept fresh by the packaging and the distinctive bright tone of the XL's. For the ultimate performance, D'Addario nickel wound strings are wound with nickel-plated steel onto a hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. These are the best electric guitar strings for a wide range of guitars and musical styles. Many professionals across many genres choose the XL. Plain steel is included in the electric string set's gauges. 012,. 012,. The nickel wound is. . 036,. 048 D'Addario uses centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long- lasting guitar strings. Only D'Addario strings are sealed inside and out.

Brand: D'addario

👤It is extremely difficult to objectively review guitar strings. Any new set of strings will play better than the old ones. Changing strings, tuning them, and breaking them in can take a long time, so it's hard to get an exact comparison of the brands in real-time. You need two guitars with the same wood, setup, electronics, fret age, etc, and you need to fit them both with new strings of the exact same gauge and type but different brands, in order to really assess the differences between two brands objectively. Which is close to impossible. I own four electric guitars and the studio I work in has about a dozen more. Over the past 15 years as a musician, sound engineer, and stage hand, I have almost certainly played or recorded over 100 times. I can say a few things, but I can't say I did a scientific head-to-head double-blind test. I've tried a lot of different string, from the store brand to the mail-order brand. I prefer other brands over D'Addario for bass. The D'Addario nickel wounds are great. They have a high-quality sound for a new guitar string, straight down the middle of how a roundwound nickel string should sound. Longevity is a story that is often not understood. Here are the things that compromise metal guitar strings. There is metal fatigue. When bending and vibrating a piece of metal, it becomes brittle and can develop tiny cracks. It's because of tension, stretching, and deformation that coated strings that are never played become dull and dead sounding after a couple months of sitting on a guitar. If you just leave them sitting on your guitar, the strings will wear out faster. D'Addario strings are among the best in terms of staying supple, soft, and flexible in the mainstream guitar strings. 2. The surface oxidizes. This is where we can help. The corroding effect on metal strings is caused by exposure to air, sweat, and skin oils. The black, coppery-smelling stripes that you get on your fretting hand are the result of a chemical breakdown in the alloy your strings are made from. The marketing materials for coated- strings often exaggerate these effects, but they are not close to the first thing that kills a set of strings. People think that if they keep their strings shiny, they will sound and play like new, but it's not true. Not true. The problem of surface corrosion is a real one, but it is a minor one for most players who keep their guitars in conditioned spaces and who play with clean hands. Even coated strings need to be changed even if they have never been played or taken out of the case after a couple weeks of being installed at tension. 3. The final and most unavoidable symptom is physical deformation. Unless your frets are made of softer metal than your strings, playing your guitar inevitably creates "flat spots" on the strings, where they contact the frets. The bridge and nut are similar. These become physical deformities in the string's resonance characteristics, as well as increasing metal fatigue and compromising surface integrity at those points, affecting both of the above. If you want soft, supple nickel strings that won't chew up your frets, I think these are your best overall choice. If you have serious problems related to surface corrosion, due to bodilyPH imbalances or outdoor gig, you might benefit from coated strings. The strings are going to wear out from metal fatigue, and that will affect the sound and playability.

10. GHS Strings GB DGF Signature Nickel Plated

GHS Strings GB DGF Signature Nickel Plated

Since "The Wall", nickel-plated electric guitar boomers have been used. The power surging has a brilliant tone and powerful attack. The signature gauge is blue.

Brand: Ghs Strings

👤These are great strings. I have been using them for 8 years. I assumed the packaging contained a small David Gilmour. I've heard that the GHS Corporation has been using cellular technology to shrink organic substances into smaller pieces. I want my own Davud. I would grow his hair out, paint his nails, build him a houseboat and keep him in my bathtub. I don't know what he would eat. Hmm.

👤The strings did not last more than a couple of weeks, playing 1-2 hours per day. I couldn't play on weekends because of the broken E strings and D strings that happened on Fryday. I expected these strings to be suited for that kind of music since I play Pink Floyd, but I do a lot of bending. It was also the shipping that disappointed me the most. They arrived later than the official arrival date for the first time. I bought a second time because I thought the first time I got a bad one, they wouldn't arrive at all, but on tracking they resulted as delivered. I lost a weekend because I had to call. Incredible! I was disappointed that they used his name. Peavey is nice strings. They have an extra E string. I wonder why some brands don't include extra E...

👤It's not a big deal to move up from 10'5 to 10'5 for your finger strength, but it's worth it for the tone. The small US company that I like is called GHS strings. The slight increase in string tension is agreeable for a POV. If one buys a very top-end guitar, it won't be strung with 9's or even 10's. To make your guitar sound like it means business, you need a string with some oomph. It feels like string is a personal thing. Spending five bucks will allow you to try them out. I adore Dave Gilmour, so there's that as well. Rock long and loud. GW.

👤I have never used electric from the GHS before. I started using acoustic strings 40 years ago. I wanted to try something different on my American Deluxe. I was impressed with the strings. The strings are very comfortable and different from what I'm used to. In 78, Gilmour started using these. The gauge of the strings is 0.10. He uses this size on his car. They have a bright sound and bend well. They are light enough to bend and stiff enough to pick. I've had a set on mine for about a month and haven't needed to change them yet. You can't beat the price. According to the package, Gilmour uses the same gauge on his Les Paul as well. I haven't tried them yet. I will post a review when I do. When I try them on my computer. I already have them on my car. Give them a try if you haven't tried them before. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I wasn't. I posted a review on the Bright Bronze acoustic. They made a difference on my Taylors.

11. DAddario EHR310 Electric Strings Regular

DAddario EHR310 Electric Strings Regular

The most popular string gauge has an exclusive semi-flat surface. Round wound tension is delivered with a flatwound feel. The packaging for strings is always fresh. It was made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality. Plain Steel.012,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,

Brand: D'addario

👤I have been a cancer patient for three years now and the drugs they use make roundwounds hard to play for more than 10 minutes. I can play the flatwounds for hours. It is also wonderful therapy. The electrics are advertised. They are warm and mellow with a sharper attack than roundwounds, which is a plus or a negative depending on your style of music. The finger squeak is reduced. I love them and stung them. Flatwounds produce a sustain that can last for a long time. It's great for jazz, rockabilly, alt country, country and rock. I ordered a set for my Tele and a set for the Strat. I think the Tele would have a 50s sound while the Strat would have a surf vibe.

👤My frets are nickel/silver, which is much softer, and the fact that they are wrapped in stainless steel makes me nervous. I had an issue with another guitar with the same type of string, they were not half rounds, but regular wound. The issues wore on fast. I went back to nickel. I would not use them on a softer fret. There is always a downside to change. It's like using metallic brake pads.

👤I ordered a set of really light strings. It's been an adjustment since I'm used to 12 or 13s. I made my guitar louder by raising my guitar pickups, which made it easier to bend. I don't think I'll get a year out of them like my Pyramids or Thomastik-Infelds because they seem to last longer. The regular D'Addario Chromes are twice as much as these halfrounds are, and they cost 1/3 as much as the other brands. These things are a little warmer sounding than regular round strings, but they are still noisy. They ring longer the normal flatwound strings, but have noticed a big difference in sustain. It's not a huge difference but it's noticable. I play jazz and old country. I went to a D'Addario Chrome (12-54) which was better for my needs and style, and I used a Gibson LP Custom. They're more of a string with a sound. Not as warm as the Pyramids but less expensive. If I change the E and B every 3 or 4 months, the Chromes will last me a year. When I order my sets from a different company, I just buy a couple extra of each. I prefer flats for doing my jazz and the halfrounds might work for some.

👤The D'addario strings are one of the leaders in guitar strings and they hold tune very well and the sound is great, but I will include the heavier bass strings in my next set. These are easier to play than ultra lights. As a kid, we called them "ground wounds" because they are what they are. They offer a rich tone, but are less twangy. These are the strings I used to love when I was a kid. I just bought a second set. I can't understand why more people don't give these strings a try. The sound and feel are amazing, but they won't be for everyone. The strings hold up well for a long time. I use them on my Les Paul Standard. I trust D'Addario more than other brands. Some people insist that all strings come from one or two factories, but that's not true as these are better than others. Try these ground wounds/half rounds for a while.


What is the best product for electric guitar strings 10-46?

Electric guitar strings 10-46 products from Ernie Ball. In this article about electric guitar strings 10-46 you can see why people choose the product. Jim Dunlop and Elixir are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric guitar strings 10-46.

What are the best brands for electric guitar strings 10-46?

Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop and Elixir are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric guitar strings 10-46. Find the detail in this article. Dr Strings, Fender and D'addario are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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