Best Electric Guitar Strings 9-42

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1. Ernie Ball Nickel Slinky Strings

Ernie Ball Nickel Slinky Strings

The gauge is 9-11-16w-32-42. The wire is wrapped around a steel core wire. They have a good sound. The replacement strings of the Ernie Ball are manufactured to the highest standards.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤The ad has a picture of 12 packs. The text of the ad is not clear. When I bought the strings, the reviews said they had received 6 packs of strings, not the 12 pictured. I ordered them because they're still a great deal. I received a pack of strings. I could have ordered a 3-pack for less. I'm going to request my money back.

👤I ordered it because the picture of the product shows a 12 pack of strings. I was surprised to learn that the price was only for one pack. The seller should change his effing picture. I have to check a star. There should be no stars for this one.

👤The strings of the ernie ball are great. If you order on this ad, it shows 12 packs, but you only get 6.

👤I've been using these strings since I was 12. The price point for a case is right. Excellent quality. If you have more than 20 guitars, the strings are going to cost you a lot. I like how they are packaged. They are in nice shape. It was easy on my fingers. The greatest strings ever made. If I could find them, I would also get the 2224's.

👤They come in packs. There was a lot of confusion in other reviews. You probably didn't look close enough to see that you received less than you ordered. Great strings have been used for a long time. Save money by buying in bulk.

👤I was looking for a 12 string guitar and had put in my search query. Why is it listed as part no. 3223-12 and then told the buyer it's a 12 pack? It's very confusing to see a 12 pack box, but to put 12 after the 3223 number makes you believe that it's the thing I was looking for. There are strings for a guitar. Drop the 12 after 3223 I.D. if you are foisting this onto the public.

👤I've tried a lot of brands of guitar string. The best guitar strings for me are the 2223 nickel Super Slinky ones by the name of Ernie Ball. The tone was great and the response was easy to respond to. It doesn't matter if I put them on a guitar I own or not. I know they will play well. You will be happy to buy the strings.

👤The strings are strong. I have used them for a long time. There are twelve sets in the picture. You get three packs. It should show you what you will get. This is not true.

👤My opinion is probably not important because the strings are good for Steve and John. The fact that the strings come in separate envelopes is useful. You won't have to open a new set to replace a single string, because you'll end up with a box of spare parts.

👤Excellent product, good value and service.

👤Would buy again at that price.

👤Ottimo prodotto per qualit prezzo,ernie ball is una garanzia per chi.

2. Dunlop DEN0946 Electric Strings 009 046

Dunlop DEN0946 Electric Strings 009 046

The product is called DEN0946. There is a nickel plated steel light top heavy bottom electric strings.

Brand: Jim Dunlop

👤I've been playing guitar for over 40 years and have tried every major brand. The best strings I have found are the dden ones, they only need a few stretches and stay in tune. I have to stretch and stretch before they stay in tune. You are ready to rock if you have 3 or 4 good tugs. I will not use anything else.

👤They are not a killer that makes them stand out. I don't have to recommend them, either. It was very run-of-the-mill. At least they come from the United States. Someone made these and got paid a decent wage.

👤My favorite strings are now mine. I have always used the 9-42, but wanted a little heavier string and didn't want the extra thick jumbo strings. These are perfect. The ones I had used in the past are now priced over $12 per pack. Forget that! Great strings! Check them out.

👤It's not saying much, but a thousand times better than the ernie ball. I don't like the way they're colorcoded.

👤This is the set of strings that I like the most. I like smaller gauge on my lighters strings to play riffs and larger gauge on my heavier strings to play bar and other types of music. This is the best of both worlds.

👤The thin outer winding makes for a smooth playing, but pick scrapes are weak. Love them.

👤The strings have not much bottom strings. I love them at a great price.

👤I was a little disappointed that it didn't have a sticker. These only lasted about 3 weeks and then fell apart, which is recommended for gig and stuff, but they stay in tune and sound nice.

👤Think of 'Ernie Ball' brightness with a lot more character, because of the incredible Harmonics these Dunlops generate. I wouldn't want them on every guitar, they have a unique sound. It is very durable. These may be great for lead. The sound gets a bit complex when overdriven. I would buy them again for the fun factor.

👤corde molto equilibrate, con una tensione leggermente superiore ad altre marche.

👤ma affidabili, altre corde da pochi soldi.

👤Produit conforme.


3. Ernie Ball Cobalt Super Slinky

Ernie Ball Cobalt Super Slinky

The magnetic relationship between strings and pickups is stronger with Cobalt. The strings of the cobalt electric guitar are long, strong, and clear. The strings are wrapped around a high-carbon steel core wire. Super Slinky is one of the most popular electric guitar strings. Made in California, USA, with the finest and freshest materials.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤I have used different brand strings for over 30 years. I always wanted a deeper sound like Zack Wylde, even though I used to use Ernie. I wanted to change things up and try these, but they didn't have a deep heavier sound. The dob have a nice feel and work great when adding a bit of vibrato, but they really only sound good when laying down an 80s type solo. They are lacking in that area if you are looking for a punch in the gut. If you want that rich, deep sound, stay away from these, but I would recommend these for clean soloing. 3. The boss has other pedals.

👤There is a quick background. I've been trying to learn guitar for a long time, but end up putting the guitar down for a couple of years before I pick it up. I don't have many years of experience to offer a review of the quality of the strings. They sound good. When I pick orstrum them, they make noises. Back on point. I got these strings to try something different and to reduce the size of my wound strings. I've changed strings before, but I'm not an expert. The core string broke at the tuning peg and the winding started pulling apart, after I broke the low E string. I reached out to the customer support of the company and told them what had happened, even admitting that it might have been my fault because of my lack of experience. They collected some information from me, including the type of guitar, when and where I purchased the strings, serial number of the strings, picture of the breakage, and then they shipped me a new set of strings and a sticker. They care about collecting information for their process, and they make things right with their customers. If you have a problem with a product, reach out to the manufacturer.

👤These are interesting strings. I've been a fan of D'addario for a long time, but I only used earnies as a kid. I love these but don't like regular earnies. They are a bit stronger. The D'addario Half Rounds are very slippery, and there is a fuzzy feel to them, almost like they are etched, which is the opposite of my favorite string on my Les Paul. These are great with some string lube. They shine for my Hagstrom. The right tone mix can last a long time. If you don't know how to set up a guitar, get someone who knows how to do it, because many guitars have been written off as being bad. Keeping the strings fresh and using good strings make a huge difference. It protects them and makes them play better. Also, trim your nails. The strings and fretboards are damaged. These are good if you need a hotter sound with a blanced brightness and some crunch that still works when clean. I like playing prog, Jazz- Prog, ShoeGaze, Hard Rock, and ambient. It's worth the extra 3 dollars a set. They stay in tune, but not perfect.

4. Elixir Strings Electric NANOWEB 010 046

Elixir Strings Electric NANOWEB 010 046

Electric guitar strings are made of nickel-plated steel. It was played for their bright, vibrant presence and dynamic punch. Ultra-thin NANOWEB coating provides a traditionally textured feel. Their patented coating technology protects against common rust, which is why it is more effective than any other brand's coated strings. The light gauge is.

Brand: Elixir

👤I had my guitar set up on the strings of the Elixir set, then switched to the Les Paul set. I cut them off because they are not usable. The 3rd string in the set is wound. There is nothing on the packaging that says this is a wound string. The guitar needs to be adjusted for a wound 3rd string. Every other string manufacturer specifies 'wound 3rd' in their sets, not doing so is just stupidity. My guitar buzzes and hums so loudly that the tone is ruined. I can hear the hum on the guitar. The ground path of the strings is interfered with by the string coating. Yuck. They sounded nice and bright, but I could not hear them. I wanted these to work out.

👤After a long session with a standard set of non-coated strings, those strings are discolored and dirty, and have lost their brightness. These strings come in. They stay fresh much longer than your standard non-coated string, which means you save money over buying several packages of non-coated strings. If you want strings that will sound good for a long time, then you should get these. People who say that your tone is dark must have great hearing. I think most of the people on the radio could not tell the difference between these and a fresh set of strings. It's a no-brainer for me. I switched and never looked back.

👤I had to restring the old Les Paul and these seemed like a good option. These are excellent for the price. These are great, regardless of the price. This isn't as good as strings costing three times. The high E made me angry. It is slippery. The over-over-under rule is needed to get the string tail at the machine head to wind. It worked well once I remembered to do that. I noticed they were very different. You can tune them by hearing how they make the other strings vibrate. Pull one string and move the tuning knob until the other strings start vibrating. They are that good. You need to make sure your first E is on. It is easy to tune the others after that. This resonance ability allows for a much colder, smoother tone. That leads to metal distortion tones. The strings are medium to light in weight, which makes them bright on a different guitar. The Les Paul can get into some light. I have a guitar that has a wide range of tone with these strings. They seem to stay in tune for a long time.

👤I did not like Elixer strings and tried other strings. I thought I would give them another chance since I've been trying so many string brands recently. I don't like that they don't have as much zing as other strings. The string seems to have a coating on it. I like using a lubricant string with normal strings to cut down on string talk and save the strings from my acid fingers. Elixer strings don't need lubricant. The strings are naturally slick due to the coating, which means less talk string. The coating on Elixers isn't as bad as some other coated strings. The coating doesn't start peeling off on you and is very durable. Elixers find a balance of long life and good tone. You won't have to change them every week because they won't be as rich. I've decided to leave my main "practice guitar" strung up with Elixers, while the other ones will use a more "alive" string for recordings and performances. This is the best coated string on the market.

5. DAddario EHR320 Electric Guitar Strings

DAddario EHR320 Electric Guitar Strings

D'Addario's extra-light gauge has an exclusive semi-flat surface. Round wound tension is delivered with a flatwound feel. The packaging for strings is always fresh. It was made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality. Plain Steel.008,.012,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,.014,

Brand: D'addario

👤I have been a cancer patient for three years now and the drugs they use make roundwounds hard to play for more than 10 minutes. I can play the flatwounds for hours. It is also wonderful therapy. The electrics are advertised. They are warm and mellow with a sharper attack than roundwounds, which is a plus or a negative depending on your style of music. The finger squeak is reduced. I love them and stung them. Flatwounds produce a sustain that can last for a long time. It's great for jazz, rockabilly, alt country, country and rock. I ordered a set for my Tele and a set for the Strat. I think the Tele would have a 50s sound while the Strat would have a surf vibe.

👤My frets are nickel/silver, which is much softer, and the fact that they are wrapped in stainless steel makes me nervous. I had an issue with another guitar with the same type of string, they were not half rounds, but regular wound. The issues wore on fast. I went back to nickel. I would not use them on a softer fret. There is always a downside to change. It's like using metallic brake pads.

👤I ordered a set of really light strings. It's been an adjustment since I'm used to 12 or 13s. I made my guitar louder by raising my guitar pickups, which made it easier to bend. I don't think I'll get a year out of them like my Pyramids or Thomastik-Infelds because they seem to last longer. The regular D'Addario Chromes are twice as much as these halfrounds are, and they cost 1/3 as much as the other brands. These things are a little warmer sounding than regular round strings, but they are still noisy. They ring longer the normal flatwound strings, but have noticed a big difference in sustain. It's not a huge difference but it's noticable. I play jazz and old country. I went to a D'Addario Chrome (12-54) which was better for my needs and style, and I used a Gibson LP Custom. They're more of a string with a sound. Not as warm as the Pyramids but less expensive. If I change the E and B every 3 or 4 months, the Chromes will last me a year. When I order my sets from a different company, I just buy a couple extra of each. I prefer flats for doing my jazz and the halfrounds might work for some.

👤The D'addario strings are one of the leaders in guitar strings and they hold tune very well and the sound is great, but I will include the heavier bass strings in my next set. These are easier to play than ultra lights. As a kid, we called them "ground wounds" because they are what they are. They offer a rich tone, but are less twangy. These are the strings I used to love when I was a kid. I just bought a second set. I can't understand why more people don't give these strings a try. The sound and feel are amazing, but they won't be for everyone. The strings hold up well for a long time. I use them on my Les Paul Standard. I trust D'Addario more than other brands. Some people insist that all strings come from one or two factories, but that's not true as these are better than others. Try these ground wounds/half rounds for a while.

6. Ernie Ball Nickel Single Guitar

Ernie Ball Nickel Single Guitar

It's used on electric and acoustic guitars but not classical guitars.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤It's very convenient to have all the same gauge strings in one package. I like using the guitar strings from Ernie Ball. I prefer the.008 gauge over the.012 gauge because I do a lot of bending. I do a lot of stretching and play a lot, but I rarely break a string. The Plain Steel Strings are better for my Les Paul. You can't go wrong with him.

👤I've been playing these strings for over twenty years. I'm sure there are other strings that are as good. I'm a creature of habit. The 6 pack of.009 strings really helps out when breaking the high E. I had 2 complete packs that I stole from this string and a guitar that was missing it. I now have a fully strung guitar, 2 full packs of Super Slinky's, and 3 spare High E strings. The world is right again.

👤I break high E strings. I wondered if there was a company that made just a pack of high E strings. After shopping on Amazon, the answer was a resounding yes. A pack of bad boys is needed for your guitar gear. Quality strings are made by Ernie Ball and they are solid as a rock. Purchase them now!

👤Over the past 10 years, I have become a fan of the brand of strings called EB Slinky's. It will be hard to find a better value window. I break the 9's when I work on my guitars. I keep these on hand for when I know the rest of the strings are in good shape and don't need to replace them.

👤I mean, they're named after a ball. They are great. It was convenient to get a pack of high E strings since they snap easier than any other strings. I used to have full sets of strings, but I had to steal a few of them to get the high E string.

👤I have used this brand for many years. The high E will break more often after removing and during restringing. Never on the first installation and only when resting. It happens on my guitars. Let me know if someone has the answer.

👤What can I say about the strings? I break a lot of strings, so these save me from buying a set. I don't know what a string is. I wouldn't pay that much for them because the price went up 3 dollars from when I bought them a month ago.

👤It works great as I break the high-E string often. 9-gauge is pretty thin, but these don't seem to take much abuse. There is a It's worth it for the price, and not having to buy a full set just to get one high-E. Would buy again.

👤It's a bit pricey, but it saves me from buying a full set when my string breaks.

7. Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings

.008-.042 The guitar strings are custom-gauged.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤The strings were the best ever made. There is no reason to use other strings. Slinks are used in rock n roll guitars. I use them for all my bass guitars. I only use the acoustic Earthwood bronze strings now. When they are first put on a guitar, they are much brighter sounding and bring out the magic in my acoustics. Buying the more expensive strings is not a good idea. You will never be disappointed if you buy these in bulk and change them frequently. If you play everyday, regular string change is weekly. I have a bunch of different guitars so I can change them less often, but I used to change my strings every day. Fresh strings are like fuel in your car. It's an important part of the process. If you're reading this because your strings look black or rough, then they're about to break. You need to change them before you lose your focus.

👤I paid for 12 sets of strings but only received 3. I will change my rating if they are sending 12 sets and the seller is prompt in fixing the mistake. I love Asia so I only buy a Chinese copy here. I know the real sting made in the USA last long time and it sounds great. Thank you for 3 more sets today. I only need 6 more to get what I ordered.

👤I paid for a pack of strings, but only received 3.

👤I think the best are the EB's. It makes sense to buy them in bulk.

👤I did not receive the advertised product. There were 12 packs of strings, but there was only one pack of strings.

👤You can't have guitars to put them on because you can't have may strings.

👤The strings are great for my guitars. The price is great.

8. Ernie Ball Nickel Electric Strings

Ernie Ball Nickel Electric Strings

Super Slinky is one of the most popular electric guitar strings. The tone was bright and balanced. The finest and freshest materials are in California. Jimmy Page, Iron Maiden, and many other guitarists around the globe have used the Super Slinky electric guitar strings. The electric guitar strings are manufactured to the highest standards and are of the highest quality. Super Slinky wound strings are made from steel wire wrapped around a steel core wire. The plain strings are made of high-carbon steel and have a bright and balanced tone. The Super Slinky gauge is. 3 sets.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤I haven't been playing guitar for a long time, but I have never heard of it happening to someone else. Ever. The high E string does not want to cooperate as I attempt to tune up. It goes flat when I get close. I thought I had a bad tuning peg. I didn't wonder anymore. The strings have only a few hours of light playing on them, but that nasty E string just let go. The little brass anchor was unwound. I salvaged an E string from another guitar I don't play as often as I would like, and also strung it with strings from the new pink 3 pack. It snapped as I loosened it. The strings are the same as what I replaced. I think so. There are two E strings in about 2 minutes. That is quick for me. I found a makeshift anchor for the original string. The string. She broke again. What is the poor musician supposed to do? I'm ashamed to admit how long the last strings were there. Maybe I'm incompetent. The last set I bought was fine, and before the E string went all to hell, they sounded pretty good. I think Jimmy Page doesn't have these problems.

👤Don't be afraid to try different brands. It's possible that your style of playing doesn't fit me. I've tried a lot of brands. I've stayed with him because he never let you down. Ignore the paper plane and shark on the Marshall head. Changes to your setup will not make a difference without strings. I would do a setup with the current strings for your action and then install your new strings. You may need to adjust your pickups to achieve the sound you want. If you are buying your strings online you will probably want to pay someone else to do it for you. Don't be afraid.

👤My entire guitar collection is made of the Super-Slinky's. I used D'addario's for many years in the 80's and 90's, but they would lose their sound very quickly and break very easily, so I tried these back in the 90's after a friend recommended them to me. They stretch nicely in a short amount of time when you first string them, as opposed to some brands that will stretch and never stay in tune. They bend notes nice without breaking or distortion and stay in tune better than I used to, as many other brands out there are these days, as they aren't too expensive. I use sets of Super Slinky's for all of my hollow and semi hollow guitars. There is a It's time to try out Ernie's Super Slinky's, if you haven't used them before. I have a guitar with a Pro-Rok-R floating tremelo that has popped D'addario's at least 2000 times, but it is only used for studio use, and has never popped an Ernie Ball. Some guitars that I play daily and the strings last a few weeks before sounding "dead", and some that I rarely play have sets on them that are 2 to 6 years old and still sounds great. I didn't get longevity like that from any other brand that I've used before. When I used D'addario's, I had to change sets after every show, but now I get a few gig before needing a change. They are great for me, my playing style and my needs. I play metal and shredding and each note is bright and full without the "tinny" sound that some brands gave me in the past. Since 1982, when I started playing and touring with many brands of guitars, I refuse to use anything else. m/ metal

9. Ernie Ball Slinky Paradigm Electric

Ernie Ball Slinky Paradigm Electric

The new state-of-the-art wire drawing process combined with patented RPS technology dramatically increases the strength of the wire. A string that is treated with Everlast and is wrapped with a revolutionary wire that is enhanced with a special substance repels oils, resists rust, and keeps your tone alive for longer. The Slinky tone and feel is legendary. There are nine, 11, 16, 24, 32, and 42 gauge. Made in California, USA, with the finest and freshest materials.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤There is some context. I work 3 to 7 shows a week. I bend strings a lot and am a lead player. I used to break a high E or B string at least once a show. The power slinkies were used. I put these on and they felt better immediately. I figured it out halfway through the show after forgetting that it was a new line of strings. I played the same set for 6 months. Never broke a string. I had a special gig that I didn't want to break a string for, so I changed the strings. I have never broken a string while playing with these strings.

👤It's referred to as TL;DR. The strings are great for heavy playing and they have great Tone with Stable Longevity, Staying in tune, and just not breaking. I've waited a long time to write this, because on my first two sets, I had almost immediate breakage on at least one string, but I was able to get a couple sets before they were available to all the public. I'm a heavy handed guitarist who plays rock music akin to The Who or QOTSA and usually wear down a 60mm pick in a couple sets. I've played hundreds of shows over the past five years, and D'addario EXL110 was the best choice because my Luthier always put on a set, so I figured they were the best choice. I was always out of tune on multiple strings by the end of a song in the D'addario's, so tuning between songs was always a mood killer. The D string was the highest break rate I had ever experienced, because I was breaking 3 strings a set in random fashion. When I broke the next string, I had to have a backup guitar and someone to change the broken string. I had to borrow a guitar at times. I always kept the guitars out of the air and wiped down the strings after each play. I tried many different treatments, but nothing mattered. I tried the new NYXL, but they had short and unpredictable lives, and the tone would change rapidly, I never knew what to expect. I was able to get in on the early batches of Paradigm strings and though I had a few problems with them, the replacements and others lasted what was, for me, amazingly long. When I switched over to the Paradigms, I had to change all of the strings at once, something I hadn't done in years. The Paradigms changed my life. Not having strings break mid-set is a blessing. I use the backup guitar less and less because of a broken string. They stay in tune for the entire set. There is a high level. The "brand new" tone takes a few hours to calm down and then the tone stays stable for weeks. These blow away the former D'addario strings for me. I strung up a guitar in the studio that sounded like a toy compared to the one I had with the Paradigms. It was full rich tone immediately after I restrung with Paradigms. I thought I had bad guitar tuning hardware that would cause the strings to go out of tune. Apparently, it was the strings. I don't like the brand new sound so I don't like to play live until I've had a chance to work the strings. The new sound is still better than what I was used to, but not the great sound that comes after a break in. Even though the strings have not broken in years, I still worry about them. I usually put on a new set of strings when I have a studio or a big show that I want to record, because I don't want a string to break. Since I have to play until the brand new sound goes away, I am confident that I have gone past that point where a bad string would have broken. I think it's a matter of how heavy handed a guitarist you are, because I've seen reviews in which the tone was unsatisfactory for the player. If you never wear out your picks, it might not be the right type of string tone for you. I haven't found strings that are close to the richness and pureness of these strings. I know that everyone is different. I know some players who are so good that they will play for years and never break a string. That was not my case. Do they still break on stage? I should have changed the strings by that time. My music life was changed by Paradigms. I feel lucky that these exist. I always recommend them to other players when I see them break a string. The Tone and stability tuning alone would have been justified for me, but what I really needed was strings that could take a regular beating and not break. These do that. It's just awesome. The review is from the person I bought them for.

10. DR Strings NMCE 9 Electric Multi Color

DR Strings NMCE 9 Electric Multi Color

The guitar strings are multi-color. It's designed to give your stage presence a little extra pop. The strings have a neon colored K3 coating that delivers longevity, more projection, fewer unwanted overtones and enhanced clarity. It's a great tool for learning and teaching guitar. There were 9, 11, 16, 24, 32 and 42.

Brand: Dr Strings

👤My son and I are learning to play the guitar. He is 7 years old and is very exited about these helping him. I thought about getting myself some but have grown out of looking at the strings. The finish is strong. The small amounts came off when bent. I expect it to wear like the package states. It doesn't seem to be coming off anymore. They sound good. They are made in the USA and are a little pricey, but they fit the purpose. If you want your guitar to look like a pride banner, I would recommend them. They are wearing well. The tuning is still good. The finish is coming off the high E, B and G. The strings are not wound. I mean a little. There are a few spots that wear the pick hits. He has been playing more often than taking lessons. His teacher finds them useful as well. It's easy to tell an eight year old to put their fingers on the strings. Instead of a lengthy discussion, he should have his fingers in the right spot.

👤I bought the strings to help me learn to play the guitar in the video game. The game uses colors that match the strings. I think that it helps in the beginning to orientate the user to the correct string, but I can already see that the benefit of the string color will diminish as I get better at playing guitar. I hope to be able to play on my own. The game should be set to invert the string presentation in the options menu as this will help later on. I wish they had set it that way.

👤I thought it would be cool to pair these with the game Rocksmith, so I picked them up. It was a great idea. If you're new to guitar or have trouble with your finger tips after a short time playing, give these babys a try. The coating makes it easier to play. As you play the strings with your pick, it will slowly wear where the strings meet the frets, and sometimes it will also wear where the strings meet the frets. This doesn't bother me at all. I know that this can bother some, but just be aware that the string color can wear off, especially if you like shredding. Happy jamming.

👤I play my guitar daily with these strings. There is a The packaging states that the coloring is not designed to stay on indefinitely, and the general idea is that you would put these on before a live show. Even after months of use, my strings retain 80% of their color. The picking area has worn off more than the fretting area, so I can still easily identify my strings when fretting, and a quick glance at any area of the strings accomplishes the purpose of being colored. Each string has a small dot of natural color at the bar that I couldn't care less about. I felt the description of the color was unclear, so I knocked off a star. It has been permanent enough to accomplish what I needed during my learning phase. The strings are just as good as the factory strings.

11. DAddario Nickel Plated Electric Strings

DAddario Nickel Plated Electric Strings

The feel and tone of the strings are preserved with an extended lifespan treatment. The strings last at least four times longer than traditional ones. Stay in Tun - high carbon steel wire and fusion twist technologies deliver unparalleled tuning stability and break resistance. The strings stay in tune 131% better than traditional strings. The package is expendable. The inner packaging has a re-sealable zip that makes it easy to open and store unused strings. D'Addario uses centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long- lasting guitar strings. Only D'Addario strings are sealed inside and out.

Brand: D'addario

👤I've used the standard nickel-wound D'Addarrio for over 30 years. You can find them in any town you happen to be playing in, they work well and are not very expensive. I decided to start experimenting with strings because I hadn't done so in a long time and I thought the state of the art had changed. I wanted to try coated strings. I thought I'd start with XTs. Here are my thoughts. The XT's felt better. I was expecting more of a difference, but D'Addario markets these strings as having a "natural feel". It was not as secure as it could have been, and it felt like the strings would slip out from under my fingers when bending. It was enough to convince me that I probably wouldn't like the heavier coating, as the XTs are supposed to be a more mild coating. Legato technique was easier with these strings. The tone was different than I expected. It is less bright and zingy than standard nickel-wound steel strings. It was interesting that the sound was still loaded with frequencies, but it seemed like different frequencies were emphasized. The guitar lost a bit of its ability to fake a sound when I installed these strings on it. The full-on humbucker sounds were improved in my opinion. I think the different emphasis works well with humbucker sounds that are overdriven. The sound of the guitar became dull and woolly when the volume was rolled back. I'm guessing that's because the strings aren't as bright to begin with, the normal degradation from lowering the guitar volume is even more pronounced. This was a big deal for me. I play with a single-channel amplifier that is loud enough to make my guitar sound cleaner, and I roll back my volume. Being unable to do that is a deal breaker. It shouldn't be a problem if you play your guitar at full volume all the time. The bridge pickup's output was so strong that I had my PRS pickups set low. The sound was anemic with the XTs and raising the pickups helped tremendously. If you're going to use these strings, you should make sure your guitar's setup is right for them. The longevity of these strings is great. I got double the lifespan out of them before going back to D'Addario.

👤I've only played D'Addario since 1990. I've tried some others like Ball and SIT. I always return. I love the XTs and tried them just for grins. They last longer than the traditional XLs. I bend a lot and change tunings as well. I use them on Floyd setups. They are the best string I have used.

👤I thought my guitar neck was warped, but it was the strings. I was playing my guitar for 30 minutes and it sounded out of tune. wouldn't stop. I went to the guitar shop to make sure my neck was okay. He said it was the strings. It must have been a bad bunch of material.


What is the best product for electric guitar strings 9-42?

Electric guitar strings 9-42 products from Ernie Ball. In this article about electric guitar strings 9-42 you can see why people choose the product. Jim Dunlop and Elixir are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric guitar strings 9-42.

What are the best brands for electric guitar strings 9-42?

Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop and Elixir are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric guitar strings 9-42. Find the detail in this article. D'addario, Dr Strings and D'addario are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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