Best Electric Heater with Thermostat

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1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Heater Control

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Heater Control

The ceramic element is self-regulating. Automatic overheating protection. The maximum heat power is 1.50 kilowatts. The area is heated. Ft.:300

Brand: Lasko

👤As a constant buyer of products Amazon sells for the actual manufacturers, I have concluded that the actual manufacturers products they sell through Amazon have some kind of defects. Most consumers don't want to go through the hassle of returning larger items. The manufacturers of those items are aware of that. The manufacturers only count on 50% of the returns. The Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Remote Control did not function properly and the return window was closed. I returned it. The Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Logic Center Digital Remote Control- Features Built-in Timer and Oscillation, 7.3′′L x 9.2′′W x 29.75′′H, Black 5572, does not work all of the time. The heater doesn't turn on or off at the temperature it's set at. If I decide I want a constant 70 degree heat, the heater should not turn off. Or at 69! The model I ordered, a Oster TSSTTVFDDG-DS Black Stainless Steel Collection French Door Oven, Extra Large, just turns off by itself. I program it to bake or pre-heat, and it just completely shuts itself off, instead of automatically coming back on after a certain temperature falls below, like a conventional oven. There is something wrong with me as an Amazon consumer. I'm not blaming Amazon at this point, but I think it's possible that some products are sold through Amazon. All these different manufacturers are getting away with it. I don't know. All the different manufacturers are fooling Amazon, or they have knowledge about it. I let the consumer decide.

👤October 2017: updated. I only used it for about 4 months after I bought it in January of last year. I decided to put it back to work after it got cold in NJ, but I was surprised. The outlet started to smoke after I plugged it in. The plug was not wet or malfunctioning. I really liked this heater and I am sad that this happened. I am afraid to buy another one because of this. I'm glad I got this. The buttons are easy to use and the remote control is useful. It has different temperature settings in different degrees. The option to turn off the heater at a certain time or keep it at a temperature is available. It warms up the room very quickly now that the weather in NJ has declined. The packaging was well protected and the shipping was fast.

👤10 days ago, I ordered this heater. The base cracked and a piece broke off in shipping, because it was only shipped in the manufacture's box. I only use it for an hour or two at a time and keep it unplugged when not in use, but the plug gets too hot and my outlet is melting. I don't need another heater for me.

👤Junk. Within 2 months, the oscillation broke. The ceramic started to melt the unit when the fan stopped blowing. I was home with my new born and it was during the day. I caught it when it started to smoke. I smelt burning plastic and it was the fan. After it cooled off, put in the patio and trashed it. I cut the cord so no one could use it. Even though it was melted.

2. Ceramic Portable Electric Adjustable Thermostat

Ceramic Portable Electric Adjustable Thermostat

You can control the fireplace features from your chair with the multi-function remote. There are two heat levels and a fan function. High heat, low heat, and fan function are included in the settings of the heater. Cool air can be created by the fan function. When the temperature dips below the thermostat setting, the thermostat control will turn the heater off and on again. The temperature range is between 0 and 158F. The tip over protection system will shut the heater off if it's knocked over, but it will come back on if it's up right. The noise this ceramic heater makes is less than 45 decibels, which is quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom. You can find a comfortable temperature with the adjusted thermostat settings. You can turn the dial to the heat setting you want. A built in carry handle behind the heater makes it easy to move the space heater, and the cord material is rubber, which can be kept in cold weather.

Brand: Givebest

👤I did extensive research to find out if the Give Best product was the same as the one I received. If you want to purchase items, make sure you get what you pay for.

👤For a little bugger. I got 3. I'm happy with the purchase. My daughter loves it because it keeps her room warm and she can stay locked up in there. It saves me coins on heating oil and that's a plus for me. I plan to get at least one or two more this winter. It's small, safe, convenient, and cute. It was a good bang for the buck.

👤I love them so much, I have 3 of them. The big tall ones break and theo temp control isn't as effective as you might think. The little thing is very safe and powerful.

👤This is a really big hot air unit. The metal screen on the front of the unit can't even hear the TV on, it's tip protection, it works very well.

👤The bill for the heat in my house has always been very high. I wanted to see if it would work in my room. It heats up a lot. I bought one for the ervai room in the house and am waiting for winter. The electricity bill is important to make sure everything went well.

👤I keep my camping trailer warm.

👤This little appliance might be a blast furnace. I turned it down because it made the area too hot. I work from home because my boss is in another country, and I have sliding glass doors and a picture window in the office. The entire area is warm in a few minutes. If it tips a little, it shuts itself off, which is a great safety feature. The product is a great price.

👤Just got this yesterday. I needed a second space heating unit. The heat only blows on the right side and the cold air only blows on the left side. The heat output decreases when setting two side blow hot air. My other brand took twice as long to output heat as this one. I will return the product and buy another brand. There is a switch on the bottom that when tipped over shuts off. This product is not as effective as I would like. Another review said theirs only heated on my side. I didn't like it and will be returning, but I don't know if it's intended to be or not.

👤It is too small to heat my feet. Does not swing. The turning-off function is annoying. When returned, you have to pay for postage.

3. Dr Heater DR PS11524 Salamander Construction

Dr Heater DR PS11524 Salamander Construction

350 watt energy-smart fan forced heating power is included in the Handy Heater, so it can warm up your space no matter how big or small. Clean, odor-free heat. The power is 15000 watt. Safety guards on the frame and output ends. Hardwiring is required for a thermostat with a temperature range from 40 to 100 degree. The cart is convenient for portable heating.

Brand: Dr Infrared Heater

👤I was hesitant to buy it because there weren't many reviews. It worked well. During February in North Idaho, we were heating a 3000 sq ft house so we could tape the drywall and it kept it from getting too warm. There is no temperature setting. I don't know what the temperature was supposed to be on the dial. It stayed around 60. The walls were insulated but not the ceiling, which kept it warm. This wouldn't work if you were heating an un-insulated space. I wired it directly to the circuit panel, but you couldn't tell it was on unless the fan was running. If you stand in front of the fan, it will run, but heat won't come out, so you might feel air blowing. It does not put out heat the way a forced air furnace does. I would say it feels warm, not hot. It will keep the place warm if it's running in your building long enough. The cost to run it is the only downside. The electric bill for one month was $400 higher than the previous month. We were heating a lot of space. It was only a temporary source of heat that was safe to run. I would only buy again for temporary heating. Not a permanent main heat source.

👤I really wanted to like this unit. I liked the size and the way it was portable. I could only run it at 1/3 power because it would blow the breaker to my whole shop. It tripped the 60 Amp breaker in the main box at the house that feeds my detached shop, because it was on the 50 Amp 220 line. I have a detached shop with 12 foot ceilings. It is somewhat insulated, but not great. If you had enough power to feed this thing, it would work well, but it will eat you out of your house for electricity. I bought a torpedo heater after sending it back. It's more efficient. I was worried about having to feed a torpedo heater, but they get good mileage and provide more heat for the money.

👤I bought this heater for my garage. The two small space heaters were not working. It heats up my garage in under an hour, which is pretty amazing. I had to have extensive wiring done by a licensed electrician just to support the power need of this heater. It has a ton of power when it's hot. I had to pull 4 gauge wire from my main panel to the new sub-panel in the garage. I went with a 60 Amp Breaker and a standard 240V plug outlet because the heater would have to be hard-wired to the wall, making it non-portable. The wiring for the Heater is $700.

👤I bought this to heat up my garage. I ran in it for 12 hours. 6/3 wire was used to connect to the 60A breaker. It cost about $250 to wire it after it caled. The heater doesn't heat very well. Warm air is put out by it. It is like a heat gun blowing on me when I stand close to it. Huge let down.

4. PELONIS PHTPU1501 Oscillation Programmable Overheating

PELONIS PHTPU1501 Oscillation Programmable Overheating

Ceramic heaters are the most effective type of electric-resistance radiant heaters. The ceramic heating technology will quickly heat up to 70F in 3 seconds. The PTC is a high quality indoor space heater. US standard sockets can be used without an extension cord. Protection to you and your family from over heating and tip-over switch. The tower heater has 3 heating options to achieve a temperature setting with maximized efficiency and warmth. Eco setting helps save energy based on ambient temperature. Touch Control, remote control, oscillation, 8hours timer and carry handle are features that you can look for in the electric quiet heater. It's perfect for your bedroom, living room, office. The American brand heating appliances manufacturer will offer a 1-year manufacture with your purchase. You can contact them at any time.

Brand: Pelonis

👤It puts out a lot of heat. It seems like a fire is waiting to happen when it gets so hot. The front of the unit is very hot. If you have kids or pets, I would pass on this model.

👤The device works well as a heat source. It falls short if you want to use the temperature setting. I have had 2 of these and both have the same problem, the second was to replace the first, thinking that my unit was malfunctioning. When you set a temperature on this heater, it has to get far below that temperature to turn on, and once it does, it has to get to a temperature that is too hot to turn off. When it was 72 setting, it had to get down to 67 or even colder to turn on, and once it was on, it would get as hot as 75 in the room before it would turn off. If the thermostat is too small, you can get rapid cycling where the device is frequently turning off and on, which can be annoying and inefficient for some things. When the hysteresis is too high, you spend a lot of time being too cold or too hot, and only for a short time is the temperature comfortable.

👤The room runs quietly, and the heat is great. I haven't used the Oscillating setting yet. I have a large living room, and this awesome Heater provides heat for the entire room. This is an awesome heating appliance.

👤I have a 26 ft trailer. When the temperature drops to 17 degrees, the trailer stays at 70 even though it's in the ECO mode. It is easy to understand the controls that regulate the temp through the digital display.

👤I bought this heater despite the reviews that said the plug would heat up. I decided to do a simple test because I have done electrical work for 40 years and am not an electrician. I put the heater into a 15 Amp outlet and let it run for 30 minutes. The plug was warm to the touch. I replaced that outlet with a 20 Amp one. The plug was not warm to the touch. I believe that the outlet that becomes hot is the one that plugs into. The 1500 watt power source pulls 12.5 Amps of electricity. There's plenty of power to handle the 12.5 Amps the heater pulls with a 20 Amp outlet. This isn't a flaw of this particular heater, it's a flaw of all 1500 watt heaters. You have to consider the total Amp of all the outlets on the breaker, because a breaker generally provides electricity to multiple outlets. NEC 240.4(D)(3) states that 14 AWG is not allowed on a circuit with a 20A breaker. My house is wired with 12 gauge wire and 20amp breakers which allows me to put 20amp outlets on the walls. If you only have 14 gauge wire, you can only use 15 Amp breakers and outlets. There are two reasons I give this heater three stars. It takes a long time to heat a room because the fan that pushes the heat out of the unit is not strong. When a button is pushed on the unit or remote, the heater will make a loud noise. When I get up in the middle of the night, I have to adjust the temperature on the heater, and it wakes the dog. I have to give the dog a treat. I'm up 30 minutes. I don't understand why they advertise how much this heater is when the beep is louder than the noise. If you found the review helpful, click the button below. Thanks.

5. Homeleader Portable Electric Thermostat Carrying

Homeleader Portable Electric Thermostat Carrying

The built-in overheat protection feature of the indoor space heater would prevent it from being a fire hazard. The tip-over safety function will shut the heater off if it is knocked over. There is a ETL listed. Thanks to the advanced ceramic heating elements, the space heater provides faster and more efficient heating. It is perfect for keeping you warm this winter because it cranks up the heat in only 3 seconds. It's easy to use. The portable space heater has fan/ warm/ hot wind selections. Fan only, high heat, low heat, and low heat only. Control your temperature manually. You'll enjoy a reliable and comfortable warmth in the cold winter with the electric heater with the safety tip-over switch and overheat cut-off protection. The ceramic small heater is a perfect size for small office and home space. The dimensions are 6.10 inches. You can get the portable warmth with the back handle. Customer service should always be ready to respond within a 24 hour time frame. You can contact them by email if you want to get 30-day money back, 12-month replacement after sale service and lifetime support.

Brand: Homeleader

👤I bought it for my baby when he was born. The room that I prepared for my baby in is not as cold as the other place, my ac heater is not as good, and it is cold. I need a space heater that I can easily carry. This one has a handle so I can carry it when I hold my baby with me, and it will turn off when I lift it up. It won't hurt my baby or me. It heat up very quickly. That makes it better.

👤I bought it for my baby. Even though we turn on our heat system at home, we still worry that he will get sick when he takes a shower. I use it when he takes a shower. It's convenient to move around. He likes heat output. I use it when I work from home. It can be placed on my desk to keep my hands warm. Nice product! It's a good recommendation to everyone.

👤This little heating device is easy to control and has a safety design. I will keep it at home for the winter.

👤I bought this for my grandmother who is mostly blind and needs a heating source with an off switch. The website and the box show a switch, but the actual heater does not have one.

👤This device is great. It's small and light, but powerful. You will feel the room is warm after a few seconds. It can work without noise. It's useful in cold weather. I like it.

👤I bought this to help keep the cold air down in my room. The fat between the grow lights and the heater helps keep the area warm.

👤This is for my mom. The heating in the place where she works is broken. This is the right size for her. It was very convenient to carry. You can choose the temperature. It only takes a second to get warm. Excellent product!

👤I was looking for a small heating appliance. The little heater is great. It's not going to make a lot of difference. There is a small room.

6. Heat Storm HS 1500 PHX WIFI Infrared Heater

Heat Storm HS 1500 PHX WIFI Infrared Heater

Only a wall mounted heating appliance can be used. It is possible to control the temperature from your phone. It's safe to use the grill. 1500 watt of power. Space saving wall mount design means you don't lose floor space. It's perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, offices and more. You can hide the cord inside the heater when it's installed over the outlet. The wall is cool and the unit is cool. It's safe to use the grill. Feet are not included in the wall mounted version.

Brand: Heat Storm

👤There are two of these in my garage. The garage has windows in the west that allow the sun to warm it in the winter. I only had one circuit for the wall outlets in the garage, so I tapped into an outlet on the opposite wall that was on a separate circuit and installed an additional outlet. I can run two units in the garage. When I tell Alexa to turn them on, the temperature will go up to 66 or 67 by the time I get to work in the garage. We've had temperatures in the teens at night, but our garage never gets below 50. I don't leave these units on all the time. If I'm going to be in the garage, I turn them on.

👤If you don't plan to wall mount this unit, you will need to purchase the feet from the manufacturer's website for $9. I am quite pleased so far. Quality is good. The unit is quiet. It's hot fast. It was easy to set up and stay connected. If it fails to perform when the temperature drops, I will edit it later. It is still great. I would buy it again.

👤My daughter lives in the basement so I needed a heating system that would work in about 410 sq feet. I wanted it to be wall mounted, and the fact that it worked with the internet was a plus. We've been using this for about two weeks and it's been getting cold at night. The heater has been doing its job. My daughter likes that she can change her temp from her phone. She prefers using her phone because it's so easy and she always has it with her. We didn't have a problem setting up the internet or using the app. It gets pretty cold in the basement. Most of the heat from the forced air furnace goes upstairs because there is only one heat duct there. We don't have to worry about the heater tipping over or items getting pushed up against it because it is on the wall. The thermostat seems to be pretty accurate, unlike other heaters we've purchased. Being up on the wall helps to heat the space more evenly. The heater we've purchased is not as good as this one, but it is doing a great job.

👤I have been using different types of space heaters for my RV to save on the cost of propane, but none of them were able to keep up with the demand in cold weather. It is difficult to find a built in thermostat. This one has it all. It is efficient. It keeps us warm. I am more than satisfied. I only use it on one trip, but I use it frequently as I keep the camper heated. I have tried a lot of the other ones but this is the best one I have used so far and the list is long and expensive. Also, for now. I bought a few. There are two for the living room and one for the bedroom.

7. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Digital Display

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Digital Display

The portable table top patio heater is 14 lbs and is ideal for camping and tailgating. The electric space heater is ideal for warming up an area in your home or office with its 2 Quiet settings and auto setting. Warm air is distributed throughout the room by this heater. The thermostat has a digital display that allows you to adjust the heating element. You can choose from a wide range of temperatures with the easy to read display. The built-in timer allows you to adjust the temperature, timer, and more from a distance. The timer allows you to select from 1 hour to 8 hours. The built-in safety features make sure the space heater doesn't get overheated even if it's left on for a long time. Even after running for hours, the exterior keeps the heating system cool to the touch. The fully assembled option allows you to take the box out and have it work. Plug the Lasko space heater into a wall outlet and enjoy the warmth.

Brand: Lasko

👤I am a home technology professional and buyer of electronics for myself and my clients, and I get a few failures. Vendors will not hesitate to replace or repair a product that has an issue. I thought it was odd that this vendor objected to a return after the unit short circuited in the first use. I am happy it didn't burn my house down. I started the return request after the air was cleared, but it was turned down because it had been a few days past their initial return period. This is a theater. When you get the package, you don't just open it and use it. You wait for it to get cold. It had been a few weeks. I requested an A to Z refund from Amazon after it was rejected by stores123. It blew out, and went down in smoke on the first use out of the box. Lasko has a longer warranty period, so I'm going to take this up with them. Normally the vendor will give a manufacturers warranty. Thank you to stores123 and Amazon for showing your true colors as people who really don't care about anything other than getting the orders in. If you make a lot of money, you should offer return policies that are better than the ones you are responsible for closing. It's very sad.

👤Don't buy thisEATER. It is dangerous. It gets very hot to the touch and would burn you hot. 2. If it falls over, it doesn't turn off. I accidentally knocked it over a few months ago, and was horrified when it kept going until I picked it up. 3. TheOWER stopped blowing less than a year from now. 4. The front of the blower was plastic and I could smell it. 5. Lasko refused to honor the warranty when I called them. The blower stopped working and was covered by the warranty. They claim that replacement would have started. It was no longer covered under the warranty when it started melting. This is in the claims department. You have to ship it back and wait for an investigation. They will decide if they will be responsible. The customer service representative tried to blame shift by asking me how I cleaned it and how often. I told her I vacuumed it weekly and wiped it down with a baby wipe. She told me that the owners manual requires it to be cleaned weekly and that a baby wipe violated the instruction to use a dry cloth. I read the portion of the Owners Manual that didn't mention a dry cloth, just a soft cloth without alcohol or solvent. She insisted that they would need to investigate any damage I could have done to the unit. Amazon customer service was there to help me. Lasko has done nothing but waste time. There are plenty of heaters out there that won't burn your house down, and will be covered under warranty. You can buy one of those.

8. Electric Portable Adjustable Thermostat Protection

Electric Portable Adjustable Thermostat Protection

Their priority is your peace of mind. They have made sure that you and your loved ones are safe by adding an advanced overheat protection sensor and a smart tip-over switch, which will turn off the heater if it gets tipped over by your kids or pets. The unit is made of flame retardant material and has an automatic overheating protection system that shuts it off when it reaches a certain temperature. The heater has a high speed fan and ceramic heating tech that can heat up 200 square feet in minutes. It helps to save electric bills by heating up small spaces instead of the whole house. Quiet enough and better heat dispersal for indoor sleeping and reading are some of the benefits of working lower than 45 decibels. The knob on the right is easy to use. "I" is for producing heat at 750 watt, "II" will produce heat at 1500 watt, and "Fan" will blow out cool air. The knob on the thermostat should be turned toward the sign. The temperature range is between 0 and 158F. If the room's temperature reaches the setting temperature of the heater, it will cause it to cycle on and off. The dimensions are 8 x 6 x 10 inch. The space heater is easy to place in a room or move from the floor to the table with the easy carry handle. No more worry about taking up too much space in a crowded place. An ideal gift for friends and family in the winter. It has a long serving life and no worry of accidental damage during the winter.

Brand: Brightown

👤I used the heater as soon as I got it. I was impressed with the output of the heater. I discovered that it can be used as a fan. One of the most important features is safety. Pick it up or tip it over and it will shut off. If it gets too hot, it will shut off.

👤We wanted to have a space heating system in our travel trailer so we could take the chill off instead of using the furnace which can eat up propane in a hurry. This unit has the safety features I wanted for use in an RV, and it puts out good heat.

👤We ordered one of them. It smelled like something was burning when we first turned it on. We let it run all day because we thought it might be residual production material. We decided to return it and ask Amazon to send us a new one because it smelled horrible by the end of the day. The second arrived this morning. The second unit smelled and started to fill the room with smoke within a few hours. We shut it down immediately because it was not left unattended. This item is dangerous. Don't buy.

👤It smells like a factory and I just got it. I turn on the heater and it smells like a factory electronic item and I feel like vomiting because it has very loud sounds and you can't use it during sleep or study. I do a lot of work at home and study, but you can't concentrate because of the loud sound of the heater. The sound must be mentioned in the description. It makes warm heat but not strong, and the sound of the heater is too loud. I can't bring it back since it already arrived. If you want to focus study or do something important in your room, please consider what I wrote here. It gives me headeche. I was taking medications. When you use it for more than an hour without a window open, you should be careful because the wind from this heater can cause dizziness.

👤We've only tried the heater a couple of times to make sure it works, and it does put out a nice volume of deep warmth. The reviews generally said the heater was quiet, but we found it to be a bit nosier than we expected. It was distressing that the heater was shipped without a box to protect it or to keep someone from opening it. There was no tape on the flap to make sure no one tampered with the box. It was a quick and easy way to ship it, but not a wise or careful way. The attention to the shipping protection was abysmal.

👤Pick thisEATER! You will not be sorry. It will be in our house for a long time. I tried the fan option because it was warm. I've never been a fan of space heater fans, but this one is great. It cools my 500 square feet bedroom. It was perfect. I'm getting a new one for my office.

9. Aikoper Oscillating Adjustable Thermostat Protection

Aikoper Oscillating Adjustable Thermostat Protection

The electric heater for home is quiet to use in a bedroom while you sleep. It is also suitable for warming the room while reading, working, studying, or watching TV, never worried about being disturbed. The maximum 1500w power and 2 heat settings give efficient heat into every part of the room that needs constant heat in cold weather. You can adjust the temperature by 1F interval. The ceramic tower heater warms the air around you by creating a mild current of heat, quickly heat-up with ceramic heating technology, ideal for getting rid of the cold instantly. It requires no assembly and a carry handle. You should increase your energy bills. The ECO setting will allow the heater to turn on/off automatically if the room tempreture is higher than the setted tempreture. The auto shut off of the tower heater provides reliable tip-over and overheat protection. It's safe for families with kids or pets. The 8-hours timer makes it easy to warm up with peace of mind. They take pride in the quality and after-sale service of their ceramic tower heater. You will get a solution in 24 hours if you contact them via the Amazon mailbox.

Brand: Aikoper

👤I bought this space heating for my living room because I wanted it to be a bit warmer. I'm very happy with the outcome. The room is warmer without the furnace being turned on. It's not like I can turn down the furnace, but it makes the room warmer. It is very quiet and I like it. It looks good. My son's bedroom tends to be too cool in the winter, so I bought another one.

👤There is a warning label on the box. There is an opportunity to lead and other cancer-causing chemicals.

👤When my furnace broke down, it would take several days to get a needed part, so I purchased this. I was using this as my main source of heat. There are no doors between rooms in my downstairs, so this heater had to heat up a large area. It took a couple of hours to warm up the area. I had to turn it off because it was getting too hot. The unit was quiet and not hot, which was a good thing because my dogs had to investigate. The temperature at the time was in the 30's. I have some extra insulation because I live in a townhouse and am between two other units. I was very pleased with how it worked. The guest bedroom is always cold, and I am sure it will provide good supplemental heat.

👤I like this heater. It is very hot very quickly. I use the feature a lot. I don't think it's smart to turn on the central heating system in my room since I'm in it to get ready for work or the day. The rest of the house doesn't feel like it's cold once I'm dressed. The chill out is instantaneous in my room, wherever I am. The remote is easy to use. The ceramic space heater is very good. It would do well in a small bathroom if I tried warming up my entire room. Being able to set it to any temp is useful because once it warms up, you can turn it down to maintain a comfortable temperature. I like this heater. I would definitely recommend this heating device. Thank you!

👤I absolutely love this appliance. It warms a small room well and a medium room well. The floor is undamaged, the machine is cool, and I can run it all night without worry of a fire. It does a great job and is highly recommend.

👤Helping for the winter weather. It's possible to set the numbers to high, low, or adjusted, which is the mode I'll most likely use, because having a constant on or off is not what I was looking for. You have to press the increase/decrease for it to work, but never took more than one try. The height of it makes it easy to place in the room, it's not as tall as the previous ones, and it doesn't take up as much space. The plug light stays on when you turn off the heating, it doesn't just shut off immediately, but has a 15-20second timer. I never forget to take a break when not in use. Overall very happy with this device.

10. Electric Thermostat Oscillating Ceramic Features

Electric Thermostat Oscillating Ceramic Features

The ceramic heating is lightweight and can fit in small areas, such as bedroom night tables, office desktops, dorm rooms, etc. The mini personal space heating will keep you warm without taking up a lot of space. The handle helps move from the floor to the table. It's a nice gift to warm up your family and friends in the winter. You can feel the warmth in a moment with this electric space heater. This small space heater is suitable for placing your feet on the floor, hands near you on the table, or under a desk. There are two control ways. The angle of the touch-sensitiveLED display can be adjusted. It is easy to read while sitting or standing. The working status of the product can be clearly identified with 3 modes of light indication. Warm air surrounds you, this ceramic heater can oscillate. 1500/750w power, 2 heat settings, and a fan-only (natural wind) are the three modes that meet your needs. The low heat mode is good for sleeping. This space heater has a 59-99F thermostat that can be adjusted to fit your heating and cooling needs. The Space heater has a 24H timer function. They know that their electricity bill will go up in the cold winter, so they use this function to save costs. The back of the space heater has a grid that can be used to clean, reduce dust and extend the life of the machine. The inside of the product is made of fire-retardant materials, and the body is made of the same material, so it is safe and worry-free. FCC, ETL, etc are certified.

Brand: Generic

👤I bought it for my elderly neighbor because they love it.

👤The light is annoying at night, but it works perfectly.

👤Great product. I didn't get the remote I was supposed to, which is an annoyance.

👤I like that it rotates. It is for a small area. It does the job.

11. Zlinke Thermostat Primevolve Oscillation Overheating

Zlinke Thermostat Primevolve Oscillation Overheating

The portable floor heater is easy to carry. The handle on top of the heater makes it easy to move it around in a bedroom, study room, or office. It could be packed away while not in use. The remote cabinet in the back of the space heater can be used to store the in-built remote without worry. Ceramic heaters are the most effective type of electric-resistance radiant heaters. It takes 3 seconds to heat up to 70F with ceramic heating technology. You can control all of your settings from your bed or couch with a multi-function remote control. The easy to program timer can be used to select 1 hour to 12 hours. This ceramic heater can change side to side within 120 degrees, so it can warm the entire room while maintaining a consistent temperature. The Zlinke space heater has 3 modes, and you can set the temperature as you please. PTC space heaters for home have built-in safety features, such as a tip-over safety switch and V0 flame retardant material, so you can enjoy comforting warmth securely.

Brand: Zlinke

👤This is a great heater. I received this yesterday. The heating starts in a second. It is quiet and less annoying than most, the features allow you to personalize your comfort, the remote control is awesome, it is lightweight for moving around, and the oscillating setting takes care of the whole room right away. I love it!

👤This is the first time I've seen this, so it's just a first impression. I love it! This is the quietest ceramic heaters I have owned. It gets hot even on the low 1000W setting. It was advertised as suitable for bathroom. I use it to circulate air or heat there. The instruction manual says to avoid using a heater in damp or wet places. We will see if it affects longevity. I use the remote and no wet hands will ever touch it. I didn't have a "fan" setting on my previous heater, so it wasn't used in the summer to move humidity out of the bathroom. Mirrors will be clear with this. One suggestion is to add a memory so that it will turn on when you set it. The power button on the remote can be used to turn the unit on "fan" mode, orggled between thermostat-controlled, low heat, and high heat modes. I am happy so far.

👤It's great to find a ceramic room heater that isn't noisy. It doesn't wake me up when a loud fan is turned on and off. It's quiet and constant. This is the second such unit I've bought, and they are an improvement over all the other brands I've tried. It does so without an annoying loud fan going on and off, and it does so in a room with 9 foot ceilings and two big original 19th C windows that are good enough to keep it comfortable in a mid-Atlantic winter. It's a good deal at the current price.

👤Does not heat 100 sq ft as claimed.

👤The item looked nothing like the display.

👤This is very warm and quiet. The temp can be adjusted from 40 to 99 degrees. This is not true. It can only go between 60 and 90 degrees. The unit will not adjust the temp below 72 without using the remote, so you can't use the buttons on the unit. Every time you push a button, it sounds a bit louder. It's not a good thing to change the temp at work. I may not keep it because I wanted to use it for heat and the fan for cool. The description says it does not go as cool.

👤Satisfy my expectations, but not much louder.

👤Don't waste your money, Terrible didn't work.

👤I needed a heating source to keep my basement comfortable. I am very pleased with how warm the basement is and how it keeps the entire basement on the low setting. The unit's outer shell is not hot to the touch. I like that there are no fans for my cats. It is worth every penny. I will definitely order another one if I need one. It's worth the money.


What is the best product for electric heater with thermostat?

Electric heater with thermostat products from Lasko. In this article about electric heater with thermostat you can see why people choose the product. Givebest and Dr Infrared Heater are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric heater with thermostat.

What are the best brands for electric heater with thermostat?

Lasko, Givebest and Dr Infrared Heater are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric heater with thermostat. Find the detail in this article. Pelonis, Homeleader and Heat Storm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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