Best Electric Heaters for Indoor Use Energy Efficient

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1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Heater Control

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Heater Control

The ceramic element is self-regulating. Automatic overheating protection. The maximum heat power is 1.50 kilowatts. The area is heated. Ft.:300

Brand: Lasko

👤As a constant buyer of products Amazon sells for the actual manufacturers, I have concluded that the actual manufacturers products they sell through Amazon have some kind of defects. Most consumers don't want to go through the hassle of returning larger items. The manufacturers of those items are aware of that. The manufacturers only count on 50% of the returns. The Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Remote Control did not function properly and the return window was closed. I returned it. The Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Logic Center Digital Remote Control- Features Built-in Timer and Oscillation, 7.3′′L x 9.2′′W x 29.75′′H, Black 5572, does not work all of the time. The heater doesn't turn on or off at the temperature it's set at. If I decide I want a constant 70 degree heat, the heater should not turn off. Or at 69! The model I ordered, a Oster TSSTTVFDDG-DS Black Stainless Steel Collection French Door Oven, Extra Large, just turns off by itself. I program it to bake or pre-heat, and it just completely shuts itself off, instead of automatically coming back on after a certain temperature falls below, like a conventional oven. There is something wrong with me as an Amazon consumer. I'm not blaming Amazon at this point, but I think it's possible that some products are sold through Amazon. All these different manufacturers are getting away with it. I don't know. All the different manufacturers are fooling Amazon, or they have knowledge about it. I let the consumer decide.

👤October 2017: updated. I only used it for about 4 months after I bought it in January of last year. I decided to put it back to work after it got cold in NJ, but I was surprised. The outlet started to smoke after I plugged it in. The plug was not wet or malfunctioning. I really liked this heater and I am sad that this happened. I am afraid to buy another one because of this. I'm glad I got this. The buttons are easy to use and the remote control is useful. It has different temperature settings in different degrees. The option to turn off the heater at a certain time or keep it at a temperature is available. It warms up the room very quickly now that the weather in NJ has declined. The packaging was well protected and the shipping was fast.

👤10 days ago, I ordered this heater. The base cracked and a piece broke off in shipping, because it was only shipped in the manufacture's box. I only use it for an hour or two at a time and keep it unplugged when not in use, but the plug gets too hot and my outlet is melting. I don't need another heater for me.

👤Junk. Within 2 months, the oscillation broke. The ceramic started to melt the unit when the fan stopped blowing. I was home with my new born and it was during the day. I caught it when it started to smoke. I smelt burning plastic and it was the fan. After it cooled off, put in the patio and trashed it. I cut the cord so no one could use it. Even though it was melted.

2. Dreo Thermostat Overheating Protection Oscillating

Dreo Thermostat Overheating Protection Oscillating

The fully assembled option allows you to have the unit working in minutes. Plug the Lasko space heater into a wall outlet and you will be able to enjoy the warmth from it. V0 flame-retardant materials with multiple safety features include built-in smart tip-over protection, 12-hour timer, and V0 flame retardant 2-prong plug. All day use is safe and worry-free. This space heating can be used in offices, dorms, hot yoga studios, and other places, because of its 1500 watt ceramic heating that can heat up in seconds. 40dB is almost as quiet as a library. The fan wheel uses technology that reduces wind noise and makes the room heating 12% quieter than traditional electric heating. During the cold winter, calm air allows you to sleep and work undisturbed. The exclusive trackball system helps create quiet and smooth oscillation. The 70 wide-angle oscillation has a lifespan of over 750,000 cycles and helps distribute the warm air more evenly towards the room's corners. Save on energy bills and live more sustainable. The smart ECO mode adjusts the working mode independently based on the ambient temperature, with a low of 900W and a high of 1500W. The remote is placed on top of the heater for easier access, and the touchscreen is placed on top of the heating element for easier reach. The hidden handle of the space heater makes it easy to move around.

Brand: Dreo

👤I have had a lot of space heaters to help heat my bedroom in the winter. Space heaters are loud and don't last long. The heater is very quiet. It has a hum that makes you sleep with it in the background. This heater has a remote control and a digital display. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the manual states that you can't power off without interaction. I have not been able to turn off this feature. I use this heater to heat the bedroom when it gets cold, by setting it to 73 degrees and then turning it on and off when it gets cold. After 24 hours, it turns off the whole heating system. I have to turn it back on manually in the next 24 hours after it shuts off. It's really annoying. It already has energy saving and safety features so I don't think this feature is necessary. Please let me know if there is a way to stop this. I am not running the heater continuously for 24 hours. The whole thing is turned off if it is heating or not.

👤In the morning and evening, the temperature drops below 50 degrees. I need to keep the temperature higher at home. The ceramic heater puts out a lot of heat and suits my needs. Really a lifesaver. When I need it to warm my small room in minutes, it is very fast. I put it 3 feet away from my bed to get the heat to rise. I could see that ceramic is more reliable for safety, and that is one of the reasons this is a good option for people like me. When I took it out of the package, it was really impressive. The gold finish on the display is pretty attractive. Features like tip over protection and multiple auto shut off are big deals. It is safe against fire and overheating. When you are tidying up the basement, you won't have to worry about the heating in the bedroom. I use this for a balance of efficiency. When it senses the room is warm, it stops heating the room, which helps to reduce the amount of heat that is wasted. It can adjust the power based on the room's ambient temperature, meaning that you won't have to pay for the heat you use. I keep my doors and windows closed because electric heaters work best when they heat up a confined space. The temperature control is accurate. It's easy to operate. Whenever the weather changes, I can change my set. The remote feature is something we all love. The remote sensor is located in front of the unit. I can easily read the status on the display while I am in bed, it is really convenient to use. The old heating system was not as efficient as the new feature helps send warm air throughout the room. I like the uniform heating more than the hotter spots. I would recommend this to people who need a heating source to cope with cold quickly.

3. Dreo Portable Overheating Protection Oscillating

Dreo Portable Overheating Protection Oscillating

There is a ETL listed. There is variability for broad coverage. Please note that there is no remote. Whole room heating uses a 24 inch tower to deliver warmth at a speed of 10 ft/s. It's a great choice to heat small to large rooms quickly on cold days. 2S Rapid heating is a space heating that can send out hot air in 2 seconds. The 2500rpm fan helps spread heat quickly, making you feel the difference between cold and warm in a matter of seconds. The ceramic heater is made of V0 flame retardant materials and comes with a number of security features. The plug is made to prevent short circuits from happening. The Dreo Oblique Airflow Technology creates quiet heat with a noise level as low as 40 decibels. It has a display auto off and a button that lets you sleep without being disturbed. Smart ECO mode uses a built-in precise temperature sensor to keep your room at a constant temperature while saving more on energy bills. You can personalize your warmth with 3 heating modes and a thermostat from 41 to 95F. One touch to change the temperature on the tilted digital panel, or remote control the heater from 26 feet away, is easy to use. You can move around for warmth with a hidden handle. It's easy to store.

Brand: Dreo

👤The write up said it moved the heat out of the heater. The heating element is not the entire front of the heater as shown in the picture, it is only 2 inches wide by 8 inches high. A large heating element. A total disappointment from what you read. I will return it as soon as I get it back.

👤I know how important a space heater is for your home. Even though there was 2 feet of snow outside, I had the comfort of knowing that I had a space heater that would help me survive the winter. I knew I could come back to a warm and cozy room even in the cold because of my space heater. It was odd to not bring a space heater when I moved, but I thought I wouldn't need it on the sunny West Coast. I have moved across the country to the West Coast and still need a space heater. The cold, dry nights were still unbearable and so I wanted a space heater that would be smaller, but still effective. Since the West Coast does not have as extreme of cold weather, I wanted it to have more temperature controls than just low heat, medium heat, and high heat. I found this Dreo Space Heater there. This space heater is everything I want. The ability to quickly heat up a room is one of the things I love about the Dreo portable heater. Before I bought this heating appliance, I would often decide between leaving the appliance on while I ran an errand or turning it off before I left. I don't have to worry about making the wrong decision with the rapid heating space heater. The space heater can heat a room in less than 2 minutes. It is perfect. It is hard to leave my warm room when it is cold and rainy because I want to go to work, run an errand, or even get my mail from the mailbox. I can get my room to the temperature I want it to be quickly with this space heater. Safety features are important to me when it comes to space heating, as I own a small poodle and a cute tabby cat. Space heaters are especially dangerous since they can become a fire hazard if left plugged in for too long. I had to make sure the space heater I was looking for had protective features to make it safe. During the winter, I had my niece and nephew. The Dreo Space Heater has protection against dumping power-off and overheating. If the electric heater is unplugged, a load dump would happen and the power-off protection would be useless. The overheating power-off protection means that if there is a small chance of the machine overheating, it shuts itself off. I don't have to worry about my house burning down and causing deaths and severe damages because this is good. The Dreo Space Heater can save you money on your electricity bill. Since there are more appliances being used for a long period of time, your electric bill will increase when you start to use a fan or a space heating appliance. There are three simple modes that you can use with this space heater. The first is HI, which blows the heat out. The second option is low, which blows heat out with less intensity, it's a good option for saving electricity. The ECO function is my favorite option. The ECO function adjusts the amount of electricity it takes up to the room temperature. The Dreo space heating system keeps the temperature constant in the room, and it saves electricity by not keeping the heating on at full blast. I am an extremely deep sleeping girlfriend, but I don't have a boyfriend. My boyfriend and I make a point to look for the quietest fan and space heating we can find, because he wakes up to the sound of the birds in the morning. The Dreo Space Heater is not loud. It has a very low hum that is relaxing to sleep next to. The space heater spreads out the heat very well and it doesn't feel like there is a hot stream of air in my room. I like the easy to use aspect of the space heater. I keep a small remote next to my bedside table that I use to control the heater. The Dreo Space Heater has a touch screen that can be used to access functions from the remote.

4. Dr Infrared Heater Portable 1500 Watt

Dr Infrared Heater Portable 1500 Watt

The model can heat up a large room. Overheat protection and tip-over protection. There are two heating systems with a 12 hour automatic shut-off timer. The IR remote control has a low noise level. For a large room, heating can be used. The thermostat can range from 50 to 85 degrees. Caster Wheels and lifetme filters. The weight is 24 lbs and the power is 12.5 Amps. 1500 Watts. The electric cord is 72 inches long. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Dr Infrared Heater

👤I appreciated using two of these heaters to help offset the cost of having baseboard heat firing full blast all winter. The Thermostat worked well to only have the units run when needed. I didn't use extension cords or do anything that I wasn't supposed to. I unplugged it after I had to move one of them because the plug on the heater unit melted. I will not be using these again since I am afraid of what this could do to the wiring of my home. My safer heating sources are not worth the cost savings. I got about 3 months out of these before I realized they were going to be giant paper weights. Too bad...

👤It worked well for 2 weeks. It stopped working. I called the number on the heating unit. The person who answered the phone said the problem was the front circuit board. She said she would mail me a new board. I was worried about her readiness to send a circuit board and instructions. The circuit board had no instructions. She sent me the instructions after I called again. The instructions were not very helpful, but I figured it out and did the replacement. The only thing that it has is the heating element. I can't set the thermostat. It runs and runs until we turn it off. It's possible to get a heaters with that function for less money, and without having to replace a circuit board.

👤The heat from the furnace doesn't flow well into the girls room. It gets cold in there during the fall and winter. I've been looking for a space heater that would work in her room during the night while she sleeps. I've read reviews, research material, and fire statistics about the different types of space heaters. I could find no reason to be afraid of using the infrared heaters. It's impossible for a space heater to say it's 100% safe. Anything that uses electricity and generating heat has the potential to start a fire. You can prevent fires by reading the instruction manual. Most fires created by space heaters are caused by user error, which include material too close to the heat exhaust, power strips, surge protectors, and the improper electrical receptacle. The majority of the negative reviews on Amazon that have pictures are due to people plugging them into the wrong electrical outlets. The people should read the manual. You must plug the unit directly into the wall outlet. There are pictures of melted power strips and splitters on the internet. Don't take that chance because those devices are usually not rated for that much power. Enough of my rant. I highly recommend this heater. I put it in the door facing into my daughter's room and left it running all night. I set it to the desired temperature, then set it to auto mode, and the heater cycles on and off to maintain that temperature. My wife and I can't hear it from our room, it's right across the hall. The only part of this unit that gets hot to the touch is the metal grate where the heat comes out of it. I've read reviews where people complain about how hot this part of the unit is. It's going to be very hot from this part of the heater. The room is warm all night because of this little heater. I would buy another one of these.

5. Aikoper Oscillating Adjustable Thermostat Protection

Aikoper Oscillating Adjustable Thermostat Protection

The electric heater for home is quiet to use in a bedroom while you sleep. It is also suitable for warming the room while reading, working, studying, or watching TV, never worried about being disturbed. The maximum 1500w power and 2 heat settings give efficient heat into every part of the room that needs constant heat in cold weather. You can adjust the temperature by 1F interval. The ceramic tower heater warms the air around you by creating a mild current of heat, quickly heat-up with ceramic heating technology, ideal for getting rid of the cold instantly. It requires no assembly and a carry handle. You should increase your energy bills. The ECO setting will allow the heater to turn on/off automatically if the room tempreture is higher than the setted tempreture. The auto shut off of the tower heater provides reliable tip-over and overheat protection. It's safe for families with kids or pets. The 8-hours timer makes it easy to warm up with peace of mind. They take pride in the quality and after-sale service of their ceramic tower heater. You will get a solution in 24 hours if you contact them via the Amazon mailbox.

Brand: Aikoper

👤I bought this space heating for my living room because I wanted it to be a bit warmer. I'm very happy with the outcome. The room is warmer without the furnace being turned on. It's not like I can turn down the furnace, but it makes the room warmer. It is very quiet and I like it. It looks good. My son's bedroom tends to be too cool in the winter, so I bought another one.

👤There is a warning label on the box. There is an opportunity to lead and other cancer-causing chemicals.

👤When my furnace broke down, it would take several days to get a needed part, so I purchased this. I was using this as my main source of heat. There are no doors between rooms in my downstairs, so this heater had to heat up a large area. It took a couple of hours to warm up the area. I had to turn it off because it was getting too hot. The unit was quiet and not hot, which was a good thing because my dogs had to investigate. The temperature at the time was in the 30's. I have some extra insulation because I live in a townhouse and am between two other units. I was very pleased with how it worked. The guest bedroom is always cold, and I am sure it will provide good supplemental heat.

👤I like this heater. It is very hot very quickly. I use the feature a lot. I don't think it's smart to turn on the central heating system in my room since I'm in it to get ready for work or the day. The rest of the house doesn't feel like it's cold once I'm dressed. The chill out is instantaneous in my room, wherever I am. The remote is easy to use. The ceramic space heater is very good. It would do well in a small bathroom if I tried warming up my entire room. Being able to set it to any temp is useful because once it warms up, you can turn it down to maintain a comfortable temperature. I like this heater. I would definitely recommend this heating device. Thank you!

👤I absolutely love this appliance. It warms a small room well and a medium room well. The floor is undamaged, the machine is cool, and I can run it all night without worry of a fire. It does a great job and is highly recommend.

👤Helping for the winter weather. It's possible to set the numbers to high, low, or adjusted, which is the mode I'll most likely use, because having a constant on or off is not what I was looking for. You have to press the increase/decrease for it to work, but never took more than one try. The height of it makes it easy to place in the room, it's not as tall as the previous ones, and it doesn't take up as much space. The plug light stays on when you turn off the heating, it doesn't just shut off immediately, but has a 15-20second timer. I never forget to take a break when not in use. Overall very happy with this device.

6. Portable Thermostat Oscillation Overheating Protection

Portable Thermostat Oscillation Overheating Protection

If you have any questions about the products, you can contact them at any time. The electric space heating could warm you up in seconds and keep you away from chill. You can personalize your warmth with 2 heating modes and a fan only setting. It's a perfect solution for those who want to be warm on cold days. The easy-to- carry handle at the top makes it easy to move around. It's portable and doesn't take up much space, just put it by your feet on the floor or bedside to warm up your hands and feet. The wide heating range of the electric room heater helps you create a comfortable warm zone and share warmth with your family and friends. The temp range is from 50F to 95F and there are two buttons to adjust it. The heaters for indoor use have a large touch-screen control panel with a display on the top, which makes it easy to use. The remote control allows you to warm the room without leaving your bed. The timer will power off when the desired time is over. The built-in overheat protection feature of the indoor space heater would prevent it from being a fire hazard. The tip-over safety function will shut the heater off if it is knocked over. There is a ETL listed.

Brand: 5 Sunday Living

👤I used this for two hours twice. I could hear it working, but if I put my hand a few inches away, I could feel heat blowing out of it, but it didn't heat anything beyond those few inches. And then it died. It just shut itself off and died.

👤I got this heater for about an hour, and I am very happy. I bought it for work, but now I want to use it at home. I looked at various heaters for a week. I wanted one that came with a remote, had a timer, and had multi-levels of heat. I could use it as a gentle fan during warmer months. Most of the heaters I read about had reviews that scared me. There are pictures of burnt cords or stories about fire-mishaps. No thank you! I would rather wear an extra jacket than risk it. I was going to give up, but I found this one. The bonus of having a fan is that this heater has it all. The features that I love are lightweight and space-saving, easy remote controls, a 12-hour timer, and a thermostat that turns off if you lift it. The medium and high levels get the job done and the lowest level doesn't feel like a heater. Oh! I almost forgot. I only paid $50.00 because of the coupon on Amazon. The coupon is still around, so stop searching and get this heater. You will not regret it.

👤I apologize to write a bad review. I thought it was a safe bet to compare comments on different brands. The first one I ordered didn't work out. I jiggled the wire at the base and it came on. Not a good sign. I had the heater replaced and it worked just fine. For a couple of weeks. Then it would stop. The wire came on again when it was jiggled at the base. This worked twice. The ghost gave up last night. I will not try a third heater like this. When it worked, it was nice.

👤This thing can cause a lot of heat for a skinny device. The room where our pets sleep is kept warm. It has the basic safety features you'd expect in a space heater, and they work. I like that the device powers down closer to the room temperature when the off button is pressed.

👤The shut off from the tip over button can be felt when walking across the floor. I was told not to walk around it when I questioned it. I live in an RV, that's not possible. Gave it to my family. Worthless to me. Not happy with the seller.

👤The product was listed as having a 60 range. It seems like 30. A pretty good buy.

👤It kept me in my office. I liked everything about it until it stopped working. I bought 2 of them in December and they stopped working this morning. It was doing well and then blew. I'm cold and upset. It's too late to return it.

7. Space Heater 70°Oscillating Portable Thermostat

Space Heater 70%C2%B0Oscillating Portable Thermostat

500 watt space heating unit with rotating plug and 3 watt power. The degree of rotation can be adjusted by pressing the button below the plug. Running a low-wattage space heaters is more economical than running a high-wattage one. It's a great choice for people with mild climates. A good space heater is important to keep the cold at bay. The electric heater is meant to sit by your feet on the floor, near your hands on a desk, or carry around your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and it has a hidden handle. A warm hug like a mother's hug! A piece of wonder. It's worse than a central heater that isn't up to date. A 70 osm, an iwth an iwth a digital thermostat, an iwth a display and touch control, provides a targeted warmth and zero complications when changing the ambient temperature. It has an easy to clean filter to make sure that you will always breathe clean air. It's winter and you need a space heater. More warmth, less noise. Don't forget the fans that make it hard to sleep. The portable electric heater has a DC motor and a 7-blade fan, which makes it extremely quiet. Energy-efficient is quieter than traditional ones and works with a noise level down to 40dB. The ceramic heater has 2 heating modes and a fan mode that will give you the best comfort in any way you look at it. It's safe and waste-free. The last thing you want is for your ceramic heaters to catch fire. Their small portable heater is designed with a more sensitive tip-over switch and has a sensor that automatically shuts off when the temperature reaches 122F. The fan heater is a must have in every household. In the cold days, save energy. The auto turn-off timer will make sure that your space is never overheated, and the thermostat has an accuracy of control. They know that their energy bills go up during the winter but their desk heater is designed to save space and money.

Brand: N\a

👤I knew ceramic ones were the best for my needs. I bought this one and it works great. It has a temperature control at the top that shuts down when it hits the temp target. It has a timer but only has 1 hour increment. A great heater for a good price and built well.

👤This is a powerful heater. The office is cold and I can't seem to get a warm place. I had to adjust it downward. It will do the job when it gets really cold.

👤In the winter, our master is above our garage and it gets cold no matter what our thermostat is set to. Our room is very warm thanks to this little heater. I love how it has a timer. Quiet when you are sleeping. Great purchase.

👤This is not a good use of time. You can't feel heat at the highest setting if you are more than six inches away. I can't feel the heat in my chair because it's 18 inches from my desk. I will go to Home Depot for a replacement.

👤The plants in our greenhouse need the best minimum temperature.

👤The unit has a timer and thermostat that you can set to turn on and off at will, or you can just set the temperture and it will turn on and off automatically. It has a safety switch and can be set to stay in one direction. I bought two because I love it so much. I don't think it needs a remote since it has the programing available.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for. The room is heated quickly by this heater. I wish it had a remote to control it.

👤I bought it to use in the bathroom.

8. TOPPIN Ceramic Tower Space Heater

TOPPIN Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Smart 12Hrs are used for the space heating. Air Choice is committed to making a high-quality product. The portable electric heaters promise you two years of quality assurance. The electric space heater customer service team will be happy to help. With a power of 1500 watt, the TOPPIN space heating system can heat up to 75F in 3 seconds, blowing hot air and keeping your room comfortable and warm. The Toppin ceramic space heater has three heating modes, 1500W high heat, 900W low heat, and auto mode. When the room temperature is set, the TOPPIN tower heater will turn off and come back on once it senses that the temperature is dropping. The control panel is easy to read and touch. You can use the remote control to control the heater from your bed or sofa, no need to leave your comfort zone. The remote control can be stored in the slot on the back of the heater. The front of the device has a clear display that makes it easy to see the temperature settings. Toppin space heater is backed by over temperature protection, overheating protection and tip-over protection. When the appliance is not covered, the temperature sensor shows the temperature around the machine is 122F. The appliance shuts off. The TOPPIN tower heater is safe to use for families with babies and pets. TOPPIN space heater has a timer that can be set up to 8 hours, and it shuts off automatically when it reaches the time period you set. The hidden handle on the back makes it easy to move between rooms.

Brand: Toppin

👤The on-off button doesn't turn the heating on or off, but it changes the speed of the fan. I have to turn it off. The speeds are mis-stated, it says hi when on low speed and vice versa. The button doesn't work.

👤My first order was damaged, but Amazon sent another. The heater does a good job. I can only operate it on a low temperature. I don't think it matters what level I have it on for temp control. I can't have it on high because my outlets get hot from how much power it pulls. It's terrible to have it running for 2 hours straight while on low. I have to turn it off when the temp I want is reached. I have to operate it manually to keep my bedroom comfortable. I don't want to walk into a cold room when I'm not in my bedroom. It won't come back on until the temp is 1 degree below and 2 degree higher than the set temp. It is not feasible in my home. It was nice to have the heat. There are a few things that make it not as convenient as I wanted. I wish I could turn the sound off. They are loud.

👤The heating is turned on when it arrives. The sound of an operation is not loud. The room is very warm after it is turned on. The heating will stop working when the room temperature reaches the set temperature, which can save energy. It is what I want. It is 1500W high heat when it is turned on, and it has to be turned down to low heat every time. The hand-held remote control is much better than the one I bought before, it is very flexible and responds to any position. The control panel is inflexible and would like to be improved. This one is still recommended.

👤It is doing a good job so far. It works perfectly if you only have it for a couple of days. Can't believe it has all these features, it's not on top where you can't see when laying in bed, remote, auto pause when temp is reached/and continue on when below the temp setting, swings/rotate, etc. It looks good and doesn't look cheap. A well deserved 5 stars. It lasts a long time.

👤A nice heater! It's hard to find buttons in the dark. When the unit is shut-off, the temperature setting is lost, and some brands of heaters have an adjustment dial for the temperature setting. I like that this heater has a shut-off switch. The ETL listed Mark is an alternative to the U.L. certified.

👤A small heating device with powerful energy. I bought it for my bathroom because there is no heating there. I feel warm now. Excellent product. It is cheaper now than it was when I bought it. -.

👤It will stay on a setting, but it will always go full blast, making the room a sauna. This isn't a user error. All of a sudden the room is 81. Set it to 71? A half hour later it says 78. I love waking up in a pool of sweat. I would love to return. I get out of the box.

9. AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Copper Infrared

AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Copper Infrared

There is security protection. The small space heating is very safe. The automatic overheating system shuts the unit off when the parts of the heater get warm. When tipped forward or backward, unite will be shut off. The power indicate light can show you if it is plugged in. The 4.ETL is certified. Pet and child are safe. Adding high limit sensor for added safety. Touch Safe does not get hot on the outside and has a Tip-Over Sensor. The unit uses a grounded power cord and a gauge wire for its 1500 watt heater. No Bulbs is a new technology that uses the latest copper heating element technology which results in a more efficient heater and less maintenance costs. There are two power choices: High 1500 Watt and Low 1000 Watt. The perfect space heating for your home or office. The SMART includes auto reboot memory. The unit will remember the settings if the power goes out. Durability is built with top quality components. The warranty is for 2 years.

Brand: Airnmore

👤I would like to inform people that are considering buying a space heater about how much of a ripoff it is. The amount of power at your wall receptacle affects the amount of power that can be used for space heaters. The NEC 210.23(A)(C) states that a continuously running device cannot draw more than 80% of what the breaker is rated for. This is the reason that space heaters are rated for 1500 watt. The manufacturer could get in trouble if it was higher than the NEC code. The next important thing to know is that all space heaters are very efficient at converting electricity from your wall into heat, and I mean all of them. The energy is used to heat the heating elements. Since all space heaters are 100% efficient at converting electricity into heat, no one is better than another, and that's because heat is another form of energy. You can save money by buying a cheap space heater. It will heat your room up the same way as this one. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, please use the internet to research it. Don't buy overpriced scam products, have a great day. Please help inform others of this scam product by upvoting this.

👤I like this heater. I had been using the original steel framed ceramic heaters. The 'little guys' didn't seem to be able to keep up with the pace this past winter, as it was colder than in previous seasons. I was looking at the new generation of portable space heaters. I wanted a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) design and a copper element in my infrared headers, so I researched and found it. It became obvious after shopping the various makers that many of the copper PTC infrared heaters are overpriced. I decided to try the AirNmore "Comfort deluxe". I'm glad I did. The heater is easy to use and works well. I had a question about replacing the remote control. I wrote a message for AirNmore on Amazon. The phone number was included in the response. I spoke to the owner of the company. This level of customer service is rare today. Thank you AirNmore for your support.

👤The good thing about this is that it is lightweight, fits into a lot of spaces with its shape, and doesn't get hot on the outside. The Duraflame fireplace I had last year was better than this one, but the price makes it not as good. I have it in a room with no heat. It warms the room, but it is not that cold yet. It is barely warm in this room because it is set on 90 degrees. I thought I was going to upgrade by getting this one at a bigger price than my Duraflame that died last year. Don't waste your money. Get a Duraflame. I know I will return this junk to Amazon as soon as possible.

👤I have a split level home with the lower level being underground. The lower level is about 3 degrees cooler in the winter than the upstairs. I bought this to make up the difference. I set the temp to what the heat is upstairs and it does a great job turning off and on to match the temperature downstairs. The room is 700 sq ft and has a staircase leading upstairs. It has no issues keeping the desired temp of about 70. I wish they labeled at least every 5 or 10 degrees on the temp settings. Some people complain about a loud fan. It's acceptable and expected from a heater. It does rattle a little.

10. Electric Oscillation Auto Off Thermostat Protection

Electric Oscillation Auto Off Thermostat Protection

TOPPIN space heater has a timer that can be set up to 8 hours, and it shuts off automatically when it reaches the time period you set. The hidden handle on the back makes it easy to move between rooms. The ETL-Certified Safety includes built-in smart tip-over protection and overheat protection, plus V0 flame retardant material rating, 12-hour timer, and 24 hour auto-off work without interaction for a much safer personal heater. Electric heating can heat up to 70F in a few minutes and can provide 1500 watt power in a few seconds. The two heating modes are High mode and Low mode. The heat distribution range is increased by 20% with the 70 oscillation of the space heater. It's a great choice to heat the office bedroom living room on cold days. It is easy to control the portable space heater. Control all the settings and see the current setting on the ceramic space heater without getting up. The built-in handle makes it easy to transport from room to room. Smart ECO mode automatically adjusts heating mode based on the ambient temperature, which saves you money and keeps you warm.

Brand: N\a

👤I bought a Mr. Buddy 9000 that is up to 300 sq ft, but it doesn't have a blower to distribute hot air. I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased this unit because it had low expectations. It has a remote control that automatically stops when room temp is reached. If you have good insulation, this will heat without effort, 299 sq ft. The heating elements are very powerful. Excellent price and quality! Didn't make a difference. 10 out of 10!

👤The little heater works well. The temperature can be adjusted by single degrees, as opposed to the space heaters that only have "high" and "low" temperatures. I don't know the actual heat output as it's been quite cold since I bought it and my home has very little insulation. I am not cold.

👤I ordered 2 for my garage and I am very pleased. It is 3 outside and 72 in my garage. I was surprised at how small the heater is, but it works well. It is quiet, rotates well, and the remotes work for them.

👤I wasn't sure if the space heater could provide enough heating output. Surprise! This unit is amazing. I have it in my single car garage shop and it keeps the area comfortable and on the low setting. Highly recommend it.

👤The heater is small and it doesn't heat up the entire area.

👤The heater is amazing. It is safe to put wood furniture. You don't have to be paranoid about someone burning themselves because it's not hot to the touch. The entire room is warm now that the doors have been closed, but my bedroom is 400 square feet larger. Once it reaches the temperature set, it turns off. The only thing I can say is that I would like the temperature display to be on the front of the heater so I can see what I am doing while I sleep. Even though I have a remote, I still have to make sure I set it to where I want it to be. If you're looking for a good heater that will keep the room nice and cozy, you found it! It was important for us to find a good heater because I have a newborn and I need one. You will love it if you try it for yourself. It will take about 10 minutes to warm up the room. It looks small but has power.

👤I thought it would be bigger but it is. There are a lot of options in the controls. I have used it in both of my homes. It keeps the large rooms warm. No loud sound or vibrating is the best part. I definitely recommend.

👤I use this for my sole living room heat when I don't have a wood stove. I have a small cabin in upper Washington state that I use as my sole source of heat. It turns itself off periodically. I am not sure if it is an operator error.

11. Antarctic Star Certified Thermostat Protection

Antarctic Star Certified Thermostat Protection

Zero safety hazard is achieved by this electric heater, which is made of quality assured flame retardant material. When it gets too hot, overheat protection will shut the heater down. The anti-tilt switch protects against tip-over. The temperature of the heater is too high when it tilts more than 45 degrees from the ground. The dimensions are 9.1" x7" x6" and the mini heater weighs 3.3 pounds. 200 square feet can be heat in seconds. By heating the required small space instead of using other centralized heaters to heat the entire house will save electricity bills. It's easy to carry, it's suitable for bedroom, living room, study and office. The easy control Heater. Plug in the plug, turn the knob to the fan position for cold air, and then turn the thermostat switch clockwise or counterclockwise. The temperature switch keeps the desired temperature. PTC heating element is the abbreviation of ceramic electric heating element, which is more stable than traditional heating element, heating quickly. The heater has low thermal resistance. It is an ideal electric heating component. The noise this ceramic heater makes is so low that most people can use it in a bedroom. Provide a quiet place to sleep.

Brand: Antarctic Star

👤I used it in the evening, but the plastic smell was heavy, and it was inconvenient to heat it, and not what I expected, since it only blew in one direction.

👤I've purchased many of these trying to find one that matches my standards and this one is amazing. If you're trying to heat a room in an office, make sure to recommend it.

👤A cold snap led to me ordering a small ceramic heater. It was delivered the day after I ordered it. Works well. Good safety features and a carrying handle.

👤This is a really nice appliance. It was very affordable and great for what I was looking for. It is lightweight and fits in any space. It is very easy to use. If you are looking for something small but efficient, then this heater is for you.

👤The motor home needs to be warm in the morning. We are going to buy a second one for our bedroom.

👤It is nice and small to take the chill of a bathroom when you are in the shower.

👤I bought this product to regulate the temperature in my printer enclosure. It was small and had a thermostat. The only problem is that the enclosure would heat up to the point where it was tripping the overheat protection on the unit. We all love safety features, especially when it comes to space heaters. The problem is that the threshhold was only about 84F. Once it hits that threshhold, the unit shuts off and can't be turned back on until it rests for a long period of time. It does kick out some heat in more open spaces, which is nice. I tried two of these units and will return them and try a different one.

👤It only lasted a day. Maybe a few hours. There is a piece of junk.


What is the best product for electric heaters for indoor use energy efficient?

Electric heaters for indoor use energy efficient products from Lasko. In this article about electric heaters for indoor use energy efficient you can see why people choose the product. Dreo and Dr Infrared Heater are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric heaters for indoor use energy efficient.

What are the best brands for electric heaters for indoor use energy efficient?

Lasko, Dreo and Dr Infrared Heater are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric heaters for indoor use energy efficient. Find the detail in this article. Aikoper, 5 Sunday Living and N\a are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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