Best Electric Heaters for Indoor Use Large Room with Remote

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1. PELONIS PHTPU1501 Oscillation Programmable Overheating

PELONIS PHTPU1501 Oscillation Programmable Overheating

Ceramic heaters are the most effective type of electric-resistance radiant heaters. The ceramic heating technology will quickly heat up to 70F in 3 seconds. The PTC is a high quality indoor space heater. US standard sockets can be used without an extension cord. Protection to you and your family from over heating and tip-over switch. The tower heater has 3 heating options to achieve a temperature setting with maximized efficiency and warmth. Eco setting helps save energy based on ambient temperature. Touch Control, remote control, oscillation, 8hours timer and carry handle are features that you can look for in the electric quiet heater. It's perfect for your bedroom, living room, office. The American brand heating appliances manufacturer will offer a 1-year manufacture with your purchase. You can contact them at any time.

Brand: Pelonis

👤It puts out a lot of heat. It seems like a fire is waiting to happen when it gets so hot. The front of the unit is very hot. If you have kids or pets, I would pass on this model.

👤The device works well as a heat source. It falls short if you want to use the temperature setting. I have had 2 of these and both have the same problem, the second was to replace the first, thinking that my unit was malfunctioning. When you set a temperature on this heater, it has to get far below that temperature to turn on, and once it does, it has to get to a temperature that is too hot to turn off. When it was 72 setting, it had to get down to 67 or even colder to turn on, and once it was on, it would get as hot as 75 in the room before it would turn off. If the thermostat is too small, you can get rapid cycling where the device is frequently turning off and on, which can be annoying and inefficient for some things. When the hysteresis is too high, you spend a lot of time being too cold or too hot, and only for a short time is the temperature comfortable.

👤The room runs quietly, and the heat is great. I haven't used the Oscillating setting yet. I have a large living room, and this awesome Heater provides heat for the entire room. This is an awesome heating appliance.

👤I have a 26 ft trailer. When the temperature drops to 17 degrees, the trailer stays at 70 even though it's in the ECO mode. It is easy to understand the controls that regulate the temp through the digital display.

👤I bought this heater despite the reviews that said the plug would heat up. I decided to do a simple test because I have done electrical work for 40 years and am not an electrician. I put the heater into a 15 Amp outlet and let it run for 30 minutes. The plug was warm to the touch. I replaced that outlet with a 20 Amp one. The plug was not warm to the touch. I believe that the outlet that becomes hot is the one that plugs into. The 1500 watt power source pulls 12.5 Amps of electricity. There's plenty of power to handle the 12.5 Amps the heater pulls with a 20 Amp outlet. This isn't a flaw of this particular heater, it's a flaw of all 1500 watt heaters. You have to consider the total Amp of all the outlets on the breaker, because a breaker generally provides electricity to multiple outlets. NEC 240.4(D)(3) states that 14 AWG is not allowed on a circuit with a 20A breaker. My house is wired with 12 gauge wire and 20amp breakers which allows me to put 20amp outlets on the walls. If you only have 14 gauge wire, you can only use 15 Amp breakers and outlets. There are two reasons I give this heater three stars. It takes a long time to heat a room because the fan that pushes the heat out of the unit is not strong. When a button is pushed on the unit or remote, the heater will make a loud noise. When I get up in the middle of the night, I have to adjust the temperature on the heater, and it wakes the dog. I have to give the dog a treat. I'm up 30 minutes. I don't understand why they advertise how much this heater is when the beep is louder than the noise. If you found the review helpful, click the button below. Thanks.

2. Zlinke Thermostat Primevolve Oscillation Overheating

Zlinke Thermostat Primevolve Oscillation Overheating

The portable floor heater is easy to carry. The handle on top of the heater makes it easy to move it around in a bedroom, study room, or office. It could be packed away while not in use. The remote cabinet in the back of the space heater can be used to store the in-built remote without worry. Ceramic heaters are the most effective type of electric-resistance radiant heaters. It takes 3 seconds to heat up to 70F with ceramic heating technology. You can control all of your settings from your bed or couch with a multi-function remote control. The easy to program timer can be used to select 1 hour to 12 hours. This ceramic heater can change side to side within 120 degrees, so it can warm the entire room while maintaining a consistent temperature. The Zlinke space heater has 3 modes, and you can set the temperature as you please. PTC space heaters for home have built-in safety features, such as a tip-over safety switch and V0 flame retardant material, so you can enjoy comforting warmth securely.

Brand: Zlinke

👤This is a great heater. I received this yesterday. The heating starts in a second. It is quiet and less annoying than most, the features allow you to personalize your comfort, the remote control is awesome, it is lightweight for moving around, and the oscillating setting takes care of the whole room right away. I love it!

👤This is the first time I've seen this, so it's just a first impression. I love it! This is the quietest ceramic heaters I have owned. It gets hot even on the low 1000W setting. It was advertised as suitable for bathroom. I use it to circulate air or heat there. The instruction manual says to avoid using a heater in damp or wet places. We will see if it affects longevity. I use the remote and no wet hands will ever touch it. I didn't have a "fan" setting on my previous heater, so it wasn't used in the summer to move humidity out of the bathroom. Mirrors will be clear with this. One suggestion is to add a memory so that it will turn on when you set it. The power button on the remote can be used to turn the unit on "fan" mode, orggled between thermostat-controlled, low heat, and high heat modes. I am happy so far.

👤It's great to find a ceramic room heater that isn't noisy. It doesn't wake me up when a loud fan is turned on and off. It's quiet and constant. This is the second such unit I've bought, and they are an improvement over all the other brands I've tried. It does so without an annoying loud fan going on and off, and it does so in a room with 9 foot ceilings and two big original 19th C windows that are good enough to keep it comfortable in a mid-Atlantic winter. It's a good deal at the current price.

👤Does not heat 100 sq ft as claimed.

👤The item looked nothing like the display.

👤This is very warm and quiet. The temp can be adjusted from 40 to 99 degrees. This is not true. It can only go between 60 and 90 degrees. The unit will not adjust the temp below 72 without using the remote, so you can't use the buttons on the unit. Every time you push a button, it sounds a bit louder. It's not a good thing to change the temp at work. I may not keep it because I wanted to use it for heat and the fan for cool. The description says it does not go as cool.

👤Satisfy my expectations, but not much louder.

👤Don't waste your money, Terrible didn't work.

👤I needed a heating source to keep my basement comfortable. I am very pleased with how warm the basement is and how it keeps the entire basement on the low setting. The unit's outer shell is not hot to the touch. I like that there are no fans for my cats. It is worth every penny. I will definitely order another one if I need one. It's worth the money.

3. Givebest Tip Over Protection Overheat Thermostat

Givebest Tip Over Protection Overheat Thermostat

It has a long serving life and no worry of accidental damage during the winter. Two Heat Mode 1500W/750W provides different warmth while Fan Mode blow out cool natural winds for summertime, which is suitable for any season to personalize your cozy living space. Simply turn the knob to turn on the space heating and the temperature can be adjusted from 0F to 158F. The space heating tech and high speed fan make it possible to heat up 200 square feet in seconds. The efficient heater helps you to say goodbye to the electricity bill. The portable mini heater is easy to carry around with a built in handle. The 6 feet long cord and 2 prong connection is perfect for use indoors. This room heater is safe and reliable to use. It's perfect for houses with kids and pets that have tip-over protection. When it gets too hot, overheat protection will shut the heater down. The electric heater for home is quiet to use in a bedroom while you sleep. It is also suitable for warming the room while reading, working, studying, or watching TV, never worried about being disturbed.

Brand: Brightown

👤Good lord! The tiny heater is very powerful. It stands out because of the features. The safety tab at the bottom is a safety control that will power off the heater if it is knocked over. You don't want it to run face down on the carpet because it can light it up. This feature is useful. The heater does not get hot while running. The hot air only warms the room in a few minutes. The cover stays cool at all times. This is the most powerful heater I have ever seen.

👤So far, so good. They all put out the same amount of heat. The laws of physics are what it is. If you set it to 1500 watt's, you get a lot of heat. The space heater is in a tiny box and the wood cabinet is built by the Amish. The element, build quality and fan are what you are paying for. There is a safety switch on the base, a thermostat setting, standard 2 power levels, and fan mode. Just like the expensive ones, there is no fancy wood box or fireplace look and no remote. I got two standard and two new styles. They are quiet and don't take up a lot of space. I run electric heaters all winter and a lot don't make it through a season, so these will be getting a workout.

👤I lied! I was wrong. I didn't know how to use it. If you pick it up off the ground, the button under the unit will turn off. It is likely to help prevent fires. I am sorry to just get around to it, but I meant to come back and update it. This is a really great heater and I have had it for over four months. I can say that it is worth it. It keeps my room warm, it is energy efficient, and I have kicked it over a million times, but it keeps going! I am changing my review to 5 stars. I apologize to anyone I discouraged from buying this. My bad! The piece only worked for a day or two. Right now, I am freezing. The TRASH has fallen out. Every single negative review is for the same reason and I go back to read them. I am angry! It's inconvenient to have to ship it back. I have to suffer longer because I am cold. This was a rip off and they should not have five stars.

👤When I got my product out of the box, I was wondering if it would work like the other reviews I read. I was amazed when I plugged it up. This thing surpasses my expectations. I had an amazing moment and I was pleasantly surprised. I only had to use the first setting because I usually have to turn it off because the heat gets so hot. This is a big blessing that came in a small package.

👤1500 watt equals 5000 watt, but some heaters are a little more efficient than others, this means less stress on house wiring and less risk of fire. I have never used a ceramic heater that put out more heat. I don't need a washing machine that can talk to the refrigerator, nor do I need a water heater that helps the thermostat keep a more. A simple fix for a heat sensitive fuse that burns out is to turn the knob off and then plug it back in.

4. Portable Electric Tip Over Protection Oscillating

Portable Electric Tip Over Protection Oscillating

Voice activated - use with your device to give simple commands. Their space heater uses advanced 1500W PTC ceramic heating technology, which is 80% more efficient than other heaters on the market, and makes you feel the change from cold to warm in a few seconds. The heating range is 50%. The 70 swing function helps heat the entire room with a 25 inch tower heater. It's a great choice to heat small to large rooms on cold days. Their electric heater is made of V0 flame retardant materials. It has overheat and tip-over protection. Pets and children can be close to it safely with the special plug. Ceramic Space Heater uses a built-in precise temperature sensor to keep your room at a constant temperature, while saving more on energy bills. Remote Control is a 30-foot remote control that allows easy control of all settings at your fingertips. The cold weather is good for curling up under the quilt to watch the drama on the phone, so you don't need to get up from the bed or sofa anymore. Throw away those noisy heaters that make you sleepy. Their portable electric heater uses a shaded-pole motor that is more quiet and warm than the previous one, which made it easier to sleep and work in the winter. You don't need to wake up in the middle of the night. Their electric space heater has a timer function that allows you to sleep quietly and comfortably. The whole is small and can be placed in the corner without taking up too much space. The hidden handle can help you move around freely.

Brand: Jinlicte

👤I use this when it's cold.

👤This heater does not have a down switch. No way of knowing the temperature of it. I wouldn't buy it. I will return this.

👤I don't like the fact it is set to 75 degrees. I can't change the degree with a minus sign. There's no 800 number to call, no manufacturer's name, or address on the booklet.

👤I thought this would be great when I lived in Texas and we just got snow, but the plug gets dangerously hot to the point where it feels like it could be malleable, and sometimes the heater part is not right. Not impressed, will return for something safer.

👤This is not smooth. I didn't find what I was expecting, but I would prefer to return.

👤I have seen a lot of heaters, but this one is one of the worst I have seen. never I have a small heating space. It wouldn't warm up completely. I can't imagine what it would be like when it's going to be so cold.

👤It is easy to move from a living room to a bedroom. I'm glad for the safety shut off, I have kids and a dog.

👤It's a great price, great heat output, but only if you're close to it, and you have to turn it off and on.

5. Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Heater

Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Heater

A 1-year manufacturer warranty is offered with your purchase. The heating element has safety features. 1500 watt of comforting warmth listed. Digital controls with a timer. The remote control has a digital display.

Brand: Lasko

👤I bought this space heating for my baby's room about 2 months ago. The product worked well and I had no complaints, even though the loudbeep was expelled when pressing buttons. I close the door and turn the ceiling fan on low to circulate the air before I go to sleep. Before placing my daughter in the crib, I check the temperature settings. Again, no problems. After my 5 month old had been sleeping for a few hours, she began crying. It is 85 degrees. The settings are still set to 73. My daughter is sweating and her pajamas are damp. SIDS can be caused by excessive heat. There is a dangerous product. Don't buy. I want to destroy this piece of garbage in a similar way to Office Space. I am intelligent.

👤Today, I received 2 units. We opened it and put it together. The unit is loud. It starts quiet and then makes a loud noise. It sounds like someone grinding and growling and it's obnoxious to say the least. It has been on for hours and won't go over 67 degrees. Returning.

👤I bought this product less than a year ago because of the review and reputation of Lasko heating products. I didn't think a unit with less than 20 hours of use would melt the plug. I contacted Lasko directly with the pictures, the invoice and the details of the building. The professional building where this heater is used is one year old and has all brand new wiring installed by a licensed professional electrician. Lasko stated that resistance heating is what caused the plug to melt and they were unable to replace the unit or provide any repairs because it was the fault of the outlet. I told them that it was very hard to believe because of the professional wiring, new building and electrical inspection that the building had done on it. They said that they would forward the information on resistance heating to me for my review. I asked if they would be sending the same information if my building burned down because of a new heater that had only been used a few times. I would not recommend Lasko products because of their lack of support and service.

👤I live paycheck to paycheck and my room is in the basement so I was trying to find the cheapest heat to warm it up. I decided to spend more money and get this one, even though I debated buying it for a few days. I am very happy with it. It does more than I thought. I think this is a great heater. I am very satisfied with this. It has a nice look to it.

👤I plugged it in today. It worked for about 10 minutes, but it won't work anymore. The red light is on when you plug it in, but when I push the power button, it doesn't turn on. No number or anything. This is very frustrating. I paid a decent amount for this and shouldn't have to call customer support. So disappointing.

6. Oscillating Heaters Tip Over Overheat Protection

Oscillating Heaters Tip Over Overheat Protection

The 90 wide oscillation design of the space heater allows it to warm up your indoor environment thoroughly and efficiently even in corners, and comes with a remote control. The electric heaters for indoor use have a timing selection that can be adjusted in 2 hours, and a display that can be set at a glance. There are three modes to meet your needs. The electric heater has three modes, "01" is high heat, "02" is low heat and "03" is natural wind. The modes support a whole year of use. You can place the space heater on the floor and never worry about freezing your hands or feet again, or use it as a desk heater to warm your entire body while you work. The portable heater is portable and can be carried around the house or office, with a carry handle hidden. The room heater with 1500W powerful PTC ceramic heating elements, which heats more stable and faster than traditional heating element, built-in 2 quiet high-speed fans, and the space heater put out tons of heat to you within seconds; let you and your. The ceramic space heaters have smart Tip-Over Protection and Over Heat Protection, which make them perfect for houses with kids and pets.

Brand: Tumisue

👤This product is very good. Over the years, I tried many of them. I picked up some information. What should we aim for? The reasons are listed. You will like it if you get one in perfect working order. The things that I liked the most. 2x Strong Fans that blow air through very well and have no noise for me. Some cheaper products have a small fan. Avoid them. 2. A heavy and solid build. The ground is strong. It is not all plastic and light, which indicates a cut in cost. 3. The easy controls on the unit. 4. Small and round for tables. 5. There is a visible mode indicator. Things that can be improved. The unit has a number system from 1 to 3 which indicates the mode, high heat, mid heat and fan mode. It can be confusing at first. 2. Night time use of led lit controls.

👤I tried to find a way to contact the seller before posting, but they didn't have a button. That was easy to do. I was thankful for that. The new one made noises when it was plugged in and turned on, after over a month of use. I need to watch it when it is on. I stopped using it because it doesn't feel safe to use without me sitting next to it. I hope this review helps someone.

👤This product is not suitable for heating. The settings blow out the cold air. I can tell you that there is no heat coming from the unit, even if I received a faulty machine with a dead heating component. Look for a unit with more positive reviews. It was a disappointment. I'm going to look for a better device.

👤I upgraded the heater after it was not powerful enough for what I needed.

👤I started making a loud noise when I turned it on. Sometimes out of nowhere. It was great to have it for two days. I am returning it.

👤It kept the room temperature warm. It works great!

👤Supplemental heat for cold mornings.

7. BLACK DECKER BHDC201 Personal Ceramic

BLACK DECKER BHDC201 Personal Ceramic

It's a nice safety feature that the desktop heater made of flame retardant material will shut off automatically if you tip it over. The outer surface is cool. The portable space heater from Black+DECKER is outstanding and can be used from room to room. The personal heater is small and light at only 2.8 lbs. It has a carry handle for easy transport. The room space heater is powerful and compact. This soace heater is perfect for your dorm or office desk, bedroom table, basement, garage worktable, RV shelf and just about anywhere you need extra heat. A thermostat control that adjusts to your optimal setting is available. Plug in your small space heating device with the 6 ft. power cord. The flameless portable heater is designed for safety and has an auto tip-over shutoff feature that lets you rest easy while staying safe. This is only for use indoors. The superior heater portable comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can feel confident about your purchase.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I've had this heater for three weeks now and it's all I need. With the help of two buttons, I can change the setting of the heater. I use it in the restroom because I want to be warm when I get out of the shower and when the house is cold. I can put it under my desk to keep my feet warm.

👤I like a warm bathroom when I shower and this heater works perfectly for my small bathroom that is off my bedroom. It was warm and comfortable when I went in to shave and shower after I turned it on low. I highly recommend.

👤The unit is a great one, but it breaks very easily, and it doesn't work after 6 months. Get an upgraded model.

👤It works as a small heating source when I work at my desk. Most reviewers have said that it is pretty noisy. I have to turn it off when I get calls.

👤This thing is great, it was under 25 bucks, and it really heats my room up. If I want to head fast, I can roll that dial up. I can figure out how hot it is, but I wish it had a temperature gauge to tell me if it's warm or cold. It would add a lot of electronic complexity and cause the price to go up. I am not sure if I want that. I might get more for heating more room since this is so effective. It's perfect for any room that is between 100 and 150 square feet.

👤When the heating system stopped working, it had a strange toxic smell. I wouldn't recommend this heater. The brand has gone bad.

👤The item stopped working and I would like a refund. How do we get a new credit or replacement?

👤I thought it was larger than it is. I thought it wouldn't work, but it works better than the one I bought from Walmart 3 years ago that stopped working. I like it because I like sleeping with white noise in the background. Sometimes I leave it running for the white noise and turn the fan on. I wouldn't get it if you don't like white noise or sound. It heats up my room very quickly. I haven't had to go to the second setting because it works so well, and I have a decent sized room that it fully heats up in about 10 minutes. I live in Florida and it gets pretty hot, so I sometimes turn on my fan to balance it out. It's a great fan if you prefer white noise. The tip over function does work, but it is a little too well. I have it on the box because it always acts unbalanced on the carpet. Some reviews say it stopped working after a few weeks. I hope I don't have to change my review. I've had it for about three weeks.

8. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Heater Control

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Heater Control

The ceramic element is self-regulating. Automatic overheating protection. The maximum heat power is 1.50 kilowatts. The area is heated. Ft.:300

Brand: Lasko

👤As a constant buyer of products Amazon sells for the actual manufacturers, I have concluded that the actual manufacturers products they sell through Amazon have some kind of defects. Most consumers don't want to go through the hassle of returning larger items. The manufacturers of those items are aware of that. The manufacturers only count on 50% of the returns. The Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Remote Control did not function properly and the return window was closed. I returned it. The Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Logic Center Digital Remote Control- Features Built-in Timer and Oscillation, 7.3′′L x 9.2′′W x 29.75′′H, Black 5572, does not work all of the time. The heater doesn't turn on or off at the temperature it's set at. If I decide I want a constant 70 degree heat, the heater should not turn off. Or at 69! The model I ordered, a Oster TSSTTVFDDG-DS Black Stainless Steel Collection French Door Oven, Extra Large, just turns off by itself. I program it to bake or pre-heat, and it just completely shuts itself off, instead of automatically coming back on after a certain temperature falls below, like a conventional oven. There is something wrong with me as an Amazon consumer. I'm not blaming Amazon at this point, but I think it's possible that some products are sold through Amazon. All these different manufacturers are getting away with it. I don't know. All the different manufacturers are fooling Amazon, or they have knowledge about it. I let the consumer decide.

👤October 2017: updated. I only used it for about 4 months after I bought it in January of last year. I decided to put it back to work after it got cold in NJ, but I was surprised. The outlet started to smoke after I plugged it in. The plug was not wet or malfunctioning. I really liked this heater and I am sad that this happened. I am afraid to buy another one because of this. I'm glad I got this. The buttons are easy to use and the remote control is useful. It has different temperature settings in different degrees. The option to turn off the heater at a certain time or keep it at a temperature is available. It warms up the room very quickly now that the weather in NJ has declined. The packaging was well protected and the shipping was fast.

👤10 days ago, I ordered this heater. The base cracked and a piece broke off in shipping, because it was only shipped in the manufacture's box. I only use it for an hour or two at a time and keep it unplugged when not in use, but the plug gets too hot and my outlet is melting. I don't need another heater for me.

👤Junk. Within 2 months, the oscillation broke. The ceramic started to melt the unit when the fan stopped blowing. I was home with my new born and it was during the day. I caught it when it started to smoke. I smelt burning plastic and it was the fan. After it cooled off, put in the patio and trashed it. I cut the cord so no one could use it. Even though it was melted.

9. Electric Thermostat 60°Oscillating Overheating Protection

Electric Thermostat 60%C2%B0Oscillating Overheating Protection

Customer service should always be ready to respond within a 24 hour time frame. You can contact them by email if you want to get 30-day money back, 12-month replacement after sale service and lifetime support. This electric space heater comes with 1500W advanced PTC heating, which will bring an effective boost of heat to you. It's perfect for personal use, 17 in (H) * 7 in (W), and doesn't take up much space, just put it on your desktop, bedside, or wherever you need it. The ceramic tower heater can be moved between bedroom, living room, study room or office with the embedded handle. The room heating comes with 2 heating modes and a fan only mode. High heating mode is 1500 watt and fast heats up in 3 seconds with a ceramic heating element, putting out steady and comfortable heat. If there is hot air, you can enjoy the normal air in "Fan" mode. You need 2 in 1 electric heater for indoor use all year long. With each press, the temp reading will increase or decrease by 5F, making it easy to get the temperature you want. With 12H auto-off timer, the space heater for large room can set your desired time and temp. This indoor space heating can help you create a comfortable warm zone and share warmth with your family and friend in the cold winter day. It is easy to operate with a remote control. The covers have a one year warranty. Safety protection is called Mafia. The portable space heaters power is 1500 watt. The electric heater will shut off if it is accidentally tipped over or if the temperature gets too warm. The child lock feature is nice for home with pets and kids.

Brand: 5 Sunday Living

👤The more expensive space heaters have features that this one does not. It has a remote control, timer function, two heat settings, and a rotating feature. It can heat up a small room. This unit has a safety feature which would turn off if tipped over. There are two drawbacks to this space heater. The fan isn't very quiet so it wouldn't work in a quiet room. Sometimes the thermostat wouldn't stop the heating when the preset temperature was met, because it wasn't very consistent.

👤For a short time, the air blows without heat.

👤It works great for what I need it for, but I ended up too warm.

👤I like that it has a remote, but I was disappointed that it didn't work.

👤It's not even officially winter yet, but our house has Thermostat Wars, it's already ridiculous. My husband wants the house to be 75 degrees. We own a business and work from home. I decided to help out the office since it's always cold there and it has 2 outside walls. The space heater does the trick. I put it behind him so he can soak up the heat and it also heats up the entire room after a while. Warm air can be blow in a stationary position. I can shut this off from my desk as soon as he leaves, because the remote is a bonus. Plug it in, push the buttons on the top or the remote, and it's done. It's only for one room, but it blows out a lot of warm air in 5 degrees. There is a Do you want this or the ongoing thermostat wars? It's a no-brainer. It's a good idea to recommend it. Thank you for reading, I hope it's helpful! There is a method for this.

👤I get very cold at work. I didn't want a small one because my feet and legs get cold. I ordered this to do a review so I could take advantage of it. A win-win. I am happy that I did. Since I put it underneath my desk, the heater warms up very quickly. There is a It is a semi enclosed area. My feet and legs are toast. I am able to use the extension cord. It rotates. It has a remote. The feature works. Right away, it turns off. When you turn it off manually, it will count down and then turn off. I did not read the instructions. I figure it out on my own. I need to figure out how to bring the temp down. It comes with a manual. I wish it was all black. You can't see it under my desk. I would purchase it myself. Give this information a thumbs up.

👤I can control my bedroom thermostat from the bathtub, and I don't freeze when I get out to get dressed, because I can sit in the bathtub and heat it up. It doesn't look like it would get hot. There is a nice oscillate option. Simple to read. The buttons are very user friendly. Make sure you don't plug it into a plug strip. Not supposed to be used on carpets. It is sitting on our wood floors. It is simple to pick up. A great bedroom heating system. It only kicks on when the temperature reaches a certain level. Excellent technology. If I accidentally knock it over, the heating system shuts off. It has a thermal overload prevention safety mode. There is a child safety setting. A quality heater.

10. Overheat Protection Tip Over Portable Thermostat

Overheat Protection Tip Over Portable Thermostat

2 in 1 fan. You can use the ceramic heater for both winter and summer, it provides two heat levels, 1500W or 750W, and one cool air fan. When the temperature goes below the thermostat setting, the thermostat will turn the heater off and the temperature will go back up. It will cycle on and off. The setting of the thermostat should be adjusted to keep the room comfortable. The heaters are made of flame retardant material. The automatic safety shut off system will shut the heater off if it gets too hot. The tip over protection system will shut the heater off when it is knocked over, and it will come back on if it is up right. The 7.9 inch x 6.2 inch x 10.2 inch portable mini heater with build in carry handle is portable and powerful, it helps to reinforce the potential of low electrical bills by using at the place where you need when you don't want to warm the full house with other centralized heaters. Quiet and fast heating: The noise of the ceramic heating is less than 45 decibels, which is quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom. This heater has a high speed fan and ceramic heating tech that will heat up 200 square feet in seconds. The material for the bics should be upgraded. The upgrade material is more flame resident. The room heater has a lead cord and a 2 prong connection.

Brand: Givebest

👤Three months ago, I purchased this little heating appliance. It was only intended to keep our bathroom warm during the cold winter months. I liked the temperature controls and the amount of heat it put off. I liked the safety features that kicked in if it was knocked over. After a few weeks of use, I noticed that the heating element was becoming more sensitive and sometimes you had to pick it up and set it down a few times before it registered. It shut off in the middle of running. On December 8, 2020, the heater will not work. The pin in the bottom doesn't matter if it's triggered or not, I've taken it out and put it back in. The heater won't turn back on. I guess I should be thankful that it won't burn my house down, but I would like a heating system that will heat my house for more than two months.

👤My lake front cottage in northern Maine received a heater this week. We don't have heat or insulation and usually leave for Florida in the middle of October. Our low last night was 37 and our little heater kept me comfortable as I read. When I went to bed, I had a 5 pound heater in the bedroom that was very comfortable. I am impressed with the amount of heat this little heater produces and I am also impressed with the simple safety feature that shuts off the power if the machine is not in an upright position. I will be ordering 2 more units tomorrow. The solution is a great price.

👤All seems well after a pre- winter test run. I hope it works out as expected because it is a solid product. I won't know for sure until the return date has passed, so we'll see if I'm happy or pissed off. There is a After the cold sets in, I'll issue a follow-up. This doesn't need to heat a lot of space because it's next to my computer and it allows some drafts. It seemed to work just fine when it was set on low. I want to add an operational tip, but don't place it too close to you, thinking it will be warmer. Not true. If you are sitting in a chair and the unit is on the floor, place it about 3 feet away from you. The heat will rise up to you if you allow 3 feet. Hope this helps.

👤I was looking for a new space heater after my old one died. I am very happy with this purchase. My dog likes to sit in front of the heater but if it got knocked over it wouldn't turn off. The button on this heater only allows it to turn on when it's standing up on a surface. I am cautious when using this heater, but I like the safety features and different heat settings that this one has.

👤The small size of this heater is not for you. The little think can make some heat. If you put it on full blast, it will run you out of the room. It is an excellent heater for the price. It has a thermostat button that you can use to lower the heat output. It's good for an office space, dorm room, house bedroom, or a living room space. This little thing can be used many different ways. If it is not in the upright position, it has a knockover feature. It was bought for our rancher home. We don't have central heating so we bought two. They are perfect. We move them around with ease whenever we need to knock the chill off of the air or when we are in a room for a while. Pick up one of these little heaters and enjoy the winter season, instead of running central heating into all rooms, including you are not currently using. Targeting your heat is a great way to save money.

11. Electric Oscillation Auto Off Thermostat Protection

Electric Oscillation Auto Off Thermostat Protection

TOPPIN space heater has a timer that can be set up to 8 hours, and it shuts off automatically when it reaches the time period you set. The hidden handle on the back makes it easy to move between rooms. The ETL-Certified Safety includes built-in smart tip-over protection and overheat protection, plus V0 flame retardant material rating, 12-hour timer, and 24 hour auto-off work without interaction for a much safer personal heater. Electric heating can heat up to 70F in a few minutes and can provide 1500 watt power in a few seconds. The two heating modes are High mode and Low mode. The heat distribution range is increased by 20% with the 70 oscillation of the space heater. It's a great choice to heat the office bedroom living room on cold days. It is easy to control the portable space heater. Control all the settings and see the current setting on the ceramic space heater without getting up. The built-in handle makes it easy to transport from room to room. Smart ECO mode automatically adjusts heating mode based on the ambient temperature, which saves you money and keeps you warm.

Brand: N\a

👤I bought a Mr. Buddy 9000 that is up to 300 sq ft, but it doesn't have a blower to distribute hot air. I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased this unit because it had low expectations. It has a remote control that automatically stops when room temp is reached. If you have good insulation, this will heat without effort, 299 sq ft. The heating elements are very powerful. Excellent price and quality! Didn't make a difference. 10 out of 10!

👤The little heater works well. The temperature can be adjusted by single degrees, as opposed to the space heaters that only have "high" and "low" temperatures. I don't know the actual heat output as it's been quite cold since I bought it and my home has very little insulation. I am not cold.

👤I ordered 2 for my garage and I am very pleased. It is 3 outside and 72 in my garage. I was surprised at how small the heater is, but it works well. It is quiet, rotates well, and the remotes work for them.

👤I wasn't sure if the space heater could provide enough heating output. Surprise! This unit is amazing. I have it in my single car garage shop and it keeps the area comfortable and on the low setting. Highly recommend it.

👤The heater is small and it doesn't heat up the entire area.

👤The heater is amazing. It is safe to put wood furniture. You don't have to be paranoid about someone burning themselves because it's not hot to the touch. The entire room is warm now that the doors have been closed, but my bedroom is 400 square feet larger. Once it reaches the temperature set, it turns off. The only thing I can say is that I would like the temperature display to be on the front of the heater so I can see what I am doing while I sleep. Even though I have a remote, I still have to make sure I set it to where I want it to be. If you're looking for a good heater that will keep the room nice and cozy, you found it! It was important for us to find a good heater because I have a newborn and I need one. You will love it if you try it for yourself. It will take about 10 minutes to warm up the room. It looks small but has power.

👤I thought it would be bigger but it is. There are a lot of options in the controls. I have used it in both of my homes. It keeps the large rooms warm. No loud sound or vibrating is the best part. I definitely recommend.

👤I use this for my sole living room heat when I don't have a wood stove. I have a small cabin in upper Washington state that I use as my sole source of heat. It turns itself off periodically. I am not sure if it is an operator error.


What is the best product for electric heaters for indoor use large room with remote?

Electric heaters for indoor use large room with remote products from Pelonis. In this article about electric heaters for indoor use large room with remote you can see why people choose the product. Zlinke and Brightown are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric heaters for indoor use large room with remote.

What are the best brands for electric heaters for indoor use large room with remote?

Pelonis, Zlinke and Brightown are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric heaters for indoor use large room with remote. Find the detail in this article. Jinlicte, Lasko and Tumisue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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