Best Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief

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1. Weighted Shoulders Comfytemp Electric Shoulder

Weighted Shoulders Comfytemp Electric Shoulder

The heating pad is 2.2 lbs and filled with glass beads to make it feel like you are being held or hugged. The glass beads are spread evenly throughout the pad to fit your neck and shoulders better. It instantly relieves neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. There are 9 heat settings and 11 auto-off timers. The weighted heating pad has 9 heat settings that you can use to modify the temperature for heat therapy. There are 11 timers with auto-off settings that can be used to meet different needs. It helps conserve energy and prevents excessive heating. The neck heating pad provides constant heat to meet your needs for continuous pain relief. The auto-off time helps you control heat therapy time. Convenient visibility is provided by the backlight design. The auto-off area is shown in stay-on mode. It's more suitable for tall or strong people, such as men, if you have a Comfytemp oversized electric heating pad with a curved high collar. It fully covers your neck, shoulders, and upper back, which helps relieve chronic pain. The fabric is soft to the touch and helps the heat spread evenly and provides maximum comfort for your entire body. After removing the controller, the heating pad is machine-washable.

Brand: Comfytemp

👤Do the people giving good reviews have legitimate pain? I suffer from a chronic illness that causes neck and shoulder pain. I have been using a weighted heating pad that I warm in the microwave for a while, but I don't like the smell of it and it doesn't stay warm long enough. I finally decided to buy an electric heating pad. This thing doesn't feel weighted. It doesn't feel like it's touching my shoulders, it feels like it's hovering. It's in working condition is the only reason it's getting stars. It turns on, and it gets hotter. It doesn't hug my body like it's supposed to, so it's not enough for me.

👤The product is good, but not the best. It should be a bigger neck opening for people with skinny arms, because it causes stress because of having to adjust it often and not being able to relax. I would like it to have more coverage. It only covers the shoulder blades. The cables are setup in a way that I don't like. I have a control pad with one cable and it is easy to access, but the other one is two cables and it is difficult to adjust temp. You have to wash everything, even though it says it is washable. Not good!

👤This product is not a good one. When I received the product, I thought the remote was broken, so I returned it and received another one. If you want the heat to go up to a level seven, you cannot take the level seven back down because the remote does not work properly. You can go up, but not down. You set the clock for three minutes and there is no way for it to start. You can think that it is going to reset, but it doesn't. There is no phone number for customer support. Try another product.

👤The product doesn't have enough heat to be effective. It is comfortable, but not enough to provide the relieft.

👤This is amazing. The heating pad is as comfortable as the moist heat therapy I received at the clinic. I had to buy another because my husband took mine. The cord is configured in a way that keeps the controls close to the body, and the heat is fast, soft, and easy to use. My favorite color is spa like color. I used it around my neck and it helped me sleep better. I was able to relax and sleep because I was able to wrap my forearms for inflammation and stiffness. I have a dream of finding something like this and I have found something that is not at a doctors office. I like that it is weighted. They were happy to hear that I told them about this so they could recommend their patients. I bought the massage belt and the cold wrap head for my husband, who has a lot of neck and back issues. My husband doesn't sleep well, but now he is sleeping better with this neck and shoulder wrap that I found and purchased, I am more happy for him. I highly recommend this for anyone who has inflammation, pain, or even just trouble sleeping, as I and my husband can fall asleep despite the pain and discomfort that we have which is being soothed with this weighted heating pad. The price point is reasonable and I am happy to be able to get it. Thank you for an excellent product! It has been a long time since I found it here.

2. MIGHTY BLISSTM Electric Heating Cramps

MIGHTY BLISSTM Electric Heating Cramps

You will love the cooling pads. Do you want to get rid of your back pain? There is no need to suffer with a cheap, flimsy or small heating pad. This heating pad is perfect for back or shoulder pain. It is a sturdy, long lasting and heats to penetrate. Pain is relieved in seconds. Super fast heat penetrating pantyhose is HURTING MUSCLES AND CRAMPS IN SECONDS! No more having to deal with pain because of faulty heat pads. The heat therapy you need will be provided by this pad. You will wish you found this years ago. Extra large soft microfiber sieves! The heating pad is made with soft microplush fibers that are used in the most luxurious and comfy winter pajamas. This heat pad is perfect for alleviating back pain, neck and shoulder pain, leg and stomach pain, and more. Machine washable, multi-personalized heat setting, and dry options. The heat settings help you conserve energy and prevent overheating. It can be used moist or dry. Imagine a life without pain with this heating pad.

Brand: Mighty Bliss

👤I have been using this heating pad for almost four months and I am very happy. My issues are mine. My job as an electrical engineer requires me to work for many hours a day. I have tried all sorts of chairs and desks, but no avail. My neck and shoulder muscles are tense and I have a throbbing pain that starts behind my ears and spreads through my shoulders. The worst part is the spasms that intensify as I try to relax. I am always stiff and achy after I leave my office, just as I am trying to relax on my sofa and watch tv. I have tried everything. From creams to exercises to aquatic therapy. I have racked up bills at the Chiropractor as the only treatment that has offered me some relief. He suggested that I use a heating pad during flare-ups. I have found that to be helpful as well. It has taken me a long time to find the right heating pad. None of those small, cheaply made, clothed, scratchy, poorly wired PIECES OF JUNK have been found. It is the worst class fire hazard to work for more than a few weeks. The last one annoyed me because it had cold spots and kept coming out of its itchy fabric envelope. I researched the highest quality heating pads. I am embarrassed to mention how much I thought I would have to spend. The bright turquoise color of the heating pad caught my attention at first, but it was the soft material that caught my attention the most. It can only be an improvement to what I have tried before. I have tried them all. It was cheap, had good reviews, and boasted larger dimensions than any other heating pad I have owned. I was pleased. It was the largest piece of turquoise I have ever seen in a heating pad. Before turning it on! And whadya know? My wife needs it as well. She had a bad fall on a skiing trip, but now she is a "Pop 2-Gentlys-and-carry-on" kinda girl. I am sharing my heating pad. She feels a huge difference. I am an electrical engineer and have seen too many heating pads that start a fire and so I took a deeper look at the electrical workings of this pad and I am impressed with the quality. It is designed to shut down as soon as it finds too much electricity or heat trapped in one area, for example when putting too much weight or pressure directly on it. This would prevent a fire unlike most heating pads which aren't designed to detect this kind of issue. This pad has features and is certified by a well-known Electronic Testing company called Intertek, which means that it held up perfectly, and if I had to explain it without boring you to death, that's what I would do. The 2-hour shutoff feature is brilliant. When I started using this heating pad, I realized that I could allow myself to fall asleep if I woke up and shut it down, which was a relief to my anxiety. I don't want to stay on all night if I get sick on the sofa. I've been able to go much longer between appointments with the Chiropractor because of the improved neck and shoulder pain I've experienced with this heating pad. There is something about this heating pad that makes me relax and allow it to work on my stiff muscles. The bottom line. If you are looking for a heating pad that is perfect for going in circles, and you are not interested inJUNK, then stick with MIGHTY BLISS. It was long enough to cover my entire back. I can use it in bed. I disliked the feeling of being leashed to my electrical outlets. I love the hottest temperatures. My wife likes medium. It is hot quickly and evening! The 2 hour shut off is safe and sound. Okay enough said...

3. Weighted Extra Large Electric Settings Shut Off

Weighted Extra Large Electric Settings Shut Off

The weighted heating pad has 4 lbs of non-toxic glass beads distributed evenly in 32 grids, which makes it an effective relief from pain and soreness. The 17” x 33” large electric heating pad is more versatile than other small-sized heating pads because it covers your back, shoulders, and lap. You can choose from 6 heating levels ranging from 90F to 140F via the controller to pick the most suitable warmth to relax and ease pain. The multi-layer structure ensures uniform heating and the heating pad has overheating protection and will auto shut off after 2 hours of continuous use. Remove the controller and let the heating pad cool down for 10 minutes before the machine washes.

Brand: Andola

👤If you have any nerve pain that requires heat and compression, here you go! A weighted blanket helps with my seizures. I discovered this weighted heating pad. If you are short like me, the bigger size will allow for neck to low back coverage. The heat and weight help my neck. Best buy for my health!

👤I have had back problems for a while. I sit on a heating pad during the day, but if I lay down it was not hot enough to work. I usually lay on my stomach in bed, so I bought this to use when I do. The heating pad is amazing. It is quite heavy. It gets hot and works great for my back. It is very soft. I think this is one of my favorite purchases. If you accidentally leave the pad from the cord, you have to completely remove it from the wall to get it to work again. It's not a big deal. Definitely would buy again or recommend to others.

👤The weight and softness doesn't help with pain.

👤The product is fine. Large size and weight are not bad. Will not order from the company again. Delivery took forever to ship, no way to communicate with company, can only communicate through Amazon. I canceled the order because it wasn't shipped in time. The product was miraculously shipped from the distributor the next day.

👤The heat control was off. Two settings were very hot. This is the reason I came back. I bought a different brand. The Rev. Bishop is Namaste.

👤The product works well. It has 6 heat settings and an automatic shutoff. It's very warm when I put it on setting 3. It's weighted and stays in place.

👤I didn't know that the heating pad's weight was what I wanted. I pressed my heating pad into where my pain was. I was surprised at how heavy the heating pad was. I don't find myself pressing it into the areas where I need it because of the weight. The delivery was fast and the padding was soft. I would recommend this to anyone who uses a heating pad frequently and needs to adjust it to get to the places where they want it to stay. It's like getting a warm blanket and a good night's sleep after a long day and waking up to a pain free day. It was worth it all.

👤This unit was not warm enough for me. I like a warm place to rest. The weight and size was nice. I warm the bed with a heating pad before I get in. It seemed to stop working. Maybe it's a safety issue, but not what I wanted.

4. Electric Adjustable Temperature Settings Charcoal

Electric Adjustable Temperature Settings Charcoal

The heating pad is made of soft fabric. It is easy to clean and feels smooth. It is easy to maintain and stay soft. It's extra large and can be used to cover the major muscle pains in your neck, back, shoulders, abdomen, or legs, while the 7.5 foot cord allows you to enjoy it on your bed, chair, couch. SAFE & FAST: The heating options are from 98 F to 140 F and there are 4 timers. Automatic extinguishing and a built NTC packing layer could help avoid overheating. Within 30 seconds it could be heated. Dry heat therapy is a method of therapy. You can relax your body by using heat pads. It gives a warm, comfortable feeling when you have back pain. If you want to loosen your muscles and get ready for exercise, spray wet on the heat pad. Warm tips and warranty. If the heating pad is not plugged into the power, the controller will flash, if the heating pad works for a period of time automatically shut down, it is turned on the overheating protection, please press the power button again to turn on the power. If you have any issues with the heating pad, please contact them. They will give you a 60-day free return and a free replacement.

Brand: Toberto

👤The heat levels seem to vary from really hot to burn you hot. The last heating pad I used was on the highest setting. I use this one on the lowest. The timer goes off without warning. It can't be counted on. I set it for a couple of hours. Sometimes it stays on for 2 hours, and other times it goes off after 15 minutes. I'm not sure how long it will last. It hasn't been a month since I ordered it, and it's stopped working. It would turn on, but then shut off within a few minutes. It won't turn on tonight. If I could, I would give this one zero stars.

👤I would have liked to keep the box to return. I got a heating pad a few weeks ago. It won't stay on for more than 10 minutes. There is a bright green and red light on the switches. My number blinks constantly, probably because it is going to break soon, and it is a bright red number. The bright lights are not relaxing in a dark room. The control box is large. I wish I had bought a different heating pad.

👤The heating pad does work. Instructions say to put one side toward your skin. The outside is the other side. I went back to the directions to check out the section that I missed, and realized that I had missed something. If you look at the side with the plug-in part on the upper left, you will see the hot side of the pad. If the plug-in part is on the upper right, it doesn't deliver enough heat. I have never ordered Sunbeam before, but my last one came with all its wires in a flat piece. They warned against making sharp folds in it if it folds. You can't get it to unfold. I used to own a Sunbeam. When it heated up, it was smelling like it was burning, and had developed a sharp crease despite my care. I was looking for a soft, flexible heating pad, and I found one that sounded good, but there were reviews that said it didn't heat up. It is easier to keep it straight and there is no plastic inside the heating pad. The pad is very hot. It has a plug for the pad itseld which only fits one way. The plug part could be put in backwards. It wouldn't work because it would generate a fault signal. The plug-in part had to be reversed. That was a problem. The heating pad is better designed and less expensive. My daughter should buy this brand instead of the new one if she needs a new one, as I am very glad to have this new brand. Sunbeam used to have a piece of plastic in it. I was replacing an older Sunbeam when I bought the one with the stiff plastic piece in it. I am reviewing a heating pad that is far superior. I am very happy with it.

5. Comfier Heating Shoulders Electric Washable

Comfier Heating Shoulders Electric Washable

The Comfier electric heating pad for back and neck can heat up in a few seconds, with three heating settings to meet your needs. The built-in overheating protection system and 90-minute timer auto shut-off function ensure safe use. The large heating pad can provide a large area of heat for your body and keep you warm on cold days; it has a stand-up collar design that keeps your neck warm, snap button and shoulder straps that make your hand free while you are relaxing, working and doing household chores. It's portable and hand or machine washable, so it's suitable for family use. It's very convenient to fold and roll into the bag. Let the warmth of comfort come to you. The Comfier heating wrap is made of soft flannel cloth which provides you with good comfort and soft body touch. Electric heated wraps can provide warmth to the body, relieve muscle pain, improve blood circulation, and improve sleep. One-button control is easy to use and ideal for the elderly. The heating pad wrap is a great christmas gift. If this heating pad warm back wrap doesn't meet your expectations, return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Brand: Comfier

👤What do I like? It covers my back from shoulders to just below the waist. It's not possible to feel the wires. The massage is relaxing. I can't tolerate deep tissue massages. The part that plugs into the wall outlet is huge. Put electric plugs along side or above a problem. Due to the design, the wire coming out of the massage heat pad cannot be changed. The wire needs to be on the right in the place that I have accessible for use. I can work on it. It is cumbersome. The crossing shoulder straps are too short for my use, which makes them feel tight on my chest. The package was well packaged. The heat massage control on the left shoulder strap makes the pad soft to the touch. I would buy it again even if I didn't like it.

👤I have had many heating pads that don't help. The strap features are a great help when you are sitting or lying down. The material is light, soft, and thick enough to not feel the wires. My back is sore from moving beer cases and kegs throughout my shift as a bartender. This is the first heating pad I have found that works. You can use it for your legs or arms if you detach the shoulder straps. You don't have to constantly adjust to get different spots of your back because this has great coverage. This heating pads doesn't get overheated. I recommend this product for those who need more pain relief.

👤Sits on your shoulders. It hugs you because it has a little weight to it. The heat is well distributed. It is like a nice bathrobe. The heavy duty cord and switch looks good. I bought a second one because my wife and I were fighting over the first one.

👤It is very soft and weighted, stays on your body well, but it is the heating function that really shines. It is very effective because it is very hot and heats up quickly. A lot of heating pads, pillows, and other paraphernalia heat up, but it is a slow superficial warmth. This heating pad is a new gold standard for me, it works so quickly and thoroughly that I can sit for a few minutes and enjoy it. Simple, soft, substantial, and superior are what I would change the wheel to be.

👤I said that in the title. My mom has a lot of pain in her shoulders and I got this for her. She has had arthritis in her shoulders for many years. She loves it. The buttons keep it in place and it will stay where you put it. The wrap is soft. I think this money was well spent as she is getting some relief.

👤The Comfier electric heating pad is very enjoyable. The material is easy to wash. The large size covers my entire back and neck, and the soft ties allow for a snug fit. The lightly weighted edge of the pad helps keep good contact with your body. The neck collar has an easy to close snap. The one button control is easy to use. It's great to take off a chill. It was soothing for sore muscles. This wrap can be used to give relief to your back, as well as on the front of your body and on your legs. The comfier electric heating pad is an excellent product and I am very pleased with the value.

6. Aukfa Electric Heating XXX Large Settings

Aukfa Electric Heating XXX Large Settings

Prepare forAIN and sore muscles with heat therapy. Aukfa xxx large heating pad for back pain relief spreads heat evenly throughout the affected area, which effectively relieves neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms, waist, abdomen pain or unbearable. The electric heating pad provides consistent heat that will soothe your muscles and help you sleep. There are 6 heat setTINGS and super fast heat. The heating pad for neck and shoulders can be reached and maintained at a fixed temperature, which will relieve your pain in seconds. The device has six personalized heat settings with an attached easy-to-operate digital backlit LCD controller with temperature heat levels ranging from 95 F to 140 F. You can choose the right heat level based on your comfort for both dry and moist heating sessions. Machine washable and ultra soft microfiber. The plush material on the sides of the heat pad is soft and comfortable to the skin, and is made of premium microfibers. The two-hour auto-off timer feature of the hot pads helps you conserve energy and prevents excessive heating for safety. If you forget about your hot pad or fall asleep while using it. The neck heating pad is comfortable and safe to use. There is a lot of heat coverage and easy care. The heating pad is large enough to provide maximum coverage for the lower back, shoulders, legs and other large muscles. The XXXL heat pad comes with a power cord. It's perfect for those who want to have some flexibility with their positioning or stretching while applying heat pads. The heating pads give you a comfortable heat therapy experience. They want to make sure every customer has a great experience and that's why they offer a 5 year limited warranty. Their team can speak both English and Spanish if you need assistance, they are a brand you can trust. All of their heating pads are compliant with the law. They offer a limited warranty for their customers.

Brand: Aukfa

👤The heating pad is large and soft. The plug kept falling off the heating pad the first two days I had it. I had to put it on. I thought I would have to return it as it kept flashing and I would have to plug the whole unit in to get it started again. The last two nights it worked, so I'm hopeful. I wish it wouldn't turn off every two hours. It's very frustrating to wake up multiple times to turn it back on because I use it at night to relieve pinched nerves in my shoulders. It would be better if it had an automatic shutoff.

👤The product was soft, big and heated up nicely on the first try. The pad wouldn't turn back on once the shut-off ended. After the safety shut-off happens, the heating pads will turn back on and get warm again. I returned the first one I bought and bought the second one because I thought it was a mistake, but the second one did the same thing, and it just went completely dead after the automatic shut off. I tried to turn it on again, but the pad did not heat up, even after the lights were turned back on. We have great results with the very similar "Homech" brand pads that I purchased before, but needed another pad for another family member. I thought this Aukfa would be just as good, but it is not. I will keep looking until I find the Homech brand one.

👤Great looking product. I bought it because of the reviews that said it was too hot. I have a heating pad that was old and I get terrible pains in my shoulders. I put the heating pad on 6. The pad stopped at warm for me. Looks like I will have to continue taking my medication.

👤I have tried many things to help my back pain. I got a heating pad after my Chiropractor suggested it. It does what I need it to. The pad is very comfortable. It covers my back with a large surface area. Plug it in, lay it down and I will feel better. The package had a plug in, control system, heating pad and manual. I use all of the different temperatures. The pad warms up very fast. I like warm weather. Sometimes I like it hot. I like that there is something for everyone. The cord is 10 feet long and I don't have a problem with it reaching wherever I am sitting. I have fallen asleep on it before, but I had no reason to worry because it shuts off after 2 hours. My back pain has been getting better since I started using this.

👤There is only one small issue. It is a pain when it shuts off and can't restart. You can't use it if you have multiple error codes. It takes a lot of attempts to try and get it unplugged. It starts again but is frustrating.

7. Comfytemp Electric Settings Shoulders Washable

Comfytemp Electric Settings Shoulders Washable

Are you feeling unwell? The back heating pad is designed to relax muscles, improve circulation of blood, and soothe away tensions of your shoulders, legs, knee, joint, menstrual and lower back pain. Want an easy way to use a heating pad? It's easy for you to operate and choose the most comfortable temperature with their small heating pad. Would you like to enjoy chronic heat therapy? Hold the button for 3s to enter stay on mode, it will give you constant heat without auto shut off, and you will enjoy heat therapy all the time until you turn it off. Do you want dry heat therapy? moist heat therapy provides more effective relief, and the heating pad features both moist and dry heat therapy. Just mist the surface. How to clean is upsetting. The flannel used to make the small electric heating pad is very soft to touch. It's easy to wash after detaching the controller.

Brand: Comfytemp

👤This is for on top of a body only, no weight on it, according to the information sheet inside the package. That makes it useless for low back pain. It's not good for a cat bed. I wouldn't have bought it, that should be stated in the online ad.

👤The heating pad I've always owned is a hard plastic that doesn't get flexible until you heat it up. It has a thin cloth cover which comes off of the plastic and exposes you to the edges and corners which are sharp and pokey. This one is made of soft and flexible plastic, so it can't come off, and the cover is a heating pad, so it can't be torn. It seems like a small difference, but it's a much better product.

👤I have had a lot of pain on my sides since I had a stone, but this heating pad is great for when it is really cold.

👤Quickly turn around. The product is good. I didn't give a 5 star because it was advertised in a way that made it seem as though it was larger. That was the selling point, but it's still good.

👤I only had it for a couple of weeks but I absolutely love it. It's easy to put anywhere you need it. So far, so good! It works well.

👤The size is perfect for my needs and the auto shut off is a plus. My back feels better.

👤This is a great heating pad. I'm using it for my lower back and it just wraps around.

8. XXX Large Electric Ultra Soft Temperature Machine Washable

XXX Large Electric Ultra Soft Temperature Machine Washable

Their heating pad is large enough to help reduce muscle spasms, as well as keep you warm in the cold. The heated pad is made of high-quality 100% polyester and provides a soft finish along with even heat distribution throughout the whole heating pad. High quality materials make it sturdy and heat to penetrate tissue of pain area. Fast-Heating Technology. This heating pad can warm up in a few seconds thanks to the fast-heating technology of the thermal therapy wrap. It is possible to save from arthritis, poor circulation and cold weather with a heating pad. The heating pad has 6 heat levels and can be adjusted to fit your comfort level. If you don't turn off, it will auto-off. It saves energy and keeps you safe. Therapy for dry and moist skin. The heating pad can be used for dry heat therapy. moist heat therapy can be done with the heating pad. It is a therapy to relieve pain. Deep penetration and more effective relief are provided by moist heat therapy. Please read the guide carefully.

Brand: Htiosn

👤My title says it all, for such a huge heating pad it turned out to be a few inches too narrow, but still works better than any smaller heating pad. It doesn't get as hot as a standard small heating pad, coming in at it's hottest setting to be about equal to the medium to medium-low setting of any of my regular sized heating pads, which is a huge let down. Some family members are more satisfied with it than I am, but they still prefer the higher heat of our regular heating pads. It does help when you need lower heat over a larger area at the same time.

👤The XXXL size is very large. The bigger size can go around my back and ribs. I can wash this because there are no hot spots. We sweat with the heat. It is lightweight and easy to pack for trips. The heating pad can be folded easily. All your electronics cords can be carried with the cord. The color doesn't transfer to sheets because it gets hot, but it's great because you can use it multiple times a day. That has happened to me. I got hurt in 2001 and the heating pads have come a long way.

👤It looks good. The auto shut down feature is too fast.

👤We waited 15 minutes and it didn't heat up fast.

👤I only get a year out of my heat pads, but I managed 29 days with this one. Don't spend your money in this one. The remote wouldn't heat. I unplugged and plugged it back in, but it didn't work. Even though the heat pad was not heating, the screen felt warm to the touch. I suspect that the remote is the cause of any other heat pads that sport it. I have never been so disappointed with a heat pad. It would let out a very quiet buzzing which could be very annoying very quickly.

👤I need eight heating pads. I liked the one in the box. The size of it and the quality of it. I was surprised to find that it was too hot for me to use. I could use the towel on the lowest setting if I laid it between my shirt and it. I don't know if the way is designed or not.

👤I was expecting this to be ok since the size was so large, but I was pleasantly surprised. It covers my entire back from neck to bottom, it's nice to have multiple settings. It's a plus that it's soft and flexible. If it does not hold up, will update later. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wash the cord.

9. Aholard Electric Heating Pad Settings

Aholard Electric Heating Pad Settings

There is an extra large heat pad for pain relief. The Extra Large 30" x 16" King Size Heating Pad reaches ideal temperature in seconds, and delivers a stream of heat to the affected area, quickly relief the pain of waist, shoulder, neck, knees, abdomen and legs, unbearable, post-surgery and discomfort. The fast heating pad can be used for moist heat therapy. Protect the body from poor blood circulation, arthritis, cold uterus and cold weather by using moist heating pad. Just spray a mist on the pad surface and you will be able to relax. Don't soak. You can easily adjust the temperature to accommodate the comfort level, with 6 heat settings and 4 auto-off Timers. Flexible microplush adjusts to your body shape for maximum effect. flannel is very soft to the touch and skin friendly. The Soft Heating Pad can be washed after the control panel is removed. If there is a problem, please feel free to contact them, they will provide a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Aholard

👤The heating pad is easy to use and soft. It covers the length of my back. The heating pad that gets hard andwrinkles up is not this one. This is soft drapes that you need.

👤It was great for about 30 days. The controls start at a medium range. You have to go all the way through to get back to the lower heat settings. The timer shuts off when it decides to. I'm back to looking for a good heating pad.

👤A great heating pad. It was soft as silk. The heating pads are shorter. This one is 30 in length. How long you want it to stay on is up to you. Can't go wrong with this purchase.

👤We put it at the foot of the bed, under the covers, and turned it on five minutes before the first person goes to bed. It used to take hours to thaw your feet out in the winter in a drafty old house. Your feet are warm in minutes. My wife has taken to buying them and sending them to friends and family, and all the reports are positive. Everyone likes the size, with some using it on their back in a chair, while others use it as a blanket on the bed. People with arthritis tell her that it eases their pain, and others say it just makes them feel better. We have no complaints about amother six inches in length.

👤The heating pad worked as expected. The cover is soft, the controls are easy to use, and the pad puts out a lot of heat, level 1 is perfect for me, I only turned it up to level 2 once since receiving it. The cord attachment is very good, but the problem I've had with other pads is that the connection comes loose during use. I wish it had a longer cord.

👤I have used both of them several times a day for three months. They work well. This is perfect. It gets hot enough for me on level 3. I have rib issues and just wrap two around my ribs and get everything warm. The covering is very soft. I like that it has a timer on it so you won't leave it unattended.

👤I bought a second after buying the first. It is soft. There are 5 levels to the heat setting. The lowest setting was said to be high enough by another reviewer. I agree that it is the highest setting you will want. The four levels of time are convenient, although I usually pick the longest available time. The size of the pad is generous. I could always use a bigger one, but this one is more adequate. I find heat helps relieve pain in my back and sides. This pad works for me.

👤I love this product. I rarely increase the heat output past level setting #2 because it is so soft. When I lay on it for my back and it cools, it does so in a way that requires you to stretch it back out, but it doesn't stretch out very well. It came out great after I washed it in my washing machine.

10. Electric Heating HULUNI Setting Shut Off

Electric Heating HULUNI Setting Shut Off

The heating pad is made of super soft flannel and has a skin-friendly texture. There are multiple heat settingTINGs. The electric heating pad has settings for heat, timer and level. You can choose between low, medium or high temperature heat settings. Muscle sore is a good question to ask. The heating pad is good for pain relief. It is possible to relieve back pain by heating for a few seconds. You can personalize your hyperthermia by choosing dry heat or moist heat therapy to meet your needs and achieve faster results. The auto shut-off timer can be used to help avoid overheating. The machine is washable. The heating pad is large enough to cover your shoulders, neck and back. Cleaning the heating pad is very convenient.

Brand: Huluni

👤Love it. It is long so it can get a light in your back. Very soft. The part that is amazing is how hot it gets. It has a timer that you can set. And then it stops. I have a different type that will shut off but the light will stay on. It is a great purchase. I would like to have one in the den and one in the bedroom.

👤This thing gets hot. I use it on a 3 and it's uncomfortable. It's good for back pain. It's soft and comfortable. I don't like that you have to turn it on before you use it, and then adjust the heat and time setting. I highly recommend this heating pad.

👤I use heating pads to manage my pain. I'm also hard on them. I only had this one for a week. I sleep on it every night and many cheap ones break on me in the first week. I've never had a heating pad like this before. You can't feel the wires of other heating pads. It's soft and warm, so it can do its job. I will buy several if it lasts a month or two. This one is very good.

👤The controller won't be a problem for every buyer. The controller is in the cords. I use the heating pad in a way that is unhandy. Not a big problem. I make it work. The different heat levels and timers give you a lot of options.

👤The heating pad is easy to use. We probably used it 10 times. The unit started to smell like burning electrical when it short circuited during our most recent use. The spot that looks bleached out is where the electrical fire nearly started. We smelled it and knew what the source was. This product is dangerous for buyers.

👤I would have to say something. The customer service I received was amazing, they dealt with the problem and sent me a new one. You will not regret it. It gets the job done and I will be laying on it as I write this review.

👤I have a heating pad that helps me fight a bad lower back. Its perfect! Exactly what I needed. The controller is easy to understand and the time setting makes it easy to relax without worrying about it staying on for hours! Let me tell you about the heat. Wow! I keep mine on a solid 6 because it gets hot. It's a must have for anyone dealing with back problems. Would definitely recommend!

👤This is a great heating device. Three different timers are perfect for shutting off. It gets very hot only at a 5 setting. I start it at 5 and it gets hot after a while. It works well.

11. GENIANI Electric Heating Cramps Relief

GENIANI Electric Heating Cramps Relief

Works like magic on sheep. The heating pad for back pain relief provides a stream of heat to the affected area, eases back pain, and provides pleasant muscle relaxation. There is more information about the greatest piece of HeAVEN. The heating pad for neck and shoulders is very soft and warm. Flexible microplush can adapt to your body shape. You can choose a low, medium, or high-temperature mode for heating pads if you need it. Pick the most comfortable one and get what you want. It is easy to care for heating pads for back pain in a king size. The heating pads with auto shut off make sure your safety. There is a 3-year warranty and aSLE-FREE REPLACEMENT. The Geniani heating pads have a 3-year warranty. They will tackle your issue this day.

Brand: Geniani

👤The heating pad is amazing. That term is no longer used. We all grew up with the old style 12x12 plastic and vinyl. What a change. The pad is very soft and will cover my spine. The size is perfect. I had lower back surgery in 2000 because of sports injuries. I use it every day. I bought one for my mother, who has both diseases. She uses it for her legs. The old tired sunbeams were thrown away. Alex is the owner of this company. He is proud of his service in the Army. The family designed the product. Thanks for your service and the work you did to make the heating pad you have. Thank you so much!

👤I have purchased 8 of these for personal use. I have been very happy with all of them. The style and control have changed. It's hard to tell what the temperature is. The previous control was easy to understand and read. The auto off stopped after two hours. The new design shuts off after a few minutes. I may have received a bad one. The change of functions and the style of control. I'll be researching another heating pad.

👤After buying this item, I fell in love with it, I have never owned a heating pad before, but I took my chances with this one being that it was affordable, looked comfortable and had great ratings! It was packaged nicely and shipped very fast. I received a thank you letter from the brand's owner, which is rare. I can not sleep without this item. It has a very soft and comfortable side that almost feels like a blanket. If you are looking to buy, this is the one. I have had mine for a little over a year and have not had any issues or concerns. I said it heats up really quickly.

👤This is one of the best heating pads I have ever owned. It keeps a comfortable temperature and shuts itself off. I bought this one after buying another of the same brand for my husband. I bought another one for myself because he always wanted it back. It's not a hot plastic pad covered in fabric like my previous unit, but a soft warm nice size heating pad, which the entire pad heats up... It works to relieve the pains in my back. This unit is recommended to friends by me.

👤It has exceeded my expectations so far. The material is very soft and warm. If you like it hot, I have found that placing a pillow or blanket over it ramps up the heat. The heat alone is adequate. I use it a lot and it helps with loosened up after Hiit exercises. If you don't know, heat therapy increases blood circulation to an area which promotes healing and pliability. I don't know why some people think it doesn't get very hot. They either have rough skin or a faulty unit. Buy it! Please indicate if this review helped.


What is the best product for electric heating pad for back pain relief?

Electric heating pad for back pain relief products from Comfytemp. In this article about electric heating pad for back pain relief you can see why people choose the product. Mighty Bliss and Andola are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric heating pad for back pain relief.

What are the best brands for electric heating pad for back pain relief?

Comfytemp, Mighty Bliss and Andola are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric heating pad for back pain relief. Find the detail in this article. Toberto, Comfier and Aukfa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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