Best Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain

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1. Electric Shoulders Fast Heat Mia Coco

Electric Shoulders Fast Heat Mia Coco

The large heating pad is for the full back and neck. The electric pad helps you get rid of back, shoulder and neck pain by relaxing your muscle with hot warm therapy, and reducing aches, it also increases blood flow to the source of the pain to accelerate tissue healing. It is safe to use with a certificate. The heating pad is built to be of high quality and can be used with confidence if you follow the User Manual. The surface is soft and comfortable. Premium flannel is used to make the pad soft and warm to touch and cover your back, neck, shoulders, legs, and stomach. Three heating levels and auto-off The controller has a switch that will automatically shut off the temperature in 90 minutes if you set it too high. The controller is comfortable to hold. Machine-Washable. You can wash the pad by hand or by using the User Manual.

Brand: Mia&coco

👤I use this heating pad almost daily. I'm wearing it as I write this review. The larger size is great and I like how long it is. It's made for everyone. It's long enough to cover my son's back. I'm 5'8" and it covers every part of me that hurts, from my neck to shoulders to back. It covers my butt. A warm tushie is nothing better. I can feel a big difference in the tightness of my muscles after using this. It's easy to put on. There are snaps around the neck and a strap around the waist that keep it in place. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The heat controller has a button that lets you choose between levels of heat. The level 3 heat is perfect for when I'm not feeling well. The muscles really felt it. If you accidentally fall asleep, the 90 minute auto-off function is great. I haven't washed it yet, but it's supposed to be machine washed. I'm going to have to buy one for my son because he and I love this so much.

👤Absolutely love this heating pad. This is a large pad that fits your entire back and is secured around your neck so you don't have to worry about it slipping off. The material is very soft and hot. If you suffer from back pain, this is a must buy.

👤This is very soft and covers me well. The heat goes all over the body. I thought it wasn't hot enough, but then it got cook'in! It works great for wrapping my legs and feet. I am happy that I can use this for different areas and needs. I hope it works over time. I still use this almost every day. I took away one star because it only has one timer. I would like to see at least two options for 1 and 3 hours. You have to keep turning it on and off because the hour goes by quickly.

👤I ordered it for my husband. He experiences neck and shoulder pain when he is at the computer. My husband can wear the heating pad while he works. It is comfortable and soft. The multi level heat allows him to adjust the temperature. Highly recommend!

👤This soft, warm, heavenly goodness has been a game-changer for my back and shoulders, because I sit for 12 hours a day in front of my computer. Highly recommended!

👤The heating pad is great for back pain. It covers your entire back, more than any other heating pad we have ever had, and when you suffer from severe back pains it can be very comforting and soothing. It's not designed to fit plus size people and is tight around the neck, so it's not possible to use a tie around the waist to hold it in place, and it's not possible to snap it together for either of us in our household. It is worth keeping in mind if you are a plus size person, as this overall has not been a huge deal. The biggest disappointment was the fact that there is no heating in the neck and it is not helpful for neck pains. If you just need it for back pains, then this wouldn't be an issue.

2. Heating Electric Heat Cramps Relief

Heating Electric Heat Cramps Relief

The Full Body Relax electric heating pad is perfect for back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms, etc. The product has a fast heating function. The temperature range is from 40 to 60. The auto shut off function has a timer function which allows it to shut off from 30 to 120 minutes, which is very safe and energy saving. High-quality flannel, soft material and better insulation effects can be found in this skin-friendly fabric. The cable connection must be disconnected and the hand washing or machine wash must be done below 30 C. The heating pad should be easy to clean. The heating pads wrap 1-year quality insurance for a free replacement process.

Brand: Haoxuandianzi

👤I ordered a heating pad for myself. It works very well when I am allowed to use it. The heating pad has a plush covering. There are a lot of selections and a timer in the temp control. I am very happy with it and my friend "Ricky" is also very happy with it.

👤My wife's old heating pad was not safe. It looked ugly! I surprised her with a gift and she was happy. She uses her heating pad all year long. The range of settings is impressive, but it is a simple on/off switch to use your favorite setting. Simple. Not confusing. She reports it is very hot. All of the safety bells and whistles are present. The power cord is easy to detect and can be washed. She says that this is a great news for professional heating pad users. You can leave it on the couch. We do. The heating pad has been put to the test and is exceeding expectations because we are Seniors who don't go out during this time. We don't know if we will try the steam heat feature. Please, just heat. It is delivered. When I surprise her with a gift she loves, I love it! I want to thank Amazon for making me look good again. This review was informative and entertaining. Questions? You can ask for an honest answer.

👤My wife has back pain and I got this. I had gotten her a heating pad before, but it seemed as though everything kept catching on to it, and would be filled with lint and hair by the morning. It would die out after an hour of use, and it was an issue as well. She was in so much relief when she started using the heating pad. The heating pad had multiple options on the remote which is great because you can change it up. The pad is very comfortable to have on your back all night and doesn't cause any pain. The biggest take away was how soft it is, it feels amazing in the heat to have some pain relief.

👤Let's get down to it. The human thought it was for him. It wasn't. It was for me. I like heat and the human has a/c that gets cold. I sleep on this most of the time. It shuts off. When the timer expires, this doesn't do me any good. I sleep longer than the timer does. I need one of these that will stay on for at least 20 hours a day. I will convince the human to buy it if you make it. He is trained to do my bidding.

👤I rely on heating pads for my back pain. I use a heating pad every day to deal with the pain, and sometimes I think I could benefit from having 2 of them to target different parts of my back. I decided to buy another heating pad. I received this today and am laying on it right now. The first thing I noticed was how soft it is. I wanted to keep rubbing my hand on the heating pads because they are really soft and comfortable, but this one takes it to the next level. It has 6 different temp settings and 4 different timer settings. I'm enjoying it right now, and it heats up. I was very happy with my purchase.

3. Sunbeam Premium Heating Xpress Technology

Sunbeam Premium Heating Xpress Technology

Soothe aches with fast heat therapy, XpressHeat heats up the pad in 30 seconds, 3 times faster than standard heating pads, so you get relief fast. The digital controller is easy to use, it lets you switch between personalized heat settings, and it helps you conserve energy. The machine-washable fabric pad in luxurious microplush is soft and easy to care for. Plug in any 120 AC electrical outlet. There is plenty of coverage king size/XL pad that measures 12 x 24 and has an extra-long 9 foot power cord. The Watts are 180W for a 5 year limited warranty. You can relax in comfort without having to wake up and turn off the pad.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤This was purchased in October of last year. I used this product a lot. I was happy. I didn't bend it or wash it. I had to get ready to leave because of the recent fires in LA. The heating pad was unplugged for 2 weeks. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn't engage. I tried all of the instructions. I was patient and precise with the process of turning it off, holding the power button and then reverting to F. I tried different plugs in the house. I need the heat because my back hurts from the fire. I will not buy this one again. There are many other complaints of the same thing happening with customers who bought this model. After a year, the worker stops working. It takes a lot to write a bad review. I try to give the benefit of the doubt, but I am not happy with this product.

👤The heating pads have failed in less than a year. The parent company wants to know if you are returning it again, after they stop working and after you return three different heating pads. That is not in the policy. We should let them know that the problem is not theirs to solve, they can replace it for free. Have had trouble getting replacements.

👤I bought the Xpressheat heating pad in Burgundy to replace a smaller heating pad that my family had for 15 years. The original showed us through muscle and ear pains. We knew we had to get another one. After opening and using the new Xpressheat, we found the original heating pad, a Z-1228-001, with aremovable cover. C'est la vie. A family of four with a wife who is seemingly continually cold can use two heating pads. After a week of owning the Xpressheat, the following review offers our experiences, which will compare my old Sunbeam to my new one. There are pros and cons. The controller is made of rubbery plastic and is 3' longer than my old one. The heat level is shown in the large numbers. The buttons are well executed. The built-in heat meter has anLED that starts dim and grows brighter as the pad reaches full heat. The lighting on the Pad indicates the mode that is selected. Xpressheat is twice as large as my old pad, so it provides more heating area on your back, or as a wrap around legs. The old pad takes five minutes to reach full heat, whereas the new one takes almost immediately. Shell has a soft plush side and a side similar to heating pads that give you a direct-heat experience. Hand- washing should be a snap with the material used. I am not entirely sure I will take that route, but the instructions note the pad is machine washed. Don't douse or soak the pad with water, it's damp-heat therapy. Some pads use a cheap foam insert for damp heat. On dry skin, damp-heat therapy is great. The cord is disconnected from the pad. I worry about the cord being twisted when I store it, but you won't have to worry about that. The instructions included with the pad give a five-year warranty from Sunbeam. The controller housing is a lighter-duty plastic. I worry a lot with other reviewers showing pics of their controllers melting. This was the highest rated pad in its class. I thought I would give it a try with the five-year warranty. Product page specifications measure in at 12”x 24” Pad measures in at 23.50x23.50 That is a full inch of heated goodness lost. Why? The heating elements are thinner than my old one. I see thinner as something that can break or stop working better than the Xpressheats. Time will tell. * heating pads are usually needed when you are sick. If you're sick, you want to be able to wash your pad after use. We can remove the old pad and machine wash the pillow cases my wife makes. The plastic shell can be cleaned using a bleach solution. Cleaning will be more complicated with the Xpressheat. I am confused by the instructions on how to wash the pad. The safety instructions part of the insert tells you not to crush pads. It makes sense. You don't want to hurt the elements. The washing instructions show you how to wash the pad. It seems like a bad idea to submerge and machine wash electrical components. During washing cycles, washing machines have tendencies to bunch, crush, and fold things. I think I will stick to hand washing, which will make cleaning the pad a little more difficult, but will likely ensure longevity. The controller on my older pad does get warm. It got warm, but didn't get too hot to hold. It has lighting built into it and is handling an electrical load. Time will tell how well it does. I will use the auto-off when I use the pad at night, in case I fall asleep. Recommended purchase? Yes, so far. I think it is a four-star experience. The controller housing and thinner heating elements lose one star. It is a four-star in that the Xpressheat is just as hot as my old one, and much, much faster to boot. I like the larger heating area of the Xpressheat and the fact that it provides a different heating experience than my old pad, which only offered mild hot, hotter, and "are you kidding me!" settings I have reservations about how easy it will be to clean the Xpressheat's plush pad, but it is very soft compared to our old pad. It has become the go-to heating pad in our house. Give it a try. It will become your go-to as well. If I have a reason to change my review, I will do so as soon as possible. Happy heating.

4. Heating XXX Large Electric Shoulders Washable

Heating XXX Large Electric Shoulders Washable

Extra-large 17” x 33” electric heating pad is perfect for treating sore muscles that target your back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms. It is possible to relieve pain with a hot pad. Intimate Gear Adjustment Enjoy a rapidly heating pad for back pain relief with an ergonomics LCD controller featuring 6 heat settings from warm to high heat based on your comfort level Provides relief from sore muscles and other pains. TheOKK heating pads are specifically designed to fit your curvy body type, with high-quality flannel, soft plush material and better insulation. The cable connection should be disconnected and the hand washing or machine wash should be done in delicate mode. The built-in NTC thermistor for overheating protection and 2 hour auto shut-off feature help you conserve energy and prevent excessive heating and irritation towards the skin. Warming up the muscles with a heating pad will give you warmth in seconds and moist heat therapy will help treat a variety of pains. Do not fold or wrap the heated pad. There is a 5-year warranty and free replacement. Use with confidence.

Brand: Okk

👤I wanted the heating pad to be the perfect solution for sore muscles. Medium heat temperature is not provided by the heating temperature even at the highest level. It's not clear what this product would be beneficial for. Had to return it. I bought a heating pad from Mighty Bliss. Excellent levels of heat are created by it. There is a This is something I recommend.

👤The long cord is nice. It does not provide enough heat output compared to other smaller pads we have purchased in the past. That is the biggest issue.

👤This heating pad is very nice. It's been the most comfortable heating pad I have ever used. I get lower back pain a lot. I have severe abdominal and hip pain throughout the month. The heating pad has helped a lot. The aches, pains, and cramps are usually alleviated by using this pad along with Advil or Tylenol. There are 6 heating settings on this heating pad. I haven't used the settings passed 3 yet. Setting 3 gets very warm, and I haven't needed more heat than this. I could see the level 6 setting doing the trick if you needed a deep reach. When I turn it on again and hit the button to increase, it automatically goes to the last level I was on, which is usually 3. The heating pad is very warm. It takes about 30 seconds to get to the level 3 heat. The heating pad is large. When I have back pain, I usually lay the total length of my back. It covers my body. The box says it can be, but the insert says not to. There is a It does the job well. I'm getting this one again if this ever breaks.

👤I hurt my neck and shoulder and have been using a heating pad to loosen it. Even with my back, it covers everything. The heating pad is double the size of my old one. Not to mention, it's so much better to heat up. I can only choose 2 temperatures because my old one only has low and high settings. I can choose from a variety of temperatures with this heating pad. The temperatures are regulated with numbers. I've tried the 1 and 2 and 888-349-8884, but 888-349-8884 I went up to 5 and 6 but those are too hot for me. The heating pad has many different levels of heat and it helps more than my old one. Great for everyone.

👤My husband gave me this one for Christmas. I used it four times. It stopped working today. No heat, no light, no electricity. I had other heating pads before. They lasted a long time. There is a The OKK XXXL heating pad is a piece of junk.

5. Electric Adjustable Temperature Settings Charcoal

Electric Adjustable Temperature Settings Charcoal

The heating pad is made of soft fabric. It is easy to clean and feels smooth. It is easy to maintain and stay soft. It's extra large and can be used to cover the major muscle pains in your neck, back, shoulders, abdomen, or legs, while the 7.5 foot cord allows you to enjoy it on your bed, chair, couch. SAFE & FAST: The heating options are from 98 F to 140 F and there are 4 timers. Automatic extinguishing and a built NTC packing layer could help avoid overheating. Within 30 seconds it could be heated. Dry heat therapy is a method of therapy. You can relax your body by using heat pads. It gives a warm, comfortable feeling when you have back pain. If you want to loosen your muscles and get ready for exercise, spray wet on the heat pad. Warm tips and warranty. If the heating pad is not plugged into the power, the controller will flash, if the heating pad works for a period of time automatically shut down, it is turned on the overheating protection, please press the power button again to turn on the power. If you have any issues with the heating pad, please contact them. They will give you a 60-day free return and a free replacement.

Brand: Toberto

👤The heat levels seem to vary from really hot to burn you hot. The last heating pad I used was on the highest setting. I use this one on the lowest. The timer goes off without warning. It can't be counted on. I set it for a couple of hours. Sometimes it stays on for 2 hours, and other times it goes off after 15 minutes. I'm not sure how long it will last. It hasn't been a month since I ordered it, and it's stopped working. It would turn on, but then shut off within a few minutes. It won't turn on tonight. If I could, I would give this one zero stars.

👤I would have liked to keep the box to return. I got a heating pad a few weeks ago. It won't stay on for more than 10 minutes. There is a bright green and red light on the switches. My number blinks constantly, probably because it is going to break soon, and it is a bright red number. The bright lights are not relaxing in a dark room. The control box is large. I wish I had bought a different heating pad.

👤The heating pad does work. Instructions say to put one side toward your skin. The outside is the other side. I went back to the directions to check out the section that I missed, and realized that I had missed something. If you look at the side with the plug-in part on the upper left, you will see the hot side of the pad. If the plug-in part is on the upper right, it doesn't deliver enough heat. I have never ordered Sunbeam before, but my last one came with all its wires in a flat piece. They warned against making sharp folds in it if it folds. You can't get it to unfold. I used to own a Sunbeam. When it heated up, it was smelling like it was burning, and had developed a sharp crease despite my care. I was looking for a soft, flexible heating pad, and I found one that sounded good, but there were reviews that said it didn't heat up. It is easier to keep it straight and there is no plastic inside the heating pad. The pad is very hot. It has a plug for the pad itseld which only fits one way. The plug part could be put in backwards. It wouldn't work because it would generate a fault signal. The plug-in part had to be reversed. That was a problem. The heating pad is better designed and less expensive. My daughter should buy this brand instead of the new one if she needs a new one, as I am very glad to have this new brand. Sunbeam used to have a piece of plastic in it. I was replacing an older Sunbeam when I bought the one with the stiff plastic piece in it. I am reviewing a heating pad that is far superior. I am very happy with it.

6. CAROMIO Heating Relief Electric Shoulders

CAROMIO Heating Relief Electric Shoulders

The electric heating pad with the fast-heating technology will heat up fast to your desired temperature, you will immediately feel the soothing heat on your skin, helping with full back, neck, shoulder pain relief or muscle aches. There is a large heating pad. The heating pad has full-body and snug coverage. The heating wrap is designed to relieve cold and sore muscles. The back, shoulders and neck heating pad can be applied to the waist, abdomen, legs, and more. The electric heating pad with auto shut off has 4 different heat levels, which can be chosen by you using the remote control. The temperature range is from 45C to 60C. The heating wrap stays in place around the back, neck, and shoulder areas using snap fasteners, weighted edges, and straps. The heat pad wrap and power cord are stable. Lifetime warranty. Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX makes better and safer user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. Care: The controller detaches so you can wash the heating pad.

Brand: Caromio

👤I have had lower back surgery and may have to have it again, this heating pad is the best I have ever had, the ones I bought from the stores were always too hot for me, so for me low. Sometimes I have to lower it to warm, but I love that it does the neck, shoulders and back at the same time.

👤I love this heating pad and have had many. This one covers your entire body. Even though it has several settings, it never has to turn the heat up past warm. Great for helping the neck and shoulder. There is a bonus in the front. The material is very soft. I like the navy blue color. A very rich looking person. It is a plus that the cord is long. This is the best heating pad I have ever had.

👤This is great! It covers my back, neck, shoulders, and upper chest. It is comfortable and the weighted edge with magnetic closure keeps it in place without being too heavy, which I was concerned about. I love how I can leave the front part of the chair in place when I'm not using it, because the weighted flaps keep it in place.

👤It has great coverage. Lots of heat. I use it for my Psoriatic arthritis, to warm up before and after my exc bike or yoga workouts, and on days when I can't do it all.

👤The Pad has a Weighted collar. It feels great when it's in place. It's hard to position due to arthritis. The neck collar is very hot but not on the neck band. Not sorry I bought it. I wish the collar temp was more regulated, and I wish that I wasn't so heavy to use it. .

👤Wow! This heating pad is my favorite. I get a lot of muscle in my shoulders and back. The heating is perfect. It calms my pain. It feels good. There was no wires in your back. This is the heating pad for you if you feel like your muscles are tight. The heat gets to me the minute it starts. It has a timer as well.

👤The design is super cozy. It covers the neck and shoulders. Adheres to upper body with tie belt. Warmth and soft texture relieve tired muscles. I was glad I bought it. It's also reasonably priced.

👤When we received it, there was a smell that was similar to a medicine and it took about 15 days to use it. I've never used it with anything. I'm not sure if I was sold a used product. I loved it while it worked. The shoulder bits have wonderful weights.

7. Heating Pad Electric Measures Adjustable

Heating Pad Electric Measures Adjustable

It is possible to use a heating pad for back or neck pain, or to use a moist heat pack to relieve it. The portable heating pad is great for travel, it has a soft microplush fibers heat heating pad. The heating pad comes with an auto off so you can sleep after 2 hours. Extra large heating pads for periods. It should be used for all places on your body. Measures 24 x 12 and is skin friendly.

Brand: Medical King

👤I'm very disappointed. I have tried several other heating pads and seem to end up with the same issue, so I was really looking forward to using this one. The heating pad is soft and red, it's just the right size. I tried every setting on the control pad and it was the same very low heat. The highest was the same as the lowest. I was wondering if I got a did. Possibly. I purchased this one because of the positive reviews I've read.

👤The heating pad is great. My biggest problem right now is my back pain. The heart shaped piece that connects from the pad to the cord gets very hot, and I don't like it. I got burned when I touched it. It wasn't a serious burn, but it should be noted that it gets hot.

👤A nice heating pad. It was packaged in a small box and I was a little nervous when it arrived. It's great. It's large enough to wrap around my waist. I am currently suffering from joint pain and this has helped. It stays warm with no cold spots. It has an on and off switch which seems like it should be standard but I have gotten several in the past with no off option, you had to wait for the timer to run out. Multiple heat settings, multiple timer options, and an auto shut off are included in this. It's great for using at night. All were very happy with this!

👤I bought this as a back-up to my larger heating pad. I wasn't looking for high quality. I was pleasantly surprised. It worked well, and I like the fact that you can choose from four different time frames before it shuts off. It's a very good product.

👤Purchase this because I needed it for surgery. I started using it at the end of November, but it doesn't work for half the time and the lights are flashing. Unplugging doesn't help either. This was a waste of money, but I really want a lot exchange or full refund. Don't waste your money.

👤I love this heating pad. It is better than the one I had before. It's very soft on the skin and has a lot of heat settings. It's still a great heating pad, but it would've been nice if it had a cover.

👤I like the color red. My husband's pad stays on longer than the one I have. I would recommend this product to others. I don't know if it will warm up after a wash.

👤It's easy to work with many temp choices and a great selection of times.

👤La manta en primera vista est linda, tiene los bordes suaves, and est tener en tu mesa de noche. The cama sin parezca feo de hospital. Tiene un detalle la forma, es demasiado gradual, para llegar a una temperatura. Si quieres una perfecto.

👤The title and description of this product say it can be moist. I received this and read the instructions and it said it couldn't be used wet. It seems very soft and well built. Will make a review after trying it out.

8. Upgraded Comfytemp Electric Settings Backlight

Upgraded Comfytemp Electric Settings Backlight

The electric heating pad can be used to cover larger areas of your back and spine. It helps promote blood circulation and soothe muscle aches and pain, which will give you more effective, targeted pain relief of your lower back, waist, abdomen. The strap is hands-free and can be adjusted. The total length of the heated back wrap can be stretched from 32'' to 51'' and is suitable for most people. It is possible to enjoy hands-free pain relief without slipping or coming loose, please avoid folding it when it is turned on in case of damage. The backlight function and heat settings are listed. Their lower back heating pad has 9 heat settings, which you can use to adjust the temperature to relieve fatigue or keep you warm as the cold sets in. The memory function can help you remember your favorite temperature. The light-up display makes it convenient to use at night. The back heating pad has 5 auto-off timer options, which can be used to stay on and avoid excessive heating and energy waste. With the stay on mode, it will heat continuously without shutting off. This skin-friendly fabric is elegant in texture and super soft to the touch, helps the heating wire spread heat more evenly, providing maximum comfort for your entire body. After removing the controller, the heating pad is machine washed.

Brand: Comfytemp

👤Oh my god, bruh. I've been searching for a heating pad that will give me some relief from my back problems, as well as help me with my chronic pain, which includes sclerosing choriosclerosis, fibro, and more. The heating pads feel like they have two settings. Did I turn it on? The setting where practically no heat is delivered and the second being that I should duct tape my pomeranian to my back because he provides more heat than this heating pad setting. I found a heating pad and am bleeding because I have pain. It was necessary to yell that. I was shook by this pad. You can feel the difference in each level of the heating pad, which has heat from the depths of satan's lair in 9 different settings. It's like 9 different layers of hellfire delivered to the spots that hurt the most. I can jump out of bed to grab my dog when we have a fight. It was a moment and not have to unlatch myself. I thought the pad would be itchy and uncomfy, but it's not; it's very comfortable and like a hug with a person who has suspiciously skinny arms. The pad is smooth and silky, like what I imagine it would be like to lay in a rich person's bed. I don't know what that feels like, but this pad is a great simulation for it. It also has an "on" switch if you don't want it to turn off until you turn it off manually, which is useful. I mean. Wow. If you're looking for a heating pad that finally reaches the pain spots, this is the one. I can't describe how nice it was to find a heating pad that would reach the pain spots. I get hot very quickly. I only use it on level 5, 6, and 7 occasionally. I can't imagine what level 9 would be like. I know that someone out there has pain that needs to be addressed with a body that can handle that level of being cooked alive. But srsly. If you want to feel the heat of the sun harvest and be directed into your worst pain areas, this is the heating pad for you. If you want the normal mediocre heating pad that everyone else offers, you should just go to the grocery store and buy a frozen dinner and heat it up in the microwave, it will have the same effect as those heating. I'm not being coerced into saying anything. I wanted to help other chronic pain sufferers make a good financial decision by taking care of my pain.

👤The device wouldn't turn on every time. It doesn't work within a month. I missed the month return. The money was wasted.

👤My aunt has been having a lot of back pain and I purchased this for her. She said it was very soft and comfortable. She wasn't fond of the fact that it automatically turned off after an hour. She likes it for a couple of hours. She can't turn it back on for another hour.

9. Weighted Extra Large Electric Settings Shut Off

Weighted Extra Large Electric Settings Shut Off

The weighted heating pad has 4 lbs of non-toxic glass beads distributed evenly in 32 grids, which makes it an effective relief from pain and soreness. The 17” x 33” large electric heating pad is more versatile than other small-sized heating pads because it covers your back, shoulders, and lap. You can choose from 6 heating levels ranging from 90F to 140F via the controller to pick the most suitable warmth to relax and ease pain. The multi-layer structure ensures uniform heating and the heating pad has overheating protection and will auto shut off after 2 hours of continuous use. Remove the controller and let the heating pad cool down for 10 minutes before the machine washes.

Brand: Andola

👤If you have any nerve pain that requires heat and compression, here you go! A weighted blanket helps with my seizures. I discovered this weighted heating pad. If you are short like me, the bigger size will allow for neck to low back coverage. The heat and weight help my neck. Best buy for my health!

👤I have had back problems for a while. I sit on a heating pad during the day, but if I lay down it was not hot enough to work. I usually lay on my stomach in bed, so I bought this to use when I do. The heating pad is amazing. It is quite heavy. It gets hot and works great for my back. It is very soft. I think this is one of my favorite purchases. If you accidentally leave the pad from the cord, you have to completely remove it from the wall to get it to work again. It's not a big deal. Definitely would buy again or recommend to others.

👤The weight and softness doesn't help with pain.

👤The product is fine. Large size and weight are not bad. Will not order from the company again. Delivery took forever to ship, no way to communicate with company, can only communicate through Amazon. I canceled the order because it wasn't shipped in time. The product was miraculously shipped from the distributor the next day.

👤The heat control was off. Two settings were very hot. This is the reason I came back. I bought a different brand. The Rev. Bishop is Namaste.

👤The product works well. It has 6 heat settings and an automatic shutoff. It's very warm when I put it on setting 3. It's weighted and stays in place.

👤I didn't know that the heating pad's weight was what I wanted. I pressed my heating pad into where my pain was. I was surprised at how heavy the heating pad was. I don't find myself pressing it into the areas where I need it because of the weight. The delivery was fast and the padding was soft. I would recommend this to anyone who uses a heating pad frequently and needs to adjust it to get to the places where they want it to stay. It's like getting a warm blanket and a good night's sleep after a long day and waking up to a pain free day. It was worth it all.

👤This unit was not warm enough for me. I like a warm place to rest. The weight and size was nice. I warm the bed with a heating pad before I get in. It seemed to stop working. Maybe it's a safety issue, but not what I wanted.

10. Electric Heating Settings Comfortable Polyester

Electric Heating Settings Comfortable Polyester

Pain and Sore Muscle Relief can be achieved with a heating Pad. The electric pad helps you get rid of back pain by relaxing your muscles with hot warm therapy. Please don't use it in moist condition. It is safe to use with a certificate. The heating pad is built to be of high quality and can be used with confidence if you follow the User Manual. The surface is soft and comfortable. The pad is made of 100% Polyester and is soft and warm to touch, covering your back, neck, shoulders, legs, and stomach. Three heating levels and auto-off The controller has a switch that will automatically shut off if it's too warm, so you can easily set the temperature between 3 levels. The controller is comfortable to hold. Machine-Washable. You can wash the pad by hand or by using the User Manual.

Brand: Starkit

👤Digital heat pads can glitch. Lock on the time out screen, or just flash lights, saying the auto shut off was used, but never being able to turn the heat pad back on. Even after replugging back in. That glitch is prevented by the fact that this has a slide to turn it off or on. When it cools down, it's soft and doesn't have plastic or stiffening. The texture and reliability of the on/off switch is something I really like.

👤The wire attachment is large and heavy. I bought it because of the size and it's a decent heating pad, but the wire plug is annoying. It's a big hard plastic fixture on an item that is used by people with pains. The heating pad is too big for you to rest comfortably on. The pad is bigger than a standard heating pad, but the extra inches have been sacrificed for the plug.

👤The heating pad is perfect for me. I have pain in my shoulders and upper back. I needed a heating pad that would shut off on its own so I could sleep. This has worked out well. The switch seems cheap. I am afraid that it will be the first thing to go. I am completely happy with the price.

👤It's okay. I don't like where they put the power cord to the pad. I have to place a towel over the connection part because it gets uncomfortable. I hate the blinking light that doesn't go off after the auto shuts off, but it stays heated for most of the time. The blinking light was on the entire day when I forgot to shut it off. It's not a cool feature or why they added it. I bought 4 of them. I had a heating pad that didn't place the connection portion directly on the pad, but it did have a blinking light when on auto shut off, and I loved it. Can't find it anymore. It's a pity.

👤The heating pad is exactly what I ordered. One of my pups is not feeling well. Her body doesn't move like it used to. Her back half is causing her a lot of pain. I ordered the heating pad for her to lay on to see if it would help. I assume she loves it because on the days she is able to get up and move around she sits directly on top of it. It is very soft to the touch and has 3 levels of heat. Once you turn the power on, it starts to heat up. I would like it to stay on for a bit longer. I have to appreciate the auto shut off feature. I would leave it on all day if I forgot. I'm happy with how this is working out for my dog. I know getting older is hard, but with this pad it's a lot easier.

👤I am using this right now. It is easy to use even if you are elderly and it is listed in the database. The heat is perfect. The cover is very comfortable on my back. It has a safety that shuts off so it isn't always on. The heating pad is very well made.

11. Weighted Shoulders Comfytemp Electric Shoulder

Weighted Shoulders Comfytemp Electric Shoulder

The heating pad is 2.2 lbs and filled with glass beads to make it feel like you are being held or hugged. The glass beads are spread evenly throughout the pad to fit your neck and shoulders better. It instantly relieves neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. There are 9 heat settings and 11 auto-off timers. The weighted heating pad has 9 heat settings that you can use to modify the temperature for heat therapy. There are 11 timers with auto-off settings that can be used to meet different needs. It helps conserve energy and prevents excessive heating. The neck heating pad provides constant heat to meet your needs for continuous pain relief. The auto-off time helps you control heat therapy time. Convenient visibility is provided by the backlight design. The auto-off area is shown in stay-on mode. It's more suitable for tall or strong people, such as men, if you have a Comfytemp oversized electric heating pad with a curved high collar. It fully covers your neck, shoulders, and upper back, which helps relieve chronic pain. The fabric is soft to the touch and helps the heat spread evenly and provides maximum comfort for your entire body. After removing the controller, the heating pad is machine-washable.

Brand: Comfytemp

👤Do the people giving good reviews have legitimate pain? I suffer from a chronic illness that causes neck and shoulder pain. I have been using a weighted heating pad that I warm in the microwave for a while, but I don't like the smell of it and it doesn't stay warm long enough. I finally decided to buy an electric heating pad. This thing doesn't feel weighted. It doesn't feel like it's touching my shoulders, it feels like it's hovering. It's in working condition is the only reason it's getting stars. It turns on, and it gets hotter. It doesn't hug my body like it's supposed to, so it's not enough for me.

👤The product is good, but not the best. It should be a bigger neck opening for people with skinny arms, because it causes stress because of having to adjust it often and not being able to relax. I would like it to have more coverage. It only covers the shoulder blades. The cables are setup in a way that I don't like. I have a control pad with one cable and it is easy to access, but the other one is two cables and it is difficult to adjust temp. You have to wash everything, even though it says it is washable. Not good!

👤This product is not a good one. When I received the product, I thought the remote was broken, so I returned it and received another one. If you want the heat to go up to a level seven, you cannot take the level seven back down because the remote does not work properly. You can go up, but not down. You set the clock for three minutes and there is no way for it to start. You can think that it is going to reset, but it doesn't. There is no phone number for customer support. Try another product.

👤The product doesn't have enough heat to be effective. It is comfortable, but not enough to provide the relieft.

👤This is amazing. The heating pad is as comfortable as the moist heat therapy I received at the clinic. I had to buy another because my husband took mine. The cord is configured in a way that keeps the controls close to the body, and the heat is fast, soft, and easy to use. My favorite color is spa like color. I used it around my neck and it helped me sleep better. I was able to relax and sleep because I was able to wrap my forearms for inflammation and stiffness. I have a dream of finding something like this and I have found something that is not at a doctors office. I like that it is weighted. They were happy to hear that I told them about this so they could recommend their patients. I bought the massage belt and the cold wrap head for my husband, who has a lot of neck and back issues. My husband doesn't sleep well, but now he is sleeping better with this neck and shoulder wrap that I found and purchased, I am more happy for him. I highly recommend this for anyone who has inflammation, pain, or even just trouble sleeping, as I and my husband can fall asleep despite the pain and discomfort that we have which is being soothed with this weighted heating pad. The price point is reasonable and I am happy to be able to get it. Thank you for an excellent product! It has been a long time since I found it here.


What is the best product for electric heating pad for back pain?

Electric heating pad for back pain products from Mia&coco. In this article about electric heating pad for back pain you can see why people choose the product. Haoxuandianzi and Sunbeam are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric heating pad for back pain.

What are the best brands for electric heating pad for back pain?

Mia&coco, Haoxuandianzi and Sunbeam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric heating pad for back pain. Find the detail in this article. Okk, Toberto and Caromio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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