Best Electric Heating Pad for Neck

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1. Massager Shoulders Wearable Auto Shutoff Certified

Massager Shoulders Wearable Auto Shutoff Certified

The Electric Heating Pad with Massage function will give you light relief on the superficial areas of your body. Full coverage to your neck, shoulders, and back is offered by the large size design. It helps to relieve stress and tight muscles. There are 6 heat settings and 4 vibration modes to choose from. The heat settings range from 95F to 140F. There are 4 vibration modes to choose from. It's easy to modify relaxation ways for you. Safety is the top priority. This heating pad has a certification. It will turn off after 2 hours to make sure safety. It's not necessary to worry about forgetting to turn it off. The heat pad could be fixed in the place with the design of weighted edges, snap fasteners, and fixture straps. Easy care. The flannel used in the heating pad is skin-friendly. The cover of the massage heat pad is easy to clean. There are great gift choices in winter.

Brand: Dailylife

👤I am sad that this item is out of stock. I went to AMAZON to buy 2 more. They are all gone. Excellent size and perfect temperatures. I bought heating pads for Christmas, but they were terrible. This was the 7th attempt to get a heating pad item. This is the best heating pad I have ever purchased. The heat is nice and hot for sore backs, legs, or shoulders, and the size fits a man's entire back. The shoulder flaps that come around and snap under the chin are an excellent design. The neck and shoulder flaps are very hot. The heat is distributed all around the product. The material is soft and good quality. The heat levels are what a person with pain, sore muscles, and discomfort needs. I will be buying more of this product. This product has a unique design and is very heat efficient.

👤I was skeptical at first but after using the heating pad I am happy. It is large and covers from my neck down to my waist and I'm average height and it wraps around so I get heat on my back but my neck and shoulders and sides benefit. The auto shut off is a blessing if you get so comfortable you fall asleep and forget it's on, it will turn off after 2 hours. Most of them have three levels of heat, but the six level feature is awesome. I would recommend this heating pad to my family and friends.

👤The heating pad is perfect. It goes over the shoulder and neck area. I have pain in my shoulders, neck, and back, so having these areas treated at the same time is perfect. It puts out a lot of heat.

👤The reason I gave this item 4 stars was because the heating pad fell off. I end up just using it as a heating pad since it's defeated the purpose, and my back is usually in pain. You have to stay close to where it's plugged or else it won't work.

👤The overall size was measured at the shoulder and bottom with a 34" OAL to the neck collar and a 1 1/4" hem around the edge of the entire pad. Non heat. The two pictured are not the only ones with a snap button. A large plastic, two page, info tag at the side hem can not tear away without ruing hem stitching, cut and live with a sharp edge? The material is comfortable. The controller cord is 120" long. The flat heat or one side at a time is what the Pad will make. Wear it if it fits.

👤I bought one a few months ago. It doesn't bunch up like other heating wraps and only has heat in the back region. The heat comes from the shoulders to the back. I bought a second one for myself and a third one for a gift.

👤I have had a heating pad for 5 months. It was great until it stopped working today. I wouldn't purchase again if their customer service was bad.

2. Pure Enrichment PureRelief Fast Heating Temperature

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Fast Heating Temperature

Extra-WIDE 20 X 24 HEATING PAD provides maximum coverage for the lower back, shoulders, legs, and other large muscle groups. This pad can be used to relieve muscle pain. An automatic shut-off timer prevents the pad from overheating after 120 minutes of continuous use, and 6 levels of heat allow you to find the temperature that is just right for sore body parts. Their soft and cozy microplush fabric feels luxurious and it does. Maintenance can be accomplished by tossing it in the wash. Extra-long cord. The 9-foot power cord is great for relaxing in your favorite spaces. It's always a good idea to have soothing heat on your bed, chair, or couch. What you get is a heating pad, a storage bag, a user manual, caring customer support, and a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Pure Enrichment

👤The heating pad was on my back. Customer service is not responding. I was laying on the heating pad wondering why it wasn't getting hot and I felt a zap across my back. I scratched my back when I got up and thought I had been stung by a bug. When I got out of the shower, I noticed a line on my back. The line in the middle was much hotter than the rest. This heating pad is very weak and I think it happened because the rest of the heating pad couldn't get warm enough and the electricity came through one line and burnt my back. I am not sure if this is a product that is prone to malfunction or if it is just a sporadic accident waiting to happen. I cannot trust this product and I want to warn everyone that it can put you in danger, either way customer service hasn't gotten back to me. Imagine if it wasn't my back. My blanket caught on fire. Someone from Pure Enrichment should see this and contact me about the issue.

👤It stopped working on May 1st. It worked well, but it turned off randomly almost every time I used it, but I could turn it back on. It appears to work by the control but not generating heat. It still doesn't after all the plugs have been reset. The 30 day return policy expired 25 days ago, so I will revisit this posting and update on the repair process. The seller replaced me quickly and so far so good. I am very happy with the customer service and the product. Thanks. I will re-post if there is a change within a month or two.

👤This is the best heating pad I have ever owned. It is soft to the touch and not made out of plastic. It has a long cord. The heating pad is very hot. I can't get a heating pad to get hot enough for me. I have to keep it around 4. Within a minute, you can feel heat in it. The heat is uniform so it isn't like a hot spot when you turn it on. I would buy this brand again. Don't spend your time and money on other brands. It is well worth the investment.

👤I used the heating pad that I received. The bag was missing and the box was open. The cord was not held together by a twist tie. I would have expected a new heating pad after spending this amount of money.

👤The heating pad is made well but it doesn't get hot, 6 is the highest setting, and it is medium warm at best, I ordered this because of the great reviews I read, but it doesn't get hot, 6 is the highest setting, and it is medium warm I threw the box away before I tried it because I was shocked that it only got warm.

👤The pad should create enough heat for everyone. It produces between 100 and 104 degrees of surface heat in the open air when lying on a table. In the video below, I moved the thermometer across the edges and across the surface. I think I went off the edge of the heating elements in a few places. It is not very different in temperature. If you wrap your body with a heating pad, you are likely to find it to be uncomfortably hot. I took a photo of the heating pad while it was sitting on my coffee table. The route of the heating wires is shown in red. The temperature in the center is about 104 degrees F and it is warm at the first row of perforations. You can look at the different colors to see if there is a temperature uniformity. The temperature range is represented by each color. This pad is larger than most heating pads. I like the soft brown velour surface of this. The extra size helps me to wrap it around my neck and shoulders.

3. GENIANI Electric Heating Cramps Relief

GENIANI Electric Heating Cramps Relief

Works like magic on sheep. The heating pad for back pain relief provides a stream of heat to the affected area, eases back pain, and provides pleasant muscle relaxation. There is more information about the greatest piece of HeAVEN. The heating pad for neck and shoulders is very soft and warm. Flexible microplush can adapt to your body shape. You can choose a low, medium, or high-temperature mode for heating pads if you need it. Pick the most comfortable one and get what you want. It is easy to care for heating pads for back pain in a king size. The heating pads with auto shut off make sure your safety. There is a 3-year warranty and aSLE-FREE REPLACEMENT. The Geniani heating pads have a 3-year warranty. They will tackle your issue this day.

Brand: Geniani

👤It feels like the controller is going to fall apart. Straight out of the box. It feels like cardboard with wires in it. It's cheap with 3 heat settings. There is no in-between setting. Stay out of it. The 2 hour shut off should be put on a timer. Amazon has heating pads that are a better value. I'm not sure how this got the ratings. People haven't tried to many. This is worse than granny's plastic one.

👤This has nice heat and the settings are different in level. It's soft and easy to position, so it's flexible. If it's plugged in, this thing turns on. It turns back on after a few minutes, but still on.

👤The soft cover is great and the pad is warm. The large length is comfortable for my back. The price is worth it.

👤I haven't had a heating pad since they were plastic and ugly. This one is very soft. It's nice that it's an option, but I haven't washed it yet. It isn't "hot." It is warm on the highest setting. Maybe heating pads don't come with the kind of hot settings they used to. It could be that they can't trust some consumers enough, so the rest of us have to give up some luxuries. It was warm and soft. Not hot enough for me. Otherwise, we'll make.

👤This one is not bunching up inside the fabric cover as my sunbeam pad is. I like this one a lot. Except for the button. It's too easy to hit the button too many times and turn it off. Sometimes our pets will step on it and turn it off. It's a small annoyance, but a fixable one. There are 3 buttons for each heat level and an on/off button with a warm setting. It has an auto off feature that is two hours longer than my last one.

👤I used it the day I received it. I put it to medium heat and it heated up quickly. I decided to raise the settings to high because of the back pain I was having. I turned it off and then on again, but it still didn't heat up. There is trash. I submitted my return.

👤Didn't last more than 2 weeks. Won't turn on anymore. Never really heated up. Within the day, customer service reached out to me and replaced the heating pad. The new one was received 3 days later and it was very satisfied.

👤The size of the heating pads is right. I use it for lower back pain. This product is something I would recommend.

4. Sunbeam Heating SoftTouch Settings AutoOff

Sunbeam Heating SoftTouch Settings AutoOff

The electric hot pad is a great way to soothe aches and pains. 70 watt power. The digital controller is easy to use, it lets you switch between 4 personalized heat settings, and 2 hour auto shutoff helps you conserve energy. Soft and easy care: Easy Care is a machine-washable fabric pad with soft Touch and micro plush. Pain associated with muscle tension and stress can be alleviated by heat. The King size/XL pad is 12 inches x 24 inches and has an extra long 9 foot power cord. 5 year limited warranty is the most durable for years of use.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤I am angry. The heating pad caught fire and almost caught me and our mattress on fire. Don't buy this heating pad. It needs to be removed from Amazon.

👤The seller does not allow returns on the heating pad, even though it doesn't work. They should exchange it for one that works. I have 5 stars for Amazon customer service. The seller did not allow returns, but Amazon gave me a full refund. I will continue to order from Amazon even though I won't be ordering this product again.

👤I tried the product after receiving it and am currently in pain. The heating pad didn't heat up, so I am with the group. It was barely warm even on High. I requested that it be returned for being faulty, but it was denied. Amazon tried to get a replacement, but they were not allowed to. Thankfully, Amazon helped me out with a refund. I don't recommend this heating pad because of my experience with it.

👤It was bought 30 days ago and went out. I was sick. The seller doesn't allow returns so it doesn't matter. I am a "power buyer" but will never buy from this seller again. If it lasts more than a few weeks, it's defects are obvioulst.

👤A lot of the reviews didn't mention who they bought from. It's a stupid trick. Clicking buy can give you a third party dealer who could be on the level. I've seen reviews on sunbeam products before and have not seen a huge problem. The mattress heating pad I bought here is 2 years old and doing well. We had a sunbeam heated blanket that gave out after a year, but it was replaced with an even better version that is still kicking. Make sure you have someone who is highly rated on Amazon. You should register it when you get it, if it's not counterfeit you should get a form in the box. Sunbeam will usually fix it if the seller says no refunds. I bought this for my grandmother who had an old heating pad that had no shut off. She had burned her skin falling asleep on it, despite the legal warning not to. We've had this for about 5 days and it works well, shuts off, and no burn issues like some people have posted. I will do the steps above if we have an issue.

👤I was happy with the heating pad, but I turned it on. It was on top of my shirt. I turned it off and on again, but it wouldn't come on. Very bad. I am the one who used it and not a family member.

👤I thought it would be larger. It's fine. The controller gets warm as well. It is left plugged in even if it is not turned on. The other side is not fleece-like. There are warnings on the other side. The big plug makes it awkward. It will work for now but there needs to be better heating pads.

5. ALLJOY Electric Weighted Fast Heating Certified

ALLJOY Electric Weighted Fast Heating Certified

Large size heating therapy. The electric heating pad has a snug coverage heat therapy. It can be used on the back, abdomen, legs, waist and neck to help relieve pain caused by muscle tension and pressure. The collar area can get a lot of heat. Wrap Design and hands-free: The electric heating pad is designed to stay in place around neck, shoulders and back with weighted edges. For a good fit, the straps enhance firmness. You don't have to worry that it may slip or come loose. 6 heatings and 3 timer are included in the smart controller. The highest temperature is 65C/ 150F. The flannel helps the heating wire to distribute heat more evenly and can keep you warm in the cold. After the controller is removed, it can be washed. The heating wrap is a great gift because it is safe to use. The auto-off shut off and ETL certification ensure safe operation. It's a great gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Alljoy

👤My mother in law is a bit overweight and the large size is enough for her. She can warm up her neck and shoulders. She uses it to relieve her neck and back pain. The strap is not long for her. She likes the controller with the big screen. She can shut off the auto. She can plug it by her bed or sofa with the 10 feet cord. The material is soft. The instruction said it is safe to use. I don't want to wash it.

👤I apologized for leaving a less than glowing review. I bought two of these within a 3 week period and both stopped working recently. I don't know why but I'm very happy that the AllJoy company has been helpful with this situation. I didn't want my money back, just the replacement of the heating pads. Sometimes things happen from manufacturing to consumer use for this company. I was wondering if it was because my husband and I had one that stopped working, because we had a lot of power outages where I live. I recommend the AllJoy company and the heating pads.

👤This heating wrap is amazing. I bought it because of the injury I sustained in my lower back. I have a traditional heating pad. I could only use it on one area at a time, which I really needed, because it didn't work to heat my lower back and shoulders at the same time. I have been in a lot of pain since I pulled the muscle a week ago. I used it for 15 minutes on the first day. I felt a huge change. The wrap covers the back, top of shoulders, neck, and front shoulders. It has a large screen that makes it easy to see. The temperature control is great and the timer is a bonus. It stays put because it is weighted, but also has a waste tie and a snap on the top of the chest. It is soft and comfortable. I will recommend it to anyone who asked. I only had it for a week but I would give it 5 stars. I will change my review if it breaks, but right now it is 5 from me.

👤What a great purchase! It has a button on the top so it doesn't slip down and ties at the bottom like a bathrobe, I love that. There is a 30 to 90 minutes option and multiple levels of heat. I use it at my desk while I work to help my back.

👤The heating pad is perfect for neck or back issues. It has a timer and shuts off at night so if you need it at night and fall asleep, it's not on all night. It makes me feel better with no issues. The temperature can be controlled from high to low. The fabric is very soft.

👤This heat pad is wonderful. I have had pain in my neck, shoulder blades, and back for years. I use a heat pad a lot. The heat pad is amazing. It goes all the way down below my lower back when it wraps around your shoulders. No more having to listen to one area at a time. The digital display is very good. You know what temperature to set at and how long. Highly recommended.

6. Electric Wearable Shoulders Temperature Shut Off

Electric Wearable Shoulders Temperature Shut Off

The heat pads are for the buttocks. This heating pad could cover your neck, shoulders, and upper back. It has a hand-free thermotherapy experience thanks to the weighted edges, snap fasteners, and fixture straps. The size for whole-BODY is 25"x32". The electric heating pad can be used at any part of your body, and it is 25"x 32". The heating pad has 6 temperature levels that can be adjusted to your liking. This full back heating pad is able to heat up quickly thanks to the fast-heating technology and the dense wiring. The optional moist heat therapy allows for better heat absorbing and faster pain relief. The heating pad can be turned off after 2 hours of use to avoid overheating and energy waste. The heated pad will stop heating up when it is folded to enhance safety. It is safe to use and friendly to the environment. The heating pad adopts the microplush flannel fabric, skin-friendly and elegant in texture, providing the maximum comfort for daily use. After removing the controller, the weighted heating wrap is machine and hand washed.

Brand: Andola

👤I recommend this heating pad. I want the higher heat as I have a back injury, but it would be out of the range of any heating pad. I have used it for over a year and gave it to my mother in law as a gift. It provides heat to the shoulders and back if you wear a cape.

👤Pain is a familiar visitor because we both had broken spines here. My wife likes this contraption. It goes down her back with her height. I asked her what she thought of it, and she said it was addictive. I have to agree. We might need to own two of these. Hope this helps you, Dave.

👤The heat does not travel beyond the shoulders. The two pads on the front are cold, and it only feels warm on the shoulders. The pad is a bit small. Half of the bottoms are not covered by it. It was kind of disappointing. The heating pad would have been perfect if the manufacturer could fix the problem.

👤I ordered a new one after it stopped heating up, but I didn't know what happened.

👤This heating pad is very nice. I have back pain and my husband has shoulder pain, so it works well to heat both of them! It is relaxing and helping with pain. It has good heat output. The heating control is easy to use. It plugs in so no one needs to worry about batteries. There is a The tie straps are too short, that is the only negative thing. I didn't dock any stars for that because it's exactly how it's described and the straps aren't really necessary. The heating pad is a good product at a good value.

👤The heating pad reduced the pain after days of back, shoulder, and elbow pain. It is an amazing relief to feel good and move after wearing it, because you can't take pain medication. Thanks to this amazing heating pad, you are able to work restored mobility and pain relief. We ordered three larger gifts, all in the same size. It has 6 heat settings for the back and shoulders, an easy to use control device with a display pad, and a two-hour automatic shutoff, and it switches off when we unsnap the front snap to move around the house. The larger size adds comfort to the arms, and it feels great. There is no heat in the front, but you can drape over the front or across the legs. The best heating pad we tried was this one.

👤If you're going to wear it for a long period of time, make sure it's kept warm so I don't get hurt. I sewed the ties permanently onto the vest because the snaps that tie it around the middle were too easy to remove. The P notification is the only other downside. When you plug the vest back into the electric outlet, a P will light up on the controller, because you disconnected the cord from the vest. You have to plug the vest from the outlet again to resolve this. If you have pain in your neck, shoulders, and back, buy this heated vest, it's the best I have found. It stays in place until you turn it off. It's very comfortable, hugging you from your NECK to right above your tailbone, feels like a smooth, soft furry stuffed animal. I have plenty of room, it's sturdy and well made. I recommend this to anyone who uses a heating pad. I don't think I could survive without it. *

7. Electric Neck Shoulder Warmer Heating

Electric Neck Shoulder Warmer Heating

This heating pad can heat up in seconds, providing you with fast pain relief. Blood flow can be increased with heat therapy. This can help to speed up the healing process. When using this heating pad, feel the tension melt away. The electric heat therapy pad has a dry and moist setting. The moist heating pack can help in the penetration of warmth into the muscles. The dry heat is just as effective as the slower heat at warming tissue and reducing pain. Relax in a wet steam room or a dry sauna. The neck and shoulder heat pad can provide relief from ailments like tension, stiffness, headaches, and frozen shoulder. The deep heat therapy pads are designed to drape around your shoulders. It is possible to relieve your symptoms of Fibromyalgia without leaving your home. There is an application for NECK and SHOULDER areas. The heating pad is 18 x 25 inches and can be wrapped around your neck and shoulders. This versatile heated pad can be used to treat a wide range of injuries. Many women find the back heating pad very helpful during labor. The ultra- soft flannel will feel luxurious against your skin. This heating pad can be used to adjust the heat to your comfort level. The heat settings on this pad are easy to use and will shut off after 90 minutes. There is a 90 day return warranty and a machine-washable certificate.

Brand: Dr Relief

👤I have jaw pain. I decided to try this because microwaveable heat packs don't keep heat long enough. It is amazing! I wrap it around my head instead of across my shoulders. The middle flap can be folded up so that I can breathe. It is safe to fall asleep while wearing this heat pack.

👤I love the heating pad. I had neck surgery and was told to use heat. It snaps and lays down in the back, it fits nicely around my neck. The material is very soft. I feel like I'm going to sleep with it because it fits so well. The heat settings are perfect. Everyone who sees it wants one. I ordered another for an old friend.

👤I returned the item after I received it. It wouldn't work on my two foot frame. It doesn't work for my wife. It might be okay if you are in the middle of those two.

👤The pad they are sending is not the one shown in the pictures. I only got this one because of its shape, I injured my back at the base of my neck, and if you are looking for a neck heating pad go elsewhere, the one they are sending is an awkward shaped one.

👤I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain, most likely due to stress. I wanted a heating pad that stayed in place while I slept and fit around my shoulders. I was very pleased with the heating pad. The material is soft and comfortable and the controls are easy to use. My cat loves it, I often find him laying on it. Purchase is well worth the money and I think it makes my neck and shoulders feel better.

👤I like that there isn't a big lump at the edge. The similar product was much more comfortable. The heating pad is not very warm. It feels the same on this pad as it does on the Sunbeam.

👤I bought this pad to help relieve the pain in my shoulders and it really helps. It is very comfortable and easy to use.

👤This is the warmest feeling you will ever experience. It has become part of my sleeping aid. During that time of the month, you can either trade for back issues or put it on your tummy. A.

8. XIRGS Electric Shoulders Ultra Soft Temperature

XIRGS Electric Shoulders Ultra Soft Temperature

This is a fast heating pad for back pain that warms up in seconds. It's ideal for soothing a variety of ailments, including arthritis, sciatic pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, menstrual pain, labor pain, and leg ailment. Enjoy thermotherapy at your home. Dry and moist heat therapy. The electric heating pad can be used for moist heat therapy. Just spray a mist on the surface and you can relax. The moist heating pad can be applied to the source of pain to help ease it. You can adjust the temperature easily if you need it, their heating pads have 10 heat levels. The blue electric heating pad has 9 timers that can be used to shut off the heat for up to 90 minutes. The extra-long power cord in the controller box gives it a more flexible reach. The machine is super- soft. The double-sided microplush fabric that makes up the moist heat heating pad is very soft and feels very pleasant on the naked skin. The heating pad is 12 x 24 and can be used to cover the spine, legs, and across the shoulders. It's easy to put it in the washing machine. It's a worry-free purchase because the heating pads can be rolled up or used as a pouch to store, so you can take the heat pad with you when you travel or go camping. You can get a 1 year service and lifetime support. They will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours if you contact them immediately.

Brand: Xirgs

👤The description said it provided moist heat therapy. The description said to spray the pad with water. When I read the directions, they said to never use the heating pad when it is damp or wet. The high temp setting is warm. I will return it because it was advertised in a false way.

👤This is a great heating pad. It is large. Not big or small. It is a good size to have on your lap or over most of your back. It is very soft. The best heat for treatment is moist heat. The control is nice. It has an auto shut off, which is a great safety feature. It has a lot of heat. The price was great. Highly recommended.

👤It's soft to touch but has a fast heating element that's great for users who need a fast burst of heat after a deep tissue massage or even when experiencing muscle spasms.

👤The heating pad is great for cold weather. I got a heating pad because it's starting to get cold. It spreads quickly and evenly. I like to put it under the mattress cover at night.

👤I needed a big heating pad for my shoulders and back. This is perfect! This heating pad is soft and has a timer. It doesn't bunch up and feel all plastic. Life saver!

👤I bought a heating pad. The size is advertised. There is no mist heat. It should be kept away from water. I am not happy.

👤I don't know if I got a dud or if this is as warm as it should be, but it couldn't warm a penguins butt! I think it would work in reverse on the lower settings. It was approaching the same warmth as someone had just left. It was trying to get warm but couldn't figure it out. It's not warm enough for any kind of relief. The rest of the points are positive. It is all null and void when the thing doesn't come close to serving the purpose it was made for. Oh, well. Back it up.

👤A nice heating pad. It was bought for my wife to warm up her stomach and feet in the cold weathers, and she loves it.

👤I was not sure if it would help with my pain. I use it every night and it helps if I can't sleep and need to use it for a short time to get back to sleep. I would definitely recommend it. I'm thinking about getting another one.

👤Sometimes I need the water bottle, sometimes I need to wait for the kettle to warm up, and sometimes I need to take a break. I thought to buy the heating pad. This product is not as warm as a hot water bottle. The hotties temp does nothing to warm you up. If you have chronic pain like I do, this is not the answer.

👤This blanket is perfect to keep me warm and I can use it on my travels and it is super fast. It gets really hot in the highest setting and I usually use setting 7.

9. Sunbeam Extra Large Micromink Shoulder Settings

Sunbeam Extra Large Micromink Shoulder Settings

Extra-large heated neck wrap has a tailored design to provide lots of coverage and direct relief to the neck and shoulders. The heat pad stays put with the help of a magnetic clasp and weighted edges. The heat feels even better with the super- soft micromink, it eases tension away, and the Pad is easy to wash. Use moist or dry heat with a sponge. An extra-long power cord means you can move around while you relax. The entire pad is machine washed, just remove the pad from the cord and place it in the washing machine.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤I would not be able to function in life without this heating pad. I use it for hours every day. Single. Day. I had a neck and spine injury a few years ago. The injury has left me with nerve damage in my neck, traps, mid back, and shoulder blade region. I wake up with a tightness in my back and it's very easy to cause a spasm. My neck will get tight if I get stressed out. Lift something with my left arm. My life is a constant struggle of trying to not have back and neck pain. The heating pad has helped me a lot. I use it first thing when I wake up to let go of any tension in my neck and back. And it works. The heat is relaxing the muscles. I use my heating pad for 20 minutes to help release the muscles that are tight. I use it at night to calm my muscles and make me sleepy. I use it all year round. It has helped me to function better in daily life and saved me from having to take round the clock medications and muscle relaxers. The shape is one of the most important things that makes this heating pad different. It goes over your shoulders on your traps, which are a muscle of constant tightness for all people. It extends up the back of your neck, which is a tight area for most people. There are no heating elements in the cheaper brands. I've tried them. That's the biggest difference and why you should buy this brand over any other brands that might be cheaper. You're paying for something. The heating pad can get really hot. It has a controller that can go from warm to low. I don't use this on bare skin because high can get very hot and give you some burns, especially if you lean back against it on a couch or chair, but I do all the time, you just have to watch. The material of this heating pad is softer than other sunbeam heating pads. It has a very soft cover. Do not twist the shoulder straps. I used to wrap them around my neck like a turtleneck because the front of my neck gets tight. I damaged the heating wires in the neck part after pulling them in a way they weren't supposed to. It would get super hot and burn me. I learned something. I was bending and damaging the wires inside it and it wasn't the fault of Sunbeam. I ordered a new one and am careful not to bend it in that way. It's not a good idea to fold the pad in half or sit on it, there are little wire coils inside that can be damaged that way. Since my spine injury, I've tried many heating pads, but this one from Sunbeam is the best one to hit all of the areas I need. It's been a lifesaver for me. If you're tall, you'll only be able to reach the bottom of your rib cage if you need lower back heat. I'm 5'5" and that's where it stops on me. The heating pad is for when you want heat on your neck, shoulders, upper and mid back at the same time.

10. XXX Large Electric Ultra Soft Temperature Machine Washable

XXX Large Electric Ultra Soft Temperature Machine Washable

Their heating pad is large enough to help reduce muscle spasms, as well as keep you warm in the cold. The heated pad is made of high-quality 100% polyester and provides a soft finish along with even heat distribution throughout the whole heating pad. High quality materials make it sturdy and heat to penetrate tissue of pain area. Fast-Heating Technology. This heating pad can warm up in a few seconds thanks to the fast-heating technology of the thermal therapy wrap. It is possible to save from arthritis, poor circulation and cold weather with a heating pad. The heating pad has 6 heat levels and can be adjusted to fit your comfort level. If you don't turn off, it will auto-off. It saves energy and keeps you safe. Therapy for dry and moist skin. The heating pad can be used for dry heat therapy. moist heat therapy can be done with the heating pad. It is a therapy to relieve pain. Deep penetration and more effective relief are provided by moist heat therapy. Please read the guide carefully.

Brand: Htiosn

👤My title says it all, for such a huge heating pad it turned out to be a few inches too narrow, but still works better than any smaller heating pad. It doesn't get as hot as a standard small heating pad, coming in at it's hottest setting to be about equal to the medium to medium-low setting of any of my regular sized heating pads, which is a huge let down. Some family members are more satisfied with it than I am, but they still prefer the higher heat of our regular heating pads. It does help when you need lower heat over a larger area at the same time.

👤The XXXL size is very large. The bigger size can go around my back and ribs. I can wash this because there are no hot spots. We sweat with the heat. It is lightweight and easy to pack for trips. The heating pad can be folded easily. All your electronics cords can be carried with the cord. The color doesn't transfer to sheets because it gets hot, but it's great because you can use it multiple times a day. That has happened to me. I got hurt in 2001 and the heating pads have come a long way.

👤It looks good. The auto shut down feature is too fast.

👤We waited 15 minutes and it didn't heat up fast.

👤I only get a year out of my heat pads, but I managed 29 days with this one. Don't spend your money in this one. The remote wouldn't heat. I unplugged and plugged it back in, but it didn't work. Even though the heat pad was not heating, the screen felt warm to the touch. I suspect that the remote is the cause of any other heat pads that sport it. I have never been so disappointed with a heat pad. It would let out a very quiet buzzing which could be very annoying very quickly.

👤I need eight heating pads. I liked the one in the box. The size of it and the quality of it. I was surprised to find that it was too hot for me to use. I could use the towel on the lowest setting if I laid it between my shirt and it. I don't know if the way is designed or not.

👤I was expecting this to be ok since the size was so large, but I was pleasantly surprised. It covers my entire back from neck to bottom, it's nice to have multiple settings. It's a plus that it's soft and flexible. If it does not hold up, will update later. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wash the cord.


What is the best product for electric heating pad for neck?

Electric heating pad for neck products from Dailylife. In this article about electric heating pad for neck you can see why people choose the product. Pure Enrichment and Geniani are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric heating pad for neck.

What are the best brands for electric heating pad for neck?

Dailylife, Pure Enrichment and Geniani are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric heating pad for neck. Find the detail in this article. Sunbeam, Alljoy and Andola are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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