Best Electric Hedge Trimmer Corded

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1. BEHTS300 20 Hedge Trimmer Saw

BEHTS300 20 Hedge Trimmer Saw

The power source is corded electric. The electric edge trimmer has a hardened steel blade for reduced vibration. The addition of the SAWBLADE makes it possible to cut branches up to 1.5 inches thick. The motor for the trimmers is 3.8 Amps. The design is easy to use. Accidental unplugging is prevented by cord retention. The full wrap-around front handle provides better control.

Brand: Black+decker

👤This has a low power, but it has performed well for yard tasks. I use a large shear for large limbs. My shrubs and vines are well shaped by this trimmer. It is a good choice for light to medium work. It wouldn't do well for large limbs. I didn't plan on using the front sawblade.

👤Plug it in and leave. What else would you like? The hedge trimmer works well, but I haven't used it. I have never trimmed hedges before, but I had no problem with it being flat. I have owned it for 6 months and it is in great shape. The blades are still sharp. The saw feature is easy to use and isn't terribly useful.

👤The trimmer is light and cuts well. I don't pay attention to the cord since it loops through the handle. Great purchase.

👤I expected it to be better than my last one. And it is. If you cut close to the solid end of the branch, it will be effective because it has a little saw at the end. It's great for your backyard jungle.

👤I thought adding a Saw to the blade would work. You can only cut in one direction if it gets in the way. The Saw needs to be changed.

👤On 8-23-20, it was used first. Within a minute, I tried to use and quit. Didn't get to use the hedger. I tried to cut a lower branch with the saw section. The saw was only used on the trimmer. Do not recommend. I ordered the product in June. I can't find a number to call Amazon. I shop at Amazon a lot. This is not good.

👤The Saw on the end is worthless. The hedge trimmer does not have the saw blade. The Hedge Trimmer works for about a year before it dies. Not a good hedge trimmer.

👤Powerful and does the job. The tip branch trimmer can get in the way. I should have bought the model without that feature.

2. BLACK DECKER BEHT200 Hedge Trimmer

BLACK DECKER BEHT200 Hedge Trimmer

The cutting strokes are part of the max system. Electric hedge trimmer. The corded electric hedge trimmer is lightweight and can be used for hedges and shrubs. The design is made for more control, with a built-in wrap around handle and full length Trigger. The dual-action blade is a Hardened steel blade. It is possible to use corded electric power for longer work sessions. Easy fatigue-free operation with multi-fingertrigger pull.

Brand: Black+decker

👤It works well and is very reasonably priced. The manual for the model 200 says "Do not use BEht200 trimmer for cutting stems greater than 5/8 in", but the Amazon website says it will trim branches up to 1/3 in diameter. I decided to keep it because I rarely trim branches that thick. You can get the 300, 350, 400 model if you need the 1/3 inch capability.

👤I moved to a neighborhood house from a farm. I am used to working on demand with heavy duty equipment. I had two B & D hedge trimmers that I sold and the other that I lost in the move, they were large and awesome, but I was really disappointed when I opened the box, the small trimmer was not very large. I was surprised that I was awed by these trimmers. I put the handle and guard on and went to tackle the jungle, I thought these cut branches would be good for these little guys. I had a lot of trimming to do and they were light enough that I didn't get tired, but I did have to push a little bit on one that was close to an inch. It shouldn't be underestimated that something is smaller. I'm very pleased with the trimmers and I'm looking forward to the next clean-up. They have a wire holder on them so the cord doesn't get accidentally cut. I know what a drag cutting cords can be, so I hope this helps.

👤It was used to test the item. Most hedge trimmers are a bit noisy, but that's the case. It works as expected. You notice the weight after a while. One of the reasons I purchased this over the Black & Decker lower models was the handle. There is a Is there a better way to describe my satisfaction with this B&D hedge trimmer? It took 2.5 - 3 hours to trim 2 bushes with hedge clippers. 40 minutes with this hedge trimmer. I tackled shrubs that I usually leave for another day. 1.5 - 2 hours completed the whole job that would cover 3 days with a total of 6.5 hours. Less irritation and frustration. There is a I was happy to go with the stronger, handle equipped model.

👤The old B&D's blades had gotten dull. It didn't cut very much as it smashed through the branches. It took several passes to cut the soft new growth branches. It was tiring to use because it was not well blanced. It was difficult to use vertically because of the angle. The guard was too close to the handle. I almost reached around the guard. It seemed sturdy and had enough power for the job, but it was too much work to do.

👤We had an old Black and Decker trimmer that we needed to replace. We decided to buy a similar product since it was reliable and worked for a long time. The new one worked well and felt familiar, so we are happy. We will be satisfied if it lasts as long as the previous one. The only complaint is with the delivery. It was in the Black and Decker box, not a shipping box. The problem is that the bottom of the box had been taped closed, but the tape had dried out, and the bottom was open. We were surprised that it was delivered that way, because the person who delivered it would have had to hold the bottom closed to get the entire journey done. The contents fell out when we picked it up. All seemed to be there.



Convenient lock to prevent accidental unplugging. Cut through the tough times. The electric edge trimmer has a 3.8 Amp motor and 22-inch blades. There is a 1/3-inch cut capacity for clean cutting. The power shears are POWER SAW. Plants have trimmers that cut branches up to 1.5 inches thick. The full bale handle has been added to make it more comfortable.

Brand: Craftsman

👤This hedge trimmer is very powerful and goes through the weeds at the back of my yard. Very happy with it. The 'Saw' feature is more aspirational than practical.

👤I needed a light weight and electric to keep my yard in shape. This hedge trimmer has been helpful. I have a large yard with a lot of bushes and small trees and I've been able to use this trimmer to cut everything from vines and twigs to smaller tree branches. Plug it in, press down the on button, and then squeeze the handle to start the blades. If you need to take a break, just relax and blades will stop.

👤It is amazing! The shrubs were planted by the previous owners. It takes hours to trim them with gardening sheers, so I thought about taking them out. I have a hard time getting them even though they are supposed to be. The electric hedger trimmer is a game-changing invention. I went from hours to under 15 minutes. It is light and easy to hold. My hands and arms are comfortable. Our shrubs are all near our porch outlet and a 50 foot extension cord can reach them all. The long blades make it easy to get a even cut on the first cut. You are done if you just a few times. It makes a nice cut and doesn't get hung up. I no longer dread shrub day because it is so easy. It has made my life simpler. I love it!

👤We are new to the neighborhood and have neighbors who live for trimming trees and bushes. We try to keep ours looking good, but not until they look great. We have a lot of pine trees that are tall and mangy, and have 888-270-6611 I don't know when that would be. I decided to get a hedge trimmer to do the same thing. The lower portions of the trimmer are the areas that are dead. It took at least twice as long as with hedge clippers to complete the job. The trimming took longer than the clean up will take. I will use it to trim some bushes since this Craftsman works well.

👤The light weight of this trimmer impressed me. I was pleasantly surprised that it was all that heavy. The quality of the saw body, the blade is heavy duty so it will stand up to years of abuse and sharpening, and the protective shrouding does it's job without getting in the way, were some of the things that stood out to me. The handles are comfortable. The quality, form, and function of this trimmer is really good. The way the guard works would be the reason I had any complaints. It's a spring loaded thumb Slider that doesn't operate perfectly, there's some resistance in there that makes the operation awkward. I don't think taking away a star is worth it.

4. Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded Convertible Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded Convertible Trimmer

The hedge trimmer has a 4.5 Amp motor. Earthwise Power Tools has a pole hedge trimmer that can reach up to 8'8". The trimming head angle can be adjusted from -20 to 60 degrees. The power shrub trimmers have a cutting blade. The hedge trimmer has a protective blade cover for easy storage. It's ideal for maintaining hedges and shrubs.

Brand: Earthwise

👤I bought this hedge trimmer several months ago and like it, but it is heavy to hold all the way out, as stated by others. I didn't know how long the Hedge trimmer was at different positions. I took some pictures with my HS50. I will post the lengths if the pictures don't send well. The pole is all the way in. The pole is extended all the way out to 71" and with the Hedge trimmer on the end and the handle on the other it's longest length is approx. 106.

👤This is a good trimmer. A manageable hut. You don't have to keep holding thetrigger down. I use it on a hedge. The downside is that I need a new piece and used it extensively over the last several years. The customer service is not up to par. I have not received a phone call after leaving multiple messages. I received one back and sent them the requested information, but they never contacted me again. Emails and phone calls have never been returned. I had to give up because I couldn't walk in and talk to anyone since the company is all over the United States.

👤I ordered this for a friend who couldn't find a pole trimmer in her area. She has 100 evergreens and has trimmed 4 of them so far. She said that she can do the entire top from one side, which is a big improvement over the past. She has to drive the truck to get to the next row because she has some scaffolding on the back of her pickup. We are both in our 70's and are grateful that we can still do most of our own chores. I don't think I could trim those hedges. She said that she priced trimmers at a big hardware store and they were more expensive than this and they were for shorter hedges. She is a leftie and finds most tools more difficult to use.

👤I was impressed with the hedge trimmer. You can use it as a hedge trimmer or mount it on a pole. It doesn't have a 90% adjustment. It is best at 60 degrees. You need to hold it up to operate the safety lock out button before you use the power switch. The support loop is adequate. Does not cut anything over 1/2 inch. It does a nice job of trimming the hedges, but with an 18 inch cut, you're going to have to climb a ladder to trim the hedges. It does get rid of the majority of growth. I will give it four stars for quality and performance. It's not going to be possible to get a right angle cut across the top of the hedges if you put it up there.

👤If you want to use the pole for longer than 10 minutes, you should get an arbor ladder which is more stable than a standard ladder. It does a great job cutting, and has already paid for itself with one shrub trimming job, where the residence has an electrical outlet outside, and you are in business. It was given a 5 star rating mainly for cheap next day local delivery and also it cut well and is light in hand held mode. The black and decker 22 inch with revolving head is a better choice for ease of cut, though I have cut a few branches with it. The pole trimmer pays for itself but any trimming job will always require a ladder. It was worth it for the price. What is the best advice? It's the easiest way to do a good job of over grown tall bushes and small trees if you invest in a 4 or 6 foot arbor ladder.

5. CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer

CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Refer to the "Warranty & Support" section for full details. Tough trimming tasks can be tackled with a motor. The dual-action blade has a cut capacity of up to 1/3 of an inch. The power saw cut up to 1 1/2 inches of thick branches.

Brand: Craftsman

👤It was supposed to be a hedge trimmer. It missed the boat very badly. I bought another item. The person who thought he invented a wheel was wet. I don't think he ever trimmed a hedge. I have done this since I was ten. I learned a few things. The saw at the end of the blade is not good. The sweeping motion hedge trimming is prevented by it. It is not useless. The purchase is right. It won't get on every piece of hedge. You will not be happy with this purchase. Try to find a lighter one. It was easy.

👤Ignore the saw blade as a hedge trimmer. The saw blade at the tip was the reason I bought this model. Is it possible to cut branches as it claims? No way.

👤I oil the shrub trimmer frequently to prolong its life. The moving saw blade tip sticks out like a sawzall blade. It bangs into the surface when working against it. There should be a guard that doesn't move. I attached a six foot extension cord to the trimmer to make it easier to plug in.

👤I thought the extra cutting edge on the end would make it easier to trim the bushes. I thought it would work in the motion. It works the same as the hedge trimmer I have.

👤The operator can't lock this tool in the on position, so I gave it three stars. The tool has two buttons that turn it on. After the tool is running, you can release one of the buttons, but you have to keep pressing thetrigger to keep it running. I think it is a good safety feature. I have owned and operated hedge trimmers, and I find it annoying. I don't like this trimmer and worked with it for three hours. The 4 power amplifier is great. It cuts in half. The limbs are more than an inch. The limb "saw" on the end is worthless if there is no lock on. It is difficult to hold thetrigger. I had to put a shop piece on thetrigger to keep it going. The "saw" on the end is a problem and not a feature. The saw teeth are too small. They do not cut anything. The hedge blade is more effective than the saw. There is a problem with the end of the bar. It is on the hedge and makes it hard to trim it. The hook hangs up on the shrub so you cannot sweep the hedge with a left sweep. Only the right hand can sweep. The saw is at the end of the bar. It doesn't cut anything and you lose the end of the tool making it an 18 inch trimmer.

👤The job it was intended for was the trimmer. I haven't had the chance to try the SAW tip. I would like to see a 24 inch bar instead of the 22 inch bar used in the old Black andDecker trimmers. I have strong hands and hold the second switch down. The stutter runs are like hanging on for dear life. I place a wooden square pin between the body of the torso and the second sword. As the mallet can continue to operate, I have to use my hand to pry the sledgehammer from the ground. It may be politically incorrect, but it makes it more convenient to use.

6. Greenworks 22 Inch Dual Action Trimmer 22122

Greenworks 22 Inch Dual Action Trimmer 22122

The WESCO 20V hedge trimmer has a battery pack, blade sheath, safety guard, and User manual. 4 Amp Electric Motor is efficient. The dual action steel blade is 22 inches in length. It is easy to trim most bushes and hedges with a 5/8 inch cutting capacity. The rotating rear handle makes it easy to trim. Convenient lock to prevent accidental unplugging.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The Little Wonder electric 30" single sided hedge trimmer died after many years of use. I wanted to find out if this unit could do the job since it was a fraction of what I paid for the Little Wonder unit. I used it for two days in a row and it was up to the task. I'm happy now. I only gave it 4 stars because of this. The instruction manual said it was rated for 3/8" material, which I think is more accurite than the advertised 1/2 material. 2. I have a heavy duty extension cord that has a round female outlet, so I needed to make a short adapter for it. It's a tip. If you want to avoid getting the electric cord near the trimmer blades, you should make your own cord about 4 feet long and slide a section of garden hose over it before attaching it. 3. The cord retainer isn't very useful, especially if you use a large amperage extension cord, and I never had a problem with it. 4. The instructions did not mention lubricating the cutting blades, which is questionable, although they did warn against using oil on the plastic components. 5. The motor housing was not warm when I used it. 6. The plastic guard is secured by tiny screws so it is important to be careful not to break it. 7. It takes some time to get used to the rotatable rear handle. There are 8. The blade protectors should have been included with the trimmer to protect it during storage. There are 9. The rear handle of the trimmer should be hung up to make it easier to store it. 10. I wish they had a 30" 5 Amp unit as some of my hedges are taller and that would save me a lot of passes. 11. The instructions state that it has a limited four-year warranty, instead of the two years listed on Amazon. The extended warranty is good for 2 years after the original warranty expires. See the photo. There are 12. The unit arrived quickly and was in a form fitting carton that was then packed into a larger carton, so everything was fine upon arrival. 13 The unit is lighter than my Little Wonder, which made it easier to use, especially as you get tired near the end of the day. There are 14. The green color makes it safer to use, and I also like the red strip down the center of the blade for the same reason.

👤About a year ago, I bought this trimmer. It was used a few times through the warm seasons. It was back out this week for spring trimming, but then started having issues. I thought my hand slipped off thetrigger when the motor stopped. It would stop and start randomly once it was firmly held. I narrowed it down to an electrical problem between the motor and the rotating handle assembly. The on/off action that appeared random previously would be caused by slightly rotating the handle. The feature is nice, but it appears to be the tool's downfall. Customer service will be contacted.

7. Makita UH6570 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Makita UH6570 Electric Hedge Trimmer

The design is ragged. The grass hand trimmer is made of heavy-duty engineeredABS construction, which is specifically designed to be used in the outdoors. A well-balanced design with less weight allows for a large cutting capacity and high performance. The grip design is comfortable and easy to handle. The motor noise level is low. The motor only runs when the grips are held with both hands. A good view of the work area can be obtained with a large transparent hand guard. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Makita

👤I decided to return the trimmer I had chosen because it was mediocre in quality, and I had looked around to replace my orange and black models. This model is very good all the way around. Double handled power-on is a great safety feature that protects you from harm. The blade is 26 inches long, which makes it easy to remove wide shrubs. It went through older undergrowth without any issues. I needed that ability to lower the height of the shrub, and this did the trick. The tool is relatively quiet when used. The motor doesn't race like my previous orange and black models. I used a spray from WD before I used the oil for storage. I was very pleased with the purchase. I didn't think it was heavy or hard to use for about an hour of cutting jobs. It is balanced so well that it is not a big deal. It was made in Romania. Excellent quality.

👤I have used hedge trimmers for many years. I have learned that aiming for price invariable costs more in the long run. I sometimes forget. I decided to upgrade after running through a cheaper brand's hedge trimmer. I took the plunge because I saw that Makita makes a hedge trimmer that is higher end. When I pulled the hedge trimmer out of the box, I was very pleased to see that the construction was in line with the usual standards of Makita. I have always been satisfied with any Makita tool I have purchased, because they are always extremely well made, heavy duty, well thought out and engineered, and they are always extremely well made, heavy duty, well thought out and engineered. The usual accolades apply to me after I bought a Makita rotary sander. The safety feature of the hedge trimmer is well conceived and front and center. I would purchase again.

👤I received a new electric trimmer. It's difficult to find a good one. I had a B&D battery that was pretty bad. I decided to spend the extra money and buy something higher end. I was very happy to see that it had a good score. The 4's and 5's only had one star. There are always some lower scores for some reason or another, but I wasn't worried about that. I was curious, the gentleman received a unit and it only lasted for a short time, but I still thought it was bad luck. I received a new trimmer. Took it out of the box and looked at it and was impressed by the blades. Put it in. It ran for a while and then stopped. The motor was buzzing and smelling after that. The next day it was buzzing. Not impressed. Send it back.

👤I was a little underwhelmed by this unit, even though it was cheap and had glowing reviews. That's right. It does the job quietly, and I expect it will continue to do the job for many years, as with all the other Makita tools I've been around. The black and orange trimmers are available at the local big box store. The Makita is not a toy. If a commercial landscaper needed a corded electric trimmer, this would suffice. The Makita trimmer has a motor that provides enough power without being too heavy. The multiple hand grips for the back hand are useful and the safety features work well without being too heavy on the user. The hedge clippers at this price point have a clutch that protects the trimmer's gears in the event of a big branch stopping the blade. This was important to me because my last trimmer did not have this clutch. The Makita blade is 25 inches in length and can reach a long way across a large shrub. There is no way to attach the trimmer to a pole because it is on the heavy side and requires two hands to operate. Not much more to say. This is an honest tool. It should do a great job for a long time after you've forgotten how much it cost.

8. BLACK DECKER BEHT350FF Trimmer Orange


22 IN. The dual-action blade has less vibration than single-action blades. The ideal amount of power to trim branches is four Amps. It was thick. A comfortable, secure grip and reliable cutting control are provided by the full round front handle. Light weight and comparable reduces muscle fatigue. unlimited runtime is offered by corded design for the biggest jobs. The built-in cord restrainer prevents unwanted unplugging. There is a hedge trimmer included.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I've been using electric trimmers for more than 40 years. I believe this is my last. All except the first one were made by Black and Decker. The other seems like an inferior product because it has the same blades as this one. The black steel blade was adequate for trimming. They would cut well and do the job that needed to be done, but not this one. I have about 35 feet of hedges to cut and this trimmer has me doing it in less time than my old one. The blades are sharp. If you've ever used a good gas powered trimmer, you'll know that this compares well to that. It cuts clean and smooth. There are a few gripes that may only apply to me. The cord retention system has been improved over the past ten years. The system used with the string trimmer is similar to the one used for the thin cheaper outdoor cord. It is difficult to get the heavy duty cord into the clip. I had to force it off as the plug locked into the female end of the extension cord. It's good for it to hold the female end secure, but older worn cords that slip out from the vibration are a problem. I don't like the idea of using a battery that isn't good for you as I have had battery issues in the past. I don't like having my tool out of service when I need it. Those of us who trim hedges and shrubs that are as tall as we are the ones who feel the most connected to Gripe two. It is not practical most of the time to use a step stool. I hold the trimmer above my shoulder height. There is not a comfortable hand hold to grab the trimmer from underneath, so at times it is necessary to operate with one hand. It would be nice for B&D to consider that its product is not always operated while working above what you trim. The bulk of the trimmer's body is in the way when you reach away from your body. My gripes are personal to me and may not apply to most buyers. I reduced my rate because 12 star is not available. I am revising my gripe about holding the trimmer from below. The rounded bottom of the handle allows for a firm grip. It does address my issue, even though it could benefit from some ergonomics.

👤I bought a new trimmer to replace an older one. The one hand operation of the trimmer makes it easy to use. I am very satisfied with its power and performance. It is an upgrade from my older unit. The new trimmer cuts thicker bushes well. The lock needs to be operated to open. There is no need for the lock to be maintained once started. The trimmer will run if thetrigger is depressed. The design of the power plug in the handle is the only complaint I have. The extension cord is set dead center into a depression. I can't fit larger extension cord plugs because of the depression and centering of the prongs. My older B&D trimmer has the same diameter depression but the prongs are set to the side to allow the larger plug to be inserted into the handle. If you ever cut your power cord, a replacement sockets will most likely not fit. If you use a heavy duty cord with a large sockets, it won't fit because the prongs are dead center instead of being offset to the side slightly. Simple work around is to use a smaller extension core.

9. Joe SJH902E Multi Angle Electric Telescoping

Joe SJH902E Multi Angle Electric Telescoping

Easy fatigue-free operation with multi-fingertrigger pull. It's ideal for cutting tall bushes, hedges and shrubs. Up to 13 ft of overhead reach is provided by the telescopic pole. The head can be adjusted to get under and above tall hedges. A 0.7" cutting capacity is needed for trimming bushes and hedges. The blade is 21-inch hardened steel and has dual action. The blade is Rust- resistant Steel.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤This thing is a beast, cutting through shrubbery branches up to 1/2 inch thick, with absolutely no hesitation, although the thicker branches require you to move forward and back, in a sawing motion, to get the teeth to bite into the circumference enough to sever the branch. I have a Euonymus hedge that is at 20 years old and has grown out of control because of my yearly trimming which removes the outer-most new growth, leaving thick main stubs from which they grow. I could not top them off with my 16" Black & Decker because they have 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I decided to go with the one that had the majority of positive reviews after going online and agonizing over many different models. I knew that this thing was going to be a real workout, but this one seemed to be the best of the bunch. Most people complain that this thing is heavy and unwieldy to use. I would definitely purchase this again, even though I am not a fan of how difficult it is to navigate at height and want to extend, cantilever style, over the top of large bushes. It really gets the job done, but with a lot of exhaustion. I am in good shape. My shoulders were worn out after about an hour on ladders. I accept that there is no other way to get the job done. Not everything is easy. I think SunJoe should consider two things. I know they would never even think about it, due to potential liability, but the Trigger placement, while holding and engaging in your right hand, in conjunction with how far you have to extend both arms to grasp the shaft mid way with your left hand, in order to maintain. SunJoe should add atrigger lock, in which you can fire it up in a safe holding position and then lock thetrigger "on" so that you can more safely maneuver the trimmer with both hands. I am trying to reach the safety switch with my right arm, but it is difficult to grasp, and I am holding the mid shaft with my left arm extended. The second thing is to place the Trigger further forward so that it is easier to work with. Everyone using this pole trimmer will be holding it mid shaft with either their right or left arms, with the opposing arm handling thetrigger. The wiring and switches are located in a section of the pole that can be moved. There is no easy way around it. I found the most comfortable way to use this is to get your torso high enough on a ladder to hold the pole parallel to the ground at your waist level. That makes the stress of having a small bowling ball on a pole go away. We know how leverage works and what a fulcrum point is. I got out of my step ladder and got up high enough for my waist to be even with my cut line and then just swung the pole back and forth in a series of sweeps to cut through all of the runaway sprout. One 4 Star reviewer pointed out that one could purchase an appendage to attach at the mid point, to handle this thing better. I bought one and am waiting for it to come in so that I can attach and test it. Sun Joe doesn't include a bolt on feature which would cost them a buck or so in plastic. The shoulder strap that comes with the unit is worthless because it is too close to the handle. There is a button on the trimmer head that you can depress to change the angle of cutting. It is difficult to hold the trimmer because of its weight. The easiest way to rest the nose of the trimmer on the ground was to rest the body of the trimmer on my thigh. This thing is too heavy to hold in a horizontal position. After depressing the button, you can move it to the next positive stop and lock it into place. I will only use the pole trimmer to get to the middle of the shrubs on top of my ladder if I use my 20 year old B&D 16" trimmer. I would not consider any other brand if I needed a pole trimmer, because they are all going to be heavy, and this is the best of the bunch. Some reviewers complain that the motor should be placed at the rear to eliminate weight on the cutting end. It would be an engineering challenge to send mechanical power down a long shaft to an independent set of cutting teeth, which would introduce all sorts of opportunities for mechanical failure. Unless I cut the bushes down, I will not be able to tackle the job without the trimmer. Just open your eyes and know what you have to deal with. Despite its physical challenges, it is very well made.

10. Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Telescoping

Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Telescoping

Text Sun Joe to ask questions. It'sTILE: It's ideal for cutting tall bushes. Overhead reach is provided by the pole, which can be up to 12 ft. It is adjusted. Getting under and above tall hedges. For precise trimming of bushes and hedges, cutting acuity is 0.7". The 3.8-amp motor is powerful.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤First things first. The trimmer does what it says it can do. It's easier to trim taller hedges when I extend my reach. The only thing I have found is unwieldy. I am well versed in handling power tools because I do all my own lawn care. I find it hard to manage the weight when you are trimming. The strap isn't much help. I give my arms a rest every now and then because I can manage with some effort. I would still recommend this trimmer. It might be too much for you to handle if you're aware of the weight. I am very happy that I didn't get the heavier one.

👤The design works well. I bought it because I have some mature plants that are getting deeper. To trim the top of the plant, I had to lean over on a step ladder and extend my arms out to get to the part that is far from the edge. It works to a point, but eventually you can't hold up the trimmer because you're leaning too far. This SunJoe would solve the problem. It didn't. It is a bit heavier than the old one. I have to lean over and extend my arms to the point where I can no longer support its weight. It may help with the problem a little, but not enough to justify the purchase. I have hedges that are about 6 feet high. I use a ladder to trim the shrubs. I was hoping to be able to do this without a ladder. I couldn't. You need to be able to see what you are trimming to do that, I couldn't get a nice even trim of the shrubs using the SunJoe. Every year, the plant will get taller if you don't get all the new growth off the top. You will not be able to trim the top when it is so tall. I trim my shrubs once a year. There is sometimes sparse growth on the tops of plants that need trimming in the fall. The SunJoe is good for trimming off the sparse shoots without using a ladder. It saves me some time. I don't want to leave a bad impression of this product. The design is very nice. They made the various adjustments easy to understand. I hoped it would help me.

👤It took me a while. To figure out the outer ring on the pole had to be moved, and you do worry about applying force to plastic. It is heavier than 7.5 lbs. I'm a female of typical height and the shoulder strap can't be shortened enough to be useful. I was able to trim a hedge section that was too tall for my usual tools, and that saves me a couple of hundred dollars. When I exercise, I lift small weights over my head so that I can hold it high enough for an hour of trimming. There was no flat wrench included to tighten the bolts used to adjust the length of the pole. None of the ones I have worked on have done so yet. I will see how long I can use it at the length I adjusted it to be. This item will hopefully hold up for the greenery I have and keep me from having to hire pros so often.

11. BLACK DECKER BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer

BLACK DECKER BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer

Product 2 does not require assembly. Electric hedge trimmer. The corded electric hedge trimmer is lightweight and can be used for hedges and shrubs. The design is made for more control and less fatigue. The dual-action blade is a Hardened steel blade. It is possible to use corded electric power for longer work sessions. Easy fatigue-free operation with multi-fingertrigger pull.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I learned that first impressions are not everything, and that I am not great at trimming hedges. The product was beaten up and taped together. I quickly realized it was a lot like this if someone bought it, used it once and then returned it. When buying a new item, you expect it to be new. This thing looks small to me. In person, 16 inches isn't that big of a blade, and it looked smaller than I thought. Would it be possible to tackle my hedges? I decided to take it outside to see if I could do it. Why re-order something that can't cut through hedges when you can work with it? It was ready to go in under 5 minutes after I plugged it in. It's light, and all you have to do is connect the guard and plug it in. How did it do? It's very light. I liked that it weighed nothing, but then realized that a little bit of weight is a good thing. It's easy to move quickly and rush, or even use one-handed. Go much slower than you think you can do, because be safe. The electrical cord in the way was never a problem for me. My cedar hedges were a nice mix of leaves, thin branches, and thick ones, and it had no issues trimming them. They had not been trimmed since we moved in. I tried to do a squarer shape in the meantime, but I plan on trimming them to a rounded shape when they have some time to grow a bit. It was easy because my skills aren't where they need to be yet. This is a good thing for $20 or whatever it costs. I decided to keep it for the price and send back the used item that was sent. If you're trimming around your house once a year and have an outlet nearby, it's probably a smart purchase. If you're using it weekly or monthly, you might want to consider a longer blade.

👤What a great small tool! I wanted a trimmer that was light and easy to use for a woman. This is perfect. I just trimmed my first bush, and it does cut up to 5/8 ", with a few passes, less than that just zips through. The blade is 16 inches and it weighs 4.5 lbs. I am glad I bought this one. I am 75 years old.

👤If you want to feel like The Hulk, you have to do it manually. I have been doing this by hand for 18 years because I don't have a lot of hedges to trim and I thought this would be a dumb investment. I'd never used one before, never seen anyone use one before, and didn't think I needed it. It would take me an hour to trim my junipers with hand shears and I felt like I'd had the Pecs of The Hulk when I was done, but the next day I'd be sore and my wife would poke me in my sore throat. I was going to test it out on the day I got it, to make sure it worked and to exchange it if it didn't. I trimmed the hedges on my walkway in a few minutes. I feel like a sucker for not spending $30 bucks 15 years ago, because this things trimmed up my junipers like a hot knife through butter. This is legit. It has turned hours of boring work into minutes.


What is the best product for electric hedge trimmer corded?

Electric hedge trimmer corded products from Black+decker. In this article about electric hedge trimmer corded you can see why people choose the product. Black+decker and Craftsman are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric hedge trimmer corded.

What are the best brands for electric hedge trimmer corded?

Black+decker, Black+decker and Craftsman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric hedge trimmer corded. Find the detail in this article. Earthwise, Greenworks and Makita are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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