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1. EGO Lithium Ion Cordless Brushless Trimmer

EGO Lithium Ion Cordless Brushless Trimmer

Measures 8 by 8 by 36 inches. A high-efficiency motor. The blades are hardened steel. The blades are fully functioning. The electric brake stops blade action quickly. The power source is battery powered.

Brand: Ego Power+

👤I cut my cord and it scared me. Tired of the smell, noise, and mix ratios of pre-mix 2 stroke motor. I bought this with apprehension. After using this twice, I can say it is amazing. I used it for an hour at a time and it wore me out. It has a low noise. I didn't use my ear muffs. I got rid of a lot of bushes that were over 10 feet tall. It used to take me several days to use my wheeled string trimmer. It took me 2 hours. I was going to buy the Black and Decker for half the price, but I was scared when I read about the build quality. Since the battery pack is interchangeable, I ordered the Ego chainsaw and leaf blower without the battery packs. The battery charges very quickly. My body doesn't replenish as fast. This is one of the few products that I am really excited about. The battery technology has reached a point where they can compete with the other sources of power and offer a lot of convenience. Don't be alarmed if you are about to purchase this product.

👤The device had a lot of power and was easy to use. I had to call for help when it jammed after a few trims. They agreed it needed to be replaced but never sent a new unit. After repeated calls, the same outcome and no trimmer.

👤Don't buy it from Bomb Brands. I only used this item for a few times and it is not working anymore. The seller is not an authorized seller. Bomb Brands is not an authorized seller of this product, so EGO can't do anything about it. EGO products have a 5 year warranty, but they didn't do anything. I contacted the seller many times, but they didn't do anything for the product.

👤A man. I got the EGO power tools for my birthday, and they are all great, and if you get three batteries, the lawn mower battery is a good size. I can swap out two of the 2.5 Amps for one that will mow the grass and blow it. I have nothing but praise for EGO for their tools, they have a great web site with all the info you need on the device and even a great registration page, all well thought out with many "features" you'll appreciate when using them. The B&D brand is cheaper, but it is much better. I don't use garden tools or lawnmowers from B&D, but I do like their drivers and drills. These tools are as powerful as GAS models and are quiet in the process, which is great for people who don't like GAS or don't want to use it. It's been a long time since tools made cordless worth.

👤The EGO Lithium power packs are common to their other devices. The trimmer can trim up azaleas and boxwood bushes. I was able to trim my entire property with the same battery. I was tired of lugging around extension cords and worried about slicing through them. The unit is heavy and the battery clips on the back of it. Your forearms and wrists will feel it. After holding this up for a while. I had to put it down every few minutes to allow my arms to recover. There are two parts to prevent accidental starting. The plug in ones have their own compromises. I think this is great for homeowners who time hedges once or twice a year. If I had a business landscape, I wouldn't want to carry this around with me.

2. EGO Power Attachment Lithium Ion Extension

EGO Power Attachment Lithium Ion Extension

Product 2 does not require assembly. Product 1 is compatible with the EGO Power+ Power Head. Product 1 is a hedge trimmer. Product 1 has a cut capacity. The product is water-resistant. Part of the EGO power head system. Product 2 is compatible with the EGO Power+ power head. Product 2 extends your reach for lambing operations. Product 2 is a power source.

Brand: Ego Power+

👤There was no complaint about anything other than weight. I had to take a break from trimming because my arms were giving out. It went through the shubs. Holly branches can be cut easily. I'm happy to have the extension to keep that power further away from my digits.

👤The best battery tech in the lawn care universe is available from Ego.

3. EGO Power AP1500 ST1501 S ST1500 S

EGO Power AP1500 ST1501 S ST1500 S

Quality and performance are ensured by genuine EGO parts. For use with the EGO POWER+ multi-head system. Most of the weight is transferred from the wrist to the shoulder. Extra comfort is provided by the padding. It reduces fatigue during extended use.

Brand: Ego Power+

👤It helps when using my blower and trimmer. It would be worth it, but it should have come with the equipment. EGO equipment is top notch and reliable, they don't need to pay anything to their customers. I plan to buy more EGO equipment in the near future but I had to pay for the strap extra.

👤I use the Ego powerhead unit with the edger and trimmer. I was surprised by the weight of the combined unit when I first used it. When using the largest battery size. A lot of area is to be trimmed on a 1 acre property. In the past, I used an Echo straight shaft 2-cycle gas trimmer. I could often use it to get under bushes. The Ego powerhead/long-life battery is not going to happen. I have a bad right shoulder and it was tiring. The Ego strap helps relieve stress on my right side. I can use the tool right-handed if I put the strap over my head and left shoulder. Highly recommended.

👤It should have been included with the trimmer.

👤I don't know what Ego was thinking when he made this. The strap and pad are stiff, they don't conform to the shoulder, and when the padded part slides off the should, it will be a disaster. The strap digs into my neck. This thing is not worth the money. I would look for something better. I bought a camera strap a long time ago and it's doing a better job now.

👤The strap is very heavy. I tried it on my shoulder. The just shoulder pad slid down the strap on my back and chest to my waist for the weed trimmer. The strap is suppose to help you carry the weight of the weed trimmer. There is a The shoulder pad sliding around on the strap is not helping you do your work.

👤Instructions can be improved. The strap should be clipped the last step. It's not necessary to have the strap on when fastening the clamp to the shaft, and it's also not necessary to have it clipped on. In the third illustration, the clip ring is positioned on the same side of the shaft as the powertrigger, and the clamp is mounted on the shaft. There are no instructions as to where to put the strap. Is it possible to use it around your waist? Probably not. Is diagonal positioning better or worse over the shoulder? If that is subject to individual preferences, the instructions should indicate that. The pad tends to slide off my shoulder, rendering it useless. Maybe ego should add some kind of protection to the strap and pad. I might use some Velcro tape to do that. I found myself stooping over when cutting with the trimmer because it could be worse than not using it at all. So, 3 stars.

👤It was easy to install, but difficult to adjust. The shoulder pad is too flimsy and makes it too uncomfortable to use. The sling that I took off of my old trimmer works great. I hated the sling, but I love my Ego Trimmer. You will thank me later if you get the LimbSaver sling. It doesn't come with a clip to attach it to the trimmer. You will have to pay for it separately. I used the one that came with the Ego sling.

4. SnapFresh 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

SnapFresh 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Quality and performance are ensured by genuine EGO parts. The bush trimmer has a blade guard that can prevent it from malfunctioning, and it has a double lock design to protect you and when using the tool. The battery and motor aredurable. The bush trimmer electric has a 20V 2.0Ah battery and an upgraded motor that can run up to 1400rpm. The battery can be fully charged within 1-2 hours, and all of the SnapFresh products can use the same battery to operate. This hedge trimmer weights only 4.74 pounds and can be easily lifted by one hand, it is also very convenient to assemble, just need 6 screws, and its rubber handle can effectively prevent you from slipping. The outdoor hedge trimmer with dual-action blades is able to help you trim from each angle, and it is also able to help you trim from the higher level. The blade is dual-action. The corded electric hedge trimmer has a hardened steel blade that can cut branches of up to 5 inches in diameter, making it much easier to use.

Brand: Snapfresh

👤When you can't pull weeds for fear of uprooting small crops, it helps keep a cleaner garden. It's great for close trimming. I work over an hour each time, but it lasts longer than that in the heat. There is an update. Soon the rating will be changed. Waiting for an answer. I love this thing and got 2.5 hours on one charge. I'm waiting to see if they sell extra blades. The grass trimmer needs sharpening after 8 hours of use. There is an update. They don't sell extra blades. It's basically a stunt. I could buy something else if I'd known.

👤I want to make sure my review is up to date. They helped me with a better experience with their hedge trimmers with both new 20V and 40V batteries. I charged the 20V and used it for 70 minutes, expecting it to last about 10 minutes. I had it trimmed and cut through many bushes. I wanted to give a 5 star rating to the review because they deserve it. They made it right for me as a purchaser. I will update my review after I use the 40V, but I haven't tested it yet. I live on a small lot that is mostly landscaped. I do all the yard work myself and need a hedge trimmer to keep things under control. This was the second time I had this experience. Give them an opportunity to serve you. You will not regret it. I loved everything but the short battery life. 10 minutes? I talked to a real person when I called customer service. The battery life was only supposed to last for around 10 minutes. The reviews did not lead you to believe that. I had barely begun trimming. The motor sounded like it had a screw in it. I thought there was something wrong with the motor when I only used the trimmer for 10 minutes. Nope, low battery! I have an old craftsman trimmer that works and the 19.8V batteries.

👤I was happy when I was up and running. It has terrible instructions, thanks to the Amazon Support chat with Jamal. It seems like a simple marketing fix by SnapFresh to add a video link to their instructions. Thank you Amazon. It is light and cut well. The instructions were flawed again because the battery came charged. If the battery is fully charged, you won't get a charging light on the charger, but you can check the level on the battery. This was a pleasant surprise because I could use it in a way I wanted, but also because I was frustrated that the battery was not connecting to the charger. Will update on battery life per use.

👤Been lazy to post reviews. I want to share with people who are interested in using it like me, I changed it over night for the first time, the battery is good, and I trimmed the tree around half hour. If you have any trees or shrubs you want to trim, I recommend this if you hold the machine in the air for a long time, as it will not strain your arms.



The POWERCOMMAND Family of tools helps solve common user problems when using outdoor power equipment. LB2X3020 20V is included with the LSTE523 20V MAX Cordless Trimmer/Edger. The MAX extended battery has a Charger, a Spool, and a Guard. A 20 watt max battery has power and runs longer. The dual action blade is 22 inches long. The branches can be cut up to 1/3 inches. You can work longer and complete the job with the ergonomics. The cutting strokes are part of the max system.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I recently upgraded all my black and decker tools to the newer 20v style with smaller batteries. I discovered something about this one that I really wanted when I looked at the different hedge trimmers. There is a button on top. I liked my last hedge trimmer. I gave it to my daughter in law who did not have one. When it got jammed, I had to stop and unjam it. I could work out the jam with the button. I was sold. The one I bought had a 20v battery and a charger. The battery was fully charged in less than two hours after I plugged it in. The batteries are small and the chargers are small. The light flashes while it's charging and then is a steady light when it's fully charged. I had to put the guard on. The instructions said that the screws were in the unit. It was hard to get out of the hole. I removed the screws and screwed them in the handle and guard, even though I was afraid of doing so. It only took me a few minutes. The weight balances out and the trimmer fits in my hands. I'm an older female. I had no problem using this tool. I tried it out this morning and it cut my bushes like butter. So easy! The 22" size is big enough that you can finish a job quickly but not so big that you can't round out bushes that need to be rounded. It was easy to work with. You can press the button to keep the blades from cutting if you push in a thing. If it works better for you if you are left or right handed, then it makes getting started easier. You don't have to turn it off because the button to release a jam is right on top. The button slows down the action so it can either cut through or allow you to move the trimmer. I don't have a lot to trim, and my battery didn't slow down while I was using it. I can't wait to trim again. A new toy. Paying a little more for the added feature is totally work. Thanks for reading my review, I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The 20V MAX series from Black & Decker has four tools in it. I'm starting to like it. It works as advertised. I trimmed my 5' bushes with ease, even cutting through some branches that were as thick as 1/2. It's simple to operate, and the battery lasts an hour. The grips are pretty comfortable, so you won't wear yourself out holding it. It feels strong and reliable. It makes as much noise as a regular hedge trimmer, and weighs the same. There isn't anything bad to say about it. The price I paid was fair. There are disagreements. I have no excuse to not trim the bushes.

👤I love this hedge trimmer. The hedges surround the front and side of the house. The trimmer did the entire job with one battery, and it cut through the toughest branches of my hedges. The PowerCut feature was great, I used it twice. I have the B & D 12" 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower and wanted a third battery. I paid a little more for the trimmer because I got my third battery, but I think it's because the hedge trimmer comes with a battery. I hated pulling out the 100ft extension cord when I was using an electric trimmer. I just grabbed the B & D trimmer, popped a battery in it, and trimmed my hedges in less than an hour. The 22" blade was the perfect length for my reach across the top of the hedges, and the trimmer is light in weight, compared to what I'm used to. It was worth the cost.

6. EGO Power Brushless Cordless Included

EGO Power Brushless Cordless Included

Quality and performance are ensured by genuine EGO parts. Product 1 has a 1 inch cut capacity. Product 1 is a high-efficiency motor. Product 1: hardened steel blades. Product 1: blades. The shoulder strap transfers a lot of the weight from the user's arm to the shoulder. Product 2: padded strap. Product 2: Reduce fatigue. Product 2 does not require assembly.

Brand: Ego Power+

👤You can get the trimmer and strap individually for less. The strap doesn't fit the trimmer.

👤I bought three of these tools. Very happy with them.

7. CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer

CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Refer to the "Warranty & Support" section for full details. Tough trimming tasks can be tackled with a motor. The dual-action blade has a cut capacity of up to 1/3 of an inch. The power saw cut up to 1 1/2 inches of thick branches.

Brand: Craftsman

👤It was supposed to be a hedge trimmer. It missed the boat very badly. I bought another item. The person who thought he invented a wheel was wet. I don't think he ever trimmed a hedge. I have done this since I was ten. I learned a few things. The saw at the end of the blade is not good. The sweeping motion hedge trimming is prevented by it. It is not useless. The purchase is right. It won't get on every piece of hedge. You will not be happy with this purchase. Try to find a lighter one. It was easy.

👤Ignore the saw blade as a hedge trimmer. The saw blade at the tip was the reason I bought this model. Is it possible to cut branches as it claims? No way.

👤I oil the shrub trimmer frequently to prolong its life. The moving saw blade tip sticks out like a sawzall blade. It bangs into the surface when working against it. There should be a guard that doesn't move. I attached a six foot extension cord to the trimmer to make it easier to plug in.

👤I thought the extra cutting edge on the end would make it easier to trim the bushes. I thought it would work in the motion. It works the same as the hedge trimmer I have.

👤The operator can't lock this tool in the on position, so I gave it three stars. The tool has two buttons that turn it on. After the tool is running, you can release one of the buttons, but you have to keep pressing thetrigger to keep it running. I think it is a good safety feature. I have owned and operated hedge trimmers, and I find it annoying. I don't like this trimmer and worked with it for three hours. The 4 power amplifier is great. It cuts in half. The limbs are more than an inch. The limb "saw" on the end is worthless if there is no lock on. It is difficult to hold thetrigger. I had to put a shop piece on thetrigger to keep it going. The "saw" on the end is a problem and not a feature. The saw teeth are too small. They do not cut anything. The hedge blade is more effective than the saw. There is a problem with the end of the bar. It is on the hedge and makes it hard to trim it. The hook hangs up on the shrub so you cannot sweep the hedge with a left sweep. Only the right hand can sweep. The saw is at the end of the bar. It doesn't cut anything and you lose the end of the tool making it an 18 inch trimmer.

👤The job it was intended for was the trimmer. I haven't had the chance to try the SAW tip. I would like to see a 24 inch bar instead of the 22 inch bar used in the old Black andDecker trimmers. I have strong hands and hold the second switch down. The stutter runs are like hanging on for dear life. I place a wooden square pin between the body of the torso and the second sword. As the mallet can continue to operate, I have to use my hand to pry the sledgehammer from the ground. It may be politically incorrect, but it makes it more convenient to use.

8. EGO Power HTA2000 Attachment Lithium Ion

EGO Power HTA2000 Attachment Lithium Ion

Product 2 is a power source. Product 1 is compatible with the EGO Power+ Power Head. Product 1 is a hedge trimmer. Product 1 has a cut capacity. The product is water-resistant. Product 2 is compatible with all EGO 56V Arc-Lithium batteries. Product 2. For use with the EGO Power+ power head attachment. Product 2 is a brushless motor. Product 2 has a lock-off button.

Brand: Ego Power+

9. EGO Power 24 Inch Lithium Ion Cordless

EGO Power 24 Inch Lithium Ion Cordless

Product 2 is weather-resistant construction. Product 1 is 24 in. The blades are dual-action, hardened steel. Product 1 is 1/3 in. Cut the capacity. The product is compatible with all EGO POWER+ Arc batteries. Product 1 is weather-resistant construction. The shoulder strap transfers a lot of the weight from the user's arm to the shoulder. Product 2: padded strap. Product 2: Reduce fatigue. Product 2 does not require assembly.

Brand: Ego Power+

10. EGO Power AL2420PD Pre Cut Trimmers

EGO Power AL2420PD Pre Cut Trimmers

The blade is dual-action. The corded electric hedge trimmer has a hardened steel blade that can cut branches of up to 5 inches in diameter, making it much easier to use. The trimmer line has two colors for easy replacement. 5 pre-cut coils of a professional grade line. All EGO string trimmers are compatible. Quality and performance are ensured by genuine EGO parts.

Brand: Ego Power+

👤The lengths of yellow and orange on each side of the refill are what I like about it. You can see where the orange and yellow meet when you thread them into the trimmer head. You know you have the same amount of string on both sides. It's pretty cool!

👤When equalizing the two ends of a cord, it's helpful to simplify the job of seeing the middle of the cord. A simple solution.

👤This is a great product. It's not easy to replace your weed eater string.

👤It works like it should. I like the two-tone colors so you know where the middle is.

👤This is the second time I have used these and they are easy to install.

👤It's a good way to get a replacement line.

👤The auto-feed function is easy to use and the 2 colors make it easy to measure your line.

👤This product is easy to use.

👤Convenient lengths of pre-cut line, no need for the two colors, as it's easy to find the centre of the length. I think it's colorful. It took me a little while to arrive, but I was told about it. No problem. Thank you!

👤The value per foot is less than the EGO 160ft Premium Quality Twist line.

11. EGO Power ST1500SF Cordless Included

EGO Power ST1500SF Cordless Included

Rapid reloading head to quickly load a cutting line. A dual feed spiral-twist is professional-grade. The line. The construction is weather- resistant. The motor is high-efficiency. It is compatible with all EGO 56V batteries.

Brand: Ego Power+

👤There are a lot of things wrong with this string trimmer. I used it for 15 minutes until the string was too short. You should be able to lightly hit the bottom of the trimmer head to release more string. In my case, it fails to feed, and the string gets sucked back into the head trimmer, where you can't reach it. To fix this, you have to press in two release tabs on the trimmer head, with your thumbs. The ridges between the tabs make it hard to reach with your thumbs. I got my neighbor to help me push the tabs in. It took two of us to push the tabs in and remove the trimmer head. One person had to hold the trimmer while the other pressed in the tabs with a screwdriver. It took a lot of pressure to do that. I unwound the string and tried the trimmer again after removing the top. After a few minutes of trimming, I got the same results. The same results were achieved when I tried it again. I called the EGO warranty line. After being on hold for an hour, I finally took the option to call them when an agent became available. I was told that the trimmer head was likely to be faulty after discussing the problem with the agent shoe. You have to buy a new one because EGO does not warranty the trimmer head. I decided to return the trimmer to Amazon because I don't want to pour good money after bad. The spaces where the string comes out of the trimmer head are about 2 inches below the trim head. You have to wrestle the trimmer at an angle if you want to trim shorter than 2 inches. The device is poorly engineered. Don't buy it.

👤We trusted the EGO brand enough to not read on-line reviews of the item. We have used many string trimmers over the course of many years, but we still read the manual before using. We saw it wasn't cutting after trimming a 2 foot section. The string was only about an inch long. The worst part is that we almost broke our thumbs trying to get the head off. We unwound the string and fed it back through again, as per the manual. The same thing happened after another minute of operation. This trimmer was rendered useless because it never bumped feeding properly and had to stop after a minute of operation because the string had shortened. Many other people had the same experience after reading reviews from another source. This one was missed by EGO. Save your thumbs by choosing something else. The number of people reporting the same design flaw we experienced has increased. After the vendor insulted us by telling us we didn't know what we were doing and that they would charge a 20% restocking fee, Amazon handled our issue quickly and courteously. All of the kind people who are talking about the same problem with the feeder head are not dumb. The product was a factory defect. Thank you for treating your customers well. You should be careful who you order from.


What is the best product for electric hedge trimmer ego?

Electric hedge trimmer ego products from Ego Power+. In this article about electric hedge trimmer ego you can see why people choose the product. Ego Power+ and Ego Power+ are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric hedge trimmer ego.

What are the best brands for electric hedge trimmer ego?

Ego Power+, Ego Power+ and Ego Power+ are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric hedge trimmer ego. Find the detail in this article. Snapfresh, Black+decker and Ego Power+ are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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