Best Electric Hedge Trimmer Heavy Duty

Trimmer 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. BEHTS300 20 Hedge Trimmer Saw

BEHTS300 20 Hedge Trimmer Saw

The power source is corded electric. The electric edge trimmer has a hardened steel blade for reduced vibration. The addition of the SAWBLADE makes it possible to cut branches up to 1.5 inches thick. The motor for the trimmers is 3.8 Amps. The design is easy to use. Accidental unplugging is prevented by cord retention. The full wrap-around front handle provides better control.

Brand: Black+decker

👤This has a low power, but it has performed well for yard tasks. I use a large shear for large limbs. My shrubs and vines are well shaped by this trimmer. It is a good choice for light to medium work. It wouldn't do well for large limbs. I didn't plan on using the front sawblade.

👤Plug it in and leave. What else would you like? The hedge trimmer works well, but I haven't used it. I have never trimmed hedges before, but I had no problem with it being flat. I have owned it for 6 months and it is in great shape. The blades are still sharp. The saw feature is easy to use and isn't terribly useful.

👤The trimmer is light and cuts well. I don't pay attention to the cord since it loops through the handle. Great purchase.

👤I expected it to be better than my last one. And it is. If you cut close to the solid end of the branch, it will be effective because it has a little saw at the end. It's great for your backyard jungle.

👤I thought adding a Saw to the blade would work. You can only cut in one direction if it gets in the way. The Saw needs to be changed.

👤On 8-23-20, it was used first. Within a minute, I tried to use and quit. Didn't get to use the hedger. I tried to cut a lower branch with the saw section. The saw was only used on the trimmer. Do not recommend. I ordered the product in June. I can't find a number to call Amazon. I shop at Amazon a lot. This is not good.

👤The Saw on the end is worthless. The hedge trimmer does not have the saw blade. The Hedge Trimmer works for about a year before it dies. Not a good hedge trimmer.

👤Powerful and does the job. The tip branch trimmer can get in the way. I should have bought the model without that feature.



The POWERCOMMAND Family of tools helps solve common user problems when using outdoor power equipment. LB2X3020 20V is included with the LSTE523 20V MAX Cordless Trimmer/Edger. The MAX extended battery has a Charger, a Spool, and a Guard. A 20 watt max battery has power and runs longer. The dual action blade is 22 inches long. The branches can be cut up to 1/3 inches. You can work longer and complete the job with the ergonomics. The cutting strokes are part of the max system.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I recently upgraded all my black and decker tools to the newer 20v style with smaller batteries. I discovered something about this one that I really wanted when I looked at the different hedge trimmers. There is a button on top. I liked my last hedge trimmer. I gave it to my daughter in law who did not have one. When it got jammed, I had to stop and unjam it. I could work out the jam with the button. I was sold. The one I bought had a 20v battery and a charger. The battery was fully charged in less than two hours after I plugged it in. The batteries are small and the chargers are small. The light flashes while it's charging and then is a steady light when it's fully charged. I had to put the guard on. The instructions said that the screws were in the unit. It was hard to get out of the hole. I removed the screws and screwed them in the handle and guard, even though I was afraid of doing so. It only took me a few minutes. The weight balances out and the trimmer fits in my hands. I'm an older female. I had no problem using this tool. I tried it out this morning and it cut my bushes like butter. So easy! The 22" size is big enough that you can finish a job quickly but not so big that you can't round out bushes that need to be rounded. It was easy to work with. You can press the button to keep the blades from cutting if you push in a thing. If it works better for you if you are left or right handed, then it makes getting started easier. You don't have to turn it off because the button to release a jam is right on top. The button slows down the action so it can either cut through or allow you to move the trimmer. I don't have a lot to trim, and my battery didn't slow down while I was using it. I can't wait to trim again. A new toy. Paying a little more for the added feature is totally work. Thanks for reading my review, I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The 20V MAX series from Black & Decker has four tools in it. I'm starting to like it. It works as advertised. I trimmed my 5' bushes with ease, even cutting through some branches that were as thick as 1/2. It's simple to operate, and the battery lasts an hour. The grips are pretty comfortable, so you won't wear yourself out holding it. It feels strong and reliable. It makes as much noise as a regular hedge trimmer, and weighs the same. There isn't anything bad to say about it. The price I paid was fair. There are disagreements. I have no excuse to not trim the bushes.

👤I love this hedge trimmer. The hedges surround the front and side of the house. The trimmer did the entire job with one battery, and it cut through the toughest branches of my hedges. The PowerCut feature was great, I used it twice. I have the B & D 12" 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower and wanted a third battery. I paid a little more for the trimmer because I got my third battery, but I think it's because the hedge trimmer comes with a battery. I hated pulling out the 100ft extension cord when I was using an electric trimmer. I just grabbed the B & D trimmer, popped a battery in it, and trimmed my hedges in less than an hour. The 22" blade was the perfect length for my reach across the top of the hedges, and the trimmer is light in weight, compared to what I'm used to. It was worth the cost.

3. Toro 51490 Corded 22 Inch Trimmer

Toro 51490 Corded 22 Inch Trimmer

40V is the maximum initial battery voltage. TheNominal voltage is 36. A hedge trimmer with a powerful motor. The bar is 22-inch long. It is possible to cut through branches up to 9/16-inch thick. The cutting system has a dual-action mechanism. Measures 8 by 8 by 36 inches.

Brand: Toro

👤I have to fix the string again and again, because it will not stay out, and I have to remove the string holder and fix the rat nest of string.

👤I bought this item because of the good reviews here. The unit seems sturdy and has good construction. The lack of a tap-to-advance string feature is a major fault. Every time thetrigger is released, it advances the line automatically. If you're trimming in a high wear situation, like edging the drive, you find yourself constantly pausing to "gun" thetrigger in order to advance the line, instead of being able to simplybump the head and continue trimming. It cuts my trimming speed in half while I am constantly stop and goosing thetrigger to feed enough line back out to resume trimming. The auto feed feature feeds out line every time you release the gun, which can result in the string being too long, so it beats itself against the guard until the ends are cut off. It was very annoying. I prefer tap-to-advance string advance.

👤I like to read a lot of comments before I buy something, but I got to the conclusion that they were right about the stream, and that was a pain in the butt. It's stupid to keep it working when toro can do better, it was trashed after 2 uses, I destroyed it, don't f...

👤Home Depot was out of stock when I received my TORO 51490 Hedge Trimmer. I found that it shreds cut, but another pass smoothed out the hedge and it went fine. I think the thumb sized U shaped catch blade is the reason for this, it allows the twigs to move during the cut process, whereas my old trimmer had V shaped slots which seemed to grab and hold during the cut. The old blade was only 16 inches, but the new blade is 22 inches. It had enough power to cut through the stems. The hedge is close to me. It will give you a workout through the shoulders and back, and I'm a senior. I would have preferred a clear shield. I could see what was happening better, but it wasn't a big deal. I miss the lock on option of my old trimmer as I experience fatigue with constant pressure to the handle. I get the safety feature. I found it easy to register at the TORO site, even though I feel the warranty should be included in packaging. I would recommend this trimmer for a fine corded tool, as I am pleased with it. We will see how long it lasts.

👤It seemed like it would work out for me. It's too heavy for me to use with the wheel. I tried to cut tall grass next to our brick wall, but I used my clippers. The lines broke on the 3rd time I used the trimmer. I can't remove the spool to check for more line or replace it. I threw the box it came in. It's a complete waste of money for me. It would do better with someone with more strength. I was disappointed that I chose the wrong one. It's a great brand.

4. CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer

CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Refer to the "Warranty & Support" section for full details. Tough trimming tasks can be tackled with a motor. The dual-action blade has a cut capacity of up to 1/3 of an inch. The power saw cut up to 1 1/2 inches of thick branches.

Brand: Craftsman

👤It was supposed to be a hedge trimmer. It missed the boat very badly. I bought another item. The person who thought he invented a wheel was wet. I don't think he ever trimmed a hedge. I have done this since I was ten. I learned a few things. The saw at the end of the blade is not good. The sweeping motion hedge trimming is prevented by it. It is not useless. The purchase is right. It won't get on every piece of hedge. You will not be happy with this purchase. Try to find a lighter one. It was easy.

👤Ignore the saw blade as a hedge trimmer. The saw blade at the tip was the reason I bought this model. Is it possible to cut branches as it claims? No way.

👤I oil the shrub trimmer frequently to prolong its life. The moving saw blade tip sticks out like a sawzall blade. It bangs into the surface when working against it. There should be a guard that doesn't move. I attached a six foot extension cord to the trimmer to make it easier to plug in.

👤I thought the extra cutting edge on the end would make it easier to trim the bushes. I thought it would work in the motion. It works the same as the hedge trimmer I have.

👤The operator can't lock this tool in the on position, so I gave it three stars. The tool has two buttons that turn it on. After the tool is running, you can release one of the buttons, but you have to keep pressing thetrigger to keep it running. I think it is a good safety feature. I have owned and operated hedge trimmers, and I find it annoying. I don't like this trimmer and worked with it for three hours. The 4 power amplifier is great. It cuts in half. The limbs are more than an inch. The limb "saw" on the end is worthless if there is no lock on. It is difficult to hold thetrigger. I had to put a shop piece on thetrigger to keep it going. The "saw" on the end is a problem and not a feature. The saw teeth are too small. They do not cut anything. The hedge blade is more effective than the saw. There is a problem with the end of the bar. It is on the hedge and makes it hard to trim it. The hook hangs up on the shrub so you cannot sweep the hedge with a left sweep. Only the right hand can sweep. The saw is at the end of the bar. It doesn't cut anything and you lose the end of the tool making it an 18 inch trimmer.

👤The job it was intended for was the trimmer. I haven't had the chance to try the SAW tip. I would like to see a 24 inch bar instead of the 22 inch bar used in the old Black andDecker trimmers. I have strong hands and hold the second switch down. The stutter runs are like hanging on for dear life. I place a wooden square pin between the body of the torso and the second sword. As the mallet can continue to operate, I have to use my hand to pry the sledgehammer from the ground. It may be politically incorrect, but it makes it more convenient to use.

5. BLACK DECKER LHT2220B 20 Volt Cordless

BLACK DECKER LHT2220B 20 Volt Cordless

A 14-inch path is used to get the job done. Rpm is 8000rpm. The 20V MAX Powerconnect Lithium-Ion hedge trimmer is high performance and can be used for hedges, shrubs, and branches up to 34 in. The dual-action blade is Hardened steel and has reduced vibration while trimming. The soft touch grip is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The 20 MAX Powerconnect battery is replaceable and works with all other products. The battery and charger are not sold together.

Brand: Black+decker

👤It still gets 5 stars. I was so scared before I bought it. I knew I had to do something to make up for the extra money I was going to pay the yard guy. I am happy that my battery fits the trimmer because I have a Black and Decker drill set. The price I paid was a blessing. I opened the package from the bottom and the trimmer fell out. The box was heavy and I was amazed at how lightweight it was. I was assuming it would be. I charged up my battery and went to the house to see if I could operate it. It is easy to use and lightweight. I fired it up yesterday. I trimmed my hedges. I did it even though some of the thicker limbs took a little extra. I was trimming my hedges across the top with one hand. There is a safety mechanism on it. You can't just pull the lever. You have to slide the button back on the top of the handle to get away from the lever. The battery life is great! I want the whole gang of B&D tools that fit that battery. I'm ready to build a house. Not really, only in my mind. It is easy for a woman to handle. Make sure you have the battery before you buy it. The battery is not included in this one.

👤The electric hedger we bought 4 months ago is melting on the side. I've never seen anything like this before, we are not leaving the charger on for long. It's frightening and we've decided to not use it anymore as we're afraid of a fire. We can't use the hedger because we can't charge our battery. No one will get back to me when I try to reach out to support. The contact form does not work.

👤B&D's 20-volt collection is great for lawn and garden. I bought a bunch because they all have the same battery and are light-weight. I owned 2 electric B&D hedge trimmers. I hated the fact that I was tied down to the electric cord when I wanted to do a quick trim. One of the scariest moments during my yard work was when I had to cut the electric cord with my hedge trimmer. The trimmer is light-weight and easy to use, but I don't like the sharp blades that can cut through small branches. Don't buy an electric corded hedge trimmer. There is a You will never go back once you experience it. If you already own any B&D's 20v collection, this is a great hedge trimmer. If my review helped you, please click on the button below.

👤The hedge trimmer is powerful and light. I thought about getting the 40V. I used the 20V and it did everything I wanted it to. The English Ivy on the ground is about 1/3 of an inch thick and the bush is about 1-2 feet from the ground. This trimmer was able to cut them. I tried to cut branches over 1 inch but the blade got stuck. I cut it from the other side. The tool is very effective in trimming ivy. The blade is run from under the ivy and it cuts everything off in one swing. I roll the cut part over and keep doing it. Cut branches with hand held scissors and shears. When I searched for a way to get rid of English Ivy, I found that this was incorrect. I'm going 20 times faster with this trimmer, maybe some people have too much time on their hand.

6. Corded Electric Handheld Hedge Trimmer

Corded Electric Handheld Hedge Trimmer

The shear shrubber and power connect battery are included. The SereneLife electric Hedge trimmer has an 18 inch cutting blade that can cut branches up to 4 inches in diameter. It has an operating speed of up to 17, 000rpm. Excellent for gardening. Plug-in operation. A 10 ft long power cord and a high powered cutting motor make it easy to cut and landscape. It's perfect for your lawn, garden, backyard, walkway or landscape use. The corded Hedge trimmer has an engineeredABS housing and steel alloy bade making it the perfect companion in trimming bush, Small tree, shrub, flowering plants, and hedges. It makes landscaping seem easy. The safety power lock switch on the outdoor home garden cutting tool will keep it from being accidentally switched on if the user is not careful. It has a protective blade cover for added security. The handle is comfortable, lightweight, rugged, and heavy duty, and has comfortable handheld grips for easy control, making it a great tool for gardening and landscaping.

Brand: Serenelife

👤When it arrived, I loved it. Beautiful and powerful. I returned the item for a full refund because I threw away the original box, but I won't do that again. The handle broke again. It appears that the design flaw in how it is attached is that it relies on small plastic prongs to hold the handle in place when attached with screws. I bought a second trimmer with a handle that is part of the overall body. As soon as the shipping notice was sent, Amazon posted to my account.

👤This is above average for a hedge trimmer. I have owned this for about six weeks and it is a great hedge trimmer for cleaning up my hedges between clippings. I have more than 100 feet of hedges, and to keep it nice looking I needed something that would allow a quick trim, was light enough, and portable. This fits the bill. It takes about 2 hours to hit my entire hedge line. The battery is ready to use when it is ready to charge. I am very happy with this item. My gas trimmer will cut 1/3 inch branches. I use it to manicize the hedges.

👤I have used this for a long time. Great product. Well made, durable. If needed, I would buy it again. I did not burn this one.

👤I bought a few more for family members because I love this trimmer. Its battery life is twice what I had expected, and its cutting action is great. It is expected that working without a power cord and not having to guard against cutting it will allow one to progress at twice the speed of a corded trimmer.

👤I don't have to get the electric cord cut again because the weed eater hedge trimmer works well. It is easy to handle light weight. The battery lasts a long time. I'm so happy I bought it. I would recommend this battery hedge trimmer.

👤I don't have to untangle the two extension cords to trim the shrubbery around my home. It's comforting to know that I don't have to constantly be aware of the location of a cord. I have cut at least one by mistake. The unit has good power and handles well. This is my favorite Weed Eater tool. The string trimmer uses the same battery.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this product. The charges are very quickly and hold a charge for a long time. It is possible to cut up to 9/16 inch on the product. It feels like it will be made well using high grade materials. It's easy to open a box. I was up and running in no time. A decent sheath is required to protect the blades. A good length cord is what the Charger seems to have. If there is a problem with the battery, the lights indicate charging status. The battery will not charge if it is too hot. The life of the battery is protected by this. Seedeater has always been a great manufacturer and this product seems to be no exception. I could not recommend it enough.

7. BLACK DECKER BEHT350FF Trimmer Orange


22 IN. The dual-action blade has less vibration than single-action blades. The ideal amount of power to trim branches is four Amps. It was thick. A comfortable, secure grip and reliable cutting control are provided by the full round front handle. Light weight and comparable reduces muscle fatigue. unlimited runtime is offered by corded design for the biggest jobs. The built-in cord restrainer prevents unwanted unplugging. There is a hedge trimmer included.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I've been using electric trimmers for more than 40 years. I believe this is my last. All except the first one were made by Black and Decker. The other seems like an inferior product because it has the same blades as this one. The black steel blade was adequate for trimming. They would cut well and do the job that needed to be done, but not this one. I have about 35 feet of hedges to cut and this trimmer has me doing it in less time than my old one. The blades are sharp. If you've ever used a good gas powered trimmer, you'll know that this compares well to that. It cuts clean and smooth. There are a few gripes that may only apply to me. The cord retention system has been improved over the past ten years. The system used with the string trimmer is similar to the one used for the thin cheaper outdoor cord. It is difficult to get the heavy duty cord into the clip. I had to force it off as the plug locked into the female end of the extension cord. It's good for it to hold the female end secure, but older worn cords that slip out from the vibration are a problem. I don't like the idea of using a battery that isn't good for you as I have had battery issues in the past. I don't like having my tool out of service when I need it. Those of us who trim hedges and shrubs that are as tall as we are the ones who feel the most connected to Gripe two. It is not practical most of the time to use a step stool. I hold the trimmer above my shoulder height. There is not a comfortable hand hold to grab the trimmer from underneath, so at times it is necessary to operate with one hand. It would be nice for B&D to consider that its product is not always operated while working above what you trim. The bulk of the trimmer's body is in the way when you reach away from your body. My gripes are personal to me and may not apply to most buyers. I reduced my rate because 12 star is not available. I am revising my gripe about holding the trimmer from below. The rounded bottom of the handle allows for a firm grip. It does address my issue, even though it could benefit from some ergonomics.

👤I bought a new trimmer to replace an older one. The one hand operation of the trimmer makes it easy to use. I am very satisfied with its power and performance. It is an upgrade from my older unit. The new trimmer cuts thicker bushes well. The lock needs to be operated to open. There is no need for the lock to be maintained once started. The trimmer will run if thetrigger is depressed. The design of the power plug in the handle is the only complaint I have. The extension cord is set dead center into a depression. I can't fit larger extension cord plugs because of the depression and centering of the prongs. My older B&D trimmer has the same diameter depression but the prongs are set to the side to allow the larger plug to be inserted into the handle. If you ever cut your power cord, a replacement sockets will most likely not fit. If you use a heavy duty cord with a large sockets, it won't fit because the prongs are dead center instead of being offset to the side slightly. Simple work around is to use a smaller extension core.

8. BLACK DECKER LHT2240CFF Cordless Trimmer

BLACK DECKER LHT2240CFF Cordless Trimmer

The power source is battery powered. High performance corded hedge trimmer with 40V MAX Lithium-Ion for hedges, shrubs, and branches up to 34 in. The dual-action blade is Hardened steel and has reduced vibration while trimming. It is easy to operate with a wraparound auxiliary handle and integrated vibration reduction. The 40V MAX battery is replaceable and works with all other products.

Brand: Black+decker

👤This thing is disappointing and I always hate to leave less than 5 stars. I would've bought my neighbor a powerful beast for $26 more. The 2240 is cheap and chintzy. I thought I had not gotten a charger, but it was in the box and I almost threw it away. That's how cheap it is. The 2436 is strong. You should get the 2436. I would have liked to have seen my own review before ordering. I don't want to send it back. I may just do that and not suffer the joke of a trimmer.

👤Depending on which battery standard you choose, you can get either a corded or a wireless version of the hedge trimmer. The photos tell the story better than any text I can write. The old saying is that pictures are worth a thousand words. I was supposed to get the 60 Volt version, but my order was canceled. There is more to the 60 Volt version than just the battery size. It can cut through 112 inch branches, which is half the size of the 20 and 40 Volt versions. It's more expensive than the 40 Volt version and it's not as cheap. The 20 and 40 Volt trimmers have the same battery and motor windings. The cuter is the same as the 20 and 40 Volt version. I made photos and measured the spacing and it was the same cutter. The 20 Volt version is only about $15 cheaper than the 40 Volt version. The cutting blade is the same. The 40 and 20 watt versions can handle limbs. They have the same opening. The 40 Volt battery is larger than the 20 Volt battery. The 40 Volt version will last longer than the 20 Volt version because of the battery capacity. There is no contest. I've never run a battery down to trim my bushes. Even if I did, I have 10 more fully charged batteries lined up for backup. Unless you have at least eleven 20 Volt batteries, buy the 40 Volt version. If you want, you can buy the 20 Volt version without a battery. If I didn't already have a hedge trimmer, I would still purchase the 40 Volt version. If you're just starting out and have more money, go for the 60 Volt lineup. I used my first lawn mower from Black & Decker today and it was pretty good. I have a trimmer with a 60 Volt battery that didn't last long before it failed. It won't charge at all. Completely dead. Let's not forget the battery charger difference. The 40 Volt charger is a small one. There is a 60 Volt fast charge. It will charge both 60 and 20 batteries. It will not charge the batteries. Another vote for the 60 Volt version. It costs a lot more than the 40 Volt version. You have to make your own decisions with your wallet and future plans. I have given you the facts. What is best for you is up to you. Whatever you decide, you won't go wrong.

9. SereneLife Clippers Cordless Rechargeable PSLHTM20

SereneLife Clippers Cordless Rechargeable PSLHTM20

Assemble and after-sale services. Their hedge trimmer is easy to assemble and is more convenient to carry. They want to give customers excellent products and services. They are happy to help you if you have any questions. It is light and portable. It is easy to use for anyone, regardless of height or weight, and it is powerful enough to get the job done. It's permissible. The battery grass shears are a hassle-free way to clean your yard. The hedge cutter electric is easy to use. Adding convenience is created by the easy to use 'glide- cut' technology and comfortable handheld grip. Good for fall cleaning. The power trimmer is great for clearing leaves and debris. The design is ragged. The grass hand trimmer is made of heavy-duty engineeredABS construction, which is specifically designed to be used in the outdoors.

Brand: Serenelife

👤Excellent hand trimmer! We had the Sears model until it stopped working. This one looks very similar to the one I bought. There is no comparison of performance, this one is miles better. We can cut more quickly if the blades stay sharp. My wife is using it to cut a small patch of grass. She says that it works better than before. We don't know why it is better. I wrote this because I was pleasantly surprised by the recommendation. I hope it helps you make a decision. You will not be disappointed. I waited a few months to rate this item. Cheers.

👤I had the SereneLife Cordless Grass cutter for less than a week, but it no longer works. I charged it and then cut it. It isn't very strong. I was fine with that. I was cutting grass around trees and shrubs. I am sure that the weed eater doesn't damage the trees we planted. I plugged it back in after brushing the dirt off. I pick it up and head out to the yard to trim around some other trees. The clipper is no longer alive. I plugged it in again, thinking that I might have not plugged it in completely, or that I need to clean something. The cover was taken off and the red light came on when I plugged it in. The red light goes off when the device is fully charged. I didn't expect it to stop working within a week, but I was okay with it being cheaper.

👤We have had a lot of rain here in FL but the sun came out and I had time to try them out. The hedge blade fell off three times before I could cut it down. I usually keep my air conditioner running, but they didn't clear the grass in front of it when they tried the grass shears. I purchased this item because I have arthritis in my fingers and hope it will help me work in my gardens, but I am returning it because they call it Serene Life.

👤No more manual grass clippers. ! The unit is perfect for trimming the flower beds. I hated using the big, heavy gas powered trimmer that was too much for me to handle on our large yard, so I wouldn't often tackle this part of our lawn care. I am happy with this item.

👤A friend of mine recommended this tool to deal with ivy undergrowth here in North Carolina. I ordered it right away and am in love with it. It is a gem. It's been helpful in the garden, the battery is strong, and it cuts well for what it's designed to do. I wouldn't use it for large bushes. It trimmed my rose bush and cut back some ivy. I will look for other products by this person.

👤You need a long blade electric hedge trimmer for heavier jobs, but these lightweight clippers do the job on THIN stems and branches. I like the hedge blade for shaping and didn't have a problem attaching it. Pay attention to how the other clipper is mounted. I didn't realize that you didn't need to hold the safety button in the beginning. When my hand started to hurt, I figured it out. I was surprised I was able to trim for two hours because I didn't think the battery life would last. These are not very powerful, but they are better than using a handheld curved-blade clipper. I recommend them.

10. Joe HJ604C Lithium Ion Cordless Trimmer

Joe HJ604C Lithium Ion Cordless Trimmer

It's best used for small gardens, hedge grooming and areas your mower cannot reach. There are 2 tools in the first. Quickly and easily, convert from grass shear to hedger. The blade length is 4 inches. The battery life is a 7.2 V battery for hassle-free operation. Light weight: The design is lightweight and easy to control. They have you covered. The Snow Joe is behind your new grass shear/hedge trimmer. New, powered products will be valid for two years from the date of purchase. There were no questions asked. Contact Snow Joe.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤I received a trimmer. It looks okay but it is missing something. The attached snapshot shows a caution found in the instructions. When it's fully charged, it doesn't automatically shut down the charger. Instead it gives us a warning. When it's fully charged, take it off the charger. It takes about 5 hours for a full charge, so I couldn't just put it on overnight. How would anyone know how long it would take until you paid attention the next day? It says to replenish it after use so it doesn't get stored for a long time. If I use the trimmer for half an hour and it doesn't have an automatic charging shutdown feature, am I supposed to watch it for hours when I go to charge it? Who knows when it would be convenient to look at the thing after charging it. The charging shutdown feature can be found on our phones. I think it's deficient to sell the trimmer without a feature. When the package is opened, surprise the buyer. I think I'm being reasonable. This isn't fair.

👤When I purchased the Sun Joe 7.2V battery operated 2 in 1 Hedge/Grass Clipper, I kept the positive reviews in mind and am not disappointed. I am very happy. I am a senior citizen and recently widowed, and I can manage yard tools, which makes it possible to keep the yard looking its best. I have a row of hedges that needed a haircut. I have struggled with heavy clippers powered by my arm muscles and it has been tiring. It was my first time with my clippers and it was amazing. The Sun Joe helped me buzz through my entire row of boxwoods and it was easy to maintain the shape and evenness I like. I wanted to trim everything after attacking the vine on the other side of the house. I was completely satisfied with the performance of the Sun Joe, as well as the battery life, which was still going when I was ready to quit. Thank you Sun Joe!

👤I only use this trimmer to trim the boxwood in my foundation planting. I shape them into orbs. I wanted a small, hand-held trimmer that would give me the perfect shape. This trimmer won't cut the leaves at the surface even if I apply many angles or use other trimming techniques. If I were interested in hacking at the boxwoods, the trimmer's cutting ability might be put to better use. This thing is useless for just trimming. I don't know how that works, I didn't try using the attachment. I think the unit is well-made. It doesn't fit in with my job requirements. I originally rated this trimmer 2 stars, for the reasons cited earlier. I would like to rate it 4 stars. The only task I bought this for was to trim 6 boxwood in front of my house. The attachment was not effective. The grass trimmer worked well after I tried it. I would not have thought that the grass trimmer could do such a good job. I apologize for the original review. Sun Joe customer service contacted me and offered to do whatever it would take to make me happy. The company was more impressive than the product.

11. BLACK DECKER BEHT150 Hedge Trimmer

BLACK DECKER BEHT150 Hedge Trimmer

The power source is battery- powered. The electric edge trimmer has a hardened steel blade for reduced vibration. The motor can be used to trim branches up to 5/8 inch. The lightweight design of the trimmers makes them easy to use. Accidental unplugging is prevented by cord retention. There are cutting strokes. A built-in T-handle and full-lengthtrigger for control.

Brand: Black+decker

👤My father had an electric hedge trimmer that he used to cut hedges. It was useless when I tried it. It's like massaging the bushes. I used to use manually operated shears from him. It was kind of annoying to find one of those with straight blades. After watching a yard care. The videos decided to try the electric trimmer. I thought I needed to spend $70 on one of the big ones to get one that could really cut. The 24” I bought this one because of the reviews and was wondering if it could live up to them. I had doubts about the low price. There were sunbeams and trumpets. This thing cuts! I cut it in 20 minutes with the shears. Greens waste bin space was the limiting factor. A couple was stuffed and had to stop. The bushes look better because it was easier to shape them. I bought two different cords for different uses, so I used a 100'contractors extension cord, and both sockets fit the trimmer. I had no issues with the cording popping off because the wire fit in the hole. It has trouble cutting thicker branches but that matches the description so no problem. It seems to be a trade-off. In exchange for being very light and easy to handle, you give up the cutting power of a higher amperage motor and the reach of the 22” and 24” trimmers. If your bushes are not much taller than you are, then this one is great. If you have giant bushes with thick branches, you might want more power. I am very happy with this purchase. Less effort, more productivity, less time, bushes look better, and for a low cost.

👤I ordered this because it's light weight and shorter blade made it difficult for me to handle the heavier one I ordered first. When I tried to use it with the extension cord that was often ordered along with it, they wouldn't fit together and I couldn't use it. The extension cord is too big to fit the hedge trimmer, it has two prongs and is designed for a 3 prong plug. I was surprised that Amaxon had an incompatible extension cord. I have not been able to use the trimmer yet but I think it is important to let people know that you have to order the correct type of extension cord to use it.

👤I've learned from buying online that disappointment follows many "high hope" purchases. That wasn't the case here. The hedge trimmer worked well. It was easy to manipulate and make nice cuts, I was able to move it around like I knew what I was doing. My lack of skill resulted in my extension cord coming close to being cut a couple of times. I had open heart surgery three months ago, so I was a little worried about wielding anything heavy, as I didn't want to traumatize my chest. I barely felt ant strain because the trimmer is so lightweight. The yard looks great again. I felt fine after that. This hedge trimmer is very good.


What is the best product for electric hedge trimmer heavy duty?

Electric hedge trimmer heavy duty products from Black+decker. In this article about electric hedge trimmer heavy duty you can see why people choose the product. Black+decker and Toro are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric hedge trimmer heavy duty.

What are the best brands for electric hedge trimmer heavy duty?

Black+decker, Black+decker and Toro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric hedge trimmer heavy duty. Find the detail in this article. Craftsman, Black+decker and Serenelife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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