Best Electric Hedge Trimmer Pole

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1. GARCARE Cordless Electric Telescopic Trimmers

GARCARE Cordless Electric Telescopic Trimmers

You will get a Hedge Trimmer, a 2.0Ah Li-ion battery, a Fast Charger, and a User Manual. Feel free to contact them with any issues. The telescopic hedge trimmer with extension pole is perfect for trimming tall, awkwardly positioned, or difficult to reach hedges and shrubs. Hedge clippers allow you to trim hedges without straining your back. Electric hedge trimmers with battery and charger can provide strong power forPruning, because they have a 20V 4.0Ah battery which has a fast charging speed and long working time. The 20-inch double-action laser cutting blade and 1/3-inch cutting capacity can easily trim most shrubs and hedgerows. The hedge trimmer has a 6-angle cutting head that can be adjusted to cut hedges of any shape and size. The dual switches on the power hedge trimmers protect you when you use the long reach hedge trimmer. The design is hexagonal. The rubber trimmer handle and shoulder strap ensure that you remain comfortable while using it. It is their pleasure to provide services to buyers. Their products have a 12 months warranty. If you don't like the electric tree trimmer, you can return it for a free replacement within 3 months. If you have questions about the product, you can contact them and they will solve them.

Brand: Garcare

👤I realized I couldn't use this as my main hedge trimmer. It is too heavy to handle for a long period of time. I can use it to cut branches that were not accessible to me with my regular hedge trimmer.

👤My husband is very happy with this product. He is using it to trim some bushes. The extendable rod makes it easy to reach branches. Light weight. The tools were appreciated.

👤The adjustment for the tilt of the trimmer blade was good, but I had problems with it binding up. It works well for my purpose. I would recommend it to others.

👤The battery life on this unit is terrible. The green light indicates that the battery is charged after 10 minutes of use. This was a total waste of money.

👤It was exactly what I expected, plus the bonus of trimming shears and a hand saw for larger branches.

👤It is a good piece of equipment. It's a bit heavy for me to work with for a long time but it does a good job.

👤The product works well, but is a little heavy.

2. Earthwise LPHT12022 20 Inch Cordless Included

Earthwise LPHT12022 20 Inch Cordless Included

The maximum initial battery voltage is 20V. The Earthwise Power Tools hedge trimmer uses a powerful 20-Volt 2.0Ah battery to power its high-efficiency motor, and a fast charge included. The electric hedge trimmer has a blade that can cut branches up to 5/8" thick. The hedge trimmer has a lightweight design that gives it a reach of up to 9'5". The battery pole hedge trimmer doesn't require oil or gas. The electrical hedge trimmer and the battery warranty is for one year.

Brand: Earthwise

👤I bought this battery powered trimmer to replace an electric Black & Decker trimmer. The description on the trimmer is misleading because it claims to have a lightweight pole. There are two lengths for this trimmer. I had to attach the longer shaft to the trimmer head because I needed the extra length. The company needs an ergonomics engineer because after about a half hour of holding the trimmer with the aluminum extension on it, your arms are getting tired. It is very heavy when trying to trim it. The word 'telescoping' is not in the description. This has two lengths. My electric Black & Decker could be adjusted to any length you needed, with it's fully variable shaft. I should have bought the battery version. My loss, my mistake. The description is not accurate.

👤One word, amazing. It is light. The power to weight ratio is very good. It's not a gas hedger so don't try to power through larger limbs. I killed the battery by doing that. The battery took the charge in less than an hour. I ran it for two hours last time. I popped a Palo Verde and Mesquite tree for about two hours. The battery had a lot of juice left. I couldn't believe it. It's not as good as a Gas Hedge trimmer when it comes to Torque, so you won't be sawing off any larger stems with it. It will cut with ease stems/ limbs half the width of the opening between the blades. If I break it, I'll buy another one, I'm that impressed. I've been in landscape maintenance construction since I was in high school.

👤The cutting bar head is so heavy that it takes all my strength to keep it balanced. You can't short handle the bar because you can't depress the two buttons to put the cutter head in action. It wouldn't be a problem if I was younger. There is no problem with trimming bushes. The battery seems to have enough juice for home use. The cutting head is the same as the short handle trimmer. Balance on a ladder is a concern because it's very blade heavy.

👤I was very disappointed in this trimmer. I've been using both electric and battery pole trimmers and saws on a ladder for over a decade to work on holly bushes and trees. This is light and easy to maneuver. I was surprised to see so many reviews saying how heavy it is. It is one of the weakest battery trimmers I have used. It gets caught and freezes. I'm using it on new growth and it can't handle it. If you need power, this isn't the trimmer.

👤My corded pole hedge trimmer is heavy, doesn't reach far enough, and it's a hassle to deal with long extension cords. I took a chance on this product. I find it less heavy than my corded one and it cuts well. The shoulder strap is flimsy and a pain to use, but it does help take some of the weight. Click off the extension pole when you are using the click on. I used it for almost an hour after the initial battery charge, and there was still juice left. All for under $100. Highly recommend!

3. Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded Convertible Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded Convertible Trimmer

The hedge trimmer has a 4.5 Amp motor. Earthwise Power Tools has a pole hedge trimmer that can reach up to 8'8". The trimming head angle can be adjusted from -20 to 60 degrees. The power shrub trimmers have a cutting blade. The hedge trimmer has a protective blade cover for easy storage. It's ideal for maintaining hedges and shrubs.

Brand: Earthwise

👤I bought this hedge trimmer several months ago and like it, but it is heavy to hold all the way out, as stated by others. I didn't know how long the Hedge trimmer was at different positions. I took some pictures with my HS50. I will post the lengths if the pictures don't send well. The pole is all the way in. The pole is extended all the way out to 71" and with the Hedge trimmer on the end and the handle on the other it's longest length is approx. 106.

👤This is a good trimmer. A manageable hut. You don't have to keep holding thetrigger down. I use it on a hedge. The downside is that I need a new piece and used it extensively over the last several years. The customer service is not up to par. I have not received a phone call after leaving multiple messages. I received one back and sent them the requested information, but they never contacted me again. Emails and phone calls have never been returned. I had to give up because I couldn't walk in and talk to anyone since the company is all over the United States.

👤I ordered this for a friend who couldn't find a pole trimmer in her area. She has 100 evergreens and has trimmed 4 of them so far. She said that she can do the entire top from one side, which is a big improvement over the past. She has to drive the truck to get to the next row because she has some scaffolding on the back of her pickup. We are both in our 70's and are grateful that we can still do most of our own chores. I don't think I could trim those hedges. She said that she priced trimmers at a big hardware store and they were more expensive than this and they were for shorter hedges. She is a leftie and finds most tools more difficult to use.

👤I was impressed with the hedge trimmer. You can use it as a hedge trimmer or mount it on a pole. It doesn't have a 90% adjustment. It is best at 60 degrees. You need to hold it up to operate the safety lock out button before you use the power switch. The support loop is adequate. Does not cut anything over 1/2 inch. It does a nice job of trimming the hedges, but with an 18 inch cut, you're going to have to climb a ladder to trim the hedges. It does get rid of the majority of growth. I will give it four stars for quality and performance. It's not going to be possible to get a right angle cut across the top of the hedges if you put it up there.

👤If you want to use the pole for longer than 10 minutes, you should get an arbor ladder which is more stable than a standard ladder. It does a great job cutting, and has already paid for itself with one shrub trimming job, where the residence has an electrical outlet outside, and you are in business. It was given a 5 star rating mainly for cheap next day local delivery and also it cut well and is light in hand held mode. The black and decker 22 inch with revolving head is a better choice for ease of cut, though I have cut a few branches with it. The pole trimmer pays for itself but any trimming job will always require a ladder. It was worth it for the price. What is the best advice? It's the easiest way to do a good job of over grown tall bushes and small trees if you invest in a 4 or 6 foot arbor ladder.

4. Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Telescoping

Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Telescoping

Text Sun Joe to ask questions. It'sTILE: It's ideal for cutting tall bushes. Overhead reach is provided by the pole, which can be up to 12 ft. It is adjusted. Getting under and above tall hedges. For precise trimming of bushes and hedges, cutting acuity is 0.7". The 3.8-amp motor is powerful.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤First things first. The trimmer does what it says it can do. It's easier to trim taller hedges when I extend my reach. The only thing I have found is unwieldy. I am well versed in handling power tools because I do all my own lawn care. I find it hard to manage the weight when you are trimming. The strap isn't much help. I give my arms a rest every now and then because I can manage with some effort. I would still recommend this trimmer. It might be too much for you to handle if you're aware of the weight. I am very happy that I didn't get the heavier one.

👤The design works well. I bought it because I have some mature plants that are getting deeper. To trim the top of the plant, I had to lean over on a step ladder and extend my arms out to get to the part that is far from the edge. It works to a point, but eventually you can't hold up the trimmer because you're leaning too far. This SunJoe would solve the problem. It didn't. It is a bit heavier than the old one. I have to lean over and extend my arms to the point where I can no longer support its weight. It may help with the problem a little, but not enough to justify the purchase. I have hedges that are about 6 feet high. I use a ladder to trim the shrubs. I was hoping to be able to do this without a ladder. I couldn't. You need to be able to see what you are trimming to do that, I couldn't get a nice even trim of the shrubs using the SunJoe. Every year, the plant will get taller if you don't get all the new growth off the top. You will not be able to trim the top when it is so tall. I trim my shrubs once a year. There is sometimes sparse growth on the tops of plants that need trimming in the fall. The SunJoe is good for trimming off the sparse shoots without using a ladder. It saves me some time. I don't want to leave a bad impression of this product. The design is very nice. They made the various adjustments easy to understand. I hoped it would help me.

👤It took me a while. To figure out the outer ring on the pole had to be moved, and you do worry about applying force to plastic. It is heavier than 7.5 lbs. I'm a female of typical height and the shoulder strap can't be shortened enough to be useful. I was able to trim a hedge section that was too tall for my usual tools, and that saves me a couple of hundred dollars. When I exercise, I lift small weights over my head so that I can hold it high enough for an hour of trimming. There was no flat wrench included to tighten the bolts used to adjust the length of the pole. None of the ones I have worked on have done so yet. I will see how long I can use it at the length I adjusted it to be. This item will hopefully hold up for the greenery I have and keep me from having to hire pros so often.

5. Worx WG309 Electric Pole 10 Inch

Worx WG309 Electric Pole 10 Inch

User-friendly design. The weight is 10 lbs for reduced operator fatigue. The user can apply cutting pressure more easily with the help of an ergonomics soft grip handle. Voltask has a warranty service. They will help you solve the issues if you ask for it. You can depend on your equipment to work hard. It is easier for every task. A pole saw for trimming branches from trees and a regular chainsaw for projects on the ground are included. The power motor is powerful. This streamlined machine will give you consistent performance and reliability. 120V60Hz is the rated voltage. There is an auto chain limousine. The automatic oiler will always have the chain running at peak efficiency. The saw is designed to be held up high and maneuverable once it gets up there. Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with Wrox. You can build a cost-effective tool collection that is designed to last with the WORX tools. There is an auto chaintention. This system keeps the chain running smoothly and places less stress on the motor. Tools-less installation. The pole is easy to attach and offers up to 10 feet of reach, so you don't have to stand on a ladder to trim branches. There is an 8 Amp 10” Chainsaw, 8-foot Extension Pole, Chain, Chain Bar, and a blade protection cover.

Brand: Worx

👤I've been using this saw for a few months, and it's helped me trim the branches that are hard to reach around the yard. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, and clean and maintain. The self oiler is an easy to use feature that other models in this price range usually do not have. The operation is quiet and vibration free. This is the most awkward and hazardous power tool I've ever used. The product category is what this is about. You don't cut while holding the pole in the vertical position because it can extend to ten feet. If you want to use it for safety with larger branches, you should use it at a 45 degree angle, which will teach you how to hold a ten pound weight at the end of a ten foot pole. It works out to over 70 pounds of Torque. You will need strong shoulders to use this safely. The greater angle is important because branches can sometimes drop straight down. The heavy, cut end of the limb might swing at you. The housing blocks your view of the blade at longer extensions. You won't be able to see what your saw is doing. I found that pressing the safety button combination was a bit awkward for a leftie like me. It is designed for a right-handed person. It takes a full five seconds for the blade to stop moving after you've released the switch. There is no chain brake, and it's not a dead man switch. If you get yourself into trouble on a ladder with a chain saw waving around over your head, it will take five seconds. This is the main reason for the three star rating. I like using the saw by itself, without the pole, and it works well. I prefer an alligator style electric saw for most of the work of breaking down tree branches. Smaller branches are easier to use.

👤Really? Can't start without oil. Absolutely the worst thing I have ever seen! From minute one, it was a total fail.

👤This saw is amazing. I don't know how far beyond expectations this is. I was wrong to think that this would be good for small branches. After doing a few that were small, I moved back towards bigger and bigger ones until I cut the entire oak branch off. I had to cut from both sides because of the width. It's light for how powerful it is. Absolutely love it.

👤I put this saw through its paces and it works well. I used it to take out some shrubs, trim some trees, and cut down a tree in a single day. Chain oil is not included in the saw. The chain needs to be tightened before you can use it. The chain came off due to hard wet oak and all that was needed was to loosen the tension, reseat the chain and tighten again. The book could have been simpler to read. The saw is easy to use, but the book was a little confusing. The saw is very heavy on the poll. An 8 pound saw on an 8 foot poll is going to be heavy. The saw can push it down through the limbs. Don't let the saw fall when you know your limits. I had it on and off the poll all day. It paid for itself.

6. Earthwise CVP41810 Multi Polesaw Chainsaw

Earthwise CVP41810 Multi Polesaw Chainsaw

There is a hedge trimmer, a battery, a safety guard and a blade sheath. The multi-tool works as a pole hedge trimmer, pole saw, chainsaw, and hedge trimmer. Earthwise Power Tools has protective blade covers and shoulder straps for using the pole attachment. Earthwise pole saw max length is 8 feet and hedge pole trimmer max length is 8.8 feet. The chainsaw has a chain break feature, but it doesn't have an automatic oiling system. The hedge trimmer has a 4.5 Amp motor.

Brand: Earthwise

👤The first one arrived with a piece of plastic that was broken off of a chainsaw guard. Badness! Amazon was replaced. This makes me worried about the set's longevity. It has exceeded my expectations. The hedge trimmer blew away my black and decker corded one, it was okay. I didn't like getting 1/2 through and the battery dying. It's an improvement on my B&D in that corded tools are lighter. The extension poles work well. It's a bit unwieldy extended in some positions, but I think any tool would be, unless it's a pro tool that has been engineered with a lot more thought and input from professionals. It seems adequate for home use, where you'll be using the pole occasionally. The parts fit together well, but the feel isn't as solid as I've used. I am not too worried about them breaking because I have seen them so far. They don't feel cheap and don't inspire confidence in the plastic they are made of. The chainsaw is small for it's size. I was impressed. I didn't expect it to chew through some logs. I helped the neighbor after the storm by clearing the debris from my property. My knife worked great, it cuts butter like a hot knife. I found myself reaching for it for anything under 6-7" as it cut about as well and it was lighter and quicker to grab it over the Stihl. I always put in extra effort to use a serious tool over cheap ones. I thought it was a pole saw. I was able to cut a broken section of the tree that was hung up with no problems. I did a couple cuts, but it ripped right and was easy to handle up in the air. The set of chainsaw, polesaw, and hedge trimmer is for the money. This seems like a good set and a great value for a homeowner, even if they don't use professionally or for long tasks frequently. I was a little concerned about their durability because I waited to put them through some serious work and use them again. They seem to be of adequate build for home use so far.

👤I needed to trim off some branches that were high enough to need a pole saw and thick enough to make the mere thought of using a manual pole saw make my arms tired, so I used the electric pole saw. I didn't have to make a lot of cuts because it is corded, but I was not ready to research which manufacturer's battery is the best. It is corded. The chain-saw is easy to use for a novice, and it looks easy to maintain, because of its 10" bar. It's so easy to switch from pole-saw mode to saw mode that anyone with an opposable thumbs should be able to do it. I wish someone had told me before I bought it. The pole-saw's maximum extension is advertised as 8 feet, but this must be a measurement from the tip of the saw to the back end of thetrigger end, which makes it technically true. If you are expecting to cut things 8 feet away from your arms, you won't be able to because you will have to stand on something. I take off a star because I wish I had known before I got there that I would need a ladder for a couple of branches. 2. You can use regular motor oil instead of bar and chain oil. I don't need a quart of bar and chain oil since the saw only takes a quart, but it's not that bar and chain oil is expensive, it's just that it costs less than most motor oils when you buy it at your favorite store where they wear orange aprons I'll update this review with thoughts on the shrub trimmer if I find any shrubs to trim.

7. WORKSITE Cordless Trimmer Electric 20 Inch

WORKSITE Cordless Trimmer Electric 20 Inch

It's ideal for maintaining hedges and shrubs. Efficient cutting: The Worksite hedge trimmer has a powerful motor and dual action blade, which makes it great for trimming hedges and shrubs. There are no limits on battery power. Their tool has a 2.0A battery, which is more powerful than the corded electric hedge trimmers. You should not use corded hedge trimmers on the road. The fast charge is included. Light weight design and restrained hands are included. The heavier the machine, the harder it will be to control. The hedge trimmer is only 5 feet tall. The handle has a rotating mechanism that gives you a comfortable grip and control. The double shield and parent shield are available. The double switch design protects your hands, people around the tool and keeps you safe during trimming. The trimmer will start working when both of the buttons are pushed. You will get a Hedge Trimmer, a 2.0Ah Li-ion battery, a Fast Charger, and a User Manual. Feel free to contact them with any issues.

Brand: Worksite

👤This seems like a good machine. The starting mechanism was not attached to the handle with screws. There are two mechanisms for safety. The main body has a secondary piece attached to it. The piece didn't have screws. I'm not sure if the machine works or not. I will have to go to the hardware store to find a screw that fits. The battery doesn't start when attached. I'm hoping it needs charged or the missing screw. It doesn't start because it's an out of the box item. Maybe the second starting mechanism will be attached once I have the screws. Three stars for "probably works, but missing parts out of the box". It seems sturdy and lightweight. I think it has that going for it.

👤This was done in about five minutes. We took the battery to the back yard to trim the bush. It was cutting through butter with a hot knife. If you still use those manual hedge trimmers, throw them in the trash. If you order through Amazon, you will get the new set of trimmers in two days, and you will be on your way to the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

👤I liked this hedge trimmer because it is battery powered and does the job quickly, but not as fast as my electric trimmer, which kept falling off.

👤Very light weight and did a great job. I am very happy with the hedge trimmers. You will be as well.

👤Does a good job trimming hedges.

👤It's good for the home owner.

👤It's easy to use and has a fantastic battery life.

👤It is easy to use and charge. It does a nice job with small to medium plant limbs. It is a little bit difficult to assemble. Have to apply some force.

8. Kobalts 40 Volt Cordless Electric Included

Kobalts 40 Volt Cordless Electric Included

It is their pleasure to provide services to buyers. Their products have a 12 months warranty. If you don't like the electric tree trimmer, you can return it for a free replacement within 3 months. If you have questions about the product, you can contact them and they will solve them. You can trim the highest and widest bushes with ease with a 10-ft maximum reach. Controllable easy trimming of hedges and bushes is offered by the 20-in dual action blades. The head has a 7-position position. The lightweight design is easy to use.

Brand: Kobalts

👤This is a great tool to leave the gas and cord behind. This tool allows you to leave the ladder behind. A good tool.

👤It's a little heavier than I thought. The battery life is good.

9. ZAKER Cordless Trimmers Included Lightweight

ZAKER Cordless Trimmers Included Lightweight

We are trying to give the best service. If you have a problem with this grass shear, please contact them. The high-power output motor for the corded hedge trimmer is designed for cutting lengths up to 510mm, and the 20V battery pack for the corded hedge trimmer provides power. Electric hedge trimmers use hardened steel blades and work at speeds of up to 1,200rpm, so they can handle even the hardest-to-handle bushes. The double safety lock design and handle auxiliary are more comfortable to use. The double safety lock design and auxiliary handle make it easy to use. Hedge Trimmers come with a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack and a 20V battery pack The battery can be removed for easy re-charging. For about 1.5 hours, charge quickly. A hedge trimmer can run for about 60 minutes. There is a tip. All MZK batteries are compatible.

Brand: Zaker

👤I was concerned about the weight of the hedge trimmer. I am 115 years old. The trimmer was a pleasant surprise. It is easy to operate. It did a good job on my hedge. The safety feature of having to depress one switch with each hand is something I like. It's very unlikely that you could turn on the trimmer. The two switches are part of the handles. The instruction manual is not up to date and I was tempted to remove one star. The old method can be seen in the pictures and charging instructions in the manual. I like the product so much that I don't mind if they just include a piece of paper explaining the change rather than printing the manual. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤I was hesitant about getting a hedge trimmer, but it turned out to be awesome. It is light weight, easy to handle, and it cuts well. The battery life lasts just the right amount of time it takes to trim a couple of trees or bushes. This is a good deal and worth the money, as a landscaping experienced person.

👤I have been using it for almost two months. I lost a lot of shrubs in the cold and decided to use a corded model instead of an extension cord. It sounds weak at first. The action seems slower than before. It never slows down when cutting. It is a beautiful cut and I was able to cut it up to a quarter of an inch. I have been impressed with the cut and battery life. A good addition to the yard tool collection. Not disappointed in the purchase.

👤Mu husband does the yard work, and he really enjoys it. This ZAKER Hedge Trimmer is easy to use and travels well, since he takes care of yards at 2 houses each. He used to have a corded trimmer, but he's glad he switched to a battery one. He says it cuts through branches with a knife.

👤I have never used a hedge trimmer before. Was impressed. Cut through a lot of stems on rose bushes and large Rosemary plants.

👤This thing worked well. My gas works well, but getting old, I want to try a battery one, Zaker needs to make some extra batteries, I don't want to charge every 45 min with only one battery, I would give it a 6 star rating if I had another battery.

👤I don't have a green thumb, but I found this very easy to use. I was able to trim 4 trees without the battery dying. It's a great safety feature to have to hold down 2 handles. All of my limbs are intact.

👤I had no problems using this, I am 77 years old. I would have bought this years ago.

10. BLACK DECKER LPHT120 Lithium Ion Cordless

BLACK DECKER LPHT120 Lithium Ion Cordless

What do you get? The tradeoff is that with all the power this machine punches, you will be able to cut the time it takes to do a job. Their hedge trimmers come with a bare tool, a 2-20V battery, a fast charge, a protective shell, and a worry-free 1-year warranty. 18 IN. The dual-action blade has less vibration than single-action blades. It was thick. 180 guillotine is used to cut both high- and low-growing plants. The pole hedge trimmer is light and adjusted. To access taller and harder to reach branches, the length is extended. unlimited runtime is offered by corded design for the biggest jobs. There are sections of roofing that are rust-proof. A strong, secure connection can be made with durable interlocking sections. Soft-GRIP HANDLE. Provides control for extended use. Supplies are quick and easy to start.

Brand: Black+decker

👤The pole chainsaw kit has the same Trigger Handle part. We wish we could buy the hedge trimmer head on our own. I have two Trigger handles. The reach is nice, but I want more. The pole chainsaw kit has an extra 4' extension. The extension piece in my pictures is from the other kit. The female end of the extension fits into the handle. There is a tab on the male end that only mates to the saw head. The hedge trimmer head does not have a slot for that tab. I cut it off. I have a real 10' hedge trimmer now that the tab has been cut off.

👤Landscapers were going to charge a lot of money to cut my pool hedge. I cut my own hedge and was very happy with the result. The edge is cedar and tall, but with the ability to angle the cutting blade, I could do most of the hedge from the ground. I didn't have a problem with the weight. I'm 70 years old.

👤B&D's 20-volt collection is great for lawn and garden. I bought a bunch because they all have the same battery and are light-weight. The 6 feet long trimmer has a tool-free mechanism that can easily detach the head from the pole for easier storage. It's a bit heavier than it looks. I think it's better to be sturdy than flimsy, especially when working with sharp blades. It vibrates a lot more than a regular hedge trimmer. I bought the pole hedge trimmer because I have tall hedges on both sides of my house and the blades are not as sharp as the regular B&D hedge trimmer. I used to take out my ladder to trim the hedges, but it became cumbersome to move the ladder every few minutes. It was dangerous to balance on the hedge on a ladder, and trimming it took a lot out of me. The pole trimmer allows me to reach the top of the hedge without using a ladder and it also helped with trimming the top of the hedge due to the clever pivoting head design! The pole hedge trimmer is more heavy than light and it's difficult to use for a long period of time. You will get a good workout out of this. This is a solid 4 out of 5 stars. I am not happy with it for a number of reasons, but I don't have much choice if I want to go up on a ladder to trim my hedge so it definitely deserves a credit. Let me know if you have any questions.

👤I own four other B&D battery-powered garden tools that are well designed, durable and functional. I preferred this B&D product when I wanted to try out a pole trimmer on some wide, seven-foot tall shrubs in my yard. The first thing I noticed when I got this trimmer was that it was very front-end heavy. The control of the pole was loose and the trimmer blades were able to get caught on the branches. The 20-volt battery and small trimmer blade openings of this product could not cut through branches thicker than 1/2 inch. The B&D regular hedge trimmer can cut 1/2 inch branches. The first two problems described above made it feel dangerous to try to use this pole trimmer while standing on a ladder. I was fighting with the tool more than it was helping me and it required me to make wide sweeping motions which felt unsafe on the ladder. Pole trimmers seem to be an iffy idea. If the pole trimmer blade was just 6 inches long, it would help me. It would be possible to use the tool safely if the motor at the end of the pole was smaller and lighter. It would take more passes over a shrub to trim it but at least the work would be safe and thicker branches in the middle of the shrub could be cut.

11. Joe SJH902E Multi Angle Electric Telescoping

Joe SJH902E Multi Angle Electric Telescoping

Easy fatigue-free operation with multi-fingertrigger pull. It's ideal for cutting tall bushes, hedges and shrubs. Up to 13 ft of overhead reach is provided by the telescopic pole. The head can be adjusted to get under and above tall hedges. A 0.7" cutting capacity is needed for trimming bushes and hedges. The blade is 21-inch hardened steel and has dual action. The blade is Rust- resistant Steel.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤This thing is a beast, cutting through shrubbery branches up to 1/2 inch thick, with absolutely no hesitation, although the thicker branches require you to move forward and back, in a sawing motion, to get the teeth to bite into the circumference enough to sever the branch. I have a Euonymus hedge that is at 20 years old and has grown out of control because of my yearly trimming which removes the outer-most new growth, leaving thick main stubs from which they grow. I could not top them off with my 16" Black & Decker because they have 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I decided to go with the one that had the majority of positive reviews after going online and agonizing over many different models. I knew that this thing was going to be a real workout, but this one seemed to be the best of the bunch. Most people complain that this thing is heavy and unwieldy to use. I would definitely purchase this again, even though I am not a fan of how difficult it is to navigate at height and want to extend, cantilever style, over the top of large bushes. It really gets the job done, but with a lot of exhaustion. I am in good shape. My shoulders were worn out after about an hour on ladders. I accept that there is no other way to get the job done. Not everything is easy. I think SunJoe should consider two things. I know they would never even think about it, due to potential liability, but the Trigger placement, while holding and engaging in your right hand, in conjunction with how far you have to extend both arms to grasp the shaft mid way with your left hand, in order to maintain. SunJoe should add atrigger lock, in which you can fire it up in a safe holding position and then lock thetrigger "on" so that you can more safely maneuver the trimmer with both hands. I am trying to reach the safety switch with my right arm, but it is difficult to grasp, and I am holding the mid shaft with my left arm extended. The second thing is to place the Trigger further forward so that it is easier to work with. Everyone using this pole trimmer will be holding it mid shaft with either their right or left arms, with the opposing arm handling thetrigger. The wiring and switches are located in a section of the pole that can be moved. There is no easy way around it. I found the most comfortable way to use this is to get your torso high enough on a ladder to hold the pole parallel to the ground at your waist level. That makes the stress of having a small bowling ball on a pole go away. We know how leverage works and what a fulcrum point is. I got out of my step ladder and got up high enough for my waist to be even with my cut line and then just swung the pole back and forth in a series of sweeps to cut through all of the runaway sprout. One 4 Star reviewer pointed out that one could purchase an appendage to attach at the mid point, to handle this thing better. I bought one and am waiting for it to come in so that I can attach and test it. Sun Joe doesn't include a bolt on feature which would cost them a buck or so in plastic. The shoulder strap that comes with the unit is worthless because it is too close to the handle. There is a button on the trimmer head that you can depress to change the angle of cutting. It is difficult to hold the trimmer because of its weight. The easiest way to rest the nose of the trimmer on the ground was to rest the body of the trimmer on my thigh. This thing is too heavy to hold in a horizontal position. After depressing the button, you can move it to the next positive stop and lock it into place. I will only use the pole trimmer to get to the middle of the shrubs on top of my ladder if I use my 20 year old B&D 16" trimmer. I would not consider any other brand if I needed a pole trimmer, because they are all going to be heavy, and this is the best of the bunch. Some reviewers complain that the motor should be placed at the rear to eliminate weight on the cutting end. It would be an engineering challenge to send mechanical power down a long shaft to an independent set of cutting teeth, which would introduce all sorts of opportunities for mechanical failure. Unless I cut the bushes down, I will not be able to tackle the job without the trimmer. Just open your eyes and know what you have to deal with. Despite its physical challenges, it is very well made.


What is the best product for electric hedge trimmer pole?

Electric hedge trimmer pole products from Garcare. In this article about electric hedge trimmer pole you can see why people choose the product. Earthwise and Sun Joe are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric hedge trimmer pole.

What are the best brands for electric hedge trimmer pole?

Garcare, Earthwise and Sun Joe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric hedge trimmer pole. Find the detail in this article. Worx, Worksite and Kobalts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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