Best Electric Ice Chest Cooler

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1. YETI Tundra 210 Cooler White

YETI Tundra 210 Cooler White

The Tundra 105 dimensions are 30 12 in long x 19 12 in wide x 20 in high with an empty weight of 36 lbs. All Tundra models come with a dry goods basket. The YETI Tundra 210 is their deepest outdoor cooler, it allows you to haul a mighty load of food or drinks without taking up too much space. Thanks to up to 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation and an extra thick FatWall design, you'll be able to keep your ice. The sturdy construction of the portable cooler will stand up to the stresses and strains of the journey, because it is armored to the core. The T-Rex lidlatches are made of heavy-duty rubber and are patented so you won't see another broken one. The dimensions of the Tundra are 39 3/8 in long x 25 12 in wide and 24 in high. All Tundra models come with a dry goods basket.

Brand: Yeti

👤When we returned home after we left, this cooler still had ice in it, and it sat in the sun all the time.

👤This is a big cooler. The serious person camps of hunts. Heavy duty is beautiful.

👤The cooler was too small for my needs and I decided to use the 420 Yeti, which is an adequate size for storing the bodies that I need to keep cold for more than a week until the suspicion dies down. I would recommend these coolers for serial killers.

👤I bought this one week ago for $1,000 and now it is $900.00, this doesn't make me happy at all. We pre-cooled the night before with 32 lbs of ice, packed it with food the next morning, and only added 4 large blue ice blocks, which was very cold four days later. I spend a lot of money on a cooler but it's worth it.

2. Igloo Roller Cooler 60 Quart Ocean

Igloo Roller Cooler 60 Quart Ocean

The performance was leak proof. The body keeps cold for a long time. Push button and telescopic handle are locked. The reinforced tow handle and durable wheels make transporting a full cooler easy. Side scoop handles are molded for ease of loading and unloading. 60 quart capacity. The exterior dimensions are 20.69 inches. The top and bottom of the interior dimensions are L x W x H.

Brand: Igloo

👤I needed a larger cooler. It left from Arizona on the maiden voyage to Colorado. I bought 2 shoe boxes that fit perfectly inside the Igloo and they had lock down covers. The reason for the boxes? They were filled with water and frozen. 15 lbs of ice. The box was covered with a sterile substance to keep items cool. The plastic box in the bottom of the Igloo keeps items from getting soaked. There is some space on top of the box. The ice in the Igloo was not completely melted in the warm weather of September, so we camped on the river in bright sunshine and chilly storms and had milk, cream, eggs and ice in the lower box. The stuff in the igloo was cool until we got home. To say that I am happy with this cooler is not true. It holds a lot more stuff than my older cooler and is easy to pull with a full load. I'll buy another one if I have to. This one will last a long time if you have luck.

👤We own several igloo coolers, which are high quality, but I was getting sick of lugging them back and forth to the beach, picnics, parties, etc, full of heavy food, drinks, and ice. It makes a world of difference when I order this one. The wheels are rugged enough to go over rough ground without a problem. The top is hollow and will crack if no one sits on it. Some friends who have this cooler apparently ignored the warning and now have a big crack in their lid because they sat on it. It isn't strong enough to sit or stand on.

👤Light and practical! It is awesome! It gets delivered to my door at a great price.

👤The cooler is great for the price. It will hold ice for 3 or 4 days if you keep it out of the sun. I know that some brands have "expedition" caliber coolers, but they are very expensive. The cooler has a good balance between price and quality. I bought a second one because the first was so good.

👤I want to keep a cooler with a wheel in my car so I can load groceries easily. I bought it because it was on sale for a good price. The cooler is larger than I thought and works well. I don't have to run home before ice cream is gone.

👤Love it. Filled with 2 cases of canned soda, ice stayed cold overnight. There is a little spout at the bottom. The handles and wheels are very convenient to use. Sturdy will use again and again. Thank-you Amazon and Igloo.

👤The listing stated the inside dimensions of the cooler. They were wrong. I wanted to carry frozen food. The couple didn't fit because they were bigger than the stated interior length. The side measures are small. If you have square corners on your pans, you should deduct another inch for the cooler sides. You have to deduct two more inches for the wheels because the depth is over an inch. None of the pictures showed the back bottom where the wheels protrude. Maybe they should tape up the largest square cornered cardboard box which will fit with the cooler lid closed and tell us how big it is. The lid is the next problem. They warn you not to use it as a seat, if you can read it. I'm afraid to put anything on top of the cooler because it's so flexible. The insulation or lack of it. The air between plastic is about 1/2 of a millimeter in diameter. The ice will last a few hours. I want a cooler with ice on it. Finally, I found my notes... I took the 15.25" x 13.25" x 16.5" and subtracted the corners. The floor is 15.25" x 9.75" and the wheels take 4 at the bottom.

3. Koolatron Thermoelectric Electric Capacity Tailgating

Koolatron Thermoelectric Electric Capacity Tailgating

Made in North America. Canadian company, Koolatron, has been making 12V coolers in North America for over 30 years. Cold retention is a leading industry trait. The Fun Kool has been shown on testing to keep ice frozen for 3.3 days even without power, a full day longer than name-brand competitors. 24 L / 26 quarter travel cooler. The portable 12 V DC powered cooler is tall enough to fit upright 2L pop bottles and holds up to 31 standard 12 oz/355 mL cans. Iceless THERMOELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY uses less power than your vehicle's tail light to cool to 36F (18C) below surrounding temperature. There is a practical and hardy design. A cord storage compartment, a sturdy carry handle, and a lid are included. Made in North America. Over the past 30 years, the Canadian company has been making 12V coolers in North America. Made in North America. Over the past 30 years, the Canadian company has been making 12V coolers in North America.

Brand: Koolatron

👤I bought this cooler for my 1600 mile car trip. I met many long-haul truck drivers who testified to their positive experience with their Kooltron unit, and consensus was that it works well, and with daily use needs to be replaced after 12 months. The unit is light weight and just fits behind the driver's seat of my Nissan Altima. I took the unit out at the end of the day's drive and put it in a motel room to charge it overnight. The sound of the fan was loud enough to confirm it was working, but quiet enough to not be noticed during the drive. Capacity is larger for my wife's diabetes, which must remain refigerated, a quart of milk, 64oz juice container, sandwich fixings, and 1/2-dozen apples. This purchase was outstanding value, easy of operation, adequate refrigeration, quiet operation, light weight, and ample capacity.

👤I work for the USPS. I need cold drinks all day. This has been a lifesaver. I only tried it on the cool option. I will try the warming function in the winter. It can fit about 5 drinks, but it's only about 5 drinks. I have a small bag of fruits or my lunch. It is worth it to me.

👤Our child moved to Portland, Oregon in May. She insisted on driving the entire way with her worldly goods, so we loaded her rental truck. I packed up our vehicle and took our baby pig, Goblin, for a drive. It took us nearly 48 hours to get there due to construction, bee sting, and necessary stops at rest areas. The only thing that actually worked was this cooler. The cooler is large. A six pack of Diet Coke, a six pack of Red Bull, a lot of sliced carrots for Goblin, as well as sandwich fixings and a small jar of mustard fit inside with no problem. Everything was kept cold. It was cold, but not cold. It would need to be filled with ice and then had to stop and drain the water. The cigarette lighter jack was the only source of power. When I had to break quickly and send it sideways or down to the floor, I stood up. Despite being heavy, it was picked up by the handle. The unit was small enough to fit on the passenger seat. If you are going to use it this way, I recommend positioning it so that the lid opens towards the dash, since it will slam shut if you open it towards the seat. If your vehicle is stopped for a long period of time, it's important to make sure to plug it in. So why the story? Some products are not bought in a vacuum. We didn't need to stop in strange places in the middle of the night to get something to drink and we didn't need a grocery store to pick up snacks. It made our trip safer. -

👤When I bought this, I thought my expectations were high. One reviewer said that it doesn't cool stuff down but it does keep it cool. The pros and cons are listed here. It is a nice shape and size for holding stuff. I can leave it running for about 3 hours before my car starts, because it doesn't draw so much current. It is sort of weak. It takes 12 hours to cool down water bottles. There are two more It never gets much cooler than 50 degrees. If you don't leave it running over night, it will die in the morning. It's really odd and lucky that you can wedge a frozen bottle of power aid in the top corner of the box just below the little blower output and it will cool everything in the box.

4. CleverMade SnapBasket Soft Sided Collapsible Cooler

CleverMade SnapBasket Soft Sided Collapsible Cooler

Smoother surface wipes clean easily; leak-resistant channel drain is easy to use. The large capacity SnapBasket Tahoe Coolers can hold up to 50 cans of your favorite drinks and ice; perfect for use at the beach, while camping or to load up full of snacks for youth sports games outdoors. To close the cooler, simply push the side hinges in, folding the bag down flat. A versatile totes can be packed up for a daytime picnic and are small enough to fit in the trunk of your SUV as an ice chest on road trips. It's recommended to use Clever Ice. The perfect size for food delivery services and a great solution to haul groceries from the store or farmer's market to your kitchen at home; comfortable handle and duffel bag handles make toting heavy loads easy. When open and collapses flat to 3, it weighs 2 pounds and has a load capacity of 50 pounds. When open and collapses flat to 3, it weighs 2 pounds and has a load capacity of 50 pounds.

Brand: Clevermade

👤The tags have broken off after a little over a month of ownership. It will not stay in the locked position. I would have returned it if I wasn't in the return window. Update! Clevermade contacted me after my first review. The first cooler they sent me was not good, but the new one is much better after 2 weeks of use.

👤I love this! Sturdy and well-made. It's perfect for my weekly food shopping runs, which can take me 2 hours or more to go to several different stores. Everything is kept cool until I get home. I used to use a hard cooler that took up a lot of space in my trunk, but I forgot to put it back in before I went shopping, and I had to remove it when not in use. I will always have it in the car because it collapses flat and takes no room at all. Highly recommended.

👤I am not happy with this cooler. Don't be fooled by its design. It is useless if it is not leak-proof and leaks all over your car within hours. It is not well made. I have used it on two road trips. The first time, the water leaked all over the car and the zip was broken on one side. The reviews have stayed the same. The same thing happened when I tried it again. I had to put it inside a bin to keep the water out. The final piece of the puzzle broke. I can't zip it closed. I got round to using it after I had a knee replacement. I was going to show off my new cooler for the first time. They were really disappointed in the quality of their product. I have old rolling coolers that are still intact. I wouldn't recommend this product or buy it again.

👤I'm so impressed. I bought this cooler to take all my own food, rather than taking it to the event which was 36 hours long. I don't eat the same foods as most runners and I don't eat out so I have my own food. was important I'm going to the Grand Canyon for a 4-day weekend in a couple months. I thought that flying food from Tennessee would be a little more difficult, but with this cooler it wasn't. I only took food when I was out there because the lodge where we were staying had dining options. I put an emergency foil sheet on top of the marathon finish line to keep it cold. I added tons of the plastic ice packs. I put all my food in the container. Eggs, yogurt, and sweet peppers. The fridge was empty when I left for the airport. I filled the cooler at 5 pm on a Thursday, my flight was at 6:30. I put the filled cooler into my suitcase and it fit perfectly. I could check the cooler at the airport without worry of the airlines damaging it. We arrived at the Grand Canyon at 4 a.m. local time. Everything was still cold when I opened the cooler. Everything was still very cold the next day. The next day was still very cold, but I added three bags of ice from the inn where we were staying. Everything stayed cold for the rest of the weekend. I was shocked. If you're a runner and taking your own food to races, I highly recommend this cooler. I can't say enough good things about it. The person is in Nashville.

5. Koolatron P95 Travel Cooler 45 Quart

Koolatron P95 Travel Cooler 45 Quart

A 2-year quality warranty and lifetime technical support are provided by the portable refrigerators. Please don't hesitate to contact them with any questions. The package includes a portable refrigerator, an AC adapter, and a user manual. The large travel cooler holds up to 72 cans with a domed lid and can be used for taller items. It is possible to cool to 40F (22C) below surrounding temperature or warm to 140F (60C) using less power than your vehicle's tail light. Warming and cooling functions can be used to store meats, keep snacks and beverages cool on the go, or transport hot dishes to a family gathering. This unit has a magnetic door seal and a tray that can be used as a chest-style cooler or as a portable mini refrigerator. Canadian-made 12V coolers have been made in North America for over 30 years. Canadian-made 12V coolers have been made in North America for over 30 years.

Brand: Koolatron

👤I wanted to see if the space was more usable after owning 2 Coleman full sized 12v coolers. It would be difficult to stack things on top of the Colemans without crushing them if you put stuff in them differently. My two kids and I just returned from a road trip across the country and this was the only vehicle we used. I had to look at the fan to make sure it was on because it was so quiet. It keeps the contents around 40 degrees below the outside air temperature. The extra height is the reason I won't go back to the colemans. You can put it in beer bottles, milk, or bottled water. The included plastic tray can be used to hold lunch meat, eggs or whatever, without being crushed by the lid. Excellent design! Do not buy the Koolatron 120v to 12v adapter. I bought the whole set up a week before our trip and tested it out. It was very hot to the touch. I bought a bulkier and larger conversion which worked well.

👤I bought my unit for camping. Like the idea of removing ice. The camper is being held to hold drinks. It works as advertised. The construction was cheap but it didn't work for 3 camping seasons. The power supply is down. It's still working after I plugged it into a high quality power supply. You need to put ice packs in the cooler to help it cool down, and only put drinks in the cooler that have been refrigerated. On a warm summer day, this unit will not work outside so you will have to keep it inside.

👤Fantastic product. It was used twice in a two week period. It's an absolute must to travel by car. One of our family is restricted on eating certain items and this product helped her to have food at all times. There is no way to keep the wall cool. You purchase a separate cord that plugs into the wall and uses electricity. I believe that should be included in the package. The ability to use the cooler as a warming oven is a neat feature. You could put a hot dish in the box. The selling point in our eyes is big. If you are straddling the fence between buying or not to buy, this product is for you. It is definitely a buy it item. It is light in weight and easy to handle.

👤The best thermoelectric cooler you can buy is the one called Koolatron. The last two I bought did not last a year. The hot and cold plate went out in 4 mouths. I can't afford to have a cooler with me. I decided to get a portable fridge/freezer for $800. It's a lot of money, but in the long run it's better to buy thermoelectric coolers until they can build them to last. The brand itself is better than most brands and I've tried a few, so I gave it 3 stars instead of 1 or 2. I won't condemn the company for one cooler because they can buy something that is faulty. The first one I bought lasted a year before the fan went out. It's not worth the investment if they don't improve on technology. Get the real thing if you save a little more money.

6. Lifewit Insulated 36 Can Soft Sided Cooling

Lifewit Insulated 36 Can Soft Sided Cooling

The bag can hold up to 20 liters. You can take 24 cans of your favorite drinks. The dimensions are approximately 14.9 x 8.6 x 9.4 inch / 38 x 22 x 24 cm. The exterior of the cooler bag is made of Oxford cloth which is durable. The lower section uses hot pressing technology to connect the lining. There are ways to make sure items are used for a long time. It can be used to haul food from the grocery store. The multiple pockets have a wide top pocket, side pockets, and front pockets that can be used to store different items. It can be used for a duffel bag. The carrying styles include a padded handle and a shoulder strap. You can either carry by hand or with a shoulder strap. You can put this bag on your suitcase for travel as well. This bag can be used for many things, from packing lunch and ice packs for camping to being placed in the trunk of your SUV. It is possible to pack a travel by airplane with a suitcase.

Brand: Lifewit

👤I have been using an ebags cooler for several years, but it never seemed to be large enough for an entire trip. I found this bag after a lot of searching. The 48 can bag was too big for me. The 32 can is amazing. It does not seem like it is much bigger than the ebags, but it is. There is still room to add more Tupperwares, ice packs, and three more on the left in this photo. The quality is not as high as ebags, however I have used it a few times with no issues, and for the price if I have to buy another one after a year or so, the extra space will have been worth it!

👤Excellent quality and price! The bag is large. The pictures are from the smaller size. I had to return the 48can size because it was too big. The bag is perfect for airline crews. It is durable and at a great price. Very happy with the purchase!

👤The bag is made from a high quality material. I liked the fact that it has two separate areas for cold and hot drinks, it's cool. The shoulder strap makes carrying this bag very convenient. The material inside the bag is leak proof and very good. I am very happy with my purchase and will buy from this seller again if I need another one.

👤This cooler exceeded my expectations. It can hold more than you need. I didn't have to bring my purse as this bag was an all-in-one bag for my family's day trip. The padded strap made it feel like I was carrying less than the bag. High quality materials are very durable. I recommend this purchase to everyone.

👤My wife and I talked about not buying cheap coolers that don't keep things cool. I didn't want to buy one for $150+ because I think that's crazy. She rolled her eyes at me when I bought this one because of the great reviews on Amazon. We've used it about a dozen times over the last month, even leaving it in the hot sun at the pool and it kept a good amount of ice frozen for hours. Score one for me! The separate top pouch that allowed us to store warm food away from the ice was a feature I hadn't been looking for. There is a bonus! I think this is a great idea.

👤The cooler we bought for our trip to the beach did not fail to impress. I could hold more than we put in it. I had frozen steaks, ground beef, chicken, and breakfast sausage in there with lots of ice packs, and it was completely frozen when we arrived 8 hours later. We were impressed. We had ice packs on the beach that kept our stuff cold all day. You can put a lot of stuff in this cooler. We highly recommend!

👤The cooler is not worth much. Don't buy it. It's a complete waste of money. I would return it. I only used it one time. It doesn't keep your items cold. A grocery bag would work better. I am not happy with this cooler.

7. INSMEER Leakproof Insulated Collapsible Removable

INSMEER Leakproof Insulated Collapsible Removable

Each cooler backpack has a bonus credit card multi tool. There are up to 46 tools in one, including screwdrivers, wrenches, knife, bottle opener, can opener, box opener and more. The ice chest has 65 cans and 48 cans. The dimensions are 17.8"x11.9"x13.inch. Large cooler used for camping, hiking, beach, road trip, picnic, BBQ, grocery shopping, food delivery, party. A soft sided cooler with a 5mm foam and PEVA fabric insulation can keep your food warm or cool for long hours. The lunch box is leak-proof and dirt-proof, making it easy to clean. The collapsible soft cooler has a more delicate design. The ice chest has a bottle opener in front of it, two mesh pockets, and a reflective strip design. The large cooler bag has three ways to carry. The bag can be carried over the shoulder or cross-body with the help of a shoulder strap. There is one more carry option with thicker handles on two sides. The cooler can be opened smoothly and easily. You could take it wherever you want. INSMEER are focused on quality products. Before leaving the factory, each cooler must be checked to make sure they have the perfect bag. They offer 24H after-sales service. If there is a quality problem, you can contact them on Amazon. They give free exchange and full return. Within 24 Hours, your problem will be solved.

Brand: Insmeer

👤I finally got tired of borrowing a cooler from my friends and decided to go with this one. It has not disappointed me so far. It's hard to imagine how much a 48 liter cooler would hold. A lot of room is 48 liters. I used it for a camping trip. The bag of ice we threw in melted and I did not see any water leaking from the cooler bottom. When I got home, I emptied the cooler and dumped the water into my pots. The cooler seems to be made of quality fabrics. You can either carry it on your shoulder or hand it over.

👤I wanted to drink from this cooler. I packed it for the first time and it held a lot of stuff and there was still more room. The curved close was where the zip up stuck. I found some small threads in the way when I worked it back. I moved them back. And it went past them. I took off for camping. The cooler's zip came apart when I opened it to unpack the food. It seems well insulated and looks good. They use a bad one. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Before I went to the beach I did a few tests to make sure the ice was right for me. I decided to go with 20 pounds as that will last you for about a day and give you plenty of space to store drinks and food. I don't have a problem with the zipper, it seems too small and requires more effort to open and close than I would like. Some reviews say that their zipper broke.

👤I put the drinks in the cooler and used freezer packs to keep them cold. I can't talk about leaks. I was able to fit 52 bottles in it. I risked the strap tearing from the seam, but with careful handling and transport, it didn't happen. It kept the drinks cold. It's easy to store. It will work well for food transport. I would purchase this again if I ever need more than one.

👤The zip was broken the first time we tried it. The shoulder strap is torn away from the cooler where it is sewn on when filled with soda cans and ice. It worked well for holding ice. I didn't keep food cold for long. It got warm fast.

👤I ordered a cooler bag for my husband because he needs cold drinks when he is outside. If you are organized, I think they fit. We used it with bottles of water and Gatorade and it worked great. It's very practical because you can carry it and when you don't need it, you fold it and store it. I don't recommend filling this with too many things because it's heavy.

👤This was a bad day. It is going back. The pits are for a cooler. When the cooler was full, I thought it was fine. The car was packed at the end of the day. Less in the cooler. The bag leaned against the cooler and the water went everywhere. I feel sad.

8. AO Coolers Canvas High Density Insulation

AO Coolers Canvas High Density Insulation

Steel handles allow for easy, controlled lifting and carrying. A side pocket, a shoulder strap, and a soft-sided cooler. It's perfect for boating, fishing, hunting, parties, sporting events, and picnics. Made of soft canvas material that can be used for travel and has a leak-proof liner. It holds 24 cans and 14 pounds of ice.

Brand: Ao Coolers

👤The cooler was used to carry breast milk from a business trip. I was impressed with ice retention. Everything had stayed frozen after 19 hours. I put it with two shock gel packs. This size is perfect for a week of breast milk. You have to choose the next size up. I checked it in as a check in luggage and requested the airline to tag it as fragile. It was in perfect shape. The canvas material is highly durable and the lining is thick, so it can handle bumps in luggage. Overall very pleased with the purchase, serves my purpose perfectly. It is not a 300 dollar yeti. Hope this is useful for other mamas.

👤During my move from the U.S. to South Africa, I had breast milk frozen for a month. I didn't lose any of the milk and I'm so thankful for this cooler. Can't help but praise it enough.

👤The red version was 36 cans. This thing is large. It is loaded with ice, drinks, and food. Side handles are needed at that point. It's harder to find stuff when it's fully loaded because the sides have to be clipped to keep it cold inside. You will need to pack it. I have had ice in this for 2.5 days, but very little is left. It has no water leaks from it. It comes with some pouches that are hard to fit in. I slid some koozys in there, and that was all I could fit. The 36 can size is the same as a 40-45 quart hard cooler, so you are losingVersatility by that point. The smaller cans help you retain ease-of-use and carry, so I would recommend them to all. I have read that this was the top rated soft cooler, so I would recommend it to others.

👤I use this cooler on long motorcycle rides. It's nice to be able to pull over and get cold water right away, instead of having to wait for a store to sell it. I decided to do some testing before filling it. I put the Blue Ice Packs in the freezer. I put a bottle of water in the refrigerator. I put the packs on the long sides and put the water between them. I left the bag on the luggage rack in the sun all morning. I rode in the heat. The water was still very cold after a couple of hours. I put the cooler in the garage after I left the bike. The gel packs were frozen and the waters were still cold after a couple of hours riding in 85-90 degree heat. The cooler is still on the bike and I expect to find the gel packs partially frozen and the water cold when I put the bike in the garage tonight. If the Blue Gel Packs are used, I would recommend this cooler. I have never tried ice. This review is for a cooler of 12 cans. The reason I didn't give the cooler 5 stars was because I haven't used it long enough to comment on it's longevity. The ice pack on my water bottles was still very much frozen at the end of the day after I had ridden for 8 hours or more on my Harley. This is an ice chest.

9. Coleman 3000000112 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler

Coleman 3000000112 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler

It can hold up to 12 lunch boxes which makes it the ideal companion to bring your lunch, snacks and beverages coolly stored when on your way to school, office or when going out to play with your friends. The retro design of the cooler is high-capacity and heavy-duty. The 54-quart capacity can hold up to 85 cans. The drain plugs, hinges and handles are plastic. Retention ice can be found in temperatures as high as 90F. It was built to deliver years of performance. Steel handles allow for easy, controlled lifting and carrying.

Brand: Coleman

👤It is of excellent value for what you pay and what you get. I looked at the Yeti's and dreamed, and I was drooling. My wife slapped me across the face when she thought I might pay $600 for a cooler. Those prices are ridiculous and cannot be justified by anyone other than a mountain man or a hunter who needs ice for 10 days. Most of us normal guys who go weekend camping don't fall into either of those categories, so we turn our search into a "what cooler is also awesome but doesn't cost me my first born child" search. I've never owned a cooler other than Coleman and Igloo. The search began with those two. I switched to Coleman after I was unimpressed with what Igloo had to offer. My search criteria was metal hinges and an old Igloo with plastic hinges, props to Igloo. The Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler was available for a modest price of $80 and was made of metal handles and hard lined o-ring sealed. The 54 quart was deemed to be of substantial size based on the can capacity in the description. Coleman knows their customers and we will want to know how many beer they have. The cooler can fit soda cans. I've beaten this thing up to the point where it has performed well on my camp trips. It can take a hit and keep on going, washed of easily with a hose, the hard lining wipes out quickly with a paper towel, and it kept my ice frozen for 2 days straight. It's a sturdy seat for when your cousin takes your chair.

👤Blocks of block ice lasted for 7 days. The cooler was drained once a day. There is a mix of being in the car and outside. Fantastic cooler. If you want a good camping cooler, this is a great alternative. Purchase two blocks of ice and put them in a cooler. The garbage bag is next to the cooler. Line it with a second one. The garbage bags should not hold the ice. Place your food in the garbage bags. That will keep your food dry. You will need to change the garbage bags after 3 days because of condensation from the food packaging. The food won't get wet because of the melting ice.

👤I won a steel belted cooler in a contest. I took it on a cross country trip from Wisconsin to the states. The front of my pop up campers storage tray is where this cooler was strapped to. The southwests have 100 plus degree days. It was 114 degrees in Zion. I had a cooler in my van that was better for exposing ice to the elements. I camped in Zion after leaving Yellowstone. Two days of travel. The inner cover of the lid came unglued because of the sun. It was melted off. It's easy to fix. The ice was still frozen. If you buy a cheap plastic cooler instead of the std silver one, you'll save money on ice because you'll pay back the money you spent on it. Have had issues with the door. I had this for three years. It was quite a beating.

10. DeWalt 25 Roto Molded Cooler

DeWalt 25 Roto Molded Cooler

It holds 24 cans and 14 pounds of ice. T. O. U. G. H. RotoMold Design is able to make sure that the temperature is maximized under great heat. Food and drinks can be kept cold for days with the help of reinforced insulation. A heavy-duty metal handle for easy transporting and easy-open cam latch system provides secure closing. The bottle opener and ice pack storage area are accessory-friendly. It's perfect for taking to the job site, backyard barbecues, campgrounds, beach or sporting events.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I like the look. I love how it was built. Don't like the false advertisement of ice. 40 lbs of ice was put in this thing. It lasted 3 days. Listen to the video sound on. I am a fan of the dewalt series. Don't use tools dewalt.

👤What qualities do you look for when buying a cooler? You want a cooler that will go above and beyond expectations. What does the DEWALT brand mean to you? That is right, quality and dependability. I was like you. I was looking for a cooler but didn't know what to get. DEWALT has an insulated lunch box cooler. You can take this thing anywhere, from backyard barbecues, campgrounds, sporting events, and even the toughest job-sites imaginable. It has a built in beer opener. I needed a stool at the community Hopscotch Championship and the cooler that came with it could handle the weight of a full grown man. If you are looking for a cooler that keeps your food and beverages cold, look no further. It is reliable in any weather. 10/10 would be a good recommendation.

👤This cooler is very good at keeping elements cool and preventing ice from melting. Let's be honest, with this being said... I have tested both the Rtic and the Yeti coolers and have never found ice to last the full 5 days they market to everyone, but still can hold close to that amount of time which is better than the old coolers where one was lucky enough to have ice last one day. The ice in this DeWalt cooler is found to last about 4 full days, which is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 It's clear that it's the better choice because it's almost half the price. Have a friend. This thing is so large that no man or woman can carry it far by themselves. If DeWalt can make an attachment of wheels that would be a great add-on for them.

👤I put this cooler into service on 4/7/21 and it failed on the same day as the other reviewers. 70 days is a Mere. The picture shows that this cooler wasn't abused. It was in the front seat of my air-conditioned pickup during the day and in my house at night. I was very careful when opening and closing the unit because I had read about the problem. To no avail. I love everything about this cooler. It's tough, it holds eight bottles of water perfectly, and it kept my water cold all day long. I can't recommend that you purchase this item because it's useless without latches. I would like to extend a formal apology to the reviewers who wrote about the problem and tried to sound the alarm. I questioned the integrity of your parentage. I regret my immature response to your kind gesture and attempt to save me. You were correct. I was wrong. I would have taken your advice. I beg your forgiveness, I am truly sorry.

👤It's a really good cooler, I can fill it with ice, but the water is still cold on the 5th day, so I have to put ice on it. If they give you an idea of how good the cooler is, it will be above average.

11. Koolatron P27 Grey Voyager Cooler

Koolatron P27 Grey Voyager Cooler

The RV fridge/freezer has a 3-level battery monitor to prevent it from draining your vehicle's battery. The fridge can shut off the battery at any time. The large capacity cooler has a compact footprint and can hold up to 48 standard cans. It is possible to cool to 40F (22C) below surrounding temperature or warm to 140F (60C) using less power than your vehicle's tail light. Warming and cooling functions can be used to store meats, keep snacks and beverages cool on the go, or transport hot dishes to a family gathering. This unit has a secure sliding door lock that makes it possible to use it as a chest-style cooler or as a portable mini refrigerator. Canadian-made 12V coolers have been made in North America for over 30 years. Canadian-made 12V coolers have been made in North America for over 30 years.

Brand: Koolatron

👤We have had our Koolatron for four years and use it a couple of times per year on road trips of 2 hours or less. It is large enough to carry what we need for a trip lasting several days while compact enough to fit in any of our vehicles. It keeps things cool while in transit to the destination. It's sufficiently insulated to keep things cool, with the addition of a couple of cold packs. This product does not have much cooling capacity on its own, so it is a big problem. The unit achieved a steady-state internal temperature of 57F at a stable ambient temperature of 72F. Solid-state devices cause heat to move from one side to the other. The heat transfer can be reversed by changing the direction of the current. The flow of electrons from one side of the junction to the other leads to the 'heat'. The amount of heat transferred across the device is determined by the number of electrons flowing through it. The unit operates at 48 watts (12V * 4A). A typical heat transfer of 2.5 watt is achieved by single-stage Peltiers, which are 5% efficient at converting current into heat transfer. Imagine if you will a light bulb in a box that captures heat. This is the amount of heat that can be moved into or out of the cooler's interior. It is not possible to create a 45 degree differential at an ambient temperature of 90F+. The temperature difference of 15F at 72F is quite good, considering what we're working with here. This cooler does what anyone should expect from it. The box will keep things cold for 24 hours in a warm environment. Think of the electric cooling component as a wind on the back of the ice packs.

👤I loved this cooler on my road trip. I've seen a few bad reviews that don't understand that this cooler has to work without taxing your car's battery. It can't use a lot of power so it only has the ability to keep things cold. There is a You need to start with cold stuff. I threw in a couple of frozen bottles of water to start the process. There is a It needs to stay in a comfortable environment, like a car with a/c or plugged into the hotel room. If you do this you will be very happy with the cooler because your stuff will stay very cold as long as you want it to! Warm food and drinks should be left in a hot car, unplugged for long periods of time, and kept in direct sunlight. You will be disappointed if you do things like this. They can't make it powerful enough to run a car battery under those conditions. It still works great after 4 summers. I'm very happy with this cooler. Looking forward to summer.

👤I bought this cooler for my truck driver spouse. I have purchased many coolers for him over the years, but not a single one last year. There are warning signs of breakdown about six months. When I was told that another cooler purchase was necessary, I decided to do a bit of research to find a cooler that would provide cooling and be durable. My spouse says this is his best cooler so far. It keeps food good and cold. Quiet. The inside is very chilled even when it's warm outside. The power cord falls out easily if he dislikes it. This requires regular checks. It is easy to knock off the latched to lock cooler. It's not difficult to get it back. You have it. I'll let everyone know the status of this product when I update this review. My spouse has been using this cooler for two years. It keeps chugging along and he has not had any issues with it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a reliable cooler that is heavy-duty. There is still work and cooling away. Four years and still cooling.


What is the best product for electric ice chest cooler?

Electric ice chest cooler products from Yeti. In this article about electric ice chest cooler you can see why people choose the product. Igloo and Koolatron are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric ice chest cooler.

What are the best brands for electric ice chest cooler?

Yeti, Igloo and Koolatron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric ice chest cooler. Find the detail in this article. Clevermade, Lifewit and Insmeer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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