Best Electric Ice Cream Maker 6 Qt

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1. Lello Musso 5030 Dessert Maker

Lello Musso 5030 Dessert Maker

The dimensions are 12.5” W x 10.75” D x 14.25” H. The ice cream machine has a capacity of 2 quarts. Can make up to 6 quarts of ice cream. The housing and blade are made of steel. All steel construction with blade.

Brand: Lello

👤I'm an engineer that is looking to open an ice cream parlor and I know a lot about ice cream and equipment. The Lello Musso Pola 5030 is a testing ice cream machine that is used for testing small batches under 2 quarts. I own an Emery Thompson CB-350 and a Breville smart scoop ice cream machine. I use the CB-350 to make large quantities of ice cream. The machine is too large to make test batches. If I tried to put ice cream in there, the machine would freeze up and start making noises because it was too cold. I went out to find an ice cream machine that was close to the quality of my emery thompson without spending more than a few hundred dollars. I needed an ice cream machine that could freeze ice cream under 15-20 min and was of commercial quality. The Lello Musso Pola 5030 is the only commercial grade ice cream machine that can freeze 2 quarts of ice cream in under 20 minutes. The machine is more than I expected. If you want to make ice cream for a living and don't want to spend more than $1,300, then this is the machine for you. The Breville Smart Scoop machine is great for people who want to make ice cream for fun and don't care about the texture of the ice cream. The Breville takes at least 30 minutes to just freeze 1 quart of ice cream, if not most of the time. If you did 1.5 quarts of ice cream, it would take upwards of 40 minutes. An extra 25 minutes doesn't mean you have to wait for the ice cream to finish. It means that your ice cream will be very cold. The quality of your ice cream is affected by the amount of time it takes to freeze. Ice cream at restaurants and ice cream shops are creamy because of how fast you freeze it. The smaller the ice crystals, the quicker you freeze it. The larger the ice cream crystals, the longer it takes to freeze. I was able to freeze my ice cream in 15 minutes. I let the machine run for 10 minutes to get the temperature down, and then I turn on the blades to make ice cream. You should stop complaining about the bowl not being removed. There is no commercial ice cream maker that has a bowl. If you want an ice cream machine that has a bowl, you're not serious about making ice cream. There is a gap between the outside of the bowl and the freezing unit. The air in the bowl acts as insulation and it will take longer to get cold. There is no way to change the bowl. The ice cream can be frozen in under 20 minutes because the bowl is built in the machine. If you're looking for a quality ice cream machine that is under $1,500, then this is the one for you. Taylor and emery thompson start at $4,000 and are the same size. The quality of the ice cream will not be the same as in restaurants or ice cream shops if the machine is priced around $500. You can make ice cream that has the same texture as ice cream stores with this machine.

2. Nostalgia PICM4BG Electric Easy Carry 4 Quarts

Nostalgia PICM4BG Electric Easy Carry 4 Quarts

It's ideal for anyone looking for a soft serve ice cream maker. This unit makes four quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato, which is enough to feed everyone. The Nostalgia ice cream kits include the Premium Ice Cream Starter Kit, the Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream mixes, and theVanilla crme. It is easy to clean up messes with a plastic bucket. A see-through lid is included that fits on top of the canister to keep ice cream in the freezer. The carrying handle attached to the bucket makes it easy to move ice cream around. No intensive stirring or manual effort is required because a powerful electric motor does all the work. The electric motor lock keeps all parts secure. Use your own recipes or follow the instructions in the manual to get started making ice cream.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤I have made at least four batches of ice cream with this ice cream maker. There have been some problems with the construction, but so far nothing has gone terribly wrong. The motor does not stop working or burn out, which is a relief to me since I was worried about that when I first bought it. The cheap price makes it difficult to determine long term durability. The instructions for the maker are good. The plastic bucket has a metal handle attached to it and a plastic grip that helps with carrying. The inner bucket is made of aluminum and will easily be scratched by ice and salt as it is in use. The beater is made from plastic and has a plastic motor. Some of my worries are listed. The inner bowl is made of aluminum. If you drop it, the bowl will be damaged and the unit will be useless. The motor is still working on mine. The price tag is the reason for the doubt around the motor. The problem is now on the table. The plastic bucket has a metal handle attached to it, and the plastic bucket has a plastic grip. Salt creates salt water when it mixes with ice, so you need to add it to make ice cream. If the salt water is not cleaned off, it will rust the metal carrying handle, which will be hit by the saltwater when dumped from the bucket. The chrome under the plastic handle has been lost and the rust will spread to the rest of the handle. If you buy this, make sure you rinse the handle under water because it's unlikely that they'll fix the problem by making the handle STAINLESS STEEL. Take the plastic grip off if you want to make it easy. The ice cream maker's ability to make ice cream will not be affected by this problem, but you should make sure to clean it after each use. I will include pictures.

👤I bought an expensive ice cream maker and was disappointed. I knew that I didn't want an old style maker with a wooden tub because they come apart after a couple of tears. This is the ticket! I had to use it from the box. I put the top on and washed it, poured it in, and topped it with ice and salt. Viola! The motor was not bogged down. The machine stopped when the ice cream was done. Absolutely no issues. It goes together quickly and functions perfectly. I finally found a keeper.

👤I bought this for my sister. It was so good that we immediately made ice cream. We made ice and rock salt with regular size ice cubes. I used a no cook recipe with heavy cream and milk. I will be buying another for myself.

👤I decided to invest in an ice cream maker because I love ice cream so I might as well. It only took me 2 days to lose control of my life because of my Amazon Prime account. I opened my Nostalgia Electrics 4 quart ice cream maker at the house on Wednesday. I was going to make Death by Chocolate Ice Cream as my first experiment, I like chocolate, my housemates like chocolate, everyone loves chocolate. It was easy to put the machine together, you put the metal container in, fill it with rock salt and ice, then place the ingredients inside along with the mixer and the motor on top. You can hear it working, you can hear it doing all the work, and you can mix ice cream. I stopped the mixer and tasted the consistency of soft serve for the first time. Death by Chocolate Ice Cream was the most delicious ice cream I had ever had. I had to make more. I was looking at concoctions and flavors. No ice cream flavor will go untested. This machine has turned me into an ice cream fanatic. I have ice cream in my dreams and I can't put it down. I can't think of anything else than ice cream.

3. Whynter ICM 200LS Stainless 2 1 Quart Silver

Whynter ICM 200LS Stainless 2 1 Quart Silver

Use your own recipes or follow the instructions in the manual to get started making ice cream without the use of unnecessary ingredients. The best ice cream maker is named after the author of Every day magazine and Yourbestdigs. Reliable built-in audible timer. The capacity is 2.1 quarts and the temperature is -31oF. The mixing bowl and blade are made of aluminum and are easy to clean. The Motor Protection Function shuts off if the mixture gets cold.

Brand: Whynter

👤The Ariete - DeLongi and the Gourmia GSI400 are very similar to this Whynter ICM-200LS. I'll compare these units to the Breville BCI600XL at the end of the review. The Whynter ICM-15LS and the Knox 1.5 are the same size as the advertised 1.5 Quarts and have the same company bringing the UL listing. The mechanisms that attach to the bottom of the bowls are the same as the plastic paddles. I had access to a few of these machines and they all weighed in at around 26 pounds according to my shipping scale. The dimensions are about 16 1/2 inches long x 11 1/2 inches wide. Since they seem to have the same motor that spins around 25 revolutions per minute, the same refrigerant for cooling, and the same container that holds the mixture, what are the differences? The makers have a power button, a start/pause button, and a menu button. There are two additional buttons on the Whynter ICM-200LS. Ariete-Delonghi and Gourmia GSI400 have a round knob that you can use to increase or decrease time. The software and the displays are the same. You can choose between "cooling only" or "mixing only." If you prefer less time, you can either turn the knob on some models or press the buttons on the Whynter, which will give you 60:00 minutes. After the ice cream has been churned for a certain amount of time, they all go to automatic cooling mode. The safety function shuts off the motor if the machine is too hard to handle and the mixture gets too heavy. The "cooling only" mode is good if you want to chill the bowl before pouring in your mix, which will make it easier to contact and make for a creamy end result. There is a word about the warranties. The only one that seems to have a limited warranty is the company itself. The warranty does not cover manufacturers' defects. The mini freezers have a compressor with sealed oil, which is important. If the units travel upside down, they need to be placed right side up for at least 4 hours and 24 hours to make sure the oil doesn't leak from the sealed housing. If it is run with oil, it will break and make noise, but it won't cool a thing. If you store the unit on the side or back, you have to wait a long time to turn it on. If there was oil in the compressor, it wouldn't be covered as a manufacturer defect. These units make great ice cream and gelatos. Since they spin at 25rpm, you will never be able to make ice cream with air in it. Premium ice cream and gelato is what we want at home. Some user manuals are marginally better than others. Some give you more recipes than others. Some give you silly extras like a cheap plastic scoop, a cheap plastic measuring cup, or a cheap plastic spatula. What about the Breville and Lello? The Cuisinart is similar to the ones mentioned above but has a slightly different motor as it spins at 26rpm. The certification and design process that Cuisinart went through seems to have been their own. If you turn the unit upside down, it is the same design as the rest, with the same access points to get to the internals. The interface of the Cuisinart is less robust and only has 3 buttons. After mixing, it will default to a 10 minute "Keep Cool" cycle. It is a 1.5 quart machine and it does not have the cooling or mixing functions that other machines do. It has a different paddle design, one for ice cream and one for gelato. It's a little gimmicky, as at 26 RPM's you'd be hard pressed to get any better whipping action from the cream in the ice cream, with the understanding that commercial units like Emery Thompson units generate RPMS closer to 200. All of these home units are excellent for gelato because they are low in RPMs. I have never dealt with a warranty claim for Cuisinart. How about the Breville? It is proprietary and has its own unique interface and software. The aluminum mixing tub is tall and narrow. It is 1.5 quarts. The warranty lasts for one year. The design premise is the same as the others. The motor is spinning at 50 revolutions per minute, so it should be able to aerate ice cream more if you want. There is no way to play with the temperature or change the speed. The auto interface on the Breville is able to reduce the time and slap a name on it. Ice cream is more time consuming than gelato. This unit is worth the extra money if you can adjust the cooling temp and the RPMs, but none of the other models can do that. The Lello has a design that is based on a setup where there is no bowl. This setup is similar to a sealed commercial setup that should allow the compressor to work more efficiently. If you can freeze your mix more quickly, you should have less ice cream. Front load commercial washing machines use the efficiency of gravity. The Lello is small and difficult to clean, and it does have an issue where the spinning pin can get stuck if not cleaned well. It is made in Italy and has a one year warranty. The Ariete - Delonghi or Gourmia can be had for $199.99 at the time of this review. I think it would be a toss up if the Whynter was the same price. Over the past year, the price of the Whynter has fluctuated between $260 and $350, while the Cuisinart is a little more expensive with less features and smaller capacity. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the machines listed above, except for the mystery brand and unavailable warranty information. The machines are the same, so you may be better served by being price conscious. I don't care for the design of the Lello because it's too expensive and the efficiency doesn't do much to the end result. The Breville is $380 and I don't think it has any advantages that justify the price. All of the machines will make great tasting ice cream or gelato. You'd be hard pressed to tell a difference using the same recipe on any of the machines except in a side by side taste test where you're really trying to be picky about the perfect creamy, aeration, lack of ice crystals, etc. Good luck with your purchase.

4. Elite Gourmet Fashioned Appalachian Electric

Elite Gourmet Fashioned Appalachian Electric

The product manual has tested and perfect recipes. There is a 6-quare catastrophe. Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet can be frozen. It's perfect for party time, snack time, barbeques, picnics and big events. The easy process is to mix your favorite ingredients, place in canister, assemble unit and plug in. The ice cream and dessert maker is easy to use. Simply add the ingredient mixture into the machine, use the automatic motor or manual hand-crank and you'll have a delicious dessert in a short time. Quiet operation. The electric motor locks onto the bucket, making sure all parts are interlocked for safe and quiet operation. It is easy to clean. The aluminum canister makes it easy to clean up messes. You can easily store leftover ice cream in the freezer, and the see-thru lid fits on top of the ice cream canister. The canister and lid are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤This is a great ice cream freezer. Solid construction. The option of electric motor and hand crank makes sure you always have ice cream. See-thru lid helps to know when you mix is done. The price is great for a quality item. It would be great if a US manufacturer could make the same.

👤The ice cream maker is easy to use. The kids love being able to make their own ice cream and we love making it at home. We bought a second one so we could make multiple flavors at the same time. It's nice to have the hand crank and eclectic option. You don't need to have an outlet close by. We are moving off the grid in a few months and it's a must. I would recommend this ice cream maker to anyone.

👤I wanted to give my grandsons the experience of making their own ice cream. The electric crank works well. I had to find better screws for the hand crank handle because it kept slipping. The ice cream canister has a brace that doesn't fit. It doesn't seem to stop either method from working. If it cost less, this would be a great product.

👤I was looking for an old fashioned ice cream maker. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. They were not cheap. I was not sure if I could believe what I saw. It comes with both. I wanted the kids to crank the bucket like we did when we were young. The recipe for the custard was in the instruction book. It was great! I had the kids make ice with salt in the bucket. It was done in a split second. It took us a long time in our day. With your turn, you'd have to have a Popeye arm. Anyhow... The ice cream was good. I made some for my co-workers. I used the electric motor to make the rich recipe. I was surprised at how quiet it was. It took about 40 minutes and once again it was great. Keep your liquid cool. You can put the canister in the freezer or fridge to make sure it's cold when you start. I put ice and salt on top of each other. I think it helped it to freeze quicker. Do I think it was worth it? Yes! Buy two!

👤Some of the apparatus is cheap, which turned out to be a disappointment to me. The hand mixer is made of cheap diecast metal. It won't tolerate a lot of ice cream Churning as the electric motor is not strong enough to turn the ice cream mixture to completion. It makes 6 US quarts of ice cream which is nice. I have used my own recipe and not any recipes that come with this product. A little more effort and a little more money would have made this a really nice ice cream maker.

👤To get it lined up inside the bucket, it's a bi*tch. The ice cream motor mounts on top of the can to hold the cream. You have to side with the person. You have to put side B in the other side of the motor before you can lock it down. It took approximately 5 minutes to get it to line up before the motor could start. It will eventually break something if you squeeze it in. The motor is made of plastic. The metal is on the bucket. Had to return it. Not worth 100 bucks.

5. Hamilton Beach 68330N Automatic Ice Cream

Hamilton Beach 68330N Automatic Ice Cream

Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free. It's possible to make ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, sorbet, gelato and sherbet with one ice cream machine. No stirring needed. It does all the work, then stops when ready. Try the recipes inside or create your own unique taste by mixing in candy, cookies, or fresh fruit. The easy-lock lid is easy to fit on top. The perfect size for families and special occasions. It's ideal for anyone looking for a soft serve ice cream maker.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤Don't buy. Amazon needs to be able to rate something. This is one of the worst designed and engineered products I have ever seen, and I am more critical of bad design than I am of engineered products. The dasher's stem is aluminum and too short, which makes it difficult to use. If it was longer, there would be more engagement so it wouldn't destroy the receiver cup so quickly. The small cup in the picture is aluminum and stamped square receiver. The end of the stem is rounded off and the aluminum cup is rounded out. One use. The ice cream wasn't churned properly and it didn't work. Proper ice cream texture is dependent on little to no air getting blended in. The housing is durable, but for another dollar in manufacturing costs, this could be a good product. If the dasher stem and cup were made of steel, it would work out well. The cup would have to be made from metal, not stamped, and that would cost pennies. If you throw away your money and don't get ice cream, this is a piece of junk and needs to be avoided. I have a dasher from a previous ice cream maker that fits perfectly, so beware of that one as well. Unless you have a lathe and milling machine and a spare dasher with a steel shaft, stay away.

👤I had been looking for $300 ice cream machines. Most of them made one quart at a time. I didn't want to be divorced for buying a more expensive kitchen appliance after buying a very expensive mixer and food processor. This one says it makes a gallon and will save me $270. We made our first gallon of ice cream after two days. It took about 40 minutes to cook it. The family was given some extra for the freezer. The first week we made four gallons. We eat a diet of no sugar or grains and make ice cream that tastes better than the store's junk food. Our guests had no idea that they were eating ice cream. This machine is a win. I never thought it would be so good for the low cost.

👤It died within a month after being bought. It died in 8 months after getting a free warranty replacement. It was done once or twice a month. Both failed the same way. The motor continues to run after the noise stops. hoping for an easy fix. The gears were stripped. The teeth break under the load. The gears look large, so I suspect cheap manufacturing methods. Cheap steel does not last and they are using a poor quality steel. It worked well while it lasted.

👤A lot of people claimed their canister had a small scratch, but I think that's just the design. It looks like it was made in a factory. I made ice cream. It was perfect. I didn't have to freeze it because it was already formed in the maker. I put my ice cream in the ice cream maker after making my batches in the fridge for 2 hours. The bucket was filled with ice and rock salt. 2 quarts of icecream were made with 8 pounds of ice and 3 pounds of rock salt. It was perfect. It took 40 minutes to get from a liquid to ice cream. The entire process was easy. We put it in the kitchen sink. You need to hear it so you know when it stops. It was worth it.

6. AMERIHOME ICM6C 6 Quart Fashion Cream

AMERIHOME ICM6C 6 Quart Fashion Cream

Fresh ice cream can be made in 40 minutes. The combo design can be used to make ice cream in two ways. It makes up to 6 quarts of ice cream. It takes about 30 minutes to make soft ice cream. Includes a can with a clear plastic lid, a sealed pine tub, and a mixing paddle. The product manual has tested and perfect recipes. The product manual has tested and perfect recipes.

Brand: Amerihome

👤We were hoping for a 6 quart ice cream maker. We used it once and it worked well. It wouldn't turn the second time we used it. After we got the can to turn, the machine shut itself off and we couldn't get it to turn after that. The power could be turned on but the canister wouldn't turn. We didn't keep the box because we didn't expect it to break. We can not return the item because we don't have the box, but we can get a replacement or refund. We are stuck with a $100 ice cream maker because of Amazon's return policy. Amazon and Amerihome have an unacceptable customer service record.

👤I've been using a 5qt. Thirty five years ago, I got an ice cream maker as a wedding gift. I have been lusting for this ice cream maker for a long time. It was unobtanium when I tried to place an order. I put it on my list because I was hoping for a stable price. The price went up by 40. My wife ordered and I was happy when Santa arrived. I found a small hole in the canister when I cleaned it before I mixed the ice cream. My wife wasn't amused. She returned it. The price was dropped by $30 and I ordered a replacement. The replacement unit had the same dents. Is that really true? I sent the picture of the dent to Amerihome customer service, I worked with Susan. She went to open the factory unit after checking with tech support. The 'dent' is a stop for the plastic cover. I suggested that they update their owner's manual to make sure that thedent is there and to prevent future bad customer assumptions. Susan agreed. Customer service is great. Excellent ice cream. I followed their directions for ice and salt after making my ice cream. It took 30 minutes. After 15 minutes of mixing, I added my chips and almonds to make sure there was an even distribution. I was able to see the ice cream set up, but it was too firm to crank the electric motor, so I switched to hand crank. The motor is strong. I am impressed. I would recommend them.

👤We want to like this ice cream maker, but it just didn't work out. The wooden bucket leaked when we used it. We decided to send it back and Amazon replaced it with a new one, the same thing that the wooden bucket leaked and the hand crank didn't work. The electric motor and metal canister did not have a problem.

👤I decided it was time to get a new freezer after having no one to keep ice cream. I was interested in the dual function of the freezer; motorized and hand crank. I thought it would be a way to make a stronger product. I was very impressed with the freezer. I replaced the motor with a hand crank when it stopped working. I was surprised that there was no need. Consistency is what you would expect for soft serve. The tub is made of wood. I would recommend it.

7. Cuisinart ICE 30BC Indulgence 2 Quart Automatic

Cuisinart ICE 30BC Indulgence 2 Quart Automatic

The rollers can be used for many hair styles such as curly hair wave, water hair wave, body hair waves and so on. You can make any hair style you want with this set. There is a particular function. The motor makes frozen desserts or drinks in less than 20 minutes. A retractable cord storage and large ingredient spout are must-have features. A double insulated freezer bowl that holds up to 2 quarts of frozen dessert, paddle, instructions and a recipe book is included. Make sure your freezer is set to 0 degrees F to ensure proper freezing of all foods, and consult the user manual for how to use the product. Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤This is a good ice cream machine for home use. I liked the Cusinart 1 1/2 quart model a lot. When I tried to make ice cream that wouldn't freeze, I found out that someone put the drum in the dishwasher. I used the 1 1/2 quart model for my ice cream maker because I overfilled it and it threatened to overflow the ice cream maker. If you've never owned an ice cream maker before, here's an overview. There are two main parts to ice cream. The freezer bowl has a paddle and drum. Before you make ice cream, make sure your freezer bowl is cold enough to keep ice cream cold. The bowl needs to be frozen through with no sound. The ice cream is chilled by this drum. When you're ready to make the ice cream, put the freezer bowl into the base of the ice cream machine, put the paddle in and put the top on, start the machine and then pour your cold ice cream mixture into the freezer bowl as it runs. The ice cream mixture is cold in the freezer bowl and the paddle scraper scrapers the sides of the bowl to remove the ice cream from the mixture. The machine should run for 20 minutes. Give it a peak every now and then because ice cream never freezes. The ice cream will be soft serve consistency and will be done as far as its adventure with the machine is concerned. You could eat it as soft serve or scoop it out and freeze it for a few hours. After the freezer bowl has warmed up a little, wash it with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth. The negative comments that people have left seem to be due to them not knowing how this machine works or that they expected something different. The ice cream machine chills ice cream by freezing the bowl overnight. It does not have a refridgeration unit. If you want that, you have to pay more than the price for a different type of machine. The machine doesn't produce solid hard ice cream because it doesn't produce soft serve consistency and you can't rock solid ice cream. You have to wash the freeZER BOWL. By hand. The heat from the dishwasher will destroy the freezing liquid in the bowl and the bowl will never make ice cream again, even if you sneak your pots and pans in the dishwasher. You can tell that a relative put your bowl in the dishwasher because it will still sound weird even though it's been cold for a few days. The person could either put their freezer bowl in the dishwasher or the bowl wasn't cold enough. The bowl of the freezer was malfunctioning. It won't make ice cream immediately, but it will make soft serve. Some people have said that they have to wait 15 minutes for the finished ice cream to sit on the counter. My suggestions are 1. You can use more fat in your recipe. As the machine runs, let it make more air. Most commercial ice creams have a lot of air in them, which is called "overhead". The same amount of ice cream from two different brands is different. Most grocery store brands have little overhead compared to ultra premium brands. Lower quality ice cream has stabilizers that hold the ice cream together but keep it from forming solid. A bowl of ice cream can be left on the counter overnight and it can be melted the next day. That's the stabilizers. Even though it's frozen, commercial ice cream is soft and easy to scoop. If you want to make a better quality ice cream, you need a sturdy ice cream scoop and some strength to scoop it. I've never made an ice cream that was too hard to scoop from the freezer. The machine works well and makes quality ice cream. I'm happy with it.

8. Elite Gourmet EIM916 Fashioned Appalachian

Elite Gourmet EIM916 Fashioned Appalachian

It is specially designed for quick and simple setup. There is a 6-quare catastrophe. Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet can be frozen. It's perfect for party time, snack time, barbeques, picnics and big events. The easy process is to mix your favorite ingredients, place in canister, assemble the unit and plug in. The ice cream and dessert maker is easy to use. Simply add the ingredient mixture into the machine, use the automatic motor or manual hand-crank and you'll have a delicious dessert in a short time. Quiet operation. The electric motor locks onto the bucket, making sure all parts are interlocked for safe and quiet operation. It is easy to clean. The aluminum canister makes it easy to clean up messes. You can easily store leftover ice cream in the freezer, and the see-thru lid fits on top of the ice cream canister. The canister and lid are dishwasher safe. Use your own recipes or follow the instructions in the manual to get started making ice cream without the use of unnecessary ingredients. The ETL approved a 50 watt/ 120V for home kitchen use. Includes electric motor, wooden bucket with handle, Stabilizing Ring, freezing canister with indent, canister lid and cap, dasher paddle and bonus die-cast hand crank. You can buy with confidence because of the 1-year limited warranty and customer support team.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤We had a White mountain that died before this was bought. The container's lid is made of plastic that hangs down to catch the lip on the container and spin it as the motor turns. The motor is pushed off the lip by the ice against the bucket, meaning it is turning nothing but the lid and not the container. The baby is sitting the lid so it turns the canister. I'll probably modify the lid to work better myself, by the time the cream had any sort of thickness, the lid had no chance of catching the lip on the canister, so I just did it by hand. I would try to find a better ice cream maker for you.

👤I wanted to use this ice cream maker. The water kept leaking out of the bottom of the wooden bucket when I put it in. There was a small crack on one board. I glue that crack. It was leaking around the bottom rim. The ice cream doesn't harden when you can't hold the ice water. There was no water in the bucket when I dumped out the ice. That was after 45 minutes. For the price, I shouldn't have to glue around the rim. My can had a small scratch in it. I would have ignored that because it didn't affect how it worked. I made the batches before I needed them so they could be put in the freezer.

👤It was bought for the wife's birthday. She filled the water to expand the wood. It was leaking after five hours of soaking. The glue looked like it had been smeared on the floor. The Amazon Customer Service was past the 30 day return period and was able to send it back. I bought one that was twice as much.

👤It came apart after being ordered. The motor housing was cracked. The second one cracked after they replaced it. I still used it because it didn't interfere with the motor running. It's not powerful enough to keep the cream mixing. I was wondering why they included a hand crank. I know now.

👤The old machine stopped working and we purchased this item to replace it. It was easy to clean before the ice cream started. I understand that the metal that houses the ingredients needs to be cold quickly in order to make ice cream. We will be camping all summer and were surprised to see that the machine had a hand crank option.

👤This was the worst thing we have ever purchased. The customer service rep apologized. The ice cream was very soft. If you want to go to heaven, then spend the money. If we wanted a crank instead of an electric, we would buy it. We will not buy from this company again. No one was going to support this product. Never so angry.

👤After the electric motor stops, I always hand crank. I tried to hand crank the ice cream after installing the manual hand crank. The center of the tub was not solid after the handle turned a half turn. I used it for the first time. I am on a 31 day RV trip and purchased it for use. I will try to use it again on August 14th. If I have the same problem, you should replace it even if it's been 35 days. There is a bucket with ice leaks. The hand crank was tried again on August 15th. It didn't work again. The previous ice cream maker's hand crank did not work for me. I will return the maker to the store for a full refund.

9. Nostalgia ICMP600WD Bucket Cream 6 Quart

Nostalgia ICMP600WD Bucket Cream 6 Quart

Use your own recipes or follow the instructions in the manual to get started making ice cream. You can make up to 6 quarts of delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato. There are ice cream kits. It works with all Nostalgia ice cream mixes. It's easy to clean. The bucket makes it easy to clean up messes. See-tHROUGH lunges. The ice cream canister has a see-thru lid that makes it easy to view ice cream flavor. The electric motor is powerful. Electric motor does all the work. The motor lock has a key. All parts of the ice cream making process are secured by notches. The bucket is made with real wood slats to recreate an old fashioned ice cream making experience. The vegetables are included. You can follow the recipes in the manual or make your own.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤My husband makes ice cream in the house and I bought this for him. We used it 3 times and it started stalling. We paid the kids to stand there and turn it every time it got stuck. What a sad day! The ice cream is good, but my husband likes it more. I am out of the return time frame because the company has an issue with manufacturing.

👤I used this for the second time today, it kept running and running, checked it, the ice cream wasn't frozen, had a horrible time getting the top off, but finally did, will be glad to send a photo.

👤The motor stops making ice-cream. You get half made ice cream. The product would not perform after being used as directed. Would return item but not window open. How many times can you make ice cream? There is a reason the warranty is so short. The item is junk. Plastic parts stop working. Do not purchase. Find another brand and machine.

👤I've been making ice cream for a long time. I have many at home and at my restaurant. I needed a 6-quart out of season, and this was the only model I could find on Amazon. It must work well for $80. The unit shipped to me was not the best one, but it was the only one that was positive and it was my experience that the bucket is nice and the motor is quiet. The design of the dasher is a problem for me. The dasher is supposed to move along the inside wall of the ice cream vessel so close that it can hit the ice cream and then fall off again. The dash was so small that the ice cream base could freeze so firmly that the dasher would get stuck. After 15-20 minutes, the motor would stop, and there would be ice cream along the walls, with the rest of the base still liquid. I would have to remove the vessel, remove the walls, remove the frozen bits, replace the dasher, and deal with the same problem again in 10 minutes. The same thing happened when I backed off on the rock salt-to-ice ratio. I churned 6 batches of ice cream in this machine. The ice cream was hard and under-frozen. This problem wouldn't occur if the dasher was larger. I'm chalking it up to poor mechanical design. The unit is being returned.

👤The paddle thingy is too small. The side of the canister is not damaged. It spins around and never freezes. We loosen the ice and it starts up again. After an hour, we put all the liquid in the freezer. I am looking for a refund after sending it back. I'm looking for a new freezer. The old one is 30 years old. At any time, it could quit on us.

👤I used this ice cream freezer with 2 other ice cream freezers of the same size and it performed better than the others. It was nice to have the plastic liner inside the freezer because the unit was lighter and it was easier to carry around. It made it easier to clean up. I bought a freezer and am very happy. I would have been disappointed if I had to borrow one of the others since this freezer has increased my expectations, but I would have been delegated to borrow one of the others since this freezer has increased my expectations. I didn't get a discount in exchange for my review, but it's a good product and I would definitely recommend it.

10. Nostalgia Electric Easy Carry 4 Quarts Minutes

Nostalgia Electric Easy Carry 4 Quarts Minutes

Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free. It makes up to four quarts of delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato. There are ice cream kits. It works with all Nostalgia ice cream mixes. It's easy to clean. The bucket makes it easy to clean up messes. See-tHROUGH lunges. The ice cream canister has a see-thru lid that makes it easy to view ice cream flavor. The electric motor is powerful. Electric motor does all the work. The motor lock has a key. All parts of the ice cream making process are secured by notches. The bucket is made with real wood slats to recreate an old fashioned ice cream making experience.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤We bought a new electric unit, 4 qt., because the dasher on the 6 qt was not fitting correctly and it wasn't working as well as the 4 qt. 1. We received it a day earlier than expected. Everything was in the box and in excellent condition. 3. I washed the unit. 4. The EasyVanilla Ice Cream recipe is in the manual. The instructions were easy to follow and it worked. We stopped the unit at 30 minutes. 5. Easy Chocolate Ice Cream was made an hour later. 30 min later... perfect. 6. Absolutely no mess. I used the unit on my kitchen table in case, but it never leaked. 7. It was very easy to clean up. There are no hassles, small parts, or hard to clean areas. There are 8. We didn't think of containers to store ice cream in the freezer. That's not their fault. I think that's correct. Both were delicious. I didn't have to wonder if it was safe to eat. The kids don't want store bought ice cream again. I would recommend this unit to everyone.

👤The electric ice cream maker works well. The ice cream is churned in about 20 minutes depending on the recipe. The results were perfect every time I used it. I enjoyed the one mistake that was made during assembly. I hope it wasn't one of my students who put the nametag on the front.

👤It looks great, like the nostalgia effect. Someone did something wrong when they put the motor works together. When you put the paddles in, connect the motor to the canister, and turn it on, the canister will not turn. I couldn't believe it! I allowed it to run until it stopped after 30 minutes, but there was no mixing of the ice cream mix and no aeration necessary to make ice cream. A group of people are having dinner and dessert. I'm getting a replacement and crossing my fingers that it will be okay, mostly because of the good reviews. I returned the item because I thought the first one was faulty and got a duplicate. I didn't see anything in the manual to tell me how they worked. I used to use ice cream makers that had the paddles rotating instead of the canister. I returned the ice cream because it didn't congeal as I said. I researched online and found that this was normal operation for this unit, as another arrived with the same canister motion. I had to stop the machine after 45 minutes because I was concerned about consistency after freezing. The ice cream tasted great. The result was great despite the learning curve. My review is being edited to reflect my new rating.

👤I have not had home made ice cream since I was 8 years old. My brother is 39. I picked the fruit. She made the mixture. My brother and I took turns. I made ice cream for the first time. My daughter helped with the stool. It came out frightening. The machine is worth something. My peaches are going to be ripe in a few weeks.

11. Elite Gourmet EIM 506 Old Fashioned Electric

Elite Gourmet EIM 506 Old Fashioned Electric

We at EurKitchen pride ourselves in creating high-quality, specialty cooking tools that provide an elevated cooking experience. Their goal is to ignite their customers' passion for creating wonderful recipes at home, making them feel confident and proud of their journey. They want to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle and make wonderful memories in the kitchen. 6 quarts of ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, or sorbet can be made. The solid pine wood bucket is easy to clean. Fresh ice cream can be made in 40 minutes. The included die-cast hand crank can be used to manually Churn to Firm Consistency or use the electric motor-driven paddle to whip creamy Consistency. The motor has over-heat protection.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤At last! I can finally get ice cream that is allergy friendly and won't cause blood sugar spikes or inflammation. For Father's Day, I made a coconut milk ice cream that tasted amazing and we had a root beer float. My parents couldn't believe how good they tasted and that they weren't harmful to their blood sugar or health. The machine was easy to use. You just need to put the bowl in the freezer the night before and then load your ingredients the next day and put it in the machine to stir. You can either add vegetable glycerine to make it softer or take it out and thaw it in 20 minutes. You can make a couple different flavors at a time with the skinny 1 or 2 quart containers. My husband loves chocolate mint. It's nice to not have to pay a lot of money for a machine. It worked.

👤I used it for the first time yesterday and it worked out perfectly. The instructions said to freeze the bowl for 24 hours. It could not have been any harder. I was very pleased with my purchase. It looks good. It's easy to store and it's red.

👤It is an ok machine. I didn't have high hopes based on the price. I was bothered that I had to sit and hold the cover for the entire process. It won't be safe. I have to stir on the mix-ins when I transfer it to a loaf pan. The taste will be determined by the recipe used. You can leave it and come back in 25 minutes.

👤The recipes are for 2 cups of ice cream, not the advertised 6 cups. The ice cream maker works if you make less than 2 cups. You get watered down shake consistency when you attempt to make 1.5 quarts of ice cream. I would not have purchased the unit if I had known that the bowl could not be put in the freezer for more than 48 hours. If left in the freezer for more than 48 hours, the instructions warn that the bowl may crack.

👤The ice cream maker is great, but you have to freeze the pot for 24 hours, 12 hours will not work.

👤It is easy to clean and a priority appliance. Having the option to make ice cream at home with more or less healthy options is perfect for me. I would say that this appliance is fairly priced and looks pretty good.

👤The ice cream was perfect, it was a really good mouth feel, and it was just flipping amazing. I recommend freezing the bucket for 36 hours before pouring your ice cream base, you can chill it up to 14-16 hours. This machine is amazing. If you're new to making ice cream, it comes with a book that has recipes.

👤I like this machine. I did not buy a bigger one. I might just order another bowl to go with it. I ordered this gem when it was on a great sale at $24.99.


What is the best product for electric ice cream maker 6 qt?

Electric ice cream maker 6 qt products from Lello. In this article about electric ice cream maker 6 qt you can see why people choose the product. Nostalgia and Whynter are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric ice cream maker 6 qt.

What are the best brands for electric ice cream maker 6 qt?

Lello, Nostalgia and Whynter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric ice cream maker 6 qt. Find the detail in this article. Elite Gourmet, Hamilton Beach and Amerihome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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