Best Electric Impact Gun 3/8 Drive

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1. DEWALT Cordless Mid Range Compact DCK205P1

DEWALT Cordless Mid Range Compact DCK205P1

The AirCat Line is the most significant advances in pneumatic power tools. The Premium XR 2-Kit has a DCF894 1/2 in. The mid-range impact wrench is in the same size as the DCF890. The impact wrench is compact. Up to 330 ft-lbs max of fastening Torque and 600 ft-lbs of break away Torque is available. The design is lightweight and comfortable when working in tight spaces. The Precision Wrench Control can be used to prevent over-tightening and run-off. The DCF890 is a small and lightweight tool with a head length of only 5.5 inches. The DCF890 is a small and lightweight tool with a head length of only 5.5 inches.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I can't believe that you have to read the fine print to figure out that the kit only has one battery and two impact tools. The way to cheapen a kit is deceptive.

👤There is a lot of power and light weight. I am a professional master mechanic and the price and power is better than expected.

👤I bought them for my job as an auto mechanic. Both of them are great tools. I wouldn't use the 1/2 inch for my primary wheel gun. It is nice to not have to carry an air line.

👤The dewalt keeps his money in the shop. We have used them against each other and the dewalt is as good as the snap on impacts.

👤I got this for a graduation gift and he loves it, it was a great price and he can get a 4 year warranty with it. Amazon makes it easy.

👤Great power. Powerful and smooth. Slow down so bolts don't fly off.

👤It makes my job easier.

👤100% of the productos are recommended.

👤Cumple estoy fuertes, pero desempe estoy un exelente.

2. Cordless Battery Sockets Avid Power

Cordless Battery Sockets Avid Power

Variable power and speed are provided by two fastening modes. The AVID POWER impact wrench has a unique design that allows sockets to be held onto the anvil more tightly and allow more smooth sockets changes. The impact wrench has a high spec powerful motor and it provides maximum productivity by removing rusted-on or over tightened nuts and bolts. The max loosen Torque is 4,465 in-lbs. You can easily control the speed of your wrench with the variable speed and bright light. The dark areas will be more visible with a bright light. Not only can it be used for removing tires from cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and trailers, but also for automotive repairs, major construction projects, heavy equipment maintenance, or product assembly. The 20V 3.0 Ah battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours. A tool bag, a 20V Max battery, and a user manual are what you would get. A tool bag, a 20V Max battery, and a user manual are what you would get.

Brand: Avid Power

👤I made a video about this impact wrench.

👤I thought from the reviews that this was the correct choice, but it wasn't. After making sure to charge the battery completely, I tried it on my motorcycle, but it didn't budge, made a lot of noise, and no go. Next, I tried my boat's nuts. I just Torque them with a clicker Torque wrench and it's not good. I thought the battery didn't get a full charge. It is a lith-ion battery and it is completely charged. I used a clicker Torque wrench set to 80 ft lbs to try it on my Honda Civic. It is going back, shameful, because it seemed like a great tool for a lot of people, at least that is what they wrote.

👤The 1/2inch impact wrench is amazing. It's rated at 330 feet/lb. I tested it on my cars. The impact wrench took the wheel nuts off without a problem. I used my own deep impact sockets, not the ones included with the impact wrench. I will keep testing it to see how it works out, but so far so good.

👤I have both Milwaukee and DeWalt. I took them to the junk yard and tested them. They all did a great job, but the Milwaukee and DeWalt couldn't break off suspension bolts on a dully truck, but my Avid did the trick. You can get the extended warranty for less than the price of the higher end models.

👤I was worried about ordering this. When I got it out of the mail, I took it to our old farm truck that has been sitting for a long time and the lug nut popped off. The husband used it at work and took the nuts off the truck that was put on by the garage air impact. We needed a replacement battery after we dropped the battery. They were not in stock when I contacted the seller, but they were able to help me get a battery. The company is very helpful. The impact is the same as it was on day one. The battery got messed up because it was dropped onto concrete.

👤This is worth a lot of money. This was cheaper than buying other impact guns at Walmart, Lowe's, auto zone, etc. This was one of the cheapest ones I saw. It arrived early. I was able to get off my vehicles with the help of the impact gun and sockets. It has a good battery life and is holding up well. It's much easier to work on the cars if you have a cross bar. The little case it came with is solid.

👤It looked like a good impact wrench. It was returned because it didn't arrive on time and there isn't any way to purchase extra batteries.

👤Good presentation and construction. I used the Impact wrench to do the 4-wheel rotation of my Nissan Altima. I used it to lift the car with the original scissor jack, and it did it without any effort. I assume it supports heavy duty. Excellent purchase. The presentacion y calidad are related. La rotacion de las 4 ruedas de Nissan Altima 2016 can be found. El tire nuts rapidamente. tambien lo use para levantar el carro con el scissor jack original. Es pesado, pero soporta heavy duty excelente compra.

3. Cordless Brushless Battery Extension Electric

Cordless Brushless Battery Extension Electric

The black case makes it dirt- resistant. The diamond shape design makes it unique. The size is 17.5-5. The net weight was 12.78 lbs. The 25 years of technology accumulate at power tool and Li-ion battery has led to the world's leading position. KIMO is a brand that produces less heat after long-time use, has a cool tool body, and a li-ion battery that can satisfy your working needs. You'll drive it easily even if you're an amateur. The 3000 in-lbs Brute Power, 3600 IPMKIMO 20V cordless impact wrench has a useful balance of size, weight, and features. The small head design makes it easier to get to tight places and the 1/2 square driver is more motivated in tough work. It is easy to take off the rusted lug nuts and bolts on the farm or garage equipment with the KIMO electric wrench. The 2-speed mode will help you remove the nuts quickly. The impact gun is a beast. The KIMO electric impact wrench will protect your nuts/bolts from falling or damage after they loosen. They don't provide good experience except, you might have seen that before. When in reverse mode, the brake-stop will be active and will back off the speed and the Torque to protect the nut/bolt from flying to nowhere to catch. 25% more! For over 25 years, KIMO has made great progress in the 1,000-Charging Cycle Test that guarantees each KIMO battery is more powerful and lasting longer than those also-rans. The battery life can be extended by 25%. You don't have to change the battery frequently anymore, so you can save time and money. You can accomplish more with the KIMO 1/2 impact gun. The KIMO kit provides Max. Convenience is another reason to opt for KIMO. You can start the work immediately with the 7 impact sockets and 3 extension bars. The most convenient and durable accessories to deal with any situation are the KIMO 1/2 impact wrench. If you want to deal with hard work like removing tires from cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and trailers, or automotive repairs, you can use the Beast for Large Range of Application. The high Torque impact wrench can easily get into tight spaces. Life is easy with the KIMO 1_2 impact gun. When working under vehicles, it can be a pain to keep having a worklamp follow you around, but with the help of a bright light, it can be done.

Brand: K I M O.

👤I wanted to write a review on this product because I saw people making conflicting statements about what it could do. The claimed Torque is a lie. The big brand Torque wrenches cost $175-$250 and only produce 250-300ft-lb. I wanted to use it for taking off wheels that only need 100ft-lb of Torque, so I was hoping it produced at least-110ft-lb. It wasn't possible to take off my wheels with a full charge on the battery. I waited until I got my wrench back after I sent it in for calibration to post a review. I got it back today and after some tests, the best I could get out of it was 85-90ft-lbs. The price is good, the wrench seems decent and you have a few things with it. Don't expect much more than 90ft-lbs out of this thing, unless mine is a dud.

👤I've removed the lower control arm bolts with this. I'm impressed. One lower control arm bolt was seized with rust and was unable to be broken free. The bolt's Torque was over 250ft-lbs and I had to use a 48" breaker bar. The battery life is the best thing about this wrench. Kimo claims that it has improved longevity due to the design. I used it for two hours and it showed 50% charge. The inclusion of sockets and extensions is nice. The sockets seem to be of decent quality. I twisted the head off of one of the extensions. I don't think anyone expects stellar quality accessory fitting at this price point. It's a good tool for a novice mechanic that doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a high-end impact wrench.

👤It was compared to my snap. The Kimo 1/2 20 watt micro light weight impact gun costs less than the 14.4 watt version. The Kimo is the winner in ergonomics, less effort, weightless, and best of all is prixe all included for about $100. That's a price one can never go wrong with. This is a must have for those roadside emergencies. Get yours today before their price goes up.

👤I like how portable, lightweight, and powerful it is. Comes in settings that are low and high. Small cars like kia soul and the high works with medium size vehicles, but the bigger trucks/Vans will have a hard time taking out the screw. The screw wouldn't budge in Lincoln Navigator. I used a Torque wrench. It's pretty powerful, with a small impact wrench. I work with a lot of cars.

👤I have been wanting a battery powered impact wrench for a long time but I couldn't justify the cost. The price of the KIMO impact wrench made it worth a try. The tool is top notch. The sockets that came with it have the best finish of all my other tools. I have only used this wrench a few times so don't know how long it will last but based on the care they took making it, it will hold up. I think it will last me a long time. I compared my impact to this wrench and it was even more powerful and lighter than the cord would have you believe. I have restored a number of older cars. The convenience of grabbing this wrench and getting right to work stripping down an engine will be a dream - no air compressor running in the background and wrestling with air hoses any more! I am very pleased with the review so far.

4. Porter Cable PCE211 7 5 Impact Wrench

Porter Cable PCE211 7 5 Impact Wrench

The DR260 drill/driver and double-ended screwdriving bit are included. The 1/2-Inch Electric Impact Wrench has a 7.5 Amp motor. 450 Ft-Lbs of Torque is available from the Porter-Cable 1/2 inch impact wrench. Fast application speeds of 2,200 Rpm and 2,700 Bpm are provided by the corded impact wrench. The 1/2-Inch hog ring is easy to change. The 1/2-Inch hog ring is easy to change.

Brand: Porter-cable

👤The first time I used it, it froze. I assumed it was just a bad apple since there were so many great reviews. I like the idea of a corded impact wrench. Changing my tires in the spring and fall resulted in it getting stuck again. I promised myself that I would never buy another porter cable tool, and I threw it in the drawer. I took my tires and pulled them out of the ground. Went to the internet and found a video of the issue. They used a plastic fan inside a plastic back that spins and gets really hot within minutes. They should have used metal or plastic. It's a manufacturer defect. I watched it lock up twice. Silicone grease will lock up again if the person puts it in. If your impact wrench is locked up, please indicate here so the manufacturer can fix it. Someone might do a lawsuit.

👤I bought a gun last year. I have used it many times for repairs. I decided to take it apart and see what was left of it. I have been very pleased with the gun from Porter Cable. I find it a bit cumbersome to use the gun. The hog ring dose does not have a good retention of sockets. The rocker switch is not something I like. I feel like my fingers are fighting each other. It's hard to get into tight spaces and have to use a lot of extensions and sockets. I only use it for the nuts. The PA6-GF30 is a 30 % glass fiber reinforced polyamide. The power cable is secure. I usually carry it by the cord. The front housing is strong. The hammer and anvil look like they were forged and hardened. There is a small chunk taken out of the hammer. The grease that was used on the hammer and anvil was still in good shape. The sun and planetary gears had grease on them. There is a The motor is the worst part of the tool. The field windings are loose. The connections at the commutation bars are not damaged. The skateboard bearing is shielded. The drive bearing was pressed together, but I couldn't see it. The brushes were missing chunks. It looks like you can replace almost everything that goes out. It will last me a long time.

👤I used this tool to remove some nuts from a steering job. The nuts were very rusty and were Torqued at 70 ft lbs. I bought this tool because I couldn't get them off with a 2' bar. There was a cotter pin inside of the nut. I was able to remove all the nuts with persistence and penetrating oil. One nut took a long time. I had to crank on it many times to get it off. The tool was heating up as the nut was not moving. I had to allow the tool to cool down. It broke free after 45 minutes. The nut with the cotter pin was easy to remove. The pin was sheered without a problem. It took a few minutes. It took a long time, but it got the job done. It seems like a quality tool. I'm not sure if the 450 lbs rating is legit. I've used both electric and pneumatic impact wrenches before, and from my experience, older-style electric impact wrenches have always been garbage. This one has a place in the home garage. I think it's a good idea to pick one up at the price of $80. I'll update my review as I complete more jobs with this tool.

5. Milwaukee Compact Impact Wrench Friction

Milwaukee Compact Impact Wrench Friction

The handle has a convenient forward/reverse switch. Milwaukee FUEL 2854-20 is a new in box. Milwaukee FUEL 2854-20 is a new in box.

Brand: Milwauke

👤A guy at work didn't think it would take off nuts, so we tesred it on his 1/2 ton dually. It took them off without a hitch.

6. Milwaukee 2962 20 Mid Torque Impact Friction

Milwaukee 2962 20 Mid Torque Impact Friction

The work area has a built-in light. Quick and easy sockets are ensured by the Friction ring. High definition lighting increases workspace visibility with less shadows. The auto shut-off control only applies to 35 ft. lbs. It's important to keep the Torque for hand-tight fastening applications low. Bolt removal control lowers the RPMs once the bolt is loosened to prevent drops. Bolt removal control lowers the RPMs once the bolt is loosened to prevent drops.

Brand: Milwaukee

👤It's a good substitute for 2767. I'm big, but I'm also 41 and my body has more miles than an 83 Fleetwood. By 3pm that thing was getting heavy. I only use it when neccessary. I got this one and it works great. The only thing you need to get the full power of this tool is a xc 6.0 battery. It makes a difference. Adding weight to it is what you have to do. It's not as heavy as the 2767, but I would have preferred not to do that. It's just something to think about. There was an update on 7/15-21. I bought a 12.0 battery for my 2767 and it wasn't doing well. I don't know why. I put it in the 2962 because I thought it was a bad battery. The 2962 is well above the power specifications, but the battery doesn't perform well with the 2767. It might burn it out, but who wouldn't go crazy on a compact impact with that kind of power?

👤478 ft. lbs was tested with 650 away Torque.

👤The battery life is one of the categories on this product. I strongly recommend you buy a battery to handle what this will or could be used for. I bought mine because of the impact. The batteries came with them. They deplete quickly, but they do run this impact. I bought a new 6.0 aH battery, and I and my friend both noticed a better longevity of the battery, as well as the power output of the tool. The tool is light and quiet for an impact. It took some getting used to not having loud hammering noise. This is rated at 650 ft lbs, but I think it's more like 450. I like the shorter head on it, because it still breaks wheel lugs. There are three lights on the edges of the nose that illuminate your work. I have accidentally hit the power adjust button below the grip and switched it to low power, almost like you would use to start a bolt, but not Torque it fully. The gun didn't fire, but it may have been my awkward grip on the impact. I'm used to pneumatic impacts so it's a bit of a learning curve.

👤This thing works well. I use it at work to break loose nuts. The nuts usually break loose and back off quickly. I use it with 6ah batteries. I compared it to my coworkers rigid impact, they seem about the same in power, but he usually has more problems with that brand.

👤My son wanted a birthday gift. He said it has more features than a Dewalt tool. Also ordered the battery.

👤The mechanic at our shop recommended it to me. I haven't used an air tool since. It's light, strong, and has good battery life. Great all around tool for the shop.

👤All vehicle repairs have a great impact. It was the perfect tool to do a brake job. It took the nuts off her car. It fits in tighter places. I like the speed setting modes. The breaking mode slows down when the bolt breaks.

7. KIMO Cordless Brushless Extension Electric

KIMO Cordless Brushless Extension Electric

Also has an impact drill driver function. The safety lock design of the wrench drill makes it safer to place the wrench when not in use. The front of the machine has a led light. The insulated rubber handle design can protect the main body of the powerful impact drill. Who said that weight must be sacrificed in exchange for power? The 1/2 impact gun is only 2.76 pounds, so it's a good choice when you need more muscle. The maximum speed is 3000rpm and the maximum Torque is up to 400N/m. The impact wrench is a good partner for your work because it can help you easily loosen or tighten bolts or nuts, including nuts or screws for truck, automobile, boat trailer tires, scaffolding, etc. No sparks, more durable. The upgraded version of the motor will be twice as powerful as the traditional brushed motor. The use time is longer and the battery energy consumption is lower. There are no safety problems caused by sparks generated by the machine in places full of sawdust and dust. Do more things in less time. Don't worry about not being able to control the speed accurately. The electric impact wrench has a switch that can set 3 speeds. The side button can be adjusted to achieve the clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. The force of high intensity work can be greatly reduced by this power impact wrench. The electric impact gun has a belt clip which makes it easier to place it after use. The 1/2 impact wrench has a built in light for those who are hard to see or use outside in the dark. It will stay on for about 5 seconds. The insulated handle protects the wrench's body and reduces fatigue after holding for a long time. It saves your skin on hands. The 1,000-Charging Cycle Test guarantees that each KIMO battery is more powerful and lasting longer than those also-rans. The electric wrench can be kept running continuously thanks to the 60- Min Fast Charger. KIMO will support you with better battery performance. No need to buy extra sockets, it's a perfect gift. Most of your needs can be met with the accessories they have provided for you. The impact gun kit has a 20V impact wrench, a battery, a 60-min fast charge, 7 impact sockets, 3 extension bars, and a belt clip. The impact wrench can also be used as an impact drill. No need to buy extra sockets, it's a perfect gift. Most of your needs can be met with the accessories they have provided for you. The impact gun kit has a 20V impact wrench, a battery, a 60-min fast charge, 7 impact sockets, 3 extension bars, and a belt clip. The impact wrench can also be used as an impact drill.

Brand: K I M O.

👤I was looking for a good product and affordable to my pocket, but the name brand tools were out of my reach, so I went for this impact driver, which was $30 off the price, but I was skeptical if it was a good deal. It was my surprise that the company was doing this type of tool, I read many good comments about it.

👤I decided to give it a quick test after receiving it. Will not break wheel lugs that are Torqued to 100lb psi. The description says 300lb. The feel of the materials used in construction seems adequate, but if I have to break all of the bolts free before using an impact, it's a pretty useless tool. Not very pleased with the purchase. I was correct about the sockets and extensions. There are two broken sockets and an extension.

👤The new tool that I was promised has not arrived as of this writing. Dec. 2, 2021. Should it take two months? Is it never going to arrive? Kimo reached out to me 3 times, and asked me to know that new batteries will be available soon. They are sending me a new tool with a battery. Excellent! I am increasing my rating because of this top-tier customer service. I understand that I am using this more than the average shade tree mechanic and that it would benefit from a 4.0Ah battery. Kimo has restored my satisfaction. Thank you! The 2.0Ah battery died too quickly when I pulled a transmission from a vehicle. This is not unusual. The best batteries can be drained by a few minutes of heavy use. I was using this under heavy loads and it dies after a few minutes. I thought the issue may be the battery size, but I didn't see a 4.0Ah battery for purchase. None. Nowhere to be found. Not even a second battery. If your battery dies, you are done. Kimo is sending me a spare tool and battery. Customer service is truly amazing. The forward and reverse buttons are right where you can grip the handle and click it too easily. I will keep the low rating until Kimo gets some decent batteries into the marketplace. I am getting used to the button placement and I have big hands. Kimo is sending me a spare battery and a tool for my use. They reached out to me.

👤The impact driver my husband has has an 18volt battery. He has had it for a long time. It has a lot of power behind it, and can get any screw into wood. I decided that I needed an impact driver of my own. I thought I would give it a try. It is a great price, but it has nothing on my husband's ryobi. It has a lot of power, but no Torque. It seems like a drill with no impact behind it. I am quite disappointed in this product.

👤Kimo is a good brand for a person who does not have a lot of money. The tool took my nuts off without any issues. It's light weight and compact make it easy to fit this Torque wrench into tight spaces. It's great for a person who does their own work or someone who works on the weekends. I got a tool with a 30% off coupon total.

8. DEWALT DCF899M1 Brushless Torque Dentent

DEWALT DCF899M1 Brushless Torque Dentent

There are hand stamped markings. The 1/2 inch impact wrench has up to 700 ft-lbs of max Torque and 1200 ft-lbs of max breakaway Torque. The DEWALT 1/2 inch impact wrench has a compact design and is only 6.0 lbs. The impact wrench has multi-speed control for a variety of applications. Heavy Duty 1/2-inch Anvil with a detent pin. The light has a delay of 20 seconds for increased visibility. The light has a delay of 20 seconds for increased visibility.

Brand: Dewalt

👤The beast is heavy, but that's how it is. The battery life is good. There is a The sockets are held in place by a tight detent pin. But after a while, it may loosen up. Hold on, it's a wrist twister. The Pros it's a wrist twister. There is a The battery and charging point are fast. The warranty covers a lot. It is working as expected so far.

👤Be careful with this impact wrench. There is a cheaper version of the 20V Max that is only rated at 300 ft-lbs. This one is over 700 lbs. If you are serious about working on things, the extra money is worth it.

👤I bought this for the purpose of removing nuts, but I would rather have more power than I need. I tried the second speed and it has enough power to get the job done, after I rotation my tires the nuts came off like butter. I recommend the 1st speed for fastening, you should always start by hand and use a Torque wrench to Torque to the specifications in your owner's manual. The 1st speed will save you from blowing something apart. It is very inexpensive when compared to other similar specifications.

👤The Impact Wrench has a lot of power. I have several Porter Cable tools, so when I needed a Impact Wrench, I went with Porter Cable. That was a mistake. I don't use an Impact Wrench often, I am not a mechanic, so I couldn't justify the cost of the Dewalt. I needed to remove the tire from the Porter Cable because it was old. The Porter Cable was not able to budge them; 105 ft/lbs seemed to be the limit of the Impact Wrench. I knew it was time for a change when it failed to remove the lower shock mount bolt. I settled on the Dewalt XR DCF899M1 after a lot of research. What a change. This impact wrench is still working for me. You can feel the power of the wrench by pulling the Trigger. The tire shop loosened the nuts after a few impacts. It is a pleasure to use the Impact Wrench and know it will remove the nut. This is probably the most money I have ever spent on a single tool, but it was worth it.

👤I removed my front tires, calipers and brackets. To be sure of which direction the bit would move, I had to be careful not to apply too much Torque. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to ditch the air tub. If you need auto repairs, remove a tire. After the work, the battery had plenty of life. Didn't charge it out of the box. There are 3 settings. I don't know the Torque per setting but be careful with the 3rd setting. Only use it to remove bolts that are stubborn. It is powerful!

👤Powerful! Reliable! It's versatile! An old man that can't always break loose machine tightened lug nuts will benefit from this tool. I saved the day when I had to change an RV tire in the middle of nowhere.

9. Ingersoll 285B 6 Pneumatic Impact Extended

Ingersoll 285B 6 Pneumatic Impact Extended

Ball bearing construction can be improved. The Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench is designed for professional use with over 1475 ft/lbs of Torque. The best way to control and reach. It is ideal for jobs that require precise precision. The 6-inch anvil allows you to easily reach nuts and bolts that are difficult to access, while maintaining a strong connection to the sockets. It is made of rugged plastic and metal and can endure the harsh conditions of a job site or garage. The power of finite power. The rocking dog has a combination of high inertia and low BPM, which means it can deliver a powerful blow with little air, giving you all the power you want without having to overextend yourself. It is possible to have exceptional accessibilty. The top mounted dead handle gives you additional leverage for difficult underbody work, while the swept-back handle gives you excellent maneuverability and control. It is possible to have exceptional accessibilty. The top mounted dead handle gives you additional leverage for difficult underbody work, while the swept-back handle gives you excellent maneuverability and control.

Brand: Ingersoll Rand

👤. This is a good item. The product meet the specifications for what you are looking for. I use it for a business that I do the job expected to do. I used to work in 10 to 20 cars a day. We used it for 48 wheelers. It is a good product.

👤I don't know if it's made in China or Cuba, but it does what I need it to do on my truck. The same one is used by all the shops. I have a compressor that is too small but I don't rush it.

👤I grunt like Tim Taylor when I use this thing. It's awesome. You need one.

👤A steel worker has a tork gun that he uses to snap off bolts. He couldn't get the Bolts off with a 4' Crescent wrench because he had tork them. This thing was able to take the bolt off.

👤This is a beast, did two tractor brake jobs have to be done with wheels?

👤If you have a big air compressor, you can keep up with the gun. I work in the field and have a van air with a one inch line and the air compressor can't keep up with the gun. If you're in the mobile tech position, have that in mind.

👤This stood up to the toughest job, it was rusted on Bush Hog blade nuts. It can do anything if it can do that.

👤The gun is powerful and has low vibration.

👤The item doesn't look like the picture. The cover on the working end is black. It is made in China.

👤Producto con toda. La calidad de la marca.

👤It was exactly as shown in my picture. The air fitting works great. It is used in heavy equipment repairs.

10. DEWALT DCF894HB Mid Range Cordless Impact

DEWALT DCF894HB Mid Range Cordless Impact

It is compatible with the hang hook. The 1/2 inch impact wrench has up to 330 ft-lbs max of fastening Torque. DEWALT 1/2 inch impact wrench has a new feature. The tool will pause before impacting to help prevent overtightening. The tool is lowered in reverse to help prevent run-off. The battery-powered impact wrench can be used for a variety of applications. The DEWALT-built motor has increased efficiency. The speed control is provided by the variable speed trigger. The light helps illuminate dimly lit areas. The design is lightweight and compact for comfort. The design is lightweight and compact for comfort.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I needed a 1/2 impact wrench for changing my wheels and tires at the race track. The DeWalt is perfect for the bill. The battery spins when it is used. Right off the bat, put the nuts on. Immediately. The "Precision Wrench" setting is perfect for removing and installing nuts. When removing, it uses full power to get them moving, then slows down to stop the water from running off. When installing, it zips them down quickly, then pauses when they are seated and then restarts at full strength. This feature allows me to get the lugs seated quickly, and then I can switch over to the Torque wrench for final tightening. It makes the process of removing and installing wheels simpler. Also, note: I tried it with a fully charged 1.3ah battery and it had less power than my 5.0ah battery. If you want to get the most out of this impact, you need a bigger battery. The primary benefit of larger batteries is longer run-time, but they also influence the power. The hog ring makes it difficult to get sockets on, so see this video for a demonstration. I have never found this to be the case with my sockets. The hog ring allows sockets to stay on if they are snapped on. There were no complaints about the hog ring. I chose it over the detent pin. I am very happy with the DCF894H. It does everything I ask of it when working on my cars, and it is a very big punch in a very small package. I didn't regret returning the larger and more powerful DCS899H because I bought the smaller one. This is a rock star.

👤You need to figure out what purpose you want to use it for. You will need multiple impacts depending on your intended uses. I have 4 Dewalt impacts, from the big bad 1200 ft/lb beast all the way down to the 12V impact driver. My use is a professional auto repair and guns. I use this impact for removing wheels a lot. I don't like dragging around air hoses for simple jobs. It's annoying to drag out an air hose for a tire rotation or brake inspection that pays next to nothing. The small things add up to annoy you throughout the day. The gun is strong enough to remove the nuts if they were too strong for the last guy. With a few more Ugga duggas, even over Torqued nuts will come off. It is not the end of impact to replace your favorite air powered impact, but it is a perfect place in my service cart for every day use. This impact should prolong the life of my car. This is the best way to remove wheels. This thing weighs more than an average 1/2 inch air impact because it has a big 5aH battery attached. The big boy Dewalt 1200 Torque gun weighs more than it weighs. The gun is too heavy for everyday use. It is uncomfortable for heavy use. The gun is light and it fatigues my wrists very quickly. I can manage this one, even though it will wear on you. You would expect quality from the Dewalt tools. Good power levels and long lasting, good bang for buck. My favorite power tools are the 1/2 gun and my 3/8 version. It's good for a lot of scenarios because of the smaller version. The 1/2 inch version has the umph to continue. This one is perfect for daily tire and wheel tasks. Make sure you get this for the power levels it can handle. This isn't a killer impact. It is a moderate in between gun to fill the void between puny and THOR. All tools have their place. One last thing. There are lots of negative comments about the hog ring. It's all about preference. I like it. My only complaint is that the ring wears out very quickly, and it won't hold sockets very well. The hog ring version of the 3/8 version will barely hold a sockets, and I have been using it for about a year or so. Something to think about. When new, they hold them well, but it's hard to remove sockets when you use them all day. My 2 cents.

11. ACDelco ARW1209 K14 Li Ion Cordless Rachet

ACDelco ARW1209 K14 Li Ion Cordless Rachet

The battery and charger are not sold together. The G12 series value packed tool kit comes with a corded and impact wrench. Their 2 lightweight, powerful 45 ft-lbs. are the COMPACT DESIGN. High-quality materials are used in the design of the Torque Ratchet and Impact Wrenches. The heads and light are made of alloy steel and are great for work in tight and dark spaces. Making the perfect tools for construction, auto repair, and even home repair work. Unlike other brands that offer tools with singular features, their impact wrench comes with a two speed (0-2400, 0-3100 RPM) and ratchet wrench features a powerful 170 RPM along with electronic brakes, which enable users to use the power tools with a safe. The soft grip design provides comfort for long working hours and a secure grip for maximum control. A slim body design molded to fit and balance hand up to 100 ft-lbs. A safety lock switch is included. They have been manufacturing and providing the best products and services to their customers for over 35 years. They are confident that you will love their combo tool kit and that they will replace it if you don't like it. Every purchase comes with a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. They have been manufacturing and providing the best products and services to their customers for over 35 years. They are confident that you will love their combo tool kit and that they will replace it if you don't like it. Every purchase comes with a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Brand: Acdelco Tools

👤Don't count on the impact working. They will have to use a hand tool to bust it loose. . The ratchet is not worth anything. . I had to take it apart and fix it. The head only worked one way before I fixed it. If you work on stuff for a living, it will work around the house, but don't depend on it. The batteries don't work and no power to them. The green light mite needs to be charged overnight for it to work. If it has to work to get the bolt out on the inpact, then it will work for 5 minutes.

👤These tools are very useful. The impact Gun has seen service work on my cars and put up shelves. The battery life is great. Harbor Freight Earthquake XT tools use the same battery as these. Highly recommended for homeowner duty.

👤The tools feel heavy in your hands. The impact loosened a grade 8 bolt flatwasher and lock washer to 85 ft lbs and the impact loosened a 35 ft lbs lock washer in a quick bench test.

👤I had a smell when I first plugged it in. But works well.

👤When I opened the box, the gun had dirty patches on it and the rubber on it was outside. I paid for a new unit. The person who bought this did a good job. This is going back.

👤Put the higher end tools in my truck and use them with my company tools. I liked it.

👤It's not powerful for practical auto mechanics work.

👤If they hadn't made the impact gun almost impossible to use, I would give them five stars. To knock it off, you have to tap the sockets on.


What is the best product for electric impact gun 3/8 drive?

Electric impact gun 3/8 drive products from Dewalt. In this article about electric impact gun 3/8 drive you can see why people choose the product. Avid Power and K I M O. are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric impact gun 3/8 drive.

What are the best brands for electric impact gun 3/8 drive?

Dewalt, Avid Power and K I M O. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric impact gun 3/8 drive. Find the detail in this article. Porter-cable, Milwauke and Milwaukee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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