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1. DEWALT DCF883B 20 Volt Lithium 8 Inch

DEWALT DCF883B 20 Volt Lithium 8 Inch

The design is lightweight and compact for comfort. The design fits into tight areas. Visibility is provided without shadows by three (3) lights with 20 second delay after release. A hog ring anvil is used to change sockets. The anti-slip grip has a textured surface. The anti-slip grip has a textured surface.

Brand: Dewalt

👤This is the only Dewalt tool I have that is not a 5 star. I have a lot of different tools and batteries. The stupid ring to hold the sockets on is the only draw back. It takes a plastic hammer and banging to get sockets on. Why would you do that? It has a lot of power and batteries last a long time if you get a sockets on. I am breaking down a Ford engine that will only handle the head and main bolts. The exhaust bolts that have been on since 77 were broken loose. You have a winner if you fix the ring.

👤I bought this tool for work as I am a mechanic. I own other Dewalt products so the batteries are compatible, so buying the impact was a smart investment. If you don't have any other 20V batteries, you will need the set that comes with the batteries and the charger. I bought this for its convenience and the fact that I can do anything without a hose attached. It's great because the unit is small enough to get into tight areas and the flashlight on the front illuminates what you are working on without needing to hold a flashlight. The impact has a lot of Torque and has loosened most of the bolts I've seen, but it has a lot of Torque for most applications. I use a 2amp battery because it's lighter and I don't want to hurt my arm holding it for a while. It's not a big deal. I like the idea of having the 2 Amp batteries last for a week or so, but it depends on the job it is for, and I find the 2 Amp batteries last about one week. The purchase was a good one and the price was just right, as it has held up from various drops and bumps and it's still running strong. I'm happy that it's in my tool box and would recommend it to anyone.

👤I told my wife that this is the best tool I have ever bought. I have been wanting a driver like this for a long time, but my concern was that it might be too powerful, and so I didn't buy it. The size and weight are small and not overpowering. I ran it for 6 hours last weekend after attaching metal siding. It did a great job. I used a drill to do the job before I got this. The weekend before I used this, I removed all sorts of screws and nuts from my Polaris RZR. I find it hard to believe that some people use power to remove nuts from cars. I changed a tire on my moto over the weekend and it didn't break the 90 nm ones. It was great to remove and re-enact the broken lugs. This driver will be used a lot. I also have other tools that share the same batteries.

👤This unit and the 1/2 inch unit above it did not do what the company said it would do, and that's very sorry. Not close! The lawn mower deck has bolts on it to remove blades. It's not possible to put a car wheel on a car. They were sent back each time they thought the next one would work. It didn't. I was hoping that the simplicity of a small impact tool would make life easier. It looks like I have to use a compressor. No such luck with the 3/8" and even better 1/2". Thank you for your return policy!

2. Cordless 3200RPM Variable Lithium Ion Replacement

Cordless 3200RPM Variable Lithium Ion Replacement

There is a 1x carry case and a 1x impact wrench. The impact wrench and battery pack are included in the Cordless Impact Wrench. There are 7 impact sockets, 3 impact drills, 4 impact screws, and a portable strap. The 21V impact corded wrench has 258 ft-lbs of Torque. The engine has a maximum force of 350N.m, which allows you to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts easily, saving time and effort. You can use the corded impact wrench without worrying about losing power in the middle of your work, and you can use the matching charging device. It can be fully charged in hours to speed up work efficiency, the motor has longer use life, smaller loss of battery energy, lower running noise and much safer working conditions without sparkles. The safety lock design of the wrench bit can place the wrench more safely. The front of the machine has a led light. The insulated rubber handle design can protect the main body of the powerful impact drill. Not only can it be used for removing tires from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers, but also for automotive repairs, heavy equipment maintenance, and product assembly. Not only can it be used for removing tires from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers, but also for automotive repairs, heavy equipment maintenance, and product assembly.

Brand: Shawlam

👤This impact was purchased for a removal. When I received the impact, it was only rated for 300 ft-lbs of Torque, which was not what the description said. The impact is hard to remove 104 feet of Torque from my car. The description was not accurate. I will return the impact to Amazon. I need the impact that will perform as described. You can't just put this specification on top of your tools.

👤The product description was upsold and exaggerated to the extreme. You should spend a little more money and get a quality tool. This is a full Waist of time.

👤After a month, the charger gave the seller a notice and asked for a video. I also sent them a picture, but they don't care about their customers, they have gotten rid of me. I have sent them 5 messages and only 2 responses after they got what they asked for.

👤Fantastic! The impact wrench is a work horse. Someone said in a prior review that it doesn't have much power. Everyone loves it!

👤There is no sockets adapter. The item was used. The bags were opened. Please send the part that is missing. The tool can't be used without the accessory.

👤It is a nice impact drill, but it is not powerful for what I need. I returned and I can't tell you anything about the battery or performance. Thanks.

👤It was good but it needed to be stronger.

3. Cordless Electric Variable Lithium Ion Batteries

Cordless Electric Variable Lithium Ion Batteries

The set comes with a battery snoozing and a cycle of 12V. The KIMO power battery has a 60-minute fast charge. You can get an all-you-need ratchet from KIMO tools. The KIMO Cordless Ratchet has a max Torque of 40 ft-lbs at 400rpm and a variable speed Trigger, which makes it a great tool for removing cords and loud air hose. The KIMO Electric Ratchet is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for any auto maintenance, construction or home repair work. Over 25 years, KIMO has kept updating its batteries to the best of their kind. The life expectancy of the KIMO 12V battery is at least 1,000 cycles. Don't worry about batteries that won't charge after minimal usage. KIMO has your back. The KIMO equipped wrench has 2 pieces of rubber that are resistant to corrosive materials and increases your comfort when using it. The on-board fuel gauge displays remaining run time while the work area is illuminated by a built-in light. The power snore wrench work kit comes with 2 X 1000-Charge Cycle 12V. 2.0Ah KIMO Power Batteries, 1 X 60-minute Fast Charge, 1 X KIMO BMC Case, 7 X sockets, 1 X 3/8-Inch to 1/2-Inch drive adapter. KIMO has a work kit for you. The power snore wrench work kit comes with 2 X 1000-Charge Cycle 12V. 2.0Ah KIMO Power Batteries, 1 X 60-minute Fast Charge, 1 X KIMO BMC Case, 7 X sockets, 1 X 3/8-Inch to 1/2-Inch drive adapter. KIMO has a work kit for you.

Brand: K I M O.

👤The advertised 400rpm was the reason I bought this. It is slower than the other battery operated tools in my shop. I have checked to see if they all advertise 200-300rpm. Even with a smooth new bolts and nuts, KIMO is always slower than all of them. I sent an e-mail to the company about a week ago, but they haven't responded.

👤I knew I was not going to be disappointed with my purchase after opening the packaging and feeling the hard case. I used a tool that was not a drill to work on my car. I had to remove the engine cover and bolts to get to the part I needed. It made my job easier. I thought it had a lot of power. The built-in light is very useful in tight spaces. It has quality parts like the chrome vanadium sockets. The 2 year warranty is reassuring. It's a must in my bag.

👤I had recently begun a cooling system upgrade on my Jeep, including a new thermostat, water pump, and radiator. It was a challenge to break loose the bolts that hold the fan shroud and the engine bay. The bolts were rusty and hadn't been loosened in 20 years. I ordered the Kimo tool after doing research on the Amazon site and seeing that it would be easier to do the job with a power tool. The job was made easier by the Kimo power ratchet. I can use it in tight quarters and loosen the fastening bolts with a standard 3/8" ratchet. I'm sure that I will find many more uses for the power ratchet now that it is part of my tool box, as it makes replacing the radiator much less difficult. This proves once again that having the right tools for the job makes the job much easier to complete.

👤The tool is easy to use. Thank you, Kimo. It has a case, 2 batteries, and 10 sockets. The lock feature is easy to use. Damages on the item I work on will be limited because it is powerful. So far, so good. If I have to add something, I will update.

👤This tool is worth the money after a few weeks of using it. The motor will cut if you don't loosen the bolts and nuts. It works well with extensions, deep sockets, and bits. It's small enough to fit into your tool box drawer. I loosened the tight bolts using the mechanism and it still kicked like new. I would recommend it.

👤This thing is not worth much. The motor is good for tighteneing or loosen. Which is a lot. It broke after I used it for 2 seconds. I loosened the bolts on my wheel bearing and used the 1/2 in impact to take them out. Put the new bearing in and use it to run the screws down. As soon as all 4 were tight, I sheared the pin that does the ratcheting from the motor and used it as a tool to snug them. I don't think this can handle 100ft/lbs of force but this thing broke at 30ft/lbs. Anyway. If you buy one, I think I got a bad one. For me. I will try the Milwaukee.

4. Cordless Variable Sockets Electric Home&Car

Cordless Variable Sockets Electric Home%EF%BC%86Car

Torque accuracy of 2 percent CW and 3 percent CCW. The Powerful Motor. If you're having a hard time getting bolts/nuts loose, get this 1/2 corded impact wrench. It provides 170 ft-lb max Torque and forces up to 3400 IPM, which is equivalent to ten adults exert force at the same time, power enough to break off stubborn fasteners in seconds. The Wear-resistant shaft can easily speed up to 2300 RPM in a longer service life. Save yourself time and effort! The extra long battery is used. The 1,000-Charging Cycle Test has made significant progress in the 25 years that KIMO tools have been around. You don't have to change the battery frequently anymore, so you can save time and money. Go for a KIMO battery substitute. The battery powered impact wrench is simple to use and powerful. Working with a KIMO wrench is easy and straightforward. With 0-3000 RPM infinitely variable speed, you can control the speed you want according to your needs. There is a forward/backward switch that can be used to quickly switch working status, tighten or remove nuts. The impact wrench 1/2 can be used in both daily car maintenance and product assembly. The light is comfortable. If you are traveling at night, the light on the impact wrench will be helpful when something goes wrong with your car. It will open automatically after you press the button. The soft rubber handle is comfortable, and will make you feel no obvious numbness in the hand when vibrating. The ergonomics of the grip curve reduces muscle soreness. The compact electric impact gun head design makes it easier to access tight places for indoor and outdoor use. The 1/2 impact gun is a good choice for a master mechanic. Air impact wrench is heavier than a corded tool, which makes it easier to use overhead or in small spaces. It is only 5 pounds. Girls can do a brake job. You don't have to be Mr Muscle Beach to use the 1/2 impact wrench. The KIMO Power impact wrench, a 2.0Ah battery, a charger, and impact sockets are what you would get. In case of road side troubles, this 1/2 electric impact gun would be a nice addition to your kit. The tool, price, and the job get done. This impact wrench is great for tires. The KIMO Power impact wrench, a 2.0Ah battery, a charger, and impact sockets are what you would get. In case of road side troubles, this 1/2 electric impact gun would be a nice addition to your kit. The tool, price, and the job get done. This impact wrench is great for tires.

Brand: K I M O.

👤I have to be honest. I never heard of the Kimo brand, but after buying the Impact Driver, I was impressed with its design and power. I wanted to dig a little deeper and find out who these guys were. The Li-Ion batteries they have developed have spent millions of dollars in research and development and are one of the most durable batteries of its kind, guaranteeing 1000 charge cycles. These guys are like the Dewalt of Asia and have been shopping at Amazon and other sites to get as much of the product line as they can for a discounted price to lure in first time users like myself who are genuinely blown away by the product they receive. I got the Impact with a $30 dollar discount because it was on Amazon. I almost felt guilty for paying the price I did because I would use the driver even at its current price. A nice hard plastic case, 4 drivers and 6 bits, and a shoulder strap and belt clip are all found in the box. A generous warranty offer is also included. The Impact Driver feels great in either hand. The driver is built with cast steel housing the gears and solid steadytrigger for the variable speed that can be adjusted to 3 different speeds and which is controlled by a well thought out color display built into the front of the handle. The battery life on this is amazing, so don't despair that only one is included, the charge should be enough to get you through any job. Millwakee M18 has similar power for this size impact. It's exciting when you find a new company that doesn't cut corners and puts a product out that you can immediately see and feel that they have put in a lot of hard work and love.

👤I can't believe the quality of this tool. It's even better because I got a bargain on Prime days. I haven't had time to say how long it will last. So far it's been great. The price is a quarter of the brands. Get it.

👤Kimo's impact wrench has more Torque than I was expecting. Very powerful and lightweight. The tool I bought was used to remove the bolt on my oil pan. I tried to do it myself with my 1/2 inch drive sockets. I couldn't break the bolt. It took me about 4 seconds to get it loose. The right tool for the job can make the difference. 5 stars.

👤When I was looking for a new impact driver, I didn't want to spend a lot of money but I wanted something reliable. I bought a 3 year warranty on the product just in case, after reading great reviews, I pulled the Trigger. I'm a do it yourself person. I didn't need it for huge projects because I could just take care of things around the house. It has worked out well so far. The battery life is good. I have had it for about a month and a half and only charged it once, but the battery still had a lot of life left. It's lightweight and powerful and it gets jobs done quickly. It's not the most powerful tool out there, but for someone like me, it's a great value. I bought a Kimo drill and am loving it.

5. WOKEZ Electric Impact Wrench Portable

WOKEZ Electric Impact Wrench Portable

The package contains a worksite corded impact wrench. A tool bag, a manual, and a 1 pc Fast Charger are included. It's convenient and powerful. The impact wrench is light and can be used with one hand. The impact wrench can be powered by a 120V motor with a no-load RPM of 0-4800, which can produce 80 - 100 Nm of Torque per impact, at a rate of 2 - 3 impact blows per second, being able to accumulate to a maximum Torque of 450 ft- This product is easy to use and has an advanced clutch system that prevents recoil during use. You can change the direction of rotation with a click of the forward/reverse control switch. A long power cord makes it easier to work. The endocannabinoid design is ERGONOMIC. The impact wrench has a good design and uses the best quality shell and grip materials to ensure a secure grip and around-the-clock comfort. There is a wide range of applications. The impact wrench is able to tighten stubborn bolts. It is suitable for many applications. The high-quality service. Three months free return and exchange service is provided by their products. They will deliver you within 15 days. The items you can get are an impact wrench, double ended sockets, and a user manual.

Brand: Actdoer

👤I've been using a 12-volt impact wrench to change my tires for over 20 years. I looked for a replacement for the poor thing. I took the plunge after reading positive reviews of this model. It works better than the 12-volt tool. I was able to break loose the 3 nuts that hold the lawn mower blades to the tractor mowing deck despite the years of rust on them. I am very happy I bought this tool.

👤Powerful impact wrench. I used this impact wrench when I was trying to remove a stuck shock bolt. Saving money on car repairs is worth it. I highly recommend it.

6. PORTER CABLE PCC740LA Cordless Impact Wrench

PORTER CABLE PCC740LA Cordless Impact Wrench

What do you get? The kit comes with a 2Ah wrench. A 1/2 inch Adaptor, TMG carry box, battery, and 8 sockets. The motor has 260 feet of Torque. The maximum speed for driving large bolts is 1,650rpm. 1/2 inch hog ring for quick and easy changes. Variable speed for control. The pro grade battery is for maximum performance. The pro grade battery is for maximum performance.

Brand: Porter-cable

👤My book did not perform like I thought it would, it was a big failure. I would like to know the first thing. Porter Cable products are something I like to use. I was surprised how bad this item was. Please watch the video. I am not a boy or a hater. This has no power. I called Amazon because it was missing a screw and had no power, and they wanted me to ship it back and go through all that bull crap. I was behind on the project and didn't want to give up. I was reluctant to agree to the replacement. They wanted to send me because it was coming the next week. I agreed to it because this one does not have the missing screw, but it is still not as powerful as the original. I have a Porter cable system in the jigsaw drill, impact, Brad nailer, and so on, but I am sad that I don't get to have a Porter cable. Impact and those of you that believe in a brand know how disappointing it is, but it looks like I will have to go somewhere else.

👤I am an avid fisherman. I learned of the electric 1/2 in drive tools recently, so this means constant trailer maintenence with 2 boats. 99% of the time I will use this for my trailer. I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on dewalt, but I was worried about the reviews. The thing cracked the lugs off without a problem. This will allow me to travel with my boat and not worry about a flat. A tool for $160. I can't attest for commercial use, but if cracked, no problem. It will get worse. Would spend 15 minutes on a wheel. How happy am I?

👤I used this to install a lift kit on my truck. I never used my air compressor. I was skeptical about the tool before buying it, but it loosened all the bolts and nuts. If I were you, I would say it will tighten bolts/nuts about 150 ft lbs if you hold it on for a while. The 2ma batteries seem to be weaker. It lasted the whole job.

👤"Porter Cable" is considered to be quality by old school people. The name has been lost over time. This is amazing. I own a 1 ton truck and lots of toys. I only wanted to remove the nuts. I have an air impact of 125psi on my tires. My truck is able to Torque at 135 ft/lb. I usually use air until it's gone. The air one is better than the battery one. Like nothing "zapp" done. It fits under the seat and is more power than air.

👤I have had an impact wrench for a year. I take this tool with me on family trips, I keep it in my work truck. I have not run into a tire bolt that this impact couldn't remove. The product is great. I have used it many times and it still works great. Highly recommend.

7. DEWALT DCF902F2 XTREME Brushless Cordless

DEWALT DCF902F2 XTREME Brushless Cordless

Hello, welcome, you have worked hard! Thank you for choosing their product. If the product has quality problems within 2 years, please contact them before making an evaluation. They will give you a full refund. Thanks for your cooperation. 24 hours customer service is convenient for customers. 30% more Torque is achieved by the Brushless 3/8-inch Cordless Impact Wrench. The impact wrench is 30% shorter. The battery impact wrench has a brushless motor. There is a square drive. Control in a variety of applications is possible with 3 mode settings. There are 3 lights for illumination on the work surface. At 1.73 lbs is lightweight. The batteries have a state of charge indicator. The batteries have a state of charge indicator.

Brand: Dewalt

👤It's very easy to handle and it comes with 2 batteries. Torque and ft.per lbs are incorrect. The item and wrench can Torque up to 65 lbs per foot. Will not break anything over 69 lbs per ft.

👤Not strong enough to remove the suspension bolts on my honda civic. It won't take off the screws. It is for very light work. I watched videos of a guy going into a junkyard and taking bolts from cars. I couldn't charge my batteries on my own car. I don't think it would work for rusty bolts. I own a 18v ryobi that destroys things. I can take off the 80lb batteries with the dead battery on the Ryobi. It's light and good for taking off once you break the bolt.

👤Absolutely surprised by how strong this is. It's a lot smaller and lighter than my impact, and it's equal to my impact as far as taking the nuts off. I used it to change a crank seal, remove the crank bolt, and run a 3 jaw puller to remove the crank pulley, all on the day I got it. Then used it to reassemble everything and use 2 battery bars. Since it comes with 2 batteries, it's a good idea to finish the entire job on one battery.

👤The item from DeWalt is a quality item. I am confident that it will meet my needs when called upon, but haven't had the chance to see it yet. I will no longer use air tools for the cordless versions. I have invested in DeWalt 12 and 20v max tools for both garage and yard because my needs as a mechanic at home are winding down, and my air compressor is still going strong but the air tools are at end of life. It has been wonderful.

👤I use this for my car. It doesn't have the power to loosen the nuts on my wheel, but it does a good job of putting the nuts back on to be Torqued. It works well for removing the M6's from my Volvo. Think it can reach 20 lbs-ft with a few seconds of impact. It's small and fits into the small spaces in my car. An impact rated extension set is a must have. It's easy to carry around and the battery lasts forever for an average user like me. It feels good in the hand.

👤I haven't been able to remove the nuts with this. I didn't buy it for that. Works well under automotive fasteners and 13mm head size.

👤These are getting better and better. I decided to get the 12v version because I own the 20volt version. You would expect 12 volts from this thing. Slow ramp up, slow, and fast are nice. The batteries have charge indicators. And a bag. If you ever need a battery, just buy the combo pack, it will cost you 60 dollars. I mean for 40 dollars more. The pack has a second battery, a drill, a charging station, and a bag.

8. DEWALT DCF899B Brushless Torque Impact

DEWALT DCF899B Brushless Torque Impact

The 1/2 inch impact wrench has up to 700 ft-lbs of max Torque and 1200 ft-lbs of max breakaway Torque. The DEWALT 1/2 inch impact wrench has a compact design. The impact wrench has multi-speed control for a variety of applications. The detent pin is also available with the hog ring. There is a 20-second delay for the light. There is a 20-second delay for the light.

Brand: Dewalt

👤It's not new by any means. The impact has clearly been used for a decent amount of time since people are more likely to buy a drill under $200 than a starter kit for $500+. I have heard of people buying these tools and putting protective cases on them and then selling them as new, but they have been careful not to cause any damage to the tool. I don't have a problem with a lightly used tool, but I can see how much wear it has already been through and how much life I'm going to get out of it before it needs further repairs. This review is only written as a buyers beware. This is an issue of the person or company selling these tools on Amazon, not Amazon or Dewalt. I was going to buy a Milwaukee. I already have other DeWalt tools and batteries, so I thought I would spare my wallet. You get what you pay for. I will be returning soon.

👤The box was opened. The batteries were put up and pressed. It took me about 5 seconds to realize that there was a loose moving part inside that was sliding back and forth. Whenever you tilt the impact downwards, it creates a grinding sound. It does this when you set forward and reverse. It seems like a quality control would be caught, for this price. After talking with customer support, I will update my review. It has a 90 day money back guarantee. It was very easy to have them send me a new impact. It's still an issue, so I got a label and dropped the original impact off at ups. I hope the one they send me works.

👤The old pneumatic I had had a less than adequate compressor. She thought she needed the full juice to take off the rusty nuts. Holly Molly is a puncher. After the first one spun off, I decided to take it easy in case the bolts were weak. Have not had to go past mid speed yet. You name it, it's tires, cranks, anchor bolts. She can handle everything.

👤I've always had good luck with the tools in my job box. The anvil broke within the first two hours of use, it was a disappointment. The weak point of the anvil is the detent. I have to take it to a service center for repair, which is terrible if you live in a rural area.

👤I purchased this model to replace a previous Dewily 880 1/2 impact to loosen and remove stock Wheel Lugs on a Mercedes Benz GLK. The Dewalt 880 could loosen the same bolts. I bought this model after returning it and seeing the difference in performance. The 880 was a toy. Hope this helps someone who is wondering.

👤This product is amazing. I have more than 4 air impact guns, and this one is by far the most powerful, even when using a high powered 200 psi compressor. It is hard to have a generator, air compressor, long enough air hose impact gun on the job side because we have 10 different trailers. The tool is only used for the impact sockets. I bought the touque limiters because it would bend the steel wheel on my dump trailer if it were a G rated tire. The battery life is great, it took off 4 wheels and in 4 new ones all had 8 lugs, it was good. After 2 weeks, the same battery was charged and the tire was changed, it still had all the power needed. I am very happy and will buy again.

9. Impact Electric Portable Sockets Dobetter DBIW12

Impact Electric Portable Sockets Dobetter DBIW12

A corded impact wrench, 1.5 ampere-hour battery, belt clip, and user manual are what you get. The long power cord is DC. The power is 400N.M/ 295 ft. Lb max. There is a bubble level, two double sockets, a cigarette lighter plug. The light is built in to illuminate a dark place at night. The tool case makes it portable. The best way to start a car is to connect the battery directly to the car's engine, the wrench will work best if the current is stable. The best way to start a car is to connect the battery directly to the car's engine, the wrench will work best if the current is stable.

Brand: Dobetter

👤The electric version of the impact wrench was purchased by me. It works very well at 8.5 Amps. I need more power. I tried it on the nuts on my car. I would give it 5 stars. The included case was very well built. Now for the bad. It had four different sockets. I don't know what design guidelines or machines are being used to make these sockets, but all four of them were not of the designated size. I checked them with my English and Metric tools and sockets and they don't match up. I would recommend this product, but also suggest to buy sockets from another manufacturer.

👤The impact wrench is over 30 feet in weight. The max Torque wrench I have is 150 ft. pounds. I just depress the rocker switch in two seconds and the nuts were off. The gear keeps spinning even after you've let go of the switch, just enough to remove the nut. Imagine the possibilities of a Honda bolt of 181 ft. pounds if that was only half the power. I would recommend to use it for bolt removal only because of its tremendous torquing capability. If you have no other choice, I would suggest using it for the purpose of tightening, but be very careful with it, as it could damage your bolt or threading. The included case has a nice feel. The 12 ft. long cord draws current from a live source when compared to the battery powered ones out there. I don't think it's that big of a deal if you have a good sized hand at 10 pounds. The manual says that you should hold the tool with your second hand. You get the impression that this is a high quality piece of equipment, costing a lot less than the high end brands, but performing just as well.

👤I settled on this one mainly for its low price and the fact that it has a case. It is very powerful. I was able to loosen the bolts on my Frontier. I had tried breaker bar and heat before. This was done in a minute. It's very heavy and won't work in tight spaces. I will use the money I've already paid for it to get another rusty bolt to loosen.

👤I didn't realize it was for taking off the nuts on the car wheels. It can't operate on a wall plug. DC is the direct current. It's great for lug nuts because it can connect to your car battery or cigarette lighter. If you have to change the tire, you can carry it in your trunk, but it won't do you any good unless you have a car battery.

👤My workshop capability was upgraded by this tool. It was used to repair the spindles on two riding mowers, which could cost more than $400. The tool can fix three spindles for under $100. The tool needs to be kept for later.

👤The impact wrench is more powerful than expected. I have used it a few times and it works well. Do not use an air compressor. I wish I had bought it a long time ago.

10. Makita XWT17Z Lithium Ion Brushless Mid Torque

Makita XWT17Z Lithium Ion Brushless Mid Torque

A service called an aperitif-sales service. Every customer is provided with satisfying products and services. If you have a question, please contact them. The motor delivered 520 ft.lbs. There is fastening Torque and 740 ft.lbs. The nut-breaking Torque. The design is compact and long. A 4-speed power selection switch is used for precise fastening control in a wide range of applications. There are three forward and three reverse auto-stop modes. The function reduces the pull to reach full speed. The battery and charger are not included. The battery and charger are not included.

Brand: Makita

👤The bigger brother XWT08Z is fine for those situations where maximum Torque is required. The XWT17 is 2 lbs less with the battery installed. It's not soippy and easier to maneuver because it's not as large. This tool has been used for automotive work. Unless you're working on large truck/farm/tractor equipment, I don't see the need for the larger high Torque impacts. My XWT08Z is gathering dust. The settings with the auto brake are nice. This has been all I need. If you're going to use this on a regular basis, the 6.0ah battery is the best choice. The 3.0 or 4.0ah is fine for casual work. The quality feel is obvious. I have used the impact offerings from Milwaukee and Ridgid and they are fine tools. I came back because of the build quality of the Makita impacts. If you're already devoted to the line, this impact will not be missed. I agree with the other review that there is a weak point, that is the fact that the Makita is being used without a rubber O-ring underneath. I have not had an issue with either of my impacts yet, but I know where it will go down the road, so I ordered several replacement rings to keep on hand.

👤Tech has come a long way. If you need an impact, buy this now. Incredible strength. I was on the fence between a 1/2” and a 1/3” because I thought the 1-2” wouldn't deliver enough power for driving big lugs. I can say that I have been blown away. This is a winner all day and I will never need a 1/32”. This is what you want.

👤The item looked like it had been opened before it was shipped. There is no second box to hide the fact that HEY PORCH THEIFS. $250 tool chilling on my porch. Otherwise it was described.

👤My new favorite toy is a toy gun. I used it all over my car. The drum was connected to the axel with a nut. The control arm nuts were easy to remove. The wheel nuts were removed. I've been using this tool for a long time.

👤Better and stronger than a Milwaukee battery. I have owned Milwaukee and Makita tools for a long time. I know first hand.

👤Love the features and quality. It was taken to a junk yard to be re-used. The baby was able to remove old bolts. The features are great and my favorite is the "slow down after the bolt is loose" feature.

👤This thing is big. All I need is a hammer and a pry bar for breaking loose rusty bolts on cars. No more lugging a hose. I am happy with this purchase.

👤It works well. I like the base that makes the battery less vibrate. The fit and finish on this guy is superb, all the little settings are neat, and it has a great mid-thigh impact. It hits hard. I look forward to using for a long time.

11. Porter Cable PCE211 7 5 Impact Wrench

Porter Cable PCE211 7 5 Impact Wrench

The DR260 drill/driver and double-ended screwdriving bit are included. The 1/2-Inch Electric Impact Wrench has a 7.5 Amp motor. 450 Ft-Lbs of Torque is available from the Porter-Cable 1/2 inch impact wrench. Fast application speeds of 2,200 Rpm and 2,700 Bpm are provided by the corded impact wrench. The 1/2-Inch hog ring is easy to change. The 1/2-Inch hog ring is easy to change.

Brand: Porter-cable

👤The first time I used it, it froze. I assumed it was just a bad apple since there were so many great reviews. I like the idea of a corded impact wrench. Changing my tires in the spring and fall resulted in it getting stuck again. I promised myself that I would never buy another porter cable tool, and I threw it in the drawer. I took my tires and pulled them out of the ground. Went to the internet and found a video of the issue. They used a plastic fan inside a plastic back that spins and gets really hot within minutes. They should have used metal or plastic. It's a manufacturer defect. I watched it lock up twice. Silicone grease will lock up again if the person puts it in. If your impact wrench is locked up, please indicate here so the manufacturer can fix it. Someone might do a lawsuit.

👤I bought a gun last year. I have used it many times for repairs. I decided to take it apart and see what was left of it. I have been very pleased with the gun from Porter Cable. I find it a bit cumbersome to use the gun. The hog ring dose does not have a good retention of sockets. The rocker switch is not something I like. I feel like my fingers are fighting each other. It's hard to get into tight spaces and have to use a lot of extensions and sockets. I only use it for the nuts. The PA6-GF30 is a 30 % glass fiber reinforced polyamide. The power cable is secure. I usually carry it by the cord. The front housing is strong. The hammer and anvil look like they were forged and hardened. There is a small chunk taken out of the hammer. The grease that was used on the hammer and anvil was still in good shape. The sun and planetary gears had grease on them. There is a The motor is the worst part of the tool. The field windings are loose. The connections at the commutation bars are not damaged. The skateboard bearing is shielded. The drive bearing was pressed together, but I couldn't see it. The brushes were missing chunks. It looks like you can replace almost everything that goes out. It will last me a long time.

👤I used this tool to remove some nuts from a steering job. The nuts were very rusty and were Torqued at 70 ft lbs. I bought this tool because I couldn't get them off with a 2' bar. There was a cotter pin inside of the nut. I was able to remove all the nuts with persistence and penetrating oil. One nut took a long time. I had to crank on it many times to get it off. The tool was heating up as the nut was not moving. I had to allow the tool to cool down. It broke free after 45 minutes. The nut with the cotter pin was easy to remove. The pin was sheered without a problem. It took a few minutes. It took a long time, but it got the job done. It seems like a quality tool. I'm not sure if the 450 lbs rating is legit. I've used both electric and pneumatic impact wrenches before, and from my experience, older-style electric impact wrenches have always been garbage. This one has a place in the home garage. I think it's a good idea to pick one up at the price of $80. I'll update my review as I complete more jobs with this tool.


What is the best product for electric impact gun inco?

Electric impact gun inco products from Dewalt. In this article about electric impact gun inco you can see why people choose the product. Shawlam and K I M O. are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric impact gun inco.

What are the best brands for electric impact gun inco?

Dewalt, Shawlam and K I M O. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric impact gun inco. Find the detail in this article. Actdoer, Porter-cable and Dewalt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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