Best Electric Jack for Rv Trailer

Jack 18 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. RAM EJ 3520 BBX Electric Trailer Jack

RAM EJ 3520 BBX Electric Trailer Jack

The cover is securely in place. The bright light is easy to use. There is a drop leg for 7-1/2" of additional adjustment. For a long time, hardened steel gears are used for normal use. In case of power loss, the crank handle should be used. The setup is for a 12 volt battery. The setup is for a 12 volt battery.

Brand: Ram Trailer Products

👤Everything was fine until yesterday. Installation was quick and painless. It worked out perfectly. I started to prepare our travel trailer yesterday. The jack was now lower. The battery is good, but the motor won't lower the jack. I am looking at the warranty info to see if they have it. I have to get ready for my vacation so I can't get a replacement before I leave. A 7/16 sockets with a half inch corded drill will raise or lower the unit. After returning from vacation, I was able to contact the Jacks by email. They immediately responded and will be sending a replacement jack. I don't have to return the jack. I would expect nothing less from an Amazon vendor and I hope I have better luck with the replacement.

👤I had a great experience and had to write this review. The customer service on this product was amazing and the jack saves you time and frustration from manually jacking up and down. I installed it in 30 minutes. 3 bolts were used to attach the wire to the battery. It was a great job, but it is a little slow. Even has a light. My favorite feature is the ability to adjust the foot. You can adjust the foot height by pulling the pin and pushing the jack up/down once you remove the weight from the jack. In bad weather this saves a lot of time. The customer service was great. The switch fell apart before I went camping. The manual crank was great because I would have been stuck. I received a new jack after I email the company. No questions, no debate, no return. Within 3-4 days, I had a new jack. The old one was removed and the new one installed in 40 minutes. I'm happy!

👤The jack is awesome. Especially for the price. Some people are saying that it is too slow. I don't know how fast some people expect a jack to move. I've had it for about five weeks. It was easy to install and the base was perfect for my mount. One time, I was not paying attention to what I was doing, and the jack lifted my trailer and the rear end of my Ram 1500 off the ground, about 10 inches. I wouldn't recommend that. It spoke volumes about it's power. Buy it. You will love it too.

👤It was well built. Lifting the weight can be done easily. It is slow but still very fast. It is slightly slower in order to increase the strength of the jack. When we first picked up our trailer, we weren't immediately able to diagnose power issues, but manual crank mode saved us some time. The attachment method was the only thing I didn't like. I would rather have a holder that holds the wire. There were problems with the fuse pulling out as it was very close to the jack. An extra loop of length or an upgraded fuse holder is a must for a jack this expensive. The "Trailerosphere Clever Cover for FIC Jack Custom Electric Tongue Jack Cover for Trailer, RV, Camper, Chains Holder, Plug Protector, Sun and waterproof (RAM Jack Cover)" is available on Amazon.

2. Weize Power Tongue Electric Trailer

Weize Power Tongue Electric Trailer

The JQ-3500 jack has a manual crank override, bubble-style leveling cap, and a light. Heavy-gauge steel construction ensures strength and resilience; black powder coat finish resists rust and corrosion; and textured-housing prevents chips and cracks. You can raise and lower your A-frame trailer with the Weize electric jack. 3,500 lbs. A low maintenance electric gear motor. Provides 18” lift, retracted 9 inch, extended 27” drop leg. The outer tube has a dia. The inner tube dia. is 2-1/4". 2 inches. The jack has a front-facing light to make it great at night. The light is directed at a downward angle so that it can be used in low-light settings. If you lose power, the unit has a manual crank handle. Installation for the Power Tongue Jack is simple and fast, so you can get to lowering and raising your equipment in no time. The warranty is international quality standards. Don't hesitate to call them if you have a question, their support team is on call for you. The warranty is international quality standards. Don't hesitate to call them if you have a question, their support team is on call for you.

Brand: Weize

👤I bought this for my father's RV, but he never installed it because he had already bought one a year before. I decided to keep it for myself. It was easy. The bolts need to be removed. This unit does not have hardware. Remove the old hand crank jack and use the bolts to slide it in. The blue wire is negative, the black wire is positive and the small glass inline fuse is on. You're good to go if you connect the battery. I think I'll attach a cutoff so the light won't go off in storage, but you could just remove the fuse. The bottom of the unit has a leg that can be adjusted. It took 45 minutes to install, and most of that was attaching battery terminals, heat shrink tubing and wires to the battery. I'm very happy I did it.

👤I installed a jack last weekend and it's so good. This is better than a hand crank. I should have gotten it a long time ago. I put it on a 10k lbs trailer with an easy 1k+ on the hitch and it works just fine. It is not very loud under load and speed is decent. I can still open my tailgate on my F350 with a little room to spare. The reason I gave this item 4 stars is small. The two wire design is different. The ground wire should connect to trailer ground from the frame of the unit. If you wanted to do it yourself, it would be easy to ground it. The light on the unit shines, but not down at the hitch. Black is positive and blue is not. It seems like a 12v system. An easy fix again. A good buy. For the test of time... If it breaks, I will update the review.

👤On 5/14, the order arrived. There was no visible damage to the jack or packaging. Installation item using common sense is worthless. The black power wire was wired to the trailer battery. The unit was grounded due to the connection to the trailer tongue and only a power source was needed. The enclosed star washers must be placed between the flat washers and the mounting plate according to instructions. There was no star washers included. The motor housing should be facing forward as shown in the above figure. Guess what? No above figure! There are two wires coming out of the unit, one black and one blue. I thought it must be the power light on the unit since it wasn't mentioned in the instructions. I tried to use the switches. Nothing! No movement, no noise, no smoke. The power is on both sides of the fuse. The internal part of the up/down switch was broken when the top cover fell out. After filling out the return request, I got on line and ordered a replacement.

👤This product is easy to understand. The construction of the product and materials used are very durable, which is surprising since a lot of things off Amazon break easily. The setup took about 10 minutes. The product has a hand crank lever, two bear wire leads, and an instruction sheet. Make sure you purchase the I connectors to connect the leads to the battery or power source you're connecting the device to. The Jack has a telescopic foot. Once you remove the safety pin, that has three settings. Don't expect much from the light that comes on the housing. It doesn't do much aesthetically. I'm very satisfied with the product. The tongue jack is easy to use and it lowers the tongue of the RV trailer. I bought it because of that. It saves me the work of hitching up. Make sure you calculate your trailer's tongue weight period, this is 10 to 15% of your trailer's gross weight, and make sure the Jack you are purchasing is rated for your trailers tongue weight.

3. Lippert Components 369774 Stabilizer Waterproof

Lippert Components 369774 Stabilizer Waterproof

The switch has a hatch box, harness and reset breaker. The legs can be extended up to 30” 2” W x 19” H is 58 pounds. No more cranking. Campers can stop wasting time and energy with the PSX1 manual cranks. A flip of a switch can take sway out of your RV. Their stabilization system was designed to automatically adjust to rugged terrain. Each leg operates on its own until it is secured in place. The power stabilizer was built with heavy gauge steel, embossed legs, and a powder-coat finish to last a long time. The PSX1 has been equipped with integrated breaker technology that protects users from damaging their RV by tripping the breaker if the circuit is overload while lifting the trailer, and it helps prevent side-to-side movement while extending and retracting. Backed by a name you can trust with a one-year manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind on the road. Backed by a name you can trust with a one-year manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind on the road.

Brand: Lippert

👤We needed to replace the bent Jack on our RV.

👤Once you get it to fit, you will be able to work great.

4. Quick Products JQ 3000 7P Electric Tongue

Quick Products JQ 3000 7P Electric Tongue

The rear jack is rated to support up to 5,000 lbs. The maximum lift capacity of the JQ-3000-7P electric tongue jack is 3,250 lbs. The 7-way adapter is powered by a running light circuit. It is easy to install into existing jack mounting holes with the 2.25" post diameter. The clean, sleek plastic housing has water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears beneath it. The JQ-3000-7P jack has a manual crank override, dual LED work lights, and a heavy-duty vinyl cover. One-year warranty. One-year warranty.

Brand: Quick Products

👤It came wired wrong. The ground wire should have been wired to the ground instead of to the tail lights. The plug on my truck was wired. Every wiring diagram on the internet matches it. The plug was wired wrong. IK had to sort it out and re-wire it to the auxiliary power plug, which has enough power to service the jack and the ground, after it blew the fuse. It works correctly now.

👤The unit was delivered at 2pm on Wednesday and removed at 6pm. The box did not work out. The motor hums but does not move. The lights don't stay on. I verified the connection and found it to be junk. Do not buy it.

👤The price was reasonable. The little screws that hold the cap to the manual override were stripped upon arrival. On a new product, not huge but not pleasing. I haven't spoken with the company yet, but they may correct it and send me new screws.

👤I have it hooked up. Doesn't work. I have a grounded fuses and it still doesn't work. I will hook it to a battery before I send it back. I didn't want to put a battery on my trailer.

👤The jack that I received had no mounting hardware. Disappointed.

👤Works well! Even if the trailer's battery is dead, I can use it. You just need to hook the tow vehicle up.

5. Bastion Power Tongue Jack Frame

Bastion Power Tongue Jack Frame

The outer tube is a heavy wall. This listing is for a new heavy-duty power tongue jack. The Jack comes with a kit that includes washers and a handle. This heavy-duty model has front-end illumination, water resistant switches, and swift operation. It is in a wide base. The foot pad extension has a retracted height of 29 inches. An Internal 25A auto-Reset breaker is installed in each Jack. An Internal 25A auto-Reset breaker is installed in each Jack.

Brand: Bastion Distribution

👤I received the tongue jack a couple days ago, it looked like it had been opened at one time and resealed, but the instructions were terrible, I had bare metal on the bolt head, and the new battery. The jack was very unhappy with the lack of a 30 Amp fuse holder.

👤Some say it's slow. I've seen other brands slower than it is. Some people say they have problems. It's grounded by the bolts. If you have a problem, you probably have too much paint on the hitch and jack. You have to clean it off or run a ground wire inside the motor case. A wire to the negative battery post will make your ground rust resistant. I suggest painting the bolts after they're turned down to prevent rust. The first one wouldn't crank down. I replaced it on Amazon in 2 days. This one has been perfect for a year. It's easy to turn on the light switch next to the power switch. It's not noticeable in the day. I don't know how long it would take to run down the camper batteries, but it might happen if you leave it on for an extended period.

👤I did a lot of research and read a lot of comments before making my decision, but I am disappointed because I need help from the seller or by Bastion Distribution, I have the jack but the Manual Crank is bad and it won't fit. Don't let this stop you from buying it. Jack. They will make it right. I hope I can give you an update soon.

👤I had to return the power jack I bought for my Coleman Lantern RV because it was in a broken package and had a broken power switch. I spent more time researching which product could have better quality but still be reasonable. There is a I finally decided to buy a power jack, and it seems it was a good choice. It took less than 10 minutes to connect it to the battery. It's easy to operate, and it fits into the original jack.

👤I bought this jack for my camper. My tongue weight is 1200 lbs and this jack can handle it. It was easy to install. A wire and washers are needed to make sure a good ground. Excellent quality for the price.

👤The electrical should take another 10 minutes. Very easy! I have a trailer with a 10K lbs rating and I have a lot of stuff in it, but I used to dread working the side crank jack. I can hang out, push the button and smile while the electric jack struggles with all that weight. It is easy, but not fast. Excellent!

👤It takes a long time to go up or down. You don't stop right away when the fuse breaks. It's hard to change the fuse all the time.

👤It took a week to receive, bolted it up to my camper, and then wired it up, but the unit constantly jump the internal breaker. The led would flicker and then kick the breaker as I tried to clean the ground. It was a waste of time to send it back.

6. Quick Products JQ 3000 Electric Tongue

Quick Products JQ 3000 Electric Tongue

The 20mm ball screw design has superior lifting capacity. This jack has a 20% increase in rated capacity because of the high capacity ball nut. The maximum lift capacity of the JQ-3000 electric tongue jack is 3,250 lbs. It is easy to install into existing jack mounting holes with the 2.25" post diameter. The clean, sleek plastic housing has water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears beneath it. A heavy-duty vinyl cover is included with each JQ-3000 jack. A heavy-duty vinyl cover is included with each JQ-3000 jack.

Brand: Quick Products

👤The first JQ-3000 I received failed after one use, but Amazon replaced it at my door in 3 days, and the second JQ-3000 has been on my trailer for a few months now. It has been very reliable and has had no issues. If my review fails, I will update it. I read a lot of complaints about the speed of this jack, but I wouldn't disagree. The trailer seems to be lifted at a reasonable pace by the JQ-3000. I have a jack mounted to a 6,000LB travel trailer that is easy to use, it has enough power to pick up the trailer and take load off the truck springs, and it is also easy to connect the weight distribution bars to the trailer.

👤It was installed in less than an hour after work. I replaced the manual crank with a 24 1/2' 2016 Keystone Passport TT. It bolted right up. The battery is mounted in the A frame behind the propane tanks. It comes with a 10 ga wire fused holder and a ring terminal. I used an all weather butt connection to join the wires, I used heat shrink tubing to seal the connection. The bolt pattern is a triangle, the jack only fits one way and the motor faces forward. The kit does not include wire terminals or bolts to mount a jack, but it does include star washers that need to be installed as the jack is self grounding. The bolts were in good shape. The jack has an adjustment foot, which adds about 6 inches to the jack's length. There are small lights on the side of a jack. It has a cover for the motor and a manual crank in case of an emergency. There is a bubble level on top of the motor. The motor lifts the trailer smoothly. It gets the job done nicely, but it's not fast. So far, it's great, but the true test will be longevity. It's great to hand crank any day. Good value for money for the price.

👤After owning 6 Camp trailers, I was tired of cranking them up and down in the hot summer weather. I installed in 30 minutes. I used heat shrink tubing to keep the water out of my butt. It's pretty simple, I didn't open the directions. I've heard that if you lift the jack too high, it will blow the fuse. I will replace it with a resettable circuit breaker. I was thrilled to see the taller foot extension in my old crank jack replaced with the shorter one in this power jack. I use mine in the tallest hole to reduce the distance the jack has to power up and down. Pull the pin, slide foot up into the jack, and reinsert it. The motor doesn't have to move as much if you repeat. The price was right and the unit seemed sturdy. I hope I can get at least two seasons out of it. Keep the cover on as that will kill them.

7. Lippert Components 344792 Effect Jack Right

Lippert Components 344792 Effect Jack Right

The hand crank is included for emergency use. The original Ground Control 3.0 Automatic Level System is a direct replacement for the rear jack. ECONOMICAL SOLUTION - Instead of replacing your entire system, their replacement parts help you save money by fixing only the malfunctioning component. The jack can be extended up to a maximum of 36 inches and can be pulled to 24 inches. The Hall Effect jack is designed to be secure and easy to install. The rear jack is rated to support up to 5,000 lbs. The rear jack is rated to support up to 5,000 lbs.

Brand: Lippert

👤I returned the jack because Amazon wanted me to write a review. I was sent this part on Amazon to save on shipping. Thanks to Lippert customer support. The clanging noise I was hearing was an indication that the jack was malfunctioning. Lippert's technical support for installation advise was called before the Jack arrived. The technical support person told me to remove my original jack and repack the spur gears with grease. The clanging noise in the jack stopped when I did so.

👤A bolt-on replacement jack for our RV. Plug-n-play electrical connection works perfectly. I decided to replace the jack myself because it was bent during the trip. It's simple and effective. The auto-leveling function has been restored.

👤The jacks on the trailer are mounted to low. The service from loppers was very good.

👤When most of us are here to replace a broken one, why all the stars? It has been broken at least 4 times. It is not possible for something that everyone is giving 5 stars to last. The leveling systems have been out for a while. They should last more than a few uses.

8. Camco Electric Protects Moisture 48356

Camco Electric Protects Moisture 48356

Universal Fit is the type of fit. It protects your tongue jack from the harsh weather that can degrade it over time. 3 layers of spunbond polypropylene provide protection from harmful UV rays. Form fit shape with drawstrings. 5” wide x 8.

Brand: Camco

👤After using a plastic bag for the first winter's nap, I saw this online and grabbed it, knowing I lost the long bag I'd used last year. This item is perfect for what I was looking for - extra long to cover the entire length of the shaft, spacious enough to fit over an extra large head, and well constructed to keep water out but not to trap it under the hood. It's stylish and has a nice locking tie string to keep it on even in a strong New England blow. I love it!

👤I only had the product for 30 days but I am happy with it. It helps keep the weather off of the electric jack control housing and it will hopefully keep the UV damage to the unit to a minimum. The unit is sturdy and well-sized. It has a long string with a good tension fastening. I don't know how well it will last yet, so I only gave 4-stars. Good things will be based on experience.

👤This is a great way to cover the LCI tongue jack. You can see from the attached photos that I am a photographer. What type of model was covered? We're very happy with the cover of the tongue jack. It looks like it was well sewed and constructed at an affordable price.

👤2 days ago, we installed. The material was thick and sturdy. It went on without a hitch and tightened easily. We didn't use any more binges or anything like that. Time will tell if we should have put on extra bungee. Our trailer is so good so far.

👤I have had a camper for 4 years and never paid attention to the tongue jack. It started acting up last year. The motor housing was leaking water. I didn't know I needed to cover the motor. A lot of water makes its way into the housing even though the motors are covered. The cover is well made, I just got it. It is large enough that it can fit over most jack motor. It keeps the water off the motor housing. I'm pretty sure that this will make the jack last longer.

👤The black material on the cover has deteriorated and I checked it out yesterday. I would return it if I could. Did not have a winter in Virginia.

👤I haven't had time to put it to the test. I will update my review after a year. It protects against rain and sun after a year. Would buy again.

👤Have been through some violent storms but have not had this long. It seems to protect the jack by keeping the system clean. It seems to have been made well. Good product.

👤It fits over my electric jack. It's made out of the same stuff as the Trailer Covers, it snugs in nicely with the cord, and it looks pretty sweet too. It's only been a month, but it's already snowing, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm not concerned about it holding up. I will let you know if it does. I would definitely recommend it.

9. Briidea Stabilizer Electric Harness Retract

Briidea Stabilizer Electric Harness Retract

Backed by a name you can trust with a one-year manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind on the road. This exact replacement electric jack switch is designed to automatically lower and raise your RV's stabilizer jacks. This will save you time and energy, so that you can enjoy a cozy RV travel with your family, and it will be easier to operate the jacks. It is waterproof and reliable. The sealed design protects the internal components from dust and dirt. The case has high-temperature resistance. A good weather resistant unit can be used in harsh environments and has a long service life. Simple installation. You can do it on your own. You can see that it has wires coming out of it, so you can easily connect it. Attached is a wiring diagram. It is easy to rate. The text 'EXTEND' and 'RETRACT' are printed on the surface. Press the button and you can see the extension or retraction of the stabilizer jacks. Product guarantee. The kit includes a replacement switch assembly and wiring harness. There is a 2-year warranty for customer service. If you have a question, please contact them. Product guarantee. The kit includes a replacement switch assembly and wiring harness. There is a 2-year warranty for customer service. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Briidea

10. Products 38 944055 Electric Tongue 5500Lb

Products 38 944055 Electric Tongue 5500Lb

The package has dimensions of 86.106 H x 17.78 L x 23.876 W. The weight was 5,500 lbs. Lift capacity. The motor and gear housing are water resistant. The control panel is electronic.

Brand: Uf Ultra-fab

👤The jack was dead on arrival. Working with Ultra-Fab to fix something. Will update if they can help me. I contacted UltraFab to let them know that I had an issue. They are completely satisfied. Excellent customer service!

👤I used the jack keypad to raise and lower, not the remote control unit. The button contacts became unresponsive. It was called. They provided a number. The turnaround time was very fast. Very happy. I will rely on the remote control more in the future.

11. Bulldog 1550100317 A Frame Trailer Jack

Bulldog 1550100317 A Frame Trailer Jack

The kit includes 4 jacks, an adjustment jack rod handle, and eight self-tapping mounting screws. There is a support capacity of 3,000 lbs. The travel is extended by 7 inches. 2.25" outer tube diameter. Easy Bolt-On or Weld-On Installation is provided by the High Strength Mounting Bracket. 2 inch inner tube diameter is the outer tube diameter. 2 inch inner tube diameter is the outer tube diameter.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤The first thing I noticed was that the item was thrown in a box and poorly sealed. The paint is scratched because there is no packing material in the box. It is not a big deal for my RV. The big issue is the big Bulldog sticker on the product. The advertising picture shows the same sticker, but it states "Made in the USA". This is a big deal to me. I don't like the fact that these manufacturers and distributors buy stuff from this country and then sell it in the USA. Another issue from Amazon. I can't comment on the intallation, sturdiness or value at this time, but I will if there is a problem.

👤This is an upgrade to my trailer. I organize my trailers with an ATV. It is difficult to operate certain jacks when the ball hitch is close to the trailer. The jack's handle allows me to reverse its location as well. I have all the space I need. You will need a punch pin and a sockets to reverse the jacks handle. It took a few minutes.

👤The model allows maximum ground clearance when fully retracted for its load capacity. When you replace a jack, pay attention to the dimensions. Measure from the top of the frame to the ground when the trailer is hitched up. Make sure you check the specifications on the jacks. When a shoe is attached, some will leave only a small amount. That is risky. After the trailer is attached to a drop hitch and the load depresses the hitch as much as possible, this one has about 8 feet of clearance. You don't want to drag the jack on the curb. The mounting plate for this hitch is 7 inches. If you add 0.4 inches for the shoe, you get a Frame height of 2 and you get a hole in the jack. The clearance of the truck's frame bottom is 13.5" The frame for the jack and shoe has a width of about 5.4", which is enough for me. It is important to protect the jack from being destroyed.

👤This was bought for a utility trailer. The handle is a pain to turn, but should have been overkill. Lifting the tongue of the trailer is a work of art. We've started carrying a floor jack on the trailer and jacking it up with that instead. My father in law tried the exact same thing on a 4ftx 5ft lightweight lawn mower trailer and it was so easy to lift the whole trailer by hand. We've used this brand before, but this particular model isn't up to the task.

👤This fits in an Aliner. The Explorer's tongue jack was giving me problems getting it to the right height. I had to use a hitch that wasn't optimal, and that resulted in the trailer traveling with a slight angle. We couldn't get the wheel off of the tongue jack if we used a hitch that put the trailer level. I was able to jack the trailer up so that I could get the wheel off, but I couldn't get it off the bumper. It was difficult to find a jack with a short stack. I have enough room to remove the wheel from the tongue jack and get the trailer level on the car. It was a quick swap because it was a standard 3 bolt tongue jack.


What is the best product for electric jack for rv trailer?

Electric jack for rv trailer products from Ram Trailer Products. In this article about electric jack for rv trailer you can see why people choose the product. Weize and Lippert are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric jack for rv trailer.

What are the best brands for electric jack for rv trailer?

Ram Trailer Products, Weize and Lippert are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric jack for rv trailer. Find the detail in this article. Quick Products, Bastion Distribution and Camco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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