Best Electric Jacks for Trailers 8k

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1. Simpleout Car Hydraulic Jack Built

Simpleout Car Hydraulic Jack Built

The built-in light helps to locate your lifting area and illuminate your environment in the dark. The power cord is waterproof and works on rainy days. It will be an indispensable help whether it is in your home garage, road trip, farm or midway emergency. Simpleout electric jack for car has a large base and a sturdy saddle, which makes it super stable and safe, and it is specially designed to prevent major oil leak. The electric car jack can only be used on a flat and firm ground, and never on a sloped ground. The best choice for SEDANSAND SUVs is under 5T. The electric car jack is mainly designed for sedans and SUVs, and allows you to raise the car high enough to safely remove a flat tire with its lifting range between 5.9-17.7 ins. You don't have to worry that it will stop working. If the truck is broken, don't use it to lift it. Construction of high- strength steel. The electric car jack is made of quality materials so you can feel safer if you don't use it. The electric car floor jack has a built-in safety device to hold the weight of your sedan, and it will stop working when it reaches its highest lifting height. You don't have to worry about your car suddenly hitting the ground. There are two design elements: a container and a spherical design. The jack is portable and can be kept in the trunk of your car. Thanks to its sturdy construction, their electric floor jack is very strong and durable, so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged. You can connect the jack to your car's cigarette lighter or battery with either of the two types of power supply. Within two minutes, the jack will reach the limit. The electric jack has a built-in light that is useful for road emergencies when you need more visibility to keep yourself and others safe. If you have questions about the product, please contact them. You can connect the jack to your car's cigarette lighter or battery with either of the two types of power supply. Within two minutes, the jack will reach the limit. The electric jack has a built-in light that is useful for road emergencies when you need more visibility to keep yourself and others safe. If you have questions about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Simpleout

👤Great idea. I wish I could love it, but after lifting the car and getting the wheel off the ground, the jack lowers to the point where the tire is back on the ground. Cary will need to put a jack stand in the trunk to make it safe. A mechanical stop is needed.

👤Imagine being stuck in the snow trying to use this Jack for the first time and it doesn't work, you pull it out of the case, it doesn't work. It was a waste of time and money. I will be disappointed if you buy this Jack.

👤This is better than cranking a handle to lift my truck. The air pump is slow, and it would only pump to 30 PSI. The jack was able to lift my truck. The important part is that!

👤The strength of the unit makes it easy for me to carry in my vehicles and it is light enough for most vehicles I am around.

👤There are four tools in the case and it's a very useful tool. I love it!

👤It was great for putting the car tower under the vehicle.

👤Jack had to come back after not working from the start.

👤This pays for itself by not making me have to manually jack up a car in the New Mexico heat. This is easy to use, just make sure it's as level as possible before putting any weight on it, and that the jack is picking your vehicle up in a spot designated by the maker. The air pump will inflate your tires. I have a portable unit that I use for inflating tires. It won't inflate two tires to the correct pressure. This connects wither directly to the battery. I don't have to worry about putting air in all four tires because I use the cig adapter for the air feature. I keep the car running to give the battery the charge it needs. I've seen a few like this that include an air impact tool, and would be nice to add to this unit. The jack's size is a problem. It's not that big, but there are many cars that don't have enough room to hold it. If you need it, it should be in your car, and not in a cabinet in the garage. There is a bright light built in. It would be a nice gift. It's pretty cool and a good price.

2. Lippert Components LIPPERT COMP 733924

Lippert Components LIPPERT COMP 733924

The lights make hooking up and connecting easy. It's for Lippert Power Tongue Jack. A rubber plug is replaced. There are seals and covers on the head assembly. It is easy to install.

Brand: Lippert

👤These plugs fit perfectly for my Lippert Jack. They will protect the jack from water in the future. I now have a spare.

👤The RV was returned without this little piece. I took a chance and hoped it would be a universal fit, but it was perfect and I now have a spare. If needed in the future, would purchase again. The travel trailer was used on the Forest River.

👤It was a perfect fit and replacement for my model.

👤It didn't work for what I needed.

👤It is the only opinion, lots of money for what you get.

3. Electric Scissor Storage Changes Lifting

Electric Scissor Storage Changes Lifting

A portable and compact design toolkit includes a portable electric car jack kit with a portable electric impact wrench and two sleeves. The electric jack and tools are in a neat place. It can be put in the trunk for backup. The box can't be slid around in the trunk if it's outside the toolbox. The electric car jack takes less than 2 minutes to reach its max. The lifting rang was 14.72 inches. Anyone can lift a car on the roadside. The electric car jack provides a lightweight case. The base and saddle make it stronger. The triangle is designed to be stable. The solid screw rod is reinforced. The electric scissor jack is a great choice for tire replacement. Press the button on the cigarette lighter or car battery to lift your car. From now on, it's time to stop lifting things manually. This portable electric jack for car can be applied in your home garage, road trip, car repair shop, farm or halfway emergency. The car jack and power cable are waterproof, so you can use them on rainy days. The scissor jack can prevent itself from falling after rounds of upgrade and broadening. The jack has a circuit breaker in it. Are you worried about a roadside emergency? The electric car jack kit box has a red triangle on it that can be used as a warning sign. The scissor jack can prevent itself from falling after rounds of upgrade and broadening. The jack has a circuit breaker in it. Are you worried about a roadside emergency? The electric car jack kit box has a red triangle on it that can be used as a warning sign.

Brand: Nthpower

👤The up/down hand switch is easy to use.

👤Good quality and reasonably priced. It is simple and easy to use.

👤I realized at the age of 65 that it was time to look for an alternative after using my hand jack to replace a tire. I thought that there must be an electric jack by now. I went on line and found what I wanted. A friend of mine wanted me to send him a video. All looked good after I got things going. The jack rolled back because I did not use the parking brake and I was on a grade. Oh my gosh, oops!

👤The jack is not strong enough to lift my car.

👤Excellent tool! It works perfectly. The manual units that come with new cars are archaic. I love it!

👤I like Jack, but I wish it was quicker.

👤The base of the jack couldn't take the weight of my car, which is around 3,000 pounds. The bad review is that the base of the jack got bent from one of the corners and dropped my car, but that could have been worse. Before you spend money, think about your safety.

👤It's going to be working better than expected for the unconventional use of this product. It can be used to assist in lifting and turning logs.

4. Fulton HD25000101 Bolt Trailer Tongue

Fulton HD25000101 Bolt Trailer Tongue

2 inch inner tube diameter is the outer tube diameter. The lift has a capacity of 2500 pounds. The drop leg has a 7.5 inch footplate. The trailer frame has mounting hardware for it. The travel is 28 inches and includes a drop leg. The center of the mounting plate to the jack has a clearance of 19.25 inch. Retracted is 7 inch extended and has a center mounting plate to the bottom of the footplate. The Z-MAX 600 Zinc finish is resistant tocorrosion. Strong propriety materials. The Z-MAX 600 Zinc finish is resistant tocorrosion. Strong propriety materials.

Brand: Fulton

👤I liked this jack at first. It's very easy to raise the tongue of a jet boat. It stopped working last winter. The gear that was attached to the jack handle sheared in half when I took it apart. I think my tongue weight is about 300 lbs. The advertised capacity is #2500 lbs. I was expecting a lot more from the jack. I'll be replacing it with another brand. Fulton sells a rebuild kit for these jacks with both gears and pins. I only used half of the items and it will be good for another rebuild. I hope I don't have any more problems.

👤Less than two months after purchase, the handle broke on this piece of garbage. The boat couldn't be detached from the storage facility. The truck is still attached to the boat, so I left it there. This was after 22 hours on the water. Dead tired from fishing. I had to put everything in another vehicle because there wasn't room for travelers. How do I get it back? I need a new one. The vendor should contact me.

👤Exactly what I needed. My driveway has a steep incline that requires me to raise the bow of the boat high enough to let the water drain while she's sitting. I used to have to raise it as high as I could with the old trailer jack, use a jack stand to support the trailer up, and crank it up again to get the height I needed. I would have to reverse the process to get it back up. Every time we used the boat, I went through this. I just back the boat up and crank the jack to get the height I need. The before and after pics saved me a lot of work. It's a lot easier to crank. It has a grease fitting as well.

👤The 5000 lbs ones kick ass. They do not hesitate to shift. The 2500 lbs ones are Suckk! I had two different trailers and both did the same thing. Start bending. Within a year, I had to destroy both of them and buy a small trailer. I suggest avoiding the 25000lbs ones and just getting the 5000lbs ones.

👤The handle length on the new Fulton 2500# jack was changed. My wife will not be able to lift the hitch on the trailer when I am installing the truck on it to tow because my boat is heavy. The jack had a longer handle. If you have a heavy boat, I wouldn't buy this. I ordered the 5000#. The 5000# has a longer handle. I will know when it arrives. I will go to the old one if necessary.

👤When the trailer started acting up, I replaced the 1,000lb trailer jack with a wheel. I didn't understand why my trailer was loaded with a boat and weighed in at 9000 lbs with a tongue weight of 750 lbs. The 1,000lb jack met specifications but it never felt secure on the boat on the trailer and you felt the sway. The one time we tried to move the unloaded trailer around on the jack, it was a trial. You had to make sure you had the jacks in a donut or the trailer would start moving. If you were jacking on soft ground or asphalt in hot weather, you needed a donut and a piece of plywood. The Fulton HD2500 is here. I had a 3x5 inch trailer tongue. It gave me more travel than the Pro Series 1,000 did. When you work on her, the boat sways less, the jack feels more secure. There's no plywood under the blue stone pad and it hasn't sunk into it. The trailer is on. I am very happy with this purchase so far.

5. Stromberg Carlson JET 3755 Electric Tongue

Stromberg Carlson JET 3755 Electric Tongue

You can secure an access. The trailer tongue jack can be mounted onto the trailer frame. It has a raw steel pipe brackets for ready welding. You can easily set your equalizing. There is an additional 5" drop down. The outer tube is a heavy wall. The outer tube is a heavy wall.

Brand: Stromberg Carlson

👤It was purchased through Amazon, which is unusual for me. Removed. The manual jack was bolted in place, cut and stripped the fuse link wire to butt, and then connected it to the black lead. Someone mentioned in a review that they didn't make ground without removing paint. There is a mounting hole covered with black tape that needs to be removed to make ground. The star washers will help establish a good ground. Installation is easy but you should read the instructions. Some say it's quieter than others. There's a leveling bubble on top of the unit that's handy in low light situations. The foot plate is like an electric tongue jack. I have a 24' Coleman and it doesn't have any problems lifting or lowering.

👤The unit operates smoothly and quietly, both using electric and hand cranks. It has a switch for raising or lowering the light. I was parked on an even surface and the unit was slightly overextended. The unit stopped working after reaching the end. I was able to crank the electric back up to the "safe zone" of the unit with the hand crank. It blew the 30 Amp fuse and there was no damage to the electric portion of the unit. I used a properly gauged outdoor sealed 30 Amp blade type fuse instead of the old cylinder glass type one when I installed the lift. I was back to work after replacing the fuse. I replaced the damaged overextending tape to make it more noticeable. The manual states that you can possibly do damage by overextending beyond the "safe zone" of this device. When the back of the trailer is lower than the front, you can overextend by lowering the hitch end too much. I added a chain to the top of the bubble level so that I wouldn't lose it if it came loose. I used a fishing line to connect this chain. The knob costs about $25 to replace.

👤Light work is required to install this jack. Any do-it-yourselfer will have no problem. I wish it was the blade type like my other fuses in my car and RV trailer, it's a cartridge type. There is only one negative so far. I was very pleased with the look and performance. The extension is easy to jack up. I can not complain that speed is not as fast as I would like. It seems good quality and is a high recommend.

👤I bought this jack to replace my second jack. Water entry problems and plastic cover delimitation. The price was less than the jack it replaced. It took 15 minutes at the campground to install because the crecent wrench was bought instead of the right one. I would have preferred a blade type fuse over glass. Not a show stopping thing.

👤This is my 3rd one in 3 years. The first of this brand. It seems well built and tough so far. The lights are dark and I like to switch off the power. We will see how it does over the winter and into next season after 3 trips on it.

6. Husky HB4500 4500 Brute Power

Husky HB4500 4500 Brute Power

The setup is for a 12 volt battery. The trailer jack has a rating of 4,500 pound and is powered by a 12-volt operation. 18-inch full stroke with 6-inch drop-down leg reduces time to set jack and reduces wear on motor. The light system illuminates the hitch and bar area. The ball screw jacks are usually more expensive. The hammer gray finish on the storage brackets is weather-resistant. The hammer gray finish on the storage brackets is weather-resistant.

Brand: Husky

👤Our first trip out of warranty was because of my original Lippert jack. There are figures. Lippert seems to be able to get their products past the warranty period. I was feeling high and dry on Spring break. I went to Amazon and found this jewel. It was delivered to my wife's bank in two days. I used a small floor jack to install it at my campsite. I was impressed with the feel of the jack. It's a very high quality piece and drop fitted in like butter, due to the holes in the wall. It comes with a re-settable 30A circuit breaker, but I used the existing 30A blade fuse from my Lippert P.O.S. jack. I don't have an opinion on the circuit breaker. The pigtail for the vehicle hook up is not shown in the pick, so it has a cool little bracket to hang it. You'll love that as well. The jack works well and I don't have it, but I doubt it will serve me well. I guess time will tell, but the fact that this thing handles the tongue load on my 10,000 pound Salem Hemisphere like nothing, is a testament to the higher weight capacity rating. The noise output of my old one was about one third. My old jack always made me think the battery was low, but now I realize it was just straining it's pathetic ass off. I don't think it was a true 3,500 pound capacity. Enough sour grapes. Even if your jack isn't broken, get this jack! It is a life changing experience if you have never seen a tongue jack collapse before. I was left wondering how many times I'd been under the camper at tight points of the frame, working on it, and not aware that this could happen. Even with the new jack, I will always use jack stands under the front portion. I've never had a tongue jack that did what this one did. Final assessment. The jack is the cat's pet. I think it's a great idea.

👤Where do I start? The company makes tongue jacks with no thought at all. Why do they put the motor on the front of the jack instead of on the side? Some people need to get into their truck beds while hooked up to a trailer. That is a minor issue compared to the real issues with this jack. Maybe I'm an isolated incident or the only unlucky guy to have the right conditions for this to happen, but here it goes... I will give a brief history as well. I bought my camper last year. I have never had an issue with it being stored at the same spot. I grew tired of jacking up my camper using the crank, as it gets tiring trying to get the weight distributing hitch on and whatnot. I bought a pile of junk for dirt cheap. It worked great for me, it was raised and lowered just fine. I had a new truck. I got an F350 after selling my F-150. The cheap eBay jack couldn't get the back of the truck high enough for my WDH, so I decided to upgrade to a bigger better tongue jack. In comes the Husky. I assumed that the jack could get the job done and it did well on install. I lowered it and raised it and everything was fine. My tongue jack did the job. I unhooked it from my ball. After Drove off, I return to storage to pick up my camper for a trip. The storage spot is on an incline. The camper leans towards the tongue, but that's what my wheel chocks are for. We have to raise the tongue jack to get my ball under it, lower it, and get the WDH chains on. It worked out great. I lowered it to get the full load on my truck, but it didn't happen. I tried again, but it didn't work. I had to remove the tongue jack in order to tow the camper. I was frustrated. I took pictures to send to the manufacturer. They were closed. The entire shaft was bent. The rep at Husky blames me for bending the shaft, and insists that I drove off with the foot down. I have never done this and explained that even if I had done it, the 4x4 piece of wood I was on would have rolled out from under me and the foot pad would have hit the dirt. This is not what happened. I sent a video of the way my camper was set up. They were about to approve the claim when I told them that my camper was parked on a slight grade. The foot is on the ground and I use a tool to help it. I told the woman that I wanted to help the company resolve the risk. My cheap tongue jack and factory hand crank jacks were fine for over a year. That's 3 days on the same grade. I have never had a problem with the other two jacks during the winter season. The Husky failed. Things went south here. I was punished for being honest. They changed their minds and didn't approve my warranty claim. They denied my warranty claim because my camper was on a hill, because this item has not been in my possession for a week. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have to ask yourself. How many times have you had to park on a hill? How many times have you had to use your tongue jack to level out your camper because the pad you parked on wasn't leveled? The company doesn't stand by their inferior product because they know they don't have a leg to stand on. We can't do much until we have enough complaints. I hope the tongue jack doesn't fail completely, leaving them with a bent A-Frame or worse, if they are near it when it fails. I know this company won't take the blame for anything like this. They will blame you for having faith in their product. I'm out $200 because of this pile of junk, but at least I can warn you to stay away from it. This poor quality could cause you to get injured or die.

7. FEANISIFEI Electric Built Inflatable Emergency

FEANISIFEI Electric Built Inflatable Emergency

It is better to take a piece of electric car jack kit if you are far away from a repair shop. Electric car jacks can be used to change a tire without the need to turn to others. Car jacks are used for a lot of things. Done in two minutes. The electric jack is capable of lifting a sedan or SUV that weighs under 5T in two minutes and it also doubles as an air pump that can generate 150psi pressure. The kit comes with a powerful electric wrench, which can be used to change a tire. It's ethical safety. The car jack electric has a self-locking power structure in case power is lost. Once power is restored, the jack is going to continue lifting or use the safety valve to lower it. A bright light on the front makes it easy to repair during the night. You can use the battery power directly to power the electric jack, and it can also be plugged into the cigarette lighter in your car. If your car can't handle the power demands, the jack comes with an extra fuse so you don't have to worry. There is a sturdy case for tools. The electric jack kit is portable and can be stored in your vehicle. The case has a red triangle to warn motorists. Your experience matters. If you have a problem or would like to ask a question, please contact them and they will be able to solve it. If you are not happy, you can get a full refund or swap it over. Your experience matters. If you have a problem or would like to ask a question, please contact them and they will be able to solve it. If you are not happy, you can get a full refund or swap it over.

Brand: Feanisifei

👤I have no strength in my arm and am trying to use the regular jack that is often found with the spare when I am looking to change a flat. I don't expect to change a flat every day, but when I am stuck with a flat, I don't want to use a cheap jack and spend a lot of time cranking it. It works well and is strong. It took me a short time to get my car up after I plugged it into the cigarette lighter. I had to pull a can of WD-40 from my emergency car kit to spray the nuts before using the wrench. I put a squirt of oil in it and it removed the nuts. I think this kit is perfect for young people who don't have the money for a tow truck as well as older people who don't have the strength to do it on their own.

👤I had my husband try it out on our SUV. He used the cigarette lighter to plug it into, but it also has a small battery that can be used if it works better. You. Place the jack under the car and press the "up" button if you want to raise the height. It lifted the car and felt safe. My husband says that it's a great kit to have in the car. The case is cheap and we had to figure out how to put it all back in. Comes with an impact wrench as well. I think it's because it says "2 pack" on the description, but I think they meant "2 kit", which is confusing. This is a great value for what you get and functions.

👤We have been trying to get some emergency items in our vehicle so we can always be prepared. This was a great addition. I was hoping that it would work and it did. He plugged it in to the cigarette lighter and it did its job. I'm very impressed with this and my husband is as well, because after he was done trying to get everything back in the case was the trickiest thing.

8. Bulldog 178201 Trailer Jack

Bulldog 178201 Trailer Jack

5,000 lbs. Lift capacity. The Lifting Capacity is 5000 lbs. The type is: Side wind Trailer Jack Adjustment Range is 10 items. China. The price includes a 5/8 in. The overall height was 26.9" and the mounting brackets had a load capacity of 7000 lbs. 10 static load capacity is 7000 lbs. Handle Side wind is retracted to a length of 16.9" The Lift Range is 10" and the Lift Height is 1 ft. Fit type: Specific. The package has dimensions of 22.098 L x 68.58 H x 29.21 W. The package has dimensions of 22.098 L x 68.58 H x 29.21 W.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤The jack is nicer than the top one, but it's geared down more so an easyer crank a load up.

👤We needed one that was high up in the air.

👤Strong trailer jacks perform as expected.

👤I saw "Made in China". I was searching for a toy and I saw the bull dog emblem and thought of the trailer jacks that were made in the USA.

👤It's more heavy duty than the one it replaced. I welded the mount on to the machine because it is a bit lower. It works like a dream.

👤Works great on a boat trailer.

9. HEELP ZS1015 Electric Capacity Hydraulic

HEELP ZS1015 Electric Capacity Hydraulic

There is a 22-ton capacity and a cylinder stroke of 4-1/4 in. The extended screw length is 90-145 PSI. The lifting range is 20-2/3 using the longest saddle. Reach is 8.27 in. The frame height is 11.73 in. 100 lbs. x 22.63 in. footprint. The weight. The electric car jack can take as little as 1 min to reach Max. The lifting height range is 7.8720.47 inch. The weight can be as high as 33069 lbs. After reaching the height limit, a car jack 15 ton kit will stop working. The self-locking deconstruction of the jack can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure the safety of the vehicle and the person. The jack head uses a non-slip design and has a cross-shaped grooves. The best choice for the sedan and SUV is the car jack's two-way power supply, which allows any adult to change and repair tires at any time on the garage/highway. The DC motor can provide power. The built-in flash light can be used at night. In the event of violent misfortune, the tools in the toolbox will not be aligned in the case of a broken floor jack, and it does not occupy the extra space of the trunk of the car. The car jack kit is very useful for emergency roadside tire replacement. Any adult can change tires on their own. The car jack kit is very useful for emergency roadside tire replacement. Any adult can change tires on their own.

Brand: E-heelp

10. Lippert Components 813748 Optional Powering

Lippert Components 813748 Optional Powering

There is a bright light. An ultra-bright light is great for visibility when using a jack at night. Campers can use the power swap auxiliary cord to connect their jack to their tow vehicle, instead of draining power from their RV or manually cranking to lift and lower it. Store your cord in the jack's built-in storage inlet to make sure it's safe from damage. Every jack has an integrated safety chain storage ring, which allows you to clip your chains out of your way instead of dragging them or wrapping them around your jack. The jack has a plastic head-cover to keep it protected from the elements. The one-piece design of the cover helps keep water out of the jack. It's easy to see and operate your power stance jack at night with built-in led lights shining directly down on your trailer coupler. The lights are designed to illuminate for 5 minutes, then turn off if not in use. In the event of a power failure, this jack is equipped with an emergency manual crank option so you never have to worry about being stranded. In the event of a power failure, this jack is equipped with an emergency manual crank option so you never have to worry about being stranded.

Brand: Lippert

👤I was able to turn the jack 180 degrees so that it wouldn't interfere with the tailgate. Happy about that! The rigid factory propane cover can't be used anymore as the jack is interfering with that, so will have to use a soft cover. The light from the jack doesn't shine where it should, but it should still be decent in the dark. There are two small issues in the big picture. Overall happy. I haven't used it much other than at home, so I will update this review. I am very disappointed in the fact that this thing is designed for trailers, which are more than likely connected to a pickup truck, but Lippert has failed to figure out that once connected to the tow vehicle one cannot lower the tailgate because this jack is too bulky. Quality control and design management are important. I will see if I can rearrange the jack so that it will be practical, since there are many online discussions about this. It is important for people who design things to practice. We own a pickup truck with a canopy. The dogs are in the bed of the truck. We usually make rest stops along our routes. It is very difficult to let 80lb+ dogs out to pee if we cannot lower the tailgate. It is difficult to load the bed of our truck when the tailgate is not down due to interference with our new jack! I will update soon after I spend my time trying to redesign the product.

👤I can vouch that the new cut gears are much quieter than my 2006 Lippert jack. The new one has a rubber boot that is weather proof.

👤I think it was bought on Prime Day for 40% off. It was on my short list of replacement jacks, so I made the decision easy. You would think that it would be easy to install. There are 3 bolts and a power wire. I can't tell you how old my original Jack was, he died on me and the label was missing. The Lippert is quieter than before. The foot jacks mounting hole runs front to back, and my folding foot mounts side to side like most. I had to drill my own hole. The head of the Jack is larger than my old Jack. The tailgate does not open while hooked to the RV. I have been dragging trailers since I was 15. I paid for what I received, so I am not upset with my purchase. I had to upgrade to a BulletProof hitch to get my trailer further from my truck.

👤We've tried everything. We bought the auxiliary cable to see if it would work that way. No, no. An expert was asked to check it out for us. Want to exchange it and see that it's past the return date? We weren't prepared to have it installed immediately and now we can't return it?

👤The old one worked occasionally, but not all the time. I was really glad I bought a new one. It was very easy to install, and quite different from the old one. It seems a little slower than the old one, but works all the time, so I am glad I switched them.

11. Bulldog 190705 Square Jack Capacity

Bulldog 190705 Square Jack Capacity

SPECIFICATIONS: Lift capacity: 12,000 pounds; Handle style: Sidewind; maximum height (extended): 53.3 inches; minimum height (retracted): 27.4 inches; Material: Steel; Weight: 64 pounds; manufacturer warranty of 5-year warranty. The painted outer tube is the final finish. The inner tube and drop leg are zinc-plated. Optimal side load performance can be achieved by "4.7% outer / inner tube overlap". Fit type: Specific. Fit type: Specific.

Brand: Draw-tite

👤It comes with a mounting extension. A little welding. You have a jack that can handle heavy loads.

👤Highly recommended price, very sturdy.

👤Great product and fast shipping.

👤Just as advertised. Great quality with a dog.


What is the best product for electric jacks for trailers 8k?

Electric jacks for trailers 8k products from Simpleout. In this article about electric jacks for trailers 8k you can see why people choose the product. Lippert and Nthpower are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric jacks for trailers 8k.

What are the best brands for electric jacks for trailers 8k?

Simpleout, Lippert and Nthpower are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric jacks for trailers 8k. Find the detail in this article. Fulton, Stromberg Carlson and Husky are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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