Best Electric Jacks for Trailers Rrar Mount

Trailers 18 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Husky 87641 Electric Wireless Remote

Husky 87641 Electric Wireless Remote

The kit was designed for installation by your dealer or the do-it-yourself on fifth-wheel RVs with 58 inches or greater distance between the two front landing gear legs. Includes 2 keyfobs and a 40 foot range. The planetary gear timing system is used by Smart Stop. It has 4,500 pounds of lifting power. It has a full 18 inch stroke and uses a ball screw. Ball bearings roll through threads that have resistance. Ball bearings roll through threads that have resistance.

Brand: Husky

👤I got home from my 3rd camping trip with this jack and was quite pleased. When I tried to remove my trailer from the truck, it started to lift then slid back down, making weird noises. The floor jack I used to get it off the truck wouldn't work with no load on it. It would only run for a short time and then stop making the same noises. I contacted Husky Towing to see if they could make it right since it was barely used, but they said they couldn't do anything for me because it was three months out of warranty. I would encourage you to never buy another product from this company.

👤It's too early to tell. I am not impressed with the price of $289. The FIC brand 3500lb jack was replaced in 2020. The O.E.M. will probably fail soon. An external circuit breaker with pig tails is provided. How pathetic. The FIC has a board mounted to the head. This is not good. I was expecting the FIC to be louder. If I set up at night, this will wake any camper within 200 ft. Louder than f.i.c. Consider that the HUSKY has recirculating ball and shaft, unlike F.I.C with just Acme thread. The mounting bolts appear cheap. There are no lock washers with flat washers. External star washers were sent. The remotes will not work if they are more than 20 feet from the jack. 3 hours ago The lights on the jack are not very useful. A night lite has two watt capacity. It was not enough to hook up a hitch in the dark. What a joke! The F.I.C. brand had a light on it. So did my car. The unit is in a heavy cardboard box. Will return the comment. I will follow up down the road, I amluke warm on this. 10-13-21

👤A good product. The electric jack I installed on our new travel trailer was the same one we had on our previous travel trailer. The second unit has an annoying quirk. About 20% of the time. The brake won't engage, it's never experienced on the first unit. The only way to get the jack to coast downward under the weight of the trailer tongue is to remove the brake lever dust cover and manually engage the brake with the auxiliary brake tool that came with the unit. This may be a unique problem to my unit, but people should be aware that it can happen. The engineers at Husky included a way to manually engage the brake. I decided the problem was not worth the trouble of sending the unit back.

👤I bought this in May of 2015, and have used it many times. I have a travel trailer with a gross weight of 6000 lbs and it was barely loaded. I unhooked the trailer and it stopped working. It wouldn't go up or down. I know it's getting power because the illumination lights still turn on and off. I was able to unhook the trailer with the help of the manual crank because I was able to reset the circuit breaker. The electric motor is most likely to have failed. It was nice when it worked, but for its price it should last a long time. It worked out to about $3.00 per up/down cycle. The one-year warranty period is not very good. I'm looking at other brands. I found the remote to be of little use and it drained the trailer battery if not disconnected. The next electric jack will not have a remote feature.

2. Ultra Fab Products 38 944040 Phoenix Electric

Ultra Fab Products 38 944040 Phoenix Electric

The package weight is 9.457 kilograms. A new control panel. There were no external switches that broke off. The memory settings remember the hitch position. The new ball screw is strong.

Brand: Uf Ultra-fab

👤It's nice not spinning a handle 40 to 100 times a day. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is grab a block of wood and use a hand crank. The jack goes up and down faster than any other jack I have seen. It works perfectly. The front of the Jack has lights. It makes for a cool night light. It only burns 1 watt. I use it for a fridge and a solar array for batteries, and it has two memory settings for two different vehicles. I use one for the truck and the other for the trailer to level it out when the trucks are not hooked to it. I like to work out of the trailer in the yard and it makes it easier to step into it when it is level. It's only thing. The light is mounted on one side of the car and facing the driver, just like the front one. Other than that. Customer service is top notch, I had a small mistake, and the lady I spoke with was warrantied. I would recommend this jack and company to anyone who asked me. There is a I will be buying another one with my next trailer.

👤I put this on my fish house. For people who don't live in the upper midwest, a fish house is a camper that you drive onto a lake, and people fall in every year because of stupidity. You drill holes through the floor and lower the house to the ice to fish. I use jacks to raise and lower the house. The old jacks were slow and one was failing, so I replaced them with the Phoenix 4000. This thing is fast. The ability to press a button and walk away is important when the wind chill is approaching -30. The memory function is good on pavement, but not perfect on snow and ice. Maybe there are two issues with it. 1) It is expensive. The price of electric jacks is almost double that of me. Will be long term. I am using this in a harsh environment. Equipment is damaged by snow, ice, cold and road salt. We will see how it holds up. The warranty will hopefully offset this. If you register your product quickly, they will give you a 10 year warranty.

👤After two seasons, failed. It died after being extended into rigor. Pick another Jack as you move along. Ultra-Fab has a new offering called the Phoenix. My travel trailer is higher than other models so I wanted an electric tongue jack that had long travel. I was going to say it was truly amazing, but I ran into the cons last week and I had to take a star. I don't mind the power, but I hope customer service will respond to my email. The jack moves up and down very quickly and is easy to install. After unbolting the old jack, the truck was connected to the travel trailer, and the bolts and red thread locker were put back together. The power wire was long enough to extend to the battery. There was a fuse assembly in the box. If you go that route, you will need to get some ring connections for your battery. I'm not sure if the memory holds through a complete power shut off, or if there is a feature that will let you double press the extend button without having to hold the button. The battery was dead at 2volts when it was disconnected for 4 days. The camper has held the battery for two months between charges. Customer service is slow. I sent a message to them last week, but they didn't reply. I hope I get one soon. The box was damaged when it did not arrive in time.

3. Electric Scissor Storage Changes Lifting

Electric Scissor Storage Changes Lifting

A portable and compact design toolkit includes a portable electric car jack kit with a portable electric impact wrench and two sleeves. The electric jack and tools are in a neat place. It can be put in the trunk for backup. The box can't be slid around in the trunk if it's outside the toolbox. The electric car jack takes less than 2 minutes to reach its max. The lifting rang was 14.72 inches. Anyone can lift a car on the roadside. The electric car jack provides a lightweight case. The base and saddle make it stronger. The triangle is designed to be stable. The solid screw rod is reinforced. The electric scissor jack is a great choice for tire replacement. Press the button on the cigarette lighter or car battery to lift your car. From now on, it's time to stop lifting things manually. This portable electric jack for car can be applied in your home garage, road trip, car repair shop, farm or halfway emergency. The car jack and power cable are waterproof, so you can use them on rainy days. The scissor jack can prevent itself from falling after rounds of upgrade and broadening. The jack has a circuit breaker in it. Are you worried about a roadside emergency? The electric car jack kit box has a red triangle on it that can be used as a warning sign. The scissor jack can prevent itself from falling after rounds of upgrade and broadening. The jack has a circuit breaker in it. Are you worried about a roadside emergency? The electric car jack kit box has a red triangle on it that can be used as a warning sign.

Brand: Nthpower

👤The up/down hand switch is easy to use.

👤Good quality and reasonably priced. It is simple and easy to use.

👤I realized at the age of 65 that it was time to look for an alternative after using my hand jack to replace a tire. I thought that there must be an electric jack by now. I went on line and found what I wanted. A friend of mine wanted me to send him a video. All looked good after I got things going. The jack rolled back because I did not use the parking brake and I was on a grade. Oh my gosh, oops!

👤The jack is not strong enough to lift my car.

👤Excellent tool! It works perfectly. The manual units that come with new cars are archaic. I love it!

👤I like Jack, but I wish it was quicker.

👤The base of the jack couldn't take the weight of my car, which is around 3,000 pounds. The bad review is that the base of the jack got bent from one of the corners and dropped my car, but that could have been worse. Before you spend money, think about your safety.

👤It's going to be working better than expected for the unconventional use of this product. It can be used to assist in lifting and turning logs.

4. Stromberg Carlson JET 5000 Electric Jack Black

Stromberg Carlson JET 5000 Electric Jack Black

Up to 5 inch high trailer tongues are included. There is an additional 5" drop down leg. There are two separate night lights. The outer tube is a heavy wall.

Brand: Stromberg Carlson

👤I was replacing a failing jack. My trailer has a lot of tongue weight so I went a little beefier. It's not very fast but it's necessary to support the higher weight limit. Adding an alternate set of mounting holes that would allow me to rotation the unit was the only thing I wish they had done. I noticed a few similar products that have that feature. I didn't want to modify the unit until I made sure it worked, so I just drilled new holes.

👤It is easy to install supper. I should have bought this rig after I got my toy hauler. When the trailer battery died, the manual hand crank came in handy. There is a Dislike. I couldn't close my truck's tail gate all the way because it would hit the motor housing. Had to drill a new hole in the mounting plate to open the tailgate.

👤The unit seems very well built and heavy. The installation of my trailer was difficult because I had to go to bigger bolts and the tongue had steel bracing. Make sure your trailer battery is charged before you use it.

👤I think I could have installed it. I had an RV dealer do it. We were on the road and I would have done it at home. The unit was the same price at the dealer. Jack is a 12 out of 10. Very slow to lift and lower. It is good quality. I recommend.

👤A good price on a power jack. It's easy to install. The hardware was included. It works well. It is easy to lift my Jayco 265RLS. If you use a weight distribution hitch, I would recommend it to anyone with a travel trailer.

👤It works better than expected. It's easy to install. I put it on my 24' race trailer, which is loaded with cabinets and tool boxes, as well as my kart, golf cart, and everything I take to the race track. The trailer is lifted easily.

👤Works well. The item is described. Capable of handling the weight.

👤It was easy to install on my trailer. It's easier than cranking the old school way. I carry a lot of granite and stone and this thing lifts it up without a hitch. Press the buttons and the trailer is lifted or dropped.

5. Bulldog Reese 500200 Frame Power

Bulldog Reese 500200 Frame Power

One blade, one handle, and three There is a power charge and trimming combs. The A-Frame Jack is heavy duty. Lift capacity. Even when a weight distribution system is present, the Spring Loaded Drop Leg Pull Pin makes access easy. Level deployment is easy with single- axis level. When the battery is drained, the emergency manual can be used. The lights make hooking up and connecting easy. The lights make hooking up and connecting easy.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤It's too new to me to know if it's durable or not. I think I'm going to like it. The power jack that came with the Alumascape was replaced. I'm hoping the Bull Dog lasts more than a decade. It was easy to install. The holes in the jack mount were pre-fabbed. I decided to use the old jack to connect the power supply to the battery even though it said to attach the power supply directly to the battery. I don't think the speed that it extends or retracts is any different than our old one, it gets the job done and is a lot more convenient than cranking it down. The drop leg is different from our old jack. It's held in place using the supplied pin kit. This is a fast way to extend the jack. You can adjust height with minimal use of the motor/jack once the drop leg is extended. I like the looks of the light. I like the sound and motion of the power jack, it was on its last leg, and I am happy to travel to all.

👤The spring pin system is garbage. I have had 2 pins fail on me, and Bully Dog refuses to reply to calls or emails. I will have to pay for the spare parts out of pocket. These should be covered by a warranty. The first time they replaced my spring pin, they didn't reply to me about the main cap or 2nd broken spring pin. I would suggest avoiding and getting something more robust. This is not rated for a 3000 trailer, more like 1500.

👤Jack works well. It was very easy to install. I put it in a trailer. The tongue weight is around 1500 pounds. The tongue is lifted by the jack. Well. It does struggle a bit. The power wire on the 7-way and the factory supplied power wire attached to the jack are a little undersize. I don't think a 5000 pound jack should be able to handle a 1500 pound load. I'm happy with the jack.

👤The back of the propane tank cover may be in the way of the head if you are rotating it. I mounted it sideways so that my bed door could open all the way down. I liked its smooth operation. It sounds strong. I owned a Lippert that was rated 3500 lbs and it was much louder and stronger. The lights are nice. The quick pin action is something I like. I would buy it again. The biggest concern was the mounting circle plate welded crooked/slanted, which was the first Bulldog I ordered. I had to return the original one I ordered.

👤The bigger issue is that the lack of support is the main problem. I have left messages and sent emails with zero replies after I called Bulldog. They never allow a claim to be executed so it is easy to see how the offer a 5 year warranty is. Purchase products from any company that isn't under the umbrella of the Horizon company.

6. GOOACC GRC 30 Retainer Expansion Replacement

GOOACC GRC 30 Retainer Expansion Replacement

A car electric jack, 3.5m cable, battery clamp with wire, gloves, and manual are included in the practical accessory kit. All products are put in a box that is easy to use. There are 4 hole sizes from 6.3Mm to 10mm. Push pin rivet for many brands of vehicles. The bumper clips are made of high-quality black nylon and would not break or crack easily. Push clips are widely used for trim panel clips, door trim clips, door Panel clips, bumper clips, fender clips, engine cover and splash shield retainers replacement. Telecom equipment, motor vehicles, domestic appliances, furniture and electrical equipment are some of the applications that it covers. The package includes a 6.3mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Bumper Push Rivet Clips. The package includes a 6.3mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Bumper Push Rivet Clips.

Brand: Gooacc

👤The tool broke when it was used on the first clip. I tried to get a refund, but it wasn't worth it. Stay away, what a ripoff!

👤The kit was bought for the compatible clip. Unless the lower engine cover is shaved down, this clip won't fit on the front lip of the Honda Odyssey. The outer dimensions are the same as the original, but the inner dimensions need to be shaved down. I cut my finger with a box cutter after shaving. Went to the Honda dealer to get the last two clips. It was a perfect fit with the Honda clip. The honda compatible clips are okay. The removal tool is useless. I had to remove some clips. I had to use a small flat head screw driver three times to open the stud tab. I use the included tool to pry open the clips, but it could be done with a bigger screw driver. There is a difference between the original and the after market clip.

👤Plastic screws were torn off the bumper plates after hitting some debris. I didn't know which size I needed, so I bought this set and put it back together. It's been two months and I'm still working well.

👤Most modern cars have plastic liners that are held in place with push screws. I recently noticed that a few of these had gone missing or were damaged. I searched Amazon for an assortment of auto parts and found it. The kit had everything I needed for my truck. Plastic bolts are less expensive than plastic ones, but they do not last as long. I don't know if failure of these fasteners will cause plastic parts of your car to fall off, but it's possible that they will cause weird noises.

👤It's a great alternative to factory clips. The kit and a screwdriver were all I needed to install the front bumper. I used 3 of the 6 different styled clips for the bumper. To attach the lower bumper attachment points, you had to first disassemble the new clips, insert the outer shell of the clip through the bumper, and then press in the inner retainer of the clip. It worked well and held it all securely. It's more important that they hold firmly so that's not a big concern, even though removing them could be difficult and they would probably break. The included tool was useful.

👤A nice set for the price. I have a Honda and have used some of the clips in areas where they were missing or have broken, but you have to realize that not all of them will fit on your car. You get nice quality tools with it. The tools in the kit are what I like the most. You get all the tools you need to remove panels without scratching the paint or interior. I have a set of plastic tools that I use a lot, but they can get beat up after being used a lot, so I always have another set. It's well worth the price to get various clips and tools that will be useful.

7. LEAD BRAND Scissor Capacity Strength

LEAD BRAND Scissor Capacity Strength

The 1 piece handle has an extra-wide base which adds stability and strength. The net weight is :5.68 lbs. You can quickly and easily adjust the height of your vehicles with the scissor jack. Changing tires is child's play now that the smooth-running spindle and handy ratchet handle are present. The strong metal construction made of steel is resistant to high pressure. Saving Strength and Stable Design are the things that come to mind when you think of a handle. Saving Strength and Stable Design are the things that come to mind when you think of a handle.

Brand: Leadbrand

👤The jack was in use for the first time. This jack is the only one I could find with a sockets end. The hand tool is useful, but I wish the jack was better.

👤I tried to use the jack to prop up the corner of the car. The jack started bending in a very unsafe manner as it started to lift the car. I tried again and thought I had messed up. I raised the flat surface slowly. It bent again. I don't recommend this for anything heavier than a lawn mower.

👤I used it on a flat surface in a garage after Jack laid it over. The metal on the top plate is easy to work with. This thing is going to kill someone.

👤The product is dangerous. The instructions are in Chinese. It's not a great problem, but there's a lot more. The base is wobbly and unstable before being weighed. I screwed a pressure treated wooden block underneath to fix the issue. It was 888-282-0465 on a Honda HR-V which comes in over 1.5 tons. I had trouble getting it up to its 15 inch height because the ratchet wouldn't always lock in one direction. It was acting up at 12 inches. I used a wrench to finish the job. It got up to 15 inches. I made sure the car was safe by nudging it a few times to make sure it wouldn't fall over. Instead it dropped three inches and snapped back down to 12. I don't think 12 inches is the maximum safety limit. I don't know if something like that wouldn't have happened if I had done the same at 12 inches. The incident didn't seem to break the jack. It worked well at 15 inches on lighter loads. Less. I will not be returning this because I didn't use it on a car, but rather some heavy equipment that I needed to prop up, that comes in at only 600 pounds. It did a great job even at 15 inches. This product is dangerous. No one should be using this to work on their car.

👤Jack doesn't lift the vehicle straight. Even if emergency break is on, the vehicle will roll over.

👤I own a Honda CRV. My car was not off the ground because I lifted the jack to the highest part it could go. I never needed to use the crank, the threads were so small that I had to tighten the jack all the way up. When I began to lower the jack, the threads spun out of control, meaning I had no control over the jack or vehicle as it was "lowering". Even if you were able to lift your car with this jack, it seems quite dangerous. The crank was mostly made of plastic. I am not sure if I received a shotty manufacturing of this product, but I can't emphasize how useless it was.

👤I took a picture of it. The Honda CRV wheel never left a ground when I lifted up the jack. It takes too much time to change the position of the Ratchet Handle. I don't know what it is. Before buying a car jack, check your car clearance. I had to return it. Honda CRV has a designed car jack.

8. Bulldog Reese 500199 Frame Power

Bulldog Reese 500199 Frame Power

Buyers Products has become a leader in the truck equipment industry because of its commitment to customer care, innovation, and value. The A-Frame Jack is heavy duty. Lift capacity. Even when a weight distribution system is present, the Spring Loaded Drop Leg Pull Pin makes access easy. Level deployment is easy with single- axis level. When the battery is drained, the emergency manual can be used. The lights make hooking up and connecting easy. The lights make hooking up and connecting easy.

Brand: Bulldog Cases

👤So happy that this showed up before we left. The old manual crank was removed and the new power jack was installed in about 30 minutes. The light came on when the power was hooked up. It's cool. The extension jack worked for about 2 seconds before shutting off. Retract the jack by hitting the RET switch. RET didn't do anything after trying again and getting another 1 second of EXT. It was called customer service by Bulldog. They confirmed that it was flawed. I had to take it off and repackage it and return it to Amazon. We won't be able to get the replacement in time for our trip. The old manual crank was reinstalled. I hope the replacement doesn't have the same problem. There is an update... The replacement was delivered in 2 days. I am happy that Amazon did not hesitate to reship even after the old one was received back. All is well now. My trailer is lifted with ease by the new one.

👤This was installed on my boat with 900 lbs of tongue weight. The suspension weight of my tow vehicle is not enough to support the weight distribution bars. My original Barker Manufacturing capacity was greater and I thought the 4000Lbs rating would be an improvement.

👤The product performs as advertised. It was easy to install. The extendable foot allows you to drop it to the closest point before raising the tongue. The only complaints I have are the switches on the front of the unit that can be moved up or down if bumped. They don't have an option to lock them in place. The switch that raises and lowers the tongue isn't as big of a problem as bumping would cause. If the light is bumped during daylight hours and not noticed after dark, it will drain battery power. Both are minimal issues but I wanted to raise them.

👤I smoked two brands that were heavy duty. I have a 13' enclosed work trailer with tools and a heavy tongue. I've had it installed for 2 years and have raised/lowered it on average 4 times a week and it has been reliable and still alive. I put the jack base to the trailer frame for a good ground connection.

👤The bulldog was bolted down after it was removed from the box and the old manual crank down jack was removed. The thread was already in the frame. I just needed a terminal for the end of the wire to work, and a single wire hook up to the positive battery post. It was easy to install the spring loaded drop pin.

👤Works well! It's better than cranking by hand. I have it on a travel trailer with a dry weight of over 6000 lbs. There were no problems at all. If you jack it up, it will lift the tires off the ground. The light from the work light is not as bright as it could be. Installation was easy. It took about 30 minutes. I had enough wire to reach my battery. The kit doesn't include a copper battery terminal, so you need to get one at auto zone. Very easy install. Definitely recommend!

9. Electric Hydraulic 6 1 17 7 Changing Equipped

Electric Hydraulic 6 1 17 7 Changing Equipped

The safety device prevents the jack from falling and keeps the height out of power. The Car Jack is an ideal choice for most trucks, cars, SUV, and MPV. It takes less than 2 minutes to lift to its MAX height, with a loading capacity as high as 5T. The car jack has two ways of power supply, a car battery and cigar lighter. No need to worry about an emergency because there are 2 spare fuses. If you put your electric jack in your trunk, you can use it on your motorcycle. Load weight should never exceed its max on the flat ground. No need to worry about the tire-broken troubles in the middle of no where, with a tire inflator pump installed in the electric car jack. You can monitor the tire pressure with the tire pressure display. If you are a person who is not used to using a floor jack and have never changed a tire before, you would be amazed at how easy and quick this thing is. This portable jack for truck can be used in your home garage, road trip, car repair shop, farm or halfway emergency. On rainy days, feel free to use the electric jack and power cable. Even in the dark, the lift area and your environment can be seen thanks to the two lights. The smart overload protection system starts working when the car jack reaches its MAX height or weight. The bar head has cross lines on top of it to improve lifting. The smart overload protection system starts working when the car jack reaches its MAX height or weight. The bar head has cross lines on top of it to improve lifting.

Brand: Nthpower

👤My son bought this for Christmas and tried it the day after Christmas, but his car broke as he used it, and he had to take it to the store. I have to return the car but I can't get the left part to go back in to place it in the box. This item is a waste of money and it only lasted for five minutes. Very disappointed.

👤I ordered a set for my dad. A dad is the one who fixes our car. Give him a gift that will make it easier for him to lift your car, change your oil, or replace your brake pads. It is a small token of appreciation compared to what he does for you. The set is worth it. My dad was happy to receive this. He has already used it to change a flat tire on his SUV and fix his brother's Honda Civic. The case is sturdy and the jack works well.

👤I was looking for a jack that could be moved around so I could put it under my car and have enough lift clearance to put it up. The automatic lift is very easy to use, I would use it 1-2 times a month. I use the tire pump at least once a week in the summer. I contacted customer service after the lift got stuck and they said it was a product defect. I had a replacement in my mail within 48 hours. One of the only three feature jack in this price range that came with good reviews and a warranty, it is a great jack. It was a great bang for your buck.

👤The unit was great when I got it. I bought it to help me change a flat tire, I am 63 and have very arthritic hands. The lift wouldn't descend after I used it twice. The compressor is still running.

👤If you only need it once, it would be great if you only had to buy it again.

👤I am writing this review to let you know that this product isn't safe for Dodge Ram trucks. When the jack raised up, it looked like it was fine. As it neared the length, it dropped and began to fall.

👤It is large enough for a SUV. Have not used anything and hope I don't. If need be, it is there.

👤It is convenient, easy to use and versatile. The power draw is not properly adjusted with the included fuse. It blows too much.

10. Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue

The blow mold case is easy to store. Easy installation. Installation for the Power Tongue Jack is simple and fast, so you can get to lowering and raising your equipment in no time. It's time to stop cranking the manual jack. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower your trailer in a fraction of the time. Four integrated lights illuminate the ball and coupler, so you can operate your jack at night, worry-free. The Power Tongue Jack is powered by a 12V motor and has a 3,500 pound lift capacity. The jack was built toUGH, made from heavy-gauge, steel construction, a durable, textured housing that prevents chips and cracks, and a black powder-coat finish. The kit has mounting hardware, pins and a manual crank handle. The Power Tongue Jack raises and lowers your trailer with a click of a button.

Brand: Lippert

👤The package was a little loose. There was no damage to the Jack box, which was floating in the larger Amazon box. This is the same jack as many new campers. I have a camper. I was concerned about the fit. I took my old jack out about a minute and a half. I was surprised when I slid the new Jack in the hole and there was no need to do any more work. I don't see a problem with it touching the tank cover. You will have to get a connection for the end of the wire to connect to the battery, but that's understandable as different units have different hook ups. I've only run it up and down a few times since installing, but it's quiet and smooth. It was very easy to install. I bought a cover for the power head because I wanted to protect it from the sun's harmful rays. This is a great Jack, that is reasonably priced. It's a piece of cake to install and hook up and is an industry standard Jack. I wish I would have done this sooner. It took 10 minutes to remove the old Jack and install the new one.

👤I bought this model as a replacement for Lippert's "Smart Jack". Many people, including me, had problems with the jack when they bought that model, so please read the reviews before buying. The Lippert had good reviews and the base of the jack was the same as the original. It was easy to install and lined up perfectly with the old bolt attachment holes. The old jack was removed and the new one was put in its place. Those who think the jack is slow have never used an electric jack. The model operates as fast as the rest of the group. Would buy again.

👤The top cover of my boat had a crack and I noticed it after I installed the Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black. A replacement was sent by Amazon. The light is on when in the off position. The rain started after a few days. The light can be turned on and off. The light starts to come back on after a while. If the other switch that operates the tongue jack started to raise or lower the camper, the levelers would be damaged. It could get worse if you travel down the road in the rain. I disconnected the wire to the tongue jack. Even though it has a 1-year guarantee, I am unable to get a replacement or money back since I am 14 days past the return date for Amazon.

👤This is for the Jayco Jayflight SLX 14RB. I wanted a well built jack that worked well for that camper. This fits the bill. I would crank the manual and it works just as fast. It's worth the money on a hot day. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that it would have hurt the profit margin if it had a cover in for the control head. The control head on the hook up wire should have a cover since there is a variety of ways to hook into different batteries. I had to buy something different. I am very pleased with the product. The instructions are useless. It's easy to operate. A light is pretty nifty on a dark night.

11. HEELP Electric Hydraulic Change Garage

HEELP Electric Hydraulic Change Garage

It's safe. The structure is safe. When the machine lifts beyond the height limit, it will stop working. The electric car jack can lift vehicles of less than 5 tons and takes less than 2 minutes to lift to its MAX height. The high power engine installed in the jack almost matches all the cars. The strenth is more powerful than other jacks. There are two ways of power supply for the car jack: a battery clip with a 12V DC power sockets and a cigarette lighter. The high-power motor almost matches all the vehicles in the market. You can use the car jack on your motorcycle. Load weight should never exceed its max on the flat ground. No need to worry about a tire-breaking emergency with a tire inflator pump in the electric car jack. You can monitor the tire pressure with the tire pressure display. Say goodbye to the tire-changing things. Whether in your home garage, road trip, car repair shop, farm or halfway emergency, this portable jack was applied. The power cable and car jack are waterproof, so you can use them on rainy days. Even in the dark, the lift area and your environment can be seen with the help of two lights. The overload protection system will stop the floor jack from lifting when it reaches MAX height or weight. The bar head has cross lines on it. The red triangle behind the electric car jack kit can be used as a caution sign if there is an emergency. The overload protection system will stop the floor jack from lifting when it reaches MAX height or weight. The bar head has cross lines on it. The red triangle behind the electric car jack kit can be used as a caution sign if there is an emergency.

Brand: E-heelp

👤When I tried it in my car, it went up but not down again, but it wouldn't work in my house. It was broken. The car was jacked up. Be careful.

👤It is nice and handy, but won't fit under a low card like a Honda Accord or Lexus. It lifted my expedition all the way up, without any problems to change a tire.

👤I used this POS to raise my wife's car and my truck twice. I was trying to raise my wife's car which was the third time it had been used and it wouldn't lower. After messing with it for a while, I finally got it to lower like it's supposed to. No luck again. The listing says reliable. That's a bunch of animals. Make sure you run it a few times before your return time is up so you can see if it will work when you need it most. You can buy a different brand if you are smart.

👤I started looking for an electric jack to take with me in case of other events like this after having to use my truck jack to jack up my camping trailer. I waited to put on the new tire and wheel until it arrived, after I took off the spare. It was easy to lift the tire and axle when it was out of the case. A light that points straight up would make aligning the jack with a lift point easy in the dark. Great device!

👤I changed the tires on the SUV. I wouldn't use a regular jack. This thing is great. I can't vouch for the longevity of the compressor, but it's an excellent floor jack.

👤This is great for my car because it can lift my rear wheel off the ground so I can change the tire. It got 4 stars instead of 5. The instruction manual seems to have been written by a child. The English is terrible but one can still understand most of it. 2. Don't use the cigarette lighter sockets as your power source because it will blow your fuse. Attach it to the battery. The kit contains 2 spare fuses.

👤This is my first review. This thing stinks. The jack on my Toyota Camry was frozen after I jacking it up. The other buttons worked, except for the down button. I had to use another jack to remove it after it broke the first time. There is trash. It is now junk because it can't return after 30 days. Don't buy it.


What is the best product for electric jacks for trailers rrar mount?

Electric jacks for trailers rrar mount products from Husky. In this article about electric jacks for trailers rrar mount you can see why people choose the product. Uf Ultra-fab and Nthpower are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric jacks for trailers rrar mount.

What are the best brands for electric jacks for trailers rrar mount?

Husky, Uf Ultra-fab and Nthpower are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric jacks for trailers rrar mount. Find the detail in this article. Stromberg Carlson, Bulldog Cases and Gooacc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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