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1. Sutify Electric Automatic Arthritis Restaurant

Sutify Electric Automatic Arthritis Restaurant

It's the best kitchen tool for anyone who has trouble opening jars due to a variety of conditions. Sutify electric jar opener is useful for seniors, arthritis, weak hands, and hand injury, it is also good for chefs. It is easy to use. The jar opener is 7 inches in diameter, weighs less than a pound and is portable and practical. Press the button to open the can if you put it on it. The shape of the hands free jar opener is very cute and simple. The gear opening design can be used to handle jars of any size. Professional and safe electric jar opener is a suitable tool for all restaurants and picnics. A smooth edge electric can opener is a great gift. They guarantee that their products are of the highest quality. Don't hesitate. Improve your life experience. If you have any questions, just tell them and they will give you a solution.

Brand: Sutify

👤I notice that I don't have the strength in my hands to open Jars as I get older. This is a problem for me because I live alone. I had been trying to open a jar for two weeks. I tried to open that jar after I received it. It opened on the first try. It was very easy to use.

👤The unit is a little funky when trying to use it on jar lids. Sometimes it can't decide whether to open the jar or close it. It is a good idea, but not free from miss-operations. Update on 1/09/2018. The battery cover keeps popping off as it acts like it lost its simple brain. Went in the trash.

👤It was getting harder to open jars as I got older. This works well for most jars so far.

👤The jar grips kept slipping after 6 months of not using and it was hit and miss whether the jar would open or not. The whole unit broke into pieces when the grips touched the glass of the jar, after I switched it on. I threw it in the trash because I was so angry. Don't buy this product. It is dangerous.

👤This works well. I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble opening jars.

👤It's easy to use. It makes opening jars easier when it's too tight or when arthritis makes opening difficult.

👤I had a hard time opening jar lids in the past, but this works now. This is a necessity in my kitchen.

👤I like this device. It is easy to use and helps me open jars. I have a hard time opening jars and this is perfect for me. I use it every time I need to open a jar. Definitely recommend!

👤The button needs to be pressed for the entire opening of the jar lid. I don't know why the instructions won't work, but this is the second machine I've had. The last one lasted for a long time and was great at opening jars, ignoring instructions and pressing the button all the time. I can't say if it's sturdy, but I think it will last for a good 10 years, which is what the last one did.

👤The jar opener didn't work. The jaws closed in the wrong order and wouldn't hold the lid of the jar. We owned a similar item for 15 years and it performed well up to the point where it broke on a really tough lid. We are in the UK and the return address was in the US. I need a refund.

👤I had to take the batteries out to stop the jar lid from falling off because I couldn't turn it. I will see how I get on with the next jar.

👤I have painful hands and this gadget should help.

👤The item is waiting to be returned to the supplier. It isn't suitable for the intended user.

2. Handupfree Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis

Handupfree Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis

Satisfaction Support If the product is damaged or broken during shipping, you should ask the seller for a replacement or refund. 1. It requires no manual labor to be perfect for people with arthritis. 2. Just adjust to fit at the push of a button, and cans are opened effortlessly. 3. The Electric Jar opener uses little energy. A compact and user friendly kitchen device is part of the 4 pact. 5. The size is 6 inches long. 80 lbs.

Brand: Kitchenmuh

👤I like the Hands up Free up Jar opener. It works well on glass jars. And so on. I have the hardest time opening jars. I order it from AMAZON. I love it. It doesn't come EITH BATTERIES. I used my own. In my video. I said so. By mistake. So sad. I think you will like it if you try it. It's very special. If your hand has had many surgeries like mine.

👤I bought this item because it is hard for me to open bottles and jars because of carpal tunnel syndrome. The item worked well and I was happy with it, until today when it wouldn't turn off. I was trying to open the jar of cheese. The product kept going. The only way to stop it was to take the batteries out. I replace the batteries, but they keep getting tighter and tighter, so I have to use a different jar. It is too late for me to return the item, so I will be purchasing another jar opener from another company.

👤After I installed the two small batteries into the can opener, my wife called me from the kitchen to tell me how well the opener worked. I found it in the front of the drawer where we keep stuff like that, not tucked away, because she thanked me for bringing it. Where is the new can opener? It's "wife language" in my house. I like that it is small in size, and it fits anywhere. It's amazing when I'm camping.

👤I have arthritis in my hands and twotrigger fingers, which makes opening jars difficult, so I was looking for something to open. The wedge-type openers require hand strength. I looked at one that was under a cabinet, but I still needed the strength to turn the jar. I have never seen one of these, but the videos of how it works on its own impressed me. I used to be able to do it, but now it's not possible.

👤I tried to open my first jar with my new opener. I put the opener in the jar. The outside claws touched the jar after pushing the button. The opener proceeded normally after I released the button. The battery cover flew off when the lid was released. I might have been responsible for not getting the battery door seated correctly. The package had one of the rubber claws in it. I tried to affix the rubber claw to the arm, but it wouldn't stay on. The jar opener is useless if there is no rubber gripper. I would not trust the jar in the future without that rubber claw in place. The item did work as advertised and opened the jar, but it was three stars because of a broken item. If the vendor doesn't provide a solution, I will have to return the item to Amazon.

👤The jar opener is amazing. Really! I've tried it on a lot of lid sizes. When using a gripper mat, there have been some lids that I could not open. I didn't think this opener could open them. I have had no mechanical issues with it. I highly recommend it. Why fight with tight lids? It's a blast to watch.

3. Hamilton Beach Automatic Opener 76800

Hamilton Beach Automatic Opener 76800

The edge of the can is not sharp and will not cause your hands to be cut, if you use the electric can opener. Push-button opening. Place the jar opener on top of the jar. It's easy to store in a drawer or cabinet. No jar is too tall. It was built to last. Refer to the User Guide and the instructional video before using.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I got this for my mother as a Christmas present after much thought and consideration. She's always having trouble opening jars. We opened the package, carefully read the directions, and found a jar of apple sauce as a test subject, in anticipation of taking this thing out for its maiden voyage. We positioned this thing on the jar and excitedly crowded around. It goes into its routine and starts complaining. It fell off the jar instead of being tightened on the lid and popping it off. It felt like the dork behind the curtain was the wizard. We were done after a couple more unsuccessful attempts. I was not going to force equipment on my mother. It would only serve to annoy her. I asked her what she would prefer, so I packed this thing back up and returned it to Amazon. She decided to go for a new Echo. She saw mine and sold me. I didn't want to give her an Echo since it wouldn't really work out, but I was still considering what to give her. Well, sir. The 85 year-old lady took her Amazon Echo to the water and it was her new best friend. She doesn't care because she's enjoying her favorite music and she still struggles with jars.

👤Many of the jars today are plastic with plastic lids and this item only works on metal lids. I've read and followed the instructions, but it only opened a jar once, and I had to assist by pushing the one arm in as one arm grabs better than the other and turning the jar with my bad hand. If the jar was refrigerated and the lid was moist, it won't work on the lid. Even though I had surgery in the beginning of August, I am still getting therapy on my right hand, as I do not have any strength in this hand. I need something to help open jars. I would like to return it and get a refund, but I have not found this item to be of assistance to me.

👤The person was dead on arrival. The OPEN LID button wouldn't do anything. The other button worked. Hamilton Beach was directed on the box for problems. They discontinued this item and haven't sold it in a year. They wouldn't repair or replace the unit. It was sent back to Amazon as a damaged product. I will not buy again. Hamilton Beach is disappointing because no longer in production and not supported by the manufacturer.

👤My mother mentioned that it was difficult to open jars and that she avoided making certain dishes that required ingredients that were not stored in a can. I immediately searched for a remedy when I saw this in my head. I chose this model despite it being discontinued, because of the reviews posted here and elsewhere. If it didn't work, I would shell out $150-300 for the next best model, but luckily it worked just as advertised, which she happily showed me during my next visit. I was hesitant to buy this because it seemed too easy to use, but I saw for myself that it works. I don't understand why it was stopped. If I can find one, I will definitely buy again.

4. Hands Free Electric Bottle Opener Seniors

Hands Free Electric Bottle Opener Seniors

Any jar size can be adjusted. The size is inches. The packaging size is 9 inches by 1.5 inches. The item weight is 5 ounces. The power supply has 2 AA batteries sold separately.

Brand: Giaretti

👤I want to know how to change the size of the bottle cap opener from small to large, as it doesn't change sizes even if I tried. I have written you about this problem many times. I am trying to fit an ice tea bottle in it's proper size, but I can't open it because it's closed. Eileen Shiraishi.

👤I am so happy I found this. It opens small caps like water bottles and ice tea. It is very easy to hold. Others have been bulky and awkward. Many people don't open the small water bottle caps. This is perfect for that. It's easy to fit in a drawer instead of taking up counter space. It has been used for months without any problems. It is recommended to anyone with arthritis or problems with strength in their hands. You will be able to remove those smaller caps with this.

👤My mother loves this and I got it for her. She was trying to open water bottles with scissors rather than asking anyone around her to help. She can keep her independence while using something unique. It is an added bonus that she sometimes forgets how things work so she stops using them, but the process for using it is very intuitive.

👤Everyone needs this in their home. The bottle opener is very easy to use. I have carpal tunnel and using this is very easy. Place your bottle over the button. Hold onto it while the opener does his job. I ordered a second opener because I loved it so much.

👤I bought this for a parent who had hand surgery. This is a great product. The instructions are not in English so it is easy to use. I tested this product on water bottles and other hard to open items. Products with plastic wrap were easy to use. I'm happy.

👤The first time I used it, it didn't work. After it tightened the bottle cap, it kept turning the bottle around. There is a The opener closed completely after I got it off. I can't open it. I was so happy with the performance that I ordered the jar opener. I have used it many times and it has never failed. The bottle opener was something I was hoping for. Very disappointed! To return it.

👤I love this product. I have carpal tunnel and this product makes opening bottles easier on my wrist. It was an item that Amazon carries. This senior says thank you.

👤This opener can fit up to a juice bottle. You need to hold the bottle and opener tight and let the gray clamp open the bottle. There were no English instructions on the box.

5. Electric Automatic Elderly Arthritis Sufferers

Electric Automatic Elderly Arthritis Sufferers

To open a jar on the unit, press the button. The arms will be reset to their innermost position. The small unit is even smaller because of this. Press the button and the electric jar opener will open and close automatically. It's suitable for people with arthritis or hand pain, only need to press the button on the jar opener to open the can. The electric jar opener is easy to use, regardless of the elderly or children, just put it on the bottle and press the button, it will cut in a circle along the bottle. The electric jar opener is suitable for most bottles, so you don't have to worry about it. The jar opener can be used in the kitchen and does not take up a lot of space. It's the best gift for friends.

Brand: Got-luck

👤The Electric Jar opener was recommended to me by my OT Therapist. I have horrible arthritis in my hands and wrists, and my OT therapist is helping relieve the pain, but I'm going to have to rely on tools to do the work for me. She showed me on her laptop the Electric Jar opener that is recommended by OT therapists. She told me that she uses it in her home. I went home and ordered it. It arrived two days later. I was impressed with how well it was made and how well it was packaged in a box. I grabbed a jar of pickles and put in 2 AA batteries. I pushed the green button and watched the "jaws" pull the sides of the jar together. When a jar is opened, I heard the pop. I removed the opener from the jar. I have a jar of food. She was spot on when she recommended the electric jar opener. If you have arthritis in your hands, it can be difficult to open jars. The electric jar opener is for sale. You'll be able to open the jar without hurting yourself. I would recommend this electric jar opener to friends and family.

👤This is a good product at a good price. It doesn't open real big jar lids, which is disappointing. I have trouble with that one. It works well on smaller jars so you won't be disappointed. I buy a gallon of pickles every time I go grocery shopping. The Electric Jar opener can't open those jars. The lids are too large for the opener and too small for me to hold them.

👤This is a great tool to have in the kitchen. I usually try to pry under the lid with a butter knife, but I had to beat on the top to get it loose. If no kids are here, I have to fend for myself and I don't have the strength to open jars. This requires batteries to work. Most people have spare batteries because they are just standard size batteries. My kitchen is red and black, so it only comes in red. Put this on the jar and it loosens the lid. It couldn't be any harder.

👤The harder it is to open jars, the older I get. My hands are not what they used to be. I finally decided to get ajar and can opener. I took a chance on it because I thought it was interesting that this one was powered instead of relying on brute force of gravity. It's pretty awesome. It doesn't work very fast but it works. I am very happy with the purchase of several sticky-lidded jars. My hands are happy that I was not able to open the jar.

👤An older model broke after about 15 years of service, so we bought this item. The updated version is easier to use. Once you put it on the jar, you want to push the button to open it. Even with the most stubborn lids, it will open the jar and then reverse to its fully open position ready for the next jar. This is a must have for the kitchen.

6. Robotwist Automatic Improved Opening Performance

Robotwist Automatic Improved Opening Performance

This kit is perfect for elderly people and will be a great gift for anyone who wants to open jars, cans or bottles. The new version of the Robo Twist Jar opener has an improved Torque power which makes it easier to open the toughest jars. Automatic system can open jar lids without any effort. To use it, you need to set it down over the jar, press the button, and watch the vice grips hold it in place. It works for any JAR. The jar opener has 2 large twisting vice grips that can hold up to 3.5 inches of lids, making it compatible with different sizes and types of jars. Perfect for everyone. The design of the jar opener is meant to make life easier for people with limited grip strength. To open a jar on the unit, press the button. The arms will be reset to their innermost position. The small unit is even smaller because of this.

Brand: Emson

👤I was going to get a new Robotwist in early October, but I dropped and broke one of the jaws that hold the lid. When I saw the advertised model had "Higher Torque for Improved Jar opening performance", it sounded like the new one would be even better than my previous model. Wrong! The first one I received had a motor that sounded like the whole machine was going to fall apart. I felt it shake my hands in a very bumpy way as I held it. I returned the first one through Amazon's return service, and they sent me a second one as a replacement, but I had to wait for it to arrive at the airport. I put the batteries in and turned it on. The machine didn't sound like it was falling apart and it had a very low humm, probably because the jaws wouldn't move at all. I replaced the batteries. The jaws wouldn't budge. I returned the second machine because I was disgusted by the first one and requested a refund of the purchase price. I don't understand why this product became un-useable when the original one I owned was so good.

👤I ordered a jar opener for my mother-in-law and one for me. The packages for both items were open when they arrived. I put the batteries in the first one. The jaws went towards the narrowest position as the RoboTwist came on. I gave up on the device after it didn't return to the open position as it was supposed to, and the motor kept running for a while. It was impossible to use because the batteries never came back to the open position after being put in. The second RoboTwist was also bad and came from an opened package. Don't buy from this vendor. They are pawning off their faulty products to consumers in hopes that they will not be returned, so the consumer will not be paid, but not the vendor.

👤When it first came out, I bought a RoboTwist. It worked well and I liked it. I decided to replace it with another. The one who got stuck on the jar couldn't open it. The RoboTwist wouldn't come off. I manually twisted the arms to open the lid. It wouldn't work anymore and it would just hum. Amazon replaced it for me. I pressed the green button without a jar under it to make sure it would close and open. It hummed as it closed. It wouldn't open again. This is not as good as my original. Don't buy it!

👤The jar opener I ordered was a generic one. The name "robotwist DELUXE" was not on the instructions. The only place it said that it was located was on a printed sticker over an old one. The item they were selling as a generic item was not one touch as advertised and made horrible sounds, which was important for the person I was buying for. It was packaged in a way that was deceiving and I suspect used. You can order elsewhere.

7. Electric Restaurant Automatic Seniors Arthritis

Electric Restaurant Automatic Seniors Arthritis

5. The size is 6 inches long. 80 lbs. Simply press the button to open the jar completely. Perfect for people with arthritis or hand pain, the Jar opener requires no manual labor. The accessories are made of durable, safe and sturdy ABS. The electric jar opener uses little energy. The jar opener is the best hands-free solution for you.

Brand: Instacan

👤I ordered this to help me open jars because of arthritis. I researched this type of kitchen tool and settled on this item. The tracking number said the product would arrive on that day. The packaging was correct for the product. I put the batteries in it, which is fine. The jar was put on top of it's owner's house and the jar was released when the inner jaws grabbed the lid. I wrapped my hands around the jar and let the product do its thing. After opening the jar and letting the product run its course, I lifted the product off the jar and let it go. The jar was opened. The outter jaws of the product may slip during the opening procedure if the jar is found to be moist. Don't worry, stop the opening process, dry the jar with a kitchen towel, and resume opening. The size and weight of the product are perfect for a person who is recovering from double carpal surgery, and bilateral hand arthritis. Would I buy it again? I'm looking into purchasing another one for my 5th wheel kitchen to use when I travel with my wife. Will I purchase from the manfucater again? I am buying an electric can opener today. I hope my review helps you make a decision. #thekilted

👤This jar opener is for sale. I wish I'd known about this device earlier because it opens jars with no problems. I used to have a hard time opening jars, but thanks to this opener, it's no longer a problem. If you have health problems, you can't open jars because the vacuum seal is tight. Push the green button and within a few seconds the jar lid will open and you will hear a pop. This is one of the best kitchen gadgets.

👤I love this jar opener. I grabbed a jar that I haven't been able to open since December when it arrived. I pressed the button after putting the opener on top of the jar. The jar was open in less than a second. Don't hesitate to get one, you will be happy.

👤I don't use my left hand or arm. A push of a button opens the jars. I was unsure if I would have to use my left hand. I don't. With a push of a button, I can open jars myself. If you're challenged with one hand, it's very handy.

👤My sister has trouble opening screw top jars. Not anymore, this is a great way to open a jar. We love it. smacking jars on the floor is no longer an option. The device is really good at opening jars. I don't know how we got on without one. This is for people who have trouble opening food jars. It's wonderful. Everyone in the house uses it.

👤When I need a jar open, I have a weak wrist and don't always have a designated person to open it. I opened my first jar after my husband looked at the toy. This helps me a lot and gives me some independence.

8. Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis Arthritic

Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis Arthritic

The jar lid opener is small and easy to store in your kitchen drawer. A must-have kitchen tool. Place the jar opener on the bottle and press the button to open it. The jaws of the electric jar opener will return to their original position after the opening. The electric jar opener has a jaws that adjust to open the bottle if you press the button. The jaws of the bottle can be adjusted to open almost any bottle. With the automatic opening design of the electric jar opener, you can easily open the bottle with press after jar jaws catching the bottle body. It is comfortable to hold according to the design of the human palm. It is designed for seniors with arthritis and vulnerable with hands. A jar opener is a gift.

Brand: Meteralla Instacan

👤My mom has arthritis and it is difficult for her to open most jars. It is great to watch the inner jaws open the jar once it is latched onto it. We opened three jars in a row to see if it could handle them. It quickly handled small jars of jam and bullion and a large jar of sauerkraut. The instructions are a little clearer and the motor is a bit louder but nothing bothered us. I didn't know it, but my mom was thinking of ordering it for herself after seeing a similar item on a TV shopping channel. This was a present for her. I was glad I gave her the one she wanted before she ordered the other one. The one she was considering was 20% more expensive than the one I paid for.

👤This little machine looked like a great idea to open larger jars because of my arthritis. After a few uses, it stopped working and went through the full circuit. I would stop it and try again. The opener didn't get to go through the full cycle, which didn't seem to work. It was very sad that this device didn't work out. Will write to Amazon if I can get a refund or if they can get in touch with the seller.

👤My wife has been affected by arthritis. It is increasingly difficult for her to open jars with a manual opener. When I'm not around, cooking or baking stops until I open the jar for her. The jar lids are so tight that it's difficult to get them off. We've been using this jar opener for a while. It works great on jars of various sizes.

👤Follow the instructions and you will be happy. You need to be patient with this little device. It takes a while to line up and work. You can't think it's too slow because it won't hold the jar or bottle in a second. I have to train my mother and son on the virtue of patience. Mom has arthritis. She was happy with it once she realized how to work it. I'm ordering myself one because there's always that one jar in my house that won't open.

👤My elderly mother-in-law and anyone with strength issues will love this electric jar opener.

👤I will never buy an opener like this again. The first time it worked. I opened a jar and it kept opening and closing until it wouldn't turn the lid off. It would open again and close again, taking a long time to open and close. I took out the batteries and knew I would have to return them. I think they are selling returned items and hoping people don't take the time and effort to package it back up to ship it back for credit. Very sad. It did not work. I wanted it to work and keep it. I need to replace it. This time will be smart and not spend money on an electrical one.

9. Electric Opener Kitchen Gadget Automatic

Electric Opener Kitchen Gadget Automatic

The jar opener can be used in the kitchen and does not take up a lot of space. It's the best gift for friends. The electric jar opener is made of sturdy Internal steel material to ensure it is durable. It won't open a mayonnaise jar if it's on a plastic lid. The soft edge design ofSilicone will not hurt your hands. Older people who don't have as much strength in their hands need this invention. Press the button for 3 seconds and it will open the bottle cap. It's the best kitchen tool for anyone who has trouble opening jars due to a variety of conditions.

Brand: Besmon

👤The electric jar opener worked well for a while. I taped the piece that holds the battery in because it couldn't be put back in correctly. The cushion on the end of the grabber came off, so I snapped it back on. We really needed this item for our hands. It isn't made any better.

👤Our previous unit sounded like a cement mixer, but this unit is very quiet. Our hats are off to the inventor of the device that helps older people with arthritis and disabled veterans. Great job.

👤It seems like it doesn't have the power, but if you give it a few minutes, it will work. The wind-up can take a minute to begin. The outer vice closes around the sides of your subject and holds it while the inner glamp begins to twist. It's open and you're stress free.

👤The jar opener is battery operated. I am amazed and delighted every time I use it. From small to large, lids just surrender. I have a disease. It has been a problem for a long time. I was searching for a solution that would allow me to open a jar without having to tap the tile floor. I gambled by buying it. I won! I will never consider a future without it. The device does all the work. The instructions help the process. I put it on top of the jar. It's small and light. I keep it in a drawer. It's worth it.

👤The bottle opener was easy to use. I tried it out on a 17oz bottle and popped in 2 fresh AA batteries. A jar of pickles. It was like a dream. This is the only jar I've tried to open. I had an accident that left me with one hand and one arm. It is almost impossible to open jars. If no one is around to help you open those jars of food, there is hope with this device. I did not need two hands for this opener. I put the opener on top of the jar. The jar was held with the on button. It popped the top off. I gave this a 4 star since I only used it once. Depending on how well it performs with other jar sizes, the rating could go up or down.

👤I have arthritis in my hands that makes it difficult to open jars and bottles. This sounded like a solution. It was heavy and couldn't be used on plastic jars or bottles. I need a product that will work on all containers.

👤I injured my left arm and this was the only way to get jar lids off. It works on all kinds of jars and handles them with ease. It is rare that a product does what it says it will do.

👤A friend of mine bought this product and had me try it out. It was easy to open jars. I used to use round or square thin rubber pads, but this is superior. No pain! I have arthritis in my hands and it makes opening jars miserable. You need to get one if you don't have it. I will give these as gifts for Christmas.

10. Kichwit Opener Stainless Keychain Included

Kichwit Opener Stainless Keychain Included

The jar opener is made of heavy steel and plastic and will not rust. The bottle opener key chain is made of aluminum and is a bonus. It's suitable for jars with lids between 1” to 3.7” diameter. The jar opener is made of strong material. The easy to twist is because the teeth on the clamps hold the lid tightly and you don't have to twist a lot. Most jars open with a simple twist. You will no longer have to struggle to open the jar's lid with this gift. It's perfect for seniors and people with arthritis. The jar lid opener is small and easy to store in your kitchen drawer. A must-have kitchen tool.

Brand: Kichwit

👤If you have carpal tunnel or arthritis, this product is not useful. It would require both hands to hold something you are trying to open if you were able to get enough Torque on the handle. I was unable to open three of the three jars. I put it in a box to donate it to a charity. It was useless for me. Someone with two strong hands is a possibility.

👤I have bought several jar opener gadgets over the years, but most of them were a total waste of money, because they really didn't work, or did work only after a lot of effort, but were not easy and quick. This one is. It's as easy and quick as you could ever want. It's a slap in the face to one's masculine pride to be defeated by a jar you simply cannot open, just by conjuring up all your strength, and getting all red in the face, and raising your blood pressure to dangerous levels, just to try to get the lid off The strap wrench is the only one that will open a jar, but that is an admission of defeat, and the primary reason that we bring ourselves to the brink of blowing our top in an effort to open a stinkin' jar! The simplicity and ease of this little gizmo makes it easy to use, and we just have to turn it clockwise, to open the jaws, and then turn it back counter-clockwise, until the grips engage the lid, and then keep turning to the left until the seal pops. I had the chance to use it to open a jar of salsa tonight. When I remembered my new little gizmo, I knew it was the perfect time to put it to the test. It popped that lid right off, almost instantly, and I'll swear my blood pressure didn't rise even a half a point! There is a It made me look like a genius for realizing that it was a winner. There is a And it is!

👤It looked strong and sturdy at the beginning of the examination. It fell apart after being used a few times. The handle's seating area seems to have too much free play. The gear that engages the inner teeth is too twisted. The meshing action is lost because the teeth slip up and over the gear. The result? It splits into two. I was able to get Humpty Dumpty back together, and install a clip in the handle's shaft. Hopefully it won't fall apart again now that it's more stable. The designers did not figure that out. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤It is not useful with any form of disability. You need a good grip, wrist strength, and two hands to use it. Extra leverage is definitely better than nothing at first. The grip wears out after a few uses and the device can no longer hold onto the jar lid. The jar lid can be removed if you try to open it without it. The jar's rotating mechanism is the same one that tightens around the jar to hold it in place. Once the grip wears down, it tightens around the jar as you twist it until it pushes the jar out of the device's grip. You're better off with a butter knife and an oven mitt at that point. I tested that theory on 5 different jars.

11. EZ Off Opener Sizes White

EZ Off Opener Sizes White

It is possible to open any size can. It's no longer a chore to open cans. The can opener at Hamilton Beach can open cans from small to large. The door will open to a tight situation. LIDS EXTREMELY SUNG - If it's factory sealed, child proof, or just stuck from what's inside the jar, EZ Off will grab hold of it. The off Jar opener will deliver a simple twist. All Jar LID sizes are open. Try anything small like a bottle of water, nail polish or a wide container of peanuts. Installation and operation are easy. It's easy to install the EZ Off with the pre-attached, peel-and-stick adhesive and 3 included screws. It's ideal for children, the elderly, carpal tunnel sufferers, those working in kitchens, and those with limited use of hands. You will never know it's there. The jar opener is hidden under a cabinet, cupboard, counter, or shelf, taking no valuable storage space. The jar opener is made in the USA. Premium materials are used in the making of the EZ Off.

Brand: Ez Off

👤If it is installed correctly, it works well. The picture is not straight. The bottom of the "V" should point toward the person holding the jar. It helps to keep the jar lid flat against the top of the opener, which makes the opener work better, and it also helps to keep the jar balanced when the lid opens. Don't put it toward the wall at the front edge of the cabinet. Woody S is in Virginia Beach.

👤I've tried a million different tools and gadgets for opening jars, and each one had its own issues. The perfect jar opener requires no space in your kitchen drawers or counters and is simple to use. One person suggested placing the opener in the front of the cabinet, with the sharp end of the "V" closest to you. I followed the directions and it worked well. I placed an order for a gift for my sister.

👤This is wonderful. I can't spread my thumbs out wide, so opening a large jar is nearly impossible. I use channel lock pliers for most, but a jar of pool chemicals that weighs over 2 pounds works with them. However! Do not install this in a way that shows the point of the V farthest from you. If you do, you will have the weight of whatever you're opening dragging down while you are trying to push the jar back against the V and turncounterclockwise, which isn't natural. If the jar is wide, slippery, or cold, you might find the jar slipping out of your hand if you don't have good grip strength. If you're tall or standing on a low stool, it's not easy to use both hands with your arms extended. It's doable but why do you have to struggle? If you can, put it next to the right side wall of the lip that is under the cabinet, if you can, by using the V pointing towards you. You can pull the jar towards you if you turn it clockwise and it will open in half a turn. It will be close to your body. Pulling towards you is much easier than turning. You will be amazed. You will want to open every jar in your fridge just for fun, like I did. The maple syrup bottle has a lid, so no more running hot water to get it off. I'm adding one to my garage so I don't have to go to the house to open the pool chemical jars. The design of this thing is great, but what they do to make installation easy is even better, and I don't understand why towel bars, racks, and other things that have to be mounted just where you want them, don't do this. Don't try to use it before you put in the screws, it won't stick, even though the instructions suggest that the screws are optional. It's no longer necessary to mark, drill, put up, and hold it with one hand while you try to get a screw to go into the hole you drilled. This is very easy. Beaucoup is a compliment to your engineers. You have done a great job and you had people like me in mind. Go coach the other manufacturers who can't seem to get that everyone has the right to open the things they buy. There are other tools like this that don't work at all. The other reviewers convinced me that I was wrong to be hesitant to buy this. The part of the lid that goes in is deeper and has 2 blades to grip the lid instead of one. If you've tried others like this, you should try this one. You will love it!


What is the best product for electric jar opener besmon?

Electric jar opener besmon products from Sutify. In this article about electric jar opener besmon you can see why people choose the product. Kitchenmuh and Hamilton Beach are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric jar opener besmon.

What are the best brands for electric jar opener besmon?

Sutify, Kitchenmuh and Hamilton Beach are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric jar opener besmon. Find the detail in this article. Giaretti, Got-luck and Emson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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