Best Electric Jar Opener for Seniors

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1. Seniors Arthritis Stainless Cabinet Multi Function

Seniors Arthritis Stainless Cabinet Multi Function

Safety and energy saving. The can opener only requires 2 AA batteries to start working. The Moeuonb Jar opener is made of allstainless steel and has hardened teeth that are wear resistant and never rust. Plastic jar opener is stronger and more durable than an electronic can opener, it is simpler and has a longer lifespan than an electronic can opener. It's a very useful kitchen tool that opens all sizes of cans, like a water bottle, a spice bottle, jam, molasses, canned fruit of all sizes. It's easy to install and use with 3 peel-and-stick adhesives and 3 screws. The lid can be opened with one hand, it's perfect for weak hands, elderly, chef, carpal tunnel, people working in the kitchen, and amputees. It is safe and convenient. Their cap opener is made of thick steel and has a brushed surface. They offer a 180 day money back guarantee, excellent customer service, and 100% guarantees your satisfaction.

Brand: Moeuonb

👤Sturdy construction made of strong steel. I used to own a partly plastic jar opener. I like this one more. I wanted to install under a wire shelf instead of a kitchen cabinet so the installation took a little longer. I can use this method to move the opener. I had it for less than a week. I'm very satisfied with the way it's working.

👤Hi quality. Plastic will last less thanstainless steel. It's easy to install and always ready to go. Jars are easier to open with this device. There is no more pain in the wrists or frustration in trying to open a jar.

👤The device is easy to use and makes my life easier. It can open all jars.

👤The jar opener works well. You can use it with any jar. You can use either or both of the screws. I used both to make sure it was securely attached. It seems well made and sturdy. It is not going to be easy to break. The screw holes are close to the jaw parts, so it was difficult to get the screws screwed in.

👤I was not expecting that. It has a good amount of weight. Does not think it will break. Very happy with the product. No regrets.

2. Electric Automatic Openers Operated Arthritis

Electric Automatic Openers Operated Arthritis

You will never know it's there. The jar opener is hidden under a cabinet, cupboard, counter, or shelf, taking no valuable storage space. The elderly, arthritis or rheumatism patients have difficulty completing daily tasks, especially when cooking. This kitchen accessory can help you open jars and bottles in a more convenient way without putting stress on your joints. One-key operation. The jar opener is very easy to use, no need to hold the bottle opener by hand, it will automatically open the bottle cap, and stop after completion to ensure safe use, real safety can opener. The jar lid opener can be adjusted to any jar size, and the interior is made of sturdy steel to ensure it is durable. It's a must-have for the kitchen. mayonnaise jars will not be opened because it is not suitable for plastic lids. This electric jar opener is a perfect gift for the elderly. Safety and energy saving. The can opener only requires 2 AA batteries to start working.

Brand: Bydwdyb

👤Is not ez to operate.

3. Homelet Electric Automatic Effortless Arthritics

Homelet Electric Automatic Effortless Arthritics

If you're dissatisfied with Zsirue Jar/Can/Bottle opener, Zsirue 24X7 worry-free customer service are always ready for you. Automatic jar opener is designed for people who don't have enough strength to open jars. People not easy to use hands and arthritics can't be solved with conventional hand yaid jar opener. The jar openers can work out in a short time. This is a great gift for women and couples who have everything. The life quality is improved by this top device. The jar can be used on caps with a diameter of 1.2- 3.5 inches and a jar body of 1.5-4 inches. It can be used as a multi opener kitchen tool and can remove stubborn caps which can't be twisted by a manual jar opener. Effortless arthritis jar opener are applicable to daily screw-top vacuum glass bottles. Homelet jar lid opener is easy to use. It will start to work automatically if you place the jar on a flat surface and press the jar open button for 3 seconds. The bottle opener has two jaws, one for fixing the jar body and the other for griping and opening the lid. You can do something else while the master opener is working. This arthritis gift has been upgraded to two jaws to accommodate jars with different sizes. The jar key is programmed to open jars automatically. The best senior gift is arthritis tools. The jar opener prime for seniors with arthritis doesn't use a blade but the jaws are more environment-friendly to use. The jar opener hands free is portable and space-saving. You can either camp or travel with it. Storage is made easier by the design. When not in use, contract the jaws of the master opener. The arthritis tools for hands make life easier. Homelet Official Store has excellent pre-sale and after-sale service. They are available to you at all times.

Brand: Homelet

👤The instructions are clear and it opens bottles. You just have to hold the button down while the arms move into position, but after that you can open the bottle. I would recommend it to others.

👤I got it but it won't start. I tried to open a can of soup with it, but it wouldn't open. I have arthritis and it won't work with this item. 16.98. I threw the packaging away because I didn't think about it. I am going to find a nice neighbor.

4. Electric Restaurant Automatic Openers Arthritis

Electric Restaurant Automatic Openers Arthritis

Their goal is to make life easier for you, that's why they make products that are practical and convenient. There's no risk because they back them up with a Money- Back Guarantee. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied. They want to fulfill your needs. Automatic jar opener for seniors with arthritis and those with weak hands. An electric jar opener is one of the best kitchen gadgets. Automatic jar opener is a great gift. The electric jar opener is battery powered and consumes very little energy. These batteries should last a long time. The jar opener has a hands-free design. It's easy to free your hands. The jar opener has an efficient non-slip clip and a non-slip grip. The electric jar opener is safe and eco-friendly. The electric jar opener jars have a lid diameter between 1.2 and 3.5 inches. The automatic jar opener can be used for regular and vacuum glass jars. Electric jar opener don't work with plastic jars. Press the Open Jar button to open the electric jar opener. The inner arm wraps around the lid and rotates to release it, while the outer arm holds the jar. Before the electric jar opener works, make sure the lid and jar are dry.

Brand: Instacan

👤If I remove my negative review, I will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. I don't think this is a good tactic. Thank you. I bought this jar opener because I'm going to have hand surgery soon and I wanted to open jars with only one hand. I tried it out on a jar that I usually have trouble opening. The first two times it was running. I was able to remove the opener. I took the batteries out to stop it. I tried to open the jar again. It looked like it was working, then it popped off and the batteries flew out of the room. The dogs and I were scared. I couldn't put it back on because one of the outer rubber pieces broke. It was enough for me. I'm very sad. I wanted this to work when I can't open jars with both hands.

👤When my daughter said she would be having carpal tunnel surgery, I bought her an electric jar opener. I knew she would love it because I bought it for myself and it does a great job.

👤This was a great gift for my mom. She says it's easy to use and that it helps her a lot. This is a good recommendation for anyone who has issues opening jars.

👤I was unable to open bottles, jars, and other objects after dislocating two fingers. I needed help quickly, and this little machine was able to help me. I've opened everything from large plastic mayonnaise jars to small glass pimento jars. I had to hold the machine over the jar with both hands while it was doing its thing because jars must be dry. Just let the machine open its jaws and try again if it slips off. It will work. I will include a video of the machine in this post as soon as possible.

👤The description didn't say that it doesn't work with plastic jars. This was a gift for my mother who is out of state. She can't return it. I feel like I have been ripped off. It will open glass jars. What to do with the other half of the jars?

👤I tried many methods to open the jar, including asking friends. I ordered the jar opener and it worked out well.

👤This type of product is important to me because I use one arm. The last one I got had a very difficult battery compartment, but I didn't notice that this one only has one button. It came with zero instructions. I haven't had time to think about it again. It's a pretty red and I gave it 2 stars.

👤I have arthritis in both hands and it's easy to use.

5. Electric Automatic Elderly Arthritis Sufferers

Electric Automatic Elderly Arthritis Sufferers

To open a jar on the unit, press the button. The arms will be reset to their innermost position. The small unit is even smaller because of this. Press the button and the electric jar opener will open and close automatically. It's suitable for people with arthritis or hand pain, only need to press the button on the jar opener to open the can. The electric jar opener is easy to use, regardless of the elderly or children, just put it on the bottle and press the button, it will cut in a circle along the bottle. The electric jar opener is suitable for most bottles, so you don't have to worry about it. The jar opener can be used in the kitchen and does not take up a lot of space. It's the best gift for friends.

Brand: Got-luck

👤The Electric Jar opener was recommended to me by my OT Therapist. I have horrible arthritis in my hands and wrists, and my OT therapist is helping relieve the pain, but I'm going to have to rely on tools to do the work for me. She showed me on her laptop the Electric Jar opener that is recommended by OT therapists. She told me that she uses it in her home. I went home and ordered it. It arrived two days later. I was impressed with how well it was made and how well it was packaged in a box. I grabbed a jar of pickles and put in 2 AA batteries. I pushed the green button and watched the "jaws" pull the sides of the jar together. When a jar is opened, I heard the pop. I removed the opener from the jar. I have a jar of food. She was spot on when she recommended the electric jar opener. If you have arthritis in your hands, it can be difficult to open jars. The electric jar opener is for sale. You'll be able to open the jar without hurting yourself. I would recommend this electric jar opener to friends and family.

👤This is a good product at a good price. It doesn't open real big jar lids, which is disappointing. I have trouble with that one. It works well on smaller jars so you won't be disappointed. I buy a gallon of pickles every time I go grocery shopping. The Electric Jar opener can't open those jars. The lids are too large for the opener and too small for me to hold them.

👤This is a great tool to have in the kitchen. I usually try to pry under the lid with a butter knife, but I had to beat on the top to get it loose. If no kids are here, I have to fend for myself and I don't have the strength to open jars. This requires batteries to work. Most people have spare batteries because they are just standard size batteries. My kitchen is red and black, so it only comes in red. Put this on the jar and it loosens the lid. It couldn't be any harder.

👤The harder it is to open jars, the older I get. My hands are not what they used to be. I finally decided to get ajar and can opener. I took a chance on it because I thought it was interesting that this one was powered instead of relying on brute force of gravity. It's pretty awesome. It doesn't work very fast but it works. I am very happy with the purchase of several sticky-lidded jars. My hands are happy that I was not able to open the jar.

👤An older model broke after about 15 years of service, so we bought this item. The updated version is easier to use. Once you put it on the jar, you want to push the button to open it. Even with the most stubborn lids, it will open the jar and then reverse to its fully open position ready for the next jar. This is a must have for the kitchen.

6. Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis Arthritic

Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis Arthritic

The can opener should last 25 years. It can be wiped clean, but not put in the dishwasher. It requires no manual labor to be perfect for people with arthritis or hand pain. Just adjust to fit at the push of a button, and cans are opened effortlessly. The Electric Jar opener uses little energy. Pact is a user friendly kitchen device. The size is 6 inches long. 80 lbs.

Brand: Instacan

👤Gundelsheim's jar of barrel pickles are extremely hard to open because of their shape and the 3.5" lid. You need to open the jaws all the way to open the jar, and then set the unit on the jar and press down very hard to avoid the entire unit lifting up. That's the same situation for all barrel jars, which is the reason I bought the unit. It took a few trials to figure out how to make the opener work. If the prongs were a bit longer, they would be able to engage with the cylindrical part of the jar instead of the taper where they slip.

👤I had to try it out. It worked well so far. It sounded like a struggle on one jar, but it didn't give up and loosened the top. It does a great job for older people who have lost the strength in their hands. It's great for arthritic hands, it's easy to use, and the case is made of plastic, so it won't break if dropped. It takes a while.

👤It won't open tight. I found it hard to work with jars that had been taken out of the fridge. The cold jar surface can get slippery when removed from a refrigerator. You could open any jars by hand. Not recommended.

👤I decided to get a can opener for someone with arthritis in the hands and wrist after I activated my arthritis and wore a brace. It has been perfect for my needs. It is easy to use, clean up, and doesn't require a lot of work on my part. It's worth the investment to keep me from going to the doctor.

👤I bought this for my mother in law who had recently suffered a stroke and thought this would give her some independence in her kitchen, but once you click the button there is no way to turn it off. If they could adjust the features to stop and reset instead of going through the whole reset process, it would be a lot simpler.

👤I don't know if it is a bunny or a jar opener. I put batteries in it and it started to run. I will not stop running until I take the batteries out. It was crazy on the jar of pasta sauce. It would be easy to test it on that jar. Don't buy this! Don't buy this! It is the worst. I'm going to figure out how to open jars myself. This thing is terrible. I was able to see it. A second try. It is nothing but rap. It's a scam. I put it in my trashcan. I have to take the batteries out if the thing is going to start before I put it on a jar. It will continue until I take them out. If that is what you want, go for it. You will have a lot of money in your trash can. You should save your batteries.

👤I used it after buying it. I held the sides of the jar while it did its thing, because it was a larger jar. It makes opening things easier for people with arthritis. I bought it as a gift and will look to see if there's one that can hold larger jars.

7. Original Safety Express Seen BulbHead

Original Safety Express Seen BulbHead

The design has a plastic housing. SMOOTH EDGE can open. Can openers other than those that are dangerous. They leave sharp edges on cans that can cause injury. The can be opened without leaving dangerous sharp edges on the lid or the can. The edges are so smooth that you won't pop a balloon. Finally, you don't have to worry about cutting yourself. How many times have you opened a can to have the lid fall inside or make a mess? When you're ready to remove the lid, Safety Can Express keeps it in place. After you release the can, pop the top. The fishing can be opened more easily. Safety Can Express doesn't cut into your can or lid. It uses a steel roller to break that seal open. You have edges that are very smooth. Do you have leftovers in that can? Why not make a new dish? The cans can be used to save leftovers. It can easily ruin wet pet food. You will save money and time. Excellent operation. The safety can opener is very easy to use. Press the button if you want to place the can. Safety Can Express is a great choice for those with arthritis, gripping issues, or loss of movement and mobility in their hands, because there's very little effort needed. There is no twisting your wrist anymore. Locks can be in place. Safety Can Express has a powerful magnet that locks your can in place so it won't slip or fall while the electric can opener removes your lid, making for a hands-free can opening experience. The easy push lever requires very little effort to press down. When you press it, it stays down so you don't have to use your hands to open it. Just one touch is all you need. Pull the lever up to remove the can.

Brand: Bulbhead

👤Do not buy this product. It is not true. It takes anywhere from 7 to 10 revolutions to open a can of beans. Unless you are very careful, you will end up with shards of metal on top of the can that will end up in your food. A simple old fashion hand can open things.

👤This product is not good. In the last part of September, I stopped working. I should have lasted longer because of the price I paid. Don't spend your money on something that isn't worth it. J COOPER.

👤The product worked once. The second time I tried to use it, it was past the return date. I tried to use it six more times, but it never worked again.

👤I can't use it. It doesn't work.

👤The can opener that we purchased works great, but the other one will not open the can, it just makes little shreds of metal that you get stuck in your finger. I would like to get it back. It's not good to me that it's taking up space in my cupboard.

👤I will never use hand crank can openers again. It opened several different cans. I can't seem to grip the small pull tops well. I tried opening it on one of the cans. I made my daughter some soup again, and it was easy to open the can. I made a quick tomato sauce for dinner using this opener on a can of tomatoes. I haven't tried a large can yet. I don't think most electric can openers would work on those. You place the can under the blade and push the lever down to turn it. As they turned, I held the cans. The instructions are clear and only one rotation is required. The motor sounds different when the can has finished one rotation. One reviewer had a problem with it. Cans. I did not find that. It cuts around the outside of the can with no sharp edges. Maybe my teens will cook more since they love using it.

👤The product should not be on sale. I can't get the metal out of my hand. Will go to the ER for help. One review said that this was a problem. I wish I'd listened. It worked once. The second time, it tore the can so badly that metal got into the food and my hand. I tried a second can. My arthritis in my right hand makes it difficult to use the manual version. I purchased this one because of that. I'm happy I didn't eat those metal filings. This product should be removed.

👤The opener won't lock as instructed. I have to hold down the lever to cut the can. There is no way to know when the lid is cut. After the lid was cut, I couldn't use my fingers to remove it, so I had to use the OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can opener. This was not worth $32.

8. Electric Automatic Kitchen Arthritis Sufferers

Electric Automatic Kitchen Arthritis Sufferers

5. The measurement is 6.8 inches long and 0.80 lbs. Electric jar opener for seniors with arthritis is suitable for elderly, weak hands and people with arthritis. The jar opener can be held by hand if you press the button. The jar opener for weak hands will open the jar automatically. Automatic jar opener for seniors with arthritis is suitable for all sizes of jars. The electric jar opener is suitable for weak hands, but not for plastic caps. It is easy to clean the electric jar opener, but not the battery box. Seniors with arthritis only need 2 AA batteries to open a jar. Not including the battery. The best gift for seniors with arthritis is an automatic jar opener. Electric jar opener for weak hands is a kitchen accessory. Automatic jar opener for seniors with arthritis is the best choice.

Brand: Meteralla

👤Since covid began, my wife and I have been buying more groceries online and more jarred goods as well. Our lives have been made simpler by this little device. It works well in opening standard jars. It is easy to use. I gave one to my grandma, who has arthritis, and she loves it. It's handy when you need it.

👤So far, so good! This works if you are having trouble opening jars. We have been looking for jars to open because it is fun to use. Put it on the jar. The bottom should be pushed. Enjoy the contents of the jar. The pops start!

👤This didn't work for me. One water bottle had a deep lid and it squeezed it until it broke. I don't know if you can stop it. Today it broke and parts flew. I only tried to use it a few times, but I am too late to return it.

👤Wow. Wow. I saw it and thought it was fun, so I bought it. It works. It's easy to use and powerful. My fingers are happy. A good product and a happy surprise.

👤If I could, I would not give it stars. I bought this because we have a jar of olives that we can't open and I already own the old Hamilton Beach Jar opener with two buttons. As the opener started rotating, one of the rubber pieces came off. It's difficult tomanuever with only one button. Magnet was not low enough to attach to the jar cover. Absolutely rubbish. Sending it back is not worth the money.

👤I used to have to ask a neighbor to open my jars because I had arthritis in my hands. The little device has made it easier to use. There is no off button. It does cut off if you leave it on the jar. I take the batteries out for safety. It works well on jars of pasta.

👤I have only one usable arm after having elbow tendon surgery. I needed a way to open jars with one hand. I believe that the jar opener has a built-in tiny electromagnet which helped to keep the jar opener correctly positioned after I pushed and held the button for a few seconds. I heard the little motor work and watched as it worked. I heard a pop and the lid was loosened. It was a pleasant surprise.

👤My previous review has been updated. I need to use it once. It worked well. The arms that grab the jar should be a little deeper. This reached the jar to hold it firmly. It could be an issue in the future. It worked, opened the jar, and is a great idea, but might need a little tweaking or adjusting for future situations. I think I will be happy with it more and more. It works for my hands, that's what matters. This item was used just this week. It was slow. I had to replace the batteries. It took a few false starts before it opened the jar. I wouldn't buy it again. I would try a different model. It is adequate but not amazing. Too bad. It is a good theory.

9. Keychain Opener Seniors Arthritis Openers

Keychain Opener Seniors Arthritis Openers

The bottle openers are small and light and can be hidden under a cabinet or counter. I like to eat difficult lids for breakfast. You have seen this style of opening gadgets before, but not this one. This lid remover has extra deep teeth and locks tighter so you can twist it easier. The set includes 2x Jar lid opener and 1x bottle opener. Oleex is a company that makes a variety of grippers for opening jars, bottles, and jars. Simply open the wing and slide the teeth to hold the lid. Lock the wing and twist it. The teeth are even deeper than other openers. Useful gifts, so they gift boxed it! Elderly people, people with arthritis, and men or women with a handicap can now open jars and bottles with ease. Why not give it to someone? Because they all need handy labor saving devices on holiday, it meets beach gadgets gift standards. A life saver! These accessories are dishwasher safe and easy to wash. They fit in your drawer or hook without taking up any space. Try the Oleex Jar opener tool and see how easy it is. You have all jars and bottles with the opener. You don't have to ask the kids to open jars or get your favorite soda. Order now from Oleex.

Brand: Oleex Your Kitchen Helper

👤The jar opener has a lot of weight and I think it will last a long time. Time will tell if I'm right. I tried it on a jar. I had to play with it for a while. It worked well. I can see that a man with a good grip could damage it if he forced it to lock the wrong way.

👤This tool is not acceptable because it doesn't work out of the box and the design doesn't work if the side pieces in the handle are within tolerance.

👤Muy buena calidad. Ahora puedo difciles con un simple movimiento. Fcil de usar. It's recomiendo!

👤I have arthritis in my hands and it's hard to open a jar. I own at least 5 different openers. The pressure seal is broken when you secure it to the top. It was so easy that I couldn't believe it.

👤It worked. Let's see how long it lasts.

👤We love it! It can be used from bottles to wide mouth jars. It is reasonably priced. It was well made. It's a perfect gift for adults of all ages.

10. Electric Opener Kitchen Gadget Automatic

Electric Opener Kitchen Gadget Automatic

The jar opener can be used in the kitchen and does not take up a lot of space. It's the best gift for friends. The electric jar opener is made of sturdy Internal steel material to ensure it is durable. It won't open a mayonnaise jar if it's on a plastic lid. The soft edge design ofSilicone will not hurt your hands. Older people who don't have as much strength in their hands need this invention. Press the button for 3 seconds and it will open the bottle cap. It's the best kitchen tool for anyone who has trouble opening jars due to a variety of conditions.

Brand: Besmon

👤The electric jar opener worked well for a while. I taped the piece that holds the battery in because it couldn't be put back in correctly. The cushion on the end of the grabber came off, so I snapped it back on. We really needed this item for our hands. It isn't made any better.

👤Our previous unit sounded like a cement mixer, but this unit is very quiet. Our hats are off to the inventor of the device that helps older people with arthritis and disabled veterans. Great job.

👤It seems like it doesn't have the power, but if you give it a few minutes, it will work. The wind-up can take a minute to begin. The outer vice closes around the sides of your subject and holds it while the inner glamp begins to twist. It's open and you're stress free.

👤The jar opener is battery operated. I am amazed and delighted every time I use it. From small to large, lids just surrender. I have a disease. It has been a problem for a long time. I was searching for a solution that would allow me to open a jar without having to tap the tile floor. I gambled by buying it. I won! I will never consider a future without it. The device does all the work. The instructions help the process. I put it on top of the jar. It's small and light. I keep it in a drawer. It's worth it.

👤The bottle opener was easy to use. I tried it out on a 17oz bottle and popped in 2 fresh AA batteries. A jar of pickles. It was like a dream. This is the only jar I've tried to open. I had an accident that left me with one hand and one arm. It is almost impossible to open jars. If no one is around to help you open those jars of food, there is hope with this device. I did not need two hands for this opener. I put the opener on top of the jar. The jar was held with the on button. It popped the top off. I gave this a 4 star since I only used it once. Depending on how well it performs with other jar sizes, the rating could go up or down.

👤I have arthritis in my hands that makes it difficult to open jars and bottles. This sounded like a solution. It was heavy and couldn't be used on plastic jars or bottles. I need a product that will work on all containers.

👤I injured my left arm and this was the only way to get jar lids off. It works on all kinds of jars and handles them with ease. It is rare that a product does what it says it will do.

👤A friend of mine bought this product and had me try it out. It was easy to open jars. I used to use round or square thin rubber pads, but this is superior. No pain! I have arthritis in my hands and it makes opening jars miserable. You need to get one if you don't have it. I will give these as gifts for Christmas.

11. Handupfree Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis

Handupfree Electric Restaurant Automatic Arthritis

Satisfaction Support If the product is damaged or broken during shipping, you should ask the seller for a replacement or refund. 1. It requires no manual labor to be perfect for people with arthritis. 2. Just adjust to fit at the push of a button, and cans are opened effortlessly. 3. The Electric Jar opener uses little energy. A compact and user friendly kitchen device is part of the 4 pact. 5. The size is 6 inches long. 80 lbs.

Brand: Kitchenmuh

👤I like the Hands up Free up Jar opener. It works well on glass jars. And so on. I have the hardest time opening jars. I order it from AMAZON. I love it. It doesn't come EITH BATTERIES. I used my own. In my video. I said so. By mistake. So sad. I think you will like it if you try it. It's very special. If your hand has had many surgeries like mine.

👤I bought this item because it is hard for me to open bottles and jars because of carpal tunnel syndrome. The item worked well and I was happy with it, until today when it wouldn't turn off. I was trying to open the jar of cheese. The product kept going. The only way to stop it was to take the batteries out. I replace the batteries, but they keep getting tighter and tighter, so I have to use a different jar. It is too late for me to return the item, so I will be purchasing another jar opener from another company.

👤After I installed the two small batteries into the can opener, my wife called me from the kitchen to tell me how well the opener worked. I found it in the front of the drawer where we keep stuff like that, not tucked away, because she thanked me for bringing it. Where is the new can opener? It's "wife language" in my house. I like that it is small in size, and it fits anywhere. It's amazing when I'm camping.

👤I have arthritis in my hands and twotrigger fingers, which makes opening jars difficult, so I was looking for something to open. The wedge-type openers require hand strength. I looked at one that was under a cabinet, but I still needed the strength to turn the jar. I have never seen one of these, but the videos of how it works on its own impressed me. I used to be able to do it, but now it's not possible.

👤I tried to open my first jar with my new opener. I put the opener in the jar. The outside claws touched the jar after pushing the button. The opener proceeded normally after I released the button. The battery cover flew off when the lid was released. I might have been responsible for not getting the battery door seated correctly. The package had one of the rubber claws in it. I tried to affix the rubber claw to the arm, but it wouldn't stay on. The jar opener is useless if there is no rubber gripper. I would not trust the jar in the future without that rubber claw in place. The item did work as advertised and opened the jar, but it was three stars because of a broken item. If the vendor doesn't provide a solution, I will have to return the item to Amazon.

👤The jar opener is amazing. Really! I've tried it on a lot of lid sizes. When using a gripper mat, there have been some lids that I could not open. I didn't think this opener could open them. I have had no mechanical issues with it. I highly recommend it. Why fight with tight lids? It's a blast to watch.


What is the best product for electric jar opener for seniors?

Electric jar opener for seniors products from Moeuonb. In this article about electric jar opener for seniors you can see why people choose the product. Bydwdyb and Homelet are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric jar opener for seniors.

What are the best brands for electric jar opener for seniors?

Moeuonb, Bydwdyb and Homelet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric jar opener for seniors. Find the detail in this article. Instacan, Got-luck and Instacan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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