Best Electric Juicer Blender

Juicer 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. TastLi Personal Portable Electric Smoothies

TastLi Personal Portable Electric Smoothies

Press down and twist it until you feel it click into the lock place. There is a cover to keep water stains out of the interface. The juicer cup's body and bottom can be separated, you can easily clean it with the smart protection device. Feel free to contact them with any questions. TastLi portable blender is made from food grade and non toxic PCTG Baby bottles. It has a shock absorption base, magnetic induction, automatic stop, silicone charging port protection, and non-slip base. The unique safety design and eco-friendly material make you feel safe while enjoying juice. The TastLi small blend cup jet 2 portable blender has a powerful motor and can roll quickly. 30 seconds of ice cream juice. The big 6 blade personal blender has more power than the mini blade one. TastLi portable smoothie maker blender is portable and can be charged by a power bank or computer. The power can be fully charged in about 3 hours and can use up to 15 times. It's easy to carry around the 1 lbs of product weight in a blender bottle. Milk shakes and smoothies can be made with a mini blender. The button switch is easy to use. The cup is easy to clean. Adding water and starting the self-cleaning mode will make the mini blender easy to clean. The indication lighting design of the power button shows whether the product is ready to work. Don't wash or soak into the water. It is portable and multi-functional. The Cup Mixer bottle can crush frozen fruits, seeds, stem, vegetable, making smoothie shakes or Powder and Liquid Mixing. You can get a delicious smoothie in 30 seconds. The on the go blender is very portable and can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Tastli

👤I don't like that the gasket can't be cleaned. It's got mold and the gasket broke.

👤The lights flashed red while I was mixing my drink. I thought it had stopped working. I charged it but it won't come on. It's taking an entire month for them to send a replacement.

👤The seal broke and now it leaks. Is it possible to get another seal?

👤I love this! I use it 2 or 3 times a day. I got my child one because she loves to make her own smoothies. She's 9 years old and loves making things and can make enough for herself instead of using a full blender.

👤The little blender is handy for mixing up juices. I wish it crushed ice.

👤The pier is strong for this. It is easy to clean, but I wish it held more water andprotein powder. I like the thick straws that came with it. The usb cord can be charged quickly.

👤I bought this for my father on February 14th and he is very happy with it.

👤J'ai recu le colis, je n'arrive pas retourner. I faire rembourser.

2. Portable Rechargeable Hotsch Personal Smoothies

Portable Rechargeable Hotsch Personal Smoothies

What you getGREECHO 12 oz. portable blender, Microusb cable, user manual, quick-start guide, and prompt friendly customer service. Theusb is a great portable device. The personal blender has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged by a power bank, computer or other source of power. Within 3 hours, the blender can serve up to 15 cups of drinks. The on the go blender is only 1 lbs and can fit in any kind of bag. It's easy to carry around in any situation. Powerful and effective. The juicer cup has 6 PCS 304stainless steel blades with a 150W rated power motor and 7.4 rated voltage. 35 seconds is all it takes to bring you fresh smoothie, baby food, masks, juices, and more. Cut fruits into small pieces for a better result. The ice cube will not work with the mini blender. Press the button for 2 seconds to turn on the blender. If you see the button blinking, make sure the bottle and base are tightened and make sure the blade is not stuck. To clean the mini blender, add water and press the power button. Don't put the whole blender in the water for safety reasons. Charge the blender after you receive it and always use it. Make sure you don't add more than 1/3 of the cup and don't add anything that's too heavy in the cup. After the blades start rotating, shake the bottle and flip the blender back. The correct operation can prevent blade stuck. The Hotsch portable blender is made from non-toxic PCTG materials. The base of the bottle is tightened before the personal blender can operate. The battery and blades are of the highest quality. Please follow the instruction book in their product to use their blender better. Hotsch has a 24 months warranty. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Hotsch

👤I bought this product because I like smoothies. Didn't know personal blenders exist. I filled half the container with frozen fruit and Body Armor "juice", and didn't pack it down. I had to shake theblender but it blended in under 30 seconds. I was impressed.

👤The plastic barrier at the bottom of the blender isn't enough to make sure water doesn't get into it, it also came off easily, and wasn't able to be put back on. After a few weeks, the battery couldn't hold a charge for the blender. I used it 12 times before it became useless. The crevices underneath the blades are hard to clean.

👤I had to get one of these. They're really over priced portable blenders. This is very easy to use and clean. Sonic ice or DQ is the best to use. In my opinion.

👤I love my portable blender. If you follow the instructions and learn what to do, it will work very well.

👤I like it and dislike it. If you add too much, it will kill the battery. It works well when I need it. It needs some fixes to work.

👤This isn't for people who prefer mixers with ounces. There's no generalized marks for the 236.58 liters to 8 ounces.

3. Electric Portable Rechargeable Juicing 420 530ml

Electric Portable Rechargeable Juicing 420 530ml

The FITNESS GIFT is the perfect gift for any fitness enthusiast, with a 1-year warranty and industry-leading customer service. The material is made of food grade pp which is a kind of low inflation, high temperature resistant, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance material, and the blade is made of national food gradestainless steel. The electric portable juicer has mini body andusb rechargeable batteries, which are suitable for outdoor, traveling, shopping, and any other places you want. This product can make smoothie, juice, and baby supplementary food, and it is also water bottle, so it can be used to drink water. Their blender is waterproof and easy to clean, you don't have to worry about the wash cup body inside. When the cup is fixed in the base, the machine has a double protection function. After the end of the charge, the machine can't be used.

Brand: Little Bees

👤If ice gets caught, it gets stuck. It is ok to shake it. I bought this mini individualized blender. The battery stopped charging when someone else got one. I will update this if it happens to me. If you don't see an update, it's working great.

👤I was surprised that it worked as well as it did. The button blends its contents in about 20 seconds. You should cut everything as small as possible because it will force it to stop, and there is a red light over the power button. You have to put the filter on if you want the cap to fit. I get about 4-5 uses from it and it charges pretty quickly, so I would recommend a bigger size. The charging port is on the bottom so it will roll when you place it down.

👤A great gift. It would have been nice if it came with the charging cable.

👤I am very happy with the product. Taking my fruits for a quick smoothie when I run late is very simple. Many coworkers inquired about it. I will purchase one for my husband.

👤I bought four of them to give as gifts to my health enthusiasts. They love them. They are easy to use and clean up, and they came as pictured. I will order again.

👤I use this juicer to make a drink from my fruits and water, I just blend and drink from it or pour it in a cup.

👤I have gone through 2 of them. The product doesn't blend well unless you blend straight liquid. I added a frozen banana and a frozen powder. It said it could blend ice. I doubt it. It took 15 minutes of pressing the blend button, shaking it, and getting a partially blended shake, with most of theprotein still in powder form. It was very frustrating.

👤Excellent packaging. Work as planned. I'm drinking juice on the go.

👤The Juicer Cup has bright colors. It was bought for my mother-in-law. You can drink juice at home or out of the house whenever you want, it's convenient and it's especially practical.

4. Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor NBR 0601

Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor NBR 0601

It is easy to clean the milk frother by sticking the whisk end into a stream of water and using a damp cloth. The foam maker is powered by two AA batteries. You can make a delicious coffee at home with your electric milk frother. Mother's day gifts for mom. The easiest way to make a smoothie is with the NutriBullet. Load it up with your favorite whole foods, then push, twist and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle. The 600 watt motor and refined blades blend whole foods into liquid fuel for your body in seconds. A 600W motor base, an Extractor blade, a to-go lid, and a recipe book are included. Powerful blades break down tough ingredients. The plastic cups are long lasting. Simply remove the blade, rinse with soap and water, and put the cups in the top rack of the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. This item comes with a limited edition. Refer to the user manual before use. The product was built to North American and Canadian electrical standards.

Brand: Nutribullet

👤The cup was torn apart when I put a small ice cube in it. I tasted bits of plastic after drinking the smoothie. The cup was brand new after just three uses. Weak quality and false advertising of the product.

👤I've been debating on buying this for a while, and I've been going back and forth between Amazon and other stores, but I'm afraid to commit, and the price was way better on Amazon. I save it for later. Despite some negative reviews, I went ahead and purchased a gift card and followed the directions given to me by many users. I have had it for 3 days and made a smoothie every day. I am very pleased with this. I made a smoothie with a frozen banana, raw oats, peanut butter, and oat milk and it blends great. I know it sounds weird, but yesterday was a frozen banana, frozen tropical fruits, frozen oats, and some romaine lettuce. I could barely taste it. It was great and again, more frozen stuff, but blended well. I added walnuts to the smoothie today and there was no issue with it. Before you start using the Nutribullet, you should read the short user guide. I have a sheet that shows you how to put your food in the device on my refrigerator. This blender is not meant to blend things without liquid, so add a decent amount of liquid. If I'm trying to cut down on calories, I'll put some water in there to make it taste better. I got a 3-year warranty just in case. I expect to use this for a long time. One of the best purchases I have made so far.

👤My first bullet was this one. I bought one a couple years ago and it lasted a long time. I was surprised that this one stopped suddenly, started smoking and smelled like it was burning on the first use. It wasn't packed to the max. It was under the max line. It didn't smoke or smell like it was heating up again, but once again it stopped mid-mix, and my contents inside were not blended well. I'm not sure what's going on. I would either like a refund or a replacement. This was a bad purchase. There were problems with it the first day. I tried to work with it, but I couldn't reach anyone at Amazon customer service. It doesn't work well at all. It was very frustrating. I can send it back and get a refund.

👤I've used this 5 times. The instructions were followed. Didn't overfill the cup. Didn't tighten the blade. Didn't blend for a while. Everything was washed thoroughly. The gasket on the edge of the blade part came loose when I opened the blender to drink my smoothie. I bet that happens all the time, I'll simply reseat it. You need to buy a whole new blade because of the 0.25c gasket coming loose with normal use. They know what they're doing. They make a lot of money on the replacement blades and other parts of the original unit. I've heard people complain about the same thing. Thought it was a unit of a machine when it first appeared, but now it looks like the same junk everyone else is selling.

5. GREECHO Portable One Handed Smoothies Rechargeable

GREECHO Portable One Handed Smoothies Rechargeable

The world's first one-handed drinking blender is the GREECHO small one. The mini blender works hard so you don't have to, just snap the lip seal open and close, it's sealed shut and leak-proof! When you're done drinking. ULTRA SMART SAFETY PROTECTION. The dual protection system and material give them confidence in safety. GREECHO single serve blender has overload protection. This powerhouse is made with food-grade non-toxic, and eco-friendly Tritan material, as well as totallyBPA free, and you will fall in love with it. There is a way to stop where and when. The portable blender can grate cheese, mince garlic, and even make frozen cocktails thanks to its high-speed mixer system. You can charge a laptop with a power bank, or even in the car. GREECHO smoothie blender has a 20% larger caliber, making it easier to feed ingredients. Double pressing the start button will all you have to do. Is it possible to keep this device clean? If you want to clean the mini blender, just put some water in it and double press it. What you getGREECHO 12 oz. portable blender, Microusb cable, user manual, quick-start guide, and prompt friendly customer service.

Brand: Greecho

👤I only add the fruits and juice to my smoothie when I am at work, and then blend it in my job. I can re-blend for 15 seconds any time I want, and the carge lasts for 3 days. The best of both worlds!

👤Great purchase. It was small. It is portable. It keeps its charge. Good power. I use it daily. I fill it with frozen fruit and water and blend it. It has power and is very smooth. Don't over fill.

👤It's not enough space for all my ingredients, but I enjoyed using it.

👤I expected it to be smaller, but it is. My kid makes his own smoothie, but don't overload it.

👤Terrible piece. It broke after a few days. You can't even get to the spots to clean the main part. I returned it for a full refund because I wouldn't buy it again.

👤The new one has been great and they replaced it with no issues. My 15 year old was so excited for this product that she loves to make smoothie on the go. She cleaned the smoothie after making it. Went to make a smoothie the next day and the motor failed. Reached out to customer service for help.

👤The blades are weak and doesn't blend much. I have to shake the cup to break down the frozen fruit. The covering to the power button came off after, and it doesn't stick back on anymore. I have to use my thumb to cover the power button while I wash it to make sure it doesn't get wet. If you want to have large smoothies, I would not buy this product. It is easy to use, but I wish the blades were stronger and the item was a little larger.

👤It doesn't work. The thing wouldn't turn on for a while. The blade is so bad that it won't mix anything when I turn it on. Don't expect straight water to work unless you put it in. I wish I could get a refund for this.

👤Type-c 1

👤It was very good. Convenience. It is difficult to clean.

6. Portable Extractor Rechargeable Masticating Vegetable

Portable Extractor Rechargeable Masticating Vegetable

It's easy to clean the portable smoothie blender. Add water and a drop of soap, and run your blender until it is clean. You can blend your favorite food with a single button. An upgraded power system makes the rotation frequencies higher by about 22000 times per minute. It can make a cup of juice in 40s. The cup has a capacity of 13oz. It can be used as a juice machine to mix various fruits, vegetables, meats, and others, and is also good for making smoothie, cold and hot drink, nutrition and baby food supplements. Health and Environmental Protection make from non-toxic PP, PCTG, 304 STAINLESS steel,ABS materials. There is double safety protection switch with charge and discharge protection. You can enjoy the preservation of fresh nutrition and wonderful leisure times with it. With the push of a button, the mini blender can mix your favorite food material. If you need to clean the blender, just add water and run it. It is portable and can be easily loaded into a backpack, it is suitable for home, office, gym, travel or any other outdoor activities. It's convenient to have ausb charging.

Brand: Lioshn

👤This is a gem that I love. It's easy to use and clean. I like to mix up my diet shakes.

👤Couldn't figure out what some of the extra parts were for.

👤I used it immediately because I wanted to make smoothie. It is easy to use and clean. I would recommend it to everyone because of the appealing color and good pricing, it just can't be beat!

👤The motor is very weak and only last a short time. Not made for juicing.

7. Portable Electric Likorlove Rechargeable Personal

Portable Electric Likorlove Rechargeable Personal

The cup juicer's body and bottom can be separated to make it easy to clean, this is a good thing. A small kitchen appliance for you. The portable blender is made with 6pcs 304 steel blades and strong power system, which can make fruits and vegetables into smoothi within 1min. The safest using design is made of eco-friendly food grade non-toxic materials. The charging port can be protected from water. There is a light on the base. The bottle doesn't install perfectly, the blender can't work, and the green means standby. For mistake press, the blender won't work. If you put too much water or fruit, the blender won't work. You need to press the button for a long time. The 5000mAh high quality batteries that can be charged within 2 hours are included in the juicer cup. You can use a power bank. The blue belnder can be used for making a variety of smoothie, juice blends, mix fruits and vegetables, coffee, milk powder, and baby supplementary food. It can be used as a common bottle with a separated bottom lid. It's ideal for any activity in the kitchen, office or outdoors. Simply pour some water into the Likorlove personal size blender and click the power button to start cleaning. It's a great gift for juice and travel enthusiast. Don't use the blender without water or milk. They can offer professional customer service and technical support if you have any problems.

Brand: Likorlove

👤I was very excited to get this. We made our first smoothie after following all the instructions. We tried to make a smoothie the next time, but it didn't work. We tried to charge it. We were pressing everywhere. It is just non functional. The green light is still on. We couldn't remove the top, no matter how hard we tried. It was difficult to clean.

👤The blender looks great, blends great, but it leaks. I returned it and ordered a different one.

👤It once worked well. When I tried to make another smoothie, the blades started to turn erratically and the smoke came out of the charging port. I followed the directions and didn't add anything that the book said it couldn't handle. I would stay away from it.

👤It fit perfectly in my cup holder and I liked the size. I would buy everyone one if I could make shakes after the gym.

👤It was not convenient to clean with the way it was made.

👤Don't waste your time. I purchased a Magic Bullet.

👤It takes more than a minute to put on the lids. 70% of the time, liquid spills out if the lid is not put on right.

👤The blender works well. It dies after a couple of uses, the cap is hard to screw on, and it is also hard to remove the bottom one cleaning.

8. Portable TastLi Smoothies Waterproof Rechargeable

Portable TastLi Smoothies Waterproof Rechargeable

Go wherever you go. This small blender is ideal for carrying in a gym bag, briefcase or purse so you always have a healthy option wherever you are. The travel blender is easy to store when not in use. TastLi portable blender is made from food grade and non toxic PCTG Baby bottles. It has a unique safety design. IPX7 waterproof, plus with 4 reminding indication lights. The unique safety design and eco-friendly material make you feel safe while enjoying juice. 7.4V powerful motors with high speed and low noise. The small portable blender cup use a high speed 7.4V motor and can rapidly rolling shatter. 30 seconds of ice cream juice. The big 6 blade mini blender has more power than the traditional 4 blade mini blender. The on the go blender can be charged by a power bank, computer or other source of power. The power can be fully charged in about 3 hours and can use up to 15 times. It's easy to carry 500ml and 17oz of product around in any circumstance, it's only 1 lbs. Milk shakes and smoothies can be made with good mini blenders. The button switch is easy to use. The cup is easy to clean. Adding water and starting the self-cleaning mode will make the mini blender easy to clean. The indication lighting design of the power button shows whether the product is ready to work. It is portable and multi-functional. The Electric personal smoothie blender Cups Maker Mixer can crush frozen fruits, seeds, stem, vegetable, making smoothie shakes or Powder and Liquid Mixing. You can get a delicious smoothie in 30 seconds. It's very portable for travel, camping, fishing, Gym, car, office, picnic, etc.

Brand: Tastli

9. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200W

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200W

The 1000 Watt Motor Base Professional Blender and 72 oz Total Crushing Pitcher are included. The combo of a multi-serving pitcher and a single serve cup will allow you to get the nutrition you want. Three precision speeds, a pulse function and extract program offer full control at the Press of a button. 1200 watt of power will allow you to make an endless array of food. There is a 1200W motor base, a 64 oz blender with lid and a recipe book. The Extractor blade is made of powerful steel and has cyclonic action. The pitcher and cups are made of high- performance plastic. Simply place pitcher and cups in the dishwasher and rinse with soap and water. The unit is 8.07 L x 7.75 W x 16.97 H. This item has a limited warranty.

Brand: Nutribullet

👤This is the most impressive product I have ever purchased. The first two were 600 and 900 watt and lasted 3 years. I think it was because of filling too close to the lines. The model has several improvements, including multiple speeds and functions, an actual blender, and 32 and 24 ounce cups for smoothies. The rubber gasket on the old style cup were not very carefully cleaned. The problem has been solved by the new cups. I expect this to last longer than my first two and I will enjoy it more.

👤I use my new Nutribullet everyday. I am 800-273-3217 Something broke when it started smoking. I only had it for 4 months. I will try to get in touch with Nutribullet and see what kind of warranty it has. I love California and as of yesterday we are on mandatory quark due to COVID-19 so this couldn't happen at a worse time.

👤Many popular brands have tried to mimic the Nutri- Bullet system, but it seems that they miss the mark on the most important details. The way the jug or mini contraption is attached to the base unit is the most important feature that makes it the best. The plastic parts that house the blades and some of the base area of a blender wear down the most. The plastic was sturdy and the hardware seemed heavy duty. I have two other blenders that don't work out. My other blenders have a flimsy attachment that seems cheap even though they are name brands. I will leave out the names because they weren't nice. The way the pitchers are attached is fragile and you have to be careful when attaching them. The design of the real Nutri Bullet is more sleek and sturdy than the copy cats, which can be seen in the third and sixth pictures. The copy versions seem to be very light in weight with the blade attachment being a cheaper plastic. The bullet feels like a quality instrument. When you twist the blade part on in a cheap plastic and threads kind of way that I did not like, my other one creaks. The parts seem to be balanced in weight, which is a problem for the competitors. The modern multi-purpose blender has mastered the technology of the Nutri Bullet. Before or after a jog, I always make a drink with fruit and powder. I tried it with frozen fruit. The result was great. I made Gezpacho with fresh tomatoes and onions. This was a good way to test the strength of the blender. The results were great again. When I make more stuff with it, I will update my reviews. I ground up some coffe grounds so that they could be used in a French press. This was a success again. I highly recommend this item, it is the best blender ever. There was an update on 7.8.2020. The awesome blender is showing no signs of slowing down after a year of use. A short video of the end result of a drink. I drink this drink to stay in season with the summer. It was nice to be able to enjoy this classic drink with a blander that made the ice smooth. I have made almond flour by hitting the high setting and putting almonds in. This was used on a dessert.

10. Ninja Professional Countertop Technology BL610

Ninja Professional Countertop Technology BL610

1000 watt of professional power can crush ice and break tough ingredients. There's a language called XL caPACITY. The professional pitcher is great for making frozen drinks and smoothie for the whole family. 64 ounces of liquid capacity. The technology is intelligent. Total Crushing Technology has blades that can crush ice, fruits and vegetables in seconds. ICE CRUSHING You can blast ice into the snow and make delicious frozen drinks. It is a sign of repentance. InSPIRATION: The included recipe guide has drink and dish making inspiration. The pitcher is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean, making it just as easy to clean as using the blender. The 1000 Watt Motor Base Professional Blender and 72 oz Total Crushing Pitcher are included.

Brand: Ninja

👤I bought this after researching the competition. I decided to go with the lower priced Ninja after reading reviews and comments. I use mine for making smoothie twice a day, I have owned it for six weeks. I have a morning fruit and berry smoothie and an afternoon veggie smoothie. Blending is a really convenient way to get in all your fruit and veggies each day. I love my Ninja. I have had stuff made with a Vita Mix in the past, but have never done a side by side comparison, though I can think of a few differences that are meaningful for me. The heat is generated by the Vita Mix. They use it as a selling feature, that you can use it to make soups, but I don't like my smoothies cold, so it's not something I look for in a blender. The comparisons with Ninja on smoothness and thoroughness of blend seem to have gone to Vita Mix. I knocked the Ninja off because my smoothies are a bit chewier after a few weeks of using the blender. Ninja relies on their sharp blades, which naturally dull with use, especially when using frozen berries or ice in their smoothies. I've noticed a subtle change in texture, no chunks, but definitely not a fine blend. My understanding is that the dull blades in Vita Mix work for years, they don't rely on sharpness as much as they do on speed. I don't notice the aeration that comes with the Ninja because it's not something I notice with a Vita Mix. My smoothies are full of fruit and veggies. The Ninja is a great deal if you are okay with having some noticeable fiber in your blend over time. Expect that you will have it in time if that matters to you. The blender is easy to use and clean. I've never had to remove the top. I use 3 cups of leafy greens, as well as whole carrots, celery, apples, and never have chunks. It's a great machine. I can't rate longevity since I only had it for 6 weeks, but so far I'm very pleased. I got a Vita mix after owning the Ninja for 3 months. There is a difference between my original review and the one I have now. The Ninja starts out well, but then things don't blend as well over time. I drink 2 smoothies a day, so I use it a minimum of 2 times a day. I started calling my smoothies "grainies." The technology depends on how sharp the blades are, but they dull with use and it shows in the results. The power of the Vita Mix is not dependent on blade sharpness. I can make a lot of flour with it. The heat is not a factor but a feature. Nothing gets warm unless you leave it on in order to generate heat, because most things are blended in less than a minute. I don't think it's fair to compare the Ninja to the Vita Mix, it's like comparing apples and oranges.

11. IOCSmart Portable Rechargeable Wireless Batteries

IOCSmart Portable Rechargeable Wireless Batteries

It's easy to clean the portable smoothie blender. Add water and a drop of soap, and run your blender until it is clean. You can blend your favorite food with a single button. A juice blender can be used for mixing fruit and vegetables, as well as for making tasty juice, smoothie and other baby food. It's lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling. It's important to be safe and prevent finger injury. Just blend and go with 2 cups. This single serve blender can be used as a power bank for your devices and support phone, as well as being able to be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer or otherusb devices. A portable mixer blender is powerful enough to blend ice, fruits, vegetable, and seeds in 20 seconds. The portable juicer has power indicators that show the remaining capacity. Baby Food Grade Material is the only material used in the canned food ladle. The smoothie maker is perfect for making smoothie, juice, milkshake, salad or even baby food. At any time, you can get fresh vitamins and minerals. The 304stainless steel blade in 3D for Superb mixing can break down even the toughest fruits in a quiet way while retaining its nutrition values. 6 sawtooth blades can easily crush fruits, vegetables and other items into smoothie-sized pieces. It doesn't leave a lot of fruit and ice and it's not loud. Press down and twist it until you feel it click into the lock place. There is a cover to keep water stains out of the interface. The juicer cup's body and bottom can be separated, you can easily clean it with the smart protection device. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Iocsmart

👤My mother in law has a hard time carrying heavy objects, and was struggling with the heavy weight of a normal size glass blender. She is so happy that she can do it anywhere without having to worry about her weight limitations or being on the kitchen counter near the outlet. She's not the most savvy at operating devices, so one button helps. The glass containers and sport lid of the blender allow you to just throw it on the glass container and take it with you. If you have a battery pack, you can use it to charge it. It is possible to blend regular ice cubes, however you have to make sure you have enough liquid and that it won't jam, just like a normal size blender. The amount needs to be smaller since it is a small blender. If I'm at the borderline of too much ice, I tap it to stop the blender from turning off. One limitation is that you have to close the charging port cover and follow the instructions not to dunk the base in water. I rinse the top part of the base in the facet and that is enough to clean it for me.

👤It's perfect for a little powder blender. It will not blend very well if you use 3 strawberries. It's great for just the powder.

👤I received this as a gift and I am very happy with it. It blends quickly. I have used strawberries, bananas, and fruit. It comes with 2 glass containers so I don't have to worry about mixing more than one and washing in between. Light weight but not flimsy.

👤It's a good purchase, good for use, but I would have liked it to be bigger, so make sure of the size.

👤I was impressed with the mini blender, I want to try it out. I like it and it is worth the money.

👤The six blades are very strong. All day long!

👤I have only used it once but it is so good. Just made sure you cut your items in half. I had to dice my frozen fruits for this to work since it is a small blender, but I am pretty pleased with it overall.

👤When it was not strong enough to blend anything, it was charged multiple times. More of a mixer is what I would call it.


What is the best product for electric juicer blender?

Electric juicer blender products from Tastli. In this article about electric juicer blender you can see why people choose the product. Hotsch and Little Bees are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric juicer blender.

What are the best brands for electric juicer blender?

Tastli, Hotsch and Little Bees are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric juicer blender. Find the detail in this article. Nutribullet, Greecho and Lioshn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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