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1. OXO Cordless Adjustable Temperature Stainless

OXO Cordless Adjustable Temperature Stainless

Thanks to the large pouring spout, there is no more mess or spills. You can enjoy your aromatic tea, coffee or hot cocoa whenever you please. You can always have enough hot water for your tea, instant noodles, soups or other recipes with a capacity of 1 2 liters or 5 cups. The water in the kettle can be boiled up to 1.75 L of water faster than the microwave, and the water can be heated and held for 30 minutes at your preferred temperature for tea or coffee. The backlit screen and one-dial interface allow you to easily choose the temperature you want, and let you know when it's reached. The glass has a high degree of thermal shock protection and water level visibility. The kettle is cord free for easy transport when removed from the base, and has convenient ounce and milliliter markings for precise measuring. The handle is nonslip and cool to the touch, and the lid opens slowly to control the release of steam and prevent hot water splatter. The filter is replaceable and easy to clean. The Kettle is safer than the stovetop and can boil up to 1.75 L of water in less than an hour.

Brand: Oxo

👤I've done a lot of research on electric kettles and have returned many, but with this kettle I'm finally able to stop looking. My criteria for an electric kettle is very simple: no plastic touching the water, temperature control, and ability to see the water level. There are many electric kettles on Amazon that meet this criteria, but I ended up returning them due to a number of factors. The electric kettle is almost perfect, with almost being the key word. I can't give it a five star rating since there are a few things that are inconvenient and a five star rating is reserved for products that do their job perfectly. This review is based on my use of the kettle after a day of testing. If the temperature reading is no longer accurate, glass breaks, or it doesn't stop boiling, that's when things change. This review will be updated. I've finally found an acceptable electric kettle and I'm amazed by this product. Here are the pros and cons with an in-depth explanation for each. When I took this kettle out of the box, I immediately felt that it was better than the ones I've returned. It's close to the upper limit of what I'd be willing to spend on an electric kettle, but the extra $30-$50 over similar products of poor build quality is worth it since spilling boiling hot water is one of the last things you want to do. The design is pretty self explanatory. The base and kettle look great. The kettle can be turned on or off with simple controls. Other electric kettles have a button that you can press multiple times to increment the temperature. The electric kettle lets you choose the temperature you want. This will remember the temperature you set even after you turn it off. It's convenient that I always plug my electric kettles in when I'm not using them. If I want that temperature again, I don't have to turn the knob. The electric kettle can be used to boil water at a temperature that is within a very narrow margin of error. I've tested the displayed temperature against a thermometer's readings multiple times and they have never been off by more than two degrees. The other electric kettles that I've tested would be 10 degrees hotter than the temperature I chose. I've tried many electric kettles and this one is the quietest one I've tried. I can barely hear it. When it's done heating up the water, it beeps. The keep warm function will turn on after water cools down by a couple of degrees. I've had electric kettles wait until the temperature drops by 10 degrees before heating them up. The small opening makes it difficult to clean the kettle. I can't turn my hand in the kettle because of my small wrist. I have to wipe both sides of my hand out. I wouldn't heat up anything besides water. It is near impossible to get the last few droplets of water out when pouring because of the lip near the top. When I'm not using it, I usually leave the lid open. No insulation is a con. I have not seen an electric kettle with glass sides that has an insulated side to protect you when there is hot water inside. I have to bring my head close to the handle to see the water levels because they are printed in a small amount. I'm just making a point.

2. Electric Gooseneck Stainless Brewing Protection

Electric Gooseneck Stainless Brewing Protection

All of their products are created in-house, from concept to manufacturing, and it's why they collaborate with industry leaders and world-champion baristas. You can control the flow rate of the water with a curved and long narrow spout, which can reduce the strain on your arm. Coffee and tea can be enjoyed due to the precise pouring of the electric gooseneck kettle. The pour-over kettle has a 304 Food-Grade steel inner that is resistant to rust. The electric tea kettle won't release a metallic taste on the ground that it doesn't release chemicals, making life healthier. The design is helpful while cleaning. The steam outlets on the lid prevent the electric kettle from being too high to open the lid. The handle is soft and comfortable. The water kettle has safety functions such as auto shut-off and boil-dry protection. The electric kettle has more safety than the traditional stove. A green Kettle is a perfect gift. The electric kettle is easy to store and take up little space. It is suitable for enjoying coffee and tea.

Brand: Dezin

👤It only took a few months for it to go out. When it is more than half full the water pours out crazy and gets everywhere. That will wake you up in the morning.

👤The tea pot has a spout. I am very disappointed in the workmanship of the item I just received. The water leaks out when you fill it. Even below the max line limit. It leaks. You can watch the video.

👤We tried this kettle and it didn't fit securely on the base and almost tipped over when you pressed the on button. cheap plastic is used to make the base. It has the potential to burn someone. Send it back.

👤I use this kettle in my upstairs bedroom. It's nice to be able to get a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa when it's cold outside. There is enough room for 2 mugs. I was surprised that it finished heating up so quickly. I usually use a cup with a lid as it's very hot and I don't wait for it to completely heat up. I have not had any issues with it wobbling. It has to be completely attached to the base. I like the retro look and the auto shuts off. The only change I would make is to have a longer cord. The length is fine for a wall plug in the kitchen.

👤This electric heater is what you would expect from an electric heater, but it's cute and we use it for coffee. The handle stays cool when boiling and it shuts off when done.

👤The water does the job it is supposed to. If you are looking for something sturdy. The electric kettle is more expensive. The base is wobbly and the whole thing feels cheap.

👤I have tried different kettles and this one is easy to use. The rubber seal around the lid is one of the top perks, it keeps the water in, and you don't have to grind the metal when you remove it. I got mine for less than $30.

👤The little pot is beautiful. It takes up little space. I like the long spout. I decided to purchase some nice tea ware while taking a class on tea.

👤La tetera es lindsima. The color is talcual. Se ve de una calidad. El agua hierve con rapidez, se estn pasado, lo segura de usar. Similares busqué y busqué teteras. Era importante para m. Tenan las dems similares, tenan las malas reseas y tenan las calidad. La excepcin fue a tetera. Mi compra!

👤Even with visitors, there is plenty big for 2. The design is sleek with a gooseneck spout, a lid that can be removed for easy cleaning, and an auto shut-off. You are not expected to please everyone 100%, so I would only make a change in color. The color is not offensive. Thank you. I love it! It's a good thing.

👤Needed a kettle for the cottage and it works great, heats the water quickly.

3. Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle

With precise temperature control, you can elevate your coffee drinking experience by releasing the complete flavor profile of your favorite roasts. Teas that are steep. The electric kettle they designed was especially designed for a cup of tea. The kettle has a handle with aose tail and a gooseneck spout for a more controlled pour. Pick the flash boil setting for a faster cup of coffee, or the keep warm setting to maintain your water setting, and you can also choose your temperature to display on the screen. All of their products are created in-house, from concept to manufacturing, and it's why they collaborate with industry leaders and world-champion baristas.

Brand: Brewista

👤I'm returning it. I have a Stagg EKG and am frustrated that I can't pour faster. I wanted to see if the Brewista could replace the Stagg. Nope. It takes some effort to keep the brewista at a slow pour, but it is possible. The Brewista cools down very quickly. The Stagg will lose a degree or two when it is returned to the base during the pour. The Brewista will lose a few degrees. I let it sit on the base longer than I wanted so the water would get back up to 205 before I poured it. I thought it was odd, but it didn't bother me. I had to press the hold temp button every time I returned it to the base. The Bonsvita are better kettles.

👤The base part is leaking. The powder comes out of nowhere.

👤The heating element died after a couple weeks of use. They stopped responding to our emails when they were reached out to.

👤We love this kettle. The previous kettle kicked the bucket. It is definitely worth it if you will be using your kettle a lot. We only drink tea once a month, but coffee is only once every now and then. The Fellow Stag pours so slow that it is impossible to get a quick steep for gongfu style brew, and filling a cup of tea to steep takes ages. This one has a great pour speed, which you can easily control, so you can have it pour fast or slow depending on your needs. The temp control is very good and it heats up very fast. I love the preset temp and the quick boil button. It feels well built and substantial. I like the sound of the beep when heating is done. I don't miss it. If you prefer to have the beep stay quiet, you can turn it off.

👤The kettle looks great in my kitchen. I wanted an attractive option with exact temperature control and this has worked out well, because it is kind of expensive for function that you can get for less. My old kettle splashed boiling water everywhere when pouring, but the gooseneck is much better. I love this kettle.

👤I loved the kettle's warming and temp control features and the fact that it holds a larger amount of water. The only thing that really bothered me was the tiktok sound it makes when getting to the right temp and while on hold, it is very loud and disturbing to me during my quiet mornings or evnings.

👤The Kettle does what it is supposed to do. The base is large but the touch controls are responsive. It will tell you it's ready. I don't know what the temperature of the coffee is making it an expensive purchase. I just sit it at one temperature and call it good. It may change once I start a new coffee bean, but it's not that sophisticated. The handle and goose neck make it easy to pour and control the flow rate. I bought the Open Box because it was less expensive and less wasteful, but I don't know if it's worth the money. It is worth it if it lasts a couple years.

4. Bonavita BV382510V Variable Temperature Gooseneck

Bonavita BV382510V Variable Temperature Gooseneck

The product has a maximum capacity of 800mL and a minimum of 150mL. It is possible to set it in one-degree increments between 140 -212 F (60 - 98 C). 1000 watt for quick heating. The temperature display is real-time. Hold Button can be held for up to 60 minutes. The temperature set button can be used for quick access to preset temperatures. The count-up timer makes it easy to keep track of the process. The neck spout is used for pour control. The length is 11.00 inch, the width is 7.00 inch and the height is 7.5 inch. There is a brushed steel and a plastic.

Brand: Bonavita

👤I bought this kettle with high hopes that it would improve my pour-overs. I took care of it and it pours very well. I kept it clean and only used it a couple of times a week. It refused to turn on for about a year and a half. I tried many outlets but nothing. I reached out to Bonavita to ask for help because I have been faithful to this kettle for about 1.5 years, and there is no reason that it should have stopped working so quickly. I was told that they wouldn't do anything to fix or replace it because it wasn't under warranty, even though the paperwork said it had a 2 year warranty. I invested a good bit of money in the item and I can't believe the customer service is so bad. I will not buy another item from this company. The company refused to help when it stopped working. Don't buy this product! There are many better options.

👤The Bonavita 1.0 L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle was reviewed in a video. I was forced to retire this item on December 24th, savesay purchased this November 11, 2012 and was forced to retire it on December 24th, savesay The kettle has good features such as a commercial rating and proven 5-year durability. Some plastic is inside the water-heating compartment.

👤In the winter it was used lightly and stored in the warmer months. It was a pleasure to use it. The kettle stopped boiling water. The water in it will no longer heat up. I used this unit for 2 years. Reached out to Bonavita customer service to inquire about purchasing a replacement base, but was told they don't sell the base separately. I thought it would last longer because of the cost. I paid more for a premium product and now I have another disposable appliance, I expected more from Bonavita, paid more for a premium product and now I have another disposable appliance. The ability to hold the water at a certain temperature was great for pour over coffee. The water is really hot. The cost is a cons. Durability. If the base fails after the warranty period, you'll be stuck with an electric kettle that can't heat the water and no replacement base to purchase. It is a nice kettle for pour over coffee if you don't mind replacing it every few years. It's the only one on the market where you can specify a target temperature and hold it there. You don't have many options if you need that feature. I can't justify the price to buy this item again, I hope it lasts longer than the last one.

👤The variable temperature setting of this kettle made it perfect for making cups of tea and Aeropress coffee. The kettle rust rings began to appear around the welding of the spout to the kettle and the plastic base around the bottom of the kettle about nine months into owning it. This has gotten worse as time has passed. The kettle sits in a small puddle of water that appears to be leaking from the seal between the plastic base and metal upper of the kettle. I would love for this company to reach out to me, but I wouldn't recommend this product. Poor materials, great design, great function.

5. Electric Gooseneck Temperature Stainless Protection

Electric Gooseneck Temperature Stainless Protection

Electric teapot with relief orifice is high temperature splash proof. The high temperature air pressure in the kettle will be discharged through the pressure relief hole at the handle of the kettle, thus avoiding the high temperature boiling water splashing directly from the top of the kettle and people being scalded. Their electric kettle has an elegant and atmospheric overall design. The marks on the body of the kettle are for the maximum and minimum water levels. You can easily control the speed of water flow with the help of the anti-scalding and non-slip handle. The temperature setting should be done by a pastor. The temperature range of this kettle is 104F-212F. The control temperature can be adjusted by turning the knob left and right. Press and hold the keep warm button for 3 seconds to switch the temperature display between the two. The taste and temperature of different beverages are what you want. The on-off key and keep warm key are located on the knob, and the function keys on the heating base are clear and simple. When the set temperature is reached, a sound will be made. You can set the time by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds, or you can adjust the time by 1 hour to 24 hours. The inside of the electric water kettle is 304 grade STAINLESS steel, which is safe to drink. When the set temperature is reached, it has an automatic shut-off function. When the water temperature is over 115C. The anti-dry-burning protection will be turned on when there is no water in the kettle. You can use this kettle with confidence because it has a high safety performance index. Fast heating and memory function. The hot water kettle electric has a power of 1200W, heating quickly, and at the same time, with a memory function, when you put the kettle back on the base, the settings will be maintained within 30 minutes, which is more convenient and smart. Enjoy the warm moments of your day with ease with this elegant electric kettle that will provide you with better quality coffee and tea.

Brand: Unbreakable

👤The kettle exceeded my expectations. Over the years, I've had several different Bonavita electric kettles. The handle came undone or the gooseneck spout broke off. The design of the kettle seems more sturdy and modern with the black color. It also stays locked on your preset temperature after every pour, which is a huge advantage for pour over coffee. 5 stars all the way.

6. Electric Stainless Interior Shut Off Protection

Electric Stainless Interior Shut Off Protection

We stand behind their products and services. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply to your questions. They provide a competitive price and a 2-year return and refund warranty, as well as a lifetime after sales service. No plastic contact with hot water, 100% food-grade 304stainless steel, and no rust risk make the Purest Taste. Safe drinking water. The kettle is designed with a gooseneck spout for precise control. The long and slender opening can control the flow of water so that you can get a good cup of coffee, tea or milk. The auto shut-off can be done within 20 seconds after the water is boiling. If there is no water inside, it will turn off the boil-dry safety feature. A wide mouth makes it easy to clean and it makes it easy to clean away deposits.

Brand: Meison

👤I bought this kettle because I wanted a cheap one for my coffee setup, and it had a gooseneck spout, even though it had no reviews. I think I found a good find with this purchase, it does what it says, auto-shutoff is nice, and I can boil my water very quickly. It's a good buy for people who want to make pour-over coffee.

👤This is a nice looking tea kettle. I like the attached lid. It is easy to clean. It takes over 7 minutes to boil the water if the kettle is full. The other kettles I've owned take less than four minutes. Returned to get a faster kettle.

👤The pot is simple. I wanted something to quickly heat water and not drain it, and it does that beautifully. It takes less than 2 minutes to heat a half a pot with our well water. I love the spout. It's nice to have something that doesn't get wet. I sometimes soak it in a full pot of water with a couple of ounces of white vinegar and it makes it new again. The heating indicator light is dim and it's almost invisible when the sun is bright, so I would change that. I have to jiggle the base to get the pot out, because it's light and hangs onto the pot. It would be nice if it lifted right off. The base connection loosened up and the pot lifted right off. Splendid.

👤I need a simple and small. This fits the bill because it's one button and it's for the horse trailer. This baby has no temp settings. It's hot quickly. It seems that Nd shuts off after about 8 minutes. It was perfect for my use.

👤The design of pouring water over tea/ coffee was very good. I have been waiting a long time to find this style and price. I purify my water. No problem with any taste. The top is very snug. My neighbor ordered one too. The pot was packaged well and came with good paperwork for safe handling. A great gift idea. Highly recommend. 1.2 liter capacity.

👤We used to have one of the larger electric kettles. The pot had an electrical issue that made the cord very hot and could not touch it. This kettle has a three pronged plug that stays cool to the touch. The pour spout is very targeted and the kettle is large. It was nicely balanced. The auto shut off works as it should, and this pot is less noisy than our larger one. There is a very comfortable handle to protect you from the outside. If nothing changes, this is my dream pot, it looks great on my kitchen counter, and works like a charm! Look no further.

👤Reached out to the seller. They sent a new one. I am very pleased with how this kettle performs, it beats stove boiling water and holds just the right amount of water. It's not as fancy as other electric kettles, but the design and pour from the gooseneck make it a good buy. It's also very cute. This kettle is adorable. I'm excited to try it. I was a little disappointed that it was damaged. There is no damage on the sides of the box, but the front is damaged. It heated correctly and didn't leak. I'm happy it's made of steel and there isn't any plastic inside.

7. Stariver Gooseneck Stainless Auto Shut Protection

Stariver Gooseneck Stainless Auto Shut Protection

Hassle-free service. The success of their business can be determined by measuring customer-satisfaction levels and serving the customers' needs. If there is a problem with their product, you can contact them and they will take care of you until you are satisfied. This kettle is designed with a gooseneck spout for precise control during pouring. The long and slender opening can control the flow of water so that you can get a good cup of coffee, tea or milk. The interior of the kettle is made of food grade steel without any plastic in order to bring you the healthier drinking and higher life quality. There will be no plastic or metal in your coffee or water. One-touch switch is easy to operate the kettle, and the ergonomics design allows the kettle to be easily lifted off for pouring after the water boiling. The grip design of the handle can give you a comfortable grip on your kettle. The kettle can automatically shut off and prevent dry boiling for safety. The 1000 watt power of the electric kettle can raise the speed of reaching to boil to avoid wasting time, and the indicator light will make you confirm the state of the kettle. Stariver is committed to providing the best shopping experience and the best services for you. If you have a problem with their kettle, please get in touch with them so that they can fix it.

Brand: Stariver

👤Hi! What is the purpose of the small plastic cap on the tube? Is it a good idea to remove it before boiling water?

👤I received this kettle on Sept 4, 2020. The kettle is sleek and pretty. This is what I saw when I inspected the item. It looks like something else.

👤The design is attractive, but the execution is flawed. The power base is not grounded, which means that it presents a shock, electrocution, and fire hazard. The power base is not grounded because there are positive and negative contacts, but no ground. The power cord has a two-prong plug.

👤The light at the tail of the handle looks good in a modern kitchen. The navy is very dark and close to black, and the size is perfect for a few mugs and a goose neck. The base of the top kettle is cheap and awkward. The kettle has a hard time setting it firmly down the base. If the base was more stable, it would be worth more. If style matters to you, it's very good for the price.

👤The pour over kettle is cute. There are pros and cons. A nice design and finish, graceful gooseneck spout, warms water very fast, sturdy switch, light weight. There are some things that are CONS: Even if you fill it with water more than half way, it will still wobble. You are not supposed to leave water inside. The handle of the kettle does not get hot. It is sturdy. The leaflet that is shipped with the kettle should have more information about the plastic part.

👤I like how the kettle looks. For the longest time, I've wanted this to match my kitchen. The water was boiled in 3 minutes and it was ready for my coffee or tea. When in use, the light turns on and shuts off when it's done boiling. It's pretty good with the price.

👤It was easy and comfortable to use. My husband is a big fan of theses. It comes in handy because we don't have a water fountain. We've been making coffee and tea in the microwave. This is more convenient because you just push the power button and it will shut off the hot water for you.

👤The max line is not 1.2L, it is 1L. I've never seen a tube attachment in a kettle before. The scratches on the outside are not normally a problem, but they are worth pointing out given the other issues. Amazon's customer service was great and helped arrange a refund. Sorry to say, but definitely buyer beware on this item.

👤We were happy with the price of this product after some research. We were concerned with the quality and strength of the handle, which is made of plastic, when we received the product. The rest of the kettle seems sturdy, but the handle didn't seem to support the body for a long time after continual use. We decided to go for the slightly more expensive Bodum product. Time will tell if our investment was worth it.

8. Arspic Gooseneck Temperature Stainless Leak Proof

Arspic Gooseneck Temperature Stainless Leak Proof

The pour over from the kettle is kept from boiling dry. The large counterbalanced handle is always cool. It is easy to use with no settings needed. The gooseneck kettle has 5 preset temperatures that allow you to brew coffee or tea in less than a minute. When the water reaches the preset temperature, you will hear a ready tone instead of having to watch the kettle all the time. The heat resistant and counterbalanced handle makes it easier for a precision pour and the curved spout is designed for optimal pour over flow rate. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in no time with the 1000 watt power that can boil a 0.8L kettle in 4-5 minutes. The keep warm function means hot water is always on. The British STRIX thermostat makes the gooseneck electric kettle safe to use because it will shut off when the water reaches a preset temperature and when it senses that the kettle is out of water. The use of SUS 304 food gradestainless steel body and lid of the coffee kettle, along with the absence of Teflon or other chemicals inside the coffee kettle helps ensure that you get the perfect pure flavor in your pour over coffee or tea.

Brand: Arspic

👤This is a nice looking kettle. The navy blue is complemented by black andstainless steel accents. The temp selection is easy to use. The control panel doesn't need an explanation. There are no buttons that work for more than one purpose. Wait for the alarm and push the desired temp. The keep warm feature is excellent. You can reactivate it after an hour. If there is insufficient water, the kettle will shut off. The water pours out nicely and slowly. It is much safer than a top spout. This kettle is really safe because of the tight fitting lid and the controlled pour. The handle on the kettle makes refilling it easy and safe, even when it is hot. There is a cable guide under the base to wrap up any extra cable. The only thing I would like to see is a magnetic quick guide to the temperature of the tea. That would make this proof.

👤The digital meat thermometer was a great ad for my cooking tools. I have had a single probe unit for a couple of years, but it always left me wanting to monitor more. I completed my first cook tonight. I wanted to smoke two small pork roasts, one was smaller than the other, but they were not the same size and I had to cook the smaller one. I was able to monitor both separately, and there was a 35 minute difference in the cooking time between the 2 roasts. I did not set it up prior to firing up the smoker, I set up 3 probes, one for each piece of meat and one to monitor the internal temperature of the grill. I downloaded the app to my phone from the app store and was able to install it quickly and easily. The instructions that came with the unit were clear and easy to follow. The overall rating is outstanding, good instructions, and a great value. The blue tooth worked great, I was able to watch the cook inside the house watch tv, this has been one of my best purchases over the last few months.

👤It is very cute. It looks modern and pretty. The packaging was good. It's easy to take out the box. . There are different temperature settings for tea and coffee. You are good to go if you press the button. Can't wait for my coffee and tea on the weekend. I am happy with the product and recommend it.

👤Good quality with a fair price.

👤The kettle is blue. It's perfect for one or two people. It is very hot and quiet. The controls are easy to use. The water can be kept at the chosen temperature. You are good to go if you just press the button.

👤It's easy to use and you can measure the temperature on 4 things at once. No complaints at all.

👤I decided to try out the AeroPress coffee making process and read up on temperature control kettles. This kettle sells for 1/3 of the price of the highly rated Fellows EKG Kettle, and has everything I need. So far, so good. My initial cups of coffee have been great compared to my previous brew process and non-temperature controlled kettle, and the kettle delivers on everything promised. This kettle appears to be built to last and has performed well so far.

9. Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle

Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle

After the water reaches your desired temperature and warming time, the hot water kettle electric equipment with an NTC thermostat controller will auto shut-off. For a longer use lifetime, boil-dry protection. The Bistro water kettles are perfect for coffee, tea and instant soups because of their efficient and effective way to boil the water. The heating element is tucked away at the bottom so you can safely place your water kettle on any surface. The electric kettle has a steam sensor for automatic shut off and added safety, as well as a manual on/off switch and power indicator light. The cup serving size is featured on the water scale, so make sure you are boiling the perfect amount of water. The water kettle can heat up to 8 cups of water. 120V 60Hz.

Brand: Bodum

👤There are a lot of things I like about this kettle. The size is perfect to make tea for one, it brings the water to a boil very quickly, and there is no plastic smell or taste. The switch is faulty and the auto-shutoff feature does not work. It will boil away all the water you put in it. This is a big problem. After you pour out the water, the switch must be manually reset to off position. The electric tea kettles I've seen reset automatically when the unit is removed from the base. This product is not good.

👤There is a fire hazard. The pitcher is great for heating water. I noticed that it was not turning on. I pour it over my coffee, open the lid, and then put it back on the base. The power switch clicks when the kettle finishes boiling the water. The kettle was on for over eight hours when I came home. I can't believe that this product is legal. How can a heating coil be on for hours without a fail safe mechanism if a switch fails? The mechanical switch to turn on the kettle is problematic and doesn't shut it off like it is supposed to. I have to make sure that the kettle is not put on the base. The power light is off while the kettle is on, which is disturbing. After the kettle was powered on for a day, there was nothing in the vicinity. I hope that the feedback is tracked and that the product is fixed as this is a serious safety issue. The kettle has been great. It is very easy to heat water quickly. It has been great since I used it for a month. This kettle was no exception to the trend of good bodum products.

👤It stopped working with burning smell after a few months of occasional use. The wire that was connected to the heating coil was burned. I contacted Bodum customer service but nobody answered and they sent me an email to rate the support I received. I didn't receive anything. This product was poorly made. It could cause a fire hazard. Please be careful if you bought it before.

👤This is the right weight for my sore hands. It clicks off within 10 seconds when I turn it on more than once. I came here to return it and found it was too late. It's okay to make a product like this.

👤Don't purchase. I like the way they look and have ordered three of them. Each one has stopped working. Bodum is refusing to give me a credit since I don't want a fourth unit that is going to fail. Stay away from the bad company.

👤I usually like Bodum products, but this kettle is disappointing. Water leaks from the handle. The lid is hard to remove. The pin for the hinge is too small to be durable and the lid broke today. I'll have to throw it away because I had it less than a year. I will not be buying Bodum products in the future.

10. Gooseneck Electric Temperature Stainless Retaining

Gooseneck Electric Temperature Stainless Retaining

Automatic shut-off switches function when the water reaches your set temperature and the boil-dry protection prevents it boiling if there is insufficient water present. The electric kettle has 6 different temperatures that can be adjusted to meet your needs. The famous British brand-Strix thermostat is adapted, precise to control the temperature, and ensure the water was boiled fully, auto shut off if no water inside and dry burning-resistant protection. The temperature on the thermostat may have an error. It takes less than 5 minutes for the kettle to boil with 1000W. It won't take more time. Warm keeping can help to avoid boiling water. For healthy life, made of 100% food-gradestainless steel for the inner and bottom of the body of water, it ensures no chemical linings or health of the water. The design of the electric kettle is unique and elegant, it improves the experience of brewing, water comes out smoothly, no need to worry about leaking. Tea, coffee, milk powder, and oatmeal should be the focus. It should be more of a ritual in life.

Brand: Generic

👤I bought this for the looks and it looks great on the stand. It works great to boil water, but there are some missing features that make it less than perfect. The only way to know when the water is boiling is to turn on the power. - If you leave the kettle on the base, it will keep on flashing the power light and the temperature will always be on. It's not good if you have a studio or bedroom. I leave the blinking off the base when I'm storing. It's a great kettle for the price and looks.

👤Does it make water hot? Yes. The pros section is over. I don't think the controls are intuitive. It doesn't turn off, just blinks. It doesn't do a good job hitting the temperature. Just cranks up the heat and wanders around. I don't think it ever reached that number. The handle is not comfortable. Get a better kettle if you spend a little more.

👤I made some french press coffee with it. I set it for 203 degrees and when I looked at the temp against my instant read thermometer, it was 1-2 degrees under what the kettle said. I'm not sure how accurate my read is. It is close enough for me. I try to go from 200 to 205 when I make coffee. The water temperature can affect how strong the extract is. Lighter roasts are hotter to develop flavors, and darker roasts are cooler to avoid bitter notes. Your grind is a factor in that. The time to heat was also fast. About 3 minutes? It seemed very fast, but I didn't time it. I think I should have my coffee brew in less than 10 minutes when I am on the go. The max fill line holds enough water to fill my 4 cup French press. The narrow spout will allow you to be precise in your pour. I washed it with Dawn and hot water. I was careful to not get the buttons wet. It was wiped down with a sponge. It's easy to clean, but my advice is not to put it in the dishwasher. I think it should be self explanatory. We will see how this holds up over time, but so far I like it. It was on a Black Friday deal for $40. You can register for a 24 month warranty with a code in the box. I discovered that if you set it to boil at 212F, it will only heat to 200 ish.

👤The kettle is stupid. It works well for boiling water. The temperature control is stupid and the instructions are written by someone who is not an English speaker. The price should be less than half of what it is, it should have an on-off switch. You can use your money to get something useful.

👤You can tell it is not well made when you pick it up. It feels cheap and fragile. If it falls to the ground or into my sink it could break. The instructions to set temp are not clear. I don't know what will happen if I leave it plugged in because it seems to just keep boiling to keep the temp. I wish that I had.

11. Gooseneck Electric Temperature Jocuu Stainless

Gooseneck Electric Temperature Jocuu Stainless

The Strix controller has an auto-shutoff feature. The Jocuu hot water electric kettle has a temperature control. The temperature control can be adjusted by one degree for crafting your coffee or tea with precision. The electric teapot operates at 1200W, boiling water in 1-2 minutes, and automatically shutting off once the water reaches the set temperature. The coffee kettle has a leak-proof design and is able to turn it off when the water in it dries out completely. Keep Warm and Memory Function. The Keep Warm Function of the Jocuu pour-over kettle keeps it warm for up to 120 minutes. The tea maker has a function that remembers and maintains the preset temperature you selected last time. The electric water boiler features a precision pours spout, designed for optimal pour-over flow rate, giving you total control over the speed and direction of the stream. You can operate the water heater kettle with one hand by detaching it from the base. Rejuvenate yourself with the purest taste of every beverage with the 304stainless steel tea kettle. The kettle has a limited warranty and lifetime technical support.

Brand: Jocuu

👤I assumed most of the glorious reviews were fake but decided to give the product a chance, given the nice design and low price point. The time it takes to boil water is incorrect. I don't understand why they claim that. It took 5 minutes to get room temperature water to boil. It's still really good, but it's not what they're saying. It took 4.5 minutes to bring half a kettle to the correct temperature. You would hear it turn back on. I wonder if that is just low-quality hardware. The temperature accuracy is the biggest deal breaker. I tried to set it to 192 a couple of times. The water was around 202 each time. I bought this unit for the accuracy, so it's pointless without it. If you only need water to boil, there are cheaper options. I spent double to get the Oxo kettle, and it's great so far. A full-kettle boil is 3.5 minutes and temperature accuracy is within 0-1 degree.

👤The water does not hold the water temperature. If you want, you can set it at 202 or whatever you want, and it will bring it up to that temperature, but as soon as it cools a little, the "keep warm" function will bring it to boiling. Prepare to ruin everything.

👤The kettle was purchased from Amazon a year ago. In the past 60 days heating became more erratic and slower. When I power on the base unit, I get all zeros and the buttons chirp, but nothing happens and it doesn't respond beyond a beep to the heat command. Sometimes the kettle will work again after being removed and replaced a few times. I guess it is time to look for another kettle and not another Jocuu. I liked it until it stopped working.

👤The electric tea kettle I bought stopped working after 3 uses. I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a popular brand just to heat water because I loved the sleek look of this one. I wanted the kettle to do the main thing I wanted it to do: prepare water for tea at the right temperature. It shuts itself off after 2 hours at that temp. I used it daily and still performed.

👤There is nothing to dislike. I got the 1200W version, but it heats the water so quickly that I wonder if I could have saved a few bucks and gotten the 1000W version, but I don't really think that matters. The high build quality and ease of use are what matters. I got this kettle for my office because I wouldn't have to go downstairs and wait for the water to boil on the stove before I could make tea. Being able to heat the water quickly is a bonus. I used a thermometer to measure the water temp after the kettle was heated to 190 degrees F, which is important for different kinds of tea.

👤The old Bonavita kettle was getting a bit old and needed to be replaced. The Jocuu kettle is an interesting little thing. The controls work well. It feels foreign but everything works. 2. The light is too bright. 3. The function is welcome and not annoying, as described in the manual. The kettle feels well balanced and the handle is pleasant to use, and you forget all the interesting quirks and enjoy the experience of this nice little kettle. The kettle is nice to use and a great value. It may win you over if you give it a chance.


What is the best product for electric kettle gooseneck 1l?

Electric kettle gooseneck 1l products from Oxo. In this article about electric kettle gooseneck 1l you can see why people choose the product. Dezin and Brewista are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric kettle gooseneck 1l.

What are the best brands for electric kettle gooseneck 1l?

Oxo, Dezin and Brewista are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric kettle gooseneck 1l. Find the detail in this article. Bonavita, Unbreakable and Meison are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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