Best Electric Kettle Temperature Control Gooseneck

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1. Electric Gooseneck Temperature Stainless StopWatch

Electric Gooseneck Temperature Stainless StopWatch

The model KEK1032 has a Digital Kettle and a power base with cord storage. You can brew your favorite coffee with to-the-degree temperature control. To select the temp from the wide range, turn the dial. This is the kettle that you should use to get the typical aroma from different types of beans. Different types of tea need different temperatures. After reaching your desired temperature, the kettle will automatically hold it for 10 minutes, and you can extend the hold time to 120 minutes. The "Set Temp", "Real Temp", and "Stopwatch" are displayed on the large and sleek display. When your water is ready, the kettle has a ready tone. You can silence all the tones by pressing the button. The electric kettle has a long spout to make sure it pours and flows smoothly. A balanced body build and heat- resistant handle make pour more comfortable. There is no screw in the kettle housing that can cause rust. Pure taste and safe tech. 304 food-grade steel is used in the inner kettle. There is no plastic or Silicon in the variable temp kettle. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, the kettle will automatically shut off. In just 4 minutes, the 1200w quickly heats up 0.8L water. The reprogrammed heating method reduces the noise when water is boiling.

Brand: Qcuq

👤It doesn't heat to set the temperature. A 20% discount was offered by the company.

👤The display is too dim to read. Had to return after rendering the unit useless.

👤I own two of these. I set aside one for travel. This is a must for a tea drinker. It's convenient to boil water that serves 1 or 2. It has a pleasing design element.

👤Wanted something to match my decor, didn't take up a lot of space, and kept the water hot for a while. This does the job. It does help with controlling the pour if you get used to it. I don't like that it stays on. It has to be unplugged to be completely off. The option to stay hot is two hours, but can be reset to stay on longer. The handle is close to the surface, which is great because the kettle is hot to the touch. Just in case, keep a pot holder or kitchen towel close. Solid parts too. Doesn't look like a chintzy person. I like the finish of it.

👤The kettle gives your kitchen a modern look. The kettle doesn't warm up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, usually maxes out at 204. Choose another product if you need precise temp over 204. I recommend.

👤All around a class product. The packaging is well designed and built, the kettle is beautiful, and the black finish is beautiful. It pours very well. The water temp is maintained to a degree. It took just under 7 minutes to fill to capacity and then go from room temp to 205. The kettle is a great value for me.

👤It works great, fits on our buffet area near the kitchen table, and we love the temp options and control.

👤The kettle stopped working after three months and the return window was closed one month after purchase.

2. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Temperature Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Temperature Kettle

British Strix thermostat technology, auto shut-off, and extraordinary safety are features of the electric tea kettle. You can control your kettle through your phone by connecting it to the free VeSync app. You can schedule when you want your water to boil, change the Hold Temp time, and adjust your kettle's temperature with Vesync. You can use the "MyBrew" function to modify your preset. Cosori's Gooseneck Kettle has 4 temperature preset so your tea is brew just right. The Hold Temperature function keeps water at the same temperature for 60 minutes. 304 food-gradestainless steel is used in the kettle's housing, lid, and spout. Teflon and chemical linings are not present, so you don't have to worry about a plastic taste. It is easy to pour from the curved spout. It has a unique shape that allows for steady water flow. The handle is designed to make pouring more comfortable. Save time by boiling water in the kettle instead of on the stove. It only takes a few minutes to boil. Safety first, brew safely with the kettle's safety features, which include STRIX Thermostat Technology and automatic shutoff. It also has boil-dry protection, which will turn off the kettle if there is no water inside. The included components are Kettle and manual.

Brand: Cosori

👤It suddenly wouldn't turn on about a month or so after using it, just like others have reported. There was no light or heat. I'm not going to sit idly by and accept a setback as my new reality. No, Sirree! I'm going to figure out the cause of the problem so I can fix it. The first ring around the pin at the center of the carafe became rusted. The unit is unable to work because of the rust blocking a current between the base and the carafe. It may work if you place the pot at a different angle. I used a fine-grade sand sponge to remove the rust. Steel wool may work, but it is a very precise and small job. I added coconut oil to prevent further rusting after I sanded off the rust. So far, so good. I took pictures to show the rust. If you have hard water, the white spots inside the pot are going to happen. Did you not hear about people in the 16th century complaining about spots in their water boiler? Absolutely not! The lucky people didn't have to deal with water spots because they poured their water in an iron kettle. You can find an iron kettle on Amazon. I'm not sure where your nearest creek is. Maybe you can see it on the maps. You can either buy white vinegar or pretend the spots aren't there. The coconut oil appears to be holding its own as of today, June 14, 2021. The kettle hasn't stopped or failed to start since I applied the first thin coat. I love it! The last water boiler leaked water and almost caught my house on fire. The water boiler is very efficient and can boil a liter of water in four minutes. I will confirm that it will be less than four minutes. I thought the blue light would be spectacular, but it is not. I did not buy this for entertainment. When you close the lid, the spout strainer pulls forward. The strainer can be moved down when the lid is open. It doesn't stay down, but it won't snap off when you're trying to fill the carafe, which was its intended purpose, I believe. It's made of metal, so you don't have to worry about poisoning your family with plastic chemicals. The pot that comes in contact with liquid is not made of plastic. The plastic on the handle and outside of the lid is meant to protect you from burns. I have had to use a potholder to support the base, but I wouldn't remove points for that. It doesn't have a temp control, but you can watch it boil, and you can judge from the water's reaction when it's the temperature you're after. You will be a pro at figuring out the tea temp. I would recommend this pot to my grandmother if she were alive to use it. The price is reasonable. If I were you, I'd give it a try. You don't know when the price will go up. I have a hot streak. I will return to post the issues if something goes wrong after I post this review. It's working well for now.

3. KYERLISH Electric Gooseneck Temperature Stainless

KYERLISH Electric Gooseneck Temperature Stainless

The inner kettle is made of 304 food-grade steel. There is no plastic or Silicon in the kettle. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, the kettle will automatically shut off. The British Strix NTC thermostat accurately controls the temperature, which senses subtle variations of water temperature to 1 degree. You can set the temperature from 158F to 204F through the "+" button, which will help you extract the coffee beans you are about to brew. The 1.0L kettle can serve up to 5 cups of coffee, which saves the hassle of frequent water refilling. The finely curved gooseneck spout was manufactured after many tests and design modifications. The anti-scald handle has a firm grip for pouring and a good balance. The touch panel is more sensitive than other electric kettles. You don't have to adjust the temp every time because the intelligent memory function will memorize the previous setting. A built-in stopwatch brew is included in the KYERLISH kettle. The stopwatch only works when the kettle is not in the air. The 1200W electric kettle can heat 1 liter of water quickly and efficiently if you press the one-click boiling button. The keep warm function can be used after boiling to hold a specific temperature. If you want a quieter brew environment, you can long press the button to silence the sound. KyerlISH electric pour over kettle has an auto-off function and boil-dry protection, it shuts off after 9 minutes when not in use. They use a power cord that passed certification to ensure electrical safety. The kettle is made of food grade 18/8 steel to ensure healthy drinking.

Brand: Kyerlish

👤I like coffee and hot drinks in the winter. The cute kettle is light and stylish. It is easy to clean and heating. Cool stuff at home and office.

👤It's easy to operate once I figured out the controls. It even made my green tea by using one of the lower temperature preset. It isn't bitter. The Timer took longer to figure out. It takes from 1 to 3000 seconds according to the instructions. Not true. It takes from 1 second to 30 minutes. It means it counts up like a stop watch when it says it times. And that's all. There is no way to set a timer for 6 minutes and have it alert you when it's over. The passing of time is what counts. It's up to you to keep an eye on the 6 minutes. Unless you need a stopwatch, I can't imagine what you'd use this timer for. The kettle is great.

👤The kettle has a heating base that allows you to control the temperature and know the temperature of the water in the pot. The directions are not completely clear and the commands are not easy to understand, but they give you good control over the temperature of the kettle. The handle was fused to the body when my kettle leaked. The second was fine after they replaced it. It's good for tea and coffee and has a nice pour. It's not for heating water for cooking.

👤I use it for my coffee. It's great for this. The owner's manual makes it very clear and after a few times usage becomes second nature. The features that I like the most are the ability to maintain the set temp and the ability to control the temperature during the pour-over process. The control panel is easy to clean. 3 )temperature preset 4) can heat water quickly to the desired temperature and maintain that temperature within a narrow range. If I overfill it, it will leak from the handle.

👤The only thing I like about this kettle is that it has a timed warmer, which is the only thing I don't like about it. There are three main issues. The buttons don't work. Sometimes I have to press it 4-5 times before the display comes on, but I press it and it beeps. It was very frustrating. I'm not sure if it's the gooseneck or not, but the water comes out of the lid very easily when you're pouring. I don't have a lot of water in it and I'm not being aggressive. I scalded my left hand after having this happen many times. The prompt to write the review was the reason. It's confusing. No one in the office can figure it out and have to ask me how to do it.

👤The item shoots past its temperature. Even if I set it to 85c, it can shoot past that and reach boiling point. I think it has to do with the machine not knowing when to turn off. When the water is already hot, or when the amount of water is low, this issue becomes more pronounced. One of its key functions, which is maintaining the same temperature, does not work at all.

4. KOIOS Gooseneck Temperature Stainless Thermometer

KOIOS Gooseneck Temperature Stainless Thermometer

It is safe to use the kettle with boil-dry protection and auto shut-off. The kettle has to-the-degree temperature control and can be switched between C and F, 3F accurate temp control is suitable for different types of teas. Quiet while working and quick and easy to boil water from the koios 1200W electric tea kettle. When your water is ready, the auto shut-off will sound. The Pour-over tea/coffee kettle has an elegant design and a precise pour spout that makes it easy to brew a cup of coffee or tea. The built-in NTC thermistor supports safe operation of the kettle, and it has FDA certificates. Food-grade, insulatedstainless steel makes the gooseneck ketttle super easy to clean. They will solve your problem within 24 hours, if you have a request, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Koios

👤There is no plastic in the water. There is a rubbery piece at the bottom of the kettle that will be submerged in the boiling water. Is it made of rubber? Is it plastic? Is it Silicone? They don't say. I wouldn't trust a made in china appliance if they said it was Silicone. It was a waste of time buying it and now having to return it.

👤It is quicker than my stovetop gooseneck. The temperature was 206, while my stove was still at 180. It will hold the water at the desired temp, which is great if you want to steep tea without waiting.

👤I have been using this for over two weeks now. It works well and heats up quickly. I usually set it to 212, pour it over, and then set it back on the base after 4-5 minutes. It looks nice on the counter. I don't like that it beeps. Every button is pressed. You don't have to tell me, I pressed the button. When it reaches a certain temperature, it sounds. When you put the empty kettle back in, it will start playing again. I wish you could turn it off. The start/pause button does not stop when not in use. Again, not a big deal. I would like it to be dim. The lid is the last thing. It seems to be made to disassemble into a few pieces, and then break apart on its own. The rubber pulls the seal away from the lid parts. Everything snaps back together, it doesn't seem broken. I still gave it 5 stars because of the small issues. I would expect to be able to turn off the screen if I had paid twice as much. This is a good product for what I paid.

👤This kettle is perfect for people who like to pour over coffee or tea. It is easy to use and heats the water quickly. This kettle is wonderful.

👤The kettle I bought for my second kitchen for guests works well in my regular kitchen and I will be buying a second one. It is sleek and convenient to set the temperature for pour-over coffee and tea. It is efficient to get my coffee with perfect blooms and no bitterness.

👤I had to use my coffee maker or microwave to heat up the water when I got into Vietnamese pour over coffee. This thing is very easy to use. The water is hot in just 2 minutes. I use it every day and have not been disappointed.

👤Great kettle. We have a small space on the counter. I was able to make tea when I was sick by putting it on my nightstand. It's perfect for pour-over coffee because of the way it pours. The controls are difficult to use. They will not work if you press on them. My inclination is to press. It is nice to only need to tap. I have an electric glass kettle that is twice the size and it takes less than a minute to heat to full boil. Three minutes is what the description says. Either it is not a second sooner or slightly longer. I prefer this kettle to my coffee maker.

5. Gooseneck Electric Temperature Stainless Retaining

Gooseneck Electric Temperature Stainless Retaining

Automatic shut-off switches function when the water reaches your set temperature and the boil-dry protection prevents it boiling if there is insufficient water present. The electric kettle has 6 different temperatures that can be adjusted to meet your needs. The famous British brand-Strix thermostat is adapted, precise to control the temperature, and ensure the water was boiled fully, auto shut off if no water inside and dry burning-resistant protection. The temperature on the thermostat may have an error. It takes less than 5 minutes for the kettle to boil with 1000W. It won't take more time. Warm keeping can help to avoid boiling water. For healthy life, made of 100% food-gradestainless steel for the inner and bottom of the body of water, it ensures no chemical linings or health of the water. The design of the electric kettle is unique and elegant, it improves the experience of brewing, water comes out smoothly, no need to worry about leaking. Tea, coffee, milk powder, and oatmeal should be the focus. It should be more of a ritual in life.

Brand: Generic

👤I bought this for the looks and it looks great on the stand. It works great to boil water, but there are some missing features that make it less than perfect. The only way to know when the water is boiling is to turn on the power. - If you leave the kettle on the base, it will keep on flashing the power light and the temperature will always be on. It's not good if you have a studio or bedroom. I leave the blinking off the base when I'm storing. It's a great kettle for the price and looks.

👤Does it make water hot? Yes. The pros section is over. I don't think the controls are intuitive. It doesn't turn off, just blinks. It doesn't do a good job hitting the temperature. Just cranks up the heat and wanders around. I don't think it ever reached that number. The handle is not comfortable. Get a better kettle if you spend a little more.

👤I made some french press coffee with it. I set it for 203 degrees and when I looked at the temp against my instant read thermometer, it was 1-2 degrees under what the kettle said. I'm not sure how accurate my read is. It is close enough for me. I try to go from 200 to 205 when I make coffee. The water temperature can affect how strong the extract is. Lighter roasts are hotter to develop flavors, and darker roasts are cooler to avoid bitter notes. Your grind is a factor in that. The time to heat was also fast. About 3 minutes? It seemed very fast, but I didn't time it. I think I should have my coffee brew in less than 10 minutes when I am on the go. The max fill line holds enough water to fill my 4 cup French press. The narrow spout will allow you to be precise in your pour. I washed it with Dawn and hot water. I was careful to not get the buttons wet. It was wiped down with a sponge. It's easy to clean, but my advice is not to put it in the dishwasher. I think it should be self explanatory. We will see how this holds up over time, but so far I like it. It was on a Black Friday deal for $40. You can register for a 24 month warranty with a code in the box. I discovered that if you set it to boil at 212F, it will only heat to 200 ish.

👤The kettle is stupid. It works well for boiling water. The temperature control is stupid and the instructions are written by someone who is not an English speaker. The price should be less than half of what it is, it should have an on-off switch. You can use your money to get something useful.

👤You can tell it is not well made when you pick it up. It feels cheap and fragile. If it falls to the ground or into my sink it could break. The instructions to set temp are not clear. I don't know what will happen if I leave it plugged in because it seems to just keep boiling to keep the temp. I wish that I had.

6. Temperature Control Electric Gooseneck Capacitive

Temperature Control Electric Gooseneck Capacitive

We will solve your problem within 24 hours, if you have a request, please feel free to contact them. The Precision Parade. The kettle's 1000 watt heating system can boil a full 27oz to your precise temperature in minutes with temperature control that's accurate within 3F. The spout has a cut for pour over coffee, tea and more. The performance is flawed. The tea kettle has a warm setting for up to one hour. It can be used to brew your favorite tea types: white, green, oolong, coffee, black tea and more. The spade design. This kettle's cut gooseneck spout allows for optimal pouring control to ensure the precise level of extraction that you deserve. The art of coffee. It was grinding to perfect. Measuring with precision. The process of making beer. The instruments of artisan coffee making have been reinvented. Like an artist. Coffee traditions since 1961, the line of coffee & espresso makers, French presses, burr grinders, kettles & pour over kits let you brew with classic techniques.

Brand: Brim

👤Doesn't work. The numbers keep flashing and the sound of the numbers is pleasant. Maybe a fake item.

👤If I were making this product, I would make the steel thicker and the lid stronger. I don't want to tighten the nut anymore because of the risk of cracking it. I like the way the gooseneck creates a world of dif for my tea leaves and flavor. I had always believed that was hype. The kettle is hot. I put a lid on my 1 quart steel saucepan to keep the heat out of my eggs. The eggs are in a tight circle. Wild, huh? It's not necessary to fire up the gas burners in the morning.

👤I don't know what to expect from this kettle, it might be a little slow to heat to boiling but I have experience with other higher end kettles so I don't know what to expect. The base is easy to clean.

👤I have only had the kettle for about a month, but I like it so far, only one minor exception is that it's not very durable. The kettle is very hot. I can have a full kettle at 195 degrees in 2 minutes. I like the touch controls. There are no buttons to worry about. The interface is easy to use. Pressing Temp will vary between pre-set temperatures. Press until you get the temp that's closest to you, then use the + or - controls to dial in your temperature. The last one you selected will be the one that is shown next. If you use the same temperature all the time, you won't have to set it again. It has a function that will keep the kettle warm for up to an hour. I don't have to watch the temperature as I don't have to stand. I just start the kettle and go do other things while it warms up and then it will keep it at that temperature until I return. If you want to boil water, touch the control. The knob on the lid is very flimsy and I'm afraid it may be easy to break, but a knob is easy enough to replace so not a big deal. I can't speak to the kettle's longevity, but I would recommend it to anyone. I think it's one of the best looking kettles, and I like the black finish so I don't have fingerprints on it.

👤The temperature set function doesn't work well. I like to brew my tea at 200f. When you set the kettle to 200f, it will sound a little strange, but it's clear that it's still heating up. When you put the kettle on the unit again, it will read 207f or 208f. When you set it to boil, it often cooks for a while, then cools and stops. When you replace the kettle, it's closer to 207f or 207f and not boiling. It's clear that it could've used better calibration. The handle is not nice in person. The unit looks decent. The lid is terrible. The way it's designed is not compatible with removal when the unit is hot. It's hard to get a grip on the stupid knob since you have to pull upwards and it's very flimsy. The pour speed is garbage and makes flash infusions impossible, even though it is a gooseneck thing. The base unit looks nice. One of the cheapest temperature setting options is available.

7. SAKI Baristan Pour Over Kettle

SAKI Baristan Pour Over Kettle

Great coffee doesn't have to wait. It was 0.9L. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to boil it. The curved gooseneck spout and heat resistant handhle make it possible to pour and steady the water flow. Better pour, better extract, better flavor. This elegant kettle is for coffee or tea. TheEnlarged Gooseneck Spout: They enlarged the kettle's spout to improve the water flow rate. A 1200 watt quick-heat element will save you time while you start your day with a great cup of coffee. Zero plastic. They know that you don't like hot water. The plastic materials that other kettles have been removed. They value your well-being. The kettle on the market has zero plastic materials inside. The rubber grip of the handle is heat resistant, so high temperatures stay where they are needed in the kettle and in the water. The texture of the handle is designed to help with the steady pour. The handle is made from cast-iron. The kettle's mass is moved back toward your hand by the cast-iron handle. The perfect cup of pour-over coffee can be made with a built-in brew timer. The brew should take two and a half to three minutes. Their kettle has a second role after boiling your water. They built a timer into it. The clock counts up to 10 minutes so that you can time your pouring and brew. The SAKI Baristan electric kettle has a 2 year replacement warranty. Their experts are happy to help with any issues.

Brand: Saki

👤The electric kettle was delivered to me. I am already loving it. It was delivered quickly. The design is sleek. The texture on the handle helps with a better grip. The water needs to be boiled for a couple of minutes. That is a plus for me. I don't like waiting for coffee or tea to be ready. There is a The kettle uses 0 plastic in its interior. It didn't ruin my tea. Who likes the taste of burned plastic? I have a Turkish coffee maker. I like the designs and the quality. Good job!

👤I rarely post reviews, but this kettle has found a permanent home in my kitchen. The machine is powerful and capable of holding a set temperature, so you can pour the cup whenever you want. The design is elegant and has a high quality finish on the surface and steel inside. Highly recommended.

👤I love my electric kettle. This is the second product I have bought from SAKI, first being a Turkish coffee maker, and I have been very satisfied with both of them. The kettle is very sturdy and elegant. I have to figure out the temperatures but I am excited to use it.

👤The kettle looks great on my counter. It is easy to use and looks cheap. The water is really smooth. The temperature control works well. It is easy to clean. It is easy and does it right the first time.

👤The bar for every other kettle in the market should be set by the ease of use and elegance of this kettle. It is functional and beautiful. It is easy to control the temperature with a button. I've never been so excited over a kettle.

👤We were happy to review this kettle when we saw it on Amazon's VINE program. We enjoy the social side of tea and coffee and try different blends and varieties from around the world. We wrote dozens of reviews of teas, coffees, and related equipment. If you're reading this product page, you already know that there are two basic styles of "pour over" kettles: stovetop and countertop. We own and use both, but prefer the countertop kettle that heats the water quickly and lasts longer than the stovetop kettle we use. The current kettle we're using has been doing daily duty on our counter for several years and we were thinking of replacing it, so this VINE offering came at a good time. If you're comparing kettles, then you know that pour over kettle is fairly expensive. You can find other options for less than this price. The feel of the grip in our hands is something we like. We're at the stage of life when that kind of detail is important to us. The 1 liter capacity is 34 ounces. Some of the kettles hold less than that. The light ring is heating up. One thing that bugs us about our current kettle is that the "on" light is quite small and can easily be obscured by other things on our counter. The light is clear. We've never had a kettle like this that gives us such precise control over the temperature. The final coffee or tea can be affected by the temperature. We have always done a steeping timer on a separate device. We can do it on the kettle's countertop pad. We think this could be a great gift for someone who enjoys tea or coffee. The "pour over" design is associated with making coffee, but it's equally useful with tea. This is a great gift for a tea or coffee lover on your list.

8. Fellow Electric Pour Over Temperature Stopwatch

Fellow Electric Pour Over Temperature Stopwatch

There is a geyser over. KETTLE - Simple aesthetic and powerful design! A kettle that pours as good as it looks. Stagg EKG's sleek pointed spout is designed for a powerful but precise stream for the optimal pour over flow rate, and the counterbalanced handle provides a sturdy grip encouraging a slower pour. Stagg EKG has a 1200 watt quick-heating element that can be used for boiling water. Stagg EKG makes it easy to perfect your cup of coffee or tea. A sleek display screen indicates the desired set temp and real-time temp for your coffee or tea; use the built-in brew stopwatch to time your tea or coffee extract; and engage the hold button to keep your water hot for 60 minutes. The well-crafted kettle is made of 304 steel and has a boiling capacity of 0.9 liters.

Brand: Fellow

👤There is a dead person in the water. The product was wonderful until it said there was no water. About a month ago, I tried contacting Customer support. Is there a warranty? Forget about it. Oh? Did you win an award? Maybe you can support it. The product is a time bomb.

👤There are three parts to the Stagg EKG Kettle. 1. I ordered a kettle from Amazon. It was so beautiful that it was ludicrously spendy for me. Nothing else on the market is close. I wanted a kettle that could heat my water for coffee without adding heat to the house because of the heat waves in the Northeast this summer. When it arrived, I put it in and then nothing. No heating, no LCD, nothing. I sent it back because I thought it was an exception. I ordered a new version the same day. 2. The second Stagg kettle arrives from Amazon a few days later. Nothing, unpack, plug it in. Double check the plug, then move it to different outlets, then reset the outlets, and finally the LCD lights up with "Fellows." There is nothing further. I've hit the "on" button many times. I sent a message to the fellows support people on their website in frustration. The Fellows customer service rep got back to me within an hour after he got back from vacation. "I would like to send you one directly from our warehouse," he said. He asked if there was something in Amazon's handling that was affecting the performance of the kettle. I messaged the CSR back and said "Maybe it's working" after getting Kettle #2 to heat water to the boiling point once. Next attempt? The water was turned off by the LCD. Back it up. He insisted on sending the kettle free of charge to compensate for my hassle, even though I was happy to pay for a replacement kettle. 3. EUREKA! The third-time's-a-charm kettle arrived a few weeks ago. It has worked well since the beginning. It feels like a dream. The temperature can be held to about 1 degree. It pours easily, smoothly and easily. My husband is enamored with this kettle and says frequently how much he loves it. Everything of the 5-star reviews says it all. Although I've had good luck with Amazon over the years, my advice to you is to go directly to the source. You will not regret it. A huge thank you to the Fellows for their support of A+ customer service.

👤It stopped heating after I got my march back. I loved everything about it, but will not be purchasing an item that is more expensive than its competitors because it will stop working in 3 months. Other reviewers had the same problem.

👤Don't buy this kettle. It worked for about 2 1/2 months. One day, it stopped working. Wouldn't heat water. It is possible to have a warranty, but it is not worth the hassle since this kettle is twice as expensive as other comparable kettles. It looks great, but it's disappointing.

9. Ulalov Gooseneck Temperature Leak Proof 1200W 0 8L

Ulalov Gooseneck Temperature Leak Proof 1200W 0 8L

29 in. The standard U.S. 3-prong plug has a cord length of 1500W. It was designed in California. The To-The-Degree Temp Control allows you to boil water at a specific temperature to suit a variety of beverages. This water kettle is perfect for pouring over coffee or loose-leaf tea because of its temperature control. The water should always be warm and ready from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Every time you want a hot drink, you don't need to measure the water temp. It's great for daily tea drinkers who value convenience and precision. The slender, curved spout with 7mm gooseneck nozzle allows precise and steady pour, giving you total control over the speed and direction of the stream. This tea kettle has a double-layer base to prevent leaks. The design of the kettle makes it easy to heat and boil it with 1200 watt power. The pour over kettle is protected from boiling dry. The large counterbalanced handle is always cool. It is easy to use with no settings needed. The coffee kettle is made from 304 food-grade STAINLESS STEEL and is tough and durable that can hold up to daily use. The goal is to ensure a pure taste and enhance the flavor of the hot water.

Brand: Ulalov

👤Looks good. It doesn't take up a lot of space. The goose-neck means no spills. A full kettle can be boiled in 2 minutes, 45 seconds. - The water only touches the inside of the cap. The body gets very hot. The handle does not get hot. The spout tip is sharp and straight. Don't let kids and clumsy people near you. It only fits about 3.5 cups. You can heat the water fast.

👤I think it's stylish and heats up water quickly, but it seems like the seal isn't great between the inside and outside, because when the water is boiling, steam seems to sneak out from everywhere! I saw steam coming out of the bottom, as well as steam coming out of the power switch next to the handle. The handle was so hot that steam seeped out right next to it. If I didn't have to burn myself using the rubber handle, it would be a good one. The top of the kettle could be a burn hazard. The hinged top of many kettles is very easy to use, but it requires a bit of force to click on and off, which is not ideal. It's hard to avoid touching the metal part of the top because it's small, but if you want more water boiled or don't want water to settle in the kettle, it's nice. The metal is very hot when it's boiling water. If you don't mind using a towel, hot hand, or oven mitten to always handle this kettle's handle and top, this is the kettle for you! The goose neck pour is affordable and looks great. Don't get this if you don't want to be burned or have water condense around the kettle. These dealbreakers earned me a 1 star overall.

👤Customer service was great and they were able to replace the faulty unit for free. The new one works better because the lid is less tight and the handle is not as heavy as it was before. I am no longer having issues with it. Customer service was helpful and responsive, and I am happy with the replacement. The kettle is low quality compared to others. After the first use, the lid handle came apart. If you are looking for a low cost kettle, a plastic model would be better.

👤I have been heating up water almost every day for the last 4 months and the inside of the pot is already dark black. I knew it was a little thin when I first used it, but as I use it more and more it becomes darker. It works very well, but only 4 months. I would have liked to use it at least a year. Sad. The kettle does a nice job heating water quickly. The spout is easy to hold and perfect for pouring coffee. It's enough for our two people coffee and a little leftover for my hot water. It is light but not double insulated so don't wait an hour after heating to pour! We just wait for the water to cool and drink coffee. I only give it 4 stars because the inside bottom gets a little pitted after a few uses. It shows the marks, so it doesn't mean it's rusting or has an off taste. A great product for the price.

10. Cuisinart CPK 17 PerfecTemp 1 7 Liter Stainless

Cuisinart CPK 17 PerfecTemp 1 7 Liter Stainless

There was a push-butt. The electric kettle has a push-button lid. The 1.7-liter electric kettle has 1500-Watts for fast heat up and a concealed heating element to prevent mineral build up. There is a scale filter and boil-dry protection. One touch controls, 30-minute keep warm option, stay-cool nonslip handle, and a 360- degree power base are all included in the custom control. The kettle can be off the base for 2 minutes without shutting off or losing its place in the brew process. There are preset heat settings for steeping tea that include blue indicator lights and a water window. Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤The top ranked tea kettle in several consumer tests is the one from Cuisinart. That caught my attention. It was almost double the price of the well-designed Miroco MI-EK001. Both have the same 1.7 liter capacity. I was interested in the Miroco but didn't buy it until after I bought the Cuisinart. I bought it as well. I had previously compared the Hamilton Beach 41020 to the Cuisinart but found it to be not as good as I had thought. The highest quality appliances should be priced fairly, reliable and also of long term value. There is aspoiler alert! Can the Miroco compete at half the price? Remarkable. Its features are not the same. Depending on your household's priorities, the Cuisinart offers small convenience advantages. Both designs are similar, but not identical. The Miroco is heavier when it's empty but not when it's filled with water. The Miroco has a pop up lid with buttons for opening and closing. The Moroco may be easier to fill for those with less pouring dexterity because both models have plenty of filling room. For better balance with the Cuisinart I have to choke up on it's handle with my fingers over the temp controls but this has never been a problem. I thought the handle of the Miroco might be uncomfortable. I prefer the Cuisinart's slightly more bulbous handle since I have medium sized hands. The ergonomics of the handle on the Miroco is a small advantage. This was a pleasant surprise. One big difference between the Hamilton Beach and the Cuisinart was cheaper workmanship. No so with the Moroco. It was beautiful, smooth and solid. Both brands are built to high standards. Both of them have the same fill windows that turn a pleasant blue. The Microco shows cups as well as liters, while the Cuisinart only shows liters. The Miroco is a bit easier to read. The lid designs are different, but I prefer the open button from Cuisinart. You can't open the lid at the same time as holding the handle for the Miroco. The two kettles have virtually the same features. The design approaches are different in the photo. You can hold the temp for another 30 minutes with the feature on both of them. What is different between the two brands? The keep warm feature can be turned off either before or after the brew. The keep warm button must be pressed manually if the default is off. The default design of the Cuisinart is to be on automatically, which is why I prefer it. When I wake up, I usually brew a cup of green tea at 175 degrees and wait for my wife to join me. Everything is ready to go. We will pour water for our daughter later. All can be poured at the same temperature. If you don't need a second cup, you might prefer the Miroco approach. It is easy to turn on its keep warm feature. One advantage we really like is the memory feature. If you take the kettle off the base, you can return it to the base within a couple of minutes. The tea kettle is completely shut off when the Miroco is removed and returned to the base. This could be a disadvantage for some. To get back to the settings to hold the kettle for 30 minutes longer, you need a few quick button presses. You just need to remember. Both of them have 1500 watt power and have terrific, fast speed far exceeding stovetop kettles or microwave heating. The boiling point for a full 1.7 liter pot was in 7:03:02. The Miroco took a while. This is not a significant difference in everyday usage, but the Cuisinart is slightly faster. For 24 ounces, the Cuisinart finished in 3:31 and for 16 ounces, it was done in 2:32. The Miroco was close by. All around quick. At the green tea setting of 175 degrees, the Cuisinart took just 2:22 for 24 ounces, and 1:40 for 16 ounces. The Miroco had 24 ounces and 16 ounces. The pots are well insulated. The water inside is still hot even after an hour or two. If the Moroco is initially set to boil, a full hour after it is turned off, the Cuisinart is slightly cooler at 167. Depending on how much water is inside, each can be brought back to a boil in a minute or two. Both brands are ready to pour when they hit the boiling point. It is likely that you will care about consistency at different temperatures and keep warm when buying a versatile temp variable kettle like these. Chinese green teas are best brew between 170 and 180, while delicate Japanese Senchas are best brew between 10 degrees cooler. When I used the 175 degree setting for green tea, I used a Thermapen instant read thermometer and learned the Cuisinart was at 176 degrees. Excellent performance indeed! The Miroco was 182 degrees for the same test, but quickly dropped to 170s. As soon as the water hits your cup, it will cool a bit more. The performance of the Miroco was better than the Hamilton Beach clone I reviewed earlier. Is it possible to use keep warm feature? Once temp is reached, each kettle will be put to sleep. A sensor kicks in and turns on the kettle for a short time. Both brands used the keep warm setting. Although Cuisinart has a three-year warranty, many reviewers here complain that it can be difficult to get warranty service and that the units sometimes go out before the warranty has expired. The buyer has to pay for shipping both ways. The Assurant extended warranty cost me $4 more. Most warranties of this type only kick in after the manufacturer's warranty ends. Keeping fingers crossed! We own four small kitchen appliances and have never needed warranty service. My original food processor works great after 30 years. Several reviews state that the number markings can rub off in time. This is not a concern with the design of Miroco. Miroco has an 18-month warranty and an 18-month extension. Both of these machines are five star machines. We have two things at our main home and a vacation home. There are three things that differentiate the differences between Cuisinart and Miroco. The keep warm feature can be turned on with the Miroco. There are two more If the kettle is removed, the keep warm temp setting can be remembered in two minutes. There are 3 more If those features are important to some, the Cuisinart is a well known brand name with a long term track record. The first link compares the Cuisinart CPK 17 to the Hamilton Beach 41020. It's a good kettle that most would be happy with, but I don't think it's in the same league as the other kettles. Next, there's a link to the Miroco MI-EK001 discussed in the review.

11. Electric Yabano Gooseneck Temperature Stainless

Electric Yabano Gooseneck Temperature Stainless

The coffee kettle is made from 304 food-grade STAINLESS STEEL and is tough and durable that can hold up to daily use. The goal is to ensure a pure taste and enhance the flavor of the hot water. You can control the taste, texture, temperature and strength of the brew with the Yabano kettle. Quickly heat up spades. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in no time with the 1000 watt of power. Keep Warm helps you to keep water in desired temperature. The temperature control kettle lets you choose the water temperature for your beverage. It's easy to make tea and coffee. The STAINLESS STEEL KETTLE is all interior steel for boiling water and 18/8 food grade. The brushed steel in the kitchen is gorgeous. The package includes an electric kettle, a base with a bonus metal filter, and a scoop. If you are not satisfied with their product, please contact them and they will give you the best solution.

Brand: Yabano

👤It caught fire in my kitchen, but I loved it at first. It could have burned my house down if I hadn't been nearby.

👤I bought the kettle in hopes that it would be reliable. I was wrong. It worked well for a week and now it won't do anything. The temp light comes on when I set it on the base, but I can't change the temperature or start it. Don't waste time on a worthless piece of garbage, save your money and savesay

👤I used this product to make hot water for coffee and tea. The water was brought up to the correct temperature within a short amount of time, but the stay-warm feature was not very useful. The keep-warm feature wouldn't work after heating had finished, despite the indicator showing it had been activated. Sometimes it would turn itself off after it activated. The unit had some design flaws as well. The controls in the handle don't have a way to remember settings once the pot is out of the base. All settings need to be re- entered if the pot is removed from the base.

👤I've been wanting this type of kettle for a long time, but they were too expensive. The Yabano kettle has been brought into the affordable category. The short pour spout type of kettles do not allow you to control the pour over. The Yabano style makes a difference. The temperature control is very useful for both coffees and teas. The user manual doesn't mention warranty or guarantee, which is the only issue I have. The service contact is on the internet. I've used the kettle everyday for about a week. So far, it's been very good. I have had the kettle for 8 months and still recommend it, but there are adjustments you need to make for the best performance. The temperature reading is not accurate. If you want the water to be in the best range for coffee, set it to shut at 200 degrees F, because a boil starts at 204 degrees F. I have very hard water and my kettle needs to be cleaned at least every 2 weeks. I've found that soaking about an inch of white cleaning vinegar in the bottom works better than boiling it and using water. I have had no other issues with the kettle.

👤This is a major upgrade from my cheap plastic kettle, so I can easily rave about how nice it looks, how quickly it heats up, etc. It has a temperature gauge on top. This model is the only one that has that, and it is great for perfect brews. The coffee cone it came with is something I love. I didn't realize I was going to like it so much that I am using it every morning instead of my coffee pot. The product is great.


What is the best product for electric kettle temperature control gooseneck?

Electric kettle temperature control gooseneck products from Qcuq. In this article about electric kettle temperature control gooseneck you can see why people choose the product. Cosori and Kyerlish are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric kettle temperature control gooseneck.

What are the best brands for electric kettle temperature control gooseneck?

Qcuq, Cosori and Kyerlish are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric kettle temperature control gooseneck. Find the detail in this article. Koios, Generic and Brim are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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