Best Electric Keyboard Piano 61 Keys

Piano 18 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Foldable Keyboard Electronic Bluetooth Beginners

Foldable Keyboard Electronic Bluetooth Beginners

The foldable digital piano keyboard is portable and lightweight, and can be folded to fit in a small purse. It is only 8.8 lbs. It has a carrying case and built-in rechargeable battery, which makes it suitable for parties and outdoors. The electronic piano has more sensible responses than full-weighted keys. The piano keyboard has a 3:1 piano key ratio. The heavy hammer feeling of a piano can be experienced if you maintain correct hand shape. It is suitable for beginners. 100% piano original sound is presented on the digital keyboard. The sound line is full,delicate, and three-dimensional, and it can produce shocking performance on the spot. You can play the piano at night if you connect with headphones. The interface allows you to connect a computer and other devices to create music. It is easy for beginners to learn piano with the help of the piano apps likeGarage Band,Perfect Piano and Pop Piano. The piano is good for kids who have little or no piano experience. Useful features to meet all your needs include 128 rhythms, 128 tones and 20 demos. Recording, sustain, drum kit, dual voice. For beginners, transpose features are indispensable. The whole family can enjoy playing on the electronic piano keyboard. It is a perfect gift for your kids, music lovers, friends and lonely parents.

Brand: Fverey

👤The skyforce95 is a portable keyboard that is portable and has a keyboard feel, so don't expect it to play like a piano, it is only for beginners or limited play. I was able to play for more than an hour without having to plug it into the wall, and I could play with twenty fingers on the same time. The typical keyboard functions includetones, rhythms, metronome, recording in MIDI, audio in to listen on headphones, and audio out to better speakers, but it's a little heavier than cheap. The volume is not very adjusted as it sounds as loud as level 12. Sometimes the volume switch doesn't linearly step up or down the volume. If you want to play fast, you need to plug in some good speakers because the speaker quality is pretty dismal. The case was padded on the bottom. There was a dedicate slot for the music stand in the case. I cram it with the keyboard. It will take a long time to get from one tone to another. When. I got mine, but the plug needed to be plugged in. The manual still showed micro-usb. The included cable needs to be changed and the manual changed. Thedemo track names are completely wrong if the cable is at least 6 feet long. ' By Alice' is the name of Fur Elise.

👤I wanted to write a review about my experience with the foldable 88-key keyboard, I had it for a couple of weeks. I'm giving this 5 stars so far. I have a very narrow use case that it fits in. I'll put a quick section below, then a larger review that will take into account my specific scenario. It's referred to as TL;DR. If you don't have the room for a full-sized 88 key keyboard, this is a great solution. I don't like the on-board sounds and the velocity sensitivity isn't great. If you have a room, you should definitely look elsewhere for a full sized keyboard. The ability to fold it up is one of the reasons this device is useful. First, I want to talk about my background. I studied music my entire life, graduated from college with majors in Theatre and Music, and was accepted into and graduated from a conservatories in NYC. I taught music at the university for a while. I didn't touch any instruments for 15 years. In the last 2 years, I've taken a deep dive into electronic music, and music production, and I've begun to work to get my piano skills back up to a level where I can teach again. I live in a homeless shelter. Everything has to fit in a locker. I own a laptop, a 25-key Midi controller with mini keys, a 37 key Midi controller with mini keys, and several software synthesizer and pianos. I've been trying to relearn my piano skill, but the mini keys and limits of using 2 controllers started causing problems very quickly. I didn't have enough room to hold all of the keys I needed. There are now folding keyboards. This is in my locker and has 88 keys. Period. That's what I needed. The other problems and limitations are secondary, but I'm going to discuss them. If you have space for a full sized keyboard, you'll find better options at this price point, especially if you are willing to buy second hand gear. The sounds are the first thing. They're terrible. Plugging the cheap external rompler into the rompler is a far better experience. My computer is my go-to. This sound is so much better if you use Addictive Keys, UVI's Model D, or Arturia'sAnalog Lab. The included sounds are lifeless, minimally velocity sensitive, and many won't allow control with a sustain pedal. Again, I want to say that the internal sounds aren't why I bought this, so for me, it's irrelevant. If you're just needing to work on scales or sight read, the internal sounds will work, but it's not something you'd want to record, or perform with, and it doesn't bring joy. The controls are not designed to be easy to use. There's not much you can do except turn it on and turn it down. The included cable can be used to plug into a computer. The weighted keys don't have a great sensitivity to speed. You can get pianissimo and fortissimo to be relatively expressionist with a little work, but it's not very different. I've never seen another sustain pedal that used an 1/8" plug. The included sustain pedal worked, but I found it wasn't very useful because it kept slipping away from my foot. I bought a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter for my sustain pedal, and it made a huge difference. The music stand was useless. I don't know if the one I received is faulty, but the little tabs that fit into the holes on the keyboard are too small, so when I put music on it, it just falls over backwards and pulls out of the holes. It was useless. I have a great music stand. I tried to use it, but it was not usable. For some reason, I can't connect to this device on my phone, laptop, or tablets because of the amount of time it takes, but I have other devices that work just as well. I really like the idea of the internal battery. I can still use it for scale work when I can't get a power source. Inexpensive weighted keys have a nice feel to them. It doesn't feel as good as either of my small controllers, but the slight weight, full size, and decent action make it more useful for learning the piano than the other options I have available. It's a plus to be able to plug the audio of another device into this keyboard, but it's noisy and you have to use the internal sounds. It's useful for a quick lesson through my tablets, but it's not very useful on a daily basis. Finally, the folding... I'm not sure how long this will last. I take my locker in and out several times a day, and it has two small hinges and a plastic door that closes. Time will tell if these are going to hold up. I'm hoping that it's stronger than it looks, but this is likely the failure point of the device. You have it. It's perfect because it's the only full sized 88-key keyboard I can fit in my locker, and it's five stars because it's perfect. The ability to fold up is one trick that this has, so I recommend you consider other options if you can. If you are willing to use your own software instrument, or need that, it's not a bad choice as long as your expectations are appropriate for the limitations of the device and price point. If you need something that folds in half, it's worth the money. Don't be rough with it.

2. Electric Keyboard Portable Beginners Microphone

Electric Keyboard Portable Beginners Microphone

The full-size keyboards piano has 61 premium touch-sensitive light up piano keys designed for beginners and professionals alike. It can give a traditional piano an exciting acoustic experience. Children and beginners can learn to play the piano keyboard. Their electronic keyboard has high-quality custom chips, which will bring you a better sound quality experience. Two high-quality speakers are built-in for more transparent sound, and with a stereo surround, you can make music with it or use it for band performances to make your music even better. Their music keyboard can provide 200 tones, 200 rhythms, and 60 demo songs. The optional percussion instruments and drum sound kits can be used to maintain the rhythm. Superb sound quality can be brought to you by it. Their 61 key electronic keyboard piano with recording function is your secret music world. This portable piano can be used to play single-fingered and fingered auto-bass chords, with the capacity to select timbre, program/edit rhythm, and utilize effects such as transpose, tune, and sustain. The electronic piano keyboard can be powered by a power source other than batteries. You can listen to beautiful music anywhere. The lightweight design makes it easier to carry.

Brand: Lkfdfia

3. WOSTOO Kids Portable Electronic Recording Microphone

WOSTOO Kids Portable Electronic Recording Microphone

Encourage children to have a good habit of playing music from an early age. There are many different tones, rhythms, and melodies that can be used in music. Children will not be harmed by using comfortable materials, fine craftsmanship and sleek edge design. It's fun for kids. A multifunctional piano keyboard has a charging function, playing piano function, dual speaker ensemble mode, a microphone, audio cable jack keyboard drum, and a recording function. The product is 2.95 inches in size. The portable piano has a built-in battery, no need for a battery, and can be used for more than 10 hours. The keyboard has a power jack on the back that can be used to connect the 5V power supply to the home power outlet. You could play music on the musical piano with your mobile phone, pad, or mp3 player. Kids can play and sing with the microphone. A nice box with a colorful cardboard package is convenient for storing and consolidation. Best educational toys for girls and boys are included in the Christmas gift. It's perfect for beginners to practice. Your kids will enjoy the music if they have an external microphone with them. Kids can learn and play music. A 30-day full refund and a 12-month warranty with friendly customer service.

Brand: Wostoo

👤A fancy toy for a toddler, my son loves hitting the keys and pressing all the buttons on the keyboard, he sometimes tries to dance with the built in songs. He won't bother playing with my expensive keyboard if I have this. It's a good thing...

👤I bought the piano for myself. I want to learn how to play it all my life. I didn't have time to work and raise my family. It is my time now that I am retired. I wasn't sure if I would like it. I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money. There are many choices. I decided to buy this model. It arrived quickly. I like the keyboard size. It comes with so many rhythms and instruments, even though the price was low. I could be in a band. You won't find anything better for the money.

👤The electric keyboard piano is light and easy to carry, it has a long battery life, and it is beautiful in pink. It can be a good partner for beginners. You can buy it for a child. My children will love it as much as they do. The price is worth it. Excellent quality and useful.

👤My nephew is 6 years old and I bought this for him. He loved it for the price and the fact that it worked. For a 6 and 7 year olds first keyboard, the microphone was great. He only had it for a week, so we will see. The kids love using the microphone and it's a hit with me. It looks a little cheap but what do you think the price will be? The sound is decent and I liked using it. It is the perfect size and plays well. The volume control is great.

👤My son is eight years old and we bought this for him. It is great for beginners. It is a good value for the price, and will help us decide if he wants to pursue piano in the future. The rest of the review will be left to him. I like the keyboard electric keyboard because it has drum sounds, claps, and rattles, and I would give it a five star review. It is fun to play with and you don't have to worry about someone getting hurt, you can learn a lot of songs. I like it. I don't know what to say. The buttons are easy for kids to learn, and they can clap, bang, and boom. I don't know how to record yourself. It is fun for the kids that have it. I would give it a five star review because it is amazing. Milo, 8.

👤It took us a long time to realise that we haven't bought him toys with enough sound, which made him so scared of noisy environment. He covers his ears. The doctor suggested we get him toys. My son kept his ears very close to the speaker while he was playing the piano, it was on the highest volume, and he never got his hand off the keyboard. He is loving the piano and it means a lot to him and my family. The sound quality is top notch and this is perfect for toddlers and adults in their early stages of learning. This is great for people who want to learn. It's worth it. The battery life is amazing and you can control the volume. I used it for 7 hours and it's still playing. The charging took about 3 hours. I didn't know I could sing until I tried the microphone. boy is still trying to figure out how to use it, but I'm so enjoying it. This would be a great gift.

4. Keyboard Electronic Microphone Portable Beginners

Keyboard Electronic Microphone Portable Beginners

A multifunctional piano has 61 keys, charge function, dual speaker, recording, volume, display, microphone, music stand, and demo songs. The kids keyboard is made of non-toxic environmental protection plastic, safe and very kid friendly, and it has a smooth edge design. Belt out in a song or discreetly practice, record and play back function. Allow your child to listen to music. Children can learn to play music. The electronic keyboard piano has a width of 29.9 inches and a height of 2.3 inches. Their pianos are powered by both power and battery and can be learned indoors and outdoors. Please use adult supervision. Your kids will enjoy the educational toy, which has a microphone. Kids can learn and play music.

Brand: Haiheug

👤I bought this for my son. I tried it out and it works well. I will be putting the box in a different box to give him because it was feminine. It is really cute. The size for little hands is nice.

👤I can play with my baby. Is there music available? Can make baby like music. It will make a noise to the neighbors if he plays at night.

👤The texture is cheap and my daughter likes it.

👤I bought a keyboard piano for my nephew. He loves it so much. This is a good beginner piano.

👤The product is beautiful. It plays well.

👤So cute! It was my favorite new hobby.

👤It's so cute and perfect. I bought it for my grandson because he loves playing music on his Aunt's larger version. Absolutely adorable!

5. Yamaha PSRE373 Sensitive Portable Separately

Yamaha PSRE373 Sensitive Portable Separately

The portable keyboard is ideal for beginners. There are over 622 stunning sounding instrument voices and a wealth of accompaniment Styles. 11 Super Articulation lite voices are now included, which give you even more control and realism. Smart Chord lets you play great-sounding jazz and pop music with just a few fingers.

Brand: Yamaha

👤I adore my PSR-E373. This keyboard is amazing. Yamaha may not have all the bells and whistles of a similarly priced competitors, but the sound quality is superb. The grand piano from Yamaha's top of the line keyboards are included in the 373. There is a wide range of digital signal processor that can be used to modify each tone, and a built in audio generator that allows sharing of sound and video via the Yamaha Rec N Share app. I was playing a simple two handed piece with Super Articulation Strings with a violin and it sounded so good that I decided to join the Flowkey membership and get a 3 month premium membership for free. I just started playing. I don't know why this keyboard has so few reviews, I would recommend it to anyone who is starting out. If you connect the E373 to the Synthesia via the MIDI port, you will get the same experience. It's worth the extra $10.50 for the power adapter. The onboard recorder only has 2 tracks, but do you really need more? The quality of the voices, effects, and rhythms for me is more important than the lack of tech. It's a Yamaha, and it will let you sound great when you finally pay off.

👤I have had two Tyros 1 and 2, which I paid in the $2-$3k for, as well as P-45, an electric piano, which is $400. The 373 has an amazing sound of grand piano, going from very solid basses to very sharp high notes. The enjoyment of playing the piano is great because the touch sensitivity is decent, but the 263 does not. The sounds of the piano, e-piano, organ and guitars are great. The accordion and bass sounds are not as good as they could be. The rhythms are good. This keyboard has a lot of functions for beginners, but it's a decent instrument for professionals, and it's cheap, so I wouldn't be concerned about leaving it at a venue where I am performing, instead of carrying it. It is not a Tyros, with its vocal harmony, ability to save complex registration settings, and multiple rhythm variations, but for that price, it's really good value for money. Make sure you get the ac adapter that comes with the purchase.

👤I traded up from a $100 off-brand that wasn't all bad, but I'm delighted I listened to all the reviews and upgraded to this Yamaha. I like the sound, feel and features. I can play the piano, but I can also play the piano, and this one makes me sound good. If it is in your price range, I would recommend Yamaha e-373.

👤Yamaha psre373! The product is amazing. This quality for $199 is amazing. There is no problem with the keyboard. I love it! SHIPPING is the problem. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday. The product was in the post office in the next town and then they sent it to a different state. Amazon should have used a shipping company. I know the quality of the keyboard. This is the second one I get. The first one my family took was from me. The first one I bought was from a different company. They put the wrong description in the box. They took it off and sent me a new one. The keyboard purchase does not include an AC adapter. Some reviewers give less than 5 out of 5 for other reasons. The keyboard is 5 out of 5. Highly recommended!

6. SANMERSEN Keyboard Beginners Rechargeable Electronic

SANMERSEN Keyboard Beginners Rechargeable Electronic

The piano keyboard is for beginners. A portable digital keyboard with 37 keys has 200 rhythms, 200 Tones and 50 demos. It's helpful for beginners to know the basics of the piano, so they can enjoy hours of learning play and have a better experience. Convenient to carry anywhere, anytime. The keyboard has a built-in 1200mA rechargeable battery that can be used for up to 8 hours on a single charge, eliminating the need to carry other accessories when you go out. The functional area has a led display that allows you to see the status of the function you are using more clearly. The built-in teaching function feedback presented on the high-definition display can be used and learned more easily. Headphone & Microphone Mode If you don't want to be disturbed by others while practicing the keyboard, you can use the headphones. It has a microphone that you can use to sing and play music. The speaker is muted when you plug in the plug with the headset. The music keyboard has two high-quality speakers and stereo surround sound effects to make your music more beautiful. The portable piano keyboard has many functions and modes. Jack with phone Jack and aux in Jack.

Brand: M Sanmersen

👤I didn't think this was worth the money. It felt like it would break if dropped. If you are teaching a young child, the 37 keys layout position middle C to the left is confusing.

👤I need a portable, light, and small device to fit in the small desk area where I work behind my computer, not a MIDI controller, which is dependent on plugging into an AC outlet and then again to a computer. After getting this out of the package, I stayed up all night with my headphones on. I was jamming out to a lot of quality sounds and fun rhythm patches. The quality of the construction is better than my Yamaha PSR keyboard. I plugged it into a speaker again. The built in sound is more than enough. There are many voice patches that don't sound like a kid's keyboard, they're really nice. The keyboard is portable and the battery lasts a long time. It's amazing for the price. It's great for your child. It's great for composers, arrangers, songwriters and musicians who don't want to leave home without a keyboard to be able to be creative with, and even serenade someone with!

👤The keyboard is definitely not a good idea. The keyboard broke. Part of the PCB inside came off when the charging port cracked. Return shipping quotes from abroad are more expensive than the item is worth. 70 dollars of my own money was used to send a keyboard back. I'm stuck with a piece of plastic.

👤It is a good piano for beginners.

👤The sound without headphones stopped after we put them in.

👤I can use the piano anywhere I want.

👤My grandson loves it and is learning fast, it was purchased as a gift.

👤The only way to power it is via the provided cable. This cable isn't a common fit. Break that cable. And that's it. You won't be able to charge the keyboard. The auto shut off is a default. You can't just type in the tone number you want, you have to cycle up or down one at a time. There is a If you don't use it for a minute, everything will default to default. You have to click through the tones at a time. The volume and the transpose should be reset.

7. Camide Keyboard Electronic Microphone Beginners

Camide Keyboard Electronic Microphone Beginners

A multifunctional piano has 61 keys, charge function, dual speaker, recording, volume, display, microphone, music stand, and demo songs. The portable piano can be powered by a standard power supply or 1.5V AA batteries. You can listen to beautiful music anywhere. The lightweight design makes it easier to carry. AUDIO IN jack and built-in speakers make it possible to find the perfect sound at a recital. Different buttons make it possible to achieve functions. The portable keyboard is easy to carry, it has an audio in jack that you can connect with microphone and headphones. It's easy to carry and you can play anywhere. Birthday parties, classmate gatherings, family gatherings, etc. The function of the microphone. Sing along to the music with the included wired microphone. The musical piano has a screen and volume control that can be adjusted to your liking.

Brand: Camide

👤My daughter took interest in the piano and I bought it for her. It was easy to assemble. Also good for beginners. It does not take up a lot of space. I would recommend it to others.

👤A nice set. The head set, bench, and keyboard are included. Good quality. Not for a destructive type of musician.

8. Keyboard Stickers Removable Beginners Multicolor

Keyboard Stickers Removable Beginners Multicolor

It's suitable for all 88/61/54/49/37 key pianos and keyboards. The white key sticker is 3.5 cm x 1.5 cm. The key sticker is black. The letters are printed on the backside of the transparent sticker so they can endure constant impact of fingers and remain legible. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth when it is dirty. The backside of the glue is clean and can be removed many times. No harm to the keyboard is done by leaving no traces on piano keys. Piano key stickers are very thin and you can barely feel them when you play the piano. The sticker has a smooth surface and no resistance, making it comfortable to practice techniques such as portamento and arpeggios. The piano letters are easy to read and make learning the piano fun. It's great for beginners and little masters.

Brand: Coyaho

👤I saw a piano with a sticker on it that helped me learn. I decided to look for a similar idea after I thought it was a great idea. It comes with black stickers for the flat and sharp keys, which I really liked. The only complaint I have is that the sticker was not clear. It would have made it easier to see the lights if I had a piano keyboard with light up keys.

👤The black key stickers are too wide for my keyboard, so I subtracted a star. I didn't put those on for now. When I tried them, a piece of sticky stuck out the side. In English speaking countries, "ti" is used instead of "si" in the solfege. Maybe you didn't see that, and you have a confused or rigid little musician in your house. It is nice to see a set with solfege on it.

👤These stickers are useful. The quality of the sticker is good. After adjusting, it still maintained its stickiness. Make sure that you follow the instructions and count the keys before installing. If I hadn't read the instructions, I would have started with the first sticker for a keyboard made with 84 keys instead of the second sticker for a keyboard made with 61 keys. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Awesome for beginners. If you choose to go down the road, the Stickers seem easy to remove. The black keys have stickers on them. They are too wide for my 61 key, or they didn't take into account the black keys. Even though it is perfect and straight, there is some over hang. Over all good!

👤As a child, I took piano lessons. Many years ago. I stopped to see if I could teach myself. Needed help with the keys and was happy to find them. The size is perfect and they are colorful. Attach keys to them and then remove them, it's easy to do. Very helpful.

👤They are okay. The keys are not bright enough. Those are harder to see. It's not a bad set, just wish that part wasn't shear.

👤Someone recommended this sticker to me while I was in the process of learning the piano. The notes on the white keys are hard to see, but the ones on the black keys can see them. The order they have to be on the keys is at the bottom of the order.

👤The white ones are better than the black ones. They are larger than the black keys which makes them stick out from the sides. You can feel the edges of the sticker sticking out when you play keys. I put a few on the keys and didn't put them on.

👤Apoyo para los principiantes, siguen perfectas tras un mes de prctica.

👤Se quitar, poner muchas veces, sin embargo, y son ms largos. The largo est bien. Fuera de una producto.

👤Muy tiles, practicas y funcionales. Ami hija y ami nos...

👤In general, solo las calcomanas, van de las tlas negras, de 2mm ms anchas.

9. LAGRIMA Portable Electric Keyboard Microphone

LAGRIMA Portable Electric Keyboard Microphone

LAGRIMA LAG-740 has built-in dual speakers that can provide 200 tones, 200 rhythms and 70 demo songs. The optional percussion instruments and drum sound kits can be used to maintain the rhythm. The electronic music keyboard is perfect for beginners and performers of all skill levels. The LAGRIMA LAG-740 61 key electronic piano keyboard has dual power supply mode, which can be passed through an AC/DC power adapter or 4 AA batteries. LAGRIMA LAG-740 is a 61-key electronic music keyboard with recording function. The performer can recall the performance effect with the help of the playback function. Unlimited Expansion There is an audio input/output/microphone jack on the LAGRIMA LAG-740 61 key keyboard. The audio input can be used to reproduce the sound of a variety of musical instruments. The microphone can sing and the audio output is connected to an external speaker. You can have a professional concert-like shocking experience at home with the large-size digital display. The full-size 61-key keyboard piano is designed for beginners to intermediate use and brings general learning and exciting acoustic experience to traditional pianos or organs. Children and beginners can learn to play the piano quicker. The piano's dimensions are 33.86''*11.42''* 3.54''.

Brand: Lagrima

👤My sister played the keyboard and piano when I was younger. Me? Not much, no matter how hard I tried. I bought this keyboard to see if I could encourage my kids to love music, since my wife has a musical talent of her own. This is a great instrument. It's ideal for beginners because it has 61 keys, which is less than a piano. You can change the tones, instruments, and sound effects. It has a microphone and a music stand. The microphone is good, but the music stand isn't attached to the keyboard, that's my biggest gripe. I'm pleased with the purchase, but there's a lot of banging on keys and hearing what sounds they make.

👤Don't waste your money. This only lasted about 3 months before it died. It took weeks longer than the date given for shipping to arrive. The keyboard is low end. Sound quality and clarity were not good. I wish I'd done more research to find a better option for my daughter.

👤Garbage! It was a Christmas present and I was very disappointed. A loud buzzing sound was heard when the keyboard was turned on. The operation of the keyboard was interfered with by this. Several keys did not work when depressed. Immediately asked for a return and credit. Will not purchase from this manufacturer again.

👤Two keys did not work for beginners.

👤It was a good beginners keyboard. I plugged it in and it started smoking after about a month of not using it. It doesn't work anymore. The red light comes on, but there is no sound or sign that it works anymore. I have time to learn but it'sucks because I can't.

👤This is a waste of money. Initially, it wouldn't power on. It makes no sound now that it has. The keys did not respond. It is a 69 dollar electrical paperweight. I would give this zero stars. Do not buy this.

10. Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital P45B

Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital P45B

Includes the P45 Digital Piano, power transformer, sustain pedal, and music rest. A quality playing experience is provided by the 88 fully weighted piano style keys. Weighted action is similar to an acoustic piano in that it is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end. There are 10 different voices, including samples from real Yamaha grand pianos. You can combine 2 voices in dual mode, like piano and strings. The tuning was 414.8 - 440.0.

Brand: Yamaha

👤We bought this piano in October. There were two keys that stopped working. Amazon does not support it. Yamaha dealers don't support return or repair. They gave me the address of a "Keyboard repair shop" 50 miles away after calling five dealers. The experience with Yamaha and Amazon has been very bad. Don't recommend the product.

👤I was looking for a keyboard that would be close to an acoustic piano, and I was looking for a keyboard that felt and sounded like an acoustic piano. I play on a grand piano during my lessons and I am dissatisfied with the keyboard I have, so I'm shopping for a better one. The weighted action keys are great. I can't tell the difference between a real piano and a fake one. The acoustic piano has a different pedal than the keyboard does, but I don't have a problem with it. The sound is my real complaint. The notes are loud so that you can't hear what you're playing with the right hand. The dynamic range is another problem. The difference in volume between lightly touching the keys and pounding them is not as large as it would be on a real piano. It's hard to develop good technique because everything you play isn't going to sound well balanced or have interesting dynamics. I tried adjusting the settings on the keyboard, but it didn't help. Spending a little more will get you something better. The AZ Piano News is a good place to get thorough digital piano reviews.

👤I have been using the piano since it was purchased. I play it for at least an hour most days. Pros: 1. I enjoy the sound programs. There are two grand piano programs, electric piano, two pipe organ and two harpsichord programs. The first pipe organ and first harpsichord program are stunning. Plug in a pair of headphones or connect to a home audio system to hear how good they are. 2. Very portable. You can order stands that fit the piano. It is not dark. I would like it to have a case. 3. The keyboard is capable of playing great music. The cons are 1. The keys are weighted and not like a real piano. Doesn't seem to have the same range. 2. The keys are loud. They make noise. You can hear it if you turn off the sound. Some keys are louder than others. The more freqently used keys are noisy. It doesn't seem to bother if you wear headphones or turn the volume up. 3. The speakers are not very hot. It has two nice piano sound programs, they sound great with headphones, but they sound mediocre to bad on the piano's speakers. 4. The piano is light. Very light. Don't get carried away and don't place things like a cup of coffee on the piano. 5. The location of the headphone plug is inconvenient. 6. I don't know how long this piano will last with hours of practice per day. It doesn't seem robust enough to last 10 years with 2 hours of use per day, especially since the keys are getting noisey. I need a keyboard, I am in an apartment, and I play classical and baroque music. I was able to grow as I played Beethoven and other classics on this instrument. I am able to play my pieces on a real piano, though it takes a little getting used to, and I am able to practice organ and some technique (holding notes for the correct values and precision release). I think there are better pianos out there, but they are more expensive. The one doing the job is doing it for now. $500 was not too much to spend.

11. Keyboard Stickers Complete Beginners Designed

Keyboard Stickers Complete Beginners Designed

There are 28 carefully designed exercises of gradually increasing difficulty and 11 popular children's songs in the book. You can learn how to play the piano with correct hand and finger techniques. The basics of sight reading of sheet music are taught in the book. The notes in the lesson book are colorcoded using the same color scheme of bright and cheerful colors, so you can easily match them between the book and piano stickers. It helps kids and beginners memorize notes quickly. A game change for those who are just starting out and for visual learners. Stickers are printed between two layers of transparent vinyl to prevent ink from fading away, and coated with a long lasting glue that does not damage the keyboard. The right size letters are printed to be able to read through during practice. Stickers come with a placement user guide and a utility stick to help you install them quickly. The Stickers can be easily removed. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Qmg

👤The color-coding system makes learning easier. My daughter is learning to count beats after a few weeks of lessons and I feel like I did a year into learning piano because she is not worried about notes. I am using this book with a couple others, but my daughter's favorite is the one she starts with every day, because it takes her gradually adding one note at a time.

👤I love the stickers! They are easy to remove. My son got too excited and applied about half of them. I was able to take them off. My kids have learned their scales from the book. I highly recommend!

👤The lesson book has a few songs. There is nothing available for the next level. There should be piano books for sale. The red and orange stickers are almost the same color. It's hard to differentiate.

👤My daughter and I got keyboards over the holidays and I wanted her to learn the keys, so I had to learn them as well. I like that it has a note on the scale on the sticker for the key. The book that comes with the stickers is a good beginner book. My daughter has been using it to warm up. I bought this set because the sticker was large. They were not lying when they said the item was large. The stickers have helped me and my daughter out a lot. This product is 100% recommended by me.

👤It's perfect for a young child. Our daughter plays on her own without having to listen to instructions. The music theory is offered in the book. Your child does not need to learn these factors from the beginning, but rather learn the notes, where they are, fingers used to play them, and how to read music theory. Metronome needs additional supplies.

👤Poor instructions lead to the stickers being lost. I wouldn't have had to buy the stickers if I knew where middle c was.

👤It seems like it will help us learn the piano from home. The book has stickers on it. You don't need to order the stickers like I did.

👤Stickers are nice. The color and note picture is fine. . . Most of the book are simple repeated notes. . . It would be great if the book included simple songs such as Row, Your Boat. There is a little star. . The younger set would benefit from more modern songs. You might need a release of your intellectual property.

👤I am really disappointed with this. The stickers are great but the book is not. I bought this for my child to help them learn the keys and notes. The majority of the book is exercises that don't make up a tune. The other 20% of songs are familiar, but they don't show the note letter, they rely on the kids having learned the notes or looking for colors. I bought this book to help build her interest and I'm sure it's good for development. It's harder without the letters. I would have returned if I hadn't stuck the stickers on.


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