Best Electric Keyboard Piano Full Size Keys

Piano 18 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. WOSTOO Kids Portable Electronic Recording Microphone

WOSTOO Kids Portable Electronic Recording Microphone

Encourage children to have a good habit of playing music from an early age. There are many different tones, rhythms, and melodies that can be used in music. Children will not be harmed by using comfortable materials, fine craftsmanship and sleek edge design. It's fun for kids. A multifunctional piano keyboard has a charging function, playing piano function, dual speaker ensemble mode, a microphone, audio cable jack keyboard drum, and a recording function. The product is 2.95 inches in size. The portable piano has a built-in battery, no need for a battery, and can be used for more than 10 hours. The keyboard has a power jack on the back that can be used to connect the 5V power supply to the home power outlet. You could play music on the musical piano with your mobile phone, pad, or mp3 player. Kids can play and sing with the microphone. A nice box with a colorful cardboard package is convenient for storing and consolidation. Best educational toys for girls and boys are included in the Christmas gift. It's perfect for beginners to practice. Your kids will enjoy the music if they have an external microphone with them. Kids can learn and play music. A 30-day full refund and a 12-month warranty with friendly customer service.

Brand: Wostoo

👤A fancy toy for a toddler, my son loves hitting the keys and pressing all the buttons on the keyboard, he sometimes tries to dance with the built in songs. He won't bother playing with my expensive keyboard if I have this. It's a good thing...

👤I bought the piano for myself. I want to learn how to play it all my life. I didn't have time to work and raise my family. It is my time now that I am retired. I wasn't sure if I would like it. I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money. There are many choices. I decided to buy this model. It arrived quickly. I like the keyboard size. It comes with so many rhythms and instruments, even though the price was low. I could be in a band. You won't find anything better for the money.

👤The electric keyboard piano is light and easy to carry, it has a long battery life, and it is beautiful in pink. It can be a good partner for beginners. You can buy it for a child. My children will love it as much as they do. The price is worth it. Excellent quality and useful.

👤My nephew is 6 years old and I bought this for him. He loved it for the price and the fact that it worked. For a 6 and 7 year olds first keyboard, the microphone was great. He only had it for a week, so we will see. The kids love using the microphone and it's a hit with me. It looks a little cheap but what do you think the price will be? The sound is decent and I liked using it. It is the perfect size and plays well. The volume control is great.

👤My son is eight years old and we bought this for him. It is great for beginners. It is a good value for the price, and will help us decide if he wants to pursue piano in the future. The rest of the review will be left to him. I like the keyboard electric keyboard because it has drum sounds, claps, and rattles, and I would give it a five star review. It is fun to play with and you don't have to worry about someone getting hurt, you can learn a lot of songs. I like it. I don't know what to say. The buttons are easy for kids to learn, and they can clap, bang, and boom. I don't know how to record yourself. It is fun for the kids that have it. I would give it a five star review because it is amazing. Milo, 8.

👤It took us a long time to realise that we haven't bought him toys with enough sound, which made him so scared of noisy environment. He covers his ears. The doctor suggested we get him toys. My son kept his ears very close to the speaker while he was playing the piano, it was on the highest volume, and he never got his hand off the keyboard. He is loving the piano and it means a lot to him and my family. The sound quality is top notch and this is perfect for toddlers and adults in their early stages of learning. This is great for people who want to learn. It's worth it. The battery life is amazing and you can control the volume. I used it for 7 hours and it's still playing. The charging took about 3 hours. I didn't know I could sing until I tried the microphone. boy is still trying to figure out how to use it, but I'm so enjoying it. This would be a great gift.

2. 24HOCL Electric Beginners Microphone Headphone

24HOCL Electric Beginners Microphone Headphone

The kids keyboard piano set is everything you need. The 61 full-size keys give performers a feeling of playing a traditional piano. Everything you need to start is included. A lighted keyboard with a 24hocl electronic keyboard. Every key will be lighted when the function is enabled. The light hint will be provided according to the melody, so that you can play the piano in minutes. The electric keyboard has 200 tones, 200 rhythms, 70 demo songs, drum pad hit keys, teaching mode, programme, record/play back, sustain tremolo, dual speakers, tempo adjustment, and other functions that help the kids compose and rehearse their own original songs. There are more functions for the playing fund. You can review your practice progress with recording and Playback features. This music keyboard has the capacity to play single-fingered and fingered auto-bass, with the ability to select timbre, program/edit rhythm, as well as utilize effects such as sync, sustain. The electronic keyboard piano has an audio input/output/microphone jack without a port. You can use the audio input to play music on your other electronic devices. The microphone can sing and the audio output is connected to an external speaker. The portable keyboard piano can be powered by either a battery or a cable.

Brand: 24hocl

👤The keyboard is ok for a very recreational player. The sound is off on the keys, but the design is mediocre. The instructions for the stand are very vague and only in Chinese. The batteries are placed under the keyboard in a place that is not accessible once you have screwed the stand on, so we tried installing batteries. We had to remove the keyboard from the stand and put the batteries in. Not the end of the world, but definitely not well designed. It also comes with a microphone that has to be mashed up right to produce sound. My 6 and 8 year olds are enjoying playing with it, and we finally got the charging port to work after wiggling it in the port a bit. It is not a bad option for kids to have fun with the keyboard and pre recorded sound options, but it is not a good option for a serious musician.

👤The piano is good for beginners. The sound quality and speakers are good. The piano is light and well made. The buttons work. The keys are very attractive to my kids. The piano stand is sturdy and easy to assemble. The music stand has clips on it that allow you to put your cell phone and iPad on it. The microphone is of the lowest quality and was a disappointment. The instruction manual is easy to understand. It is ok for a starter piano. I think it's fine for beginners.

👤It was well packaged. The directions are hard to understand and could have been written in English. You can figure it out through trial and error. The microphone is useless, you have to have something in your mouth for it to work. The follow-along is a good idea, but if you don't know how long to hold the keys down, the songs don't make sense. It's not for someone who really wants to get into piano, and it's not a good start for kids.

👤Works well. It was easy to set it up.

3. RockJam Electronic Keyboard SuperKit Headphones

RockJam Electronic Keyboard SuperKit Headphones

The RockJam 561 keyboard piano super kit includes a digital keyboard with 61 full-size keys and can be powered by either mains power or batteries. The RockJam 561 piano keyboard has a display panel that displays and engages the 100 rhythms, 50 tones, teaching functions, and 30 demo songs that are part of its function. The RockJam 561 electric piano has a built in recorder and player that allows you to build layers to your sound. The keyboard stand is sturdy and can be adjusted to suit keyboard players of all ages. The electric piano keyboard super kit has a padded seat that is easy to fold and a thick padded seat for hours of comfortable play.

Brand: Rockjam

👤I'm giving a 3 star review because the keyboard bundle is great so far, but it is a lie that the app with the music and teaching functions is free. After you sign up for it, you are charged $119.95 for the next year, even though it is only free for a week.

👤I was considering getting this keyboard because it was a brand I had never heard of. I decided to try it because the price was right. The keyboard didn't last me long. I couldn't wait to plug it in and try it out after I found this delivery and sitting on my porch. I was blasted with feedback when I hit the Power button. I fiddled with the power plug and the feedback was still buzzing even though it died down a little. I began to notice the things I could not live without after this happened. In the first 2 minutes, I noticed my issues with this keyboard. The feedback. 2. The display was malfunctioning. 3. Very heavy. 4. The power button is cheap. It felt terrible pushing. If you've ever done that, this felt like I was pressing an emergency button to shut off the gasoline pumps at your convenience store. 5. The keys were cheap. 6. The feel of the keys was off. It took a lot of force to hit the key. 7. The circuit board was in between the keys. This shows that there is a direct path for your spilled drink to go. I should have gone with an established brand.

👤One of the keys broke while I was playing, I bought this product new a long time ago. Is it possible to have it replaced? Without this key, it is useless. Please reply as soon as possible. Attached is a photo.

👤My mother is using a 61-key electric keyboard. It is the perfect size for small spaces and the headphones are a great solution to community living. If you have elders in your life, musical instruments like electronic keyboards are a great way to keep them busy and productive. The RockJam makes it easy for seniors without a background in music to play the piano. Thanks to the techno features that kids and grandkids understand and appreciate, the medium encourages multi-generational collaboration and use. The opportunities for practical application are also available, and the fun factor is built in. My mom is practicing for a holiday event. She might be able to wow her audience by setting one of the tunes to a rhythm with a synthesizer tone. The added value of the foot pedal makes the RockJam a serious musical instrument despite its techno bells and whistles. You can be a rock star or a classical musician with this keyboard. An outstanding all-ages instrument for the young and young at heart.

👤I got a second hand item after ordering a brand new one. The item had boxn marks on it. It's so unprofessional! The little parts are in the bag.

4. Starument Electric Beginners Microphone Headphone

Starument Electric Beginners Microphone Headphone

The package includes a full-sized electric piano keyboard, keyboard stand, note stand, bench, built-in speakers, headphones and microphone. The Starument Music Keyboard has teaching functions. 100 rhythms, 50 tones, and 30 demo songs are displayed. It's a fun keyboard for beginners who want to be versatile. The Starument Electric piano keyboard has 61 premium touch-sensitive full-sized keys, which are suitable for professional and versatile pianists to express the intricate tunes. The Starument electric keyboard set with premium quality full range dual speakers and excellent media connectivity is a must have for any music lover. You can use the interactive panel on the Starument keyboard piano set to make learning more effective. The beat points are displayed on the screen while you play.

Brand: Starument

👤I got this for my boyfriend who is interested in learning how to play and he was happy with the product, it's easy to set it up and the sound is good.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend. We love it. It's been fun to learn new techniques.

👤We live with all the accessories. It's the perfect setup for a beginner. The stool is very comfortable. The mic requires you to put it in your mouth to amplify your voice. The sound quality through them isn't great, but they do work. The sound is loud and feeds through the speakers, but the last key on the right doesn't work, so you have to push a bit harder to register. It is a great start if you are just learning. If you don't know how to read music or play a piano, this is a great first piano for a child.

👤The keyboard was a complete package and came with a stand. The bench is pretty sturdy, and we usually have it in the bedroom, but it can be moved closer to the bed to use. The manual leaves something to be desired, but you can find everything you need to know online. It has a learning mode where it plays the song and shows you on the little screen what you need to do. Even if you press the wrong key, it sounds like it's right. This is a nice setup for a beginner and includes a bench and stand.

👤I am learning to play it in a class. The chair is sturdy for an adult and puts me at the right height. There is a place holder for my device. The keys are sturdy and feel good to my fingers, and I have been making up sounds to practice on them. The keyboard is sturdy and made well. It also has a microphone. I am not that adventurous yet. I am having fun listening to the tunes on the piano and trying to play along. This is a real keyboard and not an abbreviated one.

👤A good piano for beginners. Three keyboards have stands for beginners. One was crushed by a Jeep Liberty. The older student is likely to get the other one since it feels less sturdy and versatile. The keyboard has responsive keys. The stand and bench are not damaged. We replaced the headset with a better one, and will probably do the same with the microphone, but that is not a big deal, it is a matter of personal preference. The option to play silently is my favorite feature. If you ever listened to scales for three straight hours, you will appreciate it. When the player can hear what's coming out of that keyboard, it has a liberating effect. They don't worry about hitting wrong keys or trying out things that don't work. When our musician uses it, she surprises us when she's satisfied with her work. She is still learning to use all the features, but I think this is a good starting point for her to move on to something more elaborate. She is comfortable with what this offers. It was worth the price.

5. Finger Dance Sensitive Bluetooth Beginners

Finger Dance Sensitive Bluetooth Beginners

TheFolding Piano is a creative foldable design which can be folded in half. It is easier to carry a piano bag with it. You can play anywhere. It doesn't take up much space if you put it on the home. The sound will be changed depending on how hard you press the keys, you could easily let the emotion into every note and every piece of music. You can use the electronic piano keyboard to connect your devices like phone, PC or tablets with some Piano teaching applications such as Garage Band, Perfect Piano, Pop Piano or other online music lessons to make you happy in piano learning and practice. Function and configuration. There are 28 rhythms and 21 demos on the portable piano keyboard. It also includes a drum kit, dual voice, teaching mode functions and so on. The electric piano can play up to 12 hours after 4-5 hours fully charged through a power bank, computer or power strip. It is a perfect gift for all skill levels, an Innovative keyboard piano for beginners, adults, kids and music lovers. Festivals such as holiday, birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and Children's Day are good choices.

Brand: Finger Dance

👤There is a little back story. I played the piano as a child. My mother-in-law's piano was recently received. I am learning again after decades. I teach my 7 year old. My husband doesn't need to hear us practice when he's on the phone. It's understandable. I searched for keyboards. I found this. It's great! The keyboard is amazing and I have some minor complaints. It sounds like a piano. The earphones that come with it are not very good, and I don't notice any difference with the pedal. You're paying for a keyboard with full 88 keys. It folds in half so you can take it wherever you want. This is the way to go if you want a keyboard that sounds very close to a piano. You will need to buy a keyboard stand and seat separately.

👤The piano plays well and folds nicely, I am so happy with this product. The head phones are great. The customer service is responsive and the pedal is working.

👤Sound was not good. Had to return it.

👤I know that it can travel east.

6. Dulcette Portable Keyboard Amplifying Semi Weighted

Dulcette Portable Keyboard Amplifying Semi Weighted

The iLearnMusic digital piano keyboard has a standard 88/61 semi-weighted keys and allows for comfortable finger touch and accurate sound. It was made. iLearn Music electronic piano keyboard is a musical keyboard instrument with multi-functionality, including: 128 rhythms and tones, 20 demo songs, sustain pedal, as well as bluetooth connection for APP. The 88-key keyboard is made of premium aluminum alloy and is perfect for all ages. It is possible to learn an electronic keyboard for all skill levels. Great for classroom teaching. The piano keyboard 88 keys contains many other advanced functions that allow students to practice along with a free download. Premium built-in dynamic speakers and a premium battery are included in their electronic keyboards. Up to 12 hours of playing time can be had with a full charge. Plug it into a power source.

Brand: Ilearnmusic

👤Great keyboard! The keyboard plays very well and has all of the functions as a higher priced keyboard. It has semi weighted keys which make playing much more enjoyable. I cannot beat the price of this keyboard.

👤The Dulcette DC-11 is very good. It is nicely built and looks good. The sounds are very similar to a real piano. The keys are semi-weighted, meaning that when different pressure applies to the keys, different volume of sound will come out. The electric piano can compete with some of the higher priced electric pianos out there, I am very pleased with it.

👤I was so excited to get this, I did and it was nice. I have to send it back and get a new one because 10 keys to the right end did not play music. The tedious back and forth is not attractive. The sound is not as good as it could be, but it is a decent keyboard. It will work for now. If it were cheaper than what I paid, I would buy it again. The fact that it is portable and has a case brings me back to the aesthetic of it all. It will do well at all the holiday parties if you buy it.

👤I think they did a great job of making learning music fun and affordable for everyone. The keyboard is cheap, but I think it provides everything you need to start learning on your own without taking a huge financial risk. I asked their customer service team to help me, but they replied quickly.

👤The piano has a lot of good features. It won't be good for anyone other than a beginner who is tight on money. It doesn't sound like a real piano. I got it because I wanted a cheap start. The sound of the piano is terrible, as someone who has been playing it for a decade. I am still getting used to it. I wish the included stand was higher because my sheet music starts to fall occasionally. The sound of the piano is not great.

👤I play the piano and live in an apartment, so I wanted something simple that plays and feels like a real piano for my own enjoyment. I will never use it because it has a lot of options. It's not that great, but I leave it in TONE 1. The keys are heavy so it feels like a piano. The sound is off-key and the peddle is cheap. The manufacturing quality seems good.

👤In a pinch, but not great. I needed a keyboard to teach music theory. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on an instrument I wouldn't perform with. The notes were out of tune and it was hard to do online dictations. Touch sensitivity was ok. Even with the volume at 1 it's hard to play softly. After not being played, the volume cuts off pretty quickly, and it always resets back to it's default. It works great as a controller. It was used to control the sounds of the Garritan Personal Orchestra.

7. Plixio 61 Key Digital Electric Keyboard

Plixio 61 Key Digital Electric Keyboard

A great first musical instrument can be made with the great practice keyboard. Plixio's keyboard is portable and lightweight. It's great for music lessons. You can play along with your favorite songs with a dual power supply for on-the-go play. Musicians that travel frequently can use the dual power supply with the included power adapter or 6 AA batteries. There is variability of sound effects and phone jacks. Each keyboard has 100 rhythms, 60 demo songs, 40 tones, and 8 percussions. Turn your keyboard into a karaoke machine by grabbing a microphone. The keyboard does not have a port for a computer. There are included appendices. The keyboard has a power transformer, music note sheet music stand, and auxiliary cable. The music keyboard comes with a full one-year warranty that protects against any damage or defects. It is light and easy to move. Each piano is portable and easy to carry, weighing less than nine pounds. 34” x 12” x 3.5” is the dimensions.

Brand: Plixio

👤I was looking for a keyboard, and one of the reviews said it was definitely worth it, but the only issue he had was that the volume was too high. It's too loud, and you would be cursing if you forgot to have your Earphones on. It's still too loud when I have my earphones on, even though I set them to only #1 on the sound. The volume on my Earphones needs to be adjusted on future keyboards so that other people don't have the same issues. I noticed a few other things. I wish the cord was longer, but it's okay where I have it. This is a practice keyboard for me, and I really didn't need all the bells and whistles, when it came to the tones, rhythms, and such. I like the fact that the stand that I bought separately had screws on the underside of the keyboard, so it has more stability, and the 61-key size is good enough. It was a good deal for the price, and I'm very happy to have keyboards again.

👤I gave this a rating of 4 stars. I will return to this review once I hear how my kids respond to it, because this is a Christmas gift. The keyboard is very streamlined, has 61 keys for better performance, and all the cords are included in the box. The Styrofoam on the ends of the keyboard is where the cords are located. The keyboard is well packaged and there is no apparent damage. The keyboard has held up one year later. I have upgraded to 5 stars because I think you should get a great keyboard that does all of the base keyboards at a great price. Nothing has broken. It's in a good condition and gets used a lot. August, 2021. My grandson is very interested in the keyboard, it is still doing great. It does all functions and nothing has broken on it. It turned out to be a great find.

👤I have a lot of things, including pianos, keyboards, andaccordion. I wanted something small and useful that I could put on my lap and play in bed. Don't hope for more, this does that. It is worth $60 for a physical representation of a real key. Usefulness is what I wanted for practice in my office. Don't expect it to sound like a piano, or any of the tones you're hoping for. When turned off, the static sound level is like a drone sound in the background. No sensitivity adjustment is included in the key pressing. The tone is constant. Tones repeat if fingers pressing partially. Imagine a toy that is useful for learning the basics of piano, but not a real instrument. There is a The Casio is more like a real piano than I am. After 3 days, I gave this gift to the Goodwill. The repeating of notes is beyond annoying. It should have been done in the first place when you bought a CasioCTK-3500.

8. Digital Piano Bundle Electric Built

Digital Piano Bundle Electric Built

The Digital Piano Bundle is perfect for musicians and performers. There is a recital. Start playing professional keys today with a digital piano loaded with 5 voices and educational features. Natural piano feel and perfect response is what the recital is about. 88 premium full-sized semi weighted keys with a touch response to suit your preferred playing style is tailored to you. The recital has two built-in 20W speakers that deliver crystal clear room filling sound and 14” ( 6.35mm) stereo headphone output for private practice. Learning professional keyboards is made easy with Recital's powerful educational features, which include standard, split, layer, record and lesson modes with 128-note max polyphony. The genuine piano style sustain pedal with chrome foot pedal is compatible with all electronic keyboards.

Brand: Alesis

👤Have you ever tried something on Amazon and realized you can't put it back in the box it came from, and you have to return it quickly? The keyboard is it. I needed a temporary keyboard for a gig and thought I'd give this brand a try since I've never heard of it and the price was so low, but this was absolutely hands-down the worst keyboard I've ever played. I've been playing pianos for nearly 30 years and have played in concert halls, showrooms, and on the floor of warehouses. The keyboard is completely junk despite being fully convinced by their marketing videos. The weight of the keys is not right, and this will make it hard for you to play a real piano in the future. The keys are width only and length not full. The sound output is not good. The sound quality and native output of my Yamaha is unparalleled. You need to punch the key to get it to play.

👤It could be the settings. Reviewers said that the sound volume became quiet after minimal use of the keyboard. The kids told me it was very quiet, even with the volume dial turned to max. I tried every button and even went so far as to write a bad review on Amazon. There are many different settings on the keyboard. There are nearly 88 settings for the keyboard. There are at least three different adjustments to volume. The kids must have set those to low. The keyboard is nice again after I went through the steps to max-out the volume settings. I rate it a 4 stars because it's very good, but it's confusing using advanced settings.

👤I have had a piano for close to 6 months and I couldn't be happier. A child would get started on the piano with the starter piano. The sound quality and volume is excellent. The only gripe so far has been that the keys aren't as weighted as they could be. Several reviewers have issues with the volume and have returned the piano because it wasn't loud enough and Alesis is to blame for that. The Piano has different volume levels. The factory settings are not set in the loudest way. 2. It is easy to set the piano's volume to a different level, if you accidentally enter Advanced Functions mode, and younger kids do that when playing with the keys. The steps to get the Piano into its loudest volume level are listed here. The Metronome and Lesson keys can be pressed at the same time to enter Advanced Functions mode. The keys should light up. 2. Press the E3 key once. It won't play the instrument, so it should make a click sound. 3. The Metronome and Lesson keys are used to exit Advanced Functions mode. 4. The piano should be set to loud. Try these steps before you decide to return the piano. The Alesis is a nifty instrument. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Is that true? I was looking for a good piano for my 5 year old daughter to practice at home as she just started with piano lessons. The Yamaha P71 and the Previa PX 160 were on my list. The price of the Alesis was less than that of the other two, so I decided on it. My thought was that once she develops some skill at playing the piano, we could always upgrade to a better one. I couldn't be happier with my piano. I really liked 1. The piano has a good sound. 2. The keys have good feel and volume response. 3. It is very easy to cart around 4. The included power accessory. 5. You can't beat the price for a full 88-Key Piano. Things that I think could be improved are 1. One needs to keep the volume control low to get decent sound. 2. It has a lot of features that can be changed. All of these need to be accessed with a combination of Piano keys. It's hard to remember. I open the user manual every now and then.

9. Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital P45B

Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital P45B

Includes the P45 Digital Piano, power transformer, sustain pedal, and music rest. A quality playing experience is provided by the 88 fully weighted piano style keys. Weighted action is similar to an acoustic piano in that it is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end. There are 10 different voices, including samples from real Yamaha grand pianos. You can combine 2 voices in dual mode, like piano and strings. The tuning was 414.8 - 440.0.

Brand: Yamaha

👤We bought this piano in October. There were two keys that stopped working. Amazon does not support it. Yamaha dealers don't support return or repair. They gave me the address of a "Keyboard repair shop" 50 miles away after calling five dealers. The experience with Yamaha and Amazon has been very bad. Don't recommend the product.

👤I was looking for a keyboard that would be close to an acoustic piano, and I was looking for a keyboard that felt and sounded like an acoustic piano. I play on a grand piano during my lessons and I am dissatisfied with the keyboard I have, so I'm shopping for a better one. The weighted action keys are great. I can't tell the difference between a real piano and a fake one. The acoustic piano has a different pedal than the keyboard does, but I don't have a problem with it. The sound is my real complaint. The notes are loud so that you can't hear what you're playing with the right hand. The dynamic range is another problem. The difference in volume between lightly touching the keys and pounding them is not as large as it would be on a real piano. It's hard to develop good technique because everything you play isn't going to sound well balanced or have interesting dynamics. I tried adjusting the settings on the keyboard, but it didn't help. Spending a little more will get you something better. The AZ Piano News is a good place to get thorough digital piano reviews.

👤I have been using the piano since it was purchased. I play it for at least an hour most days. Pros: 1. I enjoy the sound programs. There are two grand piano programs, electric piano, two pipe organ and two harpsichord programs. The first pipe organ and first harpsichord program are stunning. Plug in a pair of headphones or connect to a home audio system to hear how good they are. 2. Very portable. You can order stands that fit the piano. It is not dark. I would like it to have a case. 3. The keyboard is capable of playing great music. The cons are 1. The keys are weighted and not like a real piano. Doesn't seem to have the same range. 2. The keys are loud. They make noise. You can hear it if you turn off the sound. Some keys are louder than others. The more freqently used keys are noisy. It doesn't seem to bother if you wear headphones or turn the volume up. 3. The speakers are not very hot. It has two nice piano sound programs, they sound great with headphones, but they sound mediocre to bad on the piano's speakers. 4. The piano is light. Very light. Don't get carried away and don't place things like a cup of coffee on the piano. 5. The location of the headphone plug is inconvenient. 6. I don't know how long this piano will last with hours of practice per day. It doesn't seem robust enough to last 10 years with 2 hours of use per day, especially since the keys are getting noisey. I need a keyboard, I am in an apartment, and I play classical and baroque music. I was able to grow as I played Beethoven and other classics on this instrument. I am able to play my pieces on a real piano, though it takes a little getting used to, and I am able to practice organ and some technique (holding notes for the correct values and precision release). I think there are better pianos out there, but they are more expensive. The one doing the job is doing it for now. $500 was not too much to spend.

10. Roland Keys Digital Piano GO 88P

Roland Keys Digital Piano GO 88P

Premium piano performance in a portable instrument. The piano tone with 128-voice polyphony is included in the 88-note keyboard. The speakers are high-quality and have a wireless connection. Includes sustain pedal, power adaptor, and music rest. It's lightweight for playing and storing. There is a fully wireless operation with battery power. Advanced music lessons can be done with your phone or tablet. Metronome and recording support daily practice.

Brand: Roland

👤I realized after researching digital pianos that they are essentially computers, and the sound quality is determined by its polyphony - this model is relatively new and has 128 note polyphony, which I'm fond of. The processing power is important. If you are going to use a learning software on your phone or tablet, you should use a compatible device. I am an adult and teaching myself the piano, tried a few, and these software courses are not the way to go. The built-in speakers are not important because you can connect the piano to a wireless speaker for better quality. The ability to use a headset and practice in silence is a big reason why I wanted a digital piano to begin with. I use the piano the most and it is very pleasant to listen to, this was confirmed to me by family members who play an acoustic piano. The use interface is very easy to use, and it is great that there is no visual disruption of the digital interface. For this price point, I think it is great, the keys are pleasant, and the build quality is solid. It takes a long time to learn the piano, so you don't need to worry about it being just like a piano. It is a perfect device to learn to play.

👤The key action of Beethoven's first movement was laborious, sticky and slow, so I was not able to play it. I sent it back. The key action was the reason for my purchase. It was supposed to play a real piano.

👤It was good but wish it could get louder. The portable is not cool because it can't adjust the weight of the keys.

👤I just got this to start learning and was looking forward to using the Piano Partner 2 app which is called "Rocks." The piano wouldn't connect with my phone. The same error happened when I tried to restart the phone, close all the apps on the phone, and restart the keyboard. I'm going to try it again today and if it doesn't work, I'll return it.

👤I need a keyboard to fit into a desk. The dimensions are perfect for the space I have. Although there were less expensive boards, I went with this one because I trust the Roland brand. If I ever need to carry this out, it will come in handy because it is lightweight and not bulky. The keys are springy and feel better than other synths I've played before. The only downside is the price, but lucky for me there was an open box warehouse deal.

👤The organ sound is perfect, but the piano sound is a little weak. The product is very good. The piano sound is a little too realistic. Happy with the product.

👤All is well with the world now that Skoove has returned our messages. Hopefully, 2 stars will get some attention. The Skoove company doesn't return emails or answer Facebook messages, so they don't provide free online lessons. The GO88 doesn't show up in the product registry for the lessons. The decision to buy the keyboard was influenced by the lessons.

11. YUEQIN Foldable Electronic Semi Weighted Beginners

YUEQIN Foldable Electronic Semi Weighted Beginners

The portable piano can be foldable 180, which is more flexible. It is easy to carry and foldable. It is possible to put the plane into the trunk. The folded size is about 8in. A girl can move it easily. You can connect a computer and other intelligent deices to create your own music. * The doubleBT is compatible with many popular APP like Cubase, POP Music, Nuendo, etc, and is the best choice for beginners, entertainment, or performance. The force-sensitive keyboard 22MM standard 88-key piano, 88 Standard Piano keys with strength, through different key strength, can obtain the timbre and the exquisite change, has the diversification function and the strength touch key, displays the real music dynamic, play music more rich and delicate, and Sample. The sound source of the traditional performance grade piano is the sound of the piano's sound color. Recording, sustain, drum kit, dual voice. For beginners, transpose features are indispensable. The digital keyboard has a 100% piano sound. The sound line is full and delicate and can produce shocking performance on the spot. Support headset mode, late-night practice.

Brand: Yueqin

👤I need to practice the piano at night after work so I bought a keyboard. I am very happy with this purchase. The sound is good and I like touching it.


What is the best product for electric keyboard piano full size keys?

Electric keyboard piano full size keys products from Wostoo. In this article about electric keyboard piano full size keys you can see why people choose the product. 24hocl and Rockjam are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric keyboard piano full size keys.

What are the best brands for electric keyboard piano full size keys?

Wostoo, 24hocl and Rockjam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric keyboard piano full size keys. Find the detail in this article. Starument, Finger Dance and Ilearnmusic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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