Best Electric Keyboard Piano with Stand 88 Keys

Piano 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Korg Air Digital Piano Bluetooth

Korg Air Digital Piano Bluetooth

A choice of acoustic piano sounds Digital recreation of true grand piano resonance RH3 keyboard accurately mimics acoustic piano touch and response Thirty high-quality voices Newly developed amplification and speaker system Contemporary design cabinet available in 3 color options From the very first note, the sound of the C1 will impress both player and audience. The keyboard has been designed to help the student develop a sound playing technique while responding fully to the demands of the more advanced player. The KORG C1 is a superb piano, both as an exciting alternative to an acoustic instrument or in locations where a traditional instrument could not be used. It can be used with headphones to avoid disturbing others.

Brand: Korg

👤This is the best piano I've owned. The sound quality is off the charts, has a Midi in-out, 3.5mm output to connect it to speakers or your computer as a microphone, and 2 different 3.5mm jacks for listening to it. I have been using it for almost a year and I only regret not buying it sooner.

👤I chose the C1 air because of the great reviews and the Korg reputation, and my son needed something to practice on. The piano sound in our living room is not as good as it could be, but the unit looks good. The piano sounds are almost like a musical instrument. I tried adjusting the brilliance, chorus, reverb, and multiple sounds, but they all failed. Really? Korg? I shell out for a decent piano, but what does it show up? Next time, I will buy from a piano store.

👤I found the Korg C1 Air to have the best balance of sound, not too bright and not muddy, after listening to various digital pianos. It was easy to put together and has a great manual. The pedals are easy to use. I like the sound options. I am very pleased with the product.

👤The piano arrived on time.

👤The first time it was used, it made a weird vibrating noise. Not all of us are happy.

2. Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital P45B

Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital P45B

Includes the P45 Digital Piano, power transformer, sustain pedal, and music rest. A quality playing experience is provided by the 88 fully weighted piano style keys. Weighted action is similar to an acoustic piano in that it is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end. There are 10 different voices, including samples from real Yamaha grand pianos. You can combine 2 voices in dual mode, like piano and strings. The tuning was 414.8 - 440.0.

Brand: Yamaha

👤We bought this piano in October. There were two keys that stopped working. Amazon does not support it. Yamaha dealers don't support return or repair. They gave me the address of a "Keyboard repair shop" 50 miles away after calling five dealers. The experience with Yamaha and Amazon has been very bad. Don't recommend the product.

👤I was looking for a keyboard that would be close to an acoustic piano, and I was looking for a keyboard that felt and sounded like an acoustic piano. I play on a grand piano during my lessons and I am dissatisfied with the keyboard I have, so I'm shopping for a better one. The weighted action keys are great. I can't tell the difference between a real piano and a fake one. The acoustic piano has a different pedal than the keyboard does, but I don't have a problem with it. The sound is my real complaint. The notes are loud so that you can't hear what you're playing with the right hand. The dynamic range is another problem. The difference in volume between lightly touching the keys and pounding them is not as large as it would be on a real piano. It's hard to develop good technique because everything you play isn't going to sound well balanced or have interesting dynamics. I tried adjusting the settings on the keyboard, but it didn't help. Spending a little more will get you something better. The AZ Piano News is a good place to get thorough digital piano reviews.

👤I have been using the piano since it was purchased. I play it for at least an hour most days. Pros: 1. I enjoy the sound programs. There are two grand piano programs, electric piano, two pipe organ and two harpsichord programs. The first pipe organ and first harpsichord program are stunning. Plug in a pair of headphones or connect to a home audio system to hear how good they are. 2. Very portable. You can order stands that fit the piano. It is not dark. I would like it to have a case. 3. The keyboard is capable of playing great music. The cons are 1. The keys are weighted and not like a real piano. Doesn't seem to have the same range. 2. The keys are loud. They make noise. You can hear it if you turn off the sound. Some keys are louder than others. The more freqently used keys are noisy. It doesn't seem to bother if you wear headphones or turn the volume up. 3. The speakers are not very hot. It has two nice piano sound programs, they sound great with headphones, but they sound mediocre to bad on the piano's speakers. 4. The piano is light. Very light. Don't get carried away and don't place things like a cup of coffee on the piano. 5. The location of the headphone plug is inconvenient. 6. I don't know how long this piano will last with hours of practice per day. It doesn't seem robust enough to last 10 years with 2 hours of use per day, especially since the keys are getting noisey. I need a keyboard, I am in an apartment, and I play classical and baroque music. I was able to grow as I played Beethoven and other classics on this instrument. I am able to play my pieces on a real piano, though it takes a little getting used to, and I am able to practice organ and some technique (holding notes for the correct values and precision release). I think there are better pianos out there, but they are more expensive. The one doing the job is doing it for now. $500 was not too much to spend.

3. Donner Electronic Full Size Beginners Microphone

Donner Electronic Full Size Beginners Microphone

The DEK-610 electronic keyboard has two 20W high-quality speakers, which achieve three-dimensional surround sound, heavy bass, and warm tone, making your music performance better. It is portable and perfect for indoor or outdoor activities. The Donner piano keyboard has three excellent teaching modes to help beginners get familiar with traditional piano and meet the need of different learning. The DEK-610 music keyboard has a huge music library with 500 tones, 300 rhythms, 40 demo songs, and you can create your own music or do band performances. A great choice for players. There are many practical and interesting functions on their beginner keyboard, such as auto-chord, recording, keyboard drum, mp3 playing and etc., and it has a HD display panel, which can show the running functions. Dek-610 electric piano is designed to meet different usage needs. It supports mp3 playing,usb MIDI, external audio, microphone, headphones, and extra Sustain Pedal.

Brand: Donner

👤I am a beginner piano player. I am going crazy to find things to do. I didn't know anything about music and I thought I would try it.

👤My wife was interested in learning how to play piano, and I thought a keyboard would be a great learning tool. I wanted her to have something that was a little more updated, since I had an old one. I stumbled on the keyboard. I've heard good things about the Donner name, and it seemed to have a lot of tools that would encourage her to learn, and at a great price to match. A full-size keyboard for under $100? There aren't a lot of them floating around. This is a great keyboard for beginners or intermediate players. It's made of plastic, but doesn't feel cheap, and the buttons are sturdy, but for home practice it's a good fit. The build quality is comparable to my old Casio, but at a lower price point. It's lighter and less bulky, which makes it easy to move around for my short wife. It can be powered by batteries, which is more practical than the 6 "C" batteries required for my old keyboard, and even has an automatic setting that will stop the batteries from draining when the AC cord is plugged in. There are 500 voices in the large library. It's possible to find a sound that will fit your mood and musical project. We haven't had time to noodle with them all yet, but I've heard they are good for the price point. I wouldn't use most of them in any serious recordings, but they will fit nicely in demos, singalong practice, or posts to social media. The electronic display is easy to read, but it can be hard to see which fingers are being highlighted, as it can be hard to see which fingers are being highlighted. It has a list of activated settings and even has staffs that highlight the notes you're playing as you press them. This can help users learn to read music, and also to quickly write cool "riffs" and melodies for later use. This is an excellent keyboard for the price point, as long as you go in with the right expectations, and it isn't something that's going to blow you away with its versatile qualities. It has everything a budding pianist could want, including a handy music stand, a headphone jack, and a way to practice even in quiet surroundings. If you want to learn but don't want to spend a lot of money, there's no need to look any further.

👤This is an amazing bargain. I can't believe how much it costs to use this keyboard. I realized after placing my order all of the extras, which is weird as I am usually so detail-oriented. When I was in college, my parents gave me a full-sized electronic keyboard, and I ordered this as a potential replacement. It was meant to help me practice when I couldn't or didn't want to brave the elements to get to a practice room, and I was a music major. I was a voice major and part of that degree included several semesters of piano, both class and private, as a kid. I mention all of that to say that I am not a virtuoso. I was good at what I was doing, but it wasn't my passion. It's great to have a keyboard around because I sometimes need a reference point when learning a new song or teaching voice lessons. I keep the one from college in a dedicated bag. I don't do it often because it's hard to drag out. My hope was that this one would be less trouble and result in more use. It is amazing that this comes with a stand and stool. The music holder is wonderful. There is a WOW, the options...WOW. There are so many voices and styles. I remember playing on the electric organ in my grandmother's house when I was a kid. Ha! After playing on the keys for a while, I realized how sensitive they are. The way the electric pianos we used in college felt like this. It's up to college music department standards, which is pretty awesome. It is not full size as far as how many actual keys are concerned, but there are not many times when people really need those extra keys. I wouldn't spend a lot of time looking for help or affirmation because the note on the bass and treble clefs isn't accurate. It seems as if one can use this tool to train themselves/teach themselves, as well as the usual fun things like recording your own songs, looping, etc. I don't know how the connection works, it looks like a charging cable to me, and maybe I don't have compatible mp3 devices, but I am not sure of the purpose. I don't know. I haven't needed a Midi port since the 90's, when I was writing music with the Finale program. The microphone it comes with is cheap. It feels like a toy. You would need to provide that because there is no stand for it. It's hard to play and hold a mic at the same time. There is a It would be even better if it came with a bag. If you are going to leave it out all the time, you won't need one, though you might want to drape something over it to protect it from dust. I live in a small house that does not have enough room for a dedicated music room, so I will have to keep my older keyboard in a safe place, much like my older keyboard has been. Wow, what a deal. It's seriously. I am certain my dad spent more back in the day than he did today, but it didn't come with some of the extras.

4. Joy Standard Including Headphone Jk 63M Kit

Joy Standard Including Headphone Jk 63M Kit

The keyboard has an mp3 player function. The keyboard is perfect for beginners. The music player has a mp3p function. There are 50 demonstration songs. High quality sounds and effects are produced. Provides players with a great playing experience. A high-quality display. A multifunctional screen. The functions and effects chosen are sensitive to the demo songs. It helps players learn and control. There are multiple functions. The keyboard has percussion, master volume, accom volume, tempo control, single finger/ fingered chord, start/ stop, sync and fill-in. Everything needed in a complete set. The pack contains a keyboard stand, music stand, headphones, and a DC 9V/AC adaptor. Everything is provided for keyboard performance.

Brand: Joymusic

👤This is the worst product I have ever bought on Amazon. The metal piece was supposed to go across the middle. There weren't all of the parts that were needed for assembly. I received a banged up bag with one page instructions that will cause a collapse if you follow them. You can see the parts and number on the instruction page. I only got 2 out of 4 nuts and one of them was thrown into a large box outside of the bag. I used zip ties and a tough string to hold it all together. The bars that are supposed to sit on the floor have rubber stops in both ends. One of them had none, the other had none. I don't know how it made it worse but you can see in the picture that one of the ineffective screws was missing. The bench is fine and there are no problems with the keyboard, but the sound quality is terrible and grainy. It is similar to something you would buy at a radio shack in 2002. I want my money back. Do not buy it.

👤My child is taking piano and it gets the job done. She quits in 5 weeks.

👤A great piano. It was easy to setup. Everything is needed to stay playing. My daughter just started piano lessons. On both, there is an adjusted height.

👤3 years ago, my daughter stopped taking piano lessons. She was very good but decided to dance. I got rid of my upright piano over the summer. She wants to play again. I didn't want to get another piano so I got this keyboard. You get a keyboard, stand and stool for that price. I checked out a music store and they wanted $169 for a keyboard, $30 for a stand and no stool, and I checked out a pawn shop and they wanted $130 for a keyboard. I got the bundle when I found it. My daughter loves it. She was able to play the keyboard immediately since she still remembers all the notes. When she is bored, she plays songs to keep her busy. Very happy with this.

👤This is a good set for a beginner. I bought it as a gift and it was well-received. The stand was easy to put together and it sounded good. It doesn't take up a lot of room and the headphones are a bonus. A great gift idea.

👤The keyboard is not a digital one. The keys are not weighted. I like it so far.

👤My 11 year old loves it, it's easy to set up. " Follow me" mode, already learned a few songs... There was an update that stopped working. The sound is constant. Have to plug in multiple times. Still cutting off. I have to contact the manufacturer. Well. An email was sent to them a month ago. Nobody contacted me.

👤For the price, you get a keyboard that's not weighted, no pedals, and a nice piano sound with headphones and a chair. It's great to learn the beginnings to see if your child will want to play the piano at all. You can buy the Steinway.

5. Yamaha PSR EW410 76 Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSR EW410 76 Key Portable Keyboard

A portable keyboard with a great piano sound and a powerful sound engine. The XG lite voice library is a collection of voices over the General Midi collection, designed for playing back songs from the Yamaha XG song library. More notes can be played without dropping outs, which makes more complex passages possible. In real time, assignable knobs allow you to manipulate effects and parameters on voices, styles and more. You can connect to your music-making software with the help of theusb to host. The "to device" port allows for the connection of flash drives.

Brand: Yamaha

👤I replaced my old keyboard with a Yamaha one. The original review has been removed. There is a new review. I am using my old board again. I kept the Yamaha 463 away until I could get rid of it. You have to use the user interface over and over and over to change your voice. If you choose a new voice, your settings for dual voice, split voice, volumes pans, and octave do not survive. Re-setting EACH of those can take over 30 presses. It can be done in ten minutes with hundreds of button presses and all the settings you want. There is no way to see what the settings are for when you save them to a registration. The bank number is the only one displayed. There was no light, no depressed button, and no indication in the panel. You are limited to 32 if you can keep track of the registration. Unless you like Yamaha's pre-settings, that's the amount of voices you have available. The default OTS settings were not usable. It's all done. I had given it four stars but have become so frustrated that I no longer use it. I wasted my money.

👤It can be difficult to find a keyboard on line. Reviews and demos on the internet don't give you a good feel for an instrument. The price on this arranger was in line with what I wanted to spend for an extended device. The keys have a nice touch to them. The keys are not weighted in any way that I can see, but the spring tension on the key return is not too heavy and the keys respond well to chording and my limited ability in producing arpeggios. I'm impressed with the voices. The instruments meet or exceed my expectations. I like the sax. The "groove" capabilities are suitable for house use. I haven't been able to put this device through its paces yet, but my preliminary playing on it suggests that I made a good decision. The review will be updated as necessary.

👤The keyboard has cool voices like the one in the Motif series. The keyboard is very easy to use. Clean sounds, great loop pattern maker, and easy dial in features are some of the positives. The problem is that pattern sequencer is not able to chain together other patterns. Only songs can be chained. There are no editing options for the sequencer. You can't change the patterns while in record mode. I own the CasioCTK 7200 which has more features but the patterns accompaniments and sounds are not as good as the Yamaha series. You will feel like a DJ after about 9 hours of jamming out with the Yamaha PSR E463. The same beats are not changeable and will eventually become boring. You will not be able to create an original song or score if your songs use the same accompaniments. If you want to play it straight and not record demos or songs, buy this. If you want the best of both worlds, you should buy the CASIOCT 7200. It is still worth it. The portable series has come a long way with Yamaha. This is getting closer to their line of products.

6. Alesis Recital Keyboard Headphone Educational

Alesis Recital Keyboard Headphone Educational

The ultimate beginners digital piano has 12 professionally crafted voices and powerful educational features. 88 premium full-sized hammer action keys have a responsive feel to suit your preferred playing style. There is a power amplifier and a stereo output for private practice, as well as a built-in 20W speakers. Powerful educational features - standard, split, layer, record and Lesson modes have 128-note max polyphony and are built in FX. You can learn piano today with a 3 month premium subscription for expert online piano lessons.

Brand: Alesis

👤I have played the piano for a long time and this product is very good. The sound is similar to the real piano and the touch sensitivity is good. There are some differences with the real piano. It will shake when you play it hard. It is an excellent product. There is a video for reference.

👤Customer service is not good. Our daughter received a keyboard as a Christmas gift. The weighted keys are close to a real piano, and the sound is quite good. Two months after purchase, a single note began to miss. I contacted Alesis, but it took a couple of weeks for them to say that the keyboard was faulty and they would replace it. I sent them multiple emails over the course of the month and they did not give any more information. They said that we would need to pay a shipping fee of $97 and that the keyboard may not be eligible if every item was returned at the same time. If we missed anything, we would have spent over $100 to ship a keyboard, and ended up with nothing. In order to get the product I paid for, I need to spend an additional $100+. The keyboard was fine when it worked, but when it turned out to have a defect, it took over 5 weeks and multiple emails for Alesis to tell us we needed to shell out more money for the possibility of having the product we had paid for. Not sure if it's worth the hassle.

👤I have had it for a year. I am an average amateur piano player. It looked like it had a lot of features and good reviews when I bought it. The keyboard feels good to me. The keyboards produce a thump sound when hit. The keyboard seems a little loud. When sound is turned off, sound keys make sounds. You can hear this when you hit keys hard. There is a If you record what you play to the keyboard and play it back, you get a clean sound because there is no sound of you hitting the keys. I like the different voices. The violins voice is not the same as in other keyboards. It gives the feeling of hearing violins. I like the ability to record. It's very easy to record and play back. You can learn one hand of a song, record it, and then play it back and forth with the other hand. It helps me learn music quickly. You cannot change voices while playing along to recorded track, that's the only bug I have with recording. It has a lot of features, but it has a small annoyance. After a year, I have only played half of the features. I like split, it allows you to have one voice and the other voice, and it's nice. My left plays violins while my right plays piano. It makes some pretty music. The feature of the metronome is nice. It has a computer interface that I want to explore some day. I ordered a laptop stand that I love. I put my laptop on the stand and watch videos on the internet that play guitar hero. The guitar hero way of learning has changed my life because I have struggled with being a great music reader. I change the speed on the internet as I learn it. I can learn songs very quickly, and it's like playing a PIANO HERO game. These keyboards help me learn. Being able to simply record and play back helps learn fast. I'm going to try to get video up here to show some features. If you want to see if you like learning to play piano, you should consider a cheaper keyboard. If you want to make records, there are more expensive pianos out there. I thank Alesis for making this piano, it's perfect middle ground. There were a few negative reviews about support issues. I have never had to deal with customer support so I have no opinion on that. This is after a year of use where I would think I put around 300 hours of playing on it. I got a 3 year warranty for square trade and I am hoping I won't need it. The square trade 3 year warranty is under 9. They are having a lot of warranty claims. Good luck with your keyboard shopping. It was not easy for me to buy it, but I am very happy with my choice a year later.

7. Yamaha PSRE360 Sensitive Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSRE360 Sensitive Portable Keyboard

Includes keyboard, power supply and music rest. Touch-sensitive keys make your playing more interesting. The sound is soft if you play lightly. The key needs to be struck hard. It's loud. You can practice at your own pace, one hand at a time, or both together with the Yamaha Education Suite. Duo Mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with their own middle C. The style recommends accompaniments based on what you play on the keyboard.

Brand: Yamaha

👤The first Yamaha electric keyboard I purchased was the P71, also known as the p45). I wanted a keyboard that was portable. I consider myself to be a beginner and this piano is perfect for that. It has full sized keys and is touch sensitive. It has many voices to allow you to experiment. Weighted keys and a standard size keyboard are the main features that this keyboard lacks. It may take some adjustment to play on a real piano. The wood grain may fool someone, but up close you can tell it's plastic. The keyboard has a clip on the music stand. You have to either supply 6 AA's yourself or plug it into a standard US wall outlet to get batteries.

👤I retired and haven't had a piano in 20 years, so I'm starting from scratch with some used piano lessons and exercise books. The Sustain and Grand Piano mode are not features that I am using. The Metronome is useful. The 61 key is adequate for most of the time because I have limited space in my home and the sound is good. I swap it out for a computer keyboard. I feel this is better for the mind and body than an app and I'm enjoying it. It's a good thing. It's light enough that I can slip it inside the bag and slide it under my sofa if I need to. It was packaged well.

👤The keyboard was very good. The description in Amazon is incorrect, so I rated it low. There is no input or output for my piano app. If I knew that, I wouldn't have bought it. I will be back.

👤I bought this for my daughter's 12th birthday. The sound is easy to use. Highly recommended. I would have liked to have gotten the bundle with the stand. It has been difficult to find a stand for it. It's great for beginners.

👤The piano is great. The wood finish is pretty and sleek. I like the key touch sensitivity. The sustain button makes it sound beautiful. I only use one voice and I don't care for the others. It isn't compatible with Midi. I did not plan on connecting it to a computer. My boyfriend bought it for me as an anniversary present and I love it.

👤My daughter started piano lessons after buying this keyboard. She is young. We wanted a keyboard that was still decent. The keyboard is perfect. It has a lot of buttons for different modes and sounds. The button for the grand piano is easy to find. My daughter uses that when she practices.

👤My neighbor, a professional muscian, told me to get this keyboard. A nice built-in sound quality and 61 touch sensitive keys. It's amazing how much it compares to his Yamaha stage instruments. I was thrilled with this purchase.

👤I bought this hoping it would inspire my kids to play the piano. I went to the store and tried several keyboards before buying this one. This product is no exception as the company is reliable for quality. The sound is great, the digital window shows you what note you are playing, and the price is great. I can't recommend this purchase enough.

8. YUEQIN Foldable Electronic Semi Weighted Beginners

YUEQIN Foldable Electronic Semi Weighted Beginners

The portable piano can be foldable 180, which is more flexible. It is easy to carry and foldable. It is possible to put the plane into the trunk. The folded size is about 8in. A girl can move it easily. You can connect a computer and other intelligent deices to create your own music. * The doubleBT is compatible with many popular APP like Cubase, POP Music, Nuendo, etc, and is the best choice for beginners, entertainment, or performance. The force-sensitive keyboard 22MM standard 88-key piano, 88 Standard Piano keys with strength, through different key strength, can obtain the timbre and the exquisite change, has the diversification function and the strength touch key, displays the real music dynamic, play music more rich and delicate, and Sample. The sound source of the traditional performance grade piano is the sound of the piano's sound color. Recording, sustain, drum kit, dual voice. For beginners, transpose features are indispensable. The digital keyboard has a 100% piano sound. The sound line is full and delicate and can produce shocking performance on the spot. Support headset mode, late-night practice.

Brand: Yueqin

👤I need to practice the piano at night after work so I bought a keyboard. I am very happy with this purchase. The sound is good and I like touching it.

9. Korg B2 Digital Piano Black

Korg B2 Digital Piano Black

The Digital Home Piano has a keyboard. Black built-in speakers.

Brand: Korg

👤I am not a professional pianist, but I am not the only one. This is a great digital piano that any musician can appreciate. You can find the one you need for any style of play, because the piano sounds are so diverse. I would recommend this piano to anyone. I wanted to use an acoustic spinet piano shell as the stand for a digital piano and the low profile and clean design of the Korg B2 allowed me to do that.

👤Maybe you could be a little bit better with the sound. I have never owned a piano before. I am very happy with it so far. The speakers are loud and the keys are great. The speakers are covered in cloth, so you have to make sure you have a cover on them when not using them. I bought an iPad and it was supposed to have lessons on it. I need a cord to connect it to the keyboard.

👤New years gift for girlfriend. She loves it, she didn't know digital pianos have the same effect as a grand piano, and we have it in our small apartment in the city. It's worth every single dollar because of the quality of the build.

👤My son wanted to use something in his apartment. It is what he needed for a good price. The sound quality is great.

👤The piano is really nice. The action is great.

👤The product is what I wanted. It sounds great when it's played correctly.

👤The Korg B2 has a lot to like about it. This is a great piano for beginners and includes everything you need in the box. Korg should take notice of the excellent FP-10 and add in some of the missing features to make the B2 truly exceptional. The piano sounds are average for this class, but not as bad as the FP-10), but 88 weighted keys feel solid and relatively quiet, and the speakers sound really good for a piano of this price. The competition is better in some areas, such as the action and keys, but not in others. The sounds are muddy and not very dynamic, they hold back the speakers, and there is a faint hiss out of the speakers as others have observed. The pedal jack is proprietary and it's just an on/off pedal. I thought about returning the piano as the action was slow for me and the speakers were not as good as they could be. It was Hooked up to Pianoteq through theusb connection and built-in speakers changed my opinion. This is a great unit for song writing, but I'm not going to play Hungarian Rhapsody on this. Classical players should be happy with the experience. Korg should look at the competition for the next B piano. The benchmark in this class is the FP-10, but it's slightly more expensive. The Korg holds the value crown for now, but if you need the most realistic piano experience in this class, choose the Roland.

10. Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital Sustain

Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital Sustain

There is a fully weighted digital piano. The weighted action is similar to an acoustic piano in that it is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys. The Yamaha 9' CFIIIS Concert Grand piano's tone is faithfully reproduced by the pure sound engine. You can play a different voice with each hand. One cable is all you need to connect to your music-making software.

Brand: Yamaha

👤I might not spend a lot for a first piano, but when it arrives, the outlook is outstanding and the feeling of the touch is similar to a real piano, not much confused features. It will attract you to touch it if it is designed well. When you sit in front of a real piano and a toy piano, the feel is different. My friend is in the church worship team and uses this one, so the feature should be good for regular performance.

👤The sound was off. There was a definite 'honking' sound on hitting the keys in a certain way, not directly related to dynamics, though the honking only happened at louder levels of sound, but also did not happen at that level. I was not sure if it was me or the model. Nobody mentioned it. The sound was more serious when the E and F keys were sounded. This spot was off, like someone was rubbing aluminum foil across the circuit board, when I compared it with other EF combinations. I got a keyboard for a discount from Amazon Warehouse. I think someone else might have returned it for the same reason. The return process on Amazon has gotten easier. The Privia PX S1000 will cost me a few hundred dollars more. I think I'll use that one because it has an audio-in jack and audio bluetooth in. I had an earlier version of the Privia that sounded better than this one.

👤I got one of the keys and it was locked up. Amazon sent a new one, but it had the same issue on a different key. They won't send another. They're just refunding me and told me to wait while they investigate the product, so I could order it again in the future. The keyboard had a nice key action and sounded really good. The only complaint I have is that the keys are glossy and not textured.

👤There is false advertising. It shows in the video that it does, so I called to confirm it. If it doesn't come with me, they will give me one. They know they won't honer what they said they would do. Even though it was recorded. Amazon is not what it used to be. Be careful. The game is a bait and switch game.

👤I saved a lot for this piano. It's perfect for beginners like me. Keys are weighted and feel great. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made for myself and I hope to use it for a long time.

👤The last model I had was P95 and it has improved a lot. I use it to expand my sound libraries. I love it.

👤I already have 3 other Yamaha keyboards and I was hesitant to buy this one. I'm glad I bought this latest model. It is easy to operate on stage and the sound selections are great. I used it at a gig last night and was very happy. It was securely packaged after it arrived.

11. Casio Privia PX S3000 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX S3000 Digital Piano

There is a Stage Piano with 192 notes. The keyboard has a smart scale. Effects on black.

Brand: Casio

👤I had three piano brands. I heard great reviews for every video review I watched. Professional musicians gave great reviews when I narrowed my search. The brands were neck and neck until the side by side comparison. The Casio was showing some daylight. What did it do for me? The competition is great, but the Casio is head and shoulders above it. The key-bed was a big plus. I was still on the fence because I wanted to buy a hobby. I had to get over my skepticism about buying a stage piano online without putting my eyes on it first. I placed my order after I stopped talking myself out of it. The Privia PX-S3000 arrived in great shape. I tested all the keys and they all sounded great. I checked the buttons and they worked. I was able to take a good look at the instrument. Seeing the Casio online doesn't do it justice. Wow! It is a great board. At this point, I realized I made a great decision. The sound was like morning mist while angels were singing. You get the picture. It sounded great. I am no pro, but my keyboard is good. Both of these things work well. The features are endless. I like the Casio. I am glad I bought this. I am new to playing the piano. The hope is that the Casio will last a long time. The kids call it future proof. We will see. I am learning a lot. I will check-in around the 6 month mark if I don't see any great results.

👤This is a full featured digital piano, with a decent keyboard feel and sound quality. The unit I got was faulty and had to be sent to a local repair center. It will be at least a month before they can look at it. Very disappointing.

👤The best keyboard I have ever owned is not a beginner piano. The sound quality and key weight will not be appreciated by a beginner pianist. The attention to sound detail on this grand is mind blowing. I didn't think it would be better to play than my DGX660. I only play my Privia nowadays because it is so amazing to play. I got it because it only weighs 24 lbs, and it's easier to pack than my Yamaha DGX660. This is worth every penny.

👤The speakers sounded overdriven. The price isn't terrible, everything else is. It's a cheap money grab to use prophylactic plugs in 2019.

👤Great piano! Great flexibility in sounds and capabilities. It's been great so far.

👤There are lots of great sounds. Love the look and feel.

👤I needed a piano that I could carry and pack up. This one fills the bill more than the others. The grand piano sound is amazing. It's loaded with other tones that are just as realistic, like every instrument in the orchestra, many guitars and jazz and pop sounds. The keys on the weighted keyboard feel like ivory and ebony. You can split the keyboard into two parts, one for the piano and one for the bass. While you're at it, you can set a rhythm section and turn it on. The connections are done correctly. You can use it as a controller. There is a way to save your recordings outside. There is a great piano. I couldn't stop playing when I got it. You can use earphones so you won't keep people awake. You will need to download the full owner's manual if you want to use the instruction sheet. I haven't found any negatives to this instrument so far. CASIO is more than just giving its competitors a run for their money.


What is the best product for electric keyboard piano with stand 88 keys?

Electric keyboard piano with stand 88 keys products from Korg. In this article about electric keyboard piano with stand 88 keys you can see why people choose the product. Yamaha and Donner are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric keyboard piano with stand 88 keys.

What are the best brands for electric keyboard piano with stand 88 keys?

Korg, Yamaha and Donner are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric keyboard piano with stand 88 keys. Find the detail in this article. Joymusic, Alesis and Yamaha are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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