Best Electric Keyboard Piano Yamaha

Piano 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital Sustain

Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Digital Sustain

A piano with 88 keys. The weighted action is similar to an acoustic piano in that it is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys. The Yamaha 9 feet CFIIIS Concert grand piano's tone is faithfully reproduced by the pure sound engine. You can play a different voice with each hand in split mode. You don't need a cable to connect to your music making software if you have ausb host.

Brand: Yamaha

👤I have been playing the P125 for 2 months and have read thousands of reviews. I took about a month off after I started flowkey. I've been playing for about six months. I use this as an exercise of the brain and hands because I will never get a traditional teacher. I needed to learn a new trick. So far, I have learned to play at least 6 songs. I'm taking my time to learn the difficult songs because I want to learn them all. I was using a 90s casio ct-670 keyboard for about 5 months, and then I decided I wanted to use the Yamaha P125 for a longer period of time, and I saw the P45 from a warehouse club. I didn't go into a store to try out any of the other digital pianos because I have never played a real acoustic piano. I decided to buy the Yamaha P125 digital piano only because Yamaha had a special going through 3/30 to receive a 50 dollar visa gift card with the purchase of a p125 - I do not have the space for that. I got this on 3-13 and have been playing with it. I need finger endurance, strength, and contortion abilities. The difference between playing a digital piano and playing the casio is huge. I went back to the casio after a month or so with the yamaha and it was like a toy. I am happy with the Yamaha p125 but the built in speakers are not as good as I would like, I don't want to have to subject my missus to my practice playing, I mean how many times does she want to hear me brutalize I don't mind playing it over and over again. It sounds great on the headphones. There are a lot of reviews for this piano, but I don't know if it works since I have been using another sustain pedal from M-Audio. I don't have any experience with an acoustic piano, but I think the Yamaha is fine. I would upgrade the piano to one that has better action if the piano holds up. If you need a practice piano, I recommend this for you. Hope this helps. There is a revision 7-1-20. There was a lag when I pressed the keys and the sound was delayed. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. A few months old, but plays every day. The sound is good with the speakers if the volume goes up at least half way up. If the volume is in the lower or decreased range, it doesn't sound good. This digital piano is great for learning. There have been no regrets so far. Today, this Yamaha was showing odd behavior. I left it for a few minutes. I came back and pressed the keys and it was silent for a while, so I decided to turn it off, and then all the keys came to life for me. There was a delayed response. I was expecting a product with an MSRP of more than a thousand dollars. I would call it working. Hope these aren't a sign of more serious issues. I cover it when I'm not playing it, but will update if something goes wrong. On 8/16 and 20. The piano is still running. The piano is still going strong. I am still playing the piano. The piano is still going. Still playing this. Still working! It is still playing and working.

2. Yamaha YDP103 Digital Console Walnut

Yamaha YDP103 Digital Console Walnut

Your purchase includes a Yamaha Arius Series, YDP103 model. The piano dimensions are 53-7/16” W x 32-1/16” H x 16-5/8” There are 3 pedals, 64 polyphony, 10 voices, and a standard Stereo phone jack. There are no recording or playback capabilities. The weighted action is similar to an acoustic piano in that it is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys. The special black key tops are designed to absorb water and remain soft. A rich graphical user interface is added to the controller app for iOS devices. The dual mode lets you combine two voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience.

Brand: Yamaha

👤It's a beautiful piano, but it came apart. Some keys don't work. Amazon service seems to be very helpful in the process of returning it.

👤I've waited a long time for the chance to sit at a grand piano, but the chances always seemed to be off. I live in a small apartment, so buying the real thing was out of the question. Yamaha to the rescue! I am completely amazed by the tone and clarity of the unit, because they squeezed a 9-foot concert grand into it. I can't imagine the realistic sound of this YDP-103 model being any better than it is. I don't think my ears would be able to tell the difference in the actual quality of tone if I paid more for other models. It was easy to assemble after it arrived. I expect that learning process to be enjoyable as I discover its many functions. It would still be more than worth the money if it was the only sound it ever produced. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. If I could only play the same game as Rachmaninoff.

👤I bought this piano for Christmas last year. It worked for a while. It was played many times before it stopped working. The last day to return it was a few days later. It has been difficult to get it repaired. There is a repair shop. I wish I hadn't bought this item. Hopefully, it will be fixed before the warranty runs out. We are out and have to spend time trying to get it fixed. The piano will be repaired. It has been at the shop for a while. They are waiting for a part. We don't have a working piano, it has been over a year. I don't recommend.

👤I have been playing piano for a decade and am used to playing on an 8-foot grand, but I got a piano for my apartment. It is not bad, you can make it sound more realistic and it looks sleek. The piano is not as good as the real thing, but I think it is worth it. If you've never played on a real piano, you don't have to worry about the weight of the keys being a problem.

👤I am researching for a digital console piano. I bought a Yamaha digital. The sound and appearance of this piece is very pleasing to me. It was easy to put together, I did it myself, just needed help putting the keyboard in place. The piece of furniture sounds like an acoustic piano. It's everything I thought it would be. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It was a birthday gift for my wife who played as a kid. It was easy to setup and the sound is high quality. It's great for people who don't want an upright piano that requires tuning.

👤This is a great piano for beginners. I am a professional singer and wanted to upgrade to a better quality piano. It feels good to play because it has weighted keys. Four of the keys are too close together and run together. It is great except for that.

3. JIKADA Portable Electronic Headphones Microphone

JIKADA Portable Electronic Headphones Microphone

Excellent quality and unreliable connection. The full size 61 key keyboard piano is made of environmental plastic and is durable. The status of the functions can be seen on the display. You can use the audio input/output/microphone jack to connect a microphone and headphones, you won't interfere with others when singing or playing late at night. The Jakada 61-key electronic music keyboard has two built-in stereo speakers, provide 255 tones, 255 rhythms, 50 demo songs and 61 types of keyboard percussion and give you high quality sounds and effects. You can save the tone, rhythm,tempo and other parameters to be changed during playing with the status memory function. Jikada 61 light-up keys keyboard piano with 3 powerful teaching modes will lead you to step by step from beginner to advanced level. Piano note stickers help you memorize and learn the music theory. It is designed for people of all ages. There are multiple functions. The electronic keyboard has master volume, accom volume, single-fingered chords, sustain, vibrato, split, transposition, metronome, volume or transpose control. The performer can improve their performance with the help of the record and playback functions. A keyboard, a x-shaped stand, a soft stool, headphones, a microphone, a music rest, and a power adapter are included in the super bundle. The stool can be folded to make it easier to store. The best gift for a man.

Brand: Jikada

👤I am very pleased with this product. The item is over $25 and I didn't have to pay for it. The price on this piano is great, it has a microphone, headphones, and a comfy bench, which is much more comfortable than I would expect. I have enjoyed playing with a lot of different sounds. There is good information in the manual about how to play notes.

👤The product and extras are great.

👤I got out my phone to return it after I cringed at the "notes" that were repacked.

👤I received my new electronic PIANO today and found one key that was MFG. In a halfway position, it is similar to the other keys. I am an older person that is trying to play a PIANO at my late age, and even though the key may not work correctly, I have not yet tried it. I don't want to have to pay for something. I will just use it as is. Thank you Elinor and Barbara Pittsburgh.

👤Everything was ordered for an ill man to take his mind off things. It is working for him.

👤It's easy to set up and my bf loves playing with it. Deff is recommended.

👤This is easy for me. The piano markers show middle c as c1 when it's actually c4. Still learning.

👤The seller was quick and honest. Exactly as described. I will buy from them again.

4. Yamaha Compact Portable Keyboard Headphones

Yamaha Compact Portable Keyboard Headphones

There is a bundle included. The Yamaha P-45 entry level digital piano has 88 keys. Yamaha 3 year limited warranty, keyboard stand, keyboard pedal, studio monitor headphones, music rest, and more. Yamaha's weighted action is authentic to the touch, with heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end. It's great for the aspiring pianist to practice on the GHS action because it builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano. The black keys are less slippery when playing for extended periods of time. Yamaha's classic sound engine is used to record the sound of an acoustic piano. AWM Stereo Sampling uses two microphones and two pairs of waveforms to create a richer and more spacious sound. The P-45 uses AWM to play one sample per key. The P-45 is easy to get around because it is a slim and stylish form with a depth of less than 12 inches. At 25 lbs. It can be moved anywhere in your home or even used for performance outside with a built-in sound system. Simple, single-button operation. There is a single button that can be used to change P-45 settings. Hold down the function button and you will be able to change voices, play demo sources and more.

Brand: Yamaha

👤I have played piano for 25 years and I was very impressed with the sound of this piano. If you're playing an electric piano, the keys are not going to feel like a real piano. The "feel" on this piano is more than acceptable to me. You can adjust the sensitivity settings. The stand is ok. The stand is a little flimsy, but it seems to do the job. I'm 6' and I have the stand as low as I can go, but it's still above where I prefer. It works. I might have bought this separately. The sustain pedal was mine. It works. Don't expect the same results from a 3 pedal. If you don't have room for a grand piano, or you're on a tight budget, I recommend this piano. Enjoy!

👤I wanted something that was reasonably priced with weighted keys so I could mimic the acoustic piano feeling. That is accomplished by this digital piano. The touch is great. It sounds great when wearing headphones. It's probably fine if you're just learning for personal enjoyment, but the sound is muffled when coming from the speakers, which would be unacceptable for performers. I just play with earphones. The input jack is useful. It has been useful in taking lessons from an app. I'm very happy with the piano. It's not worth it unless you plan to use the keyboard. If you're not careful, the bench could tip back. The keyboard on the stand was moving. The Yamaha L85 keyboard stand is more stable and makes the keyboard look like a real piano. I bought a piano bench with a hinged seat for storing music. You can do better with the headphones. The one thing I like about the headphones is that they have an earphone that fits into the keyboard's input that can be used with other things. If you wear glasses, the headphones press on the arms, which is uncomfortable. I use the Apple earbuds with the adapter. If you're a beginning piano student, you're not going to use the pedal much, so it's not a big deal.

👤The experience of pressing/releasing keys is cheap. It's not a good keyboard action. You can find keyboards with better action and sound quality for less. I don't recommend the P45 for beginners because you're going to be turned off from playing and cooking if you use dull, cheap knives. For this price or cheaper, you can find better quality, not that you should spend a lot on beginners. The stand is a liability. The keyboard glides easily on its surface, which is rickety. It would fly off this stand if someone bumped into it. You can use rubber bands around the bars for a better grip. Random metal parts vibrate when you play no matter how secure you are. I don't recommend the P45 for beginners or experienced musicians.

👤I was amazed to hear that the digital piano was very similar to the real one. The keys feel very similar to the real one, except that the stronger pressure does not result in much louder sound. The piano is perfect for my small apartment. It would need an extra speaker for a bigger room. The headphones give a clear sound. I can practice my tunes over and over again without disturbing my neighbors. The chair is solid and looks nice, but its hight cannot be adjusted. The piano is on the top of the stand, but it is not fixed into it. I am very happy with this purchase. It was easy to set it up and start playing.

5. Casio Headphones CAS CTS300 PPK

Casio Headphones CAS CTS300 PPK

Go anywhere with a responsive keyboard. There are 400 great sounding tones and 77 fun rhythms. Dance Music Mode lets you create and modify music. There is an optional battery power. You can connect to the Chordana Play app.

Brand: Casio

👤Even for people who are open minded about using cheaper equipment, the CT-S300 is everything a beginner needs. The keyboard's velocity sensitivity is the same as any other keyboard. The keys are silent during use, which indicates the quality of the action. I have a Yamaha that has better keyboard action than the one that focuses on sounds. All of the sounds are samples. It sounds great on better speakers when it is on the first setting. The built in speakers are a bit weak on bass, but it's not an issue for practicing and volume is fine. The lack of normal audio out and a normalusb port is the main reason I don't give 5 stars. The only way to get audio out is with a "android" microusb cable. These are not blockers, but small obstacles which will probably save money for Casio. This could be used as a controller for making serious tracks in a DAW, because it has class compliant Midi overusb and an option to choose the Midi channel of the output. Most of today's dedicated controllers on the market do not consider the key bed mechanics. I'm exaggerating, the keys feel good, but how did they do that for that price? It's as good a feel as the Arturia keylab keys, but that's just my opinion. It is possible to pitch bend all of the 400 sounds from grand pianos to the drum sets on board. The big wheel has 400 sounds coming from it. The Midi channels go to the same destination so you can't build a whole band of music and have the keyboard perform it all, like a more professional keyboard can. Again, no surprise for the price. The keys have a slight texture which is nice because it doesn't disturb a seasoned pianist, but will camouflage scratches from people's nails hitting the keys over time. The black keys have a matt finish, which hides scratches, but will probably become shiny after a while. I can rant about this thing for a long time, but my point is that it's worth every penny and has Zilch headaches. The price, quality, and simplicity are unparalleled. It's obvious that there was a need to uphold a high standard for that name.

👤It does come with its own air compressor. I'm one step above a beginner. I have had some music training but am not a performer. I needed a portable keyboard that was not a toy. This is not a toy. It is not a professional unit worth thousands of dollars. If you're like me, you don't need that kind of expensive keyboard. If you just need one that you can keep handy to get in as much practice as possible, this might be perfect for you. The construction is beautiful. The keys have a smooth texture and are not shiny. The copy stand is a great design, it is not a flimsy, thin plastic type, and it slips nicely into the handle opening. The copy stand is not bendable. The surface where the bottom of the pages sit has grooves in it to keep them from sliding around; those are the kind of details this keyboard has. The speakers are excellent and have great volume. The feel of the keys is not weighted. They are easy to get used to and feel like an electronic keyboard. If you're just using for practice, they are fine. They are comfortable. They are full size piano keys. The number of tones? Holy cow. There really are 400. I haven't heard all of them yet. I think so. The ones I have heard are good. There is a It can be attached to a port for use with a musical instrument. It's great that you can leave the audio on and connect to your DAW from either a computer or keyboard speaker, at the same time. The cable is not included. They are very cheap. I bought a package of different sizes for less than $10 There is a The keyboard has a handle. I wanted one that I could carry around the house, when the whim hit me, to noodle around on the ivories, and just get better at it. I've tried to send the keyboards back. I was starting to think I wouldn't find the perfect one. This one is perfect for me. Excellent quality. It's easy to carry around. It was a reasonable price. There is a It's hard to find a keyboard like this that doesn't have the controls along the top jammed in, making it extra deep, front to back. The length of the keys makes up about 1/3 of the keyboard's depth, because the console is trimmed along the top of the keys. I like that. This thing has 61 full-size piano keys. I haven't even begun to learn all of its features, I received it today. It has many.

6. Korg D1 88 Key Digital Piano

Korg D1 88 Key Digital Piano

The Digital Piano/MIDI controller has a weighted hammer action.

Brand: Korg

👤This is a digital piano, and not the best first piano for the living room or kids to learn on, I think. Other digital pianos have built in speakers, drum patterns and similar features as a family digital piano. This one doesn't have speakers or drums, but it does have the same feeling as a digital piano, with a weighted action Keybead. The quality of the sounds is what makes it a gigging piano. When I was a keyboard player, I went to music stores and tried all the different digital pianos, because I wanted a feel that was close to the real thing. I bought the Korg RH3 keybead for $629 and it had the best feel for me. The box was beat up but not terrible after the unit arrived. I played a few minutes and felt like I liked the key action. I didn't play the piano note when the last black key was broken, and I made mechanical noises when I pressed it. There is damage in shipping. I had to return the piano. I'm getting a new one tomorrow. If you're a family looking to purchase a product for your kids to learn from, I would recommend one with speakers built in. If you have a home studio and need a digital piano that works as a keyboard controller for your DAW...this works great. If you're a piano player, this will be great.

👤This is a piano. The sound is great and the weighted keys are great. I have an upright piano at home and this is my first purchase of a digital piano. I purchased this because I wanted something that I could play at night without disturbing other people in the house and I wanted to travel when I am away from home. The feel of the keys is the same as any other digital pianos I have tried. I believe people who claim other pianos have better keys have a bias because they are used to their current digital piano. The piano is small. There is a standard jack on the front and a mono and Midi jack on the back. The audio from the headphones is great. I have fed it into my audio interface and played it back through the PC, which was good, since I've been using Flokey's website for new songs to learn. This is more a problem with the shipping company than the piano, but this package showed up in terrible condition. The side of the box was torn open and taped back closed after it was dropped. The piano could have been damaged. I did not suffer any damage. The carriers drop heavier objects at a rate of 50-60%. I would be happy to pay extra shipping to have these items placed in additional packaging.

👤The piano had to be sent back because of the noise it made. The first and third replacements had the same issue. We asked for a refund after giving up. My husband recommends that I keep the volume down and check each single key. You can spot the defects if you play each key 3 or 4 times. He made me understand the difference between good and bad keys. It might be a coincidence, but we received a Korg keyboard that was labeled as "Like New" in the past.

7. RockJam Electronic Keyboard SuperKit Headphones

RockJam Electronic Keyboard SuperKit Headphones

The RockJam 561 keyboard piano super kit includes a digital keyboard with 61 full-size keys and can be powered by either mains power or batteries. The RockJam 561 piano keyboard has a display panel that displays and engages the 100 rhythms, 50 tones, teaching functions, and 30 demo songs that are part of its function. The RockJam 561 electric piano has a built in recorder and player that allows you to build layers to your sound. The keyboard stand is sturdy and can be adjusted to suit keyboard players of all ages. The electric piano keyboard super kit has a padded seat that is easy to fold and a thick padded seat for hours of comfortable play.

Brand: Rockjam

👤I'm giving a 3 star review because the keyboard bundle is great so far, but it is a lie that the app with the music and teaching functions is free. After you sign up for it, you are charged $119.95 for the next year, even though it is only free for a week.

👤I was considering getting this keyboard because it was a brand I had never heard of. I decided to try it because the price was right. The keyboard didn't last me long. I couldn't wait to plug it in and try it out after I found this delivery and sitting on my porch. I was blasted with feedback when I hit the Power button. I fiddled with the power plug and the feedback was still buzzing even though it died down a little. I began to notice the things I could not live without after this happened. In the first 2 minutes, I noticed my issues with this keyboard. The feedback. 2. The display was malfunctioning. 3. Very heavy. 4. The power button is cheap. It felt terrible pushing. If you've ever done that, this felt like I was pressing an emergency button to shut off the gasoline pumps at your convenience store. 5. The keys were cheap. 6. The feel of the keys was off. It took a lot of force to hit the key. 7. The circuit board was in between the keys. This shows that there is a direct path for your spilled drink to go. I should have gone with an established brand.

👤One of the keys broke while I was playing, I bought this product new a long time ago. Is it possible to have it replaced? Without this key, it is useless. Please reply as soon as possible. Attached is a photo.

👤My mother is using a 61-key electric keyboard. It is the perfect size for small spaces and the headphones are a great solution to community living. If you have elders in your life, musical instruments like electronic keyboards are a great way to keep them busy and productive. The RockJam makes it easy for seniors without a background in music to play the piano. Thanks to the techno features that kids and grandkids understand and appreciate, the medium encourages multi-generational collaboration and use. The opportunities for practical application are also available, and the fun factor is built in. My mom is practicing for a holiday event. She might be able to wow her audience by setting one of the tunes to a rhythm with a synthesizer tone. The added value of the foot pedal makes the RockJam a serious musical instrument despite its techno bells and whistles. You can be a rock star or a classical musician with this keyboard. An outstanding all-ages instrument for the young and young at heart.

👤I got a second hand item after ordering a brand new one. The item had boxn marks on it. It's so unprofessional! The little parts are in the bag.

8. Casio Privia PX780 Digital Stage

Casio Privia PX780 Digital Stage

The AiR engine provides a grand piano sound with seamless dynamics for a powerful performance. The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard has an incredible feel and captures the dynamics of a performance with unparalleled speed and accuracy. 250 instrument tones from strings to brass to drums are built-in, and you can store your favorite splits and layers for live performance. There are 180 drum patterns with full auto accompaniment and a 17 track recorder. Ready for the stage or studio, the 14 audio outputs are easy to connect to recording and sound reinforcement equipment. The piano can be used with a Mac or Windows computer without the need for drivers. The PX-780 can be used as a controller for the Apple iPad.

Brand: Casio

👤It was great when I got it. The keys feel like a real piano. You can get this for the price of an Iphone. Enjoy it. There is a problem with key noise. You can't normally hear it if the volume is up, but after a while, you get a scratch or clunking sound. These noises are common in electronic keyboards, and for the Privia line it is a bit pronounced. The felt is worn out from uses. I have had it for 1.5 years. Scales, arpeggios and peaces are all included. I hear the sound. They might consider the wear and tear and not cover it. Getting to the felt requires a lot of work, so repairing it yourself is hard. I wish he would use better felt. The sound is decent and the feel of the keys is real, so I can live with the slight annoyance. The on board editor is difficult to use. I use a laptop to do my editing. Overall, 5 stars, minus one for felt issue.

👤The piano has a great sound. I have a Yamaha Electric Piano and a Stand Up Piano. It is quit a bit smaller. That doesn't affect the sound at all. The keys are a little rough, but they play as expected. It's true to a real piano. I can't comment on that because we haven't connected it to a computer. I have played with the record feature a little, and so far it's what I was expecting. I wish it had a better design, and I'm a little disappointed in how the music stand is constructed, but it doesn't affect what the piano is capable of doing. Peddles press well, the lid closes well, and the jacks on the headphones work. This was a Christmas gift for our daughter, and she loves it! The slender part fit in her room well. I would have liked it to be deeper. The stand isn't the best, but it could be made into something else. It doesn't have a back on the piano stand that I wanted. I knew that one could be made to quit easily. The piano is great for the price. It's easy to move around the sound. It took less than 10 minutes to set up, from building the stand to moving it downstairs. This is a great purchase. We sold our regular piano. It's a good thing.

👤It was easy to watch the video on how to assemble. It took about 30 minutes. The keyboard is great. Piano action is excellent and features are to many to list, but everything you could want and more. Excellent value for money and sound.

👤I work security at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and they have a piano that I play a lot at night. The action on this piano is very similar to that on this Casio. $1k 90lb Casio and $10k 500lb Steinway are new players.

👤This is a great piano. I found a website that had a lot of digital piano reviews and the PX780 was his top pick for a $1k piano. The reviews of other digital pianos and the site I found led me to buy the Casio. The pick is Yamaha and Roland. The site said that the dollar-for-dollar price of the Casio keyboards was a better deal. My two daughters were taught by the Privia PX780. I had been playing the piano for over five years. Whenever I visit my mother, I play the piano on occasion so I still remember the sound of a real acoustic piano. The feel of the Casio is excellent. The keys feel like real keys. They feel like a real piano to me. If you play on a real acoustic grand piano, you can tell a difference, but you're saving a lot of money, space and gaining features with this piano. I'm not a fan of audio systems that don't have good piano sounds. It sounds like a piano. The additional tones are a nice add-on. The different tones will keep them interested. The Piano has a number of features, including recording ability. I don't think we could have done better for pianos under $1,000. We're going to teach ourselves for the first year. When people asked about taking guitar lessons, my friend at the music store said you can take lessons using the internet. We tried a few things, including buying a piano and several piano books. We only had them for a week, so here is our thoughts so far. They were learning from it. They haven't gone back to the video sharing website yet after I showed them the synthesizer. The easiest way to learn a song is with synthesizer. The screen shows the notes falling down on the keys as you select a song. You can hear the notes through the keyboard when connected to your digital piano, but you have to press the falling key for the song to progress. We bought the IPad and PC version of it. The IPad Camera Connection kit is needed for the IPad. I think you can make the PC version better, but I haven't used it much because it's easier to put an IPad on the piano than a laptop PC. You can find Midi files on the web and load them to the Synthesia, which has about 150 songs. It will not teach you how to play the piano, but it will teach you how to play a song. It won't teach students how to read sheet music, we're the note middle C is. It's still a great way to learn how to play a song. It was a challenge to start working on eMedia Piano and Keyboard. I have a Windows 8 machine that keeps reporting "Director Player Error", it has no luck getting it to work. I tried to get advice from eMedia, but it was not helpful. I installed Virtual Box and Windows, but it wouldn't connect to the keyboard, and I couldn't watch eMedia via VirtualBox. I tried my daughters machine. The videos played well and there were no errors. I can't connect it to the keyboard. eMedia has a 30 day return policy. I decided to keep it. The videos show how to hold your fingers, read sheet music, and other classical music skills. PianoForAll is a software package for learning Piano with a slightly different bent. This isn't the classical piano lessons of reading music. The focus is on how to play the piano. He shows you how to make a C chord and use the root note to play it with your left hand. You add the root note when you repeat the C chord several times. The author of the book tells you what popular songs incorporate this style of music. He has an analysis of Barry Manilow's music. The course is composed of books in PDF form which call out a video, which he has on the disk in a movie format. My daughter watched the first video and was happy to be making music. A great resource to add to your collection is a beginners book.

9. Casio 88 Key Digital Pianos CDP S150

Casio 88 Key Digital Pianos CDP S150

The scaled hammer action has 88 keys. Class compliant. The app for piano is called Chordana Play.

Brand: Casio

👤The keyboard from Casio is an excellent one and a joy to play, but it does have a few drawbacks and is not particularly portable. There are 1 positives. The keys are scaled, hammer-action and have a faux-ivory finish. This is the closest you're going to get to a true piano at this size and price range. It feels real. Most of the budget keyboards feel like toys. They look like plastic and mechanical. There are garish lights and buttons above the keys that bounce up and down. Most keyboards are made for children. This is not a Casio. It has a clean interface and silky keys. The keys are scaled so that the lower tones are slightly heavier, which is intended to more closely mimic an acoustic piano, and you'll definitely appreciate the touch-sensitivity. The keyboard is fun to play. 2. The audio from the speakers is good. Could you use this unit for a live gig? Absolutely not. It's perfectly acceptable for at- home sing-alongs. The default tone is pleasant and clear, and the alternate tones are fine. You can play with them for a while and then stick to the default. You're not buying this keyboard for its sweet harpsichord effect, there are only ten different voices. I would recommend buying an actual pipe organ. You can plug this unit into your computer and listen to any sound you want. It's not as easy to switch tones on the Casio as it is to push a button, but I prefer the elegant solution of just holding down the function button and tapping the appropriately labeled key on the keyboard. The function button brings you back to the "Grand Piano" default tone. There are 1. It's heavy. The price of hammer-action keys is anchored down via hefty weights, instead of just friction mechanisms. The keyboards with so-called "weighted" or "semi-weighted" keys are heavier than the hammer-action keyboards because of physics. If you're looking for a portable keyboard, this isn't the one for you. If you want to place the unit semi-permanently, you'll need to invest in a large, solid stand and reserve an area in your house. If you value your lower back, you won't be putting this keyboard in a closet and retrieving it whenever you want to play. It could be worse, because most comparable keyboards are even heavier than this one. 2. The back of the unit has a difficult access to the headphone jack. If you plan to connect headphones frequently, you'll find yourself bending over the keyboard and craning your neck to find the right jack in a blank line of similar looking plugs. Unless you tilt the heavy unit toward you, you can't see the labels for those connections. 3. The headphones are subpar. Which is inexplicable. The average keyboard-buyer will be living in a family home or apartment with roommates or children or significant others, and noise is going to be an issue. If you could afford a large house with a separate music room, you'd most likely be looking for a Steinway instead of a Casio. You would think that Casio would have emphasized the quality of the headphones. You would be wrong. Plug in a pair of studio headphones and you'll find yourself listening to white noise. Unfortunately, Casio isn't the biggest culprit in this regard; terrible headphones are a standard feature of keyboards in this price range. It's disappointing. This is an excellent keyboard, and an affordable alternative to a massive acoustic piano or a super expensive studio keyboard. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but they are mostly irrelevant, and it is a great piano. I purchased this keyboard new on Amazon and it was available for $375. It seems to have increased in the last couple weeks. Maybe I just got lucky, but I want to make it clear that I'm reviewing a keyboard that I purchased for less than $400. The current price point might have made me less enthusiastic.

10. Yamaha YDP144B Arius Digital Console

Yamaha YDP144B Arius Digital Console

Your purchase includes a Yamaha Arius Series, YDP144 model, 50 Classical Music Masterpieces Book, and an owner's manual. Piano dimensions are 53-7/16” W x 32-1/16” H x 16-5/8” There are 3 pedals, 192 polyphony, 10 voices, and a standard Stereo phone jack. The weighted action is similar to an acoustic piano in that it is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys. As the pedal is depressed, half-damper pedal control allows for continuous increases in sustain. The CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice recreates the power and tone of the flagship CFX concert grand piano from Yamaha. The special black key tops are designed to absorb water and remain soft.

Brand: Yamaha

👤My son was so excited for the piano, my father and son had a nice time putting everything together, didn't take long to ensemble, as instruction is clear, the shipping was fast as promised, my son was so excited for the piano, my father and son had a nice time Excellent quality.

👤My baby grand has been in storage while I do a major remodeling project. It's taking longer than expected. I bought a 61-key digital piece of shit because I was afraid my skills would suffer. I realized what a mistake that was after a while. I am giving it to my kids. I felt limited by it, but they will still get use out of it. I justified buying this one because I have fallen in love with it. I will move my baby grand back into the living room once we finish our remodeling project, but I will still enjoy the piano. We will be moving to the Black Hills where we will build a new home and guest house. I will put this one in the guest house. I love it. I don't have any complaints with it. You will be happy with it. I think it's positive.

👤After spending time to assemble, I discovered that some of the keys don't work. Quality control should be done on items such as piano. I was told to disassemble it and put it back in the original box, but no refunds would be given until they picked it up. The pickup was going to happen today. No one showed up and I was waiting all day. I am stuck with a bulky box in the middle of my living room and waiting for another pickup schedule to come and go. It was disappointing and very unprofessional.

👤The sound quality and feel of this piano is very similar to a real piano. It is not a real piano. If you can't afford a real piano or just don't want to spend 20k on a used one, then this line from Yamaha is the best thing. I can finally practice on the piano again. It is worth the money.

👤I was initially worried that the YDP-144's lower watt speakers might be an issue, but to my definitely not-a-professional ears, the piano sounds great. The piano sounded very realistic to me, and was loud at full volume. I wish the piano bench had a storage area under the seat.

👤Awesome sound, great features, looks and feels elegant and high quality. It's easy to put together. The whole family enjoys playing.

👤This is an excellent purchase because of the sound quality, the ability to play with headphones, and the features. Our young son practiced on this while away from home for several weeks and was able to practice in a parents' office with headphones on. The piano teacher saw an improvement in his students' performance with this piano, not only the piano, but also the other instruments, and it was clear the sound was faithful to his and the teacher's ears. Very happy with the purchase. Many full-size pianos have 2 additional octaves. If you plan for scales practice or other exercises, factor that in.

11. Yamaha Lightweight Portable Keyboard Separately

Yamaha Lightweight Portable Keyboard Separately

The piano-style keys have 61 touch sensitive keys. The controller App for Apple's mobile operating system has a graphical user interface that allows for quick and easy navigation. You can connect and interact with a wide variety of educational and musical creation apps on a computer or mobile device with the help of theusb to host port. The battery is powered. Six AA batteries have five hours of life. There are additional upgrades that include a song recorder function. The power consumption is 8 W.

Brand: Yamaha

👤This is a review of the NP-32. I am an experienced pianist. There is a point in a musician's life when he or she knows that there is no single keyboard instrument that can do everything. All piano-like keyboard instruments have weaknesses and strengths. A concert grand is expensive, portable and out of tune if played frequently. If you don't need portables, have the cash. Nothing can compare to it. I think it's important that this is the introduction for a cheap electric keyboard, because many of the low-star reviews are comparing the Piaggero to pianos that don't have to travel. People are giving it bad reviews. The Piaggero is a very portable, ultra-light, bare-bones performance electric piano that is extremely easy to travel with. I already have a high-end, hammer-action electric piano, but I can't fit it in my suitcase. There is nothing else like it on the market. I think it's the best budget portable performance piano out there, because it's very inscrutable for what it is. I got a mine for 250 dollars. It's light. It is easy to carry it under your arm. It's accessible. The form factor has been kept very small for a 76-key keyboard, so it's just over 1 metres in length, which gives it a small turning circle. You don't have to use a wall outlet power supply because it's battery powered with 6 AA batteries. With the exception of a foot pedal, I have no reason to add anything else to the Piaggero. The only thing that comes close to the Piaggero is the Roland GO piano, which doesn't have all the features mentioned in the list above. It isn't perfect, and there are some flaws that aren't great enough to knock off a star. The speaker could be louder. The performance is limited to singers and light instruments. A proper speaker is needed if you want to accompany a rock band. You have to look through the manual to figure out how to use the "Metronome" and "Transpose" buttons. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the keyboard doesn't support transposition. There are some quick features, such as ausb Midi, and standard voices. You're buying it because it's portable and it has wonderful electric piano sounds. It is wonderful for what it is. Don't expect to see anything other than a synthesizer action on it. The Piaggero is an ideal lightweight companion if you want to play a few tunes out of the Real Book.

👤I am a beginner piano student so I am writing a review. I needed a keyboard and headphones to practice on so that I wouldn't disturb my family when practicing my piano lessons. I like some things about the keyboard, but there are other things I don't like. The NP32 has a beautiful piano sound. It's lightweight. It's nice looking. It's easy. It has a recorder and a few voices. The NP32 delivers in that area because I didn't want to use 300+ voices and onboard lessons. When I press the keys harder or lighter, the sound gets louder or softer. These are all positives. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't replay the same song on my acoustic because of a lot of errors. The NP32's keys are more narrow than the acoustic. Smaller keys are not an issue for other beginners or for more experienced players, but for me it's a deal breaker. * The volume is not loud enough for me. There is no way to attach external speakers. Even if there was a way to do it, it would take away from the sleek look of the keyboard. I'm returning it because of these reasons. Who is using this keyboard? There is a For someone who can play this board and not have it affect their play on an acoustic. * Someone who needs a battery operated keyboard that's portable and has a great piano sound can get it. Someone who can tolerate 12 watt speaker power can use this keyboard. There is a If you decide to purchase this keyboard, you should use the PA-150 power adapter. I ordered the keyboard because I read reviews on Amazon and watched tons of videos on YouTube. I promised I would love it. I did not. I ordered it because I know how important key width and speaker wattage are to me. I know what to look for. I will update this post if I find a keyboard that suits me. Everyone is happy to shop.


What is the best product for electric keyboard piano yamaha?

Electric keyboard piano yamaha products from Yamaha. In this article about electric keyboard piano yamaha you can see why people choose the product. Jikada and Casio are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric keyboard piano yamaha.

What are the best brands for electric keyboard piano yamaha?

Yamaha, Jikada and Casio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric keyboard piano yamaha. Find the detail in this article.

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