Best Electric Knife Carving for Meat 12 Inch

Meat 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Kessaku Carving Slicing Knife Meat

Kessaku Carving Slicing Knife Meat

The TUO slicing knife is packaged in a gift box and has a lifetime quality warranty against manufacturing defects. You can give the cleaver as a present to someone who likes cooking. It is suitable for both professional and amateur cooks. It is risk-free to try it. The Dynasty Series is opulent. The Dynasty Series knives were designed by their master artisans to reflect centuries of traditional knife design, with sharp cutting edges and perfectly balanced grips, and feature cutting-edge nitrogen-cooled forging techniques. These knives are gorgeous and will draw the eye in any kitchen. These blades are individually handcrafted and hand-sharpened by their virtuoso technicians, and are made from their own specially formulated ThyssenKrupp German 1.4116 STAINLESS STEEL. It will feel as if the knife was made for you when you hold it for the first time. Their hand-crafted G10 Fiber-Resin Handle is impact resistant, nearly impervious to heat, cold, and humidity, and has a seamless build that ensures no dirt or debris can ever enter its pristine body. Their design has ample knuckle clearance for superior control and agility, with triple rivet construction and amazingly superior Full Tang Strength for safe and precise use. Kessaku has a 100% Lifetime Warranty on this knife. All of their knives come with a Kessaku True Lifetime Warranty. Their top priority is that you are completely satisfied with their products and love their brand. They will do their best to make it right if you contact them. This knife will arrive in style, greeting you in their beautifully designed Magnetic Closure Gift Box, custom sheath and polishing cloth. It is perfect for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, House Warming. Give it to your favorite chef. This knife is made from the highest quality materials and will be used for eternity so they will always think of you.

Brand: Kessaku

👤The set is well designed and is very nice. You don't need to buy one separately because it has a nice edge guard. The knife is dull as a doornail, which is to say it is as sharp as a DCEU staff writer. Is it possible to say "Martha" to anyone? sigh... facepalm... I was able to put a razor edge on it in about 30 minutes, thanks to my excellent sharpening gear. It seems to hold an edge once it's sharp, but only used it a couple times since.

👤The knife and fork set is worth something to me. It is hard to beat for money. The blade is a little rough and I will strop it with leather and polishing compound before using it. We will see how long the edge lasts when I do all my own sharpening. The blade of a slicing knife is not as flexible as I would like, and the tang is a bit thick, which is my professional opinion. A slicing knife should be as thin as possible. I'm not sure how this will perform, but I'm hopeful that I won't have to buy something more expensive.

👤I pulled this from the box and gave it to my wife so she could cut the Pork Shoulders with Bone-in that we just brought home from the store. When we got home, this was on the porch. She had carved Pork Shoulders in the freezer before I got the groceries. She absolutely loved the new gifts that I asked her about. She talked about how the knife cut through the Shoulders like butter. The first cutting experience made my wife happy and I can't speak for durability since we have had this for less than 8 hours. The plastic sheath that comes in the nice storage box seemed a bit dangerous since the knife was out of the box. We decided to keep that just in case, but we will keep her new knife away in the nice box. The plan is to use the knife for carving only. It's nice and sharp.

👤For the holidays, I bought this set for slicing and carving meats. Well balanced and heavy as well! They are well presented and look great. I will update the review if I find any negatives over time.

👤I've been researching a knife for weeks. I just bought a pellet smoker and smoked a lot. I was looking for a nice knife with great quality. I found this Kessaku knife set. I chose the one with the higher end blade over the other ones. I love it! The package arrived on time and the knife is sharp. The fork looks great. I cut some ham and cut it into pieces. I recommend this knife to anyone who wants a nice looking knife.

👤I've been shopping for these knives for a long time and I'm very happy that I chose this one. This thing is sleek, stylish, and perfect length. I sliced the meat with ease. I love the fork that came with it. Each came with a nice sealed box that I could keep in my drawer along with a plastic sheath for the knife and microfiber cloth. I am very impressed. This is a great value.

2. VonShef Electric Knife Inch Interchangeable

VonShef Electric Knife Inch Interchangeable

Thousands of professional chefs and home cooks trust the Dallas Strong Difference. They know you'll love it, so they'll give you a money back guarantee. The electric knife makes it easy to carve meats, vegetables, bread and more. It is engineered to offer you all the benefits of a powerful motor without producing excessive noise and vibration. Two blades are available, a heavy duty blade for cooked, raw and frozen meat, and a lighter blade for bread, fruit and vegetables. The dual safety switch prevents accidental triggering. Once you have finished carving, place the blades in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. W3 is x L11.4 is x H 5.8. The weight is 2.4lb.

Brand: Vonshef

👤Over the past 30 years, I have owned 3 electric knives, but this is the best. I like the handle. It gives a great grip for slicing. The blades are sharp. It is easy to install and remove. The storage case is very nice. My other knives had cases, but they were so small that nothing would fit back in. The case is perfect. I like the 2 sets of blades. The slices are like butter. Also great at cutting bread. Your bread slices beautifully, without any pressure. It is the best electric knife I have ever owned. Excellent quality!

👤The blades are the same. They have a rough cut on the meat, which is not a smooth cut like my old blades. Not happy.

👤The knife worked well on the turkey. As your hands get greasy, the large grip was helpful. My wife used it as well. It is not as loud as other knives, but it is well made and comes with two blades. It took quite a while so don't order if you're in a hurry.

👤The blades should be marked. The ridges are close to each other. I wrote on the plastic sleeve to distinguish. I didn't think the blades were sharp enough.

👤It is very difficult for an elderly person to squeeze both bottons. I don't know who designed or tried to use the cutting blades, but who knew what they were doing? The pressure used to get blades to start cutting made it difficult to cut homemade bread. Both sets would not start without firm down pressure. Didn't try any meat. It wouldn't begin to cut meat if it couldn't cut soft bread. Made in China.

👤I had high hopes for this knife. I love the design and case. I've used the knife to carve turkey 3 or 4 times, but have struggled with the blades. They won't slice anymore because they are so dull. I have to buy something else. The holidays will require a dependable appliance. I guess I'll go back to the previous name brand, but it was nice for over 15 years.

👤The product is great, but the cord length is too long, so I have to always have an extension cord handy.

👤The knife was disappointing. I was warned about the sharpness of the knife, but no one told me to slice it. The ham and chicken needed unreasonable pressure to get clean slices. The case was attractive, but I wouldn't recommend it.

3. Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve Electric

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve Electric

High quality material. Their product is made of aluminum-manganese-titanium alloy material, which is rust resistant and not easy to wear and tear. It's a great turkey carving knife on Thanksgiving, as it's perfect for carving through meats, breads and tomatoes. The included fork is handy for carving and serving and the electric knife has reciprocating blades that create even slices. The Electric carving knife handle is designed to fit comfortably in either hand and gives you better control. The Electric knife has a storage case to keep the knife, blade and fork protected and easily accessible. A foam cutter can be used as a crafting knife.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤We have had electric knives for 30 years. They are used to carve Christmas and Thanksgiving turkey. It did cut a corn beef without much trouble after receiving this knife. We went to carve a ham about a month later, but it struggled and the handle got so hot you couldn't use the knife. This was disappointing because we have used more knives than this.

👤The one that I had for 12 years or more was the same quality and came with a case to store it in, I love the fork that came with it. I would like to purchase another fork, but I don't know who made it. I think the knife will last as long as my last one, if you never had an electric knife, I will wonder how you did without one all this time. The product should not have to be bought again.

👤The knife has been perfect for us, so don't understand the negative reviews. It has been used to cut foam, turkeys, and hams. The long cord has nice blades. We don't use it everyday. We would buy something much more heavy duty. I thought I didn't need a case when I looked at it. I have a safe place to keep everything. When a knife case breaks, we will make one from cardboard. It is definitely worth the price.

👤A nice set comes with a hard case for storage. The electric knife works well but can get hot. I used it to carve up a large ham and had to let it cool off several times. The carving fork is a bonus. The blades are made of steel. The blade locking mechanism is very strong. I have had issues with other units with blades inadvertently releasing. The unit is rated 4 stars because it is too hot to use. I would have liked a cord that was a bit longer. I would recommend it. Allow it to cool down when it gets hot.

👤I bought this knife to cut foam. The density of foam and meat is similar. 6 inch foam? A big roast is much thicker than that? Kinda squishy? Cool. The design of the handle is terrible. It's big and thick to hold the motor. The knife has to work if you keep constant pressure on thetrigger. It would have been better if it had an on switch. The handle makes for a sore and cramped hand when trying to maintain a constant grip on the gun. The act of using a knife doesn't require resistance against the blades. It felt like the knife wasn't cutting at all when I was using it. It was hot, and moving, but it took a lot of pressure from my hand to make progress. I'm cutting through foam again, and some cuts of meat offer more resistance than any piece of medium- to high-density foam could. I wonder if this knife is worth it. It gets the job done. I wish I'd gone with a different brand. One with a better hilt.

4. Hamilton Beach Electric Stainless Ergonomically

Hamilton Beach Electric Stainless Ergonomically

The longest lasting and most powerful EFK is made with a brushless motor that has increased power and Torque. Carve a whole Thanksgiving turkey, ham, bread and soft cheese. Two blades that create slices of uniform thickness. The handle with fork is comfortable to hold meat in place. There is a bonus free carving fork and storage case. The Hamilton Beach Knife is the best electric carving knife on the market.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤We purchased this product 40 years ago, and I bought it to replace the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife. It has worked well. At Thanksgiving, I left it with my daughter and wanted a new one. Hamilton Beach cut up a large prime rib roast into 1 1/2 steaks for $50.00. It would not cut through the roast without a lot of force and time and after two steaks overheated where I could not hold the device. The blades were dull even on the first cut of meat. I had to use my standard carving knife. Another product that has a great history is no longer working well.

👤The high ratings for this knife are not normal. It's too uncomfortable to use for a long time. This Trigger is weird. There is atrigger on the bottom. It's not easy to pull the Trigger instead of pressing it. The handle is larger at the back and more slender at the front so your hand is more likely to slide forward as you attempt to pull the gun back on you. You have to keep your hand from sliding. I was trying to slice a ribeye into two steaks. The blade release is on top of my thumb. I accidentally released the blades while trying to cut because my thumb slid forward onto the blade release. A terrible design. I trashed it because I used it twice.

👤The motor heats up quickly. The electric knives of my youth were much better. I would not recommend.

👤I love the Hamilton Beach electric knife. The handle of the electric knife is easy to grip. There is a black, hard, shiny plastic storage box that holds all and the carving fork. My husband enjoyed slicing the London Broil with this electric knife and it was very comfortable. Thank you Hamilton Beach for the perfect electric car. It was packed very well and received quickly. I would like to thank you again for all.

👤It's hard to use slick blades. I would have sent it back if I had used it quicker. I could have bought a cheap one for 15.00, but I paid 45.00 for it. I wanted a good one. I paid up. I wouldn't be so upset if I'd bought the cheap one.

👤Didn't slice well. It was very hot to the touch. The blade was too flexible.

👤The electric knife was in the mail. My mom's Hamilton Beach electric knife just died after many years of service, so it will be a Christmas present for her. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the knife. It's ok for me, but my mom has a condition that may be hard for her to handle. I will review the knife after she gets it at Christmas to see if it is easy to operate. There is an update. My mother got her gift before Christmas. She tried the pull backtrigger. She likes it and says it's a good knife. We are happy.

5. DALSTRONG Butchers Breaking Cimitar Knife

DALSTRONG Butchers Breaking Cimitar Knife

You can rest assured that you will get the best customer service and lifetime warranty service from Tuo. If you don't know what to give as a gift, you might as well try their knives. It is suitable for gifts to family and friends. The Dalstrong Shogun Series 10” professional breaking knife is a great addition to any butcher or serious chef's arsenal, it is a powerhouse in nose to tail sectioning and portioning, allowing you to glide through steak like butter, trim briskets and break down large game without getting lost The curved blade is engineered to create leverage and complete cuts in a single motion. The knife is made to slice through flesh, break through shirring and trim fat from meats. The Shogun Series blade is made from a single piece of imported Japanese AUS 10V super steel with 67 layers of folded steel and features an enhanced vacuum treatment with nitrogen cooling for the ultimate in performance. The blade is hand sharpened to between 10 and 12 degrees per side, ensuring an ultra sharp edge with excellent wear resistance. The rock-hollow divots, which minimize adhesion, prevent stuck on food and reduce friction for a more seamless cutting experience, are being improved by Dalstrong Power. The G10 Garolite handle has mosaic and engraving. The triple riveted design is very strong and durable. Dalstrong Trust: Rocksolid 100% SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, do not risk it. There is a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects. Dalstrong customer service is renowned. Chef's around the world trust and love 'The Dalstrong Difference'. Dalstrong packaging. You are using power. Dalstrong power!

Brand: Dalstrong

👤I have been a butcher for 37 years and bought this breaker with high expectations. I am satisfied with the Shogan 10” breaker from Dalstrong. I have one objection which does not affect my rating. The lack of a quillion on a butcher knife prevents your index finger from sliding into the blade. This design flaw makes the blade less effective. I cut my finger on the first day of work. Don't get me wrong, this knife is great, but be careful and respect that design characteristic I mentioned, it's worth the money.

👤I use a good quality knife that can hold a narrow angle edge and hold it for more than a week, and I cut and trim beef for an average of 30 hours per week. It is understandable that the knife has flaws because it was assembled and prepared by hand. I unbent the blade and fixed it myself, even though it was bent to the left. When it was smothered with beef fat and blood, the handle was a little slippery. It became slippery after that. I use medium nitrile gloves, and the handle doesn't have much wiggle room, and a little skinny, so you will have to grip it tighter. The knife has no hand guard, bolster or choil. If you are not careful, you can easily cut your fingers. This isn't for fast-paced, high-volume meat production. The knife is large. It's almost twice as heavy as a Victorinox breaking knife. If you trim chucks, ribeyes roasts, new york strip loins, top rounds for 6 hours a day, your hand and forearm are going to get fatuiged, and you could lose your grip, slow down production, or worse, cut your hand. This knife is best used to cut larger animals like chucks and top rounds. The heft and granton edge help cut through the meat. This knife is not recommended for speed and agility wrist manuever cuts. There are pictures of the knife in action, and a comparison to Victorinox 10" breaking knife. My hand is larger than the handle. I have to anchor my hand and finger to the knife to compensate for the fact that it's at a high angle.

👤The second update has a star rating of 4 stars. I received a new unit. The unit was sharp for the whole blade. The prior unit had issues with handle connection andadhesive leak, but this unit had no such issues. The damascus pattern on these knives is not my favorite. I'm hoping to get it under a microscope to see how the pattern is exposed. I suspect laser engraving. I tested this unit with a skirt steak that had beenMarinated with salt, lime juice, etc. These are corrosive agents. The knife held up well and I washed it immediately. The knife held it's edge and cut up around 4 lbs of carne asada. I was happy with the short term result, but I'll see how it holds up over time. Compare against my other cimitar style blades. The fishing filet set contains these. I'll use to butcher another prime rib roast. Compare my knives directly. The Yaxell and Dalstrong arrived with factory edges. I use the wicked edge tosharpen the Wusthof's, which are around 10 years old. These are different knife styles. The chef, Yaxell, and the Shogun, Dalstrong, are 8. Cimitar Sharpness: 1st. Yaxell Gou finished 1st, Dalstrong finished 2nd and Culinar Fit finished 3rd. The first cut test was with a 40 day old prime rib that needed to be trimmed. The hardened pellicle made little difference to the sharpness of the knife and the cimitar was my favorite instrument because of its rigidity and ability to force it's way through the endcaps. This style of cutting can be accomplished with a lot of control and flexibility. The sharper Yaxell was not as effective. The sharpness was clear once past the harder pellicle. The Yaxell was sharper than the Dalstrong, and the Dalstrong was similar to the wicked edge of the Yaxell. The knife was balanced but felt heavy, and it was sharp enough for most people. Damascus looks cheap to me, see the white stuff in the photo. I can't think of a better way to describe it. It looks like they were more competitive than they were thought to be. There are photos next to the Yaxell Gou. It's a good product but not great at this price range. The fit, finish, and attention to detail are what makes it special. There are a lot of options to choose from. I would have considered exchanging the cimitar if it was made by a Japanese knife maker. I plan on buying more Dalstrong's in the future that are a good value and fit a nitch. The Galdiator steak knives are too chippy to be cutting on a plate, and the Shogun SYanagiba is not competitive in this price range.

6. Imarku Slicing Carving Knife Vegetables

Imarku Slicing Carving Knife Vegetables

Thousands of professional chefs and home cooks trust the Dallas Strong Difference. They know you'll love it, so they'll give you a money back guarantee. Excellent performance. Ultra-thin slicing and precise cutting can be achieved with minimal effort if the surface resistance of the food is reduced. The anti-stick food design on the carving knife blade can prevent food from sticking to the blade, which can make it easier to cut. The long and super sharp meat slicing knife is made of premium German high carbon STAINLESS steel that resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration. The meat knife has a thickness of 2.5mm. The cutting edge is sharp and sturdy, which makes it a good choice for cutting jobs. The slicer knife is suitable for cutting all kinds of food. The 12-inch slicing knife is perfect for cutting meat. The slicing knife can be used to cut large fruits and vegetables. It is possible to make an efficient endocannabinoid handling. The Pakkawood handle provides a secure, comfortable grip no matter your hand size or where you hold it. Your palm and wrist won't fatigue after a long time. There is a lifetime guarantee. They want to improve your cooking experience. They give their customers a lifetime of satisfaction. If you have any questions about the brisket knife, please do not hesitate to contact them, they will try their best to help you as well as meet your demands.

Brand: Imarku

👤I got tired of fighting with my chef knives and decided to use them for cutting food. The Santoku knife had good reviews and a decent price. A sharp knife makes a difference. I chose the 5" size because it was easy to handle, well balanced and perfect for most of my cutting. This doesn't come with a knife protectors, that's the only complaint I have. I don't want to put it in the drawer because it is sharp. I've looked on several websites, but haven't found a good blade protectors that fit my knife. I ordered a larger blade protectors, but they are too large for my knife.

👤I would buy the knife again. The package was well packaged, but the plastic protective bits that were supposed to be on the blade were not on the package. Most American cooks will probably prefer a traditional Japanese Santoku, but this is not one. It feels balanced. Overall, it's pretty good, but it does feel like there are some areas on the blade that aren't as sharp as others, and I've had mixed success with tomato and mango skins. I use it daily to chop vegetables for my bird and it works great, it slices through carrots, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, and apples with ease. It has been easy to eat raw potatoes and meat. The blade does not feel dull after two days of use. If you have large hands, the handle will be too small for you. I wear a small size nitrile gloves. The metal in the handle is not smooth, which is one of the reasons this gets 4 stars instead of 5. You can feel the logo and where it meets the wood. I would like to see improvements to the handle where wood meets metal and an accurate angle to which the blade is sharpened. Which one is it?

👤I was not happy to see that these are made in China.

👤I was concerned after reading a review that said it wasn't sharp enough to carve beef. That wasn't my experience. It was sharp out of the box, but a few strokes on the honing steel and this baby was as sharp as you would ever need it to be. I was able to carve thin slices from our roast, which was great for French dip sandwiches, and I'm pretty sure it will do well on any other cut of meat. I'm happy with the purchase, I paid a good price. Enjoy.

👤I had the best 5inch Santoku. It's got the right weight. Very sharp.

👤The rivet in the handle protrudes. I returned one and got a new one thinking it was a one off. The replacement was the same.

👤I got one for my sister because I loved it so much that I bought one for myself. She loves hers too. It doesn't feel heavy in your hand. I have a knife in the style.

👤The material and equilibrio de peso have balance. As, lo recomiendo.

7. Elite Gourmet EK9810 Professional Rechargeable

Elite Gourmet EK9810 Professional Rechargeable

There is a lifetime guarantee. They want to improve your cooking experience. They give their customers a lifetime of satisfaction. If you have any questions about the brisket knife, please do not hesitate to contact them, they will try their best to help you as well as meet your demands. Rechargeable kindness hands. The power cord is cumbersome and easy to get around the kitchen. It only takes 1.5 hours to charge for up to 70 minutes of continuous use. The electric knife has two sets of blades with safety finger guards. It's great for slicing meats and breads. You can easily carve through ham, turkey, bread loaves, and tomatoes. The easy one-tuck guillotine lets you safely turn on your electric carving knife with a simple button. The design is light. The lightweight design makes it easy to hold the electric knife. You can buy with confidence because of the 1-year limited warranty and customer support team. For over 35 years, Maxi-Matic has been providing quality products, so if you want to send them a message or call them, they will respond within 1 business day.

Brand: Elite Gourmet

👤I like to explore kitchen supplies that make cooking more convenient on the internet. This exploration was very successful. The blades in the box are different in size. This is a good price. The blade is sharp and the engine is powerful. The knife handle is not connected to the blade. I can remove the blade and clean it separately if I need to. The steaks cut out are also neat, and the chicken and steak are labor-saving.

👤It's easy to use and cuts really. The choice of blades is very useful. It was used to cube bread for 100 serving of stuffing for a church dinner and to carve 7 turkeys for the same dinner. I had to wipe the handle off frequently when carving the turkeys because it became slippery. The handle could be improved by checkering or other patterning.

👤They won't cut butter. It is not worth anything. I used it for the first time today.

👤This is wonderful! I got this for the turkey on Thanksgiving and tried to cut ham with it. I was waiting so long to get this. Save me a lot of energy. It's easy to use and work with. Highly recommend.

👤I gave this to my mom so she could cut suckers off of her tree. It worked out great.

👤The knife works perfectly and the battery lasts a long time, even though I was not very sure about it. I have used it to cut ham and pineapple. It was my first time with an electric knife and I was a bit scared, but after trying it twice it was very easy to manipulate.

👤It's great for navigation and not having to use an electric cord. Holds charge well and slices the meat well.

👤The idea of a battery operated knife is great, but this particular knife has a huge handle and is hard for me to handle. Not for a woman. Very disappointed.

8. Victorinox Slicing Stainless Granton Efficient

Victorinox Slicing Stainless Granton Efficient

Dalstrong Trust: Rocksolid 100% SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, do not risk it. There is a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects. Dalstrong customer service is renowned. Chef's around the world trust and love 'The Dalstrong Difference'. Dalstrong packaging. You are using power. Dalstrong power! Do you like to smoke your own cigarettes? Do you want to make your own beer and whiskey? The Victorinox 12-inch slicing knife has a long narrow blade and a razor-sharp edge, which will cut your meat to perfection every time. Instead of cutting through bread or cakes with just a few quick motions, use the Graham blade which has grooves on the edge to prevent food from sticking to it. The light weight dumbbell pro handle is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety, as well as a superior grip even with greasy hands. Victorinox has been crafting knives in Switzerland since 1884 and they can be used all day long. Victorinox has a lifetime against defects in material and workmanship. Victorinox knives are recommended by a leading gourmet consumer magazine featuring unbiased ratings and reviews of cookware and kitchen equipment that means that professional chefs and home cooks around the world are using this carving knife and loving it.

Brand: Victorinox

👤The Victorinox is the best preformed knife I've owned. It slices through meat with very little pressure. Very happy.

👤The knife guard is a must, it's great fit and finish is very sharp.

👤I had always used my parents bread knife to cut loaves of bread, even though I was an avid bead baker for 40 years. I didn't know a high quality knife could be so important. It is possible to cut through the crustiest loaves with little effort. I love this knife.

👤This knife is what we needed. We had been using this brand of knife for a long time and it was time to get a new one. We are going to replace our knives with new ones. It's great for thin slicing. Absolutely a must buy.

👤I have used this knife for a long time. It's a workhorse in the kitchen. I bought a gift for her after a guest used my knife and said it was great. It was received with enthusiasm. Even though I own more expensive knives, this is the one I use the most.

👤Some friends told me about this knife. I bought this and I don't regret it. A razor sharp knife that cuts perfect slices. You would be hard pressed to find a better deal for this knife. Victorinox has my business in the future. You will not regret buying the knife.

👤Where has this knife been all my life? After massacring a perfectly cooked prime rib at Christmas, I consulted ATK and ordered a knife. The grip, length, rounded end, and Granton blade are all perfect. Anyone can use this blade to make thick/thin/medium cuts.

👤I bought this item as a gift. I was not happy that it was in a plastic bag. It appears to be well made and capable of doing well.

9. Mueller Ultra Carver Stainless Ergonomic One Touch

Mueller Ultra Carver Stainless Ergonomic One Touch

We believe in their blades and have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. That is why your Cutluxe slicing knife comes with a lifetime warranty. Purchase without risk and slice and carve. The Mueller Ultra- Carver Electric Knife is a better alternative to your old carving knife. The blades are easy to glide through the toughest of foods. The device is easy to use, safe to use, and ideal for carving turkey for Thanksgiving. The blades will never need to be sharpened because they are made with ultra-sharp high carbon durable 420SS. Even the most challenging carving tasks are not a problem because they will make short work of that delicious roast. It is the perfect electric knife for carving any kind of meat, poultry, tomatoes, vegetables, cakes, and loaves of bread. The cutting knife can be used to shape foam. Light, yet powerful carving. The Ultra-Carver Electric Knife is designed for comfort and speed. The motor is tested for over 10,000 cycles. The weight-balanced design of the handle makes it easy to operate in either hand. The one-touch control makes it easy to use the Electric Knife and the power motor does all the work. Relax and be safe. The easy blade release system allows for convenient blade removal, and the blades can be safely handled using the non-slip tabs. dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. This electric carving knife is great for less work and more eating. They offer the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need assistance, please contact them. Their live telephone customer support is ready to assist you with anything you need.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤It was difficult to get the blades into the handle. The knife wouldn't cut. The meat was torn apart. The knife was returned by me.

👤Chintzy is cheap and lightweight, but it is painful to press. Not what I was expecting from an Austrian product. Very disappointing.

👤The button pushes in at a slant and is hard to use, and the cord is short.

👤Came on time, bought for his wife, and she really liked it, so he started cutting everything on Thanksgiving as the blades whizzed through the bread, turkey and ham. It is easy to put together and take apart, but I wish it had a storage box. The product worked great.

👤This is a great carving knife. It was very easy to carve our ham. Take your time and this knife will work. It is very easy to clean. I give this knife 5 stars for its value and ease of use. Hope this helps you.

👤Baking great bread is great, but what better way to cut it than with an electric knife?

👤A large handle for a woman's hands. I've gotten 3 slices so far, but it's difficult to get the blades in the shafts. It is a good cutting knife if you are able to balance the weight.

👤It was very easy to do. It was easy to carve a 22 lbs turkey. Highly recommend.

👤It was too hard to handle. You have to slice at the same time. Very awkward.

10. Rapala Heavy Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Electric Fillet Knife

LIFETIME WARRANTY They believe in their blades. Purchase your Cutluxe slicing knife without risk and you will get a lifetime warranty against material or workmanship defects. Three times the power. The dishwasher blades are safe. Twice the speed and three times the power of standard electric fillet knives.

Brand: Rapala

👤I clean fish a lot. These knives are some of the best. I have tried many other brands and they all hold up. When electric knives don't cut very well, there is a plastic part in the motor that causes the blades to move. When the knives are new, the pin that connects them to the motor is a tight fit, but after a while, the hole in the plastic becomes more oblong. The action of the blades gets shorter when this happens. The cutting rate is slower because of the shorter strokes. Electric knives get to a point if they don't cut very well anymore. I think the manufacturer knows that. The knives have held up well. I have to find out what failed. My friends and I use this knife on a daily basis. It does an excellent job. I replaced it after thousands of fish. It has held up and performed well for me, even though others have had some problems.

👤Huge disappointment and junk! I forgot to bring my filet knife with me while I was on vacation. The filet knife was delivered to me by Amazon in less than two days. We had 17 small mouth bass to filet, and I was pumped because I had a Rapala Heavy Duty filet knife that was not suppose to explode. The knife made it through 14 of the smallies and then quit. The body of the knife was very warm. I have always used Rapala products, not this one.

👤Rapala has the best model of electric knife, the Monster. The motor is powerful and doesn't get hot after continuous use, the blades move very fast, the handle is large and comfortable, and there is a safety button. You can get additional size blades for this electric fish knife, which is one of the best electric fish knives that isn't made for commercial use. Highly recommended!

👤I had never seen anything like it in my life when I watched my brother carve a roast, ham and turkey with a Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife while visiting him. I asked him to let me try it. He turned me loose with the little monster after warning about its power and sharpness. It glided through the meat without leaving a mark on the slices. I knew I had to have this knife. The electric knife in my kitchen would not have been able to do this task. He told me I could probably find one in a shop that specialized in fishing gear, but I found it on I had my own Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife in 2 days, thanks to my Amazon Prime. It was difficult to open the clam shell packs and there was no case or shield for the blades. I realized that there could be a problem with storage because I didn't have a tackle box in my kitchen. I solved the problem with an item I had purchased from a couple of years ago, Chicago Cutlery 1063947 Magnetic Knife Storage Strip, and a working jar from my cabinet. The knife is difficult to disengage from the motor in the first few uses, but it became easier to remove with use.

11. DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife Chromium

DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife Chromium

The touch button control is built to North American electrical standards. Dalstrong is a Corporate Champion of the Wounded Warrior Project. The Delta Wolf Series was created to help daring chefs go further. The knives are made from premium materials and deliver elite performance in every context. The 12” slicer knife is ideal for slicing, carving, and more. Carve long and delicate slices of meat uniformly with military precision, or prepare large fruits and vegetables, slice bread loaves, and more. The full-tang blade is forged from 9CR18MOV high carbon steel and is hand-sharpened to a savage 12 degrees. The titanium nitride coating protects the steel against the elements. The Midnight G10 camouflage handle is triple-riveted and built to resist even the most vigorous slicing, dicing, and cutting. It is resistant to both extreme hot and cold temperatures for long-term durability. The multi-purpose loop is ideal for hanging your blade or taking it on the go. When not in use, the sheath protects your blade. Dalstrong Trust: Rocksolid 100% SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, do not risk it. There is a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects. Dalstrong customer service is renowned. Chef's around the world trust and love 'The Dalstrong Difference'. Dalstrong packaging. You are using power. Dalstrong power!

Brand: Dalstrong

👤I would like to use this knife more. It feels balanced and comfortable. Will definitely be adding more.

👤It was like slicing through butter with this knife.

👤I gave this to my husband for his birthday. He said he liked it. The handle was not plain and had some colour.


What is the best product for electric knife carving for meat 12 inch?

Electric knife carving for meat 12 inch products from Kessaku. In this article about electric knife carving for meat 12 inch you can see why people choose the product. Vonshef and Hamilton Beach are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric knife carving for meat 12 inch.

What are the best brands for electric knife carving for meat 12 inch?

Kessaku, Vonshef and Hamilton Beach are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric knife carving for meat 12 inch. Find the detail in this article. Dalstrong, Imarku and Elite Gourmet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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