Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knife

Sharpener 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. AccuSharp ACCU 001C 001C Knife Sharpener

AccuSharp ACCU 001C 001C Knife Sharpener

We are so confident that you will love their knife sharpening kit that they are giving you a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, return the product within 30 days and they will give you a full refund. This knife sharpener is easy to use and perfect for chef's knives, paring knives, serrated knives, filet knives, cleavers. You need a sharpener if you own a knife. Get a sharp edge in 10 seconds. It is easier to get work done quickly and safely with a sharp blade. The AccuSharp Knife sharpener can sharpen most blades in around ten seconds. The diamond-honed chisel is a sharpener. One of the hardest known materials is diamond-honed tungsten carbide, which is used in AccuSharp sharpening blades. The sharpening blades can be reversed doubling their life span. It isdurable and long-lasting construction. Users report an average of five to 10 years between blade replacements. AccuSharp knife sharpeners can be washed with soap and water or in your dishwasher. It's SAFE, UNIQUE, and ERGONOMIC. The AccuSharp fits neatly in either hand to accommodate both right- and left-handed users. The guard protects your fingers during the sharpening process.

Brand: Accusharp

👤There is a significant gap between the positive and negative reviews of this knife sharpener. This thing is a piece of junk. The truth is, it's 100% both. The device seems to work miracles and will give you an edge on the dullest knife you own. It will shave the edge of a knife into the fixed taper, and compared to the dull piece of shit edge your knife used to have that will seem amazing. If you own cheap knives and don't want to invest time or energy in properly sharpening them, this thing is amazing. When your cheap knives get dull, resharpen them with this thing, and when they get ruined, just throw them out. This is a perfect product for that person. It's better to have a dull knife than a sharp one, so just sharpen it away until it's too damaged to keep fighting. The other crowd says this thing is a piece of junk. Those people are correct. This will use a dull knife and put an edge on it. It won't put an edge on it. It's too aggressive. If you drag a knife through this thing, you will do more harm than good. If you have nice knives, you must either learn how to sharpen them yourself or just send them out to be done. There's no shame in not having a pro do the work. You have it. You don't care about preserving the knife or long-term quality of the cheap knives? Use this. It does work. Do you have good knives? Don't use it. It will ruin a good blade and make you regret your investment.

👤I knew what to expect. I expected it to be cheap and done quickly. I didn't expect the sharpness I get with my KME Sharpening system. If you're in need of your cheap kitchen knives and pocket blades to be sharp again but don't care about how much metal you're taking off with each pass, then you're in the right place. Don't be specific with what angle your blades are set at. The AccuSharp sharpener is a great way to get er done. It is quick, simple, and easy. If you keep a consistant angle, you can. I would suggest you put the sharpener on the back of the hard surface and run the blade at a 90 degree angle across it, since you are guaranteed to wobble. You will have a dull end product if you wobble. I would recommend holding it. When you have your blue shield, pay attention to the illustration on it. I took a dull butterknife steak knife with just 2 passes of medium pressure and it was sharp enough to not rip cardboard. 40 passes later, it cut cardboard cleanly. The last 5 strokes of the last 25 passes are lighter, and it cuts about 60 percent as nicely and smoothly as my knives are sharpened with the KME system. And in a short time. We're talking a few minutes versus hours of work. You can't beat the AccuSharp. If you feel that this review helped you make an informed decision, please click theHelpful button. Doing so helps keep others informed just like yourself. I usually highlight design flaws or improvements that companies can make in my reviews. All of my reviews are based on my own personal views and opinions. Thank you for your time. I hope I was helpful.

2. Electric Sharpener Screwdrivers Sharpening Polishing

Electric Sharpener Screwdrivers Sharpening Polishing

egelong electric knives are designed for family kitchens. They are not suitable for ceramic knives. The Electric Knife Sharpener is easy to use and saves time. It's more convenient and fast to use a stone and manual sharpener, saving you time and making your daily life much more fun. The multifunctional knife sharpening system is suitable for repairing, polishing, and pocket knives. It makes all kinds of knives better to use in the kitchen, which will meet the choices of the chef and family. 15-Degree edge will improve the sharpness of the knife. The first stage coarse sharpening is done with a rougher surface corundum abrasive wheel and the second stage fine sharpening is done with diamond abrasives. The knife sharpener uses pure copper motor, which can achieve outstanding sharpen effects, stable working condition, low noise and long lifetime. The thick and thin blade can fit on the Corundum abrasive wheels, which use moving technology to avoid blade stuck. The design is non-slip. The handle of the electric knife sharpener can provide a comfortable grip for a simple and safer sharpening. The kitchen knife sharpener has 4 non-slip feet on the bottom to provide a more stable base. If you insert the dull knife in the best angle, you will enjoy sharper sharpness after the finish. They recommend no more than 8 minutes of use at a time, if it will cause the motor to stop working. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Enutogo

👤This works well. Very happy with it! I made my knives and scissors sharper.

👤It works really well. It's easy to use. You can sharpen scissors.

3. Electric Sharpener Multifunctional Sharpening Protection

Electric Sharpener Multifunctional Sharpening Protection

We offer a 1-year warranty, if there is a quality problem, you can contact them through Amazon or email, they will give you a full refund or a new one free of charge. AirCover electric knife sharpener is a safe, easy and professional knife sharpening solution. It's easier to sharpen your straight-edge kitchen set, hunting knife, folding pocket blade, and scissors. 3 in 1 multi function knifesharpener The professional 2 stages sharpening system can perfectly satisfy your knife sharpening needs. The slot is on the right side and can provide a variety of services. The reactor motor makes stable and hardy. The knife sharpener assembly has a precision grinding bearing that can achieve outstanding sharpen effects, lower noise and a longer service life. Superb sharp performance. Kitchen knives and scissors can besharpened in seconds with the help of the diamond abrasives. The electric knife sharpener package has a cleaning brush and 3 replaceable grinding wheels. You can get started quickly with this electric knife sharpener. Economically, making knives scissors like new, getting professional results at home.

Brand: Aircover

👤I didn't have any issues sharpening my knives. An addition to my kitchen is needed.

👤The dose of scissor is not working.

👤It gives a nice sharp edge and tip, and it's great for sharpening hunting, BBQ, and fishing knives. The low cost surprised him.

👤It's a great machine. I have changed my knife and cleaver. They work well. A meat cleaver is being used. The sharpness is not being held by the chef knife. I'm not sure if I did it or the machine did it. Every time I cut a vegetable, I had to make sure it was sharp.

👤I didn't think it was a knife cutter tool, but I bought it because it sharpens knives so well.

👤Pour le ciseaux, va trs bien. Pour le couteaux.

4. ChefsChoice EdgeSelect Professional Sharpener 20 Degree

ChefsChoice EdgeSelect Professional Sharpener 20 Degree

Amesser knife sharpener is packaged in a well-wrapped box to make sure you don't get the damaged item. Sharpener with precision angle control guides ensure hair-splitting sharpness. Stage 1 and stage 2 form the first and second bevels of an arch-shaped edge. Stage 3, a revolutionary flexible stropping disk, creates an ultra sharp polished third bevel. Diamonds are 100 percent diamond abrasives. In stage 3,stropping and polishing is unique. Works for gourmet chef's knives, butcher knives, sporting knives, serrated knives, and pocket knives. It is easy to use a small unit that anyone can use. The unit is held securely by the feet. The household warranty is three years.

Brand: Chef’schoice

👤I have had a similar one for 25 years. If you understand what you're getting, this is a great device. Chef's Choice is a product that corporate marketing departments hype. If you're foolish enough to think that this device will give you a better edge than a professional, then shame on you. This is the solution if you are looking for something that will give you an edge in under a minute. I was able to cut a turkey drumstick from the carcass with ease after sharpening my carving knife. Our hunting knives are the same. I've had sharper edges, but not as easily as this. To get a great edge, you must read the directions thoroughly and follow them exactly. You won't get a good edge if you pull through too quickly or don't use the right pressure. This is true when checking for the burr after stage 2. I'm hoping I get another 25 years of use out of this device.

👤I can't believe how good this sharpener is. I've always used a whetstone or the Spyderco sharpening system, so I never considered an electric sharpener. I was ready for technology and mechanization because I had 20 knives. Once you understand how it works, you can use it. I use it to touch-up the edge of a knife before I use it. I would have to spend a long time sharpening a knife to get the edge. The instructions say you can use the fine grinder tosharpen a knife. The serrations will only be sharpened by this sharpener. I don't recommend this as there are better ways to sharpen a knife. The back of the counter is where my Chef's Choice sharpener sits so it's easy to grab a knife and start using it. I wish I had purchased this one years ago. I recommend it to people who want to keep their knives sharp.

👤After paying fifteen dollars for each knife sharpening, I finally found a product that is really great. The second and third stage are what you need. The first stage is for dull knives. This was bought to make the carving knife sharper for Thanksgiving. We ended up sharpening our knives after working great. It worked well after being taken out for Christmas to be sharper for Prime Rib roast. The machine will pay for itself in a short period of time. It's no longer necessary to send out the knives or drive to wait for a person to sharpen them. Would definitely recommend.

👤We bought it for a restaurant. We have knives in different price ranges in our kitchen. We tried it on a knife that was over a thousand dollars. Had to return it. Maybe more for a home use.

👤This is the knife that you want. Don't buy knives that are serrated edge. If you follow the directions, you can shave with this knife's sharp edge. This is everything you need to prepare your everyday paring knife or your favorite sushi knife. It doesn't take long to breakeven on the purchase price if you have knives sharpened professionally at $18 each.

5. AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener Metal

AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener Metal

There is a lifetime guarantee with 100% tested. Visit KotaJapan to get in touch with their friendly Customer Service in Arizona or use the Amazon order screen. The invention of a kitchen tool that extends the life of almost any knife. The base of the cup is safe and durable. The angle is perfect. It is possible to restore a cutting edge to blunt blades that have dulled. No electricity, no motors, no noise pollution, and knives last a long time too. You can simply draw your knife through the AnySharp sharpener.

Brand: Anysharp

👤I had no idea how much it would change my life. I knew that my knives weren't sharp and that I should do something about it, but I put it off. I saw a video about this and said to myself, "you know for something that simple and cheap, let's try it." It's been wonderful! It's easy to keep this attached to the counter because my knifes are so much easier to use now. I take the knife out and use it once or twice. I wouldn't worry about cutting myself if I had a knife block. It's easy to rinse metal off in the sink by taking the counter off. The first solid grip on the counter is what makes the power good.

👤This is the best sharpener I have ever used. I will admit to being a sharpaholic. I need to have sharp knives. Can't stand a dull one. I have been trying to get our knives sharp with a steel. This gizmo came along. You are good to go now that a few sweet pulls through the v-shaped carbide sharpeners. It's like a pro. Have used it with our kitchen knives. I love this thing.

👤I'm not a professional chef, and I haven'tsharpened a knife with a whetstone since I was a boy scout. I have lost the skill. This thing is a quick and easy way to return a nice sharp edge to my cooking knives. I had a cheap knife that I bought years ago. I kept it in the back of the knife drawer because it had gone dull and I hadn't used it in a long time. I ran it across the AnySharp several times, and the old knife was cutting tomatoes better than new. If you have a lot of expensive knives, you know how to sharpen them. If you're like me, this thing is a lifesaver.

👤Love it. It is easy to use and does a great job. Some sharpeners are easy to use. This one is very easy. I used to pay a professional to sharpen my knives. They are still as good. You won't be disappointed if you try it.

👤Terrible performance. The only positive thing about it is that it's made out of metal. It doesn't make the knives sharper. I thought it was designed to be used for sharpening knives, but it is not what I thought it would be used for. I thought it was designed for quick easy sharpening.

👤This product is great. It stays on my kitchen counter for quick access to sharpen my knives or scissors. Everyone should have this in their kitchen. It's very easy to use and space saving. I take this with me to the beach to sharpen my knives. A dull knife is frustrating.

👤My knives are as sharp as they were when I first bought them 15 years ago.

👤This is the best sharpener I have ever owned. Over the years, I have purchased more than a dozen sharpeners. None worked well. This is a good sharpener. The knives were sharper than when purchased. It's very easy to use, lock it on any flat surface and you're ready to go. The knives became so sharp quickly that I couldn't believe it. I tried an axe like in the commercial. This tool is amazing.

6. Smiths 50933 Electric Scissor Sharpener

Smiths 50933 Electric Scissor Sharpener

There is safety. The handle on your sharpening tool will not hurt your hand when you push the stone back and forth tosharp your knife. There is attention! Measure APP can be downloaded if your phone doesn't have a tool to set the angle. Sharpen your tools with one unit. The knife guides are fixed at 20 degrees. A floating backing plate allows the belt to stay straight. The replacement belts are fine, medium and coarse.

Brand: Smith's

👤This was delivered today. It broke when I used it. I was hit in the arm by a piece of metal. The belt guide had a metal piece. I have 20 years of butchery experience and the belts wouldn't sharpen my knives. I couldn't cut arm hair after using this machine. After less than 5 minutes all the guides were showing signs of wear and tear and extremely hot so they will fail. The belt did not last through a knife.

👤I had doubts after reading some reviews. I have found that the 20 degree angle isn't bad for pocket knives. Most pocket/folding knives use 20-23 degrees as a basis. I used that information to use a sharpener on a few blades and each one came out sharper than before without much effort or changes to the edge. It works well and fast. When grinding on the edge where the belt will try and lift the blade out of the guide, you have to use a fair amount of pressure to keep the blade in contact with the belt. There is a It is easy to use. It is fairly easy to use and effective once you have it set up, but if you are left handed it would be a bit harder as the on switch is not ambidexterous in it's positioning. Belts are difficult to get in. It's not easy to switch between belts. It can take a few minutes of careful prodding to get them in and out and I was afraid of damaging them. The belts run fast. The belts don't have a strong grit and it wears down quickly. Won't make the heel sharper. The blade at the bottom of a blade is the one closest to the hilt and in many cases I couldn't get the sharpener to sharpen it because I couldn't push the blade far enough into the guide.

👤A number of blades were tried. They got kind of sharp. I would describe it as dull. None of them would pass the paper slicing test. Not sharp enough to shave hair. You would think it would work as well as the Work Sharp. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Maybe the belts are not high enough quality. Maybe the geometry is not consistent? Maybe a combo of both? It doesn't work either way. I tried on some inexpensive blades. They are not ruined. They will need some work to get to an acceptable level of sharpness. It is appealing for the price. I would recommend passing.

👤I didn't get the 3 extra belts that were advertised, but I did get the one that was advertised, but I didn't get the one that was advertised.

👤If it came with more than one belt for each size, it would be a 5 star tool. Only came with 3 belts and should have come with 6.

👤It was a total waste of time and money. It lasted 2 minutes. It was used for 2 passes of a blade and then eaten by the belt. Returned.

7. ChefsChoice AngleSelect Sharpener Sharpening Finishing

ChefsChoice AngleSelect Sharpener Sharpening Finishing

Measures 12 by 6-1/6 by 6-2/6 inches. All styles of knives, including European/American 20-degree knives, Asian style 15-degree knives, straight and Serrated blades, and sport and pocket knives, have hybrid angleselect technology for razor sharp edges. The bristled sharpener is used. The electric and manual sharpening stages can be combined to create an arch-shaped edge that is stronger and more durable. The advanced sharpening is. A highly effective, burr-free, durable edge can be created by the use of diamond abrasive wheels and efficient CrissCross sharpening technology. Diamond abrasives in stages 1 to 3 are 100 percent diamond and ultra-fine diamond abrasives in stages 2 to 3 are 100 percent diamond. The precision is happening. The angle guides are used for sharpening. The hybrid sharpener is easy to use. STAINLESS STEEL: It's elegant and durable.

Brand: Chef’schoice

👤I have been playing with various knife sharpening systems and Arkansas stones for 50 years. I bought one from Louise, and within 20 minutes my kitchen knives were sharp as a razor, in fact, maybe sharper than they have ever been. I have a collection of modern and antique carbon steel. Read the instructions carefully as to which knives conform to the Asian standard and which to the European and American standard. I appreciate that the edges of my knives last longer than the edges I hone on a stone or ceramic tool and then finish with a steel. This thing is above everything else. It is important to wash and dry your knives when you are done with them, every time you use them and three or four hits with the steel keep the edge sharp for a long time. The product is brilliant. I am overwhelmed by the subject that I have been studying for a long time.

👤The brand sells about 30 different electric knife sharpeners. I spent a lot of time comparing them before selecting this one. Most models can only besharpened at either 15 degrees or 20 degrees. Pocket or hunting knives are 20 degrees. The knifes are cold. Most kitchen knives are 15 degrees. I wanted the ability to make them sharper. The Chef's Choice 290 does both 15 and 20 degrees very well. I own a set of Victorinox knives. A 10 inch Chef's knife and a 6 inch filleting knife have never been used, while some have been used a lot and needed sharpening. Victorinox has knives that are sharp. I was able to make the knifes that were worn and the ones that were new in a few minutes. They sliced a piece of paper. I'm certain that you will be very pleased with the sharpener you purchase.

👤I've had my knives for 10 years and they are both 15 and 20 degree angles. I paid $60 and it seems a little pricey. I've used other knife sharpeners, but this one has made some of my knives sharper than they've ever been. It's hard to say how sharp some of them were, but I can say that for the past 10 years my knives felt like I was cutting things, and I was able to get 2 of my knives to the point where it didn't feel like I. YMMV. The price is something I don't like about this product, but the sharpness of my knives put me back into the 5 star category. P.S. I used to slowly draw knives through the sharpener until I heard the sound change, so I wouldn't throw them away. When I heard the sound change, I left them on that spot until the rest of the knife sounded the same through the sharpener, I repeated this as many times as was necessary until I could hear the entire blade sound the same. It feels like moving it through air when I have 2 knives that go through items.

8. ChefsChoice Sharpener Sharpening 20 Degree Abrasives

ChefsChoice Sharpener Sharpening 20 Degree Abrasives

Replacement abrasive components, soft grip handle, and rubber feet. Electric and manual sharpening are combined with advanced 3 stage hybrid technology. For sharpening kitchen and household knives. Stage 1 and 2 electric sharpening and manual honing are used for a razor sharp, arched shaped edge. Stage 3 has diamond abrasives that are ultra-thin.

Brand: Chef’schoice

👤I own two sets of knives. Both sets had not been properly sharpened in a long time. After being a test subject, I figured I would have to discard my knives. The test knives required two complete sharpenings, but are now like new knives after I followed the directions. I can slice a tomato into paper thin slices with a 10” chef like butter and a butter knife, thanks to this machine.

👤The steak knives in my kitchen set are in need of sharpening. I have a professional 3-stone system, honing rod, roller stone, and even a manual 3-stage system. It takes a lot of time and is messy to sharpen a knife like that. The honing rod cannot form an edge. I decided to give this electric sharpener a try after reading some of the reviews. I immediately tried it out and threw the shipping box away. All of my kitchen knives took between 3-6 passes on stage-1 and another 3-6 passes on stage-2 after I read the instructions. The edge is good. The steak knives that I use are abused relentlessly and had edges so blunt they were almost kid-safe. I could do a better job manually. Yesterday I knew that. This machine did 98% of the work in under a minute. I like to watch tv and I am a big fan. The idea of sharpening my kitchen knives isn't a chore that I have to do in the afternoon.

👤The original review of May is below. The date is May, 2021. I have found a way to get better using this device. The key is to lay the knife against the side of the grooves so that you don't have to press it down or raise it off the ground. I put the knife down and pulled it with two fingers to not change the angle of the sharpening. I give our chef's knife 5 seconds per pass through doing each pass 5 times for a total of 20 passes. It suffices for 2 weeks dulling in our kitchen. I move shorter knives at the same rate so they don't take as long. If you care about sharp knives, this technique will give them to you when you add steel to them. I know you can get a great edge using this tool, since I was able to get one out of eight knives I tried sharpening. The edges on the other seven were not great but only one stood out. This experience is similar to my other attempts. All of our knives have a Euro-American edge angle so I am not trying to create an edge on a Japanese knife which uses a different edge angle. I accept that learning to use a tool takes practice, but I don't know what I did wrong because my failed edges don't give me any hints. I can apply the action. After a month and a half of sharpening, I still don't know what it is. The same number of edges come out spectacularly, but the number is hardly sharper. Most of the time, the majority falls somewhere in between. It works but not well.

9. Sharpener Elecameier Professional Sharpeners Sharpening

Sharpener Elecameier Professional Sharpeners Sharpening

Sweet round corners will not hurt fingers, they are careful for analysis of customer needs and safety during design. It is easy to use. You can sharpen the knives and scissors in a few seconds with this electric knife sharpener. The electric sharpeners have one button on function and a new upgraded pure copper motor. It's more convenient to use a manual sharpener. The electric knife sharpener has three diamond grinding wheels, and is suitable for repairing, polishing, and polishing kitchen knives, pocket knives, and scissors. It makes all kinds of knives in the kitchen better to use. The right sharpening angle in 15 degree can make your knife sharper and easier to cut. The diamond grinding wheels stick to the blade better with a built-in custom spring. The fully wrapped shell protects your safe, because the bottom sucker is firmly stuck on the table. The design of the heat sink will shut down for 10 minutes when the temperature gets too high, so that the motor temperature won't be too high. 3 extra grinding wheels and a storage bag are provided for your daily storage and replacement of parts. The electric knife sharpener is a must have in your kitchen.

Brand: Elecameier

👤Quality is great and it's totally worth the money. The sharpener is easy to use and can bring dull knives back to life. It's cute and perfect. The sharpener has extra grinding wheels,replacement parts and a storage bag to make it last longer. Absolutely recommend!

👤The four cups on the table are firmly attached to the table and remain stable and secure during use. In addition to sharpening kitchen knives, you can also use scissors that have been used for a long time at home. The normal sound of the machine running is acceptable when sharpening knives. It is easy to use and can quickly sharpen knives.

👤The sharpener is great for this price. The motor is quiet. For small areas, the size is good.

👤I like that this sharpener is easy to use. I am a chef.

👤Take some time to make sure you don't have a great edge.

👤Time Patients were very disappointed with this sharpener.

10. Mueller Professional Sharpener Abrasives Sharpening

Mueller Professional Sharpener Abrasives Sharpening

Sharpens most knives. Straight edge and serrated knives are improved. A sharp knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. The Mueller knife sharpener will help you achieve a professional edge with 100% fine diamond abrasives sharpening and honing your dull knives. The blade angle can be rejuvenated with better precision than a sharpening stone. The dual-stage system of the knife sharpener is ideal for various knives. The knives can be polished and hone in the first and second stage. Large and small knives, hard steel, ceramic, sporting and folding knives, large and small, should be sharpened. It is easy to use and safe. Simply place the dull blade on the sharpening slot and enjoy razor-sharpness. The sharpener is suitable for both right and left-handed users. Each stage has two slots, one for each side of the blade. Even during meal prep, you can sharpen hassle-free. This electric knife sharpener is a smart investment for your family kitchen. The kitchen gadget is small and easy to fit into your kitchen drawer. They offer the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need help, please contact them, their professional customer support is always here for you.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤I use a wet stone to keep myself sharp, I'm an experienced chef. The electric sharpener is less messy and quicker. There is a Pull the knives slowly towards you, ending with the tip like you are slicing a pound cake. Light, slow and even. The quality is great and the price is right.

👤This is a professional sharpener. I was surprised by how heavy it was. While sharpening the knife, it stayed put. I used to have every knife in my kitchen sharpener. The housing for the sharpener is not cheap. The metal is collected in a compartment. I am happy with this product.

👤I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but the grinder inside seems to be off compared to the grooves on the device. I don't feel like I'm doing much grinding or that the motor would stall, so the instructions could be simpler. I've tried many different knives and made sure to run them through the recommended amount of times. I don't think the sharpener is doing a good job. I'd love to try another unit, but I'm probably the exception.

👤The first run felt a bit grabby, until you found the right angle and pressure to drag the blade. I might not be able to sketch it to run my Henckels through it, but it did a great job on my workhorse chefs knives. The magnetic shaving collector looks great on the counter with my other appliances and is sturdy enough to stay put when used. Will this replace a professional knife sharpening? This is as good as it gets for the average consumer.

👤I decided on this one because it was made in Austria and I felt it would give me more quality than a brand made in China. It is made in a number of ways but lacks power. It stalls out when it's under a load. If you want to do a number of knives in a row, it is not appropriate for light sharpening. You have to wait for the motor to cool down before you can resume using it after only sharpening a few knives, because there is a thermal override that turns the motor off to prevent overheating. I only recommend this sharpener for those who only want to do 3 or 4 knives at a time. I wish I had bought a heavier duty sharpener. I have used a sharpening stone by hand before, but this is the first electric one I own. I will have to train myself to only use a few knives at a time, because I will try to use this for awhile longer. The angle on each knife was better established in the second sharpening than it was in the first. The motor heats up way to fast, and the motor override is a pain.

👤I bought this to make my kitchen knives sharper. I tried sharpening them with a hand sharpener, but they were still dull. It would be worth a try if you paid the price. It's a little noisy when you power it up. It's personality. If your car sounded like this, you'd take it to the shop. It was sharpening the knives that were pulled through it. Keeping the blade at the same angle each time is the secret to sharpening. It will not hold an edge like that. Even though the unit has a proper angle, it takes some concentration to keep the blade against the side. I'm sure practice will make perfect. The more expensive units are set up to keep the knife blade against the side to make sure the angle is right. Don't think you pull the knife through and done. It will be perfect if you practice and wait. I tried it out and it got a little warm but never shut down on me. It's a keeper.

11. Zulay Kitchen Stainless Sharpener Straight

Zulay Kitchen Stainless Sharpener Straight

The last thing you want is appliances taking up counter space. Their knife sharpener is made from black and stainless steel and looks sharp in any kitchen. They all need their knives to perform their best. The easiest and fastest way to restore that sharp, shiny edge is to use a handheld 2 stage knife sharpener. Pull your knife through the sharpener to get the edge back. Say goodbye to the dull edges in your life by putting a fresh edge on the Dullest Knife. It takes just a few steps to get a good feel for the knives. The ceramic slot hones and polishes the blade to perfect condition, while the coarse slot revives dull or damaged blades. The padded bottom keeps the sharpener steady. The smart design nestles in any drawer or counter top. It's more fun to slice, chop, and prep with a sharp knife. Enjoy your time in the kitchen, instead of using dull, ineffective knives. Turn your knife into a reliable friend in the kitchen. Works well on scissors. Save money by getting rid of your old knives and scissors and buying a new set. You can restore your dull hunting, kitchen, and pocket knives by sharpening them. The versatile sharpener revives decade-old knives in a few seconds. They will give you a full refund if you don't like the way the sharpener sharpens your knife. Zulay guarantees no hassle, they put their money where their mouth is. They make a superior quality kitchen knife sharpener that they know you will love. They will make it up to you with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. They care that their customers are happy. If it ever wears out, they have a replacement warranty that will be answered in 24 hours. You have nothing to lose, get your knife sharpener.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤I was curious to try it out immediately after I received it. I used it on a dull knife. I used it on all of my knives immediately. I wanted to see if it would work on my knives. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤Did not miss out. The type of sharpener that performs fair to moderate is usually this one. I was very impressed with the quality of the performance of the knives I had been sharpening. When they were new, the knives were sharper. Great tool.

👤The first thing that I did was sharpen my knives. It did a great job. The course side is very strong and will remove metal from the knife edge when pressure is applied. I suggest caution when using this side. It was easy on the downward pressure. I think it's not necessary to use "course" each time. This is something to be aware of and not a bad thing. It's a great feature when sharpening dull knives, but should be used less on sharper knives. I plan on using the "fine" side for most of my resharpening now that my knives are sharp.

👤The sharpener made quick work of sharpening our knives. It is easy to sharpen knives prior to or after use as butchers do to keep them ready for the task. The sharpener is very small and manageable. I have expensive sharpeners that don't provide this sharpness unless a lot of time is spent on the task. The price is great for the time that has been and will be saved, as well as the pleasure of getting clean and easy cuts.

👤I just received a horrible model and I don't think this works well. I have attached a picture to show you that the ceramic portion of the sharpener is now rounded, and it didn't sharpen my knives even when it wasn't rounded. It didn't work out in the box. I would love to write a 5 star review because my family is very important to me. We cook all of our meals at home.

👤After reading the reviews, I thought this was a great sharpener, but it is nothing but an old fashioned bypass wheel type sharpener. I have read that people use this on good Chicago knives. There is a pile of metal on the counter. It leaves a deep grooves from the shank. This makes a wire edge blade which will last for a couple of uses. I bought this for the knives my wife keeps, not cheap knives, just not our good knives. A good edge on a blade should last for a couple weeks if not placed in the dishwasher. I'm going back to the wet stone. Very disappointed!

👤I got the sharpener tonight and used it to help 6 blades. One of the knives was cheap and hard to work with, but the rest were great. The results of using the sharpener were amazing. It took no more than a minute per knife to get them back in shape after they were cut. I have used an electric sharpener before and it did a better job and was just as fast. The product is very good.


What is the best product for electric knife sharpener for pocket knife?

Electric knife sharpener for pocket knife products from Accusharp. In this article about electric knife sharpener for pocket knife you can see why people choose the product. Enutogo and Aircover are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric knife sharpener for pocket knife.

What are the best brands for electric knife sharpener for pocket knife?

Accusharp, Enutogo and Aircover are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric knife sharpener for pocket knife. Find the detail in this article. Chef’schoice, Anysharp and Smith's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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