Best Electric Lawn Mower Cordless Kobalt

Cordless 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. GreenWorks 19 Inch Cordless Included 2501302

GreenWorks 19 Inch Cordless Included 2501302

Up to 34% of the US homes only need one charge to get the job done with the 2-in-1 feature. The motor is G MAX 40V. The Li Ion battery is not included. The range of single lever height adjustment is from 1 to 1/2 inch. The minimum cutting height is not very high. The 19 inch steel deck has a 3 in 1 design that includes rear bagging, side discharge and mulching capability. The battery and charger are not compatible with the models. The replacement blade model is 29373.

Brand: Greenworks

👤There is a lot to like about this mower. It's affordable for what you get. The deck is larger than electric lawnmowers. The feature that slows or speeds up the blade depends on how much resistance it encounters. Even if the grass is a little tall, it mulches better than a mower. You might ask why I only gave it two stars. One issue and one problem. The battery. I was aware of the battery's quirks and didn't like to be left in the charger for too long. I'll just check it on a regular basis until I know how long it takes to charge. I'll set an alarm after that. I could mow my entire yard twice or almost twice on the same charge for a couple months. Fantastic! It happened one night. I am not sure. The battery. No worries, I thought. It was in the charger for less than 24 hours. Maybe I'd get some diminution in power, but surely I'd be able to mow my lawn at least once on a charge, right? Petunia, dream on. Less than half of my lawn can be charged. About a quarter of what I could do before I forgot the battery was done. For Pete's sake. I have children that are less maintenance than that. I will not purchase a mower with this type of battery if the mower works.

👤I went in for a number of power tools after getting a Greenworks mower. Extra equipment is cheap once you have batteries. I knew what to expect from my electric battery mower. The middle of the road was worthy of four stars. It died on me after a couple of years of moderate use. Customer service was efficient. I was still under warranty and they seemed to know how to fix the machine. It was difficult to find a place to get it fixed. The place where I went to get my outdoor equipment serviced was full of Greenworks products. After my snowblower motor blew and the chain saw had issues, I decided to call it quits. The products were not worth the trouble of getting repaired. Early obsolescence is a waste that flies in the face of being green.

👤The Greenworks 40V is a replacement for theDigiPro. There is a dual blade mower. I haven't had the best luck with Greenworks, this is my 3rd mower in 4 years. My first dual blade was replaced by Greenworks after it was recalled for a different issue. The replacement started smoking last weekend and stopped working. I've tried many times to get in touch with anyone from Greenworks, but they haven't responded. I live in central Texas and I mow the lawn almost year round. Twice a week for the front and once a week for the back. I have a decent amount. There is a 2 car garage, 3-4 vehicle drive, 1,955 sq ft 2-story home. The machines have been working hard, but not hard enough to die often. I purchased theDigiPo because of its price, weight and features. It has a lot in a small package. There is very little assembly in the box. It's light and compact, which is what I was looking for. It's a little lighter than the dual blade mower, but it's still shorter in cutting coverage. The previous mower had 5 height settings. The bag isn't a deal breaker. The height and angle of the bag are better because the main chute is offset. I believe it allows more clippings to get into the bag. Some reviewers stated that when the mower gets bogged down from the bag being full, it cuts out. Not a dealbreaker. I like that this mower has a side chute. It's an added bonus that my dual blade didn't offer that. There is no indicator light for the battery and no dual battery port or storage. If you already have compatible batteries, this is a good choice. I hope it lasts longer than my previous machines.

2. WG779 Power Share 4 0Ah Cordless

WG779 Power Share 4 0Ah Cordless

The battery operated lawn mower comes with a grass collection bag. It has a 3 year tool and 3 year battery warranty. A single lever lets you set the height you want to cut your lawn. The feature provides Torque on demand for tougher conditions. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products. It is up to you if you want to bag it up or mulch it back into the ground. A battery meter. The on-board battery charge indicator lets you know how much juice you have left before you head back to the garage. The full-bag indicator lets you know when it's time to empty the bag. There is a Domestic-Airport Charger. The dual-port charger they threw in will allow you to refill the batteries faster. 40V Mower, Two 20V 4.0Ah batteries, 2A dual-charger,.85 Bushel Collection Bag, and a mulch plug are included.

Brand: Worx

👤I didn't know it was so small when I bought it, even though it said the size on Amazon. I put a pic of it next to my minivan to show people the size. Small size means you have to walk a lot more to mow the lawn. It looks like a toy because it is small. It has a metal blade. The small size makes it very light. It's easy to carry around. It is easy to push. You can walk fast even though you have to do a lot more walking. Even grandma could do it. It's easy to start. You push a button and a lever because it is electric. There is no attempt to pull a chain from the engine. I would pull with all my might, but I wasn't fast enough or tall enough to start it. This one is very easy. If you need to move something out of the way, just turn it off, move the item, and then turn it on again. It is quiet, another pro. I live in a place that gets 120 degrees in the summer. I can mow the lawn at 6 am without being bothered by the neighbors. It's easy to store another pro. Two big batteries are another pro. I mow the back and front without using the batteries because they last long. My yards are small. Another pro is that smallness makes it easy to maneuver. I have a swing set outdoors. I just trim a little around each pole. It was fast, light and easy. No gas is required. No dealing with engines, oil or gas. No electric cord is a pro. When you mow, you don't need to worry about running over something. It is light and fast, because it has no gas, no chords, and it is fast. I can mow both yards in 30 minutes. I love mowing the lawn. It does a good job cutting my grass. There is a metal blade. The safety precautions are the same as a real mower. If you want a quiet mower, this is it. I like it. This is great if you don't have a big yard and you are not super strong. There is a You might want something else if you have a big yard. Some reviews say that the batteries don't last long. The batteries last at least 45 minutes if you insert them correctly in the mower and set it on eco mode. The mower won't last long if you put it on a mode that doesn't last long. It is strong enough for most yards. The mulcher attachment is already installed. If you want to use the bag, you have to remove the mulcher. It may seem like the mower is malfunctioning. I figured it out after I did that. It was fine when I took it out.

👤We own other lawn tools from worx. My husband has a bad back and having battery operated tools makes it so much easier to work with. This mower is no different. He had it out of the box and it was put together in 10 minutes. It's very light and doesn't have a crank pull like the other mowers we've owned. My son wants to use it because he pushes in the key and it starts. It came with two batteries and a double bank charge station. The batteries fit the other tools we already have from worx. Win, win! If you are looking for a mower that is easy to start up, light weight and compact to store, this is the one for you. It did a great job cutting our quarter of an acre lot.

3. Litheli Electric Brushless Cordless Battery

Litheli Electric Brushless Cordless Battery

The batteries are located in the battery compartment. The brushless version is upgraded. The lawn mower has an advanced motor that reduces noise and vibration. Litheli smart-brained Li-ion batteries offer the freedom of no-cable-dragging and no-fume-choking convenience. You can always keep your lawn at a healthy height with 5 cutting heights. It is easy to move and turn with Swift 6 wheels and a bare tool weight. The deck can probe into hard-to-reach corners. A bag is included. The 2.0Ah pack's performance was doubled by the high-energy density 4.0Ah Li-ion battery pack. The Litheli 20V battery can only be used with Litheli power tools. You can store a spare battery in the compartment next to the battery port. The lock-off button and thetrigger switch are used to start the machine. The safety key should be removed when not in use to prevent accidental start by children. The protection measures reduce the chance of accidents. Litheli offers a 3-year warranty for batteries and a 5-year warranty for tools. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you.

Brand: Litheli

👤After using gas operated lawnmowers for many years, I am very pleased with the purchase of my first electric lawnmower. All my expectations were met. It arrived earlier than expected, it's lightweight and does a great job mowing the lawn. The battery life was about 40 minutes. You have the option of five height adjustments. The lawnmower will not start if the circuit breaker key is not inserted in its proper slot. It is very quiet and easy to move. I think this lawnmower is great.

👤If your lawn is over 5'x6', the mower does a good job of cutting it. If you can't find replacement batteries in the first place, you're going to need about 6 batteries to do a medium size backyard on the same day. I found a place that sells them for $89 each, which means that it's not going to happen. It would take about 3 days to cut my grass if I only had one extra battery. I can't wait to get rid of this thing. The grass catcher attachment broke after the first use.

👤I had to take a few days off after reading about so many battery-powered lawnmowers. I had a head ache and was confused. I asked if it would be a good mower for me, if I was 73 and moderately fit. Three people said if I was their mom, they wouldn't say no. I had a Green Works a few years ago. I chose this mower. It came early. I loved the looks. I watched the video twice. Three times. It really helped! I just finished my first outing. So far, so good! Everything about it is wonderful. I will never visit the gas station that is across the street if the battery-powered lawnmowers are still around.

👤The Litheli lawn mower is a gem. I have a large yard and I can mow it all. I have 7 separate lawn sections in front of me and it is a larger job. Depending on how much I let it go in between mows, I can usually mow all of it. The mower is lightweight and easy to operate, but powerful, and it feels like it is due to its lightweight. The mower works perfectly until it needs to be charged, and then just goes off. I like that, I would prefer it to go off rather than power down when using a mower. I bought the string trimmer and hedge trimmer, which both came with batteries, so I can keep the batteries charged, so I can do my entire yard. The extra garden tools are light weight and work just as well as the mower. The six height settings on the mower are very convenient. I have so many different heights that I have to use the height adjustment constantly. It's easy to adjust the height. The quiet motor is something I like. You hear it. The lack of exhaust is a bonus. After using my mower, I went to visit a friend using a gas mower, and I didn't see a difference in how the mower performed, not to mention I don't have to smell exhsust like my friend did. The wheels were the only thing I didn't care for. The tread area of the wheel is still sturdy despite the fact that my wheel got a little crack on the side. If there were larger wheels in the rear and some kind of rubber, I think it would improve it. I love my mower. If you keep an eye on the listing, the company often has coupons specials so you can save money.

4. Greenworks 21 Inch Cordless Included GLM801602

Greenworks 21 Inch Cordless Included GLM801602

Up to 60 minutes run-time with a fully charged battery. The run-time is determined by grass condition and operator technique. The highly efficient motor provides more power and quiet operation. The job is done quicker and more efficiently with a 21" cutting deck. mulch, rear bagging, and side discharge are included in the 3-In-1 system. The best cut in all grass is achieved with a single lever 7-position height adjustment. The push button is easy to start. No gas, no oil, no emissions. The mower, grass collection bag, and 80V are included. The battery, rapid charge, operator's manual.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The 40v 21" push mower is compared to the 80v 21" push mower. The ratings are not correct. The "40v" model is 36v (10x 3.6v cells, or 20 half being in parallel with the other half in series) and the "80v" model is 72v. The word MAX looks cool because it has the letter X in it. It is that stupid. The maximum charge of the battery is 80 volts, it's 20x 3.6v 18650 cells, and the two sets are in parallel. The battery has a sticker on it that says 288 watt hours. You can get the actual volts by dividing the watts by the Amps. How does this mower compare to the 36 watt mower? Favorably! I used to have the "40v" model since it was available for a good deal and it seemed like the right size for my yard. The mower had a 6.0 ah battery. They packed in 3000 cells. I've only seen them use 2,500 and 2,000 cells in their batteries. It must be a cost. This product has a lot of cells and is packed into a battery pack. I am anticipating a battery failure in the near future because it's very unlikely that they're all tested and matched. The pack has not been separated. Unlike Makita batteries, these have only four contacts, so it's unlikely that the charger has the ability to level out each cell. I'm not sure if the battery has the brains to do this. Back to the mower. The "40v" would go down on wet or negligently tall grass. They both prefer to run at a slower speed when they encounter extra load on the motor. It would be great if it could be defeated so that it runs at full speed all the time, it would help to reduce grass clumping, because of slower blade speed. There was an interlock key in the battery compartment that could be removed to make the mower not function, and there was a switch near one of the handle hinges that could be used if the handle was folded. The "80v" model does not have either safeguard. I think they're exempt from providing safety features since they have "pro" in their name. The wiring and switch that prevents the mower from engaging while being transported with the battery seems like a cheapskate, especially since the "80v" model does not have a "dummy slot" to carry a battery that is inactive. The "40v" model is less prone to a lethal or nearly lethal accident if you have children around. If the battery is installed, this 72v model could be disastrous. The "40v" batteries were also equipped with ausb slot and a bluetooth port to act as a power bank. I didn't use that feature. It's to let you see the power level on your phone. The "80v" batteries do not have these useful features. Greenworks has a lower priced system that has more features. I'm not sure if the cost savings of not having these nonsense has helped them put better quality cells in the batteries, but hopefully it has. Back to the mower. The 36v and 72v models use the same bagger, chute, mulch plug, blade. The stamped steel is the same as most other cordless mowers. If they reduced the range of the height, I would like it more. I have to make my own notch to have that. I don't know who would ever use the lowest setting or the two highest settings. Why do I have a mower? I don't. I had a mower. Unfortunately, it was stolen. I decided to consolidate everything to a single battery system after re-buying my equipment. If there is a reason for the $100 premium for the 72v model, it is to include 50% more runtime on a single battery of the highest available capacity, which will save us the cost of buying a second battery. The 2x voltage gives the mower the power it needs to not go down. The "40v" model would stall on tall grass even with a mostly charged battery. The "80v" has more power than a real lawn mower and behaves like one in almost every situation I've encountered so far. The thing is rickety and it's an annoyance. The handle is held into one of three positions on the hinge, the control arm that adjusts the height of the front and rear wheels, and the bearings in the wheels are all part of the package. Old lawnmowers from days gone by have an independently adjusted and stout wheel height positioning mechanism and fixed-in-position handles that are a much greater joy to use. It makes up for the lack of noise in a gas mower with clank noises as it moves across the lawn. I think that it sucks that this does not have a positive, solid feel when you hold it in each axis. I was able to take some wiggle out of the hips by overdrilling the hole in a fender washer so that it would fit onto the wheel axle, and pressing each of the rear wheels inward so that the wave washer behind the wheel was actually engaged. The bearings are wobbly. People who are particular about things might be turned off by this mower. While I was at it, I noticed that there were no screws or bolts on the mower that didn't benefit from a good turn. It's frustrating for a lawn mower. The name is meaningless. I would really like to have it run at full speed the whole time, or at least give me the option to choose the blade speed. This mower doesn't cut the lawn as well as the cheapest, most basic lawn mower since it doesn't have the air movement to lift and cut the grass in one go.

5. Greenworks Cordless Technology Included MO40L410

Greenworks Cordless Technology Included MO40L410

Large rear wheels and front wheels for easy control. Includes Max Capacity 4Ah - 40V Lithium battery, Cutting Heights, and 5 position. You can maintain your yard the way you want it with the Durable 20'' Steel Deck. The lawn mower is not self-propelled. When more power is needed, the Smart Cut technology automatically increases the blade's speed. The dual battery port design allows one battery to be stored while the other is used for the mower to cut. A majority of US homes only need one charge to get the job done. It's easy to maneuver through any terrain with the help of the 10" rear wheels and 7" front wheels.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I bought this mower from Menards, but it was not available on Amazon. It is a great mower. The motor has a lot of power and it is quiet. Unless you have a small yard, you will need a second battery. The handle folds down and locks me up. The folded handle makes it easy to pick up the mower and put it in a vehicle. There are a couple design issues that are annoying. I don't like using a bag in mulching mode because it slows it down and uses up the battery too fast and I don't like bothering with a bag. The mower battery is difficult to remove. The battery doesn't stick out enough to get a good grip on it, so you have to press on the release bar to pull it out. I have found that a paint can opener has more power to get the battery out. The spare battery compartment has a paint can opener. I don't know if this is normal or just an issue with the one I have, but if you run down the battery while mowing and then put the battery on the charger right away, the charge light will turn green very quickly. I have to let the battery rest for a while before I put it on the charge.

👤UpdATING on a number of occasions. Don't buy this flower! The battery lasts about 15 minutes. It takes me several days just to cut my lawn because I have to charge the battery for more than an hour. Even two batteries wouldn't be good enough for me, so I'm not spending another 100 for a second battery. This lawnmower is frightening. I couldn't resell it in good conscience because I spent $350 for it. I have to tie a string around the lawnmower battery holder because it is hard to get out. It is not supposed to be this difficult. It has a low rating. My original review is here. I only put it together this summer after buying it last summer. I have an average lawn. Four battery charges is all it takes to cut the lawn. The battery needs an hour in between to charge. It takes you all day to cut your lawn. I can buy a second battery, but it's still problematic. It is impractical to remove the battery from the courtroom to take it to the hospital. It will take five minutes to get the battery out. Plan on broken fingernails and trying to get them out. It will be painful and torturous to get the lawnmower's battery out. You will struggle with the battery in a very narrow space trying to pull it out with gravity against you because the manufacturer doesn't have a release button. It's insane to have to change the batteries four times in a single lawn cut. I'm thinking about how I can get this lawnmower to someone with the patience to clean it up. I will dump it if I have a huge financial loss on it. The batteries are the big issue with this mower. The lawnmower battery is impossible to take out of the lawnmower to charge, and the charge does not last for square footage. The battery takes about an hour to charge. The issue of trying to get the darn battery out of the second battery is not something you want to deal with. My son-in-law gave up trying to get the battery out. After more than five minutes of trying to get the battery out of the lawnmower, he gave up and said "I'm done with this thing." Run! Save your money! You have been defeated. I bought this with only a few reviews, but there was still a concern that wasn't identified. I don't know what this company was thinking with the lack of ease in which to remove the battery from the lawnmower. This is a no-brainer and should not have been used in manifacture. Let's see. I only have about 40 minutes to wait until the battery is charged again, and then I can go out and cut another small section to refill the battery.

6. Greenworks 14 Inch 12 Inch Included CK40B411

Greenworks 14 Inch 12 Inch Included CK40B411

The WB31M20 WB31M19 ge stove drip pans is made of durable porcelain and is well-tested by the manufacturer. The standards are met. Ensure that performance is effective. It's easy to clean the dishwasher. It's easy to install. You can watch a video on how to change the parts. The consumer can save money on energy costs if they replace the drip pan annually. A fully-charged battery can mow for up to 45 minutes. The run time is determined by grass condition and operator technique. For the best cut in all environments, a single lever height adjustment can be used. The 2-in-1 mowing feature has mulching and rear bagging capabilities. A fully-charged 4.0 Ah battery can provide up to 40 minutes of blower run time. The clearing performance features 350 CFM air flow and 100 MPH air speed for easy clearing of yard, driveway, and patio.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I had good experience with Greenworks tools in the past, so I ordered this set of three. Performance is ok for all three tools. The instructions manual is incomplete. It's difficult to maneuver a trimmer. The mower doesn't catch grass. Three emails to customer service for clarification yielded zero responses. Hold time on calls is over an hour. Can't recommend this company anymore.

👤It was a day earlier than promised. All worked well after trying them out. Whenever I buy a new mower, I always buy a second blade so I can swap out the first blade with a sharper one. I keep user manuals on my computer. The Greenworks website doesn't have PDF of the user manual. When this is fixed, I'll update the 5-star.

👤The set works well. I have a small yard and the mower does its job. I have cut the grass while it was wet and tall and the mower still had enough power. It is easy to fold the handle down and it was easy to put together. Both the weed wacker and blower have good power. I'm very happy with it. I can weed wack and use the blower to clean up my yard, but I have half the battery to spare.

👤The products work great. I can mow, weed whack, and blow all on one charge. I have a small yard. If you need something to take care of a small yard, this is what you should buy.

👤I expected the lawnmower to be 14 inches. If I had to do over I would get a larger mower or something that comes with two batteries because the battery lasted cutting but not weed eating in my small yard.

👤Product is good for small places. Don't buy this for commercial use, it's only for residential use. I like the fact that there is no need for gas, fumes, or mixing oil for a two stroke trimmer or blower. It's nice that noise is minimal. The product is small and lightweight. The cons are that it will last too long and there are a lot of plastic parts. It looks like a toy. The trimmer is a pain to refill and the blower is not powerful. I interchange batteries often so get a second one. I don't like the product either way.

👤I love that these tools are battery powered. They were easy to assemble and work on. The edger and mower are very quiet and easy to use. My ten year old is also able to use the mower. It is very user friendly and convenient. The battery lasts long enough to edge, mow, and blow our yard with a little juice left over. Highly recommend!

👤Light weight and small enough to fit in a shed. It's great for small patches of grass.

7. Greenworks G MAX Mower Batteries Charger

Greenworks G MAX Mower Batteries Charger

The battery-powered mower's durable steel blade cuts a crisp 17-inch wide path with precision in a single pass, perfect for small to medium lawns. Greenworks 24V batteries for 48V of exceptional power, without leaving the 24V battery platform. The run-time can be up to 45 minutes with two fully charged 4Ah batteries. 17 in. The deck is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The 2-in-1 feature has mulching and bagging capabilities. There is a lawn mower, batteries, and a charging point.

Brand: Greenworks

👤Greenworks blamed the problem on my extension cord. That is not the problem. The 3rd photo is my new Greenworks mower at the curb. There is a The original post is still there. The mower stopped working after twenty minutes out of the box. I don't want you to know. I thought it overheated, but here it doesn't turn on. The blade isn't jammed. It is possible to vary it freely. The extension cord is fine. Throw it away? Should it be sent back to the manufacturer? I already recycled the box. I wish I hadn't bought it. There's a chance of fixing it with a gas engine. But with electricity? Either it works or not. The mower is malfunctioning. The lawn is shown in the pics. This is a typical Florida lawn. I have not heard from the company in two days.

👤The mower is not small in the pictures. The deck is made of metal and it feels very nice and substantial compared to the corded or battery powered plastic-everything mower out there today. I was not happy with the box. The box is heavy and can be stacked on store shelves rather than being thrown and turned on. The box was damaged, some of the cardboard supports were ripped, and there were two nuts to hold the mower handle in the box. They didn't fall out. The mower seems to have escaped unharmed. Simply fold the handle up and secure a few nuts and bolts with quick release levers. The mower has enough power for my small yard, I've used corded mowers before, so cord management was no surprise. The on-off button and safety handle lever are not as significant as the rest of the mower. The lever is metal, but the release button assembly is cheap and flimsy, and the cable from handle to switch looks like a thread. This is the weak point of the machine. I usually use 303 Protectant all over the mower, and have found that the fluid film spray on the underside prevents a lot of sticking. I hope this mower will work well with few problems.

👤This thing is amazing. I had a corded electric mower that stopped working. I was intrigued by the reviews and price of this one. It was powerful and had a feature I liked about my other mower. My yard got pretty high by the time this one got to me and I didn't get to the last half of it before the other mower broke. This mower is not a big deal. It was easy to cut it all. It is easy to push. It's smaller and lighter than my other, which is important when cutting with a corded mower. It cuts close to it's sides. The pull handle thickness and material is the only thing I would change. It's thin, metal and cylindrical, so it can press into your hand and make it sore after a while. This mower was incredibly impressed. Don't buy the cord that most people on Amazon buy with this. For a cord as long as 100 feet, you need a 12 Guage cord to operate this safely and help it last a long time. Pick a cord that is bright and not green. There is an hour. It's not working after having it for a short time. The extension cord works. The mower won't start. Over 9 years, my last electric mower worked well. Don't waste your money.

8. BLACK DECKER CM2043C Cordless Mower

BLACK DECKER CM2043C Cordless Mower

There are 10-Inch rear wheels and 7-Inch front wheels. Lift the discharge cover to find the plug. The weight is 56 lbs. Two 40V max batteries are included. You can mulch, bag and discharge grass clippings. The edgemax design makes it easy to mow up to edges. One lever adjusts the cutting height. Without tools, to 4 in. The warranty is for 3 years. It's ideal for mowing lawns up to a quarter-acre. The included components are: The power source for CM2043 is a 40V MAX* Charger.

Brand: Black+decker

👤We don't like this mower. The handle on the electric mower we loved broke. When I saw the reviews, I was ready to buy it. We bought it. The other mower we used in mulching mode died during mowing. This one can't get through our trimming before it dies. There are two batteries. They last about 10 minutes using the grass thrower. I stopped using it after 4 times. The old mower handle is going to be wire on. It is a waste of money to buy this mower. I'm very disappointed.

👤The batteries have a life of 4-7 minutes. I can only do a small part of my lawn at a time. It feels like a toy. High grass will shut off if it feels over 5 inches. It will not function because of wet grass. It's not easy to turn point, you have to lift the contraption into the air to do it. How do I get it back? I need your money back.

👤There are a lot of good things about this mower. I was worried about the power. I have a tendency to run over things, but this has held up. The mower should have stopped when I ran into the stump, but it didn't. I recommend buying an extra battery. I use a battery for my front yard and another for my back yard, but sometimes I run through a patch of leaves and an extra battery helps.

👤This is a quality product. I own a number of yard tools that are 20 volt and have been really happy with them, so I bought this mower hoping the batteries were interchangeable. They are not. The batteries that come with this unit are double the size. When you receive the package, make sure you charge it out of the box because it takes at least four hours. It was easy to set up since the unit is already assembled. The shape is impressive and looks like a sleek RC race car, except it is the size of a typical mower. The handle is large and easy to use, which is good because you will need to start high and slowly work your way down to your desired cutting height, just like the instructions recommend. The unit is light and easy to maneuver, my kids will be able to take over this chore much sooner. One battery was able to handle my entire backyard. The area that was taken over by Tall Fescue was several inches high. The engine would quit if I passed over this area at the highest cut-height setting. The engine quit when I tried to lower the height to 4. I was able to complete a pass at 5 before the battery ran out. With two batteries, I will have no issues mowing my yard in the future. The spare battery can be stored in a convenient compartment on the plane. The power and performance were in a range of 3-4. I gave it a 5 because of the design and weight, and the fact that I was able to push it with more ease than I used to.

9. Sun Joe 24V X2 17LM Mulching Catcher

Sun Joe 24V X2 17LM Mulching Catcher

20 in. of durable steel. The deck cuts 15% more grass so the job is done quicker and more efficiently. Text Sun Joe to ask questions. The 670 watt motor runs cooler and lasts longer than traditional brush motors. 48V power included. Ah batteries can last up to 25 minutes. The battery-powered mower's durable steel blade cuts a crisp 17-inch wide path with precision in a single pass, perfect for small to medium lawns. AJUSTABLE DECK. Tailor cutting height with manual height adjustment. Light weight: The weight is under 34 lbs.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤I was somewhat skeptical about a small lightweight battery operated mower. I love it! It was lightweight even in the box, got here two weeks sooner than stated. Approx. took. 15 minutes for me to assemble it. Went out to start it up after they charged it, and saw how loud it was. It was so easy and fun to start with, and you can raise it up a few degrees with the lever. A young man on a bicycle said he loved my mower. When I finished, about an hour later. The yard looked amazing an hour later, and I still had 2 bars left on the batteries. I cleaned it up with a leaf blower because the handles fold up so easily. The small blade is the only bad thing I can come up with. I was using a 21 inch gas mower and it took a few extra steps. I didn't notice. I could have mowed all night. I am a 59 year old woman who had both knees replaced a year and a half ago and I am not going to mow anymore. Thank you SunJoe!

👤I am updating my review because this mower is a beast, after a year of using and abusing it. I still get over an hour of moving after a year with the battery still holding a charge. It is easy to clean and put away. Since this mower blew my mind, I have bought more sun joe items. I had to buy a new blade after a year. I am still amazed at how good of a job this little mower does. I will say that it has changed, but I look at electric battery operated lawn tools. It is so quiet that the first thing I noticed was that it was so quiet. Have a peaceful mowing experience. I was able to still hear the birds chirp from the trees. It is easy to push and maneuver around. I knew this mower was going to get a review and a good one. The performance details are available. I started a timer after the battery was charged. I got my yard mowed and it wasn't dead. I ran it non stop for about half an hour and a half and didn't lose power at the end. There are pictures of yard size. I cut the grass that was tall and thick. About 6 inches or so. I will leave a picture next to the grass I was cutting. If it is tall grass, I would mow it with the front wheels off the ground to keep the clippings out of the house. I cut it up on the second pass after putting it back down. Some people say that it won't cut the grass low enough, but it will. I posted pictures. I started with a spot and set them up to cut high. I did one row with it and set them all down. There is a left one in the picture. I set it for 1inch #2 on the right side. It is easy to change the deck height. The mower worked well and got the job done. I would not get a discharge port for the grass clippings when I mulch. The grass can start to grow in the deck. I was cutting tall grass that would fit on a gas mower. When I got the bag, I noticed that it had a big crack, but customer service helped me register it and get a replacement bagger. On support, 10/10. The mower has a 2 year warranty and 2 battery's. You can't beat that. I would highly recommend this mover to anyone who is looking for a mind blowing experience. I am showing you my front yard and side wall in the pictures. This info will help you.

10. GreenWorks 25322 Mower Battery Included

GreenWorks 25322 Mower Battery Included

Capable of cutting grass up to 4 inches tall. The churchyard is a churchyard. Greenworks electric lawn mowers are great for getting more done. The 40v push lawn mower has a fully charged 4.0Ah battery that can provide up to 45 minutes of runtime. The battery charges in 120 minutes. A lightweight 16” cutting deck makes it easy to maneuver through small to medium yards. It's a great choice for your lawn because of its easy push button start and lighter weight. The battery powered lawn mower has a single lever 5-position height adjustment with a cutting height range from 1-1/4" to 3-3/8" for the best cut in all environments. The 2-in-1 feature can be used with mulching and rear bagging. This walk behind lawn mower is maintenance free and has no emissions. It starts and is quiet, but it delivers gas-like power for your toughest projects. The battery operated lawn mower comes with a grass collection bag. It has a 3 year tool and 3 year battery warranty.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I bought this mower a year ago, because we mow our lawn all year. The machine does a good job mowing the lawn. The problem is the batteries. The batteries don't have a charge management circuit, and that's what's buried in the manual. The missing circuit means that you have to watch your batteries when they charge and remove them when they're full. The batteries lose their ability to hold a charge if this is not done. How severe is this problem? We have a small yard with about 1,500 feet of grass. For the first two times we moved, the mower finished the job quickly. We ran out of juice three times. The batteries last about 100-150 linear feet after a year. If you don't take the batteries off the charger once, you'll ruin the battery permanently. If you leave a device on the charge overnight, it will be ruined. Greenworks cutting costs by removing a charging management circuit is baffling, unless of course that's part of their strategy to sell more batteries. We've been using this machine for a year and are now going to use a brand that has batteries that work in all our power tools. This mower will work for you if you don't mind watching your batteries. Find a different brand if you have to.

👤It is too late to return the lawn mower I purchased. The machine clearing the clippings has had problems with the battery. After I ran through the initial charge, the battery requires constant charging and loses its charge when it's not in use. I believe I read on the website that it is supposed to mow 7000 square feet of lawn on one charge. My back lawn is between 600 and 700 feet. I was able to mow the front and back over the course of two days. It only did one lawn area on subsequent charges. Initially, it wouldn't do both back and front lawns on one charge, and then it didn't hold the remaining charge for 5 days. After only doing the front lawn, there was little or no charge left. I've had issues with the clippings from the mower. I'm using a bag. A lot comes out of the sides, at times completely blocking the little cupped areas on each side of the mower. A lot of clippings don't make it into the bag, and sometimes the chute that takes them into the bag gets completely blocked. I am very frustrated with this machine.

👤Suggest that you mow 1/2 acre and run for 60 minutes. Which is not true. I spoke to greenworks directly on 11/27/2018 and they told me that the average run time with the battery is 20 to 30 minutes with a battery using the bag and not the mulching plug. The mulch plug in will make the battery operate at a lower rate. The second battery costs an additional $80.00 to $130.00 depending on the amperage. 2000 to 3000 square feet of moving is what you can expect if you mow at a normal walking pace. The claims of 1/2 acre and 60 minutes of run time are ridiculous. Not exaggerating run time is important. The mower package has an extra battery. The grass is cut well and there is no noise.

11. Greenworks 16 Inch Corded Mower 25142

Greenworks 16 Inch Corded Mower 25142

The Bushel Collection Bag and Electric Dethatcher are included. Greenworks, 10 Amp 16-Inch 2 in 1, Rear Bag or Mulch Electric Lawn Mower, converts easily from Rear Bag to mulch, model 25142 The electric motor has enough power to cut through the grass. Product weight: 48.0 pounds. The 16-Inch cutting deck is durable and can be used for a long time. The 2-in-1 feature has rear discharge capabilities. The perfect cut on all types of grass can be achieved with 5 position height adjustment. The rear and front wheels are 7 and 6 inches. 150 feet is the maximum extension cord length.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The mower is great for mulch. It is easy to change from mulch to basket. The plug is easy to use. I shop frequently at Amazon and read customer reviews, but I never write one. I have been mowing lawns for 60 years and have always believed you need a 5 HP gas mower. Period. But times don't stay the same. I wanted to see if an electric corded mower would help with some issues. I had never used anything other than gas until last month. The mower exceeded all expectations. I gave away my old mower, gas cans, air filters, and other stuff. I will never go back. The mower is very well designed. I don't know how well it will hold up over time, but based on three mowings of heavy, wet, tall northwest spring grass, I think the build quality is very good and I expect it to last. It can mow grass. It is easy to change mower height. The mulching plug is a welcome addition, but it will have to wait for the weather to get better. I didn't think the grass catcher would work at all, but it does, and it works better than any other one I've used. There is an object above the blade that may be related to filling the bag. The smooth curved surface of the underside of the mower may be related to it. The grass catcher bag fills with wet long grass until it's full. Completely unforeseen. I was looking around the shed for something to clean the underside of the mower. I didn't want to use the scrapers I used on the old mower. I found a tool my wife bought for gardening. It is perfect! I used this for a soil scoop. If you have never used a corded electric mower, here are some suggestions. The things that are easier with this mower than my old gas mower include: lighter, less noise, quieter, easier to start, no gas, no oil, no air filter, no tuneups. Press the button and squeeze the bail. That is all. Nothing to pull, no bending over. You have to release the bail before it starts running. The main adjustment is using a cord. You have to learn how to manage the cord and come up with a new plan to mow the lawn. It took me three mowing sessions to get comfortable with this mower. You will learn faster than I did. Thanks to all of the reviewers. Thank you to Amazon for hosting the reviews.

👤Ladies and Gentlemen, let us discuss why you would buy an electric lawnmower over a gas powered mower. I have a small yard that I have to mow. I have tried to mow a very similar yard with the unpowered mower and ended up spending more time going over the exact same area than I thought was appropriate. We now use a traditional mower way more efficiently because of those things, which are designed to do something by hand. Let's move onto gas machines. I own a small yard. HA! Even if it is a small risk, storing fuel and oil for a lawn mower seemed like an unnecessary risk to me. I would have to travel to the store to get the fuel. I have seen two types of electric mower. There is a battery powered plug in. Although I liked the idea of battery powered and no cord to run over, I decided the additional cost and environmental impact of the batteries didn't make sense for me. I am very satisfied with the performance of the 10 Amp GreenWorks mower I purchased. You can either mulch the grass or catch the clippings with the supplied bag. I mulch it. It is light and folds up nicely so I can carry it into my small shed and store it under a cabinet. I have had some issues with the level adjustment. It's difficult to raise and lower it after a year of ownership, but it might be my fault. The only other complaint I have is that at 10AMP it is not as powerful as it could be. You need to move a bit slower. The more powerful model will be the one I buy. There is a If you need a mower and you have a small yard, then purchase this. Once you get used to the vacuum sound and learn how to cut with an electric mower, you won't be disappointed. If you found my review helpful, I would like you to click the "Yes" button to let me know that I am providing useful information to you and others.


What is the best product for electric lawn mower cordless kobalt?

Electric lawn mower cordless kobalt products from Greenworks. In this article about electric lawn mower cordless kobalt you can see why people choose the product. Worx and Litheli are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lawn mower cordless kobalt.

What are the best brands for electric lawn mower cordless kobalt?

Greenworks, Worx and Litheli are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lawn mower cordless kobalt. Find the detail in this article.

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