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1. Joe MJ403E 17 Inch Electric Mulcher

Joe MJ403E 17 Inch Electric Mulcher

The steel is 21 in. The job is done quicker and more efficiently if the cutting deck is used. Text Sun Joe to ask questions. The 13-amp motor cuts a 17-inch wide path. HEIGHT CONTROL. Tailor cutting height with 7-position height control. It is permissible to convert. The function of mowing is mulching. The Yard is 1/2 Acre. Load speed is not increased. The grass collection bag is easy to dispose of. Light weight: The weight is under 31 lbs.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤This was the replacement for a Sears mower that was only 18. The Sears became dangerous when the plastic blade holder was unavailable. The Mow Joe has a plastic blade holder. It will wear out. The Mow Joe is more powerful than the Sears, but not as loud as a gas mower. The dust is less and the fumes are gone. The mower is designed to be carried. It's light. You must depress a safety button before starting the engine. A kid can't start it accidentally. I like that there is no blade brake. They don't work and give a false sense of safety. There are design flaws. The center of gravity is very close to the rear wheels since the mower is designed to be carried. The front of the mower often comes off the ground with the collection bag attached. Often. When you pull it backwards. The push handle is too high. It's easy to push up as I push forward to keep the nose down, but should I? I Silicone-ed half a brick to the front of the mower. The handle of the grass catcher is junk. It won't stay with you. Throw the cable clamps away. There is a five inch "nose" on the front of the mower that separates the business edge of the blade from what is in front of it. The mower will not cut closer than 5 feet. The window on the grass catcher is a joke. It's obscured in five minutes, so an engineer must laugh every time he thinks of it. If the grass catcher is full, you should step back and release the mower handle. The front wheels point to the clouds. It mulches better than Sears. I can't understand why the blasted engineers didn't try to mow the lawn with the grass catcher. I like the mower, but I don't like the brick on the front.

👤I mowed and mulched my yard yesterday. I liked it more than I thought. I've had a Black & Decker electric mower for 25 years and have gotten good service from it. I thought it was light, but it is not. I put this one together myself and have no problems with it. Attaching the handle was all that was required. I attached the electrical cord and started mowing. On my slightly downward sloping yard, the mower was easy to push. The large back wheels help the mower. I was able to mow my yard in less time than my old mower. I'm very happy I made this purchase. I have had the mower for a couple of months now and like it better than before. I mulch the leaves from a giant oak tree each week because I never removed the mulching plug. The mower has already paid for itself because I used to pay someone to do this for me.

👤I have a small lawn. The mower stopped working. I removed the top cover to see what the problem was, and found that the mower blade wouldn't turn because the metal spring loaded parts were jammed against the drum in the blade mechanism. I tried to free the parts but they were gone. The mower worked after removal. I did not receive an answer when I contacted sunjoe. I think the parts are a precautionary measure to stop the blades in the event of a dangerous situation, such as hitting a rock, or mowing over. I don't know if the life of the motor has been shortened due to not being able to turn while the problem existed, or if using the mower without the parts I removed is dangerous. Sunjoe ignored my concerns and did not reply.

2. Greenworks Brushless Cordless Batteries Chargers

Greenworks Brushless Cordless Batteries Chargers

It's suitable for clean leaves, dust, garage, porch, driveway, terrace and other areas. It can be used to blow Lesser Snow. The highly efficient motor provides more power and quiet operation. A fully charged 4Ahusb battery can run for up to 30 minutes. Run-Time Varies are based on grass condition and operator technique. The steel is 19 in. The job is done quicker and more efficiently if the cutting deck is used. The system includes mulch and side discharge. Up to 45 minutes of run time with a fully charged 2.0Ah. The battery, battery and charger are included. The innovative fan design can handle tough clearing jobs. Light weight and easy to use. 40V 2Ah Li-Ion battery and charger are included.

Brand: Greenworks

3. Greenworks Brushless Cordless Self Propelled Batteries

Greenworks Brushless Cordless Self Propelled Batteries

During forward rotation, the brushes should only move. The drive pin is jamming the gear if the brushes are rotating in both directions. Make sure Pin moves freely when reassembled. Two Greenworks batteries combine for 48 VOLTS of exceptional power without leaving the 24 VOLT battery platform. Up to 45 minutes run-time with 2 fully charged 5Ahusb batteries. Run-Time Varies are based on the grass condition. There is a dual port charge up included. The highly efficient motor provides more power and quiet operation. Variable speed control and self-propelled rear wheel drive for maximum traction. 20 in. of durable steel. The deck cuts 15% more grass so the job is done quicker and more efficiently.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I just finished using a manual push mower for the first time and I am so impressed. It will take a little more effort than a standard mower. You are buying a mower. That is what you signed up for. It will take more strength to mow down 10” high grass. It is a manual mower. Sometimes it gets caught on sticks, but it takes 2 seconds to remove the obstruction. Why are you buying a manual mower if you don't have 2 seconds? It takes more time than a gas mower. It is a manual mower. The grass catcher bag is small and fills up quickly. It is a manual mower. It isn't designed to mow an acre. I will not use the bag on my next use and simply rake up the clippings afterwards. Not a big deal for me. I am a 32 year old female who stands at 5'6" and weighs 125, I had no trouble using this mower. It has performed well thus far. I found it enjoyable. If you are looking for an eco-friendly mower that will allow you to get some exercise while doing yard work, this is the one for you. If you're a person who complains about putting time and effort into things, you should call a landscaper.

👤I got this because my former roommate took his lawn mover with him when he moved away. I have a small yard in the back, a little on the sides and front, and the rest of the front is a driveway. It takes 35 minutes to cut the entire yard according to my smart phone app. I like quiet, so I wanted something simple. I don't like it when the neighbors are running noisy machines. I'm not opposed to walking to get the job done because it meets my needs. My mower is a little different from the pictures in that the handles and bag are assembled in a different way. I only needed a small knife to cut the tape on the box. It took me about 20 minutes to open the box. The book is printed on recycled paper. The handle parts can be recycled in some areas, but not excessive amounts. The cardboard box is one of the materials I like. I found it easy to follow the directions and read each section, look at the parts, and then look at the picture on the box that helps clarify the orientation of the pieces. The one on the box looked like mine. I think I got it right. The one I got came with carriage bolts with knobs. This is very easy to assemble because the bolts slide through the handles and the knob has a nut inside, no tools are required. The grass catcher bag seems to have a different fastening part than other reviewers mentioned. They show a wire shape. The plastic part that clips onto the roller was mine. My photos are indoors because of the rain. I put it in the hallway. Had a chance to cut some grass. Does a good job at cutting grass. There were some weeds in the yard that it did not immediately cut. I had to go over them several times to shorten them and finally cut them low as the grass. I think the key is to cut grass frequently. Thin grass is easy to cut. I have some patches of a different type of grass that was difficult to push through, but it was doable. The grass bag was un-attaching, but I didn't have a problem with that. My description is different from previous ones. This one was attached nicely. To empty it so that it can't be attached anymore, and to dump and reattach it quickly. I didn't see anything wrong here. The leaves are cut up nicely with the grass. Sticks are a problem. A neighbor had a large old tree taken out during the winter and there was a lot of debris in my yard. I'm talking about sticks that are smaller than your fingers. I used my show to gently push on them, to clear the stick, then pick up the stick, because you have to manually spin the blades backwards to cut the grass. I have to do some raking, but I'm sure it will be fine once all those are gone. I guess you need to clear your yard of sticks and other small objects before you cut the grass. Also watch for the ground to be even. I set mine at the lowest level. When I cut near the house where the rain off the roof causes a ditch to form, I ended up with the blades digging into the ground and not being able to push forward. There are two edits, the first one is called Edit 2. An app to measure steps was found on my phone. It took me 35 minutes to cut the entire yard. Once you get the yard in shape, it gets easier to use the mower. Don't let the grass grow too tall. It's important to keep it clean. I like to cut the grass early in the morning, when it is not hot yet, so quiet is desirable, which is why I use this mower. I think cutting the grass is a good way to work out, but not as a chore. I haven't used the grass catcher in a while. I did the first 3 or 4 cuts at the beginning of the season to get all the grass and debris cleaned up. If I cut grass each week-end, it's fine. The grass does not grow as high as it could so the cuttings are less and the yard does not look bad when cut. It doesn't shoot grass over my legs. I like to look down and see if the grass is being cut, I can see the small bits fly through the air. I fell on the stairs when one broke under me. The Back Rib Contusion was the only one. I hadn't cut grass in 2.5 weeks and felt good enough to try. I had no pains if I stood straight up. I was able to cut my taller grass, although I went at a slower pace and had to go over some of it, but I let it get to tall. I did not want to over-work my back so it took me over 4,000 steps and 90 minutes. I was able to push a lot. Since I injured my side, the second hand was mostly for steering or thicker spots. I did not miss a single spot in the entire yard. I'll get them next week. The exercise was good for my muscles. It is easy to use.

4. Greenworks Cordless Technology Included MO40L410

Greenworks Cordless Technology Included MO40L410

Large rear wheels and front wheels for easy control. Includes Max Capacity 4Ah - 40V Lithium battery, Cutting Heights, and 5 position. You can maintain your yard the way you want it with the Durable 20'' Steel Deck. The lawn mower is not self-propelled. When more power is needed, the Smart Cut technology automatically increases the blade's speed. The dual battery port design allows one battery to be stored while the other is used for the mower to cut. A majority of US homes only need one charge to get the job done. It's easy to maneuver through any terrain with the help of the 10" rear wheels and 7" front wheels.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I bought this mower from Menards, but it was not available on Amazon. It is a great mower. The motor has a lot of power and it is quiet. Unless you have a small yard, you will need a second battery. The handle folds down and locks me up. The folded handle makes it easy to pick up the mower and put it in a vehicle. There are a couple design issues that are annoying. I don't like using a bag in mulching mode because it slows it down and uses up the battery too fast and I don't like bothering with a bag. The mower battery is difficult to remove. The battery doesn't stick out enough to get a good grip on it, so you have to press on the release bar to pull it out. I have found that a paint can opener has more power to get the battery out. The spare battery compartment has a paint can opener. I don't know if this is normal or just an issue with the one I have, but if you run down the battery while mowing and then put the battery on the charger right away, the charge light will turn green very quickly. I have to let the battery rest for a while before I put it on the charge.

👤UpdATING on a number of occasions. Don't buy this flower! The battery lasts about 15 minutes. It takes me several days just to cut my lawn because I have to charge the battery for more than an hour. Even two batteries wouldn't be good enough for me, so I'm not spending another 100 for a second battery. This lawnmower is frightening. I couldn't resell it in good conscience because I spent $350 for it. I have to tie a string around the lawnmower battery holder because it is hard to get out. It is not supposed to be this difficult. It has a low rating. My original review is here. I only put it together this summer after buying it last summer. I have an average lawn. Four battery charges is all it takes to cut the lawn. The battery needs an hour in between to charge. It takes you all day to cut your lawn. I can buy a second battery, but it's still problematic. It is impractical to remove the battery from the courtroom to take it to the hospital. It will take five minutes to get the battery out. Plan on broken fingernails and trying to get them out. It will be painful and torturous to get the lawnmower's battery out. You will struggle with the battery in a very narrow space trying to pull it out with gravity against you because the manufacturer doesn't have a release button. It's insane to have to change the batteries four times in a single lawn cut. I'm thinking about how I can get this lawnmower to someone with the patience to clean it up. I will dump it if I have a huge financial loss on it. The batteries are the big issue with this mower. The lawnmower battery is impossible to take out of the lawnmower to charge, and the charge does not last for square footage. The battery takes about an hour to charge. The issue of trying to get the darn battery out of the second battery is not something you want to deal with. My son-in-law gave up trying to get the battery out. After more than five minutes of trying to get the battery out of the lawnmower, he gave up and said "I'm done with this thing." Run! Save your money! You have been defeated. I bought this with only a few reviews, but there was still a concern that wasn't identified. I don't know what this company was thinking with the lack of ease in which to remove the battery from the lawnmower. This is a no-brainer and should not have been used in manifacture. Let's see. I only have about 40 minutes to wait until the battery is charged again, and then I can go out and cut another small section to refill the battery.

5. PowerSmart Lawn Mower Gas Powered

PowerSmart Lawn Mower Gas Powered

Light weight: The weight is under 31 lbs. The engine is easy to start with a recoil starter. The 21-inch cutting deck allows you to mow more with less path. The grass height can be adjusted from 1.18" to 3" to make it look and feel different. Side discharge helps easily pass thick grass for quicker mowing, and the mulching with heavy-duty blade makes it easy to recycle grass clippings. Quick folding is a way to save space and keep your house organized.

Brand: Powersmart

👤Today! The quality is very good, I started the first pull and mowed like a champ. Make sure you put the oil in the crank case. ***********

👤A.75 Acre lot. It is easy to use adjustment for the depth of cut. There were no issues. 5W-30 oil is not included.

👤I will let you know how the manufacture handles this, but unless I get a lemon in the production run this mower is awful. It takes a few pulls to get the mower to start. I'm not a novice when it comes to engines like this one. It shouldn't take that many pulls to start the engine. We will see what they do after I sent them an email. I caution anyone buying this mower.

👤One of the plastic clips broke in 15 minutes of using it. Not happy about it. I had to mow with the flap down and mulch the entire grass clippings, but it would start to shake and make noise, not like it was drying out, but a bad metal rattle. The side discharge is held by two plastic humps under the flap so it is bound to break for anyone.

👤The handle might break away from the base of the mower because it is a lightweight one. We had a one that lasted about two years. We had this one for a short time and it had more plastic than the first one. The cheapest mower you can buy. It's hard to complain when you buy the cheapest you can find. We have a wooded area in our back yard that will last at least a mowing season and we know the area will take a beating, so overall it gets the job done. We have a self propelled mower. This is perfect if you just need a lightweight mower for a small lawn.

👤It was easy to assemble, lightweight push, but as soon as we went from front yard to backyard it started leaking oil. It was around the top. I am the picture. I contacted the seller to see if a replacement could be done besides just returning. When I get a reply, I will update.

👤The lawn mower was easy to assemble. The bolts holding the handle to the base were pulled through the plastic after 15 minutes. I have to buy another mower and wait up to 2 weeks to get my money back because of complete waste of time and money.

👤I was not sure how much to put in. The backyard is unkempt. I was pretty sure I had put too much oil in by that time. It did two at a time when you adjusted the wheels. The back wheels had extra nubs that made it hard to tell if you were setting them the same as front. The handle broke off after the front was mowed. Another review had the same problem. The handle is made of plastic. It might not break if you don't have to give extra strength to the spot. The side discharger is two pieces, one attached to the starter handle and the other not attached to the mower handle. I could have done something about the last two things, but the handle defect is unacceptible.

6. American Lawn Mower Company 50514

American Lawn Mower Company 50514

It is easy to use and install pre-WOUND spray. The electric lawn mower has a powerful motor that can cut all types of grass. A corded electric lawn mower has a large cutting width and can be adjusted from 1 to 2.5 inches. A hard-top 16 gal grass bag with grass level indicator is included in the 2-in-1 rear discharge and mulching system. A slim frame with foldable handles is easy to store and transport. A gas-free lawn mower is lightweight and maneuverable.

Brand: American Lawn Mower Company

👤You're like "whoa that's a lot of rage in that tiny body" when someone suddenly goes postal on you. This thing feels like that. The razor bucket is very strong. The things I can confirm are that it's easy to assemble in about two minutes and that I'm 5'1 and don't lift. The safety on/ auto off setup is a real comfort for me, and it's quiet for a mower, which is nice. Handle pops off for compact storage, and any corded mower will have that same. The carry handle on the catch bag doesn't lock in securely and popped off a lot, but I put glue on it and it was fine. I'm really impressed. For my small yard and simple mow function, this is way above what I expected for an electric and at this price. After this experience, I'm definitely going to look into the company's other products.

👤I have used a reel mower for a long time. I don't like the nuisance of the gas/oil mowers. I had to wonder what I could do as my reel mower blades died. This is a good option. It's made of plastic and it's lightweight. It can corner things that few mowers can. Its electric. It's so light it's like a vacuum cleaner. Is this the answer to big emission machines? No. It does what it says and is a fraction of the price. The catch bag is useless. Here is the deal. This works. Not the best. Not the mightiest. For the price, it's quite impressive. I like it. I can't wait to mow my lawn again.

👤The lawn mower worked well for a while. It is easy to assemble and maneuver. The blade and related assembly is not very sturdy, the motor is not very powerful, and the grass is 5 - 6 inches in height. The nut holding the blade off was broken after about 3 months of normal use. I was going to try and get a new nut to fix it, but the screw thread was stripped and heavily worn. I just bought a new mower.

👤Most of the houses in my area have small backyards. I was not sure if this mower would be able to handle the tall grass. It took 3 minutes to set it up. I was chopping down the forest in the backyard when I got this.

👤A very powerful mower. There are a few things to remember about assembly. I had to trim the handle to fit on the grass bag because I had to add lock washers to the bolts that hold the handle together. I was not happy with the mower height adjustment. It is almost impossible to avoid cuttingookie rings in the lawn. This mower works best on lawns that are flat and level. This mower will be hard to mow because of the bumps and ruts. The low cutting height and lack of bearings on the plastic wheels make the heavy motor drag on the mower. The swing handle in the center of the housing makes it easier to back-and-forth mow the lawn. The mower does not have that feature.

7. GreenWorks 25322 Mower Battery Included

GreenWorks 25322 Mower Battery Included

Capable of cutting grass up to 4 inches tall. The churchyard is a churchyard. Greenworks electric lawn mowers are great for getting more done. The 40v push lawn mower has a fully charged 4.0Ah battery that can provide up to 45 minutes of runtime. The battery charges in 120 minutes. A lightweight 16” cutting deck makes it easy to maneuver through small to medium yards. It's a great choice for your lawn because of its easy push button start and lighter weight. The battery powered lawn mower has a single lever 5-position height adjustment with a cutting height range from 1-1/4" to 3-3/8" for the best cut in all environments. The 2-in-1 feature can be used with mulching and rear bagging. This walk behind lawn mower is maintenance free and has no emissions. It starts and is quiet, but it delivers gas-like power for your toughest projects. The battery operated lawn mower comes with a grass collection bag. It has a 3 year tool and 3 year battery warranty.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I bought this mower a year ago, because we mow our lawn all year. The machine does a good job mowing the lawn. The problem is the batteries. The batteries don't have a charge management circuit, and that's what's buried in the manual. The missing circuit means that you have to watch your batteries when they charge and remove them when they're full. The batteries lose their ability to hold a charge if this is not done. How severe is this problem? We have a small yard with about 1,500 feet of grass. For the first two times we moved, the mower finished the job quickly. We ran out of juice three times. The batteries last about 100-150 linear feet after a year. If you don't take the batteries off the charger once, you'll ruin the battery permanently. If you leave a device on the charge overnight, it will be ruined. Greenworks cutting costs by removing a charging management circuit is baffling, unless of course that's part of their strategy to sell more batteries. We've been using this machine for a year and are now going to use a brand that has batteries that work in all our power tools. This mower will work for you if you don't mind watching your batteries. Find a different brand if you have to.

👤It is too late to return the lawn mower I purchased. The machine clearing the clippings has had problems with the battery. After I ran through the initial charge, the battery requires constant charging and loses its charge when it's not in use. I believe I read on the website that it is supposed to mow 7000 square feet of lawn on one charge. My back lawn is between 600 and 700 feet. I was able to mow the front and back over the course of two days. It only did one lawn area on subsequent charges. Initially, it wouldn't do both back and front lawns on one charge, and then it didn't hold the remaining charge for 5 days. After only doing the front lawn, there was little or no charge left. I've had issues with the clippings from the mower. I'm using a bag. A lot comes out of the sides, at times completely blocking the little cupped areas on each side of the mower. A lot of clippings don't make it into the bag, and sometimes the chute that takes them into the bag gets completely blocked. I am very frustrated with this machine.

👤Suggest that you mow 1/2 acre and run for 60 minutes. Which is not true. I spoke to greenworks directly on 11/27/2018 and they told me that the average run time with the battery is 20 to 30 minutes with a battery using the bag and not the mulching plug. The mulch plug in will make the battery operate at a lower rate. The second battery costs an additional $80.00 to $130.00 depending on the amperage. 2000 to 3000 square feet of moving is what you can expect if you mow at a normal walking pace. The claims of 1/2 acre and 60 minutes of run time are ridiculous. Not exaggerating run time is important. The mower package has an extra battery. The grass is cut well and there is no noise.

8. BLACK DECKER MTC220 12 Inch Cordless

BLACK DECKER MTC220 12 Inch Cordless

There is a collection bag and a mower. 3 tools in 1 can be used to convert from mower to trimmer. Automatic feed system ensures continuous work. The ideal property is 750 square feet. The power drive transmission prevents the vehicle from stalling. The cutting heights are 1.6 and 2.4 inches. The deck trimmer has a pivot handle. 60 percent 2.5 hours. Includes batteries for extended run time.

Brand: Black+decker

👤It is easy to use and lightweight. It's fun to change it from a string trimmer to a mower. The whole unit is lighter than the string trimmer I used to have, and it handles everything I need in my small front and back yards. In tight spots, I can just pick up the whole unit and turn it around. It is easy to hose down the mower dock. I love this thing.

👤I would love to give this 10 stars. There is a fish pond, raised boxes for veggies, and a walkway to the pool in my backyard. This mower makes it easy to take care of this setup. I don't need to change it to get the string out. I can switch from mowing to trimming by stepping on the lever. I bought an extra battery that doubled the use time. It's not a burden with that battery. I use the 2.0 and 4.0 batteries each time I mow, but still have power left when I'm done. I bought an extra because I have a screwdriver that uses the same batteries. You can go over things you couldn't do with a real mower. You don't have to be afraid of blade breaking. This is perfect for a small yard or elderly person who doesn't want to use a gas powered mower. It's an incredible product. There is a photo of my area.

👤I needed a small, lightweight mower that I could transport back and forth to my mom's house, so I bought this unit. I'm happy it came with two battery packs, but I only need one because my job is small. I can use it as a trimmer and edger and it fits my needs. My main concern wasOWER. I only have to mow a small patch of lawn. It's new grass, but it's grown for a long time. The mower did a good job on areas that it trimmed, but rows of grass got pressed flat by the wheels, so the blades did not get cut by the trimmer. I don't think the mower is to blame for that, because I can't see how a mower could reach those blades. As the grass blades stand up better, I will have less problem with that. In the interim, I mowed like I was pushing a vacuum cleaner with one hand and raking the grass with the other. The blades that were cut were even to the ground. The platform can be adjusted but not in the manual. I only knew about it because of a sticker on the platform, but it's not clear how to do that. You have to pull the axle. It comes set on high. I like the default setting. The handle has telescopes. I played around with it and figured out that they don't want short people to use this thing. Pull the handle out instead of releasing it like you want to tilt the head. Changing from mower to edger and back is very easy. It's one of the best things about this combo. The action of the trimmer is excellent. I don't have any complaints. Ditto for the edger. It cuts like a dream when it converts from edger to trimmer. I wouldn't recommend this as a mower for large areas because I have to push like a vacuum cleaner. It would be too inefficient. I have small areas that are fine. If you want something primarily for trimming/edging, I highly recommend this unit.

9. Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric MO13B00

Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric MO13B00

Compatibility and quality are ensured by genuine EGO parts. The 13 Amp Electric Motor has enough power to cut through the toughest grass. The job is done quicker and more efficiently with a 21-Inch steel cutting deck. Multiple options for grass clippings from rear bagging to side discharge and mulching are provided by the 3-in-1 feature. The 7 position height adjustment allows for a range of cutting heights from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches for the perfect cut on all grass types. There are 10-Inch rear wheels and 7-Inch front wheels. Lift the discharge cover to find the plug. The weight is 56 lbs.

Brand: Greenworks

👤Didn't last a year. Plastic broke off on its own. Cheap plastic that could not be fixed. What a joke. Never again Greenworks. I was excited to get this lawnmower because it was going to be my new electric mower and I had neglected it over the years. I never took care of it. I thought if it gave me a couple years, it would still save me money. Gardeners are expensive in my area. I thought it was time to upgrade since the blade hasn't been spinning as fast as it should. This is the Greenworks. It definitely has power. There is a lot of power. I went all out to buy a 12 gauge electric cord and the man does it for me. My mowing time was cut in half because of the amount of power and width of the blade. I didn't have to read the manual to get this up and running. There is a The CONs come here. I think parts of this unit are cheap. I'm not sure I'll be getting 8 years out of this mower. The reason I say this is because some of the plastic looks very cheap. The metal line that runs to the hand gripe looks cheap. The entire handle bar assembly was wobbly after I had assembled it. The top handle bar is supposed to be locked tight to the lower bar assembly, yet can be folded down for storage. It was so flimsy that it was going to fall apart. I had to reverse the nut to get a tighter fit. I had to use a bunch of zip ties to reinforce the handle bar. I will not be able to fold the handle bars going forward. Is the trade off for power worth it? Not sure yet. If you can live without folding the handlebars, it would be a lot better. If you need to fold and store this unit, I can see it breaking.

👤This is the first lawnmower I have ever purchased for myself, and the first house I have ever purchased. I'm familiar with how gas powered lawnmowers work, because I've used plenty of them in the past. The Greenworks mower is just as good, but it's quieter, easier to start, and more convenient to maintain. No oil, no gas, no spark plugs. It is easy to handle grass and weeds. I live in Washington State and it rains a lot. If you wait for the grass to be completely dry, it will grow taller in the Spring. No problem, this mower cut it down. There were a lot of weeds and dandelions in my side yard. This mower ate them and didn't stop. I had to empty the bag more frequently. It's easy to adjust the height, just move one control and it will go up or down as you please. Keeping track of the extension cord is the only thing that takes some getting used to. It likes to get caught up in things. It's kind of a trade-off. I don't have to keep the gas and oil full, but I have to roll up a 75 foot cord when I'm done. I watch to make sure that cord doesn't get under the mower. I'm very happy with this mower, and I would buy it again.

10. WG743 Power Share 4 0Ah Cordless

WG743 Power Share 4 0Ah Cordless

The 2-in-1 feature has mulching and bagging capabilities. Patented Intellicut technology adds power when the grass gets thicker, then allows you to dial it back down to conserve battery. There are 6 cutting heights. You can pick the height to accommodate different seasons and preferences with the single lever adjustment. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products. CUTS TO THE EDGE The cut-to-edge design is closer to the fence and landmarks on your lawn than other mowers. The battery charge indicator will tell you how much battery you have left. You can know how much more you can cut before you need to change batteries. The full Baghdad inDICATOR is here. You know when it is time to empty the bag. Storage in the garage is easy during the off-season.

Brand: Worx

👤I didn't know it was so small when I bought it, even though it said the size on Amazon. I put a pic of it next to my minivan to show people the size. Small size means you have to walk a lot more to mow the lawn. It looks like a toy because it is small. It has a metal blade. The small size makes it very light. It's easy to carry around. It is easy to push. You can walk fast even though you have to do a lot more walking. Even grandma could do it. It's easy to start. You push a button and a lever because it is electric. There is no attempt to pull a chain from the engine. I would pull with all my might, but I wasn't fast enough or tall enough to start it. This one is very easy. If you need to move something out of the way, just turn it off, move the item, and then turn it on again. It is quiet, another pro. I live in a place that gets 120 degrees in the summer. I can mow the lawn at 6 am without being bothered by the neighbors. It's easy to store another pro. Two big batteries are another pro. I mow the back and front without using the batteries because they last long. My yards are small. Another pro is that smallness makes it easy to maneuver. I have a swing set outdoors. I just trim a little around each pole. It was fast, light and easy. No gas is required. No dealing with engines, oil or gas. No electric cord is a pro. When you mow, you don't need to worry about running over something. It is light and fast, because it has no gas, no chords, and it is fast. I can mow both yards in 30 minutes. I love mowing the lawn. It does a good job cutting my grass. There is a metal blade. The safety precautions are the same as a real mower. If you want a quiet mower, this is it. I like it. This is great if you don't have a big yard and you are not super strong. There is a You might want something else if you have a big yard. Some reviews say that the batteries don't last long. The batteries last at least 45 minutes if you insert them correctly in the mower and set it on eco mode. The mower won't last long if you put it on a mode that doesn't last long. It is strong enough for most yards. The mulcher attachment is already installed. If you want to use the bag, you have to remove the mulcher. It may seem like the mower is malfunctioning. I figured it out after I did that. It was fine when I took it out.

👤We own other lawn tools from worx. My husband has a bad back and having battery operated tools makes it so much easier to work with. This mower is no different. He had it out of the box and it was put together in 10 minutes. It's very light and doesn't have a crank pull like the other mowers we've owned. My son wants to use it because he pushes in the key and it starts. It came with two batteries and a double bank charge station. The batteries fit the other tools we already have from worx. Win, win! If you are looking for a mower that is easy to start up, light weight and compact to store, this is the one for you. It did a great job cutting our quarter of an acre lot.

11. GreenWorks 20 Inch Corded Electric 25022

GreenWorks 20 Inch Corded Electric 25022

The wind speed can be up to 150 mph, perfect for cleaning debris and leaves off hard surface areas. The deck is 20-inch steel. The motor cuts through the toughest grass. There is unlimited run-time with corded power. The job is done quicker and more efficiently with a 21-inch cutting deck. mulch, rear bagging, and side discharge are included in the 3-in-1 system. The push button is easy to start. No gas, no oil, no emissions. The lever has a height adjustment.

Brand: Greenworks

👤Great machine. A heavy duty 12 gauge extension cord has a lot of power. Make sure the grass is dry after rain or watering. It's very easy for a 69 year old semi-disabled female to operate. Take great care to keep the extension cord out of the path and away from your feet. Don't pull start or need a man to get it going, just mow away! Pull the handle lever if you want to go. Your lawn is easy to mow and beautiful again. It's a good thing. jlp

👤I'm quite pleased with this lawn mower, but it has its limits. The mower is light and easy to assemble. I've only been using it for about a month, but I'm impressed with its construction, and have no reason to doubt it will last me a long time. If I'm wrong, I'll update the review. It offers everything I could want, from a wide range of height settings to the option to mulch or bag my clippings. I don't want to plug the mower in while I mow, so it has a clip to secure my extension cord. I live in Florida and the mower is not easy to mow. My lawn is green. It's a wide-blade grass with a high amount of water in it. If I set the mower to bag the grass, it cuts it well. If I use the mower in mulching mode, it will not be able to cut my lawn without getting stuck. It can't cut through my grass and mulch the clippings. I mow weekly. I'm not talking about tall grass. This limitation is not a big deal for me. I only have to empty the bag once. If you have wide-blade grass, you might want to consider something more powerful. I highly recommend this mower.

👤I have had a mower for a year. It has helped my lawn. My parents used to have a craftsman mower which ran on gasoline and powered on wheels, so I chose to go with an electric mower. The backyard had a slight downward hill and the powered wheels were nice to have. I didn't like dealing with gasoline. I didn't like having to refill the gas can or get gasoline on my hands while trying to fill the mower with gas. I would spill gas trying to fill the mower. Not a dealbreaker. It was annoying. I bought a new house recently and the lawn is pretty level. I decided to try it out. My neighbor across the street used an electric mower and he told me that he's never had a problem. The toughest part of using a corded mower is figuring out how to cut the lawn without having to change the power cord. You will enjoy using this mower once you get it down, it has enough power to handle lawn mowing and even the occasional branch. It is easy to switch between bagging andmulching. The top half of the handle is held by easy-release brackets so that you can fold the push bar when you store the mower. My parents had a craftsman who did not have this feature and the mower took up a lot of space in their shed. There's only one lever to adjust the height of the blade. There are a couple of tips for those considering the switch to electric mower. If you want to stand out from the rest of the lawn, buy yourself a nice extension cord that can reach from the power source to the farthest corner. The christmas ornaments I used were dark green and I used the outdoor extension cord. It took me more time to locate the cord as I was mowing the lawn. I have been using the 50ft bright orange power cord ever since. 2. The best way to mow depends on where the power source is and the location of your lawn. Take care of thatTERN. It took a few sessions for me to figure out the best way to mow without having to change the power cord every time I mow. I don't mind that a corded mower is used. The easiest place to start is at the point in the lawn closest to the outlet and furthest from the lawn. I keep the cord between my legs so that when I turn at the edge of the lawn to cut the next line of grass, the cord is easy to follow behind the mower. This is a great mower, it has all the power and features one could need, it is a great price. It is quieter than a gas mower so if you insist on mowing the lawn at 8am on Saturday when the rest of the world is sleeping in, your neighbors will thank you.


What is the best product for electric lawn mower ryobi?

Electric lawn mower ryobi products from Sun Joe. In this article about electric lawn mower ryobi you can see why people choose the product. Greenworks and Powersmart are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lawn mower ryobi.

What are the best brands for electric lawn mower ryobi?

Sun Joe, Greenworks and Powersmart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lawn mower ryobi. Find the detail in this article. American Lawn Mower Company, Black+decker and Worx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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