Best Electric Leaf Blower Corded

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1. Sun Joe SBJ603E Electric Mulcher

Sun Joe SBJ603E Electric Mulcher

The power source is battery- powered. Text Sun Joe to ask questions. A blower, vacuum and mulcher is needed for fast leaf cleaning. The 13-amp motor has a power of up to 240 mph. There are 6 wind speeds that can be adjusted. The leaves of the impeller shreds can be up to 17th of their original size. They've got you covered. The Snow Joe + Sun Joe customer promise is behind your new blower/vacuum/mulcher. New, powered products will be valid for two years from the date of purchase. No questions were asked.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤It didn't work or turn on twice. I asked for help shooting with the seller, but didn't get anything. He told me I couldn't come back after 30 days. I told him that I knew the return policy. I just wanted to know what to do. The product and seller were very disappointing.

👤After about 4 uses, the power went off intermittently and then stopped altogether. No more coming on. I had to rotate the leaves to make them fit in the mouth in order for it to pick it up. Do not recommend a purchase.

👤It works occasionally and when it does, it's fine. You have to take it apart to inspect it because it stops working. Sometimes the problem is apparent, but not always. It makes a job take an hour. Complete trash. You're better off with a rake.

👤If you have a lot of leaves to pick up and planter boxes that are hard to get the fallen leaves out, this is the item for you. It worked as a vacuum to get the leaves that end up in my planter boxes that are hard to blow out, and it turned about seven large bags of leaves into one bag. When you can't blow it, then suck it. This did a great job and I give it a big thumbs up. It's a little heavy so you have to stretch your shoulders first.

👤I returned my SunJoe because it is Chinese. The Yard-Man was made in Canada and was sturdy. The plastic on the vacuum tube and wheel kit on SunJoe didn't hold up to 45 minutes of use before it was destroyed. I was impressed that SunJoe included two different vacuum bags, one for over the shoulder and the other attached to the vacuum tube. I assumed they don't do quality inspections because the stitching was already off the rounded bag when I opened the box. The weight of the zip up needs to be heavier than what they provided. The canvas was too small. There was a lot of dust. I ordered a Worx WG509 Trivac 2 after shipping the SunJoe back. The bag and zip up on the Worx are three times better than the SunJoe unit, and you don't have to swap parts after blowing. SunJoe has the strongest blower I have used. I use a plastic panel in my garage. The SunJoe unit will pick up the panel and skate it across the floor. I have two units that can't do that. I would have kept the SunJoe if the plastic accessories and vacuum bag had been better.

👤The power house is small. I am a 65 year old woman with a small body and this one is perfect for me. The bags with the shoulder straps don't work for me as they drag on the ground and wear out quickly, as they never stay on my shoulder. The bag is easy to detach and empty, and it doesn't get in the way when vacuuming around bushes. This baby has a great ability to clean up large piles of leaves very quickly, and it mulches them up very well. If you are a woman and looking for a light weight blower/vac that gets the job done, then this is the one you need. I have had a couple of brands, but they can't compare to this Sun Joe.

2. VARSK 2 Cordless Leaf Blower

VARSK 2 Cordless Leaf Blower

The safety cord lock feature prevents the cord from being disconnected. The 460 CFMVARSK adopts the Venturi Tech Design Tube that maximizes leaf blower air flow. You can carry a jet engine around the yard. A thick stream of air can travel at 85 MPH. You can clear your yard, deck, and driveway with the widest stream. Designed for larger lawns, or anyone who just wants a really powerful blower at a price that is impossible to argue with. The VARSK leaf blower fan engineering delivers a whopping speed of 190 MPH so you can power through heavier debris; the VARSK leaf blower can produce an accurate and strong air stream to clean the hard-to-remove stuff. Variable speed control lets you change the power up or down to tackle any job. You can choose different power according to the application scenario. The VARSK leaf blower is better than the gas-powered models. Low speed mode is used for longer operating time. It is lightweight and portable. It's lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver. It weighs only 3.9 lbs and has an ergonomics that moulds to the direction of blowing, you will experience 30% less user fatigue, and it can be operated comfortably with one hand. The upgraded rubber grip of the leaf blower provides you with just enough support to make your job easier. The leaf blower set comes with a fast charging battery and battery that lasts twice as long as a 2.0Ah battery pack. VARSK power tools work with their industry-leading Lithium battery. Simply assemble it to your tool and get to work. Low speed mode can be used for longer operating time. If you want to get the best use effect, you must charge it for over 6 hours. If you want to maximize your battery life, please leave the battery fully charged. The working time will be less than 20 minutes if you use top speed mode.

Brand: Varsk

👤I was expecting something that could blow leaves. It does. As long as there are a few leaves. It's like blowing saw dust off my tablesaw. This had a small nozzle that gave a high speed wind output. There isn't enough power or volume to move a lot of leaves. I used it for 15 minutes. I requested the return when I was done laughing.

👤What a great blower! Positive reviews are true, for sure! If you have corners where leaves gather, using a lower speed is great because all the stuff doesn't whoosh up at your face, but can be gently guided out, and magically direct the stuff. It's easy to open the door of the living room, which is just outside the fence, because it's on the patio, which has a 10' x 20' old flagstone. Hence. The pup doesn't bring everything inside. The huge Oak hanging over the 15' x 24' concrete is an easy blow off. Move the big and little stuffs up or down. A three year warranty is a great bonus. It's easy to change the power, it's lightweight, and it has a fun color. Superb purchase!

👤It ran 20 minutes after being charged up. The battery was charged even though the green light said it was not. Now won't start. I wasted a lot of time and the leaves are not done. Don't buy power equipment on Amazon, you can't trust reviews anymore!

👤It's useful when blowing leaves that are wet or dry. The power is real. A smart way to build a tool. The same engine produces two different results by changing out the plastic hose. The smaller hose is a lot stronger. I would use it for leaves that were wet. I would use the bigger hose when it is dry. I might be lazy and just use the smaller hose. The tool is light and easy to carry. This is the most favorite blower I have.

👤I chose this unit for a number of reasons. The price, warranty and blower speed are important. I use an electric leaf blower in my back yard that requires pulling around 100 feet of electrical cable, but it is not necessary. It gets the job done. I don't need a gas powered unit. I was looking for a unit that could be used in the front and that was close to my electric and not have to drag around the extension cord. It is a small yard with a single tree, so I needed something that was light and powerful to blow around leaves and grass clippings. It does a great job for the front and I have used it many times. The battery needs to be bigger. I used it to blow leaves in the back yard, but it only lasted about 15 minutes on high. I am happy with this. Some blowers say they can do 140mph, and this one says it can do 190mph. It does a great job for light jobs.

3. SEYVUM Leaf Blower Cordless Lightweight

SEYVUM Leaf Blower Cordless Lightweight

All power tools come with a 2-year warranty and are strict about the quality. If you need more power to complete big projects, it's a good choice to buy their other power tools, because their batteries are shared. Powerful copper motor and turbine tech. The SEYVUM leaf blower has a copper motor which has a longer- lasting life and lowers energy consumption than ordinary motors, and it also has a maximum air volume of 150 MPH. The design of the cellular radiator at the bottom reduces the risk of overheating and is more durable. The accessory includes a battery and a charging device. This electric leaf blower has a fast charge technology so that the battery can be fully charged in only 2 hours. The high-speed mode has an average no-load speed of 150mph, and the low-speed mode has an average no-load speed of 70mph. The leaf blower battery is suitable for all usage scenarios. If you want to convert from indoor work to outdoor work, you could use the blowing tubes. The body of the leaf blower is light and portable, and you can easily lift it with one hand. Quick Assembly, All for The User, Broad Use Sweeps debris from shops, garages, driveway, outdoor yards, and gardens fell wet leaves or clears hard-to-reach surfaces. SeYVUM home dryer blower is able to remove snow, dust, debris, spider webs, and drying your car surface. The blower can be assembled in 1 minute, all parts are clear, and you can get started when you receive it. In order to maximize your battery life and lifespan, please leave the battery fully charged while not using. When charging immediately, a green light may appear. The battery has temperature control protection. The battery needs to cool down for a few minutes before you can charge it. The battery will show red when it's charging. When fully charged, it will show green. All of their products come with an 18-month free warranty. If the package is damaged due to shipping, warehouse packing, parts are lost, or both, please contact them to solve the problem.

Brand: Seyvum

👤I bought a house and was looking for a leaf blower to use in the spring. This is a very nice blower. It is light weight and compact and has enough power to complete the job. It works for me since it comes with an extra battery pack, I was a bit hesitant about it.

👤I would recommend this product to everyone. It was pretty good, I used it. It is easy to blow leaves away with the power of the blower. I have to sweep all of the leaves from my driveway every time I have to drive my car in the driveway because there are lots of leaves in my driveway. It can be time consuming to sweep leaves and it can cause back pain. The leaf blower helped a lot. I like how lightweight it is, so I won't get tired easily when blowing the leaves. I use a leaf blower to get rid of the leaves in my driveway. Since you have 2 extra batteries, you can use the leaf blower for a longer time without buying new batteries.

👤I bought this for the winter and spring leaf storm and so far I am very pleased. It's a relatively small body, but the output is huge. I can have one ready with two batteries. I don't need it because the single charge is enough for my small backyard. If you have a lot of leaves, it's a really useful tool.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the blower. It's great that I can clean the patio quickly. Light and easy to maneuver. There is a spare if the first one runs out. It's nice to have that, but I haven't had it yet. This is a good deal.

👤I got it for the summer, but haven't used it.

👤It does what it's supposed to, light weight, easy to use, maneuvers well, and the battery life lasts a long time for my needs. It works well! Even after that, it still has charge in it.

👤I recommend this blower because it comes with 2 batteries that charge very fast and give 30 minutes per battery. It's a great item.

👤The batteries are needed to blow the leafs off of the deck.

4. Greenworks Corded Blower Vacuum 24022

Greenworks Corded Blower Vacuum 24022

Your investment is protected by a 4-year warranty. It was designed to provide superior mulching and high powered performance. The 12 Amp motor is powerful enough to clear the debris. The 2-speed control is needed for better control in the vacuum mode. It converts from a blower to a vacuum with no tools required. Use 14 gauge 50" or 12 gauge 100" extension cord. Your investment is protected by a 4-year warranty.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The Sears leaf blower/vacuum impeller broke on the job. I went on the hunt for a replacement after I couldn't locate a NOS replacement. I was looking for a unit that was the same as my favorite. I prefer corded garden tools. I don't use battery operated devices. My wants were long so my search was short. I ordered the leaf blower vacuum from GreenWorks because I was impressed with the 1700 Power Washer that I had just purchased. I have trees that are very messy. The GreenWorks blower was in the box when I took it to the job. It performed as I had hoped. I didn't have to use high-speed to get the job done. I came back with a vacuum attachment to finish the job after I racked up the enormous pile of blossoms. I was immediately showered with dust from the bag. I thought I had left the door ajar. The bag has courser woven material at the top edge. The ability to leave the bag quicker is something that filters and gives air. It did a great job of vacuuming my driveway, but at the cost of being smothered in the escaping dust. The bag collection bag is from the old Sears vacuum. I wrapped it up and finished the job. The blower/vacuum from GreenWorks is still recommended. It is easy to handle. If you are going to be vacuuming areas that have loose dry soil or ground leaves be prepared for a dusting.

👤This unit is very good. I bought it for the vacuum mode so that I could mulch up leaves. It works well for that function. I would think a small person would struggle with it. I had no issues. The bag is small but it is so efficient that it can fill it up very quickly. You could empty the bag a lot. You are processing leaves. I dump them into a 33 gallon garbage can and then I use a two wheel truck to take it to the compost pile. The intake tube is shaped like a funnel, which is the only issue I had with it. It is narrow in the middle, which can cause it to get stuck. It's odd that they would design it with a restriction like that. I expected a metal blade. There was a plastic one that came with mine. That was disappointing. I love it.

👤It was not easy to setup this machine. The bag is porous and left a mess on me when I discovered it. The vacum part doesn't work very well. I am a woman with a height of 4 feet. I'm not sure if I'll keep this at this point.

👤When you need the negative star review option, where is it? This is a great vacuum. The bag is poorly designed, like many other people. I bought mine less than two months ago and it broke. I tried to call them, but they are only open on Mondays and Fridays. That is a bad statement for someone on the west coast. I waited 3 days for my customer service request to be completed, but didn't hear anything. The employee that helped me was not rude, but she was not interested in a resolution. She said that she could send me a new bag for 30 dollars after I explained what happened. I was not prepared to hear that as I bought the entire item for less than 50. She told me that the bag was not covered by the warranty as it was a wear and tear item. If the bags were made of paper, but they are a major component of a vacuum, they should not fail within 2 months. The greenworks products have a "stellar warranty". It's easy to offer an extended warranty when you exclude everything that could go wrong. The lady on the phone never let me speak to her supervisor, so I will never purchase another Greenworks product, but they are shipping me a new bag, but it will take a few weeks.

5. Performance Tool W50069 Compact Variable

Performance Tool W50069 Compact Variable

The maximum air speed is 120 mph. It's easy to blow power in a small size. The variable speed feature allows you to choose the amount of power. Two piece nozzle can be used in 9 inches or 18 inches. The electric broom is great for clearing dust and saw dust from power tools, as well as a touch-less dry on your car. The electric broom is great for clearing dust and saw dust from power tools, as well as a touch-less dry on your car.

Brand: Performance Tool

👤The little blower is powerful. The carbon brushes wear out within a couple of months of daily use, but that can be fixed by removing the two black screws on the side of the motor, and attaching a carbon brush to it. Sanding the brushes flat every once in awhile is worth it.

👤The Performance Tool Garage/Shop W50069 Blower 700W Variable Speed Blower was purchased by me because of the more favorable reviews. I generate a lot of sawdust while I am outside on the deck. I can blow away the sawdust from my tools and projects with its small size, instead of using my larger leaf blower. It can be used to blow off the deck, but I'll use the longer leaf blower. The short power cord is my only complaint with this blower.

👤I just returned from overseas, so I had a chance to open it. The nozzle was broken in 5 pieces. It was not usable. The 31jan19 return date has passed without any fault of the purchaser or I. Enclosed is a photo.

👤Some people posted that the nozzle flies off, but mine locks in so no problem there. It's hard to use and I'm a woman. It has all of the power I need to clear out the garage and front porch. It's small and easy to use. I have not had a complaint about it.

👤The button to keep it on was broken so it stays on the whole time. I bought another one for her and kept this one because it wasn't opened until after the return date. When I want it off, I just plug it in. I love it.

👤It works great, I only used it once in the garage. I needed it for small jobs that didn't require a leaf blower.

👤I had a chance on this blower. I've gone to blowers from this company and both of them gave out early. The gray one stopped working after 10 uses. Don't waste your money and go somewhere else.

👤The little blower just quit after about a year of use. Thought it was a good price, but it turned out to be a high priced disposable item.

6. ENERTWIST Electric 8000 17000rpm Adjustable Retention

ENERTWIST Electric 8000 17000rpm Adjustable Retention

There are also included: (1) BV3600 12. The Amp blower vac has a blow tube, vacuum tube, and collection bag. The Earliest Duty 15AMP Motor and 607CFM Enertwist Corded Leaf Blowers have a powerful 1800W motor that can blow up to 607 CFM for quick clean up of wet leaves, snow and debris. It works 2x faster than gas blowers, perfect for clearing the garden, yard, garage, patio, driveway, sidewalks, etc. Variable speed control is used for different jobs. Slow for tight corners and fast for large, open lawn. nertwist electric blower is only 6.6 lbs and can be controlled with one hand. This leafblower has a soft-grip main handle and auxiliary handle for better control when you need to push down the duct to get huge blowpower. 0.71.2M ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER TROAPAdjustable 0.71.2M shoulder strap for easier one-handed operation, prevents fatigue from long-time use. The design of the air nozzle makes it easy to handle. 2 years of quality is provided by the exchanger. The electrical cord has a retainer attached to it to prevent accidental unplugging. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Enertwist

👤I like it better than the price. I expected it to do that. The short cannon makes it easier to haul around. Just kidding, the neighbors cat is right out of the yard. It is a great product for my large acer lot.

👤I bought this blower to clear the leaves from behind my heat pump, because my neighbors have large trees which shed tons of leaves at this time of year. It did that well. I bought a corded type after reading the reviews of the cheaper ones, it has plenty of power, and the affordable ones seem to suffer from low power and/or short battery life. I've only used it once, so I don't know much about it. The spare brushes in the instruction package were very thoughtful, but I was a little worried about the future. I was worried about the smell of hot oil when I first used it, but I hope it's because it's new and not a bad bearing. There are quisbbles. The power cord is advertised as 10 feet. It's 6 foot, that's plain wrong. The instruction leaflet warns that you should wear hearing protectors. The description on Amazon says it is easy to manage because it only weighs 6 pounds and the total shipping weight is 3 pounds. The power supply on the website is written in Chinese, so one doesn't know whether it is a battery or a power supply. If you want to "off" the speed controller, you have to go one click further. Once you figure out what's going on, these aren't important. The seller should have treated the buyer with proper respect. A good addition to my gardening tools.

👤I've had blowers before. There are gas, electric, and battery. I needed a unit that had the power of a gas unit. It's not possible to do it with battery power. The blower has a lot of power. If I have it on high speed, it can move small rocks. I like that I can change speeds. You need ear protection. I haven't had a leaf yet, pine can't move quickly if it's wet or dry. If you want power, don't want gas or battery, and a reasonable price, I'll reccommend this blower.

👤I wanted it to be easy to use. I like to keep the leaves out of the way. It works well for me. My husband has a backpack blower. I don't like smelling like gas and I can't crank them.

👤The second season of Vermont autumn leaves was just starting when my one year old Toro died. There was a chance of panic set in. I found this model on Amazon and it was ready to ship. It arrived early. The product is great, but I think the higher quality is the reason. I like the ease of wind speed adjustment, as I was going from lawn to gardens with mulch. This product has made me think differently about falling leaf season and it has another week to go. This will be used for snow on the sidewalk and for light snows in the driveway to cut down on plowing.

7. Sun Joe SBJ605E Electric Mulcher

Sun Joe SBJ605E Electric Mulcher

It's easy to use. Text Sun Joe to ask questions. The 3-in-1 design has a blower, vacuum and mulcher. The 14-amp motor can generate up to 250 mph of air flow. The aluminum alloy impeller is durable. Their original size is up to 1/16th.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤I don't think I can ever buy another Sun Joe product after using this leaf vacuum. The bag on this product is so bad that I find it funny. I'm annoyed Sun Joe would release such a deficient product. If you think I'm exaggerating, look at the reviews for this product on Sun Joe's own site - it's nothing but people complaining about how the bag broke on their machine. I went to vacuum some leaves out of my yard, and I had a good experience with this product. It's pretty standard work. The bag blew open at the zipper after about 2 hours of use. Sun Joe was nice enough to replace the bag. Within an hour of use, the bag began to break at the seam near the bag inlet. .... Within an hour. I duct taped it and continued using it. The bag failed at the following points within a few more hours of use: There was a hole near the other side of the inlet, two holes appeared randomly in the middle of the fabric, and the handle broke off. Sun Joe sent me another bag. This one didn't last long enough to fill a bag of leaves before it began splitting at a seam. Shame on this company. There is no way a bag can be that bad. They didn't know about it. They have reviews on their site that are reviewed after reviews of the same experience. It's a shame because the vacuum does a good job and doesn't get stuck. The bag should not rip within a minute of being used.

👤This blower/vacuum/mulcher is lightweight but powerful. I have a lot of trees that seem to fall in November and December. I used my vac last year. That was too cumbersome. I looked at all the reviews and decided on this model. Between times my gardener only comes every other week, the leave can be quite lengthy. I only wanted to blow the leaves off my deck so I could clear my front door. Had that bag filled up in no time, I would have tried the vacuum/mulcher and it would have worked well. It mulched small twigs. This is a well engineered design that is easy to assemble and change from blower to vacuum without an engineering degree. This is better than my shop vac for cleaning the garage, I might donate it and keep my Sun Joe. Hope this helps.

👤I bought it a year ago after reading reviews for similar units. I was looking for a new gas unit to replace my one that died. After a few years, gas units became difficult to start even with good maintenance. The Sun Joe unit is close to the same air volume capacity as the electric units, but they don't have the same capacity. I use a leaf vacuum. There are a few oaks that dump leaves. The Sun Joe is up to the task. Not as good as my old gas guy, but enough. I can leave the pine straw and stones behind when I pull up lots of leaves. I had to have Sun Joe replace the bag. That is not very strong. I'm worried the replacement bags will fail as well. There were no issues or problems. The gutter/eave blower attachment works well for me. The unit is difficult to control and hold because of the amount of air it is releasing, but I think that is good. It saves me from climbing the ladder and having to clean them out manually. I rarely give all five stars. A product has to be knocked off my socks to get five stars. I did 4 stars because this one is better.

8. Electric Variable Installation 2 Section CHANTPOWER

Electric Variable Installation 2 Section CHANTPOWER

If you have any questions, please contact their team, the product has a 2-year warranty. The 120V corded blower provides for 6 + Max speed selections which allow users to set speed from 12000-20000rpm according to different situations. You will need higher speed on the grass if you want it to suit hard surfaces. The leaf blower with innovative axial fan design which air volume up to 600 CFM and airspeed up to 135 MPH provides a powerful cleaning effect and makes your work more efficient. It's perfect for blowing off leaves from your lawn. The 2 section tube design and quick installation will allow you to start the blower with 2 steps in 3 seconds. The leaf blower's weight is only 6 lbs, it's lightweight and comfortable to use, and it's one-hand control, which makes it easy to use for a long time. Environmental friendly and safety. The corded-electric units will not emit exhaust gas. It has a retainer attached to prevent it from getting stuck.

Brand: C P Chantpower

👤This is the truth. I discovered the speed dail today and have nothing bad to say. It really kicked butt. I bought a 100 ft cord and it works perfectly, I prefer electricity over gas or battery. I think electric will be more reliable.

👤This thing doesn't do anything great. I have had better blowers. It is light weight and that is its best quality. You have to have your fingers on the gun. There isn't a way to lock it on.

👤It works for what I wanted. The leaves are scattering. It was a bit awkward for me at first. I did not take long to get it to work for me, because I am on the shorter side. It would be close to the house yard.

👤It has good air volume and a lot of power. I would buy again.

👤I was glad I settled on this one because it took some time before I finalized an a leaf blower. Great power for the price, quick delivery. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a small powerful beauty.

👤Excellent pricing for a powerful blower. This thing is made in china and will blow gravel and leaves.

👤The power I was expecting was more than I was expecting. The handle is awkward.

👤I am very happy with the leaf blower. My old is 25 years old. I received a battery powered blower as a Father's Day gift, but it was useless. I live in the Pacific NW and love the different settings. This thing is getting a workout with all of the leaves.

👤I use a leaf blower to remove snow from our cars during the winter. It is made to stand up to the cold weather that we have here in central Canada. I store it outside in the cold and exposed to the elements.

👤The blower has been pleasantly surprised. It is small and light. No stay on. To whine at the high speed, you need to wear earplugs.

9. Sun Joe SBJ597E All Purpose Electric

Sun Joe SBJ597E All Purpose Electric

A package with multiple nozzles and a 100% return policy. There are additional adapters for basketball, balls, short cone/long cone, and inflatable kayak. They will give you a money back/replacement warranty for a year. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, they will give you a 100% return&refund in one year. Text Sun Joe to ask questions. It'sTILE: Cleaning the patio, driveway, decks and garage. The 6-amp motor can create up to 155 mph air speed. 14 gauge extension cord is required. Load speed is 12,000/13,500rpm. Light weight is only 3.8 lbs.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤I was shopping for a broom to clean the back deck of my house. The cost of an outdoor broom is between 15 and 18 dollars. I have a cheap indoor broom, but it wasn't cutting on the back deck. Amazon suggested this leaf blower in my search results. I thought I couldn't afford a leaf blower. And then Amazon said it was $18. That is cheaper than my broom. Hell. Yes. I want a leaf blower. I am looking for a way to do manual labor and Amazon gives me a leaf blower for $18. No one has ever trusted me with a leaf blower before. I like what I am doing. It took me 5 minutes to clean the back deck with my new leaf blower after I ordered it. I took longer to write this review. Thanks to Amazon.

👤I own a condo with a patio, garden area and a garage. This was perfect for both as it is cheap and powerful. The leaves were cleared from the bushes and the dirt was removed from the patio. I decided to buy it because I wanted to put my plants in for the summer and not have to wait for the landscapers. It cleans the patio in two minutes. It cleared my garage floor in a matter of minutes. I told my wife she could use it for a hair dryer, but she didn't think it was funny.

👤I was skeptical of this blower due to its low price. The negative reviews turned me off but the positive reviews outnumbered them. I said to myself, "I just need to buy it for less than 20 bucks." I received it today and I am very impressed. I use it in my auto detailing business to blow out debris in the interior of my cars. I was going to test it out on my car. It has big wheels. I turned on the blower after washing the rim. The wheel was dried in less than 20 seconds. I was surprised. This little thing has a lot of power and it is almost nothing. I am sure there are more powerful blowers out there, but they come at a price. I can see this one competing with $100 machines, it is UNBEATABLE for the price. You will love this thing if you give it a try.

👤The value is amazing. It did what I needed it to do. mulch around trees The leaves were taken care of around the house. This works well to clean ride-on lawn mower. There were some leaves at the bottom of the pile that I had to take care of. You won't be disappointed if you work with a $16 leaf blower and you're not a landscaper. The leaf blower is easy to use.

👤This was $12.50 on an Amazon Warehouse deal. The world can make, ship, and then ship to a customer for this price, it's amazing. It feels like it is comparable to the Black and Decker unit being sold at a home improvement store. I don't use it for grass. It works well as a car and bike blow dryer. I'm not sure how it compares to other leaf blowers that are more expensive. It is cheap and feels well-made. It's a win-WIN-WIN, as Michael Scott would say, and it's a good value and fit/finish are what you'd expect when purchasing this type of product. I'd change a few things, 2 Stars: Barely works but can be made useful if you try, and 1 Star: Useless, does not perform it's intended function, and is generally a waste of money.

10. Electric Handheld Sweeper Multifunctional Blowing

Electric Handheld Sweeper Multifunctional Blowing

If you want to get the best use effect, you must charge it for over 6 hours. If you want to maximize your battery life, please leave the battery fully charged. The working time will be less than 20 minutes if you use top speed mode. It is a blower but also a vacuum that can help you clean the garden of fallen leaves, snow, and also help you clean the corner and gap which is hard to clean. It's suitable for home, garden, office, workshop and other places. Dust removal in a computer case, blowing away metal scraps from machine tools, household cleaning and dust removal, handle wet and dry leaves in the yard are some of the things that can be done. The 400W high power motor has a longer run-time. The rubber handle gives you a comfortable grip, the blower tube faces downwards when you are gripping it, and the ergonomics of the machine makes it easy to control. Up to 13000 r/min strong power is provided by the double-layer vortex design. It is easy to blow up leaves, snow, and make your garden look better after a rainy day. The exhaust air has to be porous for protection of the motor. It has good insulation properties and can be used in most environments. The long blower tube is great for blowing leaves out of hard to reach places. The leaf blower can be stored away and removed once you have finished, thanks to the two-section blower tubes design. The leaf blower has a weight of about 2.8 lbs and is portable. Even for older or children, the lightweight and hand-held design can finish your job.

Brand: Vpment

👤I bought this to vacuum curtains and fans. I use this one from a red brand to blow dust out of electronics and fans. I like the red one for that. The yellow one is the same as a blower. But vacuum? No. It's awful. The bag for vacuuming is made of nylon and has a big gap where the zip wasn't sewn well. The dust goes out of the bag when I vacuum. Dust is thrown into the air at powerful speeds. Don't cough. It was lovely. I don't need an extra blower and it wasn't cheap, so I'm torn between keeping it and returning it. Dissapointed for sure! If the bag is made with quality, it should not be sold as a vacuum.

👤The size is perfect for my needs and it is lightweight. The fact that it is in a closet is a definite +. It will be put to work when it's easy to use.

👤I wanted to blow leaves off my pool deck. It had very little power. I don't recommend.

👤It's a good size for blowing off your porch or deck. We have a row of 50 foot pine trees that are loose on our porch and deck. The little blower is clearing the deck.

👤I am surprised at how powerful it is. It is small but gets the job done. It is perfect for my balcony to blow all the pollen off.

👤Too small will return. never used it.

👤This is not real. It looks like a toy but is too light for a child. The leaf bag is like a jewelry bag and the attachment is rubbery. I have been taken before.

11. Husqvarna 952711925 Handheld Blower Orange

Husqvarna 952711925 Handheld Blower Orange

The included items are a BCBL700 corded leaf blower, a 20V MAX* battery, and a blow tube. The high air volume and vegetation is important. The performance features a large air volume and high air speed. The auto return stop switch. The stop switch resets to the ON position. CRUISE CONTROL The cruise control can be set for easier handling. It is adjusted. The length of the blowing tube can be adjusted. The sound power level is guaranteed. The sound power level was measured. The operators ear has a sound pressure level of 94 decibels. There are interference controls. The controls are easy to access.

Brand: Husqvarna

👤I bought one about 5 years ago. Since then, I have been using it every day. It started getting oily and making noise about a month ago, so I partially disassembled it and tightened all the bolts with a Torx driver, it's very convenient for a person who has the right tool. It ran fine after reassembly. I blew off the leaves and debris on our roof yesterday after using a full tank of gas. The blower worked well, but I noticed at the end of the session that it lost some power and got oily again. The kill switch stopped more abruptly when I hit it after cleaning the roof. I disassembled it all the way and found that almost all of the bolts had come loose again, and one of the block mounts had broken off. The connecting rod is bigger than the crank journal, even though I didn't separate the head and block. It rattles inside. So... After hundreds of runs, it's clear the little engine just couldn't run anymore. I'm going to order another one just like it. If needed, the broken one can give parts. Noel.

👤Right out of the box it is very slow. At half throttle, I ran ok, but wouldn't run right at full throttle. I contacted customer service at Amazon and had a hard time understanding what they were saying to me. I have to go through the manufacturer after I was told they wouldn't return or replace the blower. I have a poorly running blower that is stuck. If you buy it on Amazon, you will be stuck with it if it is faulty. I wouldn't be stuck with a blower that I no longer want if I had bought one at Lowe's or Home Depot. Thanks to Amazon for the great customer service and to Husqvarna for a great product. That was sarcasm. It requires a special tool but once you turn the full throttle mixture screw counter clockwise, you can cheat emission standards. For its size, the blower has plenty of power.

👤I have been using this blower commercially since I bought it a year ago. It has good wind speed. I use it to blow off my machines. It's used anywhere from 12 to 16 times a day. It has over 800 hours on it and starts first pull every time. You will have no problems if you use clean fuel and mix correctly. There was an update on 9/30/2019. After almost 3 years of service, still running strong. The blower has 1900 hours on it. I have purchased 6 more for my other crews and they work perfectly. There was an update on 2/26/22. After 5 years of commercial use, it's time to stop. The blower has many hours on it. Every time, Starts the first pull.

👤This thing is not good. Don't do it! Don't buy it! You will only be using it for a short time before it has a problem. There are a lot of things that won't start, won't start, won't start, won't start, won't start, won't start, won't start, stalls after warm up, and so on. You will be replacing parts hoping to fix it. I have always used factory parts, but this thing will always require more repair time than any blower is worth. I've had 2 of them. I thought the first one was a lemon. No homeowner needs to repair a tool every few times. Learn from my mistakes. Don't buy it.


What is the best product for electric leaf blower corded?

Electric leaf blower corded products from Sun Joe. In this article about electric leaf blower corded you can see why people choose the product. Varsk and Seyvum are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric leaf blower corded.

What are the best brands for electric leaf blower corded?

Sun Joe, Varsk and Seyvum are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric leaf blower corded. Find the detail in this article. Greenworks, Performance Tool and Enertwist are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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