Best Electric Leaf Blower Milwaukee

Blower 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Cordless Blower Lithium Battery Charger

Cordless Blower Lithium Battery Charger

The Royalsellpro leaf blower is the first choice for your family. They provide all the accessories you need to start working immediately, no additional purchase is required; the included 20v battery may support you depending on the model, it will take 1 hour to fully charge with the supplied fast charger. The noise is low. The quietest leaf blowers on Amazon. The battery running time is 25 minutes. Please purchase 2 batteries for longer use. Easy operation and adjustment. The one button control supports two levels of power adjust. The package includes: a bare tool, a quick charger, a basic tube, and a user manual. The box was packed in color. The K-Voltkore leaf blower can blow leaves, dust, and even light snow from the driveway, backyard, door gates, cars garden, and lawn. If you are looking for a leaf blower that is easy to carry and operate, this is the one for you. If you want to avoid unpleasant shopping experience, or if you have a large area to blow and clean, this is a good choice for you.

Brand: K Voltkore

👤I can't argue with the price. This is a perfect example of what you pay for and it's not as good as I hoped for. The battery life on a full charge on average is barely enough to serve my needs most of the time, but it's far more often than I'd prefer, because the blower is too heavy in such a way that my wrist gets sore after a short time. It's good for clearing a concrete path, but the less smooth the area you're working with the less effective this blower is.

👤Just got it, so far so good. It does a good job when I charge it, turn it on, and use it.

👤My son is going to blow leaves. It has enough power to blow a few. I got him a corded one after it was returned.

👤The battery lasts for 20 minutes at a time. It takes only 1 hour to charge. It is perfect for small jobs. We love it.

👤I thought it was an excellent purchase, but maybe a bit more power would have been better, but I am satisfied with it.

👤I like the way the leaf blower works. The battery should provide a longer time of use.

👤I returned it because it had no power.

2. SnapFresh Max Leaf Blower Cordless

SnapFresh Max Leaf Blower Cordless

Quality and quick assembly. You can install the product after you receive it, even if you don't read the manual. Only one button is needed to control. You can contact them at any time if you have a problem, and the professional customer service team will provide you with a solution in the shortest possible time. The advanced turbine and engine. The 2nd mode air output of the blower can reach a maximum of 100MPH and can allow you to finish the gardening and cleaning work with less time. The battery is durable and chargeable. The electric leaf blower is powered by a 20V/4.0 battery and takes only 2 hours to fully-charged and supports up to 35-min working time for the first mode and 20-min for the second mode. Do not charge it overnight. The electric leaf blower can be used as a snow blower and the 2-in-1 switch makes it easy to switch between different modes. The design of quick assembly. The new version of the SnapFresh leaf blower weighs only 4.2 pounds and can be used by people of all ages. The mission ofSnapfresh is to make life easier.

Brand: Snapfresh

👤Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by this tool. We have a backyard with trees that dump leaves in the fall. I am 34 weeks pregnant and am still able to use this thing. The patio and pool have a blower. It doesn't lose steam or quality when it hits the grass. I could take the leaves into piles, but my back won't allow me to do that much. It is easy to do a general round up with this blower.

👤The construction of the leave blower was very strong. I used it to blow leaves and to clean the garage of dust. The battery lasts about 30 minutes. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Didn't like how to assemble attachments. Either the charging station was bad or the battery was bad. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤Excellent product grand moms can use it, it's light weight and easy to use.

👤I need a power chair to get around. The old blower is heavy and difficult to use, so I used it for a long time. I didn't clean my deck or patio often. I can clean up my patio and two decks in no time at all with this small, light portable blower. It seems to have the same amount of power as my electric blower. I like it.

👤It's easy to clean leaves from the driveway and patio. I have landscapers who do that. This was bought for quick clean ups.

👤This is very light. It did not get the leaves out of my gravel.

3. CRAFTSMAN CMCBL720D2 V20 Handheld Blower

CRAFTSMAN CMCBL720D2 V20 Handheld Blower

The power saw cut up to 1 1/2 inches of thick branches. The design of the brushless motor and the fan has a maximum efficiency of 350 CFM. The push of a button clears heavy debris. Variable speedtrigger can choose between more or less power. The lightweight design is less than 8 lbs. Includes batteries and a charging device.

Brand: Craftsman

👤I don't normally write reviews but this product is terrible. There was no power. The battery lasts 15 minutes. It's cheap and it's lightweight. Spend your money on something else.

👤It works well, quick, lightweight, and easy to use, just a battery to run the blower. You can use the blower in a house, shop, or garage to blow them out without the exhaust gas coming off the engine. The risk of dying was out quickly. The exhaust gases come from the engine. I use it to blow the dust off our vehicles when I am done mowing. To work the blower, you need a bigger battery. You get 15 min on high speed and 1/2 hour on low speed with it. Either buy a lot of smaller batteries or a lot of bigger batteries. If the battery is dead, run the blower, and start over in an hour. The battery that comes with the blower. A regular leaf blower will do anything a blower will do, just, lighter, quicker and faster to use. To get the best out the machines, you have to adapt to using the batteries, and you have to put gas in the machine.

👤The price is steep for what it is, and this product will do the job for which I purchased it. There are two speeds. If you use high most of the time. The battery lasts no more than 15 minutes. It will take a long time to get the job done. The button to switch between low and high is very easy to hit and does not take a lot of force to change. The switch would have been better suited in its current position. I will keep the product, but it could be better.

👤This blower is great for blowing grass off the walk and driveway. Just what I needed. My son dropped it and it broke. I couldn't take the nozzle part off to glue. The problem was fixed by the old reliable duct tape. Blow off grass debris.

👤Not very powerful but does a good job in standard mode for light duty and has a power boost switch for heavier debris. It uses a lot of power. I keep one of the batteries on the charge for a quick change out. I bought a battery unit for my wife. She can use the corded unit because of the length of the cord. It works well for me.

👤It's perfect for at home landscaping. The battery will run out pretty fast if you blast the leaves back into the lawn. It's good with multiple batteries.

👤The large opening on the business end of the tube made me skeptical of the battery powered blower. There are no tools needed for this assembly. Charge the battery, snap in place, pull thetrigger, and you have the power. The wham becomes a double-wham by depressing the button on top. I love it! I enjoy the freedom without the cord.

👤I received my Craftsman V20 Handheld Blower, but it did not come with a battery or charging station, as stated in the "About This item" section.

4. SnapFresh Cordless Electric Adjustable Lightweight

SnapFresh Cordless Electric Adjustable Lightweight

The Inncen leaf blower tool comes with an access kit and a warranty service. The electric blower is covered by a 24 month warranty. If you have a question, you can contact them via the Amazon message. The VACUUM MODE is for a dust vacuum only. Don't use it for leaves to prevent tube-stucking. The broom mode is recommended to clean the leaves. It is the most effective tool for cleaning. It can help you blow fallen leaves. The desired changes can be made with the blow/vac switch. The new released leaf blower has 2 speeds and 2 tube lengths to choose from. You can switch between mode 1 and mode 2 with the help of the tubes. The fully-charged 4.0Ah battery could last for up to 45 minutes in mode 1 and up to 25 minutes in mode 2. At any time, the power indicator reminds you of the battery level. If you want to clean the small trash, dust, pet hair in your home, office and car, you can use the snapfresh leaf blower. It is possible to clean up everywhere, especially the hard-to- clean corners and gaps.

Brand: Snapfresh

👤This is a handy little blower and vacuum for those with smaller areas to clean and don't want to have to use a big heavy blower. There is a vacuum bag, a two section nozzle, and a battery. Even without the battery, it has some substance. The second section of the nozzle can be flipped upside down to make it easier to push leaves up or down, depending on whether you will be using it as a blower or vacuum. Once the vacuum bag is filled, it has a zip to make it easier to dump it. It's handy to use and has good blowing power for a small unit. The blower was great for my use.

👤I received it on a sunny day, I can complete the task my mother gave me, very easy, I think I can lose the broom.

👤It is a new leaf blower. It is really powerful. The battery life is much longer than I expected. I enjoy it so far.

👤It is a powerful vacuum. It blows the leaf on my driveway, but also sucks the duct in my car and house. I like this product.

👤The blower/vacuum was delivered today. It was easy to blow out the garage when it was put together.

👤I received a light weight leaf blower and have used it twice. I wish the battery lasted longer.

👤I was blowing leaves. It did not meet my expectations. I was expecting more than that.

5. DEWALT DCBL722P1 Blower Black Yellow

DEWALT DCBL722P1 Blower Black Yellow

Bright light to illuminate dark areas. The battery operated leaf blower can blow up to 450 CFM of air volume and up to 125 Mph. The fan design of the blower maximizes on air output and run time. The battery leaf blower has low noise and is ideal for noise sensitive regions. The high-efficiency motor helps extend the run time. The lightweight design makes it easy to control and move the arm. The power control is controlled by a speed lock and a variabletrigger. Up to 87 minutes on lowest speed and 12 minutes on highest speed using a DEWALT DCB 205 battery.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I just bought a new blower and now have 9 DeWALT 20 V Max tools. I researched all of the DeWALT blowers, and this one seemed to fit our needs the best. It's less expensive than the 40V or the new 60V FlexVolt blower, and if the job is really big, I'll break my backpack 340 blower. I like having a blower. I can use a cord to roam around our property. The speed control on this blower is very sensitive, and I like being able to just squeeze thetrigger a little to blow debris away from sensitive areas. Without blowing the dirt all over the place. The large blow tube has a large wide column of air that can be used to blow off a lot of fallen leaves. I like the stand that allows me to set the blower down and have it upright so I can pick it up again. The DeWALT MAX line of tools are the best in the business. I like having a common battery that will work in all of my collections, and I use my collection all the time. I have 8 4A batteries and 2 2A ones that come with various tools, and each battery has its own charge, so I never have a dead battery problem. The blower has a 5A battery that is the same size as the 4A ones, and it has its own charging port. I blew the battery for 25 minutes yesterday and it was still going strong when I stopped. The brushless motors are loud. Well done, DeWALT! Highly recommended! I'm also considering the DeWALT 60V. The FlexVolt Chain Saw is a replacement for my chainsaw.

👤I own a corded Toro blower/mulcher combination that works great, but it's cumbersome to use and change from blow to vacuum mode, so I never use it. I researched several similar versions, and even though I knew it wouldn't be as powerful as the Toro, I wanted something light and portable. I didn't know how well it would work or how long it would last, but I received it today and it performed beyond my expectations. I cleaned all around my house, even blowing the large pile of leaves I had made just as I was finishing up, cleaned off the sidewalks, blew years worth of spider webs off the sides of the house, and out of my cypress trees. The spiderwebs were easy to blow off the sides of the house, and much easier than with water. I blew out my garage and driveway and still had power. I decided to blow out my garden kitchen floor, and it still had so much power, that it lifted the rug in front of the door off the floor. I wasn't expecting that kind of power at the beginning, but at the end, I was surprised. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It's easy to use and lightweight. I will be using it a few times a week instead of twice a year. I'll update my review if something changes or the power goes out. I can't recommend this enough.

6. WORX WG520 Turbine Electric Blower

WORX WG520 Turbine Electric Blower

The design is user-friendly. Their grip is made of flexible rubber material, which is non-slip and comfortable, and they also have provide a pair of foam ear plugs. Before you use this blower, please read the user manual. Worx engineers figured out how to get a jet engine-type motor inside of a leaf blower. You will think it is getting ready for takeoff, but it is not so loud. Professional-grade gas blowers rely on outdated tech. The turbine is twice as fast as the blowers used by commercial grounds crews. Slow down for pavement or tight corners. On the open lawn, switch to speed 2 and see what the turbine can do. The name of the turbine 600 was inspired by the high-capacity air volume that shoots out of its wide-mouth nozzle. That path of air allows you to clear large areas with fewer passes. Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with Wrox. You can build a cost-effective tool collection that is designed to last with the WORX tools. They didn't stop designing after the turbine engine. The attachable nozzle was added to direct all that volume in a concentrated area. All the power and only 6.4 lbs. The turbine 600 is designed to be controlled with one hand. The wind is funneled in a way that is easy to handle. When using an extension cord, it won't connect even if it gets caught, because it has a retainer attached.

Brand: Worx

👤This is one of the most powerful handheld electric blowers. This is the baseline if you want to get the job done quickly. A gas backpack blower is five times the cost, followed by an even more powerful backpack, and finally four-digit specialty tools from companies like Billy Goat. I bought the Worx because I didn't want to spend three hours raking the grass. My trial run was an hour long with matted wet leaves and driveway sand. To be efficient, a blower has to move leaves without being on top of them. As piles build up, blowing from six inches makes everything scatter. The section you just cleared to deal with the strays ended up being a criss-cross. The more breeze you carry, the more direct the flight path of the leaves will be. The range and the ability to pick up leaves from the ground are derived from air speed. You need a wall of air to move more than one leaf at a time. That comes from the size of the pipe. The two are combined to determine your total air volume. In physics-land, the best measure of a blower's power and work capacity is the CFM. A smaller pipe makes a smaller column of air moving at a faster speed, which is why a lot of consumer-class blowers have tiny nozzles. I'm looking at you, Sun Joe. Regardless of nozzle size, the CFM stays the same. In theory. If you try to cram air quickly into a tiny hole, it will reduce the CFM, so blowers that are more efficient relative to their fuel or electricity consumption will be less efficient. If you know the value and the size of the pipe, you can calculate the other, assuming the manufacturer isn't misleading you. The calculation isradius2*(mph)*(1.92). The result is at the rated number of 600 CFM for this blower's MPH-110 and 3 3/8" pipe. The Worx can blow mounds of leaves from six feet to ten feet in diameter. It's powerful. I was changing my arms every few minutes as they wore out. Some really baked-on mud would have benefited from a pipe-reducer attachment. The snug fit of my spandex leaf-blowing onesie has made it easy for clothing to get sucked into the air intake. I almost bought the "Ultra" combination blower from Toro to minimize bagging, but the vacuum function didn't work well in videos. It would be sufficient to clean a deck area with a scattering of leaves. It looks like a time sink for a larger yard. The blowing capacity, at 410 CFM, is quite a bit behind the Worx. The tools were also tempting. There is a 20V DeWalt that is rated at 400 CFM. We can compare power because it's a similar fan design. We're looking at 100 watt-hours total output, since DeWalt's standard battery is 20V and 5 Amp-hours. It takes 15 minutes of running to get to a draw of 400W. When new. Expect a drop in performance and battery replacements by year three. This Worx is feeding a 2-pole AC/DC motor that's perhaps 45% efficient, and 12 Amps at 120V equates to 1440 watt sustained. The maximum a device can expect from a typical 15A household sockets is 12A. The remaining 790W is over double what the DeWalt can manage, even though half of our power is lost to heat and noise. It's no coincidence that 600 CFM blowers have 80V/ 2.5Ah batteries with twice the capacity of DeWalt. Their run time at full tilt? The same fifteen minutes, with three extra pounds to carry around from a chunk of lithium that costs more than the blower it's attached to. What about gas blowers? The handheld versions have around 1 HP. They're usually tuning for higher MPH than the Worx, so they're better with wet leaves and worse with dry ones. Between 1.5 and 5 horsepower can be made by backpack blowers. The models that are on the back of a professional landscaper can manage over 1000 CFM with speeds over 200 MPH. You pay for it at the checkout and in weight, but it's a lot more expensive than you think. The two corded blowers worth a hard look are the F700 from Toro and the Worx's WG521. The Toro came in with a big rating, a bigger handle, and a better cord retention mechanism. The response is 800 CFM and 135 MPH from a 4" nozzle, but still intended for one arm. Pick the one that channels your inner Tim Allen, the blowers are often close in price and are beastly. A thick (low gauge) cord is needed for longer runs. You lose some performance with thinner cord. Everyone has a 16-gauge orange 50-foot extension. It will have a 5V drop if you feed a 12A load for 50 feet. We'd expect a 1440W draw from a short and fat cable and a plastic strain-relief piece that won't actually accommodate; just tie an overhand knot over the two plugs. When I tested the Worx with a watt meter, I found that it had a total of 1380W. 3 ft is 12ag. 14ag / 100 ft. 1352W 16ag / 50 ft is equal to 1351W 16ag / 50 ft is equal to 14ag / 100 ft is equal to 1280W. The minimum draw was 260W. The energy that cable carries to heat is lost. skinny cables lose more. They can build up enough heat on the ground to start melting insulation, which can cause sheepish expressions and insurance claims. This blower is loud enough to cause hearing damage. On an A-weighted scale, it makes 81 decibels on low and 92 decibels on high. The volume jumps by 10 decibels indoors or near a wall. The sound of my Shark is only 72 decibels, which is less than a rat's nest of lamp cords. Amazon has a number of comfortable muffs for less than Jackson. Few electric blowers with more toys will get the job done as fast as this one. It's a good deal at the asking price. If I find any reliability problems, I'll update.

7. Leaf Blower Cordless Electric Lightweight

Leaf Blower Cordless Electric Lightweight

A built-in T-handle and full-lengthtrigger for control. The motor of snapfresh leaf blower is equipped with advanced motor and engine tech, which could provide longer product life span and reduce energy consumption than traditional engine. The 2 in 1 design is able to change operating scenario by simply pushing the switch, it could help you convert from indoor work to outdoor work. The lightest leaf blower on the market is light enough to be used by one hand and has a hand grip that is flexible. They provide all the accessories you need to start your work immediately, no need for an extra purchase, and the included 20v battery could support you for up to 15-20 minutes. Please do not charge overnight as a full charge will take 1 hour. The mission of the company is to make people's life easier, all products from them are lightweight, well fitted and could be assembled within minutes. If you want to maximize your battery life and lifespan, please leave the battery fully charged while you don't use it, even if you don't hear the click sound, and don't place the battery in the charger.

Brand: Snapfresh

👤I received a light weight leaf blower that I have used twice and I love it! It is the right one for us old ladies who want to stay active but can't handle the heavy leaf blowers. We don't want to be restricted in where we can go because of long extension cords. The two lengths of tubing make it easier to do the flower beds. Thank you for the product.

👤After mowing the lawn, this blower was purchased to clean it up. I was very pleased with how easy it was to use the tiny blower. I was able to clear out the crevasses on the garage floor. The grass and leaves were cleared by the blower. I've used the blower to clean my house of tools, equipment and tile flooring. It is very easy to use. The battery charges in an hour or so. It is easy to identify a full battery with the red and green ready light. The short battery life is the only downside. A second battery wouldn't cure anything. If you need a lightweight, clean operating blower, this is the one for you. Click purchase now.

👤I'm using this to dry items in my woodshop. I have a corded leaf blower, but it's too loud and big, so I needed something that had enough power but not too much. There's plenty of power, even though it's not a 600 CFM leaf blower. Light leaves around the deck will blow off the dust. Taking off the two pieces in the front will give you the maximum CFM as it's not restricted.

👤After owning both gasoline and a/c cord leaf blowers, I finally found a battery powered one. The SnapFresh blower is light so you can use it for hours without tiring. Variable fan speeds make it easy to clean up your garage or shop with a minimum of effort. You can easily handle a large yard with an extra battery or two. The price is a real bargain.

👤A friend recommended that I buy a blower. It gathers a lot ofdebrie because I live in a corner that is windy and all my plant droppings seem to want to enter my house whenever I open the door. I use my blower whenever I need to. It works fast, has a powerful blow, and is light. I love my new toy.

👤The blower, battery and charger are very cheap. The light weight allows you to move quickly. I use a blower to blow out my screens. I use it on my walkways to keep them clean. The unit comes in 3 different colors. I chose green.

👤This thing has worked well. I didn't want something heavy, but I needed something strong. It is so far great. The battery should last longer. I like to get every single leaf. I am not happy until I get all of them. It works well. I was happy to trust the good reviews on this one. It is perfect for the house.

8. EGO Power Lithium Ion Cordless Electric

EGO Power Lithium Ion Cordless Electric

There are interference controls. The controls are easy to access. The light-weight design has a 2.5Ah battery. The dial has a variable speed. The motor is high-efficiency. The construction is weather resistant. The fan is turbine. The noise rating is 65. The power source is battery powered.

Brand: Ego Power+

👤I contacted EGO for warranty repair after the battery failed on the EGO Leaf Blower. I registered the product on the EGO website at the time of purchase. I was shocked to learn that the warranty had been voided because the LFB Group was not an authorized seller. The manufacturer's 3 year warrant on the battery was not mentioned in the description of the product. LFB Group said that their warranty had expired. I've been an Amazon Prime member for a long time. Do not assume that Amazon has your back when it comes to warranty issues. I'm not happy with EGO since my online product registration was accepted, and every indication was that the product was under warranty. RLG North Carolina.

👤When purchasing tools, you should ask yourself which tools will you use the most, what are the features most important to you, and which brand is the highest ranked in those areas. There are a lot of in depth websites that rank in a number of different ways and then give an overall ranking. I have an impression but I am less scientific. The blower is the primary reason why I am converting from the yellow brand of 40v tools. I have a back pack that was weaker than the hand blower and the hand blower, and hadn't advanced in three years, and there is a rash of it just dying on people. Which happened to me. This started a lot of research. I bought a blower at the time, but nothing else, even though I owned the entire line. The battery keeps you out. While I review my impression, it is compared against yellow. The first impression is heavy. There is a strap that you can purchase. The battery is large. There are too many buttons and switches. ego acts like they don't know that hand fatigue is a thing They are over complicated. The pressure level was not right compared to yellow. Balance is okay. My 125lb wife who is not the strongest would need to use two hands to weight it. It might be problematic. The strap needs to be fixed. The battery requires a focus on alignment vs yellow which had a satisfying click and the release is a little extra work. If you have more than 15% battery life, the ego battery has a green button. There was a button in yellow that lit up an led. It's much more useful. This is the story of the entire tool line. Yellow makes things easy. The ego... They are going to be rough around the edges, but they bring serious performance. The blower is loud because of the power. I would recommend air protection on the car. Even high might be a good idea. So far you are wondering why I am starting with a 4 Star ranking. I knocked off a star for the flaws. The battery needs to be started again. I sliced up a few 6” branches and used chainsaw egos to cut through maple. I did not replenish. I blew on high and the battery still had life on the 5amp battery. That was impressive! I had to have yellow on high because it died after 15-20. The placement of the air intake is next. There is a yellow in the side that needs to be held away from the body. It is on the end. Then there is the power. It was so much bloody power. It's great for my drive way. The wet pile of leaves needed to be broken up and moved. The air force causes you to be pushed back slightly. I purchased this with power in mind and it has all the power I need to tackle my yard with 200 trees. It could be an overstatement or I could be lying. I would have to count. My primary need was to get a powerful blower. If the strap doesn't work, I may buy a less powerful one for my wife. I am happy. The company will support this battery investment because of the improvement of Ego. It is good because they are expensive batteries. Also a warning. There is a box store that sells this. If you want a large selection, go online. The ego brand had been constantly improving their product, and my store had a two year old inventory selection. I would avoid older models except for the blower. If you purchase outside the box store, check with ego to make sure the warranty is supported. I read that it might not be. I only have that for now. As I go and experience something new, I will update. The tools are working well if I don't post it.

9. Greenworks Variable Cordless Included 24252

Greenworks Variable Cordless Included 24252

The LB700 7 Amp blower and Blow tube are included. The item does not have a cord. The new GMAX 40-volt 2.0 Amp hour battery has more power and runs longer. The motor has a max speed of 150 MPH. Extension tube increases reach and blower efficiency. The lightweight design makes it easier to control the unit.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I've been using blowers for 40 years and have found the high-end gas blowers to be the best for moving leaves, debris, etc. Electric blowers for their price are the most cost effective, but having to drag a power cord for any distance is annoying and trying to quickly coil a long extension cord is frustrating because of their tendency to twist when coiled. The Greenworks is a light-duty blower. It's very light and has a flat nozzle that concentrates the air flow where it's needed. It has a high speed rating, but its cfm rating is low. It won't move a lot of leaves. It does a good job of cleaning a porch, deck, or leaves from a piece of equipment. I bought this blower to blow grass and twigs from the deck and other areas of a large commercial front-deck mower and also to clean the metal screen in front of the liquid- cooled engine. If the engine doesn't fire quickly or start, this is a good blower for older people. The battery life per charge is variable, but it's adequate for most small household tasks. I would purchase it again at its low retail price. I have grown tired of dealing with cords that are longer than 25 feet.

👤I bought this blower in July of 2016 along with an extra battery and it seemed to be working well and did the work. I was expecting it to do. I plugged the battery in to charge and left it plugged in for the night. The next day, I was told that my workshop was on fire. The blasé was caused by the battery and charger exploding, according to the fire department and Fire Marshall. The blasé was extinguished by the fire department. My workshop and power tools were damaged by heat and water, and the Greenworks Blower, charger and batteries were melted beyond recognition. They were in close proximity to my equipment. The water used to extinguish the fire damaged what didn't get damaged. If the fire had not been caught in time, the damage to the shop would have been much worse. Most of the battery tools that I have use safety devices that will prevent the charger from working if something is wrong with the battery, so this should have never happened. If you own a unit, please be aware that it could happen to you.

👤Affordability, the lightweight nature, and cordless are all advantages, but the lack of quality andDurability makes this a "do not buy" After using the Greenworks leaf blower for lightweight duty projects for two dozen times, we realized that it was a subpar product. Very disappointing. I have pictures of our findings. The machine was taken apart to see what was wrong. The Greenworks leaf blower is made with cheap parts and poor manufacturing practices. Attached are photos.

👤I loved this product when it worked. I used the small blower many times on my small deck after buying it a year ago. I don't use my left hand well, so using a broom is hard. I own several Greenworks lawn care items. I can cut my own grass with one arm, thanks to the lawn mower. There is a I bought the snow thrower this past winter, and I think it was because it didn't snow here. I have high hopes for this snow thrower as well. Simple chores around the yard are not possible. Back to the blower. The first one I bought, it started rattling inside. I think the impeller broke. I tried to contact Greenworks to submit for a warranty but never received a reply. When I asked about the snow thrower, the company came on Amazon and had a conversation with me. I bought the snow thrower because of the awesome customer service. I already own multiple batteries and chargers, so I didn't want to change brands. I bought a second blower because I was still not happy with the first one. Greenworks cared about their customers and that's what I thought. They only care about the sale. This is the second bad review I have ever left on Amazon, and I really dislike negative reviews. It is a take your chance kind of item. It's great when they do work. Don't look to the company for help after the sale.

10. DEWALT DWBL700 Elec Blower

DEWALT DWBL700 Elec Blower

The after-sale service includes the blower tube, 2 x batteries, and fast charging. If you have any questions, please contact them. The electric leaf blower has a standard round nozzle that powers through debris at 409 CFM. The electric blower has a flat nozzle that increases air speed to 189 mph. The corded electric leaf blower has a round nozzle for blowing out crevices. Contractor-grade performance without the hassle of gas. It is designed to endure heavy-duty professional usage. DEWALT's professional quality and warranty is backed by confidence.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I bought this on Amazon after Hurricane Irma hit Florida. I prefer the plug in electric yard equipment as I don't want something that will last for a long time on a charge and then have to wait for the battery to fully charge. The batteries for the other models are very expensive, so keeping a couple of extras around is not an option if I chose one of those blowers. The power seems to be good, getting back to this plug in electric model. I ordered a 100 foot extension cord that is 12 Amps to be able to fully handle the power of the unit. It was very easy to operate. The price on this model is less than the comparable models from Dewalt, so I feel good about buying this model. I don't own a lawn care service, but I do have one that does that. I use this to clean up after the storm and to keep my garage floors clean. There is plenty of power and not bulky. I would recommend this to anyone in the market.

👤Wow! I love this thing. Doesn't have a vacuum function. I preferred to go with a quality name. I wasn't disappointed. Already have a gas powered blower. I have back problems that make it hard for me to start. Even though any manufacturer says they are not as powerful as a corded model, I didn't want a corded model. Unless you have a huge area to clear, it's worth it to drag that cord along. It takes a couple of minutes to clear my patio with the flat nozzle. The leaves can be quickly blown off the grass and back into the forest. It works well to remove dirt, stones and debris from the driveway.

👤This electric blower will blow your house down. In my neighborhood, there are straw huts where little pigs live. You have been warned. You don't need batteries that need a charge just as you are about to finish a job. There is a The wave of the future is battery powered tools. I would rather have an extension cord behind me. My preference.

👤This is a great "blower"! The reviews helped me make the decision to purchase this. Excellent, the quality seems typical for Dewalt. The previous blower did a great job, but this one is even better at removing leaves. It takes less time to do my yard with the power behind it. It was great to have the choice of changing nozzles. The variable speed switch is great. No more turning on and off to get different speeds. I don't need to bend nearly as much because it's configured perfectly, even for my 6'5" frame. You don't notice the weight because you rest it in your hand. I was considering between a less expensive product and this one and I am very happy with it. It's worth it even though it's a little more. The higher the CFM, the better. Don't spend your money on things that are not worth it. This will last me a long time.

11. Worx Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher

Worx Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher

The Tube Compact Design is lightweight and has a battery included, so it is comfortable with one-handed operation. It is possible to use in space restricted areas. The double- length design of the leaf blower helps to blow without bending down. The 13.0 Amp motor mulches up to 53 Gallons of leaves per minute. You can attach a bag beneath the leaves and debris that you dispose of right into the bag. The innovative Flex-a-Line mulching system has chopped down 11 bags into 1. It is possible to return to a previous state yet still be viable. This tool is large and stays in place during use, but is not so heavy that you can't move it around the yard easily. Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with Wrox. You can build a cost-effective tool collection that is designed to last with the WORX tools. It's easy to assemble. It is easy to put it together. It's designed that way so you can disassemble it easily. There is a bag support ring and a 13 Amp leaf mulcher.

Brand: Worx

👤I bought a leaf mulcher to reduce the amount of leaves I have to dispose of. The supplied line is short and easy to consume. I used a drill bit and a hand to ream the string holes from each side. You can find this drill bit size at your hardware store. The 0.095 inch trimmer string can be purchased in bulk rolls for a reasonable price. A bit of a tornado of leaves and dust can be produced by the WORX. I use a plastic bag to collect dust from the bottom, and I use a bucket to load the mulcher, so leaves and dust are not thrown out at me. When the mulcher is done processing the load, you can see when it's time to lift the bucket. You will get dusted with fine leaf mulch despite this measure. Without the measure, you would be rolling in it. The number of trips to dispose of the resulting mulch is reduced by the volume reduction.

👤It shreds! The bags of leaves and grass were shredded. This thing can cut through wet grass and leaves. I shredded almost all of my flower beds. It's nice to not have to buy bags again. I wish I'd discovered this product earlier. They claim the ratio is accuarate. Looking forward to using it again next weekend.

👤The shredder works well. It's simple, not offering many options, but shreds well. We have been using a neighbors unit. We bought our own. The motor brushes had worn out and the borrowed unit stopped working. The unit was brand new. Went to the Worx website, talked with customer service, and was told that they don't supply repair parts for anything they make. This unit becomes garbage because of a part. This is not the type of company I will deal with. The new unit has already been used. The brushes are from Eurton Electric. A bit wide, easily adjusted with fine sandpaper on a hard, flat surface.

👤It becomes dust. A couple passes over the leaves with a riding mower. I don't have the money for that. The string it comes with is not very good. You should use cooked spaghetti. Put the string trimmer line inside it. Cut them to the same length as the ones it comes with. I had a few. It does fit, but it is a little tight. It's probably better to have a slightly smaller line. There is a small tool inside the bowl. It has a couple screws attached to it. The leaves were getting backed up against it as I took it out. Stick it out of it. They get stuck in the bottom holes when they break the string. I dump the leaves away from the mulcher and blow them to it. The leaves move forward when the sticks and heavy stuff is left behind. This is being used to make my compost pile. I mixed the leaves and grass clippings. I put them into the blender. I put my 5ft x 3ft x 4ft bin to the top and sprayed it with water. The pile was ready to go past 100 the next day. Since the leaves are well mulched, I usually add in equal parts grass clippings. I mulched the leaves with a push mower. I was tired and had a lot of dust and dirt on my arms. The st augustine grass was getting thin out from the constant walking, raking, and extra mulch everywhere. I am less tired with the worx mulcher. I have to wait and see how much abuse this machine can take. You should make an edit. The shredder is still working. It can't shred pine needles. They are not light enough to fall down. I cleaned the air filter on it. Real easy. Remove the six screws holding the motor case together. There should be a sponge near the intake. I washed it and dried it. Dust was blown out from around the electrical stuff. It took about 5 minutes to complete.


What is the best product for electric leaf blower milwaukee?

Electric leaf blower milwaukee products from K Voltkore. In this article about electric leaf blower milwaukee you can see why people choose the product. Snapfresh and Craftsman are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric leaf blower milwaukee.

What are the best brands for electric leaf blower milwaukee?

K Voltkore, Snapfresh and Craftsman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric leaf blower milwaukee. Find the detail in this article. Snapfresh, Dewalt and Worx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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