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1. ELighter Rechargeable Electric Lighter Survival

ELighter Rechargeable Electric Lighter Survival

What you get is a windproof Arc Lighter, a microusb cable, and 7 x 24h friendly services. Click "contact seller" on the order list to find them if you have a product problem. The eco-friendly eLighterusb Lighter is light-up eco-responsibly and can be used for candles, BBQ grilling, campfires and more. The electronic lighter emits strong flames with zero CO2 emissions. Minimizing your carbon footprint is important. The electric arcs lighter is sleek and attractive. It's perfect for lighting pipes, cigar lighter or camping lighter, it ignites an array of materials while protecting the planet for future generations. You can weather any storm when you use this lighter. The survival lighter is an essential camping gear that produces hundreds of strong, wind-resistant ignitions. The eLighter Pocket Lighter is easy to use and sustainable. You are never left out in the cold without a light because of the battery indicator lights. The gift box has a charging cable and is available in black. It's a must-have accessory for your sustainable living lifestyle.

Brand: Elighter

👤The flame is instantaneous with the push of a button. It's very easy to use a hot bright flame. It was nicely packaged. It's too easy to light and I don't want a young child to get their hands on it.

👤Great for lighting things windy days or candles with multiple wicks. No more heated lighters!

👤This is useful. Since I am not the type of girl to buy fuel, it is nice to be able to charge and store my lighter. This is great.

2. Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Indicator Fireworks

Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Indicator Fireworks

1x packing box, 1x Rechargeable Arc lighter, 1xusb charging cable, and 1x charging cable are what you get. This is a great gift for a birthday, friends, family, lover, business and more. Please don't worry about the noise of zee, which is high-voltage power generation, during the ignition. The electric candelabra is a light. If you're fed up with gas lighters running out of fuel and not being able to use them, you may need a windproof electric candle lighter that can be recycled. The safety flashlight has a light. The safety switch design of the electric candle lighter keeps children away from using it. You need to keep pressing the button and the Lighter will light up an Arc. The 6.5S auto shut off is to prevent high temperature damage. There is a battery display. This upgraded candle lighter will remind you to charge when the battery volume is too low. A full charge can be filled in 1-2 hours with 4 lights on and a lighter that can offer many times the charge of a full charge. This Lighter is portable and easy to carry, it's perfect for Candle Lighter, Grill Lighter, BBQ Lighter, Kitchen Lighter, Fireplace Lighter, and Camping Lighter. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY. The Electric Lighter uses a technology that eliminates harmful chemicals used in traditional lighters. It requires no fuel, butane, or flame. Premium Lion battery is long time recycle using. The Electric Arc Candle Lighter and the Charging Cable have a 12 month warranty. Also, note: The cable is in the bottom of the box. If this Lighter has any quality problems within 18 months, please don't contact them, they will solve them within 12 hours.

Brand: Topkan

👤I live in an abbey. Many of the more traditional lighters are expensive and run out of energy quickly, so we go through them. The lighters were a great discovery. I bought two for the main church and one for one of the chapels. Very easy to use. This innovation is similar to the discovery of sliced bread. Frater Greg is using a lighter. A product that is practical and economical.

👤The old one didn't have a flexi head and didn't show charge level, so we wanted a new one that had one. This is the one! Solid construction, has easy to manipulate controls, and has 4 lights that show the charge level and when it needs to be charged. It was a surprise that a mini-usb cable was included, but I didn't see it. It took a minor charge to top off and was ready to do something. I think it was cheaper than one I bought a couple of years ago, but with a less nicer touch. Overall, very pleased with the product.

👤I don't have anything to complain about. It is easy to use. It lit up my candle. That is what I bought. There is a This is an option for me to use since I like camping. I started using. I will update the review if something changes. It's a nice light option. It's not sure if it lights up other things.

👤I love this lighter. I broke the charging port on the previous one that was a different brand, but I had several of this type. I was unable to find that one. I found this one and I think it's a better brand and I would recommend it. It is a little bit longer, which means that I can reach into my fireplace a little bit further to light stuff, and the part on top of the Bends is also a little bit longer. It has a feature that is more useful than you would think, and that is the hanger on the end. I didn't know how useful that was until I got it. I put it on the wall instead of laying it down somewhere and not being able to remember where I put it, it hangs on the wall. I always put the lighter back when I need to light something. This was a major convenience for me and it sounds small. I have used it to light candles and incense. It is easy to charge and it is durable, I like the fact that it has a hanger on the end. I have bought other ones that I would not recommend this one over.

👤The unit has a safety switch to prevent accidental use. The previous plastic lighters that I've owned didn't last more than a year. There is a charging cable under the box. The unit has a battery charge indicator that tells you if you need to charge it or not.

👤I've used this a few times and it works perfectly. It automatically shuts off after a little while to prevent accidents and save the battery life. It's very functional with a hole at the end to hang it somewhere, and a top end that can accommodate different candles. I keep the plastic cover on it for extra protection when not in use. It comes with a nice box case, but I probably won't use it as I prefer to have it more readily available. It looks nice.

3. TOMOLO Rechargeable Electric Flexible Fireworks

TOMOLO Rechargeable Electric Flexible Fireworks

You can use theusb port to charge it through computer, power bank, etc. Each full charge of the 5 lights can be used for 500 times. The safty protection design has built-in 6-second automatic power-off chip protection and external safety lock switch that can effectively prevent children from the arcs. The Tomolo lighter uses a technology that can be used in strong wind and wet environments. The flexible neck of the lighter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You get a 2-pack of Lighters in a gift box with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions.

Brand: Tomolo

👤Don't buy this. Please take this into account for as many positive reviews as possible. I only use my lighter to light candles. I was fairly positive until tonight. The light turned into a full flame when the lighter got stomp on. It wouldn't turn off when I tried to power it off. I ran outside and tried to blow out the flame, but the handle was too heavy to hold. It went on for a while before it finally came to an end. This is dangerous. Go with another option!

👤The candle lighter is a good one. I bought this to start a fire in our new fire pit, but I was terribly disappointed. I know my candle works because I was able to light it quickly. I had a hard time getting our fire to start. The flame could start and then disappear. The battery died in about 30 minutes after I re-engaged it. I will give it one more chance or it will go back.

👤I don't know why I didn't order an electric candle lighter sooner, but I'm happy I did. I'm so relieved that they are flexible and can reach into even the deepest jar candles, and I'm so happy that they don't have to use butane lighters. I had a bit of difficulty getting my first candle lit, but if I have more information that's worth sharing, I'll update my review. I'm not sure if it's due to the product or the fact that I'm not used to lighters. I'll be keeping their box on a shelf for the time being because of the elegant packaging and presentation. The plastic sleeves seem unnecessary. The company might consider more eco-friendly packaging. Natural fiber padding might be better than plastic foam.

👤I used Amazon to find a replacement lighter for my old one that ran out of fluid, because I like to use candles at home. I was curious, but unsure, when I found this style of lighter. It's amazing! I'm very pleased with the product. It might have trouble with a thicker candle, but for what I'm using it for, it's perfect. It makes a sound when the electric current is running that upsets my dogs. If you have high anxiety dogs, they disappear off to the other end of the house, but aren't phased otherwise. The two pack comes in a nice box. This is probably not important to most people, but it was a little awkward for me since I wanted a lighter for myself and a lighter for my mother's birthday. It's not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

👤It is a two-pack and I liked it. We had a different brand that got the business end damaged so we had to use the old butane type until these arrived. If you are lighting something that might get into your lungs, those are okay for the barbecue, but propane isn't something you want to inhale. It doesn't get blown out when there is a breeze, so they are great for lighting fires outdoors. A nice breeze will help start a campfire. I like the indicator of the battery level. It is nice to know that you have enough battery left to start the BBQ before you head outside.

4. Electric Lighter Rechargeable Lighters Tiffany

Electric Lighter Rechargeable Lighters Tiffany

After using the lighter, you need to clean the position of the ARC tip. Innovative dual Arc- upgraded dual electric Arc with revealed ignition contacts, which would increase ignition area and speed. The ignition speed is three times faster than the single-arc lighter, and provides more application scenarios. This lighter can be used normally under any environment because of the revolutionary plasma flameless Arc Technology, which has various features such as concentrated energy, smoke-free, odorless and windproof. Don't touch the arcs with your hands. Lighters and matches can ignite candles, stove, fireworks and other things. It is in a more convenient, safer and faster way. It will not burn your fingers when using it, and it will not be harmful gas. The battery is ausb. A built-in 220 mAh large capacity battery makes refilling the lighter pointless. The power sources that can be connected to theusb cable are sockets, computers, power bank and etc. The power indicator lights can show the power level. After fully charged, the indicator lights will turn off. A safety switch and a damaged power button make it impossible to accidentally hit the ignition button when you put it in your pocket or bag. After 7 seconds of use, the lighter will stop charging and turn itself off.

Brand: Tronic Master

👤I was hoping to reduce plastic waste by getting this thing, but it doesn't last very long. A lighter. I'm not sure if I'd trust it to last through the 4th of July.

👤I have a first generation electric candle lighter and was hoping they would keep progressing so we could use it more. The one I had was difficult to light a cigarette. We needed an electric lighter upgrade and this dual Arc Electric Lighter is what we got. I posted a video to show how easy it is to use. Press the button under the switch if you want to flip the switch. The lighter starts to burn. You can light what is needed. It will be great for reaching into glass candles. I wanted to see if this would work on a cigarette, as many electric lighter users don't work with cigarettes. This does! I wondered if it would work for those who use herbals for medical purposes, and if it could light into the bowl. I give this five stars because there is an electric lighter that works for all uses. I am excited to see where these are going. It's better for the planet than disposable lighters. The video shows that this one is easy to use and gives a great current. Enjoy!

👤I liked this lighter at first, but it has a big flaw. If you leave the arcs extended without pressing the power button for more than 10 seconds, it will not light. I received a safety feature, but it doesn't work. It can't be carried in a purse or pocket as it can cause serious burns. I have to make sure that it is never put down. Very dangerous. After only one week, the arc lighter failed to charge. The charging port does not work to charge the lighter. It is going to be thrown away. What a waste.

👤I am very happy with this electric lighter. I looked at a lot of these types of lighters before I decided to use this one. One of the reasons I like this lighter is that it has a dual arcs, which allows for quicker lighting of candles. The Tiffany blue color is pretty and I like the longer length of this lighter. The enhanced safety features were the main reason I went with this lighter. I wanted a lighter that I could switch off and one that would stay off in a bag or drawer that I could reach for later without fear that I would get hurt pulling it out. I feel safe using and storing this lighter because it has a very secure switch. I am very happy with this purchase. I am happy to give this five stars and recommend it to everyone, it is exactly what I was looking for. If you are looking for a lighter that is safe and beautiful to use around your home, this is the one for you.

👤The electric candle lighter is easy to use. The blue barrel has 4 lights on it that show how much charge is left. The power button is hidden by the black switch and the lighting mechanism is pushed out of the top. There is a blue light on the switch. The lighter is easy to operate with your thumb. Lighter fuel and matches are what I like most.

5. Electric Lighters Windproof Flameless Rechargeable

Electric Lighters Windproof Flameless Rechargeable

What you will get is a candle lighter, a charging cable, and a User Manual. Please do not hesitate to contact the service line if you have a problem with your service system. This lighter has various features such as energy concentration, smoke-free, odorless and windproof, which makes it ideal for use under any weather. Don't touch the arcs with your hands. The method is efficient. Compared with traditional lighters and matches, it can ignite candles. It is in a more convenient, safer and faster way. It won't burn your fingers and won't be harmful. Theusb is a rechargeable device. No need to refill the lighter. There is a built-in large capacity battery and power indicator lights. The portableusb cable can be used to connect to power source. 7s auto off is Born For Safer Ignition. After 7 seconds per use, the electric arcs will turn off. The safety switch has a power button under it, so you don't have to worry about accidentally touching it when you put it in your bag or pocket. Please use the "zee,zee" noise, which is a normal operation sound, with ease. Excellent Material. The contacts on the head are made of ceramic. The shell body of the lighter is made of aluminum alloy.

Brand: Fukkuda

👤This is the first time I've ever purchased a lighter. I wanted to try something different after burning my fingers with disposable candle lighters. I lit the first candle without reading the instructions. I hit the button after putting the 2 contacts on. The contacts got really dirty and were covered in soot. I read the instructions and they said not to do that. I love this lighter and it took me a while to get used to it. I have been playing with the battery meter since it was delivered and it is still the same. If the contacts get dirty, I like to use a q-tip with 10% or higher isopropyl alcohol on it.

👤I bought 2 of them, black and rose gold. They're rechargable, long, and thick. They seem to be very strong. It was purchased to light candles, grill, and start fires for our fire pit. These would be a great present.

👤I used the lighter to test it. The tips get damaged immediately. I cleaned them off because the plasma arcs was not large enough. There is a note on the sound. When you click on it, it emits a noise that scares cats. Is it useful in the woods to deter other animals? Go for the lighter that bends. This one is to be used for starting fires. If you try to light candles with it, you'll end up with wax tips.

👤It works great for a candle, but not as great for incense or cigarettes. I don't know if it would work with it yet, but I would think it would work if you had enough lighter fluid on the coals. It does light a cigarette and an incense, but because the tip is not wide enough, it takes a bit of maneuvering to get the cigarette or incense lit. Not a bad product. It is not as easy as a lighter to light something other than a candle.

👤I should have thought that this was not a good idea, but it will be thrown away quickly. It takes twice as long to light candles this way, even if you can reach down in the jar, because you have to use a small spark for 10 minutes to get it to light. When it does light, it catches itself with wax from the wick, or the plastic tips, which are already starting to melt, after a dozen uses from the constant heat and fire. The battery life is not there, you are charging it every day. It was cute. I will be buying another one in a month.

👤I bought this lighter to replace a brand that stopped working. I lit some candles and tried to charge it up, but it didn't work. The lighter wouldn't charge at all. I threw it away because it was useless. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. I wouldn't give it a single star. A waste of money. The first lighter I bought worked well. The switch fell off. I had that lighter for a long time.

6. Electric Rechargeable Flameless Windproof Lighters

Electric Rechargeable Flameless Windproof Lighters

Excellent Material. The contacts on the head are made of ceramic. The shell body of the lighter is made of aluminum alloy. This lighter has various features such as energy concentration, smoke-free, odorless and windproof, which makes it ideal for use under any weather. Don't touch the arcs with your hands. 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck- Unique, rotatable gooseneck can be bend to any angle you want to meet different applications, perfect for scented candles whose wick has been shortened or other items placed in narrow spaces. The method is efficient. Compared with traditional lighters and matches, it can ignite candles. It is in a more convenient, safer and faster way. It won't burn your fingers and won't be harmful. Theusb is a rechargeable device. No need to refill the lighter. There is a built-in large capacity battery and power indicator lights. The portableusb cable can be used to connect to power source. 7s auto off is Born For Safer Ignition. After 7 seconds per use, the electric arcs will turn off. The safety switch has a power button under it, so you don't have to worry about accidentally touching it when you put it in your bag or pocket. Please use the "zee,zee" noise, which is a normal operation sound, with ease.

Brand: Fukkuda

👤When you use it, it has a high pitch ringing. It drives me crazy. I wanted to give you a heads up because I didn't see this mentioned anywhere. It looks like it does the job if you can get past that. The ringing hurts my ears.

👤It wouldn't hold a charge. It wouldn't charge even after trying different cords and different ports. It was perfect until it had to be charged.

👤It is difficult to not get soot on the electrical probes as stated in the directions. If carbon is present, the mechanism that distributes the electrical current is no longer suitable. I just want to light my candle, even though you can use every time. It is a really cool little device and is much safer than the alternative. It keeps a good charge. 3 weeks ago, I purchased something. I light my candles 3-4 times a week and only had to charge once. I think this product is very good. This product is flawless because of a little proactive wick trimming.

👤I bought this to light my candles. I always use the traditional long lighters to start the fire. Maybe I am clumsy or untalented but I struggled with the lighter. No so with this one. It works well every time. It is easy to use. The candle is lit by one button. You will not regret buying this lighter.

👤It's long enough to where I'm not burning my fingers with a regular lighter, and it's easy to light my candles. I'm happy I bought it. I will be buying another one to have two.

👤I use candles to relax and have a battery rechargeable lighter. You don't have to worry about fuel, or a wick, it has 4 LEDs that show it's battery level so you know when you need to charge it, I haven't had to do that in three months. There is a sound when you use it, but I don't care because it's convenient. You can light kindling, but full sticks could be difficult if you use this for a campfire.

👤I use it to light incense. The candle is quickly lit. I like showing it to my neighbors. I'm happy with myself. The electronic lighter is not good for brand new candles which have a heavily coated wicks. My old fashioned gas stove is easily lit by it. I use it to light my used candles and gas stove, and to light incense and brand new candles. It's wise to keep both types of lighters at home.

👤I tried it on my stove, but it didn't work. I tried it on my propane and it worked. Went back to the stove and it worked. This is great since I don't need to buy torches to light up my stove. I bought another one to use for my candles since I don't like using matches and I'm going to burn myself.

👤I like it. I will be ordering more gifts.

7. Rechargeable Lighter Electric Flexible Fireworks

Rechargeable Lighter Electric Flexible Fireworks

The portableusb cable can connect with computers, power banks, etc. When 5 lights turn on, it is fully charged and ready to use. Real-time battery volume can be displayed with the LED battery display design. The lights on the barrel are fully charged when they turn on. A full charge will provide over 600 uses. You can keep your fingers away from the flame with an external safety lock switch. The electric lighter is upgraded. The wind and splash proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather, so you can easily use it under any weather conditions. The size of the lighter is very small and slim. The neck of the lighter is flexible and rotates to meet your needs. 24h friendly services, an electric lighter, and a charging cable are what you get.

Brand: Wdsdmjm

👤My husband and I stopped smoking about 6 years ago, but we still can't find a lighter to light candles. This lighter is amazing. It doesn't get hot and it lights candles.

👤I use this lighter to light my candles. I have not tried it on anything else, but I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It is difficult to light a candle when the candle is in the jar. It was back to butane.

👤I love this candle lighter. I purchased this item from Amazon.

👤It came almost fully charged. I've had this for a couple weeks and haven't charged it. I use it occasionally.

👤It is easy to use.

👤This is a must have for many household uses. I have used it to light candles and to start a fire. You don't have to worry about burning your finger with a lighter. Purchase one or two and do yourself a favor.

8. RAYONNER Lighter Electric Candle Rechargeable

RAYONNER Lighter Electric Candle Rechargeable

The 2-pack of Lighters have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions. Multiple safety protection. Automatic power-off chip protection and double safety switch can prevent children from accidental use of the lighter. TheTYPE-C cable is included for your convenience to plug in the power to any USB or charger. Electric lighter without gas, no fluid, and no flame. A one-time charge can last more than 60 times. It can be charged over 300 times. The wind and splash proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. Under bad weather, a torch is a great tool. Butane is free. The need for this harmful chemical is eliminated by the use of a technology called plasma tech. The normal operation sound will be used during the ignition, please use it with ease. A gift box, a user manual, and 24h friendly services are what you get. After using the lighter, you need to clean the position of the ARC tip.

Brand: Rayonner

👤The lighter broke after three months of use. Don't. The lighter stopped charging after a while. The solder securing the wire to the charging port failed when I opened the lighter. The second wire was about to fail in the same way as the first wire, and one of the wires was completely disconnected. The wires connecting the battery to the main circuit board of the lighter appeared to be a bit thicker than the wires connecting the charging port. The wires connected to the charging port are at risk of failing or being disconnected altogether if the sliding mechanism of the lighter causes enough strain on them. The wires that connect the lighter to the charging port can either be strengthened or removed. Don't use this product until those are resolved. I am suspicious that this is a flaw in the majority of electric lighters.

👤Definitely want one in each room.

👤I was surprised when I opened this, so I didn't pay much attention to the reviews or descriptions. It's a mini taser. I got a good laugh out of it and it doesn't bother me at all. I read the description to make sure it wasn't dangerous, but the lighter is only 5 volts so it isn't too dangerous. It works exactly as it says, it has a safety feature that will turn off after 6 seconds when it is being used. I love this lighter and the fact that I get a laugh every time I look at it is a bonus.

👤Our predecessors used rocks to create fire. The struggle and the conflict are not possible. We used metal sticks to light a flame. The threat of lighting candles with lighters and matches was still present in the modern era. It gives you the ability to impress people who come by to get a free meal from you, and also give a talk about the lord of the rings. Our world has been changed by this simple device. 10/10 would buy again. I would like to thank you for attending my talk.

👤If you are tired of burning your finger and using small lighters then you need this! If you don't mind the noise for 3 seconds, then you're fine.

👤Came fully charged and works well. It is easy to use and charge.

👤It makes a high pitched sound, but my cat doesn't seem to mind much. It's narrow and if you let the wick get on it too much it could catch fire. It does the job, either way.

👤The lighter was a great help until it ran out of juice, and it is not a good idea to use a wall plug or computer to charge it. It's definitely a one time use disposable lighter, so think twice before you get it.

9. Electric Lighter Rechargeable Battery Flexible

Electric Lighter Rechargeable Battery Flexible

There is a wind and rain roof. The technology is flameless, so it's perfect for lighting outdoor BBQ, charcoal grills, campfires, birthday candles, fire pits, gas stove, and everywhere else you used to need a lighter. Candle lighters use zinc alloy materials to help them quickly evaporate heat. Double safety switch control was added to the electric lighter in order to protect it from accidental touch. The blue one is bendable and the black one is not. They can meet the needs of different occasions, such as ignite party candles, fireplaces, incense burners, gas stove, outdoor camping, and barbecue. They use a technology that can be used in strong wind and wet environments. The candle lighter is more durable with the upgrade type c charging. The power bank or computer will work for charging. They recommend no more than 2 hours per charge. The 2-pack of Lighters have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions.

Brand: Fdhf

👤The device has quirks but it does what it says it will do for the money. This device can be used in a variety of environments from lighting candles at home to crafting. The device has some quirks, but once you know what they are, you will likely want to store it in your disaster preparedness and camping tool kit. The low tech video shows how the device works. Let's take a closer look at this candle lighter. I liked that I could light a candle with one hand. I have joint pain in my fingers all the time. I used to use long handle flame candle lighters. I had to use two hands to hold the safety switch forward because of the joint pain. The second hand pulled the flame. My hands were hurting when one candle was lit. I had to start the painful process again if the candle did not light. If you don't have hand joint pain, this doesn't matter. During the winter storm in Texas in 2021, my traditional gas flame candle lighter ran out of fossil fuel gas. Our supply chain was broken if the ice and snow continued. You don't know what you need until you need it the most, that's my philosophy on being prepared for the unexpected. Without electricity, I had no heat. I had a gas fireplace. My fireplace has been professionally inspected in the past. My neighbors fled their homes because they were afraid of lighting their gas fireplaces, but I stayed in my home. It is a long story, but when people see one neighbor moving around outside, the street is safer from looters. I made sure to show up daily. We had no electricity for a few days. My candles were melting down. I was able to keep the room warm. I used candles to light my stove. I kept the window cracked open. My story has something to do with this electric candle lighter. The traditional gas flame long handle candle lighter ran out of fossil fuel gas and I was hurting. If the gas was turned off, I wouldn't have a way to light a fire pit. Since the winter storm, I've been looking for my old fashioned camp fire tool, tips, and tricks. We might lose access to natural gas if the grid fails again. This almost happened as well. I was thinking, "Yes!", when I saw the chance to purchase this candle with a gift card. I need to add fire lighting capabilities to my stove lighting tool kit. Being able to light a candle with one hand is important. There are safety features. The safety features will not stop a determined child. It is the responsibility of the adult to teach their children to respect things that can hurt them. The candle light has a tool. The button shows how much power is left in the candle lighter. It is a button. The internal battery power is shown in the button. There is a safety feature. The power will only be turned on when the button is in the on position and the blue dots light up. If you shade the area with your other hand or other shade, you can see the blue dots. I thought the electric candle lighter was the same as the fossil fuel lighter, so I kept the switch. The device is on once the blue dots are illuminated. Push to round or oval button to turn on the electric lighter part. The device will be on for about 9 seconds. A lot of candles can be lit. The device stopped after about 9 seconds. This is a safety feature. The electric candle lighter will be ready to light more candles without additional joint pain if the device is rest for 6 seconds. The electric tip did not stay hot for long, but it will be hot for a few seconds after use. Use good judgement and keep away from anyone who could be burned if they used a hair curling tool or a flat iron, which are far hotter than this electrical candle lighter. Just as you would fossil fuel lighters and electrical appliances, keep this tool away from children and irresponsible adults. The blue dots show the power levels. The candle lighter was lightweight and portable. There are five The internal battery can be charged using your own device. The supplied cable was used to connect my phone to the internet. Each device had its own cable. If you don't have a wall or laptop charging port, you must order one. The devices arrived with a charge. When the internal batteries are low, I recommend you to boost the charge. The device lost power after I turned it on and off 100 times. The full 9 seconds causes the device to lose power faster. 6) The device was successfully charged with a Rockpals 500 watt battery which can be used to power a generator, portable solar panel or a portable battery pack for high consumption cell phones. I'm still experimenting with a zero fossil fuel method to replenish the internal battery of the electric candle lighter. The Rockpals became my only source of power during the winter when I was away from electricity. This candle lighter is useful for grid failures during disasters. I didn't think a grid failure would happen in the southern part of Texas. I didn't think my area would become so cold. 7) This device works in the cold. I left this device in the freezer overnight to see if it could function in freezing weather. It worked fine the next day. At first, there was some hesitation. I warmed the tip with my fist. The device lit a candle. I don't advise you to do this test so that you don't void your warranty. My house was very cold. I needed to know the limit of the device. The device has not been wet. The device was tested on damp straw. I was startled when the straw lit up, but I didn't think it would. Campers and survivors of hurricanes need to know that the device will light a damp item like a straw if kept dry. Light the starter material after it has dried. The device lit my stove. The device melted plastic. 8) The two for one offer is a great value, even though this item was purchased with a gift card. What did I not like? I have learned that people won't trust my reviews if I don't tell them what's wrong with a product. Some sellers don't like it, but others understand that cons don't stop buyers. It might be a plus if I am a con for you. 1) The button on the first device I tried to use was in the down position. There were no issues with the second divide in the same delivery. I had to use a pin to raise the button. The locking stopped after the device was frozen. I used the device many times. After the freezer experiment, there was no way to try a different method. There are two more The switches look like cheap plastic. There are 3 more I like the sound of the electricity flowing at the tip of the device. I know the device works even when the light is not bright. I like the sound of the electrical arcs. I have a background in science and nature. My tolerance for science is high. The sound was placed as a con because some people might not like it. Is this product good for friends and family? I do. There is a time limit on returns so be sure to try the features right away. Who should I buy this product from? This candle lighter is great for people with arthritis and joint pain. This device is in the tool kit of anyone creating a disaster plan. My fossil fuel lighter ran out of fuel and my backup lighter did not work again until the house warmed up. Anyone who wants to reduce landfill waste. The batteries can be recycled in some areas. I am sure there are some engineering minds out there that could possibly create a product that has replaceable batteries. The cost of a lithium battery is pricey. Someday the manufacturer will create a replaceable battery. Anyone who wants to use their solar battery. People who don't like flames. Artists and craftsmen. Campers, RVers, Gardeners, Farmers, Ranchers, Mechanics, and Tech people are included. The event planners. Leather workers. People just want to light a candle. I will always keep my no-tech campfire kit ready, but it has many good uses. Thanks for sharing your time to read my review. I care about the potential buyer because I know how I felt when people wrote detailed reviews. I was happy with my purchase after knowing their pros and cons. My reviews are for the potential purchaser. It is easy to give a 5 star rating. There is a product. I don't like things. I love my dogs. I wish I had a device like this during the winter storm that hit Central Texas. I would appreciate your vote if you received any good information from this review. Your vote makes me want to improve my writing skills. I want to keep returned products out of the trash. If I tell you the pros and cons of a product, you will feel more confident in your purchase decision. The reviewers are your eyes, hands, and ears. The video is plain. My hands were spiked while I was working in my garden. The video shows the candle lighter in action. The video is low tech, but you may find that seeing the device in action helps you understand that the device works for lighting a candle and damp straw that kindling for a campfire. Cheers.

10. Rechargeable Flameless Windproof Multi Safety Protection

Rechargeable Flameless Windproof Multi Safety Protection

What do you get, a 1xusb charging cable and a 1x arcs lighter? If you have a problem with your lighter, please contact them. The new trend for lighters is revolutionary flameless technology. It uses electricity and transforms it into a plasma arcs which concentrates power more efficiently and also more consistent. Don't touch the arcs while functioning. There are several safety measures added to prevent accidents such as auto power off after operating for 7 seconds, auto power off when fully charged, hidden arcs head, intelligent overheat protection, and etc. It is meant to light a fire, so they want to make sure it is safe to operate. Please use with confidence the sound of the plasma arcs, they make a "ZEE, ZEE" sound. Have you ever lost a lighter? I bet you have done that before. Electric lighters last longer than traditional lighters because of the fact that you can replenish it. Add fuel or not. It is obvious that plugging in a cord and going to bed is more eco-friendly. Simply push up the safety switch and press down the power button, and you are good to go. The push-and-press design is an award-winning feature that adds extra protection to the user and much more convenient to operate than the flint-stone lighters. Excellent Material. Premium grade alumina ceramic is more resistant to temperature and is used on the contacts on the head. The case is made of aluminum so that it can quickly cool down.

Brand: Vibola

👤I was excited to use the lighter but it didn't work as I had expected. I wouldn't buy it again because I don't reach for it as much as my regular lighter. It works well when the candle is new. The candle's use makes it harder for this lighter to light the wicks and the battery to last longer. It makes this high pitch noise that can be hard to hear. I'm not fond of it.

👤The ease of use and effectiveness of this lighter might be appreciated by anyone who smokes bud or pipe tobacco. You can target your leaf. It is well built and safe. I bought this for someone and have received only positive feedback so far. Longevity hasn't been proved yet. The price point protects fingers from fire. I recommend.

👤The safety features that were boasted about made me buy this. My 4 year old son started a fire in his room after he got his hands on it. I think this lighter is more dangerous than a regular Bic lighter. The safety features are a joke. It's cool. Not safe at all. I don't recommend this for someone with children.

👤My favorite purchase. This item is still awesome despite my poor technique. I like that it is portable. I'm definitely going to buy more for my family.

👤I have symptoms similar to multiplesclerosis. I used to use butane lighters that required me to push two buttons at the same time. It was frustrating when I was able to do this occasionally. It is easy to use this lighter on a bad day because it only has one button. For the first time in a long time, I can light a candle and not have to worry.

👤I have had a lighter for a while. At the beginning, it lights candles. The candle is hard to light and the lighter can accumulate a lot of leftover electrical material on the side of the house. I cleaned it a few times, but it's not as effective now. After 2 months of usage, the lighter is no longer charging or lighting. The number of times I've used it, and the cost of it, are both factors that I feel like the dollar tree or walmart lighters are better for. I would have gotten out of them for a much lower price if I had used this lighter.

👤The first day I had it, I had to replenish it twice. I was using it to light incense cones, but it's not wide enough. I've seen people use electric lighters to light cigarettes, but there's no way this lighter could do that. It should have been described better in the listing. There are no cleaning instructions in the directions. I don't like it when people don't know their colors. There is no way that this could be called teal blue. It is a green color.

👤I'm getting more lung pain than I'm used to because I have to suck so hard to use this with a pipe. I'm sure it's fine for other stuff. Not recommended for a pipe.

11. SITANES Electric Rechargeable Flexible Flameless

SITANES Electric Rechargeable Flexible Flameless

The candle lighter is very lightweight. It's perfect for candles, camping, kitchen, barbecue, gas stove, fireplaces. If you love candles, get this! The child-proof switch at the on/off button protects children from accidentally starting a fire, and the switch will restart if it is activated. There is no flame, no butane, no hassle to protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. It's the best choice for outdoor and indoor activities. CONVENIENT CHARGING - Upgraded Rechargeable Arc Lighter with a battery display and 4 lights on is fully charged. The lighter can be recirculated hundreds of times. ROTATABLE LONGER NECK - Lighter is made of STAINLESS STEEL with a Longer Flexible Neck 4.5 inches and can be used in bottle lighting and candles, camping, hiking, fireworks, etc. A gift box with 1PCS Rechargeable Candle lighter, 1 PCS USB charging cable, and a gift card is what you get. The warranty is 3 months and the service is 24 hours.

Brand: Sitanes

👤The charge lasts through the lighting of 2 candles. It takes a few tries to get the button to light up, because it is in the middle. I don't think the lighter should lose its charges after 10 candle- lightings. My daughter has one from a different brand and she has not had to charge it in a month. Maybe I got a bad one.

👤Lighter emits a loud frequency that can hurt your ears. This product is not for you if you are sensitive to sound.

👤I wasn't impressed. It's nice, but you can't use it for anything other than lighting candles. It's not good for starting your grill with charcoal or pellet.

👤Rattling internally and returning the unit.

👤Fast shipment and good product. Good battery life, easy to use.

👤I love the long lighter. Don't ever run out of fuel! This is long and reaches candle wicks in tall containers. I love it!

👤A candle lighter. It is very easy to use and lights candles very quickly. I like that it is portable. I don't have to worry about how long it will last before I buy a new lighter. I recommend it to anyone who likes candles.

👤It would be a very unique gift. Would recommend.


What is the best product for electric lighter candle?

Electric lighter candle products from Elighter. In this article about electric lighter candle you can see why people choose the product. Topkan and Tomolo are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lighter candle.

What are the best brands for electric lighter candle?

Elighter, Topkan and Tomolo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lighter candle. Find the detail in this article. Tronic Master, Fukkuda and Fukkuda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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