Best Electric Lighter for Weed

Lighter 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. TOMOLO Rechargeable Electric Flexible Fireworks

TOMOLO Rechargeable Electric Flexible Fireworks

You can use theusb port to charge it through computer, power bank, etc. Each full charge of the 5 lights can be used for 500 times. The safty protection design has built-in 6-second automatic power-off chip protection and external safety lock switch that can effectively prevent children from the arcs. The Tomolo lighter uses a technology that can be used in strong wind and wet environments. The flexible neck of the lighter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You get a 2-pack of Lighters in a gift box with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions.

Brand: Tomolo

👤Don't buy this. Please take this into account for as many positive reviews as possible. I only use my lighter to light candles. I was fairly positive until tonight. The light turned into a full flame when the lighter got stomp on. It wouldn't turn off when I tried to power it off. I ran outside and tried to blow out the flame, but the handle was too heavy to hold. It went on for a while before it finally came to an end. This is dangerous. Go with another option!

👤The candle lighter is a good one. I bought this to start a fire in our new fire pit, but I was terribly disappointed. I know my candle works because I was able to light it quickly. I had a hard time getting our fire to start. The flame could start and then disappear. The battery died in about 30 minutes after I re-engaged it. I will give it one more chance or it will go back.

👤I don't know why I didn't order an electric candle lighter sooner, but I'm happy I did. I'm so relieved that they are flexible and can reach into even the deepest jar candles, and I'm so happy that they don't have to use butane lighters. I had a bit of difficulty getting my first candle lit, but if I have more information that's worth sharing, I'll update my review. I'm not sure if it's due to the product or the fact that I'm not used to lighters. I'll be keeping their box on a shelf for the time being because of the elegant packaging and presentation. The plastic sleeves seem unnecessary. The company might consider more eco-friendly packaging. Natural fiber padding might be better than plastic foam.

👤I used Amazon to find a replacement lighter for my old one that ran out of fluid, because I like to use candles at home. I was curious, but unsure, when I found this style of lighter. It's amazing! I'm very pleased with the product. It might have trouble with a thicker candle, but for what I'm using it for, it's perfect. It makes a sound when the electric current is running that upsets my dogs. If you have high anxiety dogs, they disappear off to the other end of the house, but aren't phased otherwise. The two pack comes in a nice box. This is probably not important to most people, but it was a little awkward for me since I wanted a lighter for myself and a lighter for my mother's birthday. It's not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

👤It is a two-pack and I liked it. We had a different brand that got the business end damaged so we had to use the old butane type until these arrived. If you are lighting something that might get into your lungs, those are okay for the barbecue, but propane isn't something you want to inhale. It doesn't get blown out when there is a breeze, so they are great for lighting fires outdoors. A nice breeze will help start a campfire. I like the indicator of the battery level. It is nice to know that you have enough battery left to start the BBQ before you head outside.

2. Electric Lighter Rechargeable Windproof Fireplace

Electric Lighter Rechargeable Windproof Fireplace

The rechargeable lighter body is made of zinc alloy, which makes it look more shiny and beautiful. It is a great gift for a man. The technology is called PLASMA ARC TECHNOLOGY. This electric lighter has revolutionary flameless arcs technology, which is splash-proof and efficient for ignition of candles, fireplaces, BBQ, fireworks, etc. It's ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. Safety switch design can prevent accidental touching. The retractable head will be exposed if you push the ignition switch up. It is easy to use indoors and outdoors. It's time to say goodbye to refilling-lighters. The candle lighter can be recirculate charged hundreds of times. You can charge it through computers, power banks or other ports on the portable cable. There is a battery display. It's easy to know when the battery needs to be charged with the real time display of this lighter. All 4 indicators will light up when charging is complete. You can light the candle about 300 times. Safety and eco-friendly design are important. The smart chip in this lighter provides multiple protections and 7s auto power-off, which will turn off the electric arcs after 7s per use. The electric arcs lighter, butane free, no flame, no smell, no smoke, and low noise does not affect the environment. The pollution of gas/oil-lighters can be reduced by one electronic lighter. What you get is a windproof Arc Lighter, a microusb cable, and 7 x 24h friendly services. Click "contact seller" on the order list to find them if you have a product problem.

Brand: Mibzboov

👤I was skeptical about the switch to a lighter with a battery, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is very easy to light candles. I like the design.

👤I only use this lighter for candles in the house. I used to use long fluid-filled lighters, but they ran out of fluid quickly. The lighter is great. I like that it does not require lighter fluid, and that it is pretty. It is wind proof and would be great to have on hand if you needed to light a cigarette out of a door.

👤I like the electric lighters. The electric lighter is pretty and easy to use. The lighter is pale pink. It has a power cord attached. That was the main selling point for me. I have a lot of different cords, and it is difficult to keep track of them. It is very difficult to keep track of all the cords, and the last thing anyone wants to do is spend more time looking through cords. The cord attached to the item is a great way to hang the lighter up as well as being a loop to hang the lighter up in a drawer. The lighter works well and has a long battery life, although I am still on the first charge. I will not make a decision on battery life until I see how it does over time. The contacts for the lighter part are retractable, and I like that there are other safety features for this lighter, such as the fact that you can't actually light anything without pushing the contacts out and hitting the power button to light. The safety features give me a sense of security that the lighter won't cause my home to go up in flames. This lighter gets five stars from me. It is not the cheapest electric lighter out there, but it has premium features that make it deserving of the price. Definitely. A lighter! Highly recommended.

3. Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Indicator Cigarette

Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Indicator Cigarette

The lighter has a sleek design and a small size of 3.15” x 0.98” x 0.51” Powerful and Reliable: Windproof double arcs - a unique heat source offering quick, easy lights even in the windiest conditions; 7 seconds auto-shut-off ensures a safety use that prevents high temperature damage. The built-in 260 mAh rechargeable battery has 4 LEDs of battery's indicator and lasts over 500 charges. 5v 1A microusb port, which can be used to charge your computer. The ignition head of 4 upward-probes is designed to provide more convenient uses for cigarettes and candles, or in other flat surfaces. What you get is a small brush, a small Lighter, and a small cable. 100% of it was inspected. The product warranty is 12 months. Register it to extend the warranty.

Brand: Sipoe

👤When Amazon found out that I had a disability, they gave me a full price back and didn't ask me to return the faulty lighter. It was grazie. This is a warning. A warning has been posted by others. I chose to ignore and take my chances. I am an invalid and Amazon gives me everything I need. We must often waste money because the world doesn't conform, and that everyday chores which well people do unconsciously are unsurmountable to us, because of the risks. I will not return the lighter. To manage a return, you have to hire someone to print the label, pack the item, and wait for a shipping company. A hundred bucks is easy. My lighter should be beautiful and work for that price. Okay. There are details. Two days ago the lighter was fully charged. It arrives in a sturdy gift box with a small brush and ausb charging cord. A flip of the cap. Blue lights illuminate one side of the ignite swith. I smoked more than usual that night because it was cool. And fun. The battery lights indicator came on when I plugged it in. The lights are like the tide. Again, cool. It charged with four balls of blue light in 25 minutes. I smoked a little more. That was the last time it charged. The blue lights wouldn't work if the cord was moved around in the charge port. The lighter will not charge. It is dead. Beautiful but useless. My attempt to stop using plastic lighters is a disaster. There was no fire. Half of us bought a worthless piece of technology and half of them love this lighter. Do you feel lucky?

👤The lighter feels very durable and was designed well. The pros are 1. The X design is easier to use than the other one. 2. Doesn't allow you to light it when the top cover is closed. The same as any other device or unit, the battery gradually gets old. Make sure to check the battery level frequently.

👤There is a new update on 11 April. I ordered this electric lighter four months ago. It still works great! I want to give more points. The design is very sleek. The picture is exactly as it is described and illustrated. For me, at least, it's OK. It does not feel cheap or wobbly. The weight makes you feel like it is worth more than the price, and the oblique arrangement of the electrodes makes it easy to start a cigarette without problems. Regardless of smoking or not, a nice and practical accessory is a good thing.

👤A flameless lighter. It can be used for a long time. You will see two arcs when you flip the top. We all know what lighters do. The extra features for this one are elegant style, flamesless, rechargeable, four blue lights to tell percentive of charging left, and a larger blue button. You need to keep your thumb on the power switch the whole time you use the lighter. The heating arcs turn off when you release the button. It is waterproof up to 70%. You should just watch the percent. It will hold a full charge for about 5 days because it is not used daily. I love it!

4. TISFA Electric Refillable Windproof Rechargeable

TISFA Electric Refillable Windproof Rechargeable

The top part of the fireplace lighter isn't damaged by candle fire, so you can just clean it. The best gift for Christmas and Thanksgiving is the bbq lighter. It's perfect for travel camping, hiking, BBQ grill, candle jars, incense cone, gas stove, fireworks, fireplace, kitchen cooking, and so on. The butane torch lighter and the plasma lighter are combined into one. One is a blue Jet torch lighter that needs to be filled with butane, this mode fire gives you a wider surface area that has no issue in big objects, the other is a rechargeable lighter that you can use a cable, and it has a unique heat source. The butane lighter does not cause fuel damage. The high quality and ideal size of this plasma lighter is made of premium ZINC ALLOY. This electric lighter is easy to put in your handbag or pocket and won't take up a lot of space. It is a practical and comfortable electric lighter. The MATTE BLACK appearance will not leave any fingerprints. The electric pulse Arc can be protected from being blown out by a strong wind with the help of the Windproof and Plasma Technology. The butane lighter has a cover and 2 sieves to protect you from getting burned. The cool lighters will auto off after 10s if the electric lighter is continuously heated. The battery indicator is built into a replaceable battery. For a full charge, the lighter requires 1-2 hours and lasts over 500 charges. The battery indicators will light up when you charge or open the safety lid, and there are obvious current voice when using the cool lighter. Every product has undergone rigorous inspection and they take customer satisfaction very seriously. You will get a satisfactory solution if you contact them.

Brand: Tisfa

👤The lighter part works. The flame went out when I tested it.

👤It could be better. Replacing the igniter with the arcs is an improvement. If I just release the lever, butane will leak if I push it down to extinguish the flame. I would give it three stars if it wasn't so nice to have a lighter that lights first try. It's worth it. I would be happy to pay more for better quality.

👤I wanted a flame and this lighter is great for it. The butane fill port is made of soft metal. It would be helpful if a tool designed to fit in grooves for turning gas up or down, as is required for expelling air pocket for refilling, adjusting flame etc. The metal surrounding the release pin is a bit bent because of the searches for just the right screwdriver. So far, still works, but must be careful to avoid further damage. It's a great gift for those who want fire, it's a great package, it has a visible power indicator and a cord.

👤I had a problem with the power never shutting off, which lights up the power display and causes the battery to die. I left a review for the company after I couldn't find customer support in my app, and they contacted me the next day and sent me a new one. I got it in two days. My replacement works well. The original review is still valid. This is my last Tisfa lighter. I lost the straight up flame in my first one, so I decided to buy the angle flame. The indicator on the battery is always on. The first one is easy to adjust, even if it is not perfect on where you had the flame adjusted to. Two lighters with different issues will not see what a third will have.

👤There is no apparent leaking of butane, the output is straight, the ignitions are silent, and it worked consistently. This lighter is very good. Delivery was fast.

👤I was excited to order another one after seeing the upgrade it went under, I lost the one I had. The areas that kept it from being lighter were corrected. The new lighter has had to be returned 3 times. It's as though they made the perfect changes, I exchange it for no longer being reliable, which sucks major donkey balls. The design and concept is a good one.

👤A small flame after charging for 24 hours.

👤It doesn't have a loud click when you light the torch, that's the reason I purchased it. I won't get caught smoking because the torch is lit by the plasma.

5. Rechargeable Fireworks Windproof Electronic Flameless

Rechargeable Fireworks Windproof Electronic Flameless

The top part of the fireplace lighter wouldn't get damaged by candle fire, you can just clean it. The best gift for family and friends is the bbq lighter. If you don't love your lighter, they are ready to help, they will provide a perfect solution. Don't worry about quality after service. If you have any of these problems, their professional team always stand by, full refunds or replacements is acceptable. They are prepared to resolve any issues. The candle lighter has a double switch to ensure safety use. The electric lighter will power off after 7 seconds of continuous ignition. To save battery power, push down the switch and turn off all the lights. The candle lighters have long neck to keep your hand away from burning yourself. It's a safe lighter. The electric lighters have a battery level display. When you can operate the lighters skillfully and ignite within 1 second after full charge, the charging time is about 1.5 hours. The lighter can last longer if you charge it till 4 blue lights turn on. You need to charge it in time if the lighter only has one blue light on. The long lighter is wind and splash proof. It's a lighter that is good for traveling and outdoor use. You can use the fireplace lighter in your backyard for your BBQ. For your next camping, get one. You should keep some pieces for your candles. The chargeable lighter is perfect for candles. Stop wasting time and money refilling lighters and disposable plastic. There was a bad butane smell. The candle lighter is a new choice. This grilkl lighter can be used over and over again. It's fire-proof and has a hook. It's very suitable for traveling and outdoor use. This is an electronic lighter. Get your candle lighters now.

Brand: Usboto

👤I bought them for a large party. I had to light 500 candles. When it came time to light all the candles, they did about 50 candles each and we were dead after that. If I relied on the regular lighters, I would have been screwed. If you need them for bulk like I did, they were useless.

👤The battery went down a notch. I had to take a break after a day. The product is a waste of money because it was manufactured and marketed as a great product from very unethical people. Don't buy this and always read the negative reviews, it's a better way to get a positive experience with a product.

👤It's amazing. Actually lights candles. It is quicker to light fuel cells than a flame lighter. It runs out of juice fast. You have to be prepared to keep charging it. It charges quickly.

👤I don't like batteries or fuel. Plug them in and they will charge in no time. It is easy to light a candle. I give some of them as gifts. Cool item.

👤It is difficult to light anything but the most clean and dry paper.

6. TOPKAY Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Activities

TOPKAY Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Activities

All lighters are guaranteed to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed, even if it passes the standard 30 day return period. The electric light is cool. This Lighter is lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket, which is useful in daily life. Perfect for Candle Lighter, Kitchen Lighter, Fireworks Lighter, Fire Starter Lighter, Also for outdoor activities as camping, hiking and parties. The Palermo lighter is upgraded. The Traditional Arc Lighter can be limited by narrow space when it is lit. It has 4 Vertical Electrode, which means that you can light your candle in any direction you want. There is a safe light and roof. The Electric Arc pulse will be protected from being blown out by strong wind with the use of the Plasma Arc Lighter. The 6.5S auto shut off is to prevent high temperature damage. There is a battery discharge. The electric lighter can display the real battery volume, battery status shows from 1 to 4 white lights, and remind you to charge when the battery volume is too low. A full charge can be filled in 1-2 hours with 4 lights on and a lighter that can offer many times the charge of a full charge. The eco-friendlyusb lighter. This Lighter has no flame, no butane, no hassle, and it is Eco-friendly. There will be light noise of "ZEE", which is high-voltage power generation, and Premium Lion battery. The long time recycle using is provided. It is giftable. It is an ideal gift for parents, grandparents, husband, boyfriend, and friends for birthday party, Father's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day. The size is 2.48 ounces and the weight is 2.54 ounces. The battery volume is 280mAh.

Brand: Topkay

👤Solid construction would not break if dropped. I like the button feature shut on/off, some zap lighters turn off after 5 or 6 seconds after you tap it on, so if you drop it in your lap it doesn't stop for the full 6 seconds... The button is only on when it is being pressed down. The battery life indicator is a nice feature. The lighter the arcs, the better.

👤The right size and shape is needed. Is close to the size and has the same feel. The battery indicator lights are easy to see. The button is solid and raised enough to feel it without having to look for it. A soft bristle brush is included for cleaning. It was the cheapest out of all the ones I looked at and I trust you when you say I looked at a lot of them. The flip top lid has a little side to side play in the open position, but it feels securely attached and doesn't detract from use. I decided to take a chance on this one, and I'm glad I lost my old one. When the note is used for a few days, it emits a high pitch sound that might be unnerving to some. Others around me have commented on the "awful sound" that I quickly became accustomed to. I am not sure if it is a mechanical defect or a brand specific one, but my previous lighter did not make this sound, so I wonder if it is a mechanical defect or a brand specific one.

👤I have other arch lighters, but this is my favorite. The wind proof quality of this lighter is better than the wind proof quality of the other lighters I have used. The wind never stops there, even after I got back from OBX. It feels like a lighter when you open and close it. The wind makes it a challenge to use lighters at the beach. This was always lit. The lights on the front tell you how much power is left until the next charge. There is a box, a brush and anusb charge in it. That is the first. It lasted longer on a charge if you never received anything to clean the others. This lighter is the best because of its quality, feel, and wind resistance. Get another for the price. I put some pictures up. The box is nice. Enjoy!

👤I plugged in the lighter and put it in my pocket. I took it out of my pocket after finding it. The hinge had come apart. Amazon doesn't allow returns of items that areflammable liquids or gases. This item does not have either. I had to replace the hinge pin with a paper clip.

👤I have been playing with it for a while and it seems to have a good battery life. It has not yet died. It has a nice build and feels sturdy, which is great, and it should cost more than it did. The click from opening the top makes it feel like you are opening a door. I was hesitant because I thought it would take a while to light anything. It's just like a real lighter, it lights things up immediately.

7. RONXS Candle Lighter Deluxe Rechargeable

RONXS Candle Lighter Deluxe Rechargeable

Stop wasting time and money refilling lighters and disposable plastic. There was a bad butane smell. The candle lighter is a new choice. This grilkl lighter can be used over and over again. It's fire-proof and has a hook. It's very suitable for traveling and outdoor use. This is an electronic lighter. Get your candle lighters now. The larger battery capacity of theRONXS RX01 long lighter allows 2000+ ignitions for once 100% charge. If you are a candle lover and get used to using lighter frequently, you will not regret getting the advanced RONXS electric arcs long lighter. The digital screen has easy to read digits for battery notification. RONXS comes out with a unique lighter. The digital display screen shows the percentage of electric power left and reminds you of the time to replenish. Arthritis-friendly Flexible ReachRONXS flameless lighter has a longer flexible neck which can be used to light jar candles, birthday candles and fireworks easily, even working as a grill lighter. It can adjust to any angle, without burning your fingers, because of its long neck. A safety lock and a multi-protection chip are included in the 7-Point Safety System for Safe Ignition. The lighter will self extinguish for better safety concerns. The Arc Lighter Gift Set is Eco-friendly and doesn't need a refill. The RONXS Advanced Lighter Gift Set includes a lighter, cable, hanging string, and cleaning brush. In 24 hours, quick reply customer service. After using the lighter, you need to clean the position of the ARC pulse with a brush.

Brand: Ronxs

👤If you're trying to find the best electric lighter to buy on Amazon, save yourself some time and just buy it from Rennes. It is easy to use with the big buttons. I got a reply to my email in a matter of hours after I sent it. What more can you ask for, a great product backed by a responsive company.

👤I have used it for many things. I love the fact that I only have to press a button. If you have mobility issues in your hands, I recommend it. I don't like how traditional lighters require a lot of grip strength. It wouldn't be a good idea for a home with small children. I enjoy the sound of it but my spouse doesn't like it. There is a There is a learning curve for grilling. Getting the flame to catch can be a little different, but don't worry about the flame being blown out.

👤The lighter works well, but it's not fun to keep an old cable around. I would probably get something else.

👤When it worked, the item worked great. The item says it is charged but does not start when I press the button. If it doesn't work after a couple of months, it's a waste of money. I only used it a few times.

👤It works after you realize there is no flame.

👤The lighter is flexible and works right out of the box. It's perfect in my drawing. It works well for lighting Yankee Candles.

👤I ordered this before and it worked great. The internal pieces of this one do not align, so it will not fire. I wanted a replacement, but Amazon didn't offer that option. I will never order again.

👤I don't know why I haven't seen them before. It has a battery life that doesn't seem to drain when not in use. It was perfect! My daughter loves her candles and I bought one for her.

8. Electric Rechargeable Flexible Windproof Flameless

Electric Rechargeable Flexible Windproof Flameless

The Arc lighter has a built-in 10 second automatic power-off protection and an external safety lock switch that can effectively ensure safety. The candle lighter is suitable for use in strong wind and wet environments. It has a flexible neck that can easily be turned around for different lighting needs. The hook of the long lighter can be placed in a safe place away from kids. It's a great companion for candles. The indicators will flash in sequence when the 4 lights on the barrel turn on, it is full charged. The Arc lighter uses taser flameless plasma technology to protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. It's the best choice for outdoor and indoor activities. The sound of an arcs breaking through the air is what it might sound like after it is switched on. It's normal circuit operation, no effect on regular use. The top part of the fireplace lighter wouldn't get damaged by candle fire, you can just clean it. The best gift for family and friends is the bbq lighter. If you don't love your lighter, they are ready to help, they will provide a perfect solution.

Brand: Liopeed

👤I started giving these candle lighters as gifts because I have so many of them. The majority of these functions in the same way: flip the power switch on, and hold a separate button to light up the room. These are better than disposable gas lighters since they are rechargeable. The two pack is cheap and fully charged. I got some lighters that came with ausb ports and the plug is more outdated than ever. These are large and feel nice in your hand. The candle lighters I used were 50g and felt flimsy. The extra weight on these definitely makes them more luxurious. The device is not loud. I use the lighter daily for lighting candles and I appreciate the 4 indicators for charge, I can usually go for a month or so before needing to replenish. If the current stops suddenly, you should clean the two nodes. There's usually soot on the nodes.

👤I bought a similar one as a gift for Christmas and it was the most popular gift. I found this one because a few people had specific requests. This comes in two colors, black and silver. It was automatically charged so you can use it a few times, but it won't last long. It has a two step safety process. It can be charged in a couple hours with a port on the computer. Everyone has a hook that hangs by their grill because the company made it. The wind blowing without problems makes us look so clever. I gave candles as gifts this year, and attached a lighter, and people liked the lighters more than the candles.

👤Over the years, I've had a few lighters powered by the internet. I cook with a wood stove and use a gas range because the flames get lit here multiple times a day. Strike Anywhere matches aren't as reliable as they were 20 years ago, so theusb lighters are my goto flame source. The lighters are very light and hold a charge for a long time. I like the idea of a 2 pack, one to use and one to have charged up just in case. The cap fits securely and you have to slide one thing before pressing the ignitor button. It's not likely to happen if you have the lighter in a backpack or if you just grab it. These lighters are very good.

👤When I ordered this, I was not sure what to expect. I have a camping stove that is hard to light, the usual long reach butane lighters get blown out before they can light the gas. It seems to light better in windy conditions. There is no way to blow out the plasma arcs. It only lights thin things that can fit between the wires. You can't light wood or charcoal. I was able to light a toothpick on fire, but not a chopstick. It's not a fire. It is not the same. Very strong! It's pretty cool. It's good for lighting small things and hard to reach pilot lights.

9. RONXS Adjustable Refillable Heavy Duty Included

RONXS Adjustable Refillable Heavy Duty Included

A phone ring holder can also be used as a lighter. The mini size and portable is 0.95 x 0.8" x 3.1" It's easier to use and it's smaller. It's easy to carry around in a pocket-size. The grill lighter with an elegant box is a great choice for Birthday, Father's Day, etc. The triple burners of the torch lighter are strong and powerful enough to light candle jars, gas stovetops, BBQ grill, camping, fireworks, etc. The butane refill lighter with fuel level window helps check and refill butane in time. The flip-out control on the base of lighter is easy to adjust. Heavy high graded zinc alloy is an advanced duty material and stylish design. The click to ignite function is easy to use and the flame control is adjusted to suit the conditions. The RONXS cigar lighter is a User Manual.

Brand: Ronxs

👤The lighter is beautiful. It is very easy to use, you just fill it up and it is good to use. A flathead screwdriver can be used to adjust the flame height up or down, which is necessary upon first use, and also when changing elevations due to the change in oxygen density in the air. This is the kind of lighter you can feel good about using in public, it looks fancy and expensive, but it is aesthetically appealing. I will gift this to a lucky person this Christmas.

👤The boxing was nice. The box came with instructions and a care cloth. Lighters are self explanatory, but the instructions were very clear. The lighter has a nice weight. When you fill with butane, the flame goes high. A high flame is likely to be about 2 inches high. There are a few flaws in the outer finish. Solid 4 stars! If the finish was perfect, I would give 5 stars. fingerprints are not a problem. If it lasts a while and the finish holds up, I'll make it 5 stars.

👤This is a great lighter. I gave it to my husband for Father's Day but I tried it out so I could review it. I can't explain why filling it with Butane was more difficult than our other lighters. It didn't seem to want to accept the butane at first. I tried again and again and it filled up again. Great fire. It is easy to adjust. I have carpal tunnel, which makes fine motor skills very difficult for me, but this lighter was easy to open and light, even with my worse hand. It is a little heavy, but I like it because it makes it feel more quality and less cheap. I think I will buy another one for myself.

👤I have always bought RONXS lighters because of their excellent build quality and reliability, as well as being affordable, and if you lose one it's not the end of the world. They are packaged nicely in a nice gift box. I was surprised when the lighter showed up in a generic box that said "Cigar Lighter", where the RONXS logo usually is. The packaging was bad and the clone lighter was bad. The thing is not as good as it could be. The thing doesn't feel right in your hand, the manufacturing justifications are off, and it doesn't click right. I'm very disappointed. If you buy anything from this seller, be careful as they ship products that are not as advertised. I don't have time to package it all back up. I take the hit. Disgraceful.

👤None of the ratings are applicable to the issue. It doesn't last long. It breaks easily. The lid will come off and you can't get it back in because it's a part that wears over time. You will not hear it click. I have to light something and hold it down to hear the butane and then light it with another lighter. Why would I do that? I don't want to waste the butane that I put in it. It holds a lot of butane. It just doesn't hold up. I broke an electronic lighter from lighting it too much. It is very sad...

10. Vizliter Electronic Rechargeable Flameless Splashproof

Vizliter Electronic Rechargeable Flameless Splashproof

Buy now to get: (1) Electric arcs lighter, (2)usb cable, and (3) user manual, and reliable and timely customer service. Beautiful Gift Box and Usb cable are included. You should impress your friends. It makes a great gift. You can use it again and again. It's unaffected by wind or water. It can be used under any conditions. Technology reaches hotter points than fire. The Unicorn is a symbol of magic, miracles, and enchantment. The magical and Enchanting Unicorn is only a very few. The ability to bestow magic, miracles, and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and distinguishable in their actions.

Brand: Vizliter

👤The lighter was the best I've tried. I've purchased several different brands of lighters and this one is the best so far. A good strong lighter. It does not last as long as they say. I smoke 1 1/2 packs a day. The lighter will last all day. They claim there are many lights. Again, it is the best of the lighters I've owned. It has been about six weeks since I bought the lighter. The switch is faulty and it won't light every time. You have to open and close the lighter at least 2 or 3 times. It doesn't hold a charge all day. I take special care with these types of lighters because I know how importan has used them, but it has not done any good. It's not worth the hassle. The buyer should beware. The company replaced the first faulty lighter. This is a review of the lighter they sent. The charging port is loose and it's been about 2 1/2 months. The lighter works well, but it is difficult to charge it with the port being loose. The lighter is beautiful and works well, but they need to work on their design for the port to keep this from happening.

👤It's pretty and lights things nicely, but it's loud. You might be able to get used to it, but I found it a bit disturbing. I checked with my family and my brother could hear it, but my mom couldn't, so it's a high Frequency that may or may not bother you. The button turns it on, but it doesn't turn it off. I have to flip the top open to re-light it after it shuts off. I don't know about the battery life. I've used one other electric lighter before and it didn't have these problems, so it's not a problem for all electric lighters. I hope that helps someone, but I'm sorry I couldn't be more positive about it.

👤I wanted to give this 5 stars. The metal plaque and velvet-like border texture of the box made it look and feel good. The bronze-ish gold wolf design looked great. I'll let it go. Quality looking cosmetics doeant mean quality product. I attached a picture of the fatal defect where theusb port snapped off and got lodged in the upper left corner of the slot, so you can view it. I bought this in June of 2020 for lighting incense around the house. Since then, I have not used it many times. I plugged it in to charge less occurances. After just a month, I felt the charging port start to jiggle as I plugged in the miniusb cord, which was the number of times I charged it up until that point. I used it very, very little after that. The thing was useless after the charging port snapped off, so it was pointless to plug it in today. The only purpose it has now is as a decoration. Very disappointed. Everyone should stay away from this brand. Either I got an unlucky dud or they are poor quality. I don't think it's worth $20 to risk. Invest in something else.

11. Power Practical Electric Rechargeable Flame Less

Power Practical Electric Rechargeable Flame Less

A fancy gift box is packed with the best as gift. It is a perfect gift for any occasion like a wedding, Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and more. The Flip uses the latest technology to light up whatever you want instantly. It is easy to useVERTICAL LIGHTING. The second power button on the bottom of the flip is the perfect pipe lighter. This premium multi-purpose lighter has a modern look and feel with a high-temperature resistant, soft-touch case while being extremely lightweight. The flip charges in less than an hour and keeps your sparking for hundreds of uses. Power Practical is committed to providing high-quality products. If you have any questions, please message us! They'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Power Practical

👤I smoke a lot of cannabis out of both pipes and bongs, and I hate plastic and other disposable items, so I thought this rechargeable lighter would be just the thing. I was disappointed. The business end of this lighter is flat, similar to old car lighters, but it doesn't generate enough heat to burn the cannabis in a bowl. I had to touch the heating end of the plant material to make sure it was not too hot. It only lit up about the same amount of material as a Bic disposable. It would probably be okay for lighting a joint. I'll be watching for a better lighter because this technology will probably be improved soon.

👤I thought it was worth it if it lasts. The switch position is cranky after a month of use, but I had no trouble at first. In theory, you push down the safety switch, click three times, and the little blue "Ready" light comes on, and you push the top or bottom power button again to start the spark. Sometimes it works that way, but sometimes it isn't ready until you go through the sequence a few times. Sometimes the orange plastic button doesn't work and you have to wiggle it around. Sometimes the bottom button works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes you start over. The design is nice, but the switch needs to be more robust. Looking for a lighter to replace disposables.

👤This item is smaller and lighter than similar items I've tried. The narrower top part works for pipes, which is why I bought it. Even in high winds, it works great outdoors. It's a pain to use. The protective cover needs to be lowered first. You have to press one of the two power buttons three times. You have to press it again to light the arcs. After 3 minutes of non-use, it goes off. If you're trying to enjoy a pipe for 15 to 30 minutes, you might have to go through this entire process again if you relight your pipe every 5 minutes or so. The product would be better if it had an On/Off switch. It stays on once "on". It was said that it was embellished. I had to reduce my rating to 1 star. If I could. This is a lighter. The complicated cover makes it hard to light with it. When you stick the end into the pipe, you can't see how close you are to the tobacco, so most of the time you end up touching the tip of the lighter to the tobacco and the arcs goes out. It's almost impossible to get this arcs right next to tobacco because it's so weak.

👤I was going to write a real review for this product. The rubber slips for the arcs fell off after a short time. It was horrible manufacturing. The reviews say it's windproof, but I would bet you money that the plasma doesn't go out with a breeze. They say it will hold charge for a month. There are more lies. If you use it more than once a day, it will charge you for 5 days. Honest reviews from an honest guy to take down shady companies that sell inferior products on the internet.


What is the best product for electric lighter for weed?

Electric lighter for weed products from Tomolo. In this article about electric lighter for weed you can see why people choose the product. Mibzboov and Sipoe are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lighter for weed.

What are the best brands for electric lighter for weed?

Tomolo, Mibzboov and Sipoe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lighter for weed. Find the detail in this article. Tisfa, Usboto and Topkay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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