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1. RONXS Electric Multi Protect Rechargeable Indicator

RONXS Electric Multi Protect Rechargeable Indicator

What you get is 2*LYTOWN candle lighters, 2*USB charging cables. Lifetime aftersale service aims to provide better products and solutions. Certified SafeRONXS's leading tech and multi-protect safety systems ensure complete protection for your home and you're lighter. Butane is free. RONXS uses a technology to eliminate harmful chemicals. Please use with ease the noise of the high-voltage power generation called "zee, zee". It's made of plastic and it's 8.8" long, so it's portable and convenient. It's perfect for travel camping, hiking, BBQs, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks, indoor and outdoor activities. The RONXS lighters are flameless and can be used to illuminate under bad weather. The RONXS candle lighter can display real-time battery volume. The RONXS lighter can spark up to 400 times when fully charged. It can be powered by both computers and power banks, so you can charge it on the go. It is recommended to use a normal power adapter, as a fast charge may cause damage to the product.

Brand: Ronxs

👤I end up buying lighters a lot because I use a lot of candles and matches. I have used this style of lighter before. I have never seen a coil like this before. It is very unique and intriguing. The coil is flexible. If the thing your lights are in is hard to reach, this works wonders. The cap helps with general safety since it is a lighter. There are lights that light up when you slide the glider up to see the battery life. That feature was added to help determine how long it could be used for. The only thing I would change is to make the ring bigger, but that is only my personal preference, and I would rate this product a good 5.

👤I knew I had to have this when I first saw it. This is a product for people who don't like being in the news. I don't understand how I could go through life without knowing this product exists. Do yourself a favor and buy it if you're still reading it. If you decide to buy this product, you need to sign up for a 2 year warranty. It was easy to do. I can't wait to use this product on my incense sticks and candles, I am in love with it. There is no more lighter fluid nonsense! Yes!

👤I needed a lighter with a long neck to light candles as I kept burning myself when using the regular sized disposable BIC type lighters and the candles were nearing their end and the wicks were far down inside their jars. I decided to try one of the electric lighters instead of ordering a disposable long neck butane BIC lighter. I decided to go with this one after reading reviews that said it was better than the BIC ones. I have never owned an electric lighter. There are a few things I like about this one. If you don't want to use the ring 2, it snaps back to being flush with the end of the lighter and doesn't flop around. It comes with a plastic cap that fits snug around the top electric part for when it's not being used, so ash or black stuff that's left on the tip won't rub off on its surroundings. The blue dots light up when you slide up the safety lock. The blue charge lights remind you to slide the safety lock back in place. The blue lights turn off when you slide back the safety lock. The neck is very sturdy and doesn't flop around. I have 3 other cords with the same output lying around my house that I use to charge this electric lighter as well. It also comes with a mini brush, which may be used to clean the ash or soot from the tip of the lighter. I've used it about 10 times over the past week and it still shows 5 blue lights. Would definitely recommend! It's a great way to save the planet from more waste because it's re-chargeable instead of being thrown away. It's worth the $5 bucks over a lighter.

2. NESAPTO Upgraded Electric Rechargeable Indicator

NESAPTO Upgraded Electric Rechargeable Indicator

The upgraded version of the high-tech candle lighter has an intelligent chip that can be used to charge the battery once. The safety protection system of the Plasma lighter has a lock switch that keeps children out of danger. The design of the battery inDICATOR is flexible. The Arc lighter has a long neck and can be easily rotating. Their candle lighter can show battery power. The lights are fully charged. The long lighter can be used for strong wind or other bad conditions. No fuel or gas is needed. It's very suitable for both home and outdoor use, perfect for lighting candles, fireworks, gas stove, camping BBQs, and more. The quality guarantee is for 12 months. If you have a quality issue with the candle lighter, please contact them, they will provide you a replacement or technical help.

Brand: Nesapto

👤The candle lighter has a safety feature. The lighter will not stay lit for more than 7 seconds. The indicator lights keep me aware of how much battery charge remains. It came with almost a full charge, which was a nice surprise. The battery depletes a bit faster than I anticipated. The charging cable is included. The flexible neck makes it easy to adjust for the best lighting angle. There is an on/off switch and a button that needs to be depressed. I hope that the photos and video I have posted help you out a bit with your choice. Thank you.

👤The lighter is amazing. It works well. There is no visible flame but when placed on the candle's suck it ignites. You don't have to hold the ignite button while the candle is being lit. The old torch lighter was difficult to use for a person with dexterity issues, but the new lighter is so easy to use that I don't mind using it. The safety feature is comforting.

👤The product is easy to use. The battery can go down quickly but it can be charged quickly. When I use this, my kids hear a loud noise like a dog whistle. My husband and I could not hear the bark of the dogs.

👤The purchase date is April 24 this year. The return window has expired and I have to buy another one. No words.

👤It doesn't work on starter logs. It works well on candles. Pink is a pretty color. We are keeping it for camping and thought we would send it back.

👤It lasts very short. It needs to be charged after each use. Quickly charges. It works for me since I rarely use it for candles. I would like it to stay charged longer.

👤I need an electric candle lighter to light my candles there always out of guild, but since I got the one that is rechargeable, I can use it whenever I want, it saves me a lot of money.

👤I once tried to light my thumbnail on fire with a Bic lighter, but it wasn't enough to light it. After hijacking my husband's bbq lighter for my candle addiction, I had problems with my spouse. The candle lighter is my new favorite item. It is easy to use and lasts weeks on a full charge. Absolutely brilliant! A nice candle and one of these makes a perfect gift. I want one in every room now. Love it!

3. Electric Lighter Rechargeable Windproof Fireplace

Electric Lighter Rechargeable Windproof Fireplace

High-quality materials, high-tech chips, and elegant design ensure that they can use the powerful Arc lighter safely. The technology is called PLASMA ARC TECHNOLOGY. This electric lighter has revolutionary flameless arcs technology, which is splash-proof and efficient for ignition of candles, fireplaces, BBQ, fireworks, etc. It's ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. Safety switch design can prevent accidental touching. The retractable head will be exposed if you push the ignition switch up. It is easy to use indoors and outdoors. It's time to say goodbye to refilling-lighters. The candle lighter can be recirculate charged hundreds of times. You can charge it through computers, power banks or other ports on the portable cable. There is a battery display. It's easy to know when the battery needs to be charged with the real time display of this lighter. All 4 indicators will light up when charging is complete. You can light the candle about 300 times. Safety and eco-friendly design are important. The smart chip in this lighter provides multiple protections and 7s auto power-off, which will turn off the electric arcs after 7s per use. The electric arcs lighter, butane free, no flame, no smell, no smoke, and low noise does not affect the environment. The pollution of gas/oil-lighters can be reduced by one electronic lighter. What you get is a windproof Arc Lighter, a microusb cable, and 7 x 24h friendly services. Click "contact seller" on the order list to find them if you have a product problem.

Brand: Mibzboov

👤I was skeptical about the switch to a lighter with a battery, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is very easy to light candles. I like the design.

👤I only use this lighter for candles in the house. I used to use long fluid-filled lighters, but they ran out of fluid quickly. The lighter is great. I like that it does not require lighter fluid, and that it is pretty. It is wind proof and would be great to have on hand if you needed to light a cigarette out of a door.

👤I like the electric lighters. The electric lighter is pretty and easy to use. The lighter is pale pink. It has a power cord attached. That was the main selling point for me. I have a lot of different cords, and it is difficult to keep track of them. It is very difficult to keep track of all the cords, and the last thing anyone wants to do is spend more time looking through cords. The cord attached to the item is a great way to hang the lighter up as well as being a loop to hang the lighter up in a drawer. The lighter works well and has a long battery life, although I am still on the first charge. I will not make a decision on battery life until I see how it does over time. The contacts for the lighter part are retractable, and I like that there are other safety features for this lighter, such as the fact that you can't actually light anything without pushing the contacts out and hitting the power button to light. The safety features give me a sense of security that the lighter won't cause my home to go up in flames. This lighter gets five stars from me. It is not the cheapest electric lighter out there, but it has premium features that make it deserving of the price. Definitely. A lighter! Highly recommended.

4. Zippo 65828 Lighter Insert Arc

Zippo 65828 Lighter Insert Arc

The double tap push-button ignition is genuine. The battery has a capacity of 200 mAh. 300 charges per battery is the amount of time it takes for the battery to be charged. 10 second safety feature. Does not fit Slim or 1935 replica cases.

Brand: Zippo

👤It's perfect for a zippo. My only complaint is that I use it to light things. The top of the lighter is flush with the arcs so you have to put whatever you want to ignite within a millimeter of the tip to get it going. It works well, and being rechargeable is great. I didn't expect it to emit ultra high Frequency when in use. The sound is similar to the "mosquito" alarm sound. If you're over 18 you'll barely hear anything. My kids can hear it from across the room. It's great to break up arguments. 5 stars for a device to annoy kids.

👤The case is too large to fit on the insert so it's difficult to remove it. There is a need to fix the issue. I provided photos of the poly film battery after I disassembled the unit. Not much room for a larger battery due to the switch supply. If you have the skill set, it is replaceable down the road. The outer housing was ground down to make it easier to remove for charging. Then reassembled. The internal lipo battery has no over charge protection module. The module is inside the cable. When the battery is charged to the correct level, the charging cable will shut off the current. If you use other scalpels, you will over charge the battery and it may burn inside the case. Due to its size and type, it will self destruct and turn into charcoal. Only the included charge cable can be used. It is possible to replace the internal battery with a module that is attached to it. Any cable can be used with a 5v power module. The lighter works well and now it fits my case. Double pressing the button will cause the dual arcs beam to be activated. I love it.

👤The GOTO for lighting my smokes, starting camp fires, burning off stray thread and closing my parachord has always been a zipo lighter. If you are like me, you know that if you get close to the flame of your Zippo, you will light your smoke. The double butane insert is not adjusted. If it gets close to your smoke, it will burn a hole in it. I tried to lower the flame a number of times. I wouldn't recommend this insert.

👤The single and dual butane inserts and the arcs insert were released in the fall of 2019. Not having a content window makes me a little nervous, although the butanes work well. How much fuel do I have left? Is it enough for a long weekend trip? They didn't include a fuel window like they did on their other butane lighters. They are great. My issue is with the insert. Hold down the button for the insert to ignite and the instructions state to let it charge fully. I could not get it to light. I held the button down, but nothing happened. I returned it and received a new one. Same issue! I double clicked it to get it to work. The instructions say to hold down the button, but you have to click and hold it for two seconds to get it to arcs. It's not a huge deal, but it's confusing. I'm not sure if they are all like that, but for my experience, the arc insert is the one I regret buying and won't recommend to anyone else. It's going to sit in my collection, but likely won't be used.

5. Upgraded Rechargeable Flameless Aromatherapy Fireworks

Upgraded Rechargeable Flameless Aromatherapy Fireworks

Plug in the power to your computer or phone with the includedusb cable. Each full charge of the 5 lights can be used for 500 times. The Upgraded Arc Lighter with a rotating neck can be bend to any angle you want to meet different applications, such as solid alcohol, incense, fireplaces, campfire or other outdoor activities. Electric lighter without gas required, no fluid required, no flame. Tech and multi- protect safety systems are important for your family. The wind and rain roof. The candle lighter is a great match for lighting in windy weather. It is an ideal lighter tool for outdoor use. What you will get is a candle lighter, a charging cable, and a User Manual. Please do not hesitate to contact the service line if you have a problem with your service system.

Brand: Leuek

👤I used it a total of 3 times, but it stopped working even though it was fully charged. I tried to replenish it, but it never worked again. Very poor. I won't be dealing with this seller again. I have thrown away good money because it was past the return date. I don't recommend buying from this seller.

👤I pushed the button about 10 times. The battery is fully charged. When I tried to light a candle this morning, I got onearc out of it. I couldn't get it to light again after the spark went out. I wiped the probes off with my shirt. The bat is full. It won't work. It would have been cool if it worked. If it was reliable, I would have paid more. I am pressing the button in the photo. You can see that there is no electric arcs.

👤I love this lighter! It has a good battery life and a fast time to refill it. When I first took it out of the box, it was quiet, but now that it has lit several candle wicks, it has a bit of a sound. It doesn't affect it's efficacy at all. I would buy again.

👤I wanted to cut out lighters from my life as I didn't like disposing of them after they died. I got this one for $7 and it's been great. The bendable head helps reach deeper candles, and I only use it for candles. It has a power switch and an on button that make accidental lighting impossible. After 10 seconds, it shuts off. The battery is really good for this and mine has been using it for almost two months. If you don't trim the string of the wood candle, the blacked parts can end up stuck to the sides of the flame part. I just wait for it to shut off and then wipe it with a tissue.

👤I was skeptical about the product at first, but it works. It comes with a small charge but no block, that's not a big deal. It is bendable for all your hard to light candles, and it is not too bad in price. I would buy another one in a smaller size for myself or someone else. You don't have to buy more lighters.

👤The igniter on my kitchen stove wouldn't work, so I bought this. The igniter was a failure. I bought this and it works. I wish this was a single button operation, but you have to first flip up the on/off switch, and then press the button to ignite. I want to be safe and keep it off since I keep it right by the stove. Since there's no need to refill it every so often, it's an amazing device. It is on a charge.

👤We used to buy long-handle lighters, but this one is better. The dog didn't seem bothered by it- just raised her ears, whereas the kids cringed like it was nails on a chalkboard. The grown ups in the room only hear a faint sound. We tested it to make sure the kids weren't faking it.

6. RAYONNER Lighter Electric Candle Rechargeable

RAYONNER Lighter Electric Candle Rechargeable

The 2-pack of Lighters have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions. Multiple safety protection. Automatic power-off chip protection and double safety switch can prevent children from accidental use of the lighter. TheTYPE-C cable is included for your convenience to plug in the power to any USB or charger. Electric lighter without gas, no fluid, and no flame. A one-time charge can last more than 60 times. It can be charged over 300 times. The wind and splash proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. Under bad weather, a torch is a great tool. Butane is free. The need for this harmful chemical is eliminated by the use of a technology called plasma tech. The normal operation sound will be used during the ignition, please use it with ease. A gift box, a user manual, and 24h friendly services are what you get. After using the lighter, you need to clean the position of the ARC tip.

Brand: Rayonner

👤The lighter broke after three months of use. Don't. The lighter stopped charging after a while. The solder securing the wire to the charging port failed when I opened the lighter. The second wire was about to fail in the same way as the first wire, and one of the wires was completely disconnected. The wires connecting the battery to the main circuit board of the lighter appeared to be a bit thicker than the wires connecting the charging port. The wires connected to the charging port are at risk of failing or being disconnected altogether if the sliding mechanism of the lighter causes enough strain on them. The wires that connect the lighter to the charging port can either be strengthened or removed. Don't use this product until those are resolved. I am suspicious that this is a flaw in the majority of electric lighters.

👤Definitely want one in each room.

👤I was surprised when I opened this, so I didn't pay much attention to the reviews or descriptions. It's a mini taser. I got a good laugh out of it and it doesn't bother me at all. I read the description to make sure it wasn't dangerous, but the lighter is only 5 volts so it isn't too dangerous. It works exactly as it says, it has a safety feature that will turn off after 6 seconds when it is being used. I love this lighter and the fact that I get a laugh every time I look at it is a bonus.

👤Our predecessors used rocks to create fire. The struggle and the conflict are not possible. We used metal sticks to light a flame. The threat of lighting candles with lighters and matches was still present in the modern era. It gives you the ability to impress people who come by to get a free meal from you, and also give a talk about the lord of the rings. Our world has been changed by this simple device. 10/10 would buy again. I would like to thank you for attending my talk.

👤If you are tired of burning your finger and using small lighters then you need this! If you don't mind the noise for 3 seconds, then you're fine.

👤Came fully charged and works well. It is easy to use and charge.

👤It makes a high pitched sound, but my cat doesn't seem to mind much. It's narrow and if you let the wick get on it too much it could catch fire. It does the job, either way.

👤The lighter was a great help until it ran out of juice, and it is not a good idea to use a wall plug or computer to charge it. It's definitely a one time use disposable lighter, so think twice before you get it.

7. REIDEA Electronic Windproof Flameless Rechargeable

REIDEA Electronic Windproof Flameless Rechargeable

Plug in the power to any USB or charging station with the USB Rechargeable & Economical' cable. Electric lighter without gas, no fluid, and no flame. A one-time charge can last more than 60 times. It can be charged over 300 times. Windproof and fast heat sinking Electric lighter heating arcs can heat things in a high temperature in a short time.arc would keep 10s in each time to protect the lighter from too high temperature inside. It is fast to cool down after use. You can use them outdoors and not worry about the wind. The switch on and off of the candle lighter's lighting button is easy to use. You just push the button and it will start heating up. The non-slip switch can keep you safe. When you push the lock to the right side, you can use the lighter. The retractable tip of the lighter is controlled by a button. When you push the button, the lighter works. It's very safe for families with kids. It is easy to store and maintain. You can keep it in the corner of the kitchen. If you have a problem with your lighter, please contact them.

Brand: Reidea

👤Sooo was not expecting this problem. I kept this in my nightstand for my favorite bedside candles after jumping on the electronic lighter bandwagon. I tried it out on my favorite candle after it was charged up. It was like a dream. A purple zappy-zapper! I acted like I shot lightning into his soul when I freaked out. The product instructions said that the lighter would make a noise when lighting up. I would call it a high-pitched ringing. The noise that drives dogs nuts is high-pitched. My dog wouldn't stay downstairs without us. I used this lighter in my living room once. I can't do it to my dog because I thought it was cool. I bought dumb wood matches after returning it. It works. If you have a dog that is a little nervous, be careful.

👤Yes. Yes. You need this, it is awesome, and it is eco friendly. I am very pleased with my purchase of this little accessory. This is a must for an avid candle user. You won't have that problem anymore, because you won't have to click to find a lighter that works, that's not out of lighter fluid. This is an electric lighter. Hello! Adding all those empty lighters to the garbage adds unnecessary waste. I have not needed to charge after a few weeks. Make sure to flick the switch on the bottom so the blue light is illuminated, then pull the black switch on the side to make sure the blue light comes out. Then touch whatever you are trying to illuminate. Fire! If you smoke or have a purse, it's perfect for your pocket.

👤The noise this thing makes is awful for a young person with sensitive hearing. It's worse than a dog whistle. I am 20 and my younger siblings also found the noise upsetting, but my parents are approaching 50 and couldn't hear anything. I haven't had to charge it yet. If you have sensitive ears, I would recommend using noise canceling headphones or earplugs, since it only takes a few seconds to light a candle, and it's not too loud.

👤This lighter works well. It's so easy to use. It will save me a lot of money on lighters. It emits a weird high pitch sound when using it. My dog runs for his life when I use this thing and he's old and hard of hearing. He is actually sad. My kids can hear it from the other room, but only when I'm in the room with someone who is. I find the sound really annoying and I rush to light my candles because of it.

👤This lighter is one of the best on the market and I have presented a video about it. It is cheap, easy to use, the battery is good, and I would be able to charge it even if it died on me. It is very simple. If you want to purchase this lighter, you should buy another one because matches that run out eventually will be required. You wouldn't have to buy another one anytime soon. Unless you are buying it for a friend.

8. AJIJING Electric Rechargeable Aromatherapy Fireworks

AJIJING Electric Rechargeable Aromatherapy Fireworks

60 days warranty service is provided by the gift package. If you have a question about their lighter, please contact them at any time, they will solve the problem for you. The roofing design is flexible. The upgraded design can resist strong winds. No fear of bad weather, no naked flame design. The candle lighter has a bendable design and is suitable for various candles. It is a good tool for outdoor use. Excellent safety performance. Double safety switch control was added to the electric lighter in order to protect it from accidental touch. There is a portable clothesline. All of the above can be used to charge a computer, car, and treasure. The charging capacity indicator on theusb lighter helps to understand the charging process. It's possible to be portable and versatile. The grill lighter can be used for camping, barbecue, and lighting gas stove, as well as being used to light different kinds of candles. It's safer and more eco-friendly. The traditional oil and gas is not the same as the plasma lighter. It is possible to avoid being troubled by oil fumes by using intelligent pulse ignition.

Brand: Ajijing

👤Prende velas, perfecto efectivamente.

👤The battery dies in a few days when I keep charging the lighter. I thought I might be leaving the button on. I fully charged the lighter and made sure the button was off, but the battery was 40% down and I just turned on the lighter. I had doubts about giving a bad rating but didn't get a reply from the company.

👤I was expecting a lighter, but it is more like a igniter. I can use it on my candles now that the thing starts.

👤I've gone through a lot of barbecue lighters and finally stumbled upon this one. The heating element is precise, the form is small and easy to use, and it has built in power for safety.

👤The "Lighter" is bendable, easy to use, and lights quickly. The reason to buy this item is that you will be able to plug it in and have a new airplane. It's the grand scheme of things. It will save me money and the frustration of going to light a candle and realizing I need a new pack. There is a way to add a paintbrush to a basket. Awesome concept!

👤I bought this hoping it would do away with disposable lighters. It was great at first. After 2 months, it needed its first charge, and it worked great for a week that time, but needed a charge. It only lasts a day or two before it needs to be charged. I am not sure how long it will last before the battery dies. I wouldn't spend any money on this device if I had to do it again. It has been a disappointment.

👤I was scared of having a small flame at the end of my arm, so I always shied away from lighters. I was always worried about my hand trembling if I accidentally lit my hair on fire. The only fire is in a jar. The small electric current is positioned on the edge of the lighter so it would be difficult to accidentally touch something with it, but it is easy to hold against the light. I don't have to worry about using lighter fluid. I think it's a lifetime purchase, because I only bought a second one because I was a silly goose who lost the first. My home can now have nicely-lit candles whenever I want them. Whenever people complain about their old lighters, I tell everyone about this great product.

👤This is the item for you if you are going to light a candle a few hours in the future. Otherwise, it is useless. The head is so small that it can't light anything else. You need to charge the battery for an hour before you use it. time. I thought I was doing a good thing by not using a disposable lighter, but it's not possible. This item can only be used for lighting one candle and living on the charge. The money was wasted. I don't like buying more junk to contribute to the landfills. Total disappointment.

9. TOPKAY Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Activities

TOPKAY Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Activities

All lighters are guaranteed to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed, even if it passes the standard 30 day return period. The electric light is cool. This Lighter is lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket, which is useful in daily life. Perfect for Candle Lighter, Kitchen Lighter, Fireworks Lighter, Fire Starter Lighter, Also for outdoor activities as camping, hiking and parties. The Palermo lighter is upgraded. The Traditional Arc Lighter can be limited by narrow space when it is lit. It has 4 Vertical Electrode, which means that you can light your candle in any direction you want. There is a safe light and roof. The Electric Arc pulse will be protected from being blown out by strong wind with the use of the Plasma Arc Lighter. The 6.5S auto shut off is to prevent high temperature damage. There is a battery discharge. The electric lighter can display the real battery volume, battery status shows from 1 to 4 white lights, and remind you to charge when the battery volume is too low. A full charge can be filled in 1-2 hours with 4 lights on and a lighter that can offer many times the charge of a full charge. The eco-friendlyusb lighter. This Lighter has no flame, no butane, no hassle, and it is Eco-friendly. There will be light noise of "ZEE", which is high-voltage power generation, and Premium Lion battery. The long time recycle using is provided. It is giftable. It is an ideal gift for parents, grandparents, husband, boyfriend, and friends for birthday party, Father's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day. The size is 2.48 ounces and the weight is 2.54 ounces. The battery volume is 280mAh.

Brand: Topkay

👤Solid construction would not break if dropped. I like the button feature shut on/off, some zap lighters turn off after 5 or 6 seconds after you tap it on, so if you drop it in your lap it doesn't stop for the full 6 seconds... The button is only on when it is being pressed down. The battery life indicator is a nice feature. The lighter the arcs, the better.

👤The right size and shape is needed. Is close to the size and has the same feel. The battery indicator lights are easy to see. The button is solid and raised enough to feel it without having to look for it. A soft bristle brush is included for cleaning. It was the cheapest out of all the ones I looked at and I trust you when you say I looked at a lot of them. The flip top lid has a little side to side play in the open position, but it feels securely attached and doesn't detract from use. I decided to take a chance on this one, and I'm glad I lost my old one. When the note is used for a few days, it emits a high pitch sound that might be unnerving to some. Others around me have commented on the "awful sound" that I quickly became accustomed to. I am not sure if it is a mechanical defect or a brand specific one, but my previous lighter did not make this sound, so I wonder if it is a mechanical defect or a brand specific one.

👤I have other arch lighters, but this is my favorite. The wind proof quality of this lighter is better than the wind proof quality of the other lighters I have used. The wind never stops there, even after I got back from OBX. It feels like a lighter when you open and close it. The wind makes it a challenge to use lighters at the beach. This was always lit. The lights on the front tell you how much power is left until the next charge. There is a box, a brush and anusb charge in it. That is the first. It lasted longer on a charge if you never received anything to clean the others. This lighter is the best because of its quality, feel, and wind resistance. Get another for the price. I put some pictures up. The box is nice. Enjoy!

👤I plugged in the lighter and put it in my pocket. I took it out of my pocket after finding it. The hinge had come apart. Amazon doesn't allow returns of items that areflammable liquids or gases. This item does not have either. I had to replace the hinge pin with a paper clip.

👤I have been playing with it for a while and it seems to have a good battery life. It has not yet died. It has a nice build and feels sturdy, which is great, and it should cost more than it did. The click from opening the top makes it feel like you are opening a door. I was hesitant because I thought it would take a while to light anything. It's just like a real lighter, it lights things up immediately.

10. RONXS Lighters Rechargeable Fireworks Multi Color

RONXS Lighters Rechargeable Fireworks Multi Color

Survival Lighter Set, Safe & PortableRONXS's leading 7-point multi- protect safety system ensures complete safety for you and lighters. The survival lighter is made of zinc alloy. You can get a lanyard whistle, waterproof arcs lighter, and a gift box. Customer service responds within 48 hours. Certified SafeRONXS's leading tech and multi- protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your lighter. The RONXS lighters are flameless and can be used to illuminate under bad weather. You can charge the RONXS lighter whenever and wherever you want with the portableusb charging cable. Lighters make less noise than butane. The lighter is fully charged when 5 lights on the barrel turn on. One full charge can provide over 500 uses. A gift box, a lighter, and a charging cable are included.

Brand: Ronxs

👤You need a light! You need it for real. This lighter does everything you would want a lighter to do. It is the most useful feature because there is no fuel to refill. It isn't like matches where you have to hurry up or like lighters that time out before you're done. This is a lighter that has a microusb for you. It is too hard to light a bottle or glass candle. Not a problem with it's neck! There is a safety switch that can be used to prevent accidental lighting. It has an indicator light that will let you know when you need to charge again. The customer service for this company is excellent. Don't hesitate to contact them. They will be kind and courteous.

👤I have purchased two of these lighters. One of the models has the same technology as the other one. When you receive it and charge it up, it works well for a long time. It only works a few times when you charge it again. The batteries used in these devices are cheap, don't have overcharge protection, and are good for one full charge. I kept the lighter next to me as it was charging and unplugged as soon as it was fully charged. This and all like it are disposable lighters that will last for a month. I am only giving one star because of deceptive advertising. I would have given more stars if they had been honest. It works well when it functions.

👤For a week of lighting candles, the lighter holds a charge. The indicator will go from 3 to 4 before it dies. I am changing my review to one star. The seller is trying to get me to remove my review for an Amazon giftcard. Someone who relies on reviews to choose products is upset.

👤We can click it as many times as we please, but mine was either a back door model or Q C was on vacation that week. It won't work. I would return it for a second try. I missed the return window because my mom had a stroke. If you do buy one, I would suggest you push it hard and make sure it works for the first day, then after that you should get a Butane lighter. I have had a few. I had the old Marlboro ones 30 years ago and this did not even come close to them. If you want it to work more than 50% of the time, pass it. OK... If you take this one down, this is my 3x. I will never answer people questions again. The old man is old.

👤I can't get over my excitement at something small, so I'm laughing as I write this review. I just needed a long lighter for my fire pit, and realized that one of these costs about as much as a 4-pack of plastic, fuel kind, so why not? It's brilliant. The box is fully charged and has all the features I needed. Being able to light things without having to produce an actual flame of my own is wonderful, I'm extremely uncoordinated and burn myself lighting candles way more than any human should, the on/off switch and auto shutoff alleviate my worries about running out of power, and anything I can charge My new favorite purchase.

11. Rechargable Electric Candle Lighter

Rechargable Electric Candle Lighter

With great power comes a great lighter that resists rain, wind, or shine. The extended wand makes it easy to use in your neck of the woods. The electric candle lighter in black takes less than an hour to be fully charged, so you can use it for days. The lighter has a 15 head that will make you feel like a Jedi. The black arcs lighter requires 3 clicks to be activated.

Brand: Power Practical

👤I got this for home use because I am not much of a camper or outdoorsy person. The cheap ones in the store are hard to push and always seem to be out of juice when I need to light a birthday candle or something like that. This was a bit of a splurge for me since I only use one for occasional candle lighting but I would buy it again in a heartbeat! I love this thing. It's really cool to watch. I don't know what is happening when you turn it on, but it is awesome! You know the light is ready to go when you press the button three times. You turn it off after that. I have used it for a few months now and haven't had to charge it yet, because I light candles more often now so I can use it.

👤I bought them for stocking stuffers and convinced my neighbors to get on board, because I love this for a month or two. I was certain because there weren't many bad reviews. 2 purchases and 3 separate friends. Don't buy this. It burns out in a few months despite many different chargers.

👤I got the first one and it stopped working. The safety feature would be turned off if I pressed the button 3 times. I would press the button to light the lighter. I would repeat the process about 20 times and 2 of them would work. I made sure the battery was fully charged. It needs to be consistent to light a stove. This was not consistent. I asked for a replacement. It had the same problem. It would work out of the box. It would stop working after a day. I will try something else after returning it.

👤Poor design. The package arrived in a minimalist white box with very little branding on the exterior; I think that the product was designed to be sold over the internet, fine by me, it's 2020. I open it up to the lighter and it is rigid, I didn't know why but I expected the neck to flex. The box has a microusb cable packaged along side the lighter, it was easy to open and I don't mind looking at the packaging for a few seconds. The lighter has two plastic stickers on the handle with warnings and usage information on it, but the button on the side does not light up, I have to remove the lables to light it up. I fiddle with the lighter and discover that it intermittently turns on when I push the button, but only when I press a specific corner of the small clear button. The lighter works, I bought it to light candles, and it does a good job when it isn't on. The intermittent function of the device is frustrating and it feels flimsy. I was hoping it would work out.

👤The little guy is a party saver. No more BICs that ran out of fuel, or trying to get a light, because it also has child safety. The thing is a hand held spark plug. I ran out of things to burn in less than a day. I might have a problem with it being fun to light up with a bad boy. No more burnt thumbs lighting my candles is the biggest plus. I would like it to be a microusb, because the future is coming. I am going to lose the lid soon, I wish it was attached. The banana is for scale.


What is the best product for electric lighter usb?

Electric lighter usb products from Ronxs. In this article about electric lighter usb you can see why people choose the product. Nesapto and Mibzboov are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lighter usb.

What are the best brands for electric lighter usb?

Ronxs, Nesapto and Mibzboov are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lighter usb. Find the detail in this article. Zippo, Leuek and Rayonner are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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