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1. Lighter Rechargeable Windproof Indicator Multichrome

Lighter Rechargeable Windproof Indicator Multichrome

A sleek design with a sleek finish, ultra slim, portable, reliable and rechargeable windproof lighter, offers a classic look with a modern twist. The dual Arc has a unique heat source that can deliver a quick, easy ignition even in the windiest conditions. The high quality battery lasts over 600 full charges and is Rechargeable via a 5V/1A microusb cable. You can know the status of the lighter with a battery display that has 4 blue indicators. The compact is 2.95” x 1.33” x 0.43” and is handy and lightweight. It's easy to use, stored in a pocket and can be taken anywhere.

Brand: Sipoe

👤A nice lighter. I use it to light incense sticks. It works well for cigarettes. I hope this will be my last lighter. Buying disposables adds up and is not good for the environment. This lighter is definitely recommended by me.

👤I like the look of the lighter and the ease of using it. I just got it. I can't speak to the battery life. I was blown away when I tried it out on a candle, it was the first time I had ever used this type of lighter. The flip top made lighting the other two wicks difficult. I will probably order the slimmer design burner when it is on the side. I really like the lighter. Great price too!

👤I bought this lighter for myself. It is a metal lighter. It is a great size and weight, and it is less dense than a butane lighter. The cable is easy to charge with. There is a bright blue battery life indicator. I received a lighter yesterday and am still getting used to it. Above the battery charge lights is the ignition button. The lid is easy to open and close. I used the lighter all day yesterday and all day today and only used 25% of the battery. It's definitely a good idea to give it as a gift.

👤Love the design and colors. I have never purchased an electric lighter, but I am impressed. I was able to see if it was really wind-proof. It worked well in the wind. Once registration is complete, there is a lifetime warranty. They threw in a brush to keep the electrodes clean. Definitely worth the money.

👤I bought this to replace a stolen one. This one is very easy to use and perfect for what I want.

👤Upon arrival, charged. The lights were on. The arcs did not. At all. Zero quality control seems to be the case. The manufacturer should spend more on making the product functional.

👤The lighter is very cool. The battery lasts a long time and I want that. My life is coming to an end soon and I will be happy to use this.

👤If tips get gunked up, you have to charge and clean them.

2. RONXS Upgraded Electric Rechargeable Fireworks

RONXS Upgraded Electric Rechargeable Fireworks

We have stopped printing oil-based logos to protect the earth. Thanks for your understanding. RONXS's safety system protects you and your lighter. The latest package is made of recycled paper. The brown paper box is a great gift box. The display of the battery is larger. The upgraded Arc lighter can display real-time battery volume. The lights on the barrel are fully charged when they turn on. A full charge can provide over 600 uses. The electric long matches for candles have a flexible neck. It can be used for different lighting needs. The lightweight size is suitable for daily use. The wind and splash-proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. The RONXS lighter is a great tool for lighting. No flame, no butane, no hassle. The RONXS candle lighter will make less noise than other lighters. A gift box, a user manual, and 24h friendly services are included. You need to clean the position of the ARC pulse with a brush after using the electric matches.

Brand: Ronxs

👤The lighter didn't live up to the reviews. It's hard to light candles with it. It doesn't hold a charge very long. Very disappointed. I have gone back to regular lighters. The seller wanted to make things right. They gave me a gift card for a reason. If they came out with an improved version of the lighter, I would consider buying from them again. The company promised to give me the money back for their failed product. I don't recommend buying from them. Terrible customer service.

👤I bought this for my wife to light scented candles because I don't want to use fossil fuel anymore and create more plastic waste from lighters. The lighter is not as effective as conventional lighters. 1. The "arc" is very short, it is difficult to aim it over a candle's wicks. The arcs disappear if one of the terminals touches the wick. The sweet spot is small. 2. It can only be turned on for a short time. It needs to cool down before you can use it again. A normal lighter would take 20 seconds to light one of those candles. A simple process can be hard with the short arcs, sweet spots, and durations. 3. We used it to light candles for 5 nights. I thought it was dirty because of the carbon build up on the terminals. I tried to clean it with a dry rag, but it didn't fix the problem. The battery indicator shows some bars, but the unit won't produce any arcs. I'm not happy with this product. I thought I'd do the environment a favor by using a product that will produce zero emission and consume renewable electricity, but instead we created more waste. From now on, we will use matches.

👤I'm using it to light candles. Occasionally, the device stops working, but it works fine. Toggling the on-off switch doesn't help. The only way I can get the device to work again is to plug it in to a power source and wait for the battery life indicators to blink. It may take 5 seconds. It is possible that the device stopped working because of a short circuit detection, since it often happens when the tip gets too close to the candle. If I were to wait a bit longer, the device's self protection would time out, but I don't know if waiting longer would work. The battery is still at 4 out of 5 lights, so I haven't had to change it yet. This failure mode has happened at least 4-5 times. It's annoying. I will not use it in situations where the charging point is not readily available. It is not good for lighting candles when there is a power outage. Unless I bring a portable battery to reset the device, I will not light a barbecue or camp fire. It's usable enough that I won't be returning it. When the battery charge status was at 3 out of 5 lights, the short-circuit protection kicked in and I had to keep a battery pack next to the lighter to reset it. After this got annoying, I charged the lighter fully and the short-circuit protection didn't kick in until I've used it dozens of times. The way to use this thing is to fully charge it the first time the short-circuit protection kicks in, rather than waiting for the battery status indicator to go down to 1 or 2 out of 5. It's still a tad annoying, but survivable. I had been using this with Yankee Candle products. The Village Candle candle can be lit much more easily, so the material of the candle must be different. So far, fewer resets.

3. TOPKAY Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Activities

TOPKAY Windproof Rechargeable Electronic Activities

All lighters are guaranteed to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed, even if it passes the standard 30 day return period. The electric light is cool. This Lighter is lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket, which is useful in daily life. Perfect for Candle Lighter, Kitchen Lighter, Fireworks Lighter, Fire Starter Lighter, Also for outdoor activities as camping, hiking and parties. The Palermo lighter is upgraded. The Traditional Arc Lighter can be limited by narrow space when it is lit. It has 4 Vertical Electrode, which means that you can light your candle in any direction you want. There is a safe light and roof. The Electric Arc pulse will be protected from being blown out by strong wind with the use of the Plasma Arc Lighter. The 6.5S auto shut off is to prevent high temperature damage. There is a battery discharge. The electric lighter can display the real battery volume, battery status shows from 1 to 4 white lights, and remind you to charge when the battery volume is too low. A full charge can be filled in 1-2 hours with 4 lights on and a lighter that can offer many times the charge of a full charge. The eco-friendlyusb lighter. This Lighter has no flame, no butane, no hassle, and it is Eco-friendly. There will be light noise of "ZEE", which is high-voltage power generation, and Premium Lion battery. The long time recycle using is provided. It is giftable. It is an ideal gift for parents, grandparents, husband, boyfriend, and friends for birthday party, Father's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day. The size is 2.48 ounces and the weight is 2.54 ounces. The battery volume is 280mAh.

Brand: Topkay

👤Solid construction would not break if dropped. I like the button feature shut on/off, some zap lighters turn off after 5 or 6 seconds after you tap it on, so if you drop it in your lap it doesn't stop for the full 6 seconds... The button is only on when it is being pressed down. The battery life indicator is a nice feature. The lighter the arcs, the better.

👤The right size and shape is needed. Is close to the size and has the same feel. The battery indicator lights are easy to see. The button is solid and raised enough to feel it without having to look for it. A soft bristle brush is included for cleaning. It was the cheapest out of all the ones I looked at and I trust you when you say I looked at a lot of them. The flip top lid has a little side to side play in the open position, but it feels securely attached and doesn't detract from use. I decided to take a chance on this one, and I'm glad I lost my old one. When the note is used for a few days, it emits a high pitch sound that might be unnerving to some. Others around me have commented on the "awful sound" that I quickly became accustomed to. I am not sure if it is a mechanical defect or a brand specific one, but my previous lighter did not make this sound, so I wonder if it is a mechanical defect or a brand specific one.

👤I have other arch lighters, but this is my favorite. The wind proof quality of this lighter is better than the wind proof quality of the other lighters I have used. The wind never stops there, even after I got back from OBX. It feels like a lighter when you open and close it. The wind makes it a challenge to use lighters at the beach. This was always lit. The lights on the front tell you how much power is left until the next charge. There is a box, a brush and anusb charge in it. That is the first. It lasted longer on a charge if you never received anything to clean the others. This lighter is the best because of its quality, feel, and wind resistance. Get another for the price. I put some pictures up. The box is nice. Enjoy!

👤I plugged in the lighter and put it in my pocket. I took it out of my pocket after finding it. The hinge had come apart. Amazon doesn't allow returns of items that areflammable liquids or gases. This item does not have either. I had to replace the hinge pin with a paper clip.

👤I have been playing with it for a while and it seems to have a good battery life. It has not yet died. It has a nice build and feels sturdy, which is great, and it should cost more than it did. The click from opening the top makes it feel like you are opening a door. I was hesitant because I thought it would take a while to light anything. It's just like a real lighter, it lights things up immediately.

4. TOMOLO Rechargeable Electric Flexible Fireworks

TOMOLO Rechargeable Electric Flexible Fireworks

You can use theusb port to charge it through computer, power bank, etc. Each full charge of the 5 lights can be used for 500 times. The safty protection design has built-in 6-second automatic power-off chip protection and external safety lock switch that can effectively prevent children from the arcs. The Tomolo lighter uses a technology that can be used in strong wind and wet environments. The flexible neck of the lighter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You get a 2-pack of Lighters in a gift box with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions.

Brand: Tomolo

👤Don't buy this. Please take this into account for as many positive reviews as possible. I only use my lighter to light candles. I was fairly positive until tonight. The light turned into a full flame when the lighter got stomp on. It wouldn't turn off when I tried to power it off. I ran outside and tried to blow out the flame, but the handle was too heavy to hold. It went on for a while before it finally came to an end. This is dangerous. Go with another option!

👤The candle lighter is a good one. I bought this to start a fire in our new fire pit, but I was terribly disappointed. I know my candle works because I was able to light it quickly. I had a hard time getting our fire to start. The flame could start and then disappear. The battery died in about 30 minutes after I re-engaged it. I will give it one more chance or it will go back.

👤I don't know why I didn't order an electric candle lighter sooner, but I'm happy I did. I'm so relieved that they are flexible and can reach into even the deepest jar candles, and I'm so happy that they don't have to use butane lighters. I had a bit of difficulty getting my first candle lit, but if I have more information that's worth sharing, I'll update my review. I'm not sure if it's due to the product or the fact that I'm not used to lighters. I'll be keeping their box on a shelf for the time being because of the elegant packaging and presentation. The plastic sleeves seem unnecessary. The company might consider more eco-friendly packaging. Natural fiber padding might be better than plastic foam.

👤I used Amazon to find a replacement lighter for my old one that ran out of fluid, because I like to use candles at home. I was curious, but unsure, when I found this style of lighter. It's amazing! I'm very pleased with the product. It might have trouble with a thicker candle, but for what I'm using it for, it's perfect. It makes a sound when the electric current is running that upsets my dogs. If you have high anxiety dogs, they disappear off to the other end of the house, but aren't phased otherwise. The two pack comes in a nice box. This is probably not important to most people, but it was a little awkward for me since I wanted a lighter for myself and a lighter for my mother's birthday. It's not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

👤It is a two-pack and I liked it. We had a different brand that got the business end damaged so we had to use the old butane type until these arrived. If you are lighting something that might get into your lungs, those are okay for the barbecue, but propane isn't something you want to inhale. It doesn't get blown out when there is a breeze, so they are great for lighting fires outdoors. A nice breeze will help start a campfire. I like the indicator of the battery level. It is nice to know that you have enough battery left to start the BBQ before you head outside.

5. RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

Certified SafeRONXS's second generation leading tech and multi- protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your lighter. The RONXS arcs lighter can display real-time battery volume and is an upgrade over the old 180-mAh RONXS. The lights on the barrel are fully charged when they turn on. A full charge will provide over 700 uses. Their lighter has a long flexible neck and is lightweight. It is easy to rotation for different lighting needs. The lightweight size is suitable for daily use. The wind and splash-proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. The RONXS lighter is a great tool for lighting. No butane, no hassle. The RONXS candle lighter will make less noise than other lighters. Premium storage box, 2*RONXS lighters, 2*USB charging cables, 2*gift boxes, 2*user manual, 2*cleaning brush, 2*head cover are what you get.

Brand: Ronxs

👤You won't need a lighter fluid again. This is a great replacement for a lighter. The package comes with two different models but the same colors. You can either use it as a spare or give it to someone. Since it is powered by a Li-Ion battery, it is always ready and easy to carry. You can charge it through your laptop or power bank. There is no messy butane or fuel. There is a safety switch and push-button. Very high tech. I think it's a reasonable price. If something happens, I will update. I think it's well made. You will be happy to have it. The two RONXS Lighters were packed and ready to give away. You should buy one of your own.

👤There is an update. My wife and girls love candles, so I got them a bunch of these. My girls started asking for lighters again, because only my wife uses them. They couldn't stand the sound. The sizzle sound is what my wife and I can't hear. All my girls up to age 22 say there is a loud high pitch scream. She says she can hear it, but not as loudly. I removed a star because of all the complaining. I bought a total of 5 of them and they have all worked as expected. Some reviews are duds. I was surprised by how powerful they are. They burn anything you think will burn. The 600 lights on a charge are not far off. I've used my main one in the kitchen for a few weeks to light multiple candles and have run them more than a few times and long durations while trying to light candles where we broke the wicks or covered in wax. It has only dropped one bar. Also used to light cigarettes. It wasn't ideal that you need to pinch the end of the cig to get it to fit, but my guests have all said it works. I would stick to a butane lighter if I were a smoker. I will keep one of these in my camping kit on windy days. When a light won't, lights dipped cotton in the wind. My natural gas stove and propane stove are on. I'm concerned about the longevity of the tip as I light the stove. Time will tell if it is damaged by too much heat. It starts fires with needles and dry sticks. It works when wet. It won't light anything that is wet. Light a paper towel and dunk the tip in water. It's impossible to light a damp paper towel. If you need a starter that can dry to the point of lighting, this isn't it. I like these things. I don't have to worry about how much gas I have left, I don't need to carry a bottle of butane, and I don't have to toss disposable lighters.

👤I changed my rating to one star because the other won't work with full charge. How can I get a new one?

6. SHENG YU FAN Rechargeable Indicator

SHENG YU FAN Rechargeable Indicator

Triple protection This lighter has triple protection for safety reasons. 1. There is a double switch. 2. After 10 seconds of continuous work, it will power off. 3. If the switch doesn't work for a long time, it will power off. Children can accidentally ignite the lighter and cause a fire. The upgraded pulse electric candle lighter has a rechargeable battery. It is a lighter that is lightweight and has a child safety lock, which can bring higher security and more convenience for you, compared with other lighters and matches. Don't touch the top igniter with your fingers. The portable charging cable for the lighter is provided so that you can charge the lighter anytime and anywhere you please. The candle lighter is portable, environment friendly, and has a four-level battery display. The portable electric arcs candle lighter is designed with a soft neck so that it can reach any narrow positions you want to ignite. For example, outdoor barbecues, gas stove, fireworks, and aromatherapy candle jars are examples. The cool lighter uses the plasma flameless arcs technology without harmful butane being produced. The body and tail are made of waterproof material so that they are easy to hang in any position. The powerful bulk lighter can be used even in the most severe weather conditions. The electric Arc lighter can be used without refilling and can provide environmental protection to their planet. The packing list includes a user manual. Patients with installed pacemakers should not use this product. It is recommended that you don't touch the port by hand to avoid burns.

Brand: Sheng Yu Fan

👤My husband who has a pacemaker noticed in a small print that you should not use it if you have a Pacemaker. The box should have this notice on it. I don't want my money back but it's difficult to send it back because it's not in large print. Ruccione is named after her.

👤If you use 3 candles like I do, the battery will drain too fast, it will be more of a hassle to use this lighter. I switched to using it for my wraps because it isn't worth it if you have lighting that doesn't fit in between the prongs. I wouldn't recommend this one, though I'll try a better one, because mines gave up on me with a full battery.

👤My mom has arthritis. She can't use a Bic lighter to light her candles because it's hard to push the button. She can push the button on the electric lighter easily. Occasionally the leads need to be cleaned.

👤I bought this because I was tired of the plastic ones at the store. When I received it, it started charging and worked great, and I plugged it in for the first time. I used it until the life of it ran out and it wouldn't charge again. I am very sad and frustrated, as it looks like I'll have to buy another one, as I thought I'd get it for the rest of my life.

👤I use a traditional butane lighter to start my propane heaters. They work well but not very strong. Even in weather, this lighter works. Would recommend.

👤I was intrigued by the fact that it's only fuel by electricity. It's neat but there are some problems. You can only light what is between the prongs. Like a candle or sheet of paper. The miniusb cord is supplied. Don't lose the small one given because the identical one won't work. It doesn't hold charge as advertised. You don't get 8 minutes. It does what it's intended to do, and that's light something on fire.

👤I usually have at least one candle in my home. I need the long lighters to light them when they are low. I can stop buying lighters now because this is a perfect replacement. There are good safety features with on/ off switch and push button. It's small to fit in a drawer. Does make a noise when lighting is on. It is not loud a little high pitched.

👤On arrival, he was dead. I have no license so I can't take it to the store. Don't bother with this and invest in a better one.

7. Windproof Rechargeable Electric Indicator Adventure

Windproof Rechargeable Electric Indicator Adventure

It doesn't produce a flame for lighting up regular cigarettes. Even if the wind blows down people, it can still be used because the electronic lighter doesn't use the traditional open flame. It can ensure that you use the water in the rain. Think about how cool this is. High Efficiency and QualityTriple Arc lighter, it can be easily ignited cigarettes,candles,paper and etc; use high-quality zinc alloy and high-temperature resistance ceramic plate,safe and durable. The battery lights can remind you to charge it in advance, and the arcs lighter can be used again and again. You can charge the Anglink windproof Lighter with a standard microusb cable in any device that has ausb port. It's also airport safe since it doesn't contain dangerous fuel. Environmentally Friendly Lighters use clean and low-carbon electrical energy to charge, instead of using gas and fuel. The package includes Anglink Arc Lighter. The gift packaging has a 1 xusb cable. Friendly Customer Services and 90days warranty are offered by them.

Brand: Anglink

👤I bought this because I hate throwing away Bics and the way I smoke, I put the doobie out so it always needs re lighting. The lighter is a bit heavier than a Bic. The device requires a lot of work to light but still works. The lighter gets very hot. It runs out of energy very quickly. It needs to be plugged in several times an evening. It charges fast as well. And it looks nice. I don't know how long it will be before it stops working, hopefully the person who quit got a lemon. I am grateful that there is a choice. It's not sure if this will be accepted in a suitcase. Probably won't be ok in a carryon.

👤This Chinese lighter is a piece of shit. A neat lil lighter was worked for a week. Feels good in the hand. It wouldn't charge if theusb charger was half way in. I tried different cables. The charging port is free of obstructions. I thought I got it when brute forced that charge in there. But no. Still won't charge. I have a bar on the battery. I use it a lot as it is a cool lighter, but I would like it to work after a week. It will come in handy if I ever have to cut off someone as it is large enough to crack a window. I suppose you should take the good with the bad.

👤The Triple Arc Windproof Rechargeable Electric Lighter is very efficient and useful. I like how it lights up when you open it, showing a cool picture and up to four charging lights across the top, depending on how full the battery is. I pushed the button and it turned on the lighter. It lights up. I use it to light candles, Palo Santo wood, and other things. Whenever people see me use it, they are interested and have to check it out. It comes in a nice giftable box and charges up with the same device I use. This would be a great gift and a great conversation starter. I love it!

👤The battery lighter sounds cool. Touch feels good when you hold it. Life time is too short. It broke on November 5, 2020, after I used it for over a year. Can you believe it?

👤This lighter is very sweet. There is a light up screen with a battery meter. If you could change the logo or get different animal images, it would be cool. I've tried incense sticks and tobacco and they've worked well. The only concern I have is longevity and operational efficiency. I will update in a couple months if anything changes.

👤Lighter will generate a good heat for lighting things. It's not enough to light cigars. It would work well for cigarettes. There is a problem with the battery charger. The charging light will go off if it is fully charged. It doesn't go off. This is a major problem as the instructions state that overcharging will damage the battery life.

8. RONXS Candle Lighter Deluxe Rechargeable

RONXS Candle Lighter Deluxe Rechargeable

Stop wasting time and money refilling lighters and disposable plastic. There was a bad butane smell. The candle lighter is a new choice. This grilkl lighter can be used over and over again. It's fire-proof and has a hook. It's very suitable for traveling and outdoor use. This is an electronic lighter. Get your candle lighters now. The larger battery capacity of theRONXS RX01 long lighter allows 2000+ ignitions for once 100% charge. If you are a candle lover and get used to using lighter frequently, you will not regret getting the advanced RONXS electric arcs long lighter. The digital screen has easy to read digits for battery notification. RONXS comes out with a unique lighter. The digital display screen shows the percentage of electric power left and reminds you of the time to replenish. Arthritis-friendly Flexible ReachRONXS flameless lighter has a longer flexible neck which can be used to light jar candles, birthday candles and fireworks easily, even working as a grill lighter. It can adjust to any angle, without burning your fingers, because of its long neck. A safety lock and a multi-protection chip are included in the 7-Point Safety System for Safe Ignition. The lighter will self extinguish for better safety concerns. The Arc Lighter Gift Set is Eco-friendly and doesn't need a refill. The RONXS Advanced Lighter Gift Set includes a lighter, cable, hanging string, and cleaning brush. In 24 hours, quick reply customer service. After using the lighter, you need to clean the position of the ARC pulse with a brush.

Brand: Ronxs

👤If you're trying to find the best electric lighter to buy on Amazon, save yourself some time and just buy it from Rennes. It is easy to use with the big buttons. I got a reply to my email in a matter of hours after I sent it. What more can you ask for, a great product backed by a responsive company.

👤I have used it for many things. I love the fact that I only have to press a button. If you have mobility issues in your hands, I recommend it. I don't like how traditional lighters require a lot of grip strength. It wouldn't be a good idea for a home with small children. I enjoy the sound of it but my spouse doesn't like it. There is a There is a learning curve for grilling. Getting the flame to catch can be a little different, but don't worry about the flame being blown out.

👤The lighter works well, but it's not fun to keep an old cable around. I would probably get something else.

👤When it worked, the item worked great. The item says it is charged but does not start when I press the button. If it doesn't work after a couple of months, it's a waste of money. I only used it a few times.

👤It works after you realize there is no flame.

👤The lighter is flexible and works right out of the box. It's perfect in my drawing. It works well for lighting Yankee Candles.

👤I ordered this before and it worked great. The internal pieces of this one do not align, so it will not fire. I wanted a replacement, but Amazon didn't offer that option. I will never order again.

👤I don't know why I haven't seen them before. It has a battery life that doesn't seem to drain when not in use. It was perfect! My daughter loves her candles and I bought one for her.

9. Rechargable Electric Candle Lighter

Rechargable Electric Candle Lighter

With great power comes a great lighter that resists rain, wind, or shine. The extended wand makes it easy to use in your neck of the woods. The electric candle lighter in black takes less than an hour to be fully charged, so you can use it for days. The lighter has a 15 head that will make you feel like a Jedi. The black arcs lighter requires 3 clicks to be activated.

Brand: Power Practical

👤I got this for home use because I am not much of a camper or outdoorsy person. The cheap ones in the store are hard to push and always seem to be out of juice when I need to light a birthday candle or something like that. This was a bit of a splurge for me since I only use one for occasional candle lighting but I would buy it again in a heartbeat! I love this thing. It's really cool to watch. I don't know what is happening when you turn it on, but it is awesome! You know the light is ready to go when you press the button three times. You turn it off after that. I have used it for a few months now and haven't had to charge it yet, because I light candles more often now so I can use it.

👤I bought them for stocking stuffers and convinced my neighbors to get on board, because I love this for a month or two. I was certain because there weren't many bad reviews. 2 purchases and 3 separate friends. Don't buy this. It burns out in a few months despite many different chargers.

👤I got the first one and it stopped working. The safety feature would be turned off if I pressed the button 3 times. I would press the button to light the lighter. I would repeat the process about 20 times and 2 of them would work. I made sure the battery was fully charged. It needs to be consistent to light a stove. This was not consistent. I asked for a replacement. It had the same problem. It would work out of the box. It would stop working after a day. I will try something else after returning it.

👤Poor design. The package arrived in a minimalist white box with very little branding on the exterior; I think that the product was designed to be sold over the internet, fine by me, it's 2020. I open it up to the lighter and it is rigid, I didn't know why but I expected the neck to flex. The box has a microusb cable packaged along side the lighter, it was easy to open and I don't mind looking at the packaging for a few seconds. The lighter has two plastic stickers on the handle with warnings and usage information on it, but the button on the side does not light up, I have to remove the lables to light it up. I fiddle with the lighter and discover that it intermittently turns on when I push the button, but only when I press a specific corner of the small clear button. The lighter works, I bought it to light candles, and it does a good job when it isn't on. The intermittent function of the device is frustrating and it feels flimsy. I was hoping it would work out.

👤The little guy is a party saver. No more BICs that ran out of fuel, or trying to get a light, because it also has child safety. The thing is a hand held spark plug. I ran out of things to burn in less than a day. I might have a problem with it being fun to light up with a bad boy. No more burnt thumbs lighting my candles is the biggest plus. I would like it to be a microusb, because the future is coming. I am going to lose the lid soon, I wish it was attached. The banana is for scale.

10. Electronic Cigarette ATian Rechargeable Windproof

Electronic Cigarette ATian Rechargeable Windproof

If you don't like your lighter or have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they are always ready to help, they will provide a perfect solution within 24 hours. The new generation of dual sided lighters comes with touch-induction to ignite. You don't have to use your fingers to press the button, you just need to touch it to ignite. The traditional lighter requires you to press the button all the time. The upgrade version of the electronic arcs lighter has a battery capacity indicator and four blue dots. It will remind you when you need to charge your lighter. The traditional lighter will tell you when you need to charge it. The package comes with a usb charging cable and a usb fast re-charging function. It's easy to carry a repetitive cycle charging. Ignition is weatherproof, lightweight, fast charge, windproof, no longer wake her up in sleep, and it is Environmentally Friendly. The electronicusb lighter is not a product of any fire. For lighting up regular cigarettes only.

Brand: Zoippdms Atian

👤It's slim. I love that it's not free. I would give it 5 stars but the circle is too small. I have to put cigarettes in it to light it. Slims would be a good fit. I'm not a smoker so it doesn't bother me. I'm not sure if I would give it to someone who knows about it.

👤This is the most unstable thing I've worked with. One minute it works and the next it doesn't. You had to push the circle to get it to work. It shows that it's a lot closer to the heat source. You always get your thumb or finger heated up.

👤The product won't light or take a charge.

👤I never received my return label.

👤Buen diseo! The color is Dura mucho la batera. Se ve una resistente. A la foto is talcual. En el producto tan bueno, compra el precio.

👤I will stick to disposable bics because this lighter doesn't last through a pack of smokes.

👤My boyfriend likes lighters. It is pretty and works well. It was very nicely made. Would buy from this seller again.

👤I can't get a refund on it, I called Amazon customer service. I threw it in the trash because they said that Amazon would not have to return it.

11. ARECTECH Lighter Electric Rechargeable Lighters

ARECTECH Lighter Electric Rechargeable Lighters

Environmentally Friendly Lighters use clean and low-carbon electrical energy to charge, instead of using gas and fuel. The package includes Anglink Arc Lighter. The gift packaging has a 1 xusb cable. Friendly Customer Services and 90days warranty are offered by them. The power button is under the safety switch. The candle lighter can be turned on if you push the safety switch up. You can charge the portableusb lighter wherever you want and whenever you please. Butane Free- 7s auto off. After 7 seconds per use, the electric arcs will turn off. No more harmful butane. The need for this harmful chemical is eliminated by ARECTECH. Please use with relax, there will be noise of high-voltage power generation during the ignition. Even in heavy winds, this design makes it work. The ideal long lighter is perfect for candles, BBQ grills, camping, hiking, fireworks, outdoor and indoor activities and protects you and your family from burns. 1x Arectech electric lighter, 1xusb charging cable, and a User Manual. Please do not hesitate to contact the service line if you have a problem with your service system.

Brand: Arectech

👤It works but not very well.

👤I love my lighter. Let's get into the details of this sleek electric lighter. I have a lighter in my home that is rose gold. I have had the lighter for about two months and have not charged it yet, but I know the battery life is on the 3rd, because it has 4 notch on it. This has made a candle lover like myself so much easier. I don't need to buy grill lighters from family dollar anymore. I want to get another one for my bedroom so I will be doing that soon. I hope you don't over think this purchase, they are worth it. Just do it!

👤I no longer have to tear up my thumb trying to light a cigarette lighter. No more worried about butane levels. I'll never have a magic wand like this. The internal battery is good for more than 300 full charge cycles and 60 to 80 ignitions, according to the manual. The device should last for over 20,000 ignitions. Wow. If you keep the battery charged between 20% and 80%, it will prolong the life of the battery. I'm happy. This uses a regularusb-c port, just like my phone and tablets. This is a great tool for camping. It has a one year warranty.

👤The Arectech Lighter Electric Lighter Candle Lighter is a great lighter. Why didn't I get one sooner? I have a butane lighter, but it's much easier to operate. My phone's cable is interchangeable with the charges with theusb C. The supplier had a one-year warranty. It should last a long time if you keep the electrodes clean.

👤It is easy to use and helpful since it is rechargeable, but be aware if you have little ones around it is easy to use but not as helpful. All and all 10/10

👤It's money well spent for what it is. It's long and you can reach things from a distance. There are candles that are almost impossible to light that are no longer a problem. I like that it lasts a long time on one charge. It is not a hassle. Inexpensive, useful, what's not to like?

👤This is a big change for me. I like using scented candles and incense around the house, so having a lighter that does blow out, doesn't use fuel, and has a safety feature is very helpful. It has the same length as a candle or BBQ hand torch, but without the bulk. This item has a type-C charging port that hooks up to a computer. It comes out of the box. As soon as I got it out of the box, I used it.

👤It's frightening that China can make something like this for such a low price. It works perfectly, it looks good. Light candles with ease. It is a bit difficult to light a cigarette. Remarkable value for money.

👤I received a broken item. The seller ignores my request and never works.


What is the best product for electric lighters rechargeable rainbow?

Electric lighters rechargeable rainbow products from Sipoe. In this article about electric lighters rechargeable rainbow you can see why people choose the product. Ronxs and Topkay are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lighters rechargeable rainbow.

What are the best brands for electric lighters rechargeable rainbow?

Sipoe, Ronxs and Topkay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lighters rechargeable rainbow. Find the detail in this article. Tomolo, Ronxs and Sheng Yu Fan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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