Best Electric Lint Remover Pet Hair

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1. Scotch Brite Lint Roller 95 Sheets

Scotch Brite Lint Roller 95 Sheets

The handle is designed to fit in your hand. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Refills can be used to extend the use of this roller. Pick up lint, fur, fuzz, hair and debris for a clean look. Scotch Brand is reliable. The tears were cleanly down to the last sheet. It's great for use on furniture and clothing. The handle is designed to fit in your hand. 95 sheets per roller

Brand: Scotch-brite

👤The lint roller made me write a review on it. I want to make sure you don't end up in the same situation as you did buying this product. How much of a problem could a lint roller be? If you manage to rip a used strip off, you need to have the strength of Zeus or you will be in big trouble. You will find that this little minion is still with you even after you pry the strip free from it's bonds. I hope you don't have to be because it will unroll about 5 - 10 sheets. You are back to step one and you are crying. When you think you have figured out this lint liaison, it will stop rolling. It will refuse to roll at all and you will be forced to leave your home in a last ditch attempt to escape. Abandon all hope, who will lint roll here?

👤It is difficult to use because of the weakness of the glue on these. There isn't enough glue on the sheets to hold the top sheet on the roller. This means that when you roll, the sheets fall from the lint roller, leaving you with a strip of sheets stuck to your clothes. There are two problems with rolling the opposite way, one being that it involves a couple back-and-forth motions to get good lint removal, and the other being that the roll is set up so that right-handlers will need to remove it. More stubborn lint or pet hairs are difficult to get because of this lack of adhesion. It is not easy to use because it is sticky sheets on a handle. Apparently, very. Not a great experience.

👤I have a few sweaters that have collected random pieces of lint, feathers, and other items. I wanted to buy a lint brush that would remove them. I bought these thinking they would do the trick. The only trick that happened was the one that was played on me. The roller wouldn't pick up the lint on the sweater. The paper is less sticky than a piece of tape. I spent a lot of money on these rollers. I am going to look for stronger paper. I wasted a lot of money on sticky paper that doesn't work.

👤The Scotch-Brite Everyday Clean lint roller is unraveling. It was very frustrating. Terrible product. I won't purchase again. The Evercare All Purpose + Pet lint roller was purchased from Amazon. The roller works. On the product's page, I have a video where I use it on a sweater I used Scotch-Brite on.

👤The handle is too large to fit with any other lint rollers. It feels like it might be more expensive than it's worth because of the smaller roll thickness. I'm not sure if I'll buy again after this one.

👤Each sheet has a type of backing that I was so disappointed to find. I've used lint rolls for a long time and they were very safe to throw away. I bought Scotch brite because I knew it would be easy to refill and I didn't want to buy a whole new roller. I was surprised to see this backing on the sheets. They were difficult to pull apart and seem to never be disassembled. I'm trying to reduce the non-recyclable products I use but now have four rolls of this non-biodegradable product. It feels wrong to add to the toxic waste problem by taking lint or animal hair off our furniture. I will give back whatever I can.

2. Pet Hair Remover Reusable Furniture

Pet Hair Remover Reusable Furniture

Every pet owner's life is made easier by the Uproot Cleaner Pro by Gratto. The days of disposable lint rollers, sticky tape and frustration are over. The lint removal tool saves you time and energy, while getting the job done well. You won't want to use the sticky lint rollers again when you use the superior lint brush. It is a magnet for Lint, Pet Hair, Fuzz, Dust, and more. No time wasted to clean the lint brush with the CONVENIENT SWIVELING HEAD. The head on the lint removal device rotates when you press the button. One direction picks up the mess and the other rolls it off the brush. If you own cats or dogs, you will need a better brush to clean fur off clothes and upholstery. The pet hair cleaner is magic. It is the ideal choice for animals that shed a lot. It is difficult and built to last. Each order has lint brushes. They will not break like cheaper alternatives. Many of their customers say they get years of use out of them. Purchase with confidence, they are confident in the quality of their lint removal brush. If you have any issues, please contact their friendly customer service team.

Brand: Smart House Inc

👤I had a one from 1987. The one that pulled out and spun around had an arrow to let you know the direction to brush. It's easy to figure out, given that you run it across your hand. This one has a triggering mechanism that releases it to spin. The face turns into 45 degrees when hitting it by accident. It's not good. The arrow problem was taken care of by a sharpie. The real issue is that one lint brush fabric is different from the other. I was surprised how little this picks up my pet hair. It doesn't feel the same. The material has worn down so much that it is almost smooth. You can see where the fabric is gone. My old one was around for 30 years. If you think of them as semi-reusable, they will do the job.

👤I couldn't remember where I got my cat hair/lint remover. It had a red fabric and a handle. I was skeptical when I looked online for a replacement, I only found one that wasn't the same as the one I was looking for. I wanted one, but it only came in a three pack. I was desperate to have more cats. I think the fabric is smooth because it doesn't feel like it's picking up anything. It does a great job and reverses direction by pressing a button. I have found homes for all three of them. I keep one in the bedroom and one in the car to remove hair and lint from clothing when I use it on the furniture. It was very handy.

👤I was getting a lint roller to keep up with my pet hair. It was difficult to peel the sheets. I'm very happy that I purchased these. It took a few tries to master but it works well and removing the hair by rubbing a bit is not a big deal. I bought it and recommend it.

👤I love everything about them. The rotating design of the pack is easy to use and they cost very little. I would buy again, but now I have 3 and it will take me a long time to wear them out.

👤The rollers have a sticky tape mess. The cats get the hair off the furniture. I have two lint brushes that are 40 years old, but they are falling apart due to age.

👤The brush part is over-designed and poor quality. The set of 3 I ordered did not survive the shipping. It broke when it arrived. It was obvious after inspection that the brush will not last long in normal use. Why does anyone need a brush with a "trigger" to reverse direction? This adds more complexity to what should be a regular brush. I will just glue the brush to the handle and it will work, but I paid 5x what it was worth. It's a fur brush, give me a break.

👤We have purchased similar handheld hair removal products from other retailers and thought this would be a good deal. The quality of the product was not great. The handles are barely glue together and crack as you attempt to remove cat hair from the couch. The material used for the head of the remover is a cheap type of material. It catches cat hair, but it's hard to get it off the brush head. A good quality lint/cat hairbrush is a must have. This isn't one of them.

3. ANALAN Remover Couch Detailing Fabric

ANALAN Remover Couch Detailing Fabric

Safe cleaning with no static electricity on any interior surface, such as car mats, headliners, cargo areas and seats, is possible with the help of a professional hair removal in auto detailing. Hundreds of auto detailers recommend it to their followers on social media. It's easy to get embedded fur out of a couch, carpet, bed with three levels of edges. It works well on cleaning hair from dogs and cats. The pet hair removal brush has a unique grip design that makes it easy to remove pet hair from different angles. Pick up pet hair and drag it into a pile. The blades are lightweight and easy to store with a hanging hook and two chains. It's a must-have for pet lovers, so send it to your friends who have pets but don't want to clean them up at home or on the car seat. You can enjoy the time with your furry friends if Analan removes the boundary of love.

Brand: Analan

👤I have used the best pet hair removal. Forget fureel, forget quick stone, forget lily brush. This is the best place to use for removing embedded hairs and breaking up carpet fibers. Medium size- short hair and long hair are the most Thickest side. The seller has told me that they will make a rubber blade to help mitigate the issue of silicone picking up static and making it harder to clean the hair. The video shows me using this on a vehicle.

👤I am a professional auto detailer and I like interiors. I love to clean. Lower quality carpets that hold onto everything make pet hair one of the biggest annoyances of interiors. The taller teeth are good at grabbing pet hair from the cheap carpet on the back of the seats and in vehicles like the Mazda and the Toyota. It's easy to use and it fits in the hand. I enjoy the ability to replace worn rubber. If you use a vacuum in conjunction with a crevice tool, I suggest you keep it in front or behind the tool as you stroke it. This will help pick up loose hair as it is released and male removal is much quicker and more efficient.

👤I lost my rubber brush. I decided the best way to surface was to order a new one, however, I saw this guy and the cleaning stages and shape caught my attention. It has been put to use straight out of the box. I paused the testing to make sure my eyes were okay. Suggestion to the manufacturer: numbering and color coding the sides. It's hard to tell which side is which in low light conditions. The lines are hard to see without the numbers because my red and orange are too close in color. I used metallic markers to clearly mark each phase. I have expectations of how the corners will be held. The points end up in my thumb. I'm not sure how much of it will cause those points to wear out. I think this works great for cats and undercoats. This tool is useless for hair that weaves its way into fabric and punctures my feet. I haven't found anything else that will untangle her hairs from whatever object they've entwined with, usually my feet. We have thick blankets covering the top of our couch and yet she has her hair on the cushions below. There is no duvet cover that will work on the custom built couch. The material is coarse cloth, no fluff, and the cushions are the maximum firmness that was available, which is oddly comfortable for my arthritic self. The husband suggested putting a layer of visqueen under the blankets. A multi-faceted approach on my couch has yielded excellent results. I use a rubber brush with a wide scraper in hopes that my old brush will turn up. If this product didn't pan out, you should put it on it to get the surface stuff. I use this tool to get to the bottom of the issue. I used a lint roller to tidy up. After the other two tools were used, the lint roller was largely useless. I still like to use the large squeegee blade to get the ball rolling, but this tool is sufficient for blankets, mats, and carpet. I use every advantage I can find and I am feeling the pain after this trial run because I'm moderately to severly arthritic throughout my back and neck. This isn't a daily job, but it's not over. I'll work on before and after pics, but for now it's an Epsom salt soak. I was able to adjust my hand in a number of ways to alleviate the pain of my arthritis, and it was comfortable to hold. This was pleasant enough to work with and I will use it until its end. It worked well on blankets with black dog hair. It did leave behind some hairs, but shaking out would have left a big hole in my washing machine.

4. VASSON Electric Defuzzer Electrostatic Effectively

VASSON Electric Defuzzer Electrostatic Effectively

If you have any questions about the fabric shaver, they will try to make it right for you, but you can contact them. They look forward to your choice and focus on the customer's experience. The fabric shaver has a dual-head design that lets you cut through excess loose threads, fuzz balls, and lint to help you easily depilation and defuzz your clothes. VASSON defuzzer can help you to get rid of fur and give your fuzzy clothes a fresh look in a few minutes. It is suitable for all types of fabric. The shaver is very gentle on most fabrics. You can use it on sweaters, couches, leggings, bedding, upholstery, fine and chunky yarns, and jersey fabrics. It can help you save your clothes from the fuzzballs and lint. The design is portable and can be used on small or big furniture. Unlike other lint removal products that have to replace the batteries frequently, this fuzz depiller has a 2500mAh battery that can be used for up to a year, and it's easy to use. The handheld fabric shaver uses two large-size 6-leaf blades that help quickly remove lint and last longer. The battery that has 2 hours of charging is perfect for removing lint from blankets and jersey fabrics. It is easy to use and clean, just press the release button and the lint container pops out. Two brushes are included. One is for cleaning the lint machine and the other is an anti-static brush. It is a simple device that can help you save time and money. Their electric lint removers are backed by a 12-month warranty. If you need help with a quality issue with the product, please contact them through the order detail page or their official contact information and they will get back to you within 12 hours.

Brand: Vasson

👤My mother told me that she needed one of these because her old one stopped working. I've never seen one like this before. My mom was very happy with this. We tried it on a sweater. It does a great job. It will always be ready for the next use if we put it on charge again.

👤The price was reasonable and worked well. It was used on a comforter that had a lot of fuzz. It worked well, fast and no damage was done to the material. I am happy with the result so far, but I don't know how well it will work in the future. If there is significant change for the worse, I will update. It's a good gift idea. I keep it on my gift list.

👤This product works well to de-fuzz sweaters, hats, sweatshirts and nearly anything that has collected lint balls. I have already used about 15 things. The cheap version of this needs an upgrade. Some items looked new again.

👤Really like this! I was going to throw the socks and sweaters away. They look new again. It paid for itself. I was careful with my first items, but it was easy to use it as a pro. It works quickly and catches pills with a light touch. I like that it plugs in, since I am tired of buying batteries. Just what I needed. I recommend it!

👤The sweater shaver has two sets if blades, which is great because it will get the job done faster. I don't put much pressure on my clothes while shaving because it picks up the pills without ruining them. It was charged. I have done both sides of my legs and it is going well. So far, so good. I think it is a bit pricey, but for the quality, I don't mind.

👤I decided to invest in this machine because I was tired of having lint build-up on my clothes. This was easy to use and clean. I have used this on many pieces of clothing and have not had any problems with removing lint. I will be buying more for my parents and other family members. This stopped working after 3 weeks of use. Absolutely junk!

👤The shaver is sturdy and easy to use. I paid for it and it is worth it. Four sweaters in one charge. It took 2 hours to replenish. I bought a smaller one off Amazon for half the price and it was a piece of junk. This one is very nice. Encourage consumers to use this shaver.

👤I've never used a fabric shaver before and I'm amazed at how efficient it is. In a matter of minutes it removes my fuzzy balls and lint from my garment. I can use it anywhere because of its small size. I have about 2 hours of working time on a rechargeable battery and the cable was included. It needs frequent cleaning but it is easy to remove the lint container. Remove the container and empty the fuzz. Continue and pop it back on. Clean out to get the best results. A three or four head cleaner would be better. I love this product and my sweaters look brand new all the time. I will try it on furniture but not yet. I am certain that I will get the same results when I do.

5. Feeke Electric Portable Effectively Cashmere

Feeke Electric Portable Effectively Cashmere

100% satisfaction guarantee. No hassle money back or replacement guarantee. All risk is removed by them. They promise to return your money if you don't like your purchase, so you don't have to worry about getting a dud product. New CLOTHING It removes fabric fluff, fuzz, pill, bobble and lint from all types of clothes and fabric, including sweater, couch, blanket, curtain, socks, legging, wool, Cashmere and so on. Fast and efficient. These 2 ways reduce the working time and make shaving faster and easier, are combined with 3 size holes on the working surface that suit all kinds of lints fuzz ball and a large shaving head. Unique design gives you safe experience while working. The hand is protected by the height spacer. It could protect your clothing from injury. When the fuzz container is 70% full, please kindly clean it. Do not forget to clean the blade. The power supply does not include a AA battery. Cleaning work is much easier when you have a power supply that is always on, and you don't have to worry about running out of batteries. Hastings free lifetime customer service with quick response under a 24 hour time frame. A full pay back ensures a worry-free shopping experience.

Brand: Feeke

👤I am writing this review without taking advantage of the offer of a $10 gift card. I don't understand how they are allowed. I am suspicious of all reviews. The lint removal works well. The sweater is new again. It was difficult to open the battery compartment to install the batteries. My husband had to use a knife to open it. The lint collector receptacle was a challenge to open. That is my honest review.

👤The fabric shaver does its job well. There were two extra blades in the box. Please use caution when opening the box because there is nothing covering the three razors on each blade. It uses two AA batteries to operate. I only used the premium batteries for a short time on the top of a small footstool and they are dead. It was a job done. I wouldn't recommend this product to children, and it would be kept out of their reach. The razors inside the cover are very sharp. I will have to find a small box to hold the extra blades, because nothing was included for this purpose. I was expecting a slightly better product, but at the end of the day it serves its purpose. I can not complain. It is easy to use. It is the same size as a men's electric shaver.

👤I bought this for my husband because he hates lint fuzzies and loose hairs. I did it as a joke but he loved it. He rarely wears a Notre Dame hoodie because of the amount of fuzzies it has acquired. He has only worn it a few times, but it has been in the closet for a long time. We were both impressed with how easy it was to remove the fuzzies. It has decent power, is comfortable to hold onto, and was a great value. The battery cover is not a tight seal and wants to keep sliding off, which is a negative. He will use a piece of tape to hold it in place. Not a dealbreaker. It would be great if it stayed in place. We are satisfied with the item.

👤Excuse the baby arm. I love this thing. It works well. I have a pair of leggings. They were pilled up and made ugly. I used this thing and my pants are perfect again. Old navy balance yoga leggings are the best ever. I love this thing and am looking for things around my house to take it off.

👤I found this gem in a search on the internet for a way to keep clothes from spilling. These ugly spots on my son's fleece sweatpants are a result of their bright colors. I couldn't beat the price and the reviews, so I gave this a try. I grabbed my son's pants and started shaving them. I was amazed at how quickly it removed the "pills" and how nice the pants looked when I was done. I called the teens to see how nice the pants looked, and even they were amazed at how nice they looked. They have all used it on their sweaters and anything else they have that has the "pilling". It is easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect. I love the color. I want to find it sooner. I highly recommend this to everyone.

6. Portable Hairball Epilator Removing Furniture

Portable Hairball Epilator Removing Furniture

Cloth shavers which fail to continuously bring strong power are battery-free. The Portable Lint Remover has strong power to remove lint and balls. The lint rollers are made from natural wood and metal, which is eco-friendly, durable and sharp. The lint removal is quick and safe to use. As a pet hair removal. It is easy to remove pet hair. Without leaving a sticky mess. It's ideal for cleaning clothes, bedding, furniture and car interiors. It's small and easy to carry. It's ideal for carrying in a carry-on bag when you're out. It can be put in a car. It's always good to restore your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look, it's great for removing fuzz balls on clothes even on the sofa.

Brand: Zoreni

👤The tool picks up hair on a flat surface and pulls it on a slightly curved surface. I tried it on my desk chair, where my furry kids like to sleep, and the tool pulled at the fabric making snags. It's not a big deal since it's a desk chair and my kids could do more damage. I wanted to warn people about using it on expensive furniture.

👤They say it works, but it doesn't. Instead of cleaning, it cuts tears. Do not order it because it is a complete scam.

👤Expecting to get a new brush, I got one in an already opened package. The item was bent so badly that it was useless. The request for a return was not responded to.

👤The item I received was terrible. It looks like it may have been used. The metal is not around the wood. There are paint patches missing on the metal part. I don't know if it's true, but the metal part is arched upwards. It isn't worth the effort, so I would send it back. Don't buy from this seller, it doesn't do anything.

👤I loved it so much that I took it out of the packaging. I live in a house on wheels with two dogs that are crazy. I had a hunch that this would work well for the long skinny rug in our kitchen and the second I put it on the floor it pulled up a lot of hair that my vacuum cleaner couldn't get to. It is difficult to use this tool on your hands and knees. It is worth it for the price.

👤This grabs a lot of hair. It is all metal except for the handle. I was curious to open it today because it is very harsh on fabric. It is rusted. It is a no from me. Buy something that is not metal.

👤We adopted cats last year and while we vaccuum frequently, I was shocked by the amount of hair that we swept up with this little tool. The kids collected a huge pile after about 20 minutes. It was really gross and effective. Just buy it.

👤I have a long haired dog who sheds a lot, and although I vacuum once a day, I have had a lot of trouble removing his hair from our living room rug. The only rug in the house that we can clean by vacuuming is his, his fur mats into it and sets deep into the rug. I have been debating buying this product for a while, and it was worth it. This is the amount of hair I got out in the first two minutes. For the first time in my life, no hair was on my hand when I ran my hand over the part I treated. It was amazing. It takes a bit of effort but it works quickly. I would recommend this product to anyone who has hair.

7. Pet Dog Cat Hair Remover Couch

Pet Dog Cat Hair Remover Couch

Keep your home free of hair and lint. The lint roller for pet hair removal works well on furniture, upholstery, blankets, and other items with fur. Their pet hair removal tool can be used to remove pet hair from hundreds of lint roller sheets. It doesn't require sticky tape, so you can use it again and again. The dog and cat hair removal is CONVENIENT without batteries or power sources. Roll the lint removal tool back and forth to get the fur and lint out of the receptacle. Simply press the release button to open and empty the waste compartment of the fur removal product. Their team is available to help if you have questions about this pet hair removal for laundry. They want you to be happy with your purchase.

Brand: Chomchom Roller

👤I bought it for $25 It has made my life easier, but there are a few things I would like to mention. This and a lint roller are things that I have to change from time to time. The Chom Chom roller picks up dog hair on the flat surface and stores it in a compartment that you empty out after each use. I like this more than having to peel off the lint roller sheets. I would go through a new lint roller about every two months and it would peel off every sheet and refill every tube. You can use it again with this. You have to replace the fabric material if it wears out after a while, depending on how much you use it. I think I'll need about 3 of them a year. My two small breed dogs shed a lot. The roller picks hair off beds and other flat surfaces best. It doesn't pick hair off clothes. I need a Lint roller to do that job. The price of the ChomChon fluctuates. I bought it for $25 and it's currently listed for about 40 dollars. It's pricey because it doesn't pick up hair off of clothes and you have to replace it eventually. I think the price is more appropriate at fifteen dollars.

👤I am very disappointed. I was so happy that I received this yesterday. I was excited to use this, but it didn't work. I would not waste my money.

👤I had it in my possession for a couple of hours. I've cleaned everything. I'm obsessed with the couch, the blinds, and the chair. I think this thing should get an award for being awesome. I think it should be in the silent auctions and smilng baskets at every event that highlights what cat people need. It's better than the sticky rollers and the velvet wand that I always use the wrong way, it's the best. I don't have pictures because I went crazy when I started rolling. Look at my couch. Look behind my blinds. It is worth $25. It's seriously.

👤Where has my crazy cat-loving life been? The only product that has ever removed all the cat hair from my bed is sticky rollers. I have a long hair. Tabby. If you run your hands up his back a few times, it looks like it's snowing, he never stops losing his hair. After using the ChomChom, I can wear a black dress and roll around on my bed without getting a single hair on me. It's amazing. Everyone is getting one for Christmas, even if they don't have a pet. It's that good, I don't care.

👤This is the best pet hair removal tool. I've used before. It's quite clever. The roller is more of a rocker, meaning it rocks and pivots back and forth as you roll it over things, and by roll it's really more of a scraper action. There are two sets of lint roller hairs that grab the fur and deposit it in the chamber when you push and pull the ChomChom. I love how I can go over a lot of surface area before I have to empty the chamber, something that would've required three or four tape roller sheets or 15 minutes of vacuuming. It does require the thing you're rolling to be taut. The bottom of the handle isn't smooth and I wish it was a little more comfortable to use. Check out my review. Get this ChomChom!

8. DELOMO Hair Remover Roller Self Cleaning

DELOMO Hair Remover Roller Self Cleaning

A wonderful gift for a pet owner. This is a pet hair removal product that you have never used before. It will clean up all the pet hair from your furniture. It's easy and convenient. You don't have to tear the paper. It's durable and never breaks. You'll throw away your lint roller once you've used delmo. Simply roll back and forth on the furniture surface, pick up the pet hair, open the lid, and you will find the furniture is clean. The pet hair should be thrown in the trash. No longer waste money on refill or batteries with the 100% pet hair lint roller. The product is cost-effective. One roller to clean most furNITURE. The dog hair removal roller can be used on most furniture. Roll back and forth to clean your furniture. Dog fur and lint removal will make your home hair-less. It is a consecration to clean. The pet fur removal could be used daily. You could not wash the brush with water. To clean the brush surface, use a soft towel soaked in water or synthetic detergent. The same applies to the garbage can. You'll find that the pet hair removal is as clean as new. The pet hair removal roller is made of nylon and plastic. If you have cats, dogs, or any furry friends, this hair removal roller is what you're looking for. The DELOMO pet hair removal roller will work just as well whenever you use it.

Brand: Delomo

👤We have 2 cats and a dog, so I have become obsessed with removing fur. This is the best for cleaning the house.

👤I have purchased many types of pet hair removal products. I have a few of this type too, and they all were fine, I guess? All required another pass with a sticky roller. This one? I was pleasantly surprised. It feels weird at first, but you have to roll back and forth. It did the job. I have a lot of gunk on my carpets and it is hard to get it out. This picked up all the hair. Don't mind the box, see video. I was moving things.

👤I knew from the first use that this product would change my life. I have been trying to get my white loveseat and 2 grey cats to sleep on it. But this device was completely new to me. It is very easy and fast. This is a must- buy for people with cats. I used to misplace all the other sticky products and shipping tape. This thing is amazing. There have been no complaints so far.

👤Holy HairBalls! I vacuumed my couch. I spent at least an hour trying to get the dog hair off. We have a white terrier mix that I love. I don't like her hair. After I finished vacuuming, I decided to use this magic wand on my couch. The hair came out of my couch after I vacuumed it. I'm going to give it another try to see how much I can get out.

👤I was shocked! We have a small carpet in the living room that we can use to test it out. It looks like I vacuumed the carpet. It works well on a couch.

👤I used this product immediately. I was hesitant because of the mixed reviews I read. I am loving it! My dog sleeps on my bed and I have been unable to remove the hair from the top of the white duvet. It was so easy to use and hair was removed with a few back and forth rolls. I rolled a bed comforter that didn't show the hair as much and was shocked to see how much dog hair there was. So happy with the product. It's easy to use, there's no need for sticky tapes or bristle cleaning. You can open the collection bin and discard the hair. I'm telling my friends.

👤It works well. The cloth needs to be on a firm surface. The cloth will bunch up.

👤My mother-in-law wanted to buy me a fancy pet vacuum. I did a bit of searching and found this. It has changed my life and saved us from our pet hair. It is very easy to use. I roll it across the carpets and press the little button. This is meant for more fabric based services than wood or tile. This brush can easily be mopped or wiped up. A life saver.

👤Ele no tira! I am amigo do trabalho viu na Amazon. I sinto enganada, abrir o outro.

9. ORDORA Furniture Reusable Self Cleaning Adhesive

ORDORA Furniture Reusable Self Cleaning Adhesive

The pet hair brush could remove hair in a second. Pull the fuzz removal across the affected area. The pet hair roller can clean cat/dog hair from a variety of objects. It is not suitable for smooth, hard surfaces like wood, tile, formica and concrete. They could save you a lot of time. The dog hair removal from furniture is a great way to get rid of the fur. No worries about getting hair on yourself. The cat hair removal saves you time and energy without sacrificing quality. You can remove fluff and lint with this fur removal brush. The lint roller for pet hair can reach the most attached hair follicles in a short time. The dog hair roller is self-cleaning. You just need to roll back and forth on the furniture surface to pick up pet hair, then open the lid and remove pet fur. The product is ready to be used again. It helps you save money. It is easy to remove pet hair. You don't have to tear paper or take time to charge. No longer waste money on refill or batteries with the 100% pet hair lint roller. The pet fur removal could be used daily. You could not wash the brush with water. To clean the brush surface, use a soft towel soaked in water or synthetic detergent. The same applies to the garbage can. You'll find that the pet hair removal is as clean as new. Roll this pet fur removal back and forth on the desired surface to get all the pet hair and lint out of the dust receptacle. A perfect gift for the pet lover or for your furry baby is a long hair animal. Every pet owner's life is made easier by the lint rollers. The days of disposable lint rollers, sticky tape and frustration are over. The lint removal tool saves time and energy, while getting the job done well. Purchase this pet hair removal and you will have a fur-free home.

Brand: Ordora

👤Our Golden retriever sheds a lot more than we expected. The cleaning-spirits were almost broken before we found this product. It took less than a minute to remove the hair from the couches. My wife made fun of me for buying this product, until she saw how effective I was in cleaning both couches. She is now a believer.

👤There are three types of pet hair people. Those who don't have pets have pet hair. People who have pets and drive themselves crazy keeping up with it, wear black at their own risk and static is an arch enemy. People have given up controlling because of pet hair. Consider the pet hair glitter. I am close to being the 3rd person. I have a long haired cat and 3 dogs. I have a rubber broom, a handheld rubber broom, 2 dust brooms with teeth, and a shopvac. I can usually keep things from getting out of hand for a day or two. One of my furniture dogs sleeps at the end of our bed every night. It's usually the throw blankets, throw pillows, and duvet that have pet hair on them. This. This is amazing. I saw how much dog hair took of my bedding when it was washed weekly. I have neglected to consider the random throw pillow. It wasn't enough for this thing. It doesn't seem to work well for rolling clothing that is being worn, but I have used it over laundry that comes out of the dryer before I put it away. I took a video to update my review but not sure if it has been approved yet, I was so siked that I forgot to take before and after pictures.

👤It is wonderful. You will be happy with the purchase.

👤I don't know who needs to hear this, but $25 is not enough for this contraption. It should cost more. Two adults with long hair, two children with long hair, two cocker spaniels with show coats, and a Maltese are in my house. After vacuuming with a stupid vacuum that you spent so much money on, I couldn't see hair on every soft surface in my house. I am talking about the couch, the carpet, the rugs, the comforter, the chaise, those stupid "occasional chairs" you get in trouble for sitting on even though she never says word one to the dogs for doing the same thing...this miracle machine even removed pet hair from my You can tie a grocery sack to your belt loop and put more in your pockets. You will need them. Pro tip: if your wife is prone to anxiety, don't let her see you use it on the curtains. I don't care what you think, there is hair on your hair. You can make a rocking motion with the miracle machine, like you are jabbing a fish tape through a one inch hole in a wall with a bunch of insulation. Pull out all the hair and put it in the grocery sack when the miracle machine stops working. Take the grocery sack off your belt loop, tie it closed, and leave it on the floor. If you want to practice that happy wife; happy life thing, you need to collect all of the sacks of hair you left through the house. I ended up with seven standard grocery bags full of hair after vacuuming a 2000 square foot house that only has carpet in two rooms. The miracle machine is for sale.

10. Brellavi Remover Self Cleaning Double Sided Removing

Brellavi Remover Self Cleaning Double Sided Removing

Do you have strands and rolls of pet hair on your furniture? You can remove fluff and lint with this fur removal brush. A Breeze To Use is a great way to get rid of pet fur. When brushing over the target surface, make sure to check the arrow marking on the upper part of the handle. No need to manually remove fur from the lint brush after use. The brush will be ready to use right away if you dip it into the self-cleaning base a few times. Keep your clothes free from lint and fluff while you are on a holiday. The travel-sized pet brush can fit in your purse, bag, or car compartment. If you are unhappy with the quality of this pet hair removal brush or the purchase, please let them know so they can provide a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Brellavi

👤It works on everything. The arrow on the handle tells you to follow one way, but if you follow the other way it will not do anything.

👤Get the OXO brand ones. They don't cost much more and they clean better. The manufacturer keeps sending me emails to take down the original review, so I've changed it to 1-star.

👤We have three cats. This is an effective hair removal. I use it every day. I was amazed at how easy it is to clean.

👤Two of the cats are long hair. The Turkish Van is crazy. The rollers don't work, and the stone made for fur removal isn't good for nice fabric. I saw the Pet Hair Remover on Amazon and thought I had tried everything else. It was easy to use and thorough in picking up fur. A single swiped picks it all up. I'm not exaggerating. You can clean the wand by taking it out of the holder. One or two times. And it is clean. There is a base on the bottom of the holder. You remove that to get rid of the fur. I use it to collect thread pieces for my quilt and it is an added bonus. My table is kept clean by the Pet Hair Remover brush.

👤I usually don't leave reviews except when I have bad experiences, but I will make an exception for this product. I used to buy sticky rollers to manage the lint that my two feline friends leave behind on all of my cloths and furniture. Normally I'm reluctant to buy products like this because they usually make bold claims of how well they work. I was surprised by how well the lint removal brush removes lint from my couch and other fabrics. Trust me, don't use it on your animals.

👤The guys got it right. You start by taking this blue and white thing out of your life. You should give your dog a good brushing so that he doesn't have this problem. You shove the brush in the received which looks like a men's silicone play toy. Remove it, insert it a few times, and force it. The brush comes out clean after the contraption sucks all the goodies off.

👤The hard animal hair removal device is made of soft bristles and can be used to remove hairs on the sofa and bed surfaces. The device is easy to remove.

👤The product was a great surprise for me. I was just trying to find a way to control cat hair in my house. I used it for the first time. It's easy to use and clean, and doesn't cause hair to fall into the air. The pic I have attached is a couple of people using their fingers. It works and is a great price for what you are getting.

👤I was excited to use the brush. All of my dog's hair was gone after a few passes on my clothes. It began to pull the threads on one of my favorite pairs of pants. The upper legs are covered in pills, but they are not ruined. I wouldn't buy it again. I would buy a different hair removal product.

11. Portable Remover Cleaner Carpets Furniture

Portable Remover Cleaner Carpets Furniture

Battery-free: It's not necessary to use a battery to operate a lint removal machine because it's easy to operate by hand. They have great customer service and they have confidence in the quality of the products. If you are dissatisfied with this product, please email them and they will offer help. One with comb teeth and a smaller scraper, and the other with a larger scraper are in the set. You can choose the one that's best for the surface you're on. Flat fabrics with short thread ends are the subject of lint removal. It's perfect for carpets, carpeted stairs, car floor, car mats, cat trees. It is not recommended for low density silk, yarn or knitted fabrics. To test whether the fabric is applicable, first lightly. Pick a force, angle, and direction that will clean. The effect is amazing when you use the vacuum cleaner. No need to refill the battery, or to replace it. It is made of pure copper, beech wood and alloy. It is a great gift idea for pet owners. The Lint remover set pack has 2 lint removals and an instruction. You can follow the instructions to avoid damage to the fabric.

Brand: Fority

👤They remove fur from carpets, but should be used with care.

👤I have a fur-free living room, but it took a few tries to find the right place. I'm working on the bedroom and it's very quick. I'm okay with the short handle for now, but I would have liked a longer one. Other manufacturers may make this kind of product. I'm not taking chances. If I need more of this, I'm getting it. If they make one with a longer handle, I might consider that but I don't want to get something that isn't as good.

👤I was sold on the videos, but they didn't show how easy fabrics, stitching, carpet, etc., are. The groves have very sharp corners, so the bolts that hold the brushes are not held nearly to the target material. We're returning our fix, which might be to try to grind/file the corners a bit better. They're built out of metal and wood, which is positive. I was hoping they'd find a job, but they got on our bed sheets, comforter, jeans, bathroom rug, entry rug, low pile carpet, and hoodies. They only worked on the microfiber couch, which can't be used by buttons or edges where hair gathers. Shucks!

👤I have two pets with different hair types and they both lose a lot of it. I wanted to try something different since I like to use lint rollers that are out of style. The brushes are easy to use and get it off quickly. I was shocked and a little weary after reading some reviews about damaging furniture. It is important to use the right brush and side to avoid damaging anything. If you have a lot of stitching done in it, I would avoid the seams because they can get caught if you are not careful.

👤Everything is taken off of the couch.

👤These are great for cleaning pet fur off things like furniture, pet beds, cat trees, and small carpets. If your pet has a spot that you don't know about, the plastic side is great for cleaning it off. If he would buy again.

👤The hair came off easily when I used these. It looked brand new when I used it on my daughter's favorite hoodie that had major pilling. Use a lint roller to help pick up the pills.

👤I thought if it was a joke, I would be out less than $10. It is not a joke. This was amazing. The stairs carpet hides the hair on the dogs. We think it is okay. Wrong! I was not thorough enough to see this pile of hair from the upper five steps. Even though we vacuumed the carpet two days ago, there was still hair in it. I will tell anyone who has pets to buy this product.


What is the best product for electric lint remover pet hair?

Electric lint remover pet hair products from Scotch-brite. In this article about electric lint remover pet hair you can see why people choose the product. Smart House Inc and Analan are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lint remover pet hair.

What are the best brands for electric lint remover pet hair?

Scotch-brite, Smart House Inc and Analan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lint remover pet hair. Find the detail in this article. Vasson, Feeke and Zoreni are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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