Best Electric Lint Remover Rechargeable

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1. INTEAN Rechargeable Electric LintBalls Furniture

INTEAN Rechargeable Electric LintBalls Furniture

If you have used it once, it cannot be used again. The hair was not cleaned after the first shave, which caused the product to open the locking device, and only need to clean the hair again. If you don't like this fabric shaver for any reason, let them know and they'll refund your money or send you a replacement. The dual shaving heads ensure that larger area of the garments is covered at once. The fabric pills are removed with two 10000 round/min motors. You can easily remove pills. The protective mesh can tackle all sizes of fuzzballs andPrecise two 6-leaf blades, two shaving speeds, three sizes of holes in the protective mesh can tackle all sizes of fuzzballs. A fresh new look to sweaters, clothes, furniture, couches, curtains, upholstery, sheets, wool coats, and blankets can be achieved quickly and effectively by removing fluff and lint. There are dual-power models. The electric fabric remover can be used on a battery or a cord. The 2500mAh battery can support up to 3 hours of continuous use. It's great for shaving large blankets, bedding sheets, or sofas without a cord. Two shaving speed settings allow you to go slower on thicker fabrics and faster on average thickness. When the fabric screen is loose, the electric lint shaver stops working. The safety lock mechanism is used to prevent accidental cuts. When shaving, lay the garment out flat on a smooth surface. There's a built-in fabric brush to wipe away lint, pet hair and dust. The container for fuzz has a different size and you don't have to empty it constantly. The handle gives you more control but also less hand and wrist fatigue.

Brand: Intean

👤I used to use roller tape to remove lints, but it never picked up every lint ball. The mechanical lint removal is life changing. Even the most stubborn lint can be shaved off. The lint will be collected from the center handle stem. The blade does a great job, but it is a bit loud when it is on. I was able to find a really efficient way to do it. First lay the clothing on a flat hard surface, then run the back scrapper to pull off the easy lints, and then use the motor blades to run over the stubborn parts while providing constant tension on the clothing. The shaver can only remove the lints that stick out. I like it. It made my clothes look new again.

👤I have a hair removal product. The micro-usb is old but still usable. I bought a lint removal brush for cheap. I used these things to clean my clothes and blankets. I saw this and wondered if dual heads would do well. I remember back in grade school that 2 heads are better than 1 This did not fail to impress. The dual head action picks up lint quickly. There is a lint removal brush on the other side of the head. I like how it is charged using a modern port. It has a cleaning brush and one charging cable. Let's talk about value. I compare shop on Amazon to see if this is a fair market value. The price of this is right in the middle of not on the lower scale of price, which makes it an absolute deal. The product you are getting is very good.

👤I've been eyeing fabric shavers for a while, as someone suggested it as a way to improve on my pillows, until I find the throw pillows I want. I was so happy to try it. It did a great job. It's pretty straightforward, but comes with instructions. There is a charging cord, but no plug. Most people have plugs that support a cable. There is a brush in the box. The device is a good quality, but it is a little pricey. I think it's worth the price if it lasts for a long time. It did an excellent job and was what I was looking for. I used it on old pillows first, but will definitely use it on some of my sweaters next. I would recommend this shaver.

👤If you are looking for a fabric shaver, look no further. I wanted to get one because I have a lot of pilling in my clothes and furniture. It doesn't hurt the fabric with a simple vertical or horizontal motion. I have used this on sweaters and coffee tables. It is very easy to use and comes with a cord to charge it. It fits in my hand. There are two different power settings. I think the dual shaver heads make it more efficient in cleaning up fabrics. To keep it in great shape, you need to empty the discard container and use the little brush provided to clean the shaver heads.

2. Depiller Electric Furniture Performance High Low

Depiller Electric Furniture Performance High Low

You can use a lot of things to clean. If you and your. It is very fast and powerful. The Wonder Lint is a high-quality, The fabrics are translucent. The Wonder Lint can be used on clothing, furniture, curtains, drapery, sheets, blankets, and comforters. There are buyer reviews for real proof. The Wonder Lint's reviews are all written by people who have never paid for a review. The best in class performance. The Wonder Lint was voted the best fabric shaver by the largest and most comprehensive video website on the planet. The Wonder Lint premium fabric shaver has already been used by 1000 AMAZON.COM CUSTOMERS. Isn't it time you did the same? You can count on good quality. Wonder Lint is ultra-safe to use, so why risk damaging your clothes and sweaters when you can buy a high quality Wonder Lint? Excellent value for money. Get even more for your money with the BONUS free plush bag, cleaning brush, and spare blades.

Brand: House Of Wonderful

👤Replacement blades are available on Amazon and they work the same as the original blades. Since I can finally buy spare blades and use my shaver again, I am updating my rating to 5 stars. The shaver is the best I have used so far. I use this shaver a lot and it is faster and has some of the things my less expensive shavers wouldn't. Why only 3 stars? The bad part. The blades don't last very long. I went all three discs of blades in less than a month. They told me that they don't sell replacement blades. I asked if I could return the shaver after they sent me a new unit and discs. That was great. It would have been better if they had kept the unit and thrown in a few more discs. It was nice of them. I am already on my second disc after 2 weeks of using the new blades. Only one more left? The fact that the blades don't last and they don't sell replacement blades is a big issue. 40 dollars is a lot of money to spend on something that is really of no use anymore. I was expecting more use out of it than a few weeks. I can purchase replacement blades for my cheaper shavers, so I think they might be the way to go. I was disappointed in the amount of time I got to use the shaver, but the company did send me a new unit and 3 more discs. I have only one Disc left, and I have to decide how important a garnet is before I shave it. I want to keep my blade. I shouldn't have to decide between shaving or saving my blades.

👤This product is amazing. The company doesn't offer the chance to purchase replacement blades. The fabric shaver is no longer working well because the rotary blades are getting dull, and I have been using my Wonder Lint for about a year. The delicate blades wear out since it is a fabric. I can't recommend the product if the blades are not replaceable.

👤The best product on the market. By far. There is a problem. They don't sell replacement bandages. It's insane to me. I bought a new one last week. I use it a lot. It is great. I go through the blades quickly. They don't sell replacements. I contacted them and they said they would be selling them soon, but they didn't know when. They didn't reply when I begged for an answer. I bought another one. The customer service was poor. I didn't want them to be free. I wanted to pay. Not for a whole new unit. I hope someone comes up with a better product. Isn't that how razors make their money? Off the new blades? I am really disappointed in the lack of customer service. It is easy to correct.

👤The fabric shaver I bought was recommended to me by a fellow resellr who said it was fast, great shave, and easy to use. I had two more but was looking for one that could plug into the wall so batteries wouldn't be a part of my monthly budget. I bought this one. It does shave fabric well, but I love the feeling of it in my hand, it's a matt finish. I like the larger shave head. The lint catcher compartment does not completely seal the fabric shaver. The first time I used it, the shaved lint ended up all over my sweater, and the second time it ended up all over my pants. I thought it might be too full or that lint might have gotten in between the catcher compartment and the rest of the shaver and stopped it from closing correctly. I put it all back together and went back to shaving. When the compartment wasn't even an eighth of the way full, it started to happen again. I emptied it out again, cleaned it out, put it back together and took a look at it. I realized there was a gap between the fabric shaver and the lint catcher that allowed everything I shave to escape back out of the shaver. I'm shaving. The catcher and shaver are both made of plastic that is slanted so that they fit together and that would cause a seam, but the black plastic is slightly lifted on the right side, which could be why the seam has a gap. I have not dropped, damaged, or even banged this for it to do what it's doing. I'm stuck with it. I'm very disappointed. $30 later. I'm back to using my shaver. It's probably just a factory flaw, but it sucks. I need to look into their policy. It kept turning on and off when I used it again a month ago. There is a small tear in the cord. The same way it was delivered to me, I stopped it in the box. It only turned off appraisal the first couple of days. It doesn't work anymore. Hunk of junk.

3. Ruidla Rechargeable Replaceable Stainless Protection

Ruidla Rechargeable Replaceable Stainless Protection

Ready when you are portable thanks to the included travel pouch. It is easy to use and pleasant to use. The fabric shaver is designed with a plug that will charge your laptop,desktop, power-bank, car, and charger at the same time. 30-40 minutes is how long one time full charged will run. The small is portable and suitable for travel and home use. Take care. The fabric was very heavy. The honeycomb cover has a smooth surface that doesn't change and reduces the wear and tear on clothes. The device stops when the blade cover is open or loose. Almost all sizes of loose threads and loops can be tackled with the 3-leaf blade. Please suggest shaving on a hard surface. LARGE LINT CONTAINER A translucent collection container is used to catch all lints and fuzzs. The lints have been removed and stored in a large container. The design is translucent for easy checking and cleaning. This shaver has a good grindling STAINLESS STEEL sharp. The 3-blades are easy to use and can easily remove loose threads, fuzz balls and lint from clothing and fabrics. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, a hassle-free replacement and 2-year after-sales service. Please email them if you have any questions about this lint removal. A quick response is guaranteed.

Brand: Ruidla

👤I like this product. It does what it's supposed to. It charged out of the box. You can see it in action in my video. I used it on my sheets to test it out. I'm happy this wasn't a waste of money.

👤When my jerk cat decided my new sofa was her favorite scratching post, I went to Amazon for a solution. This little device does a better job than the one I owned before. I'm very happy that it saved my couch, it comes with extra razors.

👤I was told about this product by a friend, but I didn't think it would work. I was about to buy a new couch. I decided to give it a try and I am so happy with the results.

👤I am very happy that I ordered this. It was sitting in my cart for a long time because I was not sure how much I would use it, but it has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have made this year. I took a trip to Europe recently and bought a new carry-on tote for all the flights and trains. The rough fabric of the bag rubbed against my hip and under my arm as I walked, ruining all my clothes. The fabric shaver has made a huge difference in the pilling of brand new sweaters and sweatshirts. It looks like everything is new again. I have done at least 4 items on the same day on the same charge and the battery seems to last a while. It has not caused any damage to my items, even using it over the exposed threads.

👤I like the wide head. I used to have a small battery powered one that I was constantly using. It works well and is a good deal.

👤This was a great little product. It came with more parts. It doesn't hold a charge for more than a second. I tried to use it but it turned red immediately after I charged it. It turned green after I charged it again. Went to use it and it died. Do you know how hard it is to wait until there is enough time to remove the lint from your sheets after charging a second time? I thought it was me. I am not the only one who has this issue and my other devices charge in the same outlet.

👤I was expecting a cheap, flimsy plastic product to arrive. I was very pleased. Good quality plastic. The fuzz balls are removed nicely, comes with a replacement head, and a small brush to clean the fuzz balls. The battery life on this thing is amazing. I fully charged it upon it's arrival, a couple of weeks ago, have already used on 4 or 5 large tops, and it's still going strong off of the initial charge. The first few times it is difficult to remove the lent trap/holder, but it gets easier after a few times. I would definitely buy this item again.

4. Brrivers Rechargeable Electric Charging Efficient

Brrivers Rechargeable Electric Charging Efficient

No more batteries are required, no more need to charge and no more noise. The manual tool is strong enough to remove all unwanted stuff. The portable fabric shaver has a unique design of 6 sharp blades, two-speed adjustment, efficient cleaning of fluff and lint on the fabric, making it new again. When the net cover is loosened or taken off, the hided safty switch will stop the lint removal and protect you and your family from harm. The lint removal is powered by an upgraded battery. It can work for more than an hour. It was not a problem to find a workbench with a charging port and a charging cable. The Lint remover is portable and simple to use. It's a great clothing care tool to carry around. It's suitable for home travel. The fabric shaver is battery powered and can be used to remove lint from blankets, bed sheets and weaters. At any time, anywhere. An extra blade prolongs its life. A collector that can be changed is a good way to quickly and easily clean.

Brand: Brrivers

👤It is amazing. I was going to throw away some of the nice shirts I had because of the wear on my lanyard. I came across this device and thought, what the hell! It is worth its weight in gold. All of them were fixed. They never had those small problems. I worked on my sweatshirts as well. It's easy to take apart and clean. It's easy to use. A must have.

👤It's difficult to clean as you have to remove a plastic ring before you can twist off the blades, and you have to align tiny pegs to put it back on. After charging for 24 hours, the charge did not hold up. It's hard to push buttons. It is difficult to remove the lint cup. Will go back to my electric corded one.

👤If you buy Victoria Secret sweats and leggings, you need this in your life. It is easy to charge with the cable.

👤Don't buy this item, it doesn't work. I bought it because I needed one, but it doesn't work at all, and I don't know how it has good reviews. Don't spend your money and time.

👤It is easy to use and gets the job done.

👤The lint shaver arrived with the inside box already opened. It is very odd.

👤I was expecting a worse job, but it was a better one. The fuzz balls are well trimmed. I like it.

5. Sweater Shaver,Rechargeable Remover Clothes Furniture Comes

Sweater Shaver%EF%BC%8CRechargeable Remover Clothes Furniture Comes

There is a charge issue. Don't forcefully insert the port, pay attention to the direction of charging port. 2. DC 5V 3. Failure to charge may be caused by cold weather. If you have any questions, please contact them. They matched the electric Fabric Shaver and Lint Roller, so they could easily remove fabric fluff, lint and bobbles from various garments and fabrics. Lint Roller picks up lint, fur, fuzz, hair, and debris for a clean look. 3 size holes on the working surface suit all kinds of fuzz, lint, pill, and bobbles. The fluff will be removed quickly and easily with the help of a 3-blade blade. There is a translucent container that can see hairball saving and is easy to clean with a brush. The unique design gives you safe experience while working with honeycomb mesh-like cover that doesn't change and reduces the friction of clothes. The lint shaver stops when the blade cover is open or loose, thanks to the safety lock. Their lint sticky roller can't hurt or ruin your clothes or furniture. The handle is comfortable to hold in your hand and makes cleaning easy. If you have used it once, it cannot be used again. The hair was not cleaned after the first shave, which caused the product to open the locking device, and only need to clean the hair again. If you don't like this fabric shaver for any reason, let them know and they'll refund your money or send you a replacement.

Brand: Gts

👤This lint removal will not remove lint. It charges fine, turns on, sounds fine, but it won't shave it unless it's a huge piece of lint. I will return this. I want a lint shaver.

👤The fabric shaver was able to remove pill balls from my pants. There are pill balls in the legs where I rest my arms when lifting barbells or around the waist where my shirt rubs against the pants. It's nearly impossible to pick out something with your hands. I got a fabric shaver. The single cutting head fabric shaver did the trick. The shaver works best when it is run around the pills or linty spots and the garment is laid smoothly on a flat surface. No need to press down, just a light sweeping pass and the pills are gone. You can't see all the places that need pill removal if you use the shaver while wearing. A simple roll with the lint brush can remove loose fabric fibers. The lint brush rolls fit other lint brush holders. It is easy to clean up if you remove the top cover and blow the lint out of the trash can. The micro blade is able to clean under the blade. My workout pants are new again.

👤The matted material on my shirt worked great, I got it at goodwill. Make sure you follow the instructions and put it on the ironing board. It comes with a lint roller and three rolls of tape.

6. Remover Rechargeable Electric Replaceable Stainless

Remover Rechargeable Electric Replaceable Stainless

The fabric shaver is for clothes. Their lint shaver is rechargeable and can save money and the environment. You don't need to buy an extra cord for the lint shaver because the power cord will be included in the package. A full charge takes about 2 hours and lasts more than 80 minutes. The honeycomb shaver foil helps keep fabrics from being cut and helps remove lint quickly. It is possible to remove fabric fluff, fuzz, pill, lint and bobbles from clothes and fabric, such as sweaters, sofa, curtain, blankets, bed sheets, furniture and so on. 2 extra blades can be used to replace the unsharp one, and the blade has a long working time. The container and brush can be removed to clean the fuzz. Purchase is worry-free. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact them immediately and they will do their best to make you happy.

Brand: Atemto

👤I bought this to replace a single-use battery-powered unit that got damaged when one of the installed battery cells leaked acid into the appliance. I think a failure will be avoided because this one has a dedicated battery. A freshly laundered lamb's wool sweater had some "pilling" from recent hiking and cycling use. The sweater was quickly trimmed by the appliance. Two spare blades were included. This product is a good value and has useful features.

👤This thing is very powerful. I had another one that was different. I bought that. I gave it to my mother while I was in the local world. She was in Indiana. This one is big and has a lot of flavor. Cant be. That. There are no batteries to cry about. It's perfect for taking those God. It was AWFUL. It's aILLA off socks. Why did I win the first one? It woorka. Also, very well on denim. It's very handy. Folka have dexterity problems.

👤I bought this to remove pilling from shirts. It worked very well and quickly. The shaver is great for my hand size and was ready out of the box. Extra blades are a major plus. It is easy to charge and last a long time. It's as easy to clean up trash as it is to remove the lid. Use the supplied brush to get into cracks. You are done. I used it with my son for 45 minutes. We could have done more on the out of package charge. It wouldn't hurt to have a small item around the house.

👤I'm glad I have one of these. I don't know how I lived without one. I wouldn't purchase this model again. The on/off power button is inconvenient. The power button is in the top center and it is almost impossible to hold this in a comfortable position without turning it off and on. Choose one with a better design.

👤I've been wanting to try a product like this for a long time, but the prices are too high. They are listed on Amazon for up to $40. I found a great price point effective product. Do you take a risk for $10? It's worth it with free returns. What an amazing little device! It's very effective in getting those little lint balls off of fabrics. I've used it on sweaters and furniture. Remarkable little device. When the first razor goes dull, there are two replacement razors. Very quick to refill. I really like this product and I recommend it to everyone.

👤The shaver didn't hold a charge long enough to do half a sweater. It didn't hold a charge after being left to charge for two days. The lint was difficult to clean. We returned it because it was faulty.

👤It's easy to use and clean, it's a great product. Things covered with lint take a long time.

👤It's easy to use. It's right in your hand. Charge lasts a long time. It's easy to empty the blade. It was a nice surprise to find 2 extra blades. Very happy with the purchase.

7. Rechargeable Magictec Defuzzer Furniture Battery

Rechargeable Magictec Defuzzer Furniture Battery

A crafter will love this lint ball fuzz removing fabric shaver. It has a lint chamber that is easy to dispose of. A head brush is included. Innovative design is built to last longer. It was created with quality in mind. The premium materials are the heavy-duty abs plastic shell and the SS mesh cover. It will never break or damage easily, and the efficient motor that shaves off the sweater leaves it clean and lint-free like new. It's easy to use and travel-friendly. Just charge and use, it's a hassle-free lint removal cleaner. There are multiple options for charging, including direct plug to laptop/desktop, power-bank, car, smart IC, and more. Two hours of charging can operate for 60 minutes with low electric consumption and design for travel and home use. There is a 3-to-one blade. DEFUZZ The fabric defuzzer device has 3 strong and sharp blades that cut through excess loose threads, fuzz balls and lints from your winter coat, sweater, scarf, gloves, plush toys, car cushion, sofa, leggings, and more. It is safe and efficient to replace fabric. The honeycomb mesh-like cover reduces the friction of clothes and protects them from further damage. The lint shaver stops when the blade cover is open or loose, thanks to the safety lock. With 65mm mesh, it's possible to tackle almost all sizes of loose threads and loops. Wider LINT STORAGE: A lint collector container with a strong suction will catch all lint and fuzz, plus it will be easy to clean. You will love how it removes lint from a coat and sweater.

Brand: Magictec

👤I wanted a de-pilling tool for a long time but couldn't justify buying one. I was a fool. I was a fool to send one of my favorite pair of joggers into retirement due to theirpill problem, but after cleaning out my closet I found one of them. I have to be a grown up and make better financial choices because I want to give all my money to the Lu and buy more joggers. This product has a reviews page. You can change your life by buying a de-PILLING TOOL. The before and after pics are from my de-pilling adventures. I got this little one in the mail today, so I haven't had a chance to finish what I started, but it won't take me long. The dermaplaning tool of fabrics is similar to this product. Since your cat is too good for all the expensive cat scratching towers you bought her, you should cover your couch and curtains. Don't wear designer leggings because they are LIFE. Just buy it. This one works, charges with a plug in cord, and is easy to use. Put cardboard inside clothing to give it a taut surface.

👤It doesn't remove lint. It is easy to set up, clean, put back together, however the one thing it is suppose to do does not. Don't waste money or time. There is a If you give them a negative review, they will email you with a bribe to take it down. They have an email address for it.

👤I have never thought about getting something like this before. I wish I had done it sooner. The price is great, and I love the look of this fabric shaver. It is aesthetically pleasing. I had a sweatshirt full of lint balls and I cleared them out.

👤The product doesn't have enough time to address a small area of fabric. I was put away in frustration after trying to complete the area. The item was not successful. The unit was charged for a third time and only charged enough to turn on. It was held next to fabric. The item wouldn't work this way either, even though I tried to use it while plugged in. I'm pretty sure all of the 5-star reviews are for a $10 gift card.

👤It worked well for getting the lint out of my jacket. It's important to brush the blades to make sure they are shaving correctly. It takes a while to get fully charged, but it worked well for me after only charging for a few minutes. This means that you can plug it in before you go to bed and wake up to a fully charged device, which is perfect for a quick shave or brush. I'm very happy with the way it is and the results I got.

👤I had to charge my unit more than once before it started to work. I used it for 15 minutes. The length of usage time was not stated in the brochure. It did a good job when I used it. I didn't think it was a 5. The $10 Amazon gift card would have been great. I was honest about my rating. Yesterday I was excited to get this. I read the instructions and felt like I was following them. I charged it up over night. The red light went on when I tried the shaver, but it didn't work after I tried it again. I had to take a break for a couple more hours. I hope my review is seen by the manufacturer.

8. Remover Rechargeable HOMEASY Electric Furniture

Remover Rechargeable HOMEASY Electric Furniture

Premium batteries have excellent performance of long- lasting battery life. Take care of a lot of clothing at one time. It can be used while charging, to clean and remove fluff at the same time. 1. Digital display with light. The fabric shaver can show the battery and speed gear on the screen. You can see the battery's level in the range of 0 to 100, it's very convenient and intuitive. It needs to be charged when the display battery level is less than 10. 2. Their sweater lint removal comes with 3 speed settings. The fabric pill shaver mesh cover has holes that can quickly clean up hair balls of different sizes. The rust-proof 6-leaf blades that they equip with can greatly improve the working efficiency of the fabric lint removal and meet the needs of all fabric surfaces. The fabric fuzz removal device has a double protection device and an upgraded version of the large mesh cover. The slight arcs can fit the clothes and keep a safe distance from the cutter head. If the mesh cover of the lint shaver falls off, it will stop working immediately to avoid danger or damage to the fabric. There is a type-Cusb charged. Their battery is large enough to hold their fabric shaver and lint removal tools. It can be used for 3-6 hours when fully charged. It can be charged directly on notebooks, desktops, mobile power supplies, and car chargers, which is very convenient. The portable lint removal clothes fuzz shaver is so convenient to carry that it can be used on travel or home. It's suitable for sweaters, clothes, woolen coats, couch, cushions, blankets, socks, fabric furniture and so on, which greatly improves their quality of life.

Brand: Homeasy

👤This thing is huge. A portable blow dryer. Wasn't expecting that. The display of the charge left in the battery shows when the charge is low. The shaver works well and covers a large area quickly. The blades and lint trap are enclosed by the same cover and I don't like them. This is the first design like this that I have seen. Every time you clean the lint trap, you have to handle a wheel full of razor blades. It was supposed to come with a lint brush and a cleaning brush, but I didn't. It's still undecided whether to keep it.

👤I have a cat with no end in sight to the fur. His fur is everywhere. The before pictures of a couch were of a cat. I tried it on my Smartwool socks, and I was so happy that I did. I don't know if I'm the only one who twitches over wooly-pilling socks, but my Saturday morning is now awesome because I also have brand new socks. Hopefully the pictures and video will give you some satisfaction. I will be finding things to shave all day. I'm working on it. It's easy to empty, just remove the cap and dump into the trash can. The blade attachment comes out easily, but you'll have to fish it out of the trash can. It's sharp, so take care. It comes with 2 backup blades. Pets and kids should be locked away in a safe place. It was fully charged and ready to use. I might read the directions later. Five stars. Great product!

👤The shaver was good for the little fuzzy things. It is very sharp so be careful with your clothes. It took 20 minutes to finish my son's shirt. I said before that it was good but be careful. If you are doing a big towel or blanket, you will have to empty it a couple of times. The battery life is good. I haven't charged it yet. I did 5 pieces of pants and shirts. I have only been using the first speed and it is working well. It comes with a charger and 2 more blades. Happy with it for now.

👤The product stopped working after being charged. I need to use it once.

👤The cats scratched the couch so I got this device to clean it. It did a great job of cleaning it up. Was impressed. You have to tilt it and push it a bit to get the longer fuzz, but it does the job. I like how they clean it out.

👤It's not loud. There is a large area of fuzz. You have time of battery life. Light weight. The hiding spot is easy to remove. Nice grip.

👤I have only had 2 years to repair my livingroom furniture. I was told by a furniture store that this type material will do that over a period of time, but if you buy a shaver on Amazon, it will look like it's new again. We cleaned a sofa, seat and chair. Highly recommended.

9. Ailyfu Rechargeable Electric Replaceable Stainless

Ailyfu Rechargeable Electric Replaceable Stainless

IEVEI offers a 90-day money back and a 12-month worry-free guarantee. If you have any questions about the sweater fabric shaver, they're here to help. It's powerful engine can gently remove fluffs from fabrics like bed sheets, cushions, sweaters, and it's efficient and power efficient. You can save money on batteries. The fabric shaver has a power supply that is compatible with any device port, making it convenient to charge anywhere. The best choice for travel and home use is a full charge that lasts more than 60 minutes. There is a protection design. The lint shaver is guarded with triple protection. The mesh protects fabrics from being damaged, you don't need to worry about loose yarns getting sucked into the machine or pulled out further, and the safety switches will switch off the device whenever the mesh cover is loose. It's easy to clean and design. The blades can be removed. The cutter head can be easily cleaned with the anti-static brush. They have 5 cutter heads. This fabric shaver is great. There is a warranty sauna. 90-day money back, 12-month worry-free guarantee, and 24 hours email contact service are available. If you have any questions about the sweater fabric shaver, they're here to help.

Brand: Ailyfu

👤I've owned a few, but this is the best lint removal I've ever owned. If you make a hole, you need to be careful. I started with my old cotton socks and they helped immensely. I would buy it again.

👤I loved that it came with extra blades, but it cut holes in my sweaters. There are 2 of them. I've bought many different kinds of these from different brands and lost them, or simply the blade goes dull after use. I have never put a hole in anything before. I've used this twice and it's not worth it.

👤The first time I used it, it was on a worn area of a pair of pants. It worked well. The pants were new. I wore it on a sweater for the second time. It died after doing a 12”x12” section. I thought the battery was dead when it was sitting. It wouldn't turn on after I charged it. I took it apart and didn't think it needed emptying. I tried to turn on the lint when I cleaned it out. Voil! It works. I was able to finish the sweater. I had to empty it many times. Maybe it was the sweater or the shaver. A third try might tell. It took 45 minutes to shave the sweater. Considering my first assumption of the issue, that was pretty impressive.

👤When drying my sweaters, I messed up and wore burgundy black and marine green. The old way to remove lint did not work. I bought this because I didn't want to give up. I would have liked to have taken photos. It took 7 times for the burgundy to be new. It's the best investment in a long time.

👤It was great for cleaning sweaters. It's broken and out of the window. The battery charge didn't last long. I think old fashioned batteries work better.

👤I don't understand how this product got a 4.5 star rating. I used it today after charging it overnight. The package says you can charge and run for 8 hours. I used it for 5 minutes but it didn't last long. I don't trust a replacement so I think a refund is the best thing to do. Have been waiting for a response from the seller. So upsetting. It seems to work well for others.

👤I have stretched pants or sweat shirts that I thought of giving up on but they look great after using it. It works well on fleece blankets.

👤I love this shaver. The search is over, I have been looking for a while. I use it between the legs on my joggers because it's possible to use it on sweaters. Absolutely perfect.

10. Electric Sweater Removers Rechargeable Defuzzer

Electric Sweater Removers Rechargeable Defuzzer

TheChic me lint shaver has a built-in battery that is environmental friendly and saves money. It takes about 6 hours for the lint fuzz removal to be fully charged and can take up to 220 minutes to complete. You can either use it while charging or take it to any place after it's fully charged. The upgraded version of the motor provides high- performance services, and the blades are upgraded to provide faster and more efficient trimming of fuzz, pills, and lints. It is a perfect gift for friends and family, as it includes a lint removal, 2 extra 6-leaf blades set, a cleaning brush, and ausb cable. It's easy to use, just turn it on and gently move the shaving head over the fabrics. It's easier to see how much space is left with a large translucent lint collector. Reat For Travel is a lint shaver that is portable and can be stored in a drawer, suitcase or wardrobe travel kit. Their goal is to make your life cleaner. If you don't like the product, you can get a full refund. They are here for support and advice, so please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Unknown

👤This is better than anything I have used before. I have used rollers to roll up and down and then picked off lint from a piece at a time, and I have also used a piece of tape to start again. I have used regular tape to try and remove the lint. This is much easier than any of the other methods. It has a power button that does the work for you, but you have to hold it and move to where the lint is. I have tried many methods and it works great. It has a brush for cleaning the blades and a charging cord. It has an instruction manual with it.

👤The display reads in Chinese but the device works well. The directions are written in Chinese. You can figure it out.

👤I love this lint shaver. Very easy to use.

👤The best shaver I have ever had. You don't need to keep going over the same spot.

👤I don't care for it because it catches the material in it and tares it.

👤Too big has no power.

👤Excellent quality high powered fuzz removal.

👤I love it! It works better than my small one. It makes clothes look brand new.

👤I don't know if I'm doing it right. I am going to dig to find out. It works, charges, and lasts a while, but it is easy to clean. The head is large.

11. Rechargeable Electric Adjustment Furniture Bedding Silver

Rechargeable Electric Adjustment Furniture Bedding Silver

The portable fabric shaver has a high-speed powerful motor that gives the power you need for both general garment care and emergency quick fixes. The mode you want can be adjusted by the different types of shave heights. The plush on the surface of the clothes can be different lengths. The higher the gear, the longer the lint is. The pilling shaver has a sharp-angle blade made of Japanese imported steel and the slide-type mesh knife net can eliminate the fluff of all fabrics. It's suitable for all kinds of fabrics and can be used in household furniture and decoration. Bringing old and worn fabrics a new look is one way to do that. It is durable and energy-saving to use a wireless lint removal cleaner. The ball removal fabric fuzz removal can be used with a variety of charging options. The power consumption is low and the fabric shaver is designed for travel and home use. The One-Click Dump has a comfortable grip and is easy to clean. The safety insurance switch will stop the power when the blade cover is open or loosen to protect you or your children. If you have any questions about the fabric shaver, they will try to make it right for you, but you can contact them. They look forward to your choice and focus on the customer's experience.

Brand: Zhibai

👤The tool is effective. It is Rechargeable. Does not run. I left it plugged in and it seems to be okay, no indicator whether or not it's fully charged or not. This machine does not rip out any of the threads or put holes in the fabric, compared to an evercare machine that breaks and costs almost the same. That can be moved back and forth with a wrist flip. The lint trap opens with a slide down button. The lint is sucked in by the holes. It's odd that it's kind of small. I will keep an eye on that. I think I will keep it. I'll have a never care one on my hands because that one is more powerful. I would buy it again.

👤I had an old shaver and it wasn't as good as this one. The handle is easy to hold, it gets the fuzz balls without damaging the fabric, and the lid pops open to empty it. Very happy with this one.

👤The best fabric shaver I have ever used. It was fully charged. I could use it immediately. The large side was able to do the job quickly. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤It works well for large pilling, but it's hard to get the smaller stuff since there is a small amount of space between the front cover and blade.

👤My cat is a bad guy, we moved recently and he needed to welcome everyone by clawing. He pulls in one of my couches when he is innocently walking. I decided to use this shaver. Almost all of the money invested in furniture was almost lost. I had a bad experience with a smaller shaver that was bought here a few years ago. I threw it out because it was so bad that I wasn't going to try it again. They were all junk. I had to save my furniture after I got this cat. Take a risk by reading all the reviews. It works well and doesn't damage the fabric. Couches are almost new.

👤I had to test it right away after it was charged. It held a strong charge the whole time, because it did lots of clothing. I was considering donating my favorite sweater, but I was able to make it look fresh. The motor will sound a little sluggish, so you can tell when it needs to be emptied. I have to dig the lint out or pick it out. I had the guard off for everything. Highly recommended!

👤It was easy to use. There is no speed variation. A combo of gold and silver was ordered. It's weird but what? It must have with kids.

👤I'm very happy I bought this. It works well for pilling fabrics. I'm using it on my comforter. I bought it for a fuzzy sweater that shed a ton, but it wasn't working for that sweater. The fuzz was getting tangled up. It's a complicated sweater. This product is perfect for pilling.


What is the best product for electric lint remover rechargeable?

Electric lint remover rechargeable products from Intean. In this article about electric lint remover rechargeable you can see why people choose the product. House Of Wonderful and Ruidla are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric lint remover rechargeable.

What are the best brands for electric lint remover rechargeable?

Intean, House Of Wonderful and Ruidla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric lint remover rechargeable. Find the detail in this article. Brrivers, Gts and Atemto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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