Best Electric Longboard 30 Mph

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1. SafPow Adapter Charger Lithium Connector

SafPow Adapter Charger Lithium Connector

The models that are compatible are: ActiveCare, Currie, Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair, Golden Technologies, IZIP, Jazzy, LASHOUT, Mongoose, Pacesaver, Pride, and Shoprider. The power supply is a universal one. It's compatible with other brands. Fast charge with high current. The green light is full charged or disconnected. Don't use Lead Acid batteries. Continuation of battery life is recommended. The life span battery Auto-stop when full charged is improved by the CC-CV working mode. Plug it in and it will charge and maintain your batteries. 6 protection to prevent unsafe and abnormal conditions. The input is 100-240VAC. The output is 42V 2A. 18 months reliable usage. Heavy duty, Eco-friendly, High efficiency, light weight.

Brand: Safpow

👤The port doesn't have a fix for this charger.

👤It was not a good description for the hoverboard.

👤It works for our bikes.

👤I bought this to be a backup for my Hiboy NEX3 scooter so that I could keep a charge at home and in the office. It works the same as the one Hiboy provided and it was half the price, plus free Amazon shipping, than the one on Hiboy's site. If you need a second charge for your electric scooter, I would recommend it to you.

👤I got a charge light for my escooter.

👤This was bought to replace the scooter charging device that stopped working. Thus works well. When charging, the led turns red and green.

👤I needed a backup to charge my bike. Works well! An excellent value is easy setup and overall.

👤The product charges the device. The 2A rating is not legit. The capacity of the charger is 1.5A, or roughly 42V = 60 Watt. I bought another one that says 3A and it will charge the same device. I guess you get what you pay for.

2. Motorcycle Motorbike Windproof Protective Clothing

Motorcycle Motorbike Windproof Protective Clothing

The skateboard is safe to ride and suitable for any level of riders, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced rider. All season motorcycle jacket,abrasion resistant and windproof 600 denier high performance fabric,lining adopt elasticity polyester mesh fabric,rugged and comfortable to the touch to keep you warm during winter, cool during summer. You can wear a motorcycle riding jacket in warm or cold weather. The protectors on the shoulders,elbows, and back help protect you from falls as you ride. Motorbike jacket,adjustable cuff,collar, provides maximum mobility so you can focus on the road and ride comfortably. Two external pockets protect your valuables from falling off from pockets. The reflective strip on the back of the jacket will ensure your presence among other motorists in the dark. For cold weather motorcycle jacket keep the cotton liner attached, in hot summer you can remove the liner. For cold weather motorcycle jacket keep the cotton liner attached, in hot summer you can remove the liner.

Brand: Borleni

👤A lady driving a truck did not yield right of way for me and pulled through by cutting in front of me. I slid for a good 6 feet on the road after I was airborne for 3 seconds. It protected my forearms and shoulders. As I skidding through the concrete, the jacket pulled upwards, and I got burned and had scratches on my hands. For the price, you get a good deal. Everyone praises them on their looks. Take a look at the pictures of my post accident to see how it was damaged. This is the best bang for your buck. I am surprised I am alive and writing this review.

👤The jackets are very warm in the winter and do well on cool nights without a liner. We can ride all year round with these jackets. When we wear them in public, we get a lot of comments.

👤Guys pay attention. I was looking for a motorcycle jacket that would last but not break the bank and came across this. It is made out of great material. I am 6 years old. If you are slim and weigh 175, the Large is 888-739-5110 The sleeves are long and the jacket is below my waist. I have longer arms. If you are over 6 feet and 200 lbs, I would recommend the XL. I initially ordered the small, but it was huge. I returned it and got a L that fits perfectly. The pads that come with it are like a foam material and would be nicer if they were harder. Material is the best bang for your buck. You can adjust the waist and arms if you need to. The liner can be opened for warmer weather. Highly recommended.

👤I went down on my bike a few days ago. There were no broken bones or lacerations on my abdominal area. I would recommend reinforcing shoulder pads elbow pads and back pads with stronger materials and also purchasing leg protection as well overall good product can't complain save me from a lot of road rash and who knows what else I was unconscious for over 6 hours.

👤The jacket allows you to move freely. I give it 4 and a half stars, but the system doesn't allow that. My beef is with the pads. My groin guard is much tougher than the sponges they are made of. You would expect the thing protecting your life to be more durable than the thing protecting your nuts. Don't get me wrong, I value my nuts more than my life, I'm a dude. There should be an option that comes with tougher pads.

👤I am 6 feet tall and it fits great. I bought a size. Lg and I have a muscular build. If you're on the slim side, you might want to try the medium. The protectors fit snug in the shoulder/elbow pockets and I really like the forearm straps. I like a tighter fit on my forearms and wrist so I was able to get them snug on the slim setting. I have a $600 Joe Rocket Air Jordan jacket and it feels better than a joke. Can't wait to ride.

3. APOLLO Longboard Professionals Skateboard Longboards

APOLLO Longboard Professionals Skateboard Longboards

It can be used to cover car doors and glass edges. 40” maple wood and led wheels. The 40 inch deck on the GALAXY is large enough for high flexibility when cruising and forgiving mistakes when riding fast. The eight layers of high-quality maple wood give the board a significant amount of strength. The board is made of light-weight materials and makes it stand out at night. Pick the right board. This Twin Tip Drop is symmetrical. It's perfect for beginners to join the exciting world of longboarding and for experienced riders to level up their freeride and downhill game. The low center of gravity makes this cruiser board an ideal companion. ENGINEERED IN GERMANY. The GALAXY is upgraded with lightweight yet sturdy 7” aircraft aluminum alloy trucks, which are more durable than the streets you ride them on. The HR78A soft-medium led wheels are durable and have a smooth and enjoyable cruise. The ABEC 9RS high speed chrome steel bearings make your ride stable and precise. What's included: A team of longboarders and designers built your new skateboard. They love crafting longboards and riding them. Your complete longboard comes assembled and ready to ride, with deck, trucks, wheels and bearings topped off with OS780 premium quality griptape. A free T-tool is available to adjust truck rigidity. Customer service for two years. There is a warranty. Your board comes with a free two year no questions asked replacement, backed up by the best customer service in the industry. There are many Apollo longboards for adults, teens and kids, ranging from classic maple wood boards to advanced bamboo and fiberglass compositions.

Brand: 72

👤I haven't had a skateboard since I was a teenager. I decided to try and get into it again with a longboard. I was looking at many options and most of them were in the $60-$80 range. The design of the board and reviews made me decide to go with the Apollo. It seemed a bit more than the other boards I was looking at, but a discount by the seller convinced me. The board was well designed. Light-up wheels were a nice touch for me. The problems started to show up on day two. The board began making creaking noises when it was turning. The loud creaking persisted even after I adjusted the bushings for better riding. I went as far as removing the bushings and checking them, but nothing came of it. At that point, I was going to relearn on this board. The wheels began to dim out by day three. If the wheels weren't lighting up anymore, by day four all but one would be gone. My son ordered a longboard for himself because he was jealous of not having one. I had been looking at $60 ones. The board of his was better made. I did not have shrink wrap around it, but it did come in a box. It had good wheels and a beautiful design. The ride is so much nicer and smooth, and there is no squeaking or creaking. He had a half-priced board and I was jealous of how nice it was. There is a I contacted the seller and told them about my grievances. I was expecting them to send me new wheels and struts. They could have sent me a new board. Their answer was to just keep the board and they would reimburse me the money. I was satisfied but it felt like a cop-out. They knew their boards had issues so let's not bother with fixing or replacing it, just have a good day, and I came. I hope the company can stand behind their products. Giving someone their money back is the last step.

👤My kids saw a friend with a longboard and wanted one of their own. I use it now because they learned it so quickly. The ride is very smooth. I recommend beginners and 8-14 year olds. Very happy with the quality. By far my favorite purchase on Amazon. One of the led lights is blinking, but it is still in very good quality. You can always replace the wheels with the tools it came with.

👤The seller made things right after contacting me. The board did break after two uses, but the company has great response times and ethics. My boyfriend rode this twice. He was cruising on it while walking.

👤The boards look great at night, they are bright and everybody sees you from far away. As they go by, they slow down to check you out. It's a show. I put surfskaters on these Galaxies and it took it to another level. We go for nighttime skates almost every night here. My girlfriend had never heard of a skateboard. Within ten days, she was carving, riding, and even pumping the board up hills. The hotels here in Indonesia are very welcoming to us and our business during COVID and so we skate their hallways, parking garages, giant roofdecks, poolsides, and all of the little golf cart tracks on their grounds. People like to watch these boards at night because they have so much style, and they have surfskate adapters for swooping and carving. The wheels are made of urethane and the LEDs are powered by a battery and not a battery. People who report a wheel light out should tighten the wheel nut. An eighth of a turn. Would you ever drive a car without lights? It's a no-brainer. Such style...major headturner. I was really pleased with my first two LEDs. Adding surfskate. The shorter Apollo Blue Sky is on the way. Lighter and five inches smaller, with a shorter wheelbase. Get these boards, add surfskates, carve and pump the sunset and the night is a whole new game. Go home or go to the store.

4. IWONDER Discovery Skateboard Translucent Longboard

IWONDER Discovery Skateboard Translucent Longboard

The spokes in the core of discovery version is thicker than the diameter of the PU wheel. The Cloud Wheel has a patented foam core that filters out most of the noise. A wheel with unique tread. The curved tread design of the skateboard increases the grip and anti-skid force of the wheel in the case of high-speed sliding. Cloudwheel Discovery has a thicker spokes of wheel core, which is different from the original ABEC wheel core. It is made of a high strength material. There are mounts on many boards with the IWonder pulley kit. If you're not sure, please email them.

Brand: Iwonder

👤The inner core has separated from the wheel in less than 100 miles. Do not use a product that is not safe.

👤I like the wheels. They are a better ride than the stock Mini wheels. They are not a cloud. This is my first set of 3rd party wheels so I can't really compare, so take it with a grain of salt. I like how they look and are able to grip different terrain. I was not able to put the booster belt cover back on because there is not as much breaking as I would have liked, and I was also not able to see the full power of the car, even though I knew it was going to happen. After using the stock wheels for 500 miles, my opinion of the wheels is positive and a nice update.

👤IWONDER customer service has been great. They communicated directly with me. They asked to send me a skateboard light for my troubles, which I thought was pretty rad. The 120 wheels were the wrong size, but they ride great. I like the wheels. Even as I rode over some tough terrain, they were smooth and consistent. Even though the roads may have been a little damp, I feel very comfortable on the wheels. Amazon replaced the wrong wheels after they were shipped. It was a great purchase, but there was a small mistake. I ordered 105mm wheels. I noticed my board settings were off when I started riding. I noticed it said I was riding larger than the 110mm wheels. I got 120mm instead of 105mm when I looked. It was kind of disappointing. The wheels feel great, regardless of size. I paid for the size and color I wanted, but I wish I had gotten it.

👤After my fifth ride with them, it broke apart. I haven't heard from the customer service yet.

👤Everything you need to install them is included. They are a noticeable improvement over the original wheels. I like them.

👤Well done! It is great on almost everything. I have had them for about two weeks and one wheel is missing. I don't do aggressive riding.

👤The wheels would have been bigger for all-terrain use.

👤It was very smooth and an improvement.

👤Oh, the places you will go. These things are amazing. You get that boost from enhanced grip as you transition from grass to pavement.

5. Elos Skateboard Lightweight Non Electric Transporter

Elos Skateboard Lightweight Non Electric Transporter

Hard packed dirt or short grass are what you can ride on sidewalks and pavement. You can easily bring Elos anywhere at only 4 lbs and it won't bother you. You can enjoy cruising with the kids or carry it on your own. It is easy to learn. Even for beginners, the extra-wide deck design makes it easy to use. Pro- users can enjoy a smooth ride while taking on sharp corners. With a low center of gravity and 72mm wheels, riders contribute to a cruise like no other. A perfect gift is bound and ready. The reason for the season is fun. The lightweight cruiser with big soft wheels, called Elos, is built for a smooth ride in the neighborhood and around parks. While riding, knees and joints will stay intact. It's designed for everyday use. The no-scratch coating will not damage your clothes or shoes. You can ride with confidence with built-in reflective trucks. You can keep one in the car, put it in your backpack, or dock it nearby when on the go with a small design. The laser engraved QR serial code can be read with anyQR code scanner. You can register your board, claim ownership whenever you want, and catch up with their customer support team to enjoy their 1-year warranty. On the day you receive your Elos, they will send you an exclusive beginner's guide to help you enjoy the ride as quickly as possible.

Brand: Elos

👤I bought the new longboards for my family. I could find them on Amazon. This was the most expensive and the least developed. I wanted to like this board. The board arrived with the trucks tightened so far down that I couldn't tilt it, and I am a grown up. I loosened them a bit to get some play, because I had a skate adjustment tool. It is a minor annoyance. There are some troubling issues. The plastic parts of the trucks. None of the boards I bought had plastic trucks. The deck screws that hold the trucks on are not fully counter-clockwise. They put a small amount above the surface of the board. I felt like it was an accident waiting to happen, even though this wouldn't bother some. If you have to shift your foot on the board, try it. You are going down. We bought three other boards from other manufacturers, but not this one. egos charges for a better constructed board and a smooth ride, but the others cost less.

👤I am more impressed with the attention to detail of Elos. The board design and cool canvas bag was thoughtful and gave me a sense of confidence in my decision to pick up a new hobby 20 years later than the kids I see riding. Elos is strong and small. Everything has a purpose. There is a handle to carry it. I thought I would only use my Elos to keep up with my son, but after a few days of learning how to ride, I found myself making any excuse to jump on it. If you are considering getting a unique board and have no skateboarding experience, you will love Elos!

👤I have been using this board for 3 days. It is awesome! My kid loves it, but it is never where I left it as someone else has taken it. I bought this board for a woman who wanted to learn again. I was never great at it when I was younger, but with the helpful videos from Elos, I am moving along. It is a lot of fun. The board is light and I am holding it with one hand. It is much faster than I thought. Highly recommended and would purchase again.

👤I have 3 skateboards, but this is now my favorite. It is small enough to fit into my backpack and it is very smooth to ride. It is a short board. I had a 52 inch longboard in college, but it was very inconvenient to carry into class, and it was fun to ride. It is easy to carry. I looked on the scale. The weight seems to be about 4 pounds. The board is very light, but I am not sure if my scale is correct. It is smooth. Really smooth! Your feet can feel a little numb after a lot of skateboards. After riding the elos, I have yet to encounter that. It was very smooth. I have ridden other small skateboards, but none are as smooth or fun to ride as Elos.

6. Razor 25143401 Crazy Cart XL

Razor 25143401 Crazy Cart XL

Allek Scooter aims to supply high quality products to make every child enjoy their play. They will try their best to resolve your issues if you are not happy with their scooters. The full-size adult version of the Crazy Cart is a high-powered drift cart for the kid in all of them. The Max Rider weight is 240 lbs. 36V sealed lead acid, quick change. The patented drift system allows the driver to control their drifting. A larger, more powerful 36V rechargeable battery system, a flag, and a lap/shoulder strap are included. The battery life is up to 40 minutes.

Brand: Razor

👤It is very difficult to find replacement rear wheels for this. It's not easy to buy replacement rear wheels on the Crazy Cart XL, but you can jump on the Razor's website. You can't find the replacement wheels on the Razor website, and when you call in you'll be told it's not a problem, but then they'll charge you for the wrong parts and send you the wrong ones. They will escalate the issue to someone else that won't be willing to help you if you contact them to get it corrected. You'll get the run around and waste a lot of time dealing with them, and in the end you won't get what you need. I wish I had not bought it. It would be difficult to get simple replacement parts.

👤The Crazy Cart is fun. My 11 year old got the regular crazy cart. This thing pulls me around like I am stuck on a fishing line, I am 6 feet tall and almost 200 lbs. Both carts do. The rear wheels can be upgraded. You can find Apollo longboard wheels online. There is a group on Facebook called crazy cart modders that has all the great tips and tricks. If you don't want to do the caster upgrade, just buy skateboard wheels. If you want to learn how to drive these carts, go slow at first and learn how to stop. There are great videos on the internet that show how to drive. If you're on the fence between this and a regular go cart, ask yourself if you'd rather have that drift bar to pull at your ready. If the answer is yes, you will not regret it.

👤I ignored what others said when I bought my son a Christmas gift. The ride-on is great, but within a few rides we had a tire issue. The small hard rubber tires blew up. There was no big deal fixing this because Razor included a few extra of these now. The main center rubber tire blew out a week later. You have to disassemble most of the ride-on to change that tire. It took me three hours to complete. It may take others less time, but I am not a mechanic and I really struggled with changing the tire, but once done my son was enjoying the Crazy Cart again. I am going to have to change the center tire again because the tube blew out after a few rides. I dread the task because I know it will take at least an hour. I bought a no-flat tire and tool to help with installation, so hopefully I'll have better luck this time. Maintenance costs and time it takes to fix things are high compared to things like his ride-on hover board and my ride-on lawnmower. He loves it and it is fun. It would be nicer if the center wheel was easier to change.

👤The crazy cart is very unstable and lots of fun. The wheels which others have commented on seem to last hours. We went through two sets of rear wheels in 3 days, and at $45 a pair it severely limits use.

7. VIRO Rides Electric Scooter Art Inspired

VIRO Rides Electric Scooter Art Inspired

Pneumatic front tire and airless, flat-free rear tire offer a smooth ride. The electric scooters can roll up to 10 mph. The thumb throttle is on the right of the handlebars. has a description of DURABLE SAFETY BRAKES. The VR 550 E Rechargeable Electrical Scooter has a hand-activated rear brake that provides optimum control and stop. When the battery of your kids scooters is full, you can cruise for up to 6 miles. The scooter is push to start. Comes with a charge. Visibility matters. The scooter lights help kids stay visible at all times while they ride these stylish electric toys whether at the park, streets, school, or just around the neighbor. The design of safe kids shears. The electric scooter is designed for safety. The chain drive is enclosed. The electrical components are covered to protect them from road debris. The brake style is Rear Braking.

Brand: Viro Rides

👤My grandson loves this scooter. His sister ruined his back tire when she held the throttle and the brake at the same time. I inquired about a replacement tire. I hope I can change it out if I get one. I talked to a person at VIRO. The tire can't be changed. The entire unit needs to be replaced. Customer service will respond to this. It took a lot of back and forth emails and paperwork, but they replaced the scooter! My grandson was ecstatic that they did.

👤Defective. It stopped working after my son rode it for 10 minutes. I tried putting it on a charge again, but it still didn't work. Customer service has been a joke. I'm still having trouble with them almost three weeks later. They are sending a new battery to see if it will fix it. It has been a week.

👤It says that most scooters battery lasts for 30-40 minutes, but it takes 12 hours to refill. I love the design. I bought used from Amazon. The colors pop. This scooter is supposed to go 10mph. Unless I kick it, Barley moves.

👤The first scooter that Little Tikes replaced quit running after less than 30 days of use. Within the first week of use, the replacement scooter has done the same thing. I've asked for a refund instead of a replacement. The look and design of the scooter is awesome, but not very durable or well built.

👤It is easy to assemble - less than 10 minutes. The colors are pleasing. The scooter is in perfect working order and is able to pull my weight, even though I am 150 lbs and the outer Amazon box came nearly destroyed. It was fun to ride.

👤My youngest son is 14 years old and I bought this scooter for him. The scooter has lights on the left and right sides, which he likes. Both sides light up. It is very smooth but not very well on the bumpy roads and sidewalks. I like how easy it was to assemble this scooter. The only thing I used was a small and large Allen wrench. It also has a charge. The motor of the scooter needs a small amount of gain before it starts. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤It took us 5 minutes to put it together. If you want someone else to put together, don't buy the extra. Total scam.

👤I bought it a couple weeks ago for my boy's birthday. The scooter is loud now that he has ridden it a few times. I don't know if it's normal. It still works, just this noise.

👤A damaged box prevented the scooter from turning on. I was hoping to have it for my son's birthday. They will get a chance to improve my rating if I return and order a new one. The new one works and looks really cool but it's not fast. The kid will have control and that will be a good thing for some people. I bought another popular kids scooter just in case this didn't show up on time and the speed comparison didn't go as planned. The razor one I got will keep up with bikes, but the runtime is twice as long, and not good for the house. The kid will be using the scooter in a certain location. The price will probably double if I want the power and range of the Razor with the VIRO style and size. Hope this helps.

8. DANCRA Controller Skateboard Underglow Longboard

DANCRA Controller Skateboard Underglow Longboard

UpGRADED MORE STABLE: The battery box being broken due to collision during use, lights flashing and other issues, which greatly improves the lifetime of battery powered LEDs, is solved by the new version of the strips, which adds a protective cover, screws and metal piece. You can install the light strip and battery box on the surface with double tape, it's just 888-353-1299 When you install a battery powered light strip on your skateboard, make sure you use protective cover and screws to install it because it will be more stable when you ride. It's suitable for scooter and bike. The mini controller is a three-key model. There are 19 dynamic modes and 20 static colors in this R/G/B battery pack. It is easy to operate, just press the key. Making you stand out at night. Ultra Thin R/G/B Led Strip Light. The light width is only 5mm, which makes it easier to hide in small spaces. The light strip is made of high-quality silicone. The battery power is R/G/B. The battery powered strip is powered by 4x AA batteries. More than 8 hours of illumination with fresh batteries. The battery-powered strip has a decorative lighting effect. The battery power is R/G/B. The battery powered strip is powered by 4x AA batteries. More than 8 hours of illumination with fresh batteries. The battery-powered strip has a decorative lighting effect.

Brand: Dancra

👤I installed it on my electric scooter. The controls are clearly marked, the lights are long, and the product seems solid. The battery box has a little bit of absorption shock for the batteries, so it's smart to use a piece of Velcro. The light diffuses in the ground. If the product doesn't hold up under normal use, I will update my review.

👤Hey guys! I bought this light for my Razor A6. This light is very bright. The battery life is very good. The end of one side came off after about 100 miles. I used my own tape. So far, it's perfect. I cleaned the frame to make sure there was no leftover mess. Installation was easy. I had to cut off 4 inches on both sides to fit the strips. The battery box was the only problem I faced. It comes with tape. The wires coming from the box are short. I had to take some time to attach them to the frame of the scooter. They flickered after 50 miles. I had to return it. The second set is doing the same thing. I found out that if I tightened the batter box it would work. I put some foam between the batteries and the battery cover. I don't think it will last forever. The light is better for vehicles with suspension. All the problems I encountered were caused by the A6. I can recommend it for kick scooters. Night driving is new. The Night King will be proud of you.

👤I spent weeks looking for a light system for boards. No one has a lidget on the internet. Most of the videos on YouTube are half or professional. The light has two sides. You can cut them to length if you want. The design is very slim and has a small switch to change modes and colors. They are bright and can save power. It has a lot of modes. The strips are waterproof and super thin. The product is great for my board. These are the boards I own.

👤These were what I needed and they work well. I needed to get some light effects for my GoTrax scooters so they would be more visible at night. With these, I got the effect I wanted. The only thing I had to do was clean the surface on the bottom edges of my scooter. I trimmed them to the correct length using a pair of scissors. The battery pack was stuck to the side of the scooter frame with the help of the velcro glue. I have been riding these for a while and they have stayed on and lit up. When we ride at night, we get a lot of comments.

👤Everything about this product is cool. It can be used for a lot of different applications. This is the company you want to do business with if you want to pimp your ride. If someone said to me, "If you had one thing to complain about, what would it be?" You have to use three batteries. We live in an age of battery packs. The device should have a battery pack included. It's a good choice for me. I'll stick with my battery. Cheering

9. Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard Substitute

Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard Substitute

It's a great gift for someone who likes longboard skateboard, it's special for Christmas and Children's day. It is not easy to burn out with a sine wave scheme. The speed is low but the Torque is high. Load capacity is 120 kilogram. You can use the remote control to check the power of the skateboard. It has multiple protections, including low-voltage alarm function. The Fit Hub Motor RC Motor is 5055.

Brand: Wonvon

👤It does function, but it might cost you some motor power. The 5055 twinned on my setup sounded like rusty brakes when I went around the block and full throttle was like a brick wall. I let off and tried again but couldn't get the same result. This is how it works.

👤I had the same issue as the guy who posted the video in the first two settings, when I tried two motor connected, both sounded like they were in the first two settings, but I put it into 3rd and 4th settings. I didn't return the item in the window to get my money back because I only used one motor on the electric skateboard. I have 10 boards and different types of esc. This is the only one that does it that way and I don't want anyone to get hurt.

👤I have purchased 2 of these and both failed within a month of installation. I can confirm that all of the components I am using are compatible. I use 2x 5055 belt motors, 270kv, 10a each 10s4p batter, 36v 10aH supplied remote controll and only weigh 165 lbs. I can say that I was not over weight for the speed controllers. I would like to get a new one sent on warrenty, but Amazon doesn't have an option for that.

👤I've built many electric skateboards with different types of ESC and I've found this one to be higher quality. When building your own board, the ESC is fully enclosed and the connections are on the front. I've tested it with a dual wheel build and it went great, the controller pairs and doesn't lose connection. Incredible value. The board was well packed. If you want to see how to build the electric skate board, then the following link will show you the ebook. I've had these for a few months and I'm very happy.

👤I bought a product like this and installed everything according to the direction I found here, but it doesn't work when I press the on button, it turns off in 5s. I need help.

👤Walkin' great. If you send it all the time and slam the brakes, you should get a new one every week.

👤The product does not work when it is used with both hall sensor connections. The phase would change and the brake wouldn't work.

👤I'm not happy with this model. I can't see how it can outdraw the power and draw needed to make all functions run smoothly. I was hoping for this model.

10. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet Certified Multi Sport

TurboSke Skateboard Helmet Certified Multi Sport

There is a guarantee of safety. This helmet has undergone a lot of testing. It complies with safety standards. The hard shell and foam liner give superior protection from the inside out. VENTILATION. Vents strategically placed at front, top and back keep you cool even during intense activities. It's size is adjusted. You can always get a snug fit no matter what your head shape is if you change the size adjustment dial. Comes in 2 sizes, S/M for head circumference. L for head size 22.50”-23.75” Replacement pads are provided for a custom fit. There is multi-sport. It's great for skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, rollerblading, hoverboard, longboard, two wheel electronic board, aggressive/ trick skateboarding, scooter, electric scooter, cycling and other sports. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. The highEST standard is used for quality control. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Turboske

👤Quality feel. The look is sleek and modern. It is very protective and secure. The chin strap is thick and not cheap, and the knob makes it easy to fit. It looks like there are good mounting options for gopro. I have a big head and it fits me well. I am sure it will work for most men and women.

👤My cycling helmet is also an XL and this helmet seems to run a bit small. The strap doesn't adjust very much. The helmet is good for protection. I was starting to practice going downhill on a longboard. I lost control of my board and ended up bailing at a high speed. I was able to brace my fall, but still slammed the back of my head on the pavement. The helmet was hit. I don't think it would have been as bad if it wasn't for this helmet.

👤It fits my daughters perfectly. It's strong and sturdy. We love it so much that I will order another one. They say it's pretty.

👤It looks sturdy and should be able to take a few knocks. I don't think there are any pressure sports when it's on my head. My husband has a larger head than mine, but he can fit in the thinner helmet that came with it. I am quite satisfied with this purchase.

👤The company reached out to me to address my concerns based on my review. I was surprised to hear that they offer some personalized service. They wanted me to understand how their sizing works. I ordered the wrong size. They helped me understand how the dial works, and I was worried that the small would be too small. The small was a perfect fit for my son. He likes the helmet and thinks he looks cool in it. I am happy that my son is wearing quality protection that is durable and made by a company that cares about its customers. The helmet I ordered was too large for my son. It would be better if it was in s, m, l, and xl. It's more difficult to find a good fit because this only comes in two sizes. The helmet is very protective.

👤I'm using a helmet. The description does not give justice. The front ventilate holes are slanted down in an angry motion. l did not have to change it. I'm sure it was a mistake but it was right away. If I could do tricks with my fixie instead of grabbing my water bottle.

👤We tried this one because we were waiting for the medical supply company to order a helmet for my son. It has been perfect. He has been good with using it, we call it his hat. Light weight and good padding keep it comfortable. There is enough air flow. He is not sweating. In the event he does fall, his head is protected by the helmet. He will be able to wear this in the spring. This is a win for our family. Definitely recommend this helmet.

11. Razor Continuous Air Filled Hand Operated Chain Driven

Razor Continuous Air Filled Hand Operated Chain Driven

The wireless range is up to 66 feet. The motocross frame geometry of the MX350 scales down the dirt bike to size for riders of all ages. The rear-wheel chain-drive has increased power and traction. Powers riders can go up to 22 km/h with up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Features a hand-operated rear brake, spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires, retractable kickstand, and a variable-angle, riser-style handlebars. 24V sealed the lead-acid rechargeable battery system.

Brand: Razor

👤The pictures posted by the seller are not accurate. The bike is much smaller in person. The bike is adequate for children up to 150 lbs., according to the description. I can't imagine a 13 year old being able to ride a bike without their knees hitting the ground. I bought this for a 9 year old who is about average height and has a very slender build. This should be fine for the rest of the summer and possibly next summer depending on how much he grows. It might be too small for a child over the age of 10. This item is not returnable so I would suggest to closely review the dimensions of this bike before purchasing. I think it's possible to buy the same item at a local big box store for a better price. This dirt bike is ok. I was expecting something better.

👤My son is almost 5 years old. I was able to put it together quickly. My son had a power wheel and a 4 wheeler for Christmas but this is his favorite. It cost less than his other two rides. It takes off easy so I would assume an older rider would need to give a little push to get going on a small incline. He is able to click the throttle to keep the car at a safe speed. The larger model razor bike has the larger motor and suspension and is the best choice for 7 years old or older. The bike is perfect for most 4 - 6 year olds but it would be a little small and slow for some. The battery life has been great so far, just be sure to replenish the battery after each use to maintain it in good working condition. If you found the review helpful, please like it.

👤Our Christmas gift this year was the Razor Electric dirt bikes. The oldest is 7 years old. The person is old. The 5 year old and the McGrath SX500. The 3 year old got a Powerwheel. The SX500 looks like a real motorcross bike, it has a wider seat, larger fairings, front/rear disc breaks, and has some weight to it. My 7 year old can ride it, but my 5 year old can barely ride it. I think it would be good for kids up to 11 years old that want to ride for the first time, because it hits 17mph on pavement and can carry my 200 lbs frame pretty easily. There is a big jump in size and quality from the MX350/MX400 to the SX500/MX650. It would be good with the MX350/400. If you're riding offroad trails/tracks/grass runs, you have to go with the SX500/MX650. I'm happy we decided to get the bigger SX500 for the 7 year old because he can still grow into it for a couple years and get used to it.

👤This will be lengthy. I was there. Two weeks before my 8 year old's birthday, he looks at me and says, "Dad, I want a dirt bike." I think it's coming from a kid who never asks for anything. I'm going to get him a dirt bike. I asked his mom and she said no. I thought I should listen because she broke 7 bones. I have been riding my entire life. I bought the boy a dirt bike. I opened the package to find a brand new rustic coffee table after it was tracked and showed it bouncing from place to place. They could deliver the Razor in time for his birthday, so I bought it. This has been the best purchase I have ever made. It's quiet and fast. He doesn't have to tear up the yard if he wants to ride it. If he wants to ride it in the cul-de-sac, it will be quiet because he can hear the neighbors. He has enjoyed riding this bike. It gives a long service run between charges. I'm impressed. It was a good purchase.


What is the best product for electric longboard 30 mph?

Electric longboard 30 mph products from Safpow. In this article about electric longboard 30 mph you can see why people choose the product. Borleni and 72 are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric longboard 30 mph.

What are the best brands for electric longboard 30 mph?

Safpow, Borleni and 72 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric longboard 30 mph. Find the detail in this article. Iwonder, Elos and Razor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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