Best Electric Mops for Floor Cleaning Pads

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1. CKL DJ Replacement Spinwave Included

CKL DJ Replacement Spinwave Included

The same function can be found with the replacement spinwave pads. The quality standard was original. 6 pads are compatible with the spinwave 2039A 2124) powered hard floor mop. When purchasing, please pay attention to the model. If you buy the wrong size, you need to return it. Different pads meet different situations, great to have 3 kind of pads on hand, very convenient to replace as a routine maintain. Replacing mop pads frequently can reduce harmful substances on the floor. The baby is safer because the mom does well. If you have a problem with the replacement pads, please feel free to contact them, they will give you a 30 day money back guarantee. Within 24 hours, they will reach you.

Brand: Ckl&dj

👤These have gotten bigger, always bigger than the Bissell brand, but now they are too big, and cause the machine to go off balance. They are not thick, but they are not large enough to center them. Do not recommend.

👤The pads are a good replacement. I thought the orange colored ones would be enough to get rid of the deeper layers of grim. The orange one does not get any deeper than the top layer of light grim.

👤The pads are the same size and quality as the ones that came with my Spinwave. The soft ones seemed to have a few loose pieces of fiber that came off when I laundered them. I don't know if they would shrink after air dry. They were washed up nicely. I liked having the extra pads so I could use one set for washing the floor with the cleaning solution, then fresh pads for rinsing the floor and a final set for drying. The rinse and dry steps were a good idea because I noticed some swirls on the floor after washing. When I finished rinsing, there were no swirls on the floor. The rinse and buff steps were impossible without these extra pads. I haven't tried the pads that have more texture yet, but I think they are good on my tile floor or a dirty floor. These were a great purchase.

👤I ordered the ones for my Spinwave. These are larger than the bag. It was a quarter inch larger than the original pads. I don't know why I tried them. I did. The machine was taxed and made to operate unpredictably. What a waste.

👤I use the pads for my Bissell because it is very durable in my home. I enjoy having several sets because I have taken in an abused, neglected, and hard to potty train 3yr old Maltese mix and I enjoy having her.

👤The mop pads are too big in the picture. They are returning them.

👤I bought this Bissell Spinwave pads for my new Spinwave corded hard floor spin mop. The size is a little larger but still fine to use, the pads are different material, and the color White-pattern-orange is heavier. It was nice to see how hard it works.

👤I purchased a Bissell floor machine from and I am not very happy that they no longer have the replacement pads for it. My daughter is a fan of Amazon and she suggested that I check out the pads there. There were several different types of pads for my floor cleaner at cheaper prices. I have two machines that I purchase a lot of. Hopefully these pads will be in stock for a long time. Amazon is wonderful.

2. Bissell SpinWave Cordless Floor 23157

Bissell SpinWave Cordless Floor 23157

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. There is no restriction on freedom. Up to 20 minutes of battery life is provided by the 18V battery. The spinning mop pads are powerful. Restore your floor's shine with rotating mop pads. It is safe on sealed hard floors. Powers through sticky messes on sealed hard floors. On-demand spray. Control how much solution goes on the floor. There are mop pads and a formula. There are 2 soft-touch pads, 2 scrubby pads and two trial-size PET Multi-Surface formulas.

Brand: Bissell

👤We are working on the floors. Our house is always a mess with spills, footprints, and food stuck on the floor because of the kids, dogs, and friends in it. We do a light mop almost daily. We used to use a wet jet, but after a few broke, we switched to a cleaner. I found this after 3 Bona cleaners broke. We used to scrub and scrub with the other cleaners and the handle would break in two. This is very easy. When there is a tough spot, I can add a little pressure with my foot on top and it comes off right away. I like this thing. We have had it for a month and we can skip mopping because our floors are clean enough. I like this thing. People with a lot of dirt don't need it. I can't go back to the other options after using this. The spray feature is better than the two.

👤The good reviews make it seem like it has more power than it does. It didn't clean much at all, even after spraying with cleaner and using the scrubber pads.

👤This is the same as a child's toy. Two heads that barely have enough traction to pick up lint and clean a floor. Terrible. Don't waste your money.

👤This was what I was looking for. I have a lot of tile and LVP in my home and I was looking for a way to save my back and arms from having to clean the floors. The solution is concentrated so you don't have to use a lot, and it's cordless, so you can reuse the pads when you're done. I love this thing. If it was just a tad lighter, I think it would be better.

👤I received this today and I love it, I only had partial charge and I passed over part of my living room. I have three dogs. I made a mistake trying different cleaners and ended up with a film that left my prints. I'm thinking about using olive oil and mayo to shine it up. I don't want to Polish my two younger Red Heels until they are older. I tried a small area yesterday and liked it, but will buff it over again. I'm going to test a small area this weekend. This was my first review and it was worth it. I will let you know how the oil works. I ignored the bad reviews and tried it out, it was good and I got things handled. I live in the country and an hour from any major area that sells this.

👤I was skeptical about this product because I have tried so many before and they are not worth anything. I don't worry about my dogs getting into the dirt with this amazing mop, they get into a lot of dirt in the yard. It's easy to use and the battery life is amazing. There are a lot of good things about this product.

3. REECOO Electric Spin Mop Auto Cleaning

REECOO Electric Spin Mop Auto Cleaning

The design that considers user convenience and aesthetic at the same time has won two prestigious awards. It can be placed anywhere in the house and will not take up a lot of space. The Innovative Design Electric Spin Mop has an automatic cleaning function. The electric mop can be put on the cleaning bucket stand and pressed with one touch. You don't have to wash by hand during the whole process. You can clean the floor at night with the electric mop. The electric spin mop can be used with a rotating mop cleaner. It is possible to save a lot of time by cleaning dirty floors. The mop pad has excellent dirt removal ability, and the microfiber material has excellent water absorption, abrasion resistance, and be friendly for hardwood floor, tile floor, marble floor,ect. The package only includes 2 mop pads. Water can be sprayed up to 30CM, and you can easily wipe it off. All water is stored in the mop head and it has a hidden aquarium. The bottle won't break like other spray mops. Can be sprayed 75 times. Water, milk and spilled juice can be removed with a dry wipe. Dust and oil can be wiped with water. You don't need to change batteries frequently because the electric mop cleaner has a 2000mAh battery. It takes 4 hours to fully charge and can be used continuously. Cleaning power and usage time are better than ordinary electric mops. Light weight aluminum poles are used for the mop poles, which are different from the bulky handles of other electric mops. The slender pole can be easily inserted under furniture, as it can be rotation 90 degrees.

Brand: Reecoo

👤This is the best mop I have ever used. I used the Shark steam mop, but this one is even better. It makes mopping fun. I really like that it self cleans. I've had this mop for a month and it's fantastic. I would buy it again.

👤I love this mop. I used it twice. It stopped spraying water when I used it the third time. I don't know why the water wouldn't spray, I only used water in the mop. I contacted the seller, but got no response. They should contact me to help resolve the issue.

👤The blue pad being cleaned is what made me buy the item...good luck, but wouldn't recommend...

👤I thought I had found the ultimate mop-one when I read the Amazon review. No, no! The tool needs to be used to assemble the mop. What? Is it a tool? Nothing that looked like a tool was searched. There was no description of the tool. Nothing. I tried to assemble the tool. It was unsuccessful. Would this have been the ultimate mop? No idea, sent it back. I have assembled many things over the years, but nothing has worked. Was it a problem with the instruction manual? Don't know.

👤It cleans well, one charge does 1800 square feet with power to spare for the automatic clean cycle. The mop got more and more dark gray after the floors were wet. I hope it lasts.

👤This mop is great. It is easy to use and works well. The clean cycle does a great job of cleaning the pad. I would recommend it!

👤I really like this mop. It is easy to clean. You don't need to wash the fabric. I will buy it for my mom again.

👤The tiled home left streaks and did not dry well. I thought this would be a steam mop, but not a heating element.

4. KEEPOW Replacement Bissell Spinwave Powered

KEEPOW Replacement Bissell Spinwave Powered

The Heavy Scrub Mop Pads are compatible with the Spinwave 2039A. When your old mop pads get dirty, you can replace a clean set for your bissell at once. The Heavy Scrub Pads can be used to clean kitchens, entryways, and any sealed-hard-floor living area. The replacement pads can be used multiple times. Money back for 30 days and online service for 24 hours. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Keepow

👤The mop pads have allowed me to enjoy the dark cherry hardwood I just had to have, but I learned to hate it. The pads that came with the appliance worked well, but over time the products used on the hardwood by outside cleaners didn't budge until I used these pads with Zep 505. The hardwood can take a lot more scrubbing than finish-in-place wood. The pads don't bother these because they are just slightly larger than the originals. These are more rigid than the originals and they do a good job on scrubbing. The floors have not looked good since they were laid. A good price. Very pleased!

👤The Spin Mops come with the name brand Bissell pads. The scrubbers pick up hair and animal hair instead of spreading it around. The nylon hairs that grab a hold of hair and other debris are the secret.

👤Exactly what I needed. I need extra pads. They fit perfectly on my SpinWave. I clean the kitchen floor at least twice a day. I have tile in my kitchen. Children are always coming and going, pets use it as a race track, and I'm cooking almost all the time. I can't help but put stuff on the floor. Can you imagine what it would be like? I have a back up to my back up. There are six new pads that cut through the mess.

👤I use the pads on sticky messes a lot. The material is holding up. I only wash them on warm setting and do not dry them. I use a steam mop to clean the floor because the pads pick up a lot of dirt.

👤I like these for my spin wave. This makes the ceramic tile floors look good.

👤I like the variety of pads in one pack. We use all of them for different areas, so it's great that we have the backup here. Great price and service.

👤I would really like these pads to work for me. I was looking forward to receiving them. The size of the pads didn't match the original ones because of a loose thread. I tried to put them on the mop. Keepow pads over-lap each other by a quarter inch when I line up the center of the pad to the circle point of the mop, preventing the mop from spinning properly. I am returning them.

👤The black track on my white floor came out clean after I got these yesterday. They work well.

👤I thought these were not scrubbies when they first arrived. I felt the scrubby when I held one up to my face. I was not sure if they would work on the floors that have lost their finish. I tried them. I am very pleased with how they worked. They are not a replacement for getting on your hands and knees, but they did a good job for me. I would buy again.

👤I bought them to use on tile. I found that the heavy duty ones that came with the Spinwave did not have much more than that. Save your money and use the ones that come with the unit.

5. Shark Pocket Cleaner Steering S3501

Shark Pocket Cleaner Steering S3501

Multifunctional Household tool is safe to use on any surface you want to clean. You can also use the built-in handheld steam cleaner to clean anything around the house. The steam will do all the work for you if you install the attachment you need. The Shark steam pocket mop is a great way to remove dirt from the floor. Natural mopping motion delivers steam in just 30 seconds, and dries almost immediately. 99% of the time, sanitization against germs andbacteria. No more messy mops and heavy buckets with the help of 2 microfiber pads. The handle is soft and comfortable, making it easy to maneuver. The 18-foot power cord can be easily store and released. Cleaning on hard-floor surfaces is safe. There are two microfiber pads, a filling flask, and a quick release cord wrap.

Brand: Shark

👤This is a great product. I didn't know how much I needed until I got it. I've tried every floor cleaning solution that isn't this product. There are string mops, sponge mops, Swiffers, and the wet-jet thing. They all fall short in one way or another. This product is better than the others. You don't have to buy pads for it. You don't have to buy a floor cleaner or change water for this mop. It's that wet-jet nonsense, but it cleans better and picks up dirt instead of turning it into mud. When my wife ordered this, I was skeptical. I became a believer after using it the first time. The steam thing is not a stunt. I was warned not to use tap water, so fill it with distilled water. It dries much faster than Swiffer baby wipe, and it's better for the environment because it's hotter than the hot water on the sink. I would like everything to work well. This isn't a broom. You should sweep the floor before. That's true with all of the other products. I don't sweep often. If there are no more than three visible pieces of stuff stuck to my hand when I look at it, I skip the broom and go right to the Shark. Don't tell my wife.

👤I've known for a long time that I wanted one of these, and the first time I saw one I was a kid. Heh. It was Amazon's low price that made me purchase it. The review another person wrote comparing this mop to other steam mops made me pick this one. This was the average rated steam mop, but it has the longest cord and I already love my shark vacuum. It was easy to put together and didn't need to look at the instructions. I need the long cord to clean larger areas. The pad is easy to put on and take off because it picks up dirt and gross stuff off the floor. I like the easy pour cup. It doesn't take long for the water to get hot, you're done in a minute. It sounds like a steam iron and a clothing steamer. I was hesitant to buy this mop because of the poor reviews about it and the fact that it wasn't working as advertised. The one I got was perfect. This is the cheapest shark steam mop and it's either user error or the quality control isn't as good as it could be. I hope you love yours as well.

👤A professional cleaning service just did a deep clean of my house. They did a great job. I mopped the floors in my house because I wanted to try out my new toy. The cleaning service did their best, but this mop pulled up the ground in dirt and grime that a traditional mop couldn't touch. The mop cover was dark brown after just one pass. I'm glad I bought the extra covers because I could easily use multiple covers during a cleaning. I thought the cord was too long, but now that I've used it, I'm glad I was able to reach my whole house with minimal cord movement. The handy cup that comes with it to fill the reservoir does not hold up over time, and I can see myself losing it over time. Not enough to change the rating.

6. TOPPIN Steam Mop Lightweight Hardwood

TOPPIN Steam Mop Lightweight Hardwood

You'll receive 4 microfiber floor mop pads, 2 scrubber pads, for every cleaning need in your home. microfiber pads for better absorption when wet mopping and better dust dirt-trapping when dry. The stickiest and toughest messes can be removed with wrinkling pads. Steam Deep Clean 1300W high temperature steamer provides powerful natural steam within 20s, easy to remove stubborn, sticky stains. 3 levels of steam cleanse your hard floors for a better environment. It's suitable for all kinds of floors, such as steam mop tile, grout floor mop, laminate floor steam cleaner, steam mop hardwood floors, steamer for carpet, vinyl floor mop, stone floor mops could remove the oil stain, milk stain. The carpet glider is suitable for mopping. The steam mop cleaner's large reservoir can work for 15 minutes on the lowest setting. The mop head and cable can be used to ensure coverage in hard-to-reach areas. The steam mop pads are specially designed to cover the mop. There is no need to worry about the rag falling off. There is no need for messy mops. The steam mop cleaner can remove stubborn stains. Clean with water. It's very safe for children, pets, pregnant women and yoga lovers.

Brand: Toppin

👤I'm very happy with the steam mop. I got this after my shark died, and I like this one better because of the continuous steam. I use it on tile. I use it on my hardwood floor after I've used it on those. When I plugged it in, it rattled and didn't produce steam until I unplugged it and put it back in, and after 5 minutes it steamed. There were no issues other than that one time.

👤I could tell the item was bad when I opened it. The part that holds the cloth scrubber is no longer in use. It doesn't get very hot. You can see streaks on the portion of my floors that I did clean. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I have never used a steam mop before, but I thought this one did a great job. It didn't take forever, it was small enough to use in the bathroom. I like that it comes with two mop heads so I can put one in the wash but have the other ready to use. I didn't find it difficult to put the water in. The heat/steam was distributed evenly. I wasn't sure if the price was lower than other models. I would definitely buy it.

👤I bought this unit to replace a brand that broke in less than a year. There are pros and cons to this steam mop. Gets under the counter. The cord is stiff and does not have a grooves in the plug to keep it secure when stored. The pads are grey. I had to turn the steam level up to see that the floor was getting wet when I first used the unit. The mop pad was not very wet and because of the color, you don't know whether it's getting your floors clean or not. I used a white mop head the next time I used it. The middle of the pad is dirty. The rest of the pad is not dirty or damp, which makes me wonder how clean my floors are. I am using the highest steam level again. The water tank is hard to fill. Would not buy again.

👤I liked the price tag on this steam mop. I use it on my tiles. It keeps the floor clean. It comes with two gray pads that attach to the mop. There isn't a falling off or moving around. They are clean in the washing machine. It's light weight and has a long cord. It's easy to use. I'm impressed with the machine. I would recommend it.

👤It did a good job. Being able to select steam level is a plus. There is no way to secure the plug end of the cord after wrapping it up.

👤I was hoping to avoid shelling out a lot of money for a steam mop, but I have to pay for it. I only have one small kitchen and one small bathroom, and the electronics in it stopped working when I was halfway through my kitchen floor. I wasted my money and wish I'd bought a better brand and model because I'm frustrated that it's too far past the return date to get a refund. Don't pay twice as much for a piece that won't last as long. I didn't like that the 2 pads it came with were gray, as the better quality steam mop I had in my last house was white, and it's very satisfying to be able to see the dirt you've lifted off your floor. The price I paid was closer to a good steam mop if I had just bought white pads. I will order one and not be cheap.

7. Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber

Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber

The mop head is flexible and can be used to clean the floor under the sofa, under the bed, and other corners. It's about 7 pounds. There are two microfiber pads.

Brand: Boss Cleaning Equipment

👤The Gloss Boss is a good investment and will make the job of cleaning your floors easier. Its ability to help with carpet and tile cleaning is a bonus, but not its best strength, because products designed specifically for these purposes will do you better but at a minimum of 3 times the cost. You have to know how to clean your floors in order for the Gloss Boss to work. The amount of elbow grease required to restore grungy hardwood to its original shine in more than a couple of rooms is probably beyond what most people could muster. If you've been waxing your floors and want to use the Gloss Boss to polish them clean, you're in for a disappointment. The wax on your floors has degraded and become sticky. The tackiness collects all the dirt and makes it into the wax. It is futile to clean the surface because nothing slides smoothly over the sticky mess. If you want to clean and polish all you want, you need to get some Windex and spray a small area, then wipe it with a paper towel. The towel will pick up dirt even if you don't clean and wipe often. At this point, you have no choice but to remove all the wax and clean the floor. You need a chemical stripper to remove the wax. Don't buy products that are designed for floor stripping. The majority of these are intended to remove the finish. The best thing to do with dissolving floor wax is ammonia. Many people will recommend using Windex. The goal is to put as little product on the floor as possible so that you don't have to clean it all off the floor. Windex has blue coloring and other things that aren't helping. You can buy ammonia at your local grocery store or hardware store for $2-$3, which is about 14 of the cost of any other solution. Don't use scented ammonia. It all smells terrible and any coloring added is just more to clean-up. The ammonia smell will go away in 3-4 hours. Purchase some spray bottles and microfiber towels at the dollar store. Go to your local hardware store to find a tool rental section. Buy one of the scrubbing pads that are designed for use with the rental floor buffers. The Home Depot has black, red, blue, green and white, and I prefer the red/medium pad. I don't think any of them will scratch your floor. A 5 12” pad is what the Gloss Boss takes. Why would you give me a 17” pad? This will save you a lot of money and time on the expensive and worthless scrubber pads that are designed to work with small floor scrubbers. You can use one of the pads that came with the Gloss Boss as a template to cut the discs out of the 17” pad you got from the hardware store. You will get 5 or 6 round pads and the leftover makes great scrubbers for other uses, which is about 14 of the cost of the worthless pads made for these scrubbers. You don't have to cut perfectly round pads as they won't spin fast enough to have a balance problem. Cut the holes in the middle for the stupid plastic rings that hold the pads on. Place the pads you made carefully centered on the bristles of the circular brushes. Make the two pads smaller if you have to. There are some complaints about the official pads. The trick is here. Don't put the handle on the Gloss Boss. The pads will stay put if you hold the top of the unit while moving it over the floor. The Gloss Boss does the work, even though you are on your hands and knees. You are sliding around on the floor. You might be wondering if I should just rent a floor buffer and forget about the Gloss Boss since I was at the hardware store buying a pad. An industrial floor buffer weighs a ton and is able to sand the floor. It will cost more to rent than to own, and it will be difficult to transport. The big 17” rental buffer won't fit into the corners of the house and you will end up doing more scrubbing by hand. You can use the ammonia to clean your floors bi-weekly if you use the Gloss Boss. If you use an industrial buffer or the Gloss Boss, the hardest part will be lifting the wax and wiping it up. You can buy a scrubber for 4 times the cost. For home use, the lighter, smaller, cheaper solution may serve you better because it is easier to use and store. Wax removal fill one of the spray bottles with ammonia and water. Some windows should be opened. If you want to cover a small area, spray a mist of ammonia on the floor. Run the boss over it. The ammonia will melt the wax and the scrubber will pull it up. The leftover scrubbing pads can be used to scrub in corners where the Gloss Boss can't reach. Liquid white circles form on the floor when you run the scrubber. You can only do a maximum of 5 square feet at a time. Use a microfiber towel. The towel will be saturated with wax and the wax will be spread around. If you wait the towel will get wet and you will have to throw it away. The towel helps you wipe up the wax, so don't get carried away. Don't use paper towels because nothing else will work as well or be as eco-friendly. After you do a few sections, you should rinse the buffer pads as they collect and throw wax as well. The area that you wiped should be clean and smooth, but it may look dull and white, so we are going to fix that. This is wax that you didn't get off, if there are any streaks or sticky spots. If you missed any wax, repeat the process to remove it. This is the most difficult part. You need to clean the floor after you have removed the wax. There are various home remedies for cleaning the floor. Most floor manufacturers don't recommend that you use vinegar. Don't mop your hardwood floor with a bucket full of anything. You will get away with it for a while, but eventually you will ruin your floor because the water will eventually penetrate the space between the boards and wood grain. Water is the enemy of your hardwood. It's best to mist the floor with a top quality floor cleaner. Then, use a sponge mop with a microfiber towel under it to clean the floor. Many people like the idea of a flat sponge mop, where you place it on a microfiber towel and mop away. I like an automatic roller sponge mop because you can pull the microfiber towel under the rollers and it will stay in place, like how a Swiffer holds its pads. There is a Gloss Boss with microfiber towels that you can put on and stand up for the floor cleaning. The microfiber towels should glide across the floor. The spinning pads are cleaner with the Gloss Boss. This will clean your floors better than a traditional mop and bucket, but it is quicker, easier and you won't damage the floor. The goal in cleaning your floors is to get everything off the floor. All floor cleaner leaves some kind of soapy mess. If you don't get the residue up, it will dull your shine. You want a cleaner that leaves the least mess so you have less to clean up. The best hardwood floor cleaner is Bona. Weiman is half the cost and cleans at least as well. The next step is to wipe the floor cleaner off the floor. If you want to mist the floor again, use your spray bottle filled with water and wipe the floor with whatever microfiber solution you are using. The towel will lift off the dirt. If you don't rinse the microfiber towels often, you will push the residual around rather than clean it up. The floors will be a little damp and shiny after you finish cleaning them. The shine may fade as they are fully dry. Remember the work you did to remove the wax and not apply a wax. Don't use Bona floor Polish, you will be stripping it off in a week. Weiman High-Traffic floor polish is the best. Again, use a mop with a microfiber towel and squirt a small amount of polish on the floor. If the drops sit for a long time, they will leave a spot. To spread a light film over the area, wipe the polish in the direction of the wood grain. Move on if you wipe just once. The product will self-level if you wipe it. If you step on any of the wax while you are doing this, you will leave a footprint, even if you try to cover it with another coat. Wait at least 30 minutes and repeat the process if you feel the need. Before walking on the floor, allow it to dry completely. You can use the Gloss Boss to polish the floor after the last step. This will give you the best possible reflections and shine. When your floors get dirty, you can just mist a little cleaner and wipe it off. If you use a mop or microfiber towel, you can quickly clean your floor without damaging the hardwood. Eventually, you will have to repeat the wax removal steps and hopefully your boss will still work by then. There is a list of everything you need. Trigger will cover 4,000 square feet. If you continuously clean them, a pack of Quickie Microfiber Towel will do the job. A sponge mop is $10-$20 at the dollar store. You can buy a 17” scrubbing pad from the hardware store. The floor in the foreground was just cleaned as described in the picture. The area in the top left of the picture is still being worked on. The second picture shows how to cut scrubbing pads.

8. Shark Genius Cleaning System S5003D

Shark Genius Cleaning System S5003D

The water tank has a capacity of 220 liters. The dirt grip pads have double sides. Genius head with steam. Use steam blaster technology only when it's safe to do so, as bleach, powdered detergent, and fabric softeners can damage or leave a coating on the pads. Touch free technology.

Brand: Shark

👤Hate this product. I should have gotten another Bissell. I said it all in my video. Doesn't stand upright. It's hard to fill with water. The cleaning pad is hard to put on. It has a long cord, but that doesn't make up for the fact that it is poorly designed.

👤It is very easy to assemble and get up and running from the box. I tried it in my dining room, which was hard wood, but I decided to try it on my ceramic tile in the basement. Wow! The floor had been sitting for over a year and the paint had been removed. I thought I would have to get thinner since soap and water didn't do anything. Bona did nothing. I hit a spot that I hadn't touched before and it came up! If it will let me add the video, I will. Get one now! You won't be disappointed.

👤The home is 2900 sq ft and has all of the downstairs hardwood floors and tile, but this Shark cleaned it all on a tank and a quarter, and I took my time and went over stained and difficult spots well. The floors are beautiful and the time for our daughters to try mopping for the first time was worth it. The Shark kept a consistent volume of steam across the mop head for the whole time. I'm having a good time cleaning the bathroom, laundry room and other areas. The cord can be annoying but I get floors that are clean because of it. Max heat is more effective on medium steam than it is on. I was being watched by people who think Max is a melting floor. Gentlemen will wait until they try it. Junk mops that last a few months at best are a money pit for replacement sponges/heads. There was no weird spin system pain. Good riddance. If you have kids and pets on the floors, they will bring whatever is on the floors into beds and couches. This is not a smart person. There is a If you have to clean floors, use a steam-spewing fire stick. Then sit and enjoy praise from a grateful family.

👤This is the tool to buy for a woman who is obsessed with clean. I bought a few for family members. The shark really cleans. You should order extra pads when you buy it. As soon as you see how dirty the pads are, you will want to change them frequently.

👤The package was in a white box. I could tell the vaccum cleaner was being used. Someone has had it and there are scratches everywhere. The water tank has dirt in it. I'm sure that wouldn't have happened if I'd spent the extra 20 bucks to get it from shark.

👤I had a shark steam mop for five years. The old one started overheating and I was worried it was going to catch fire, so I wouldn't have replaced it. I have used this mop a couple of times. I thought the house was clean because my old mop only had a microfiber pad. I used the old mop and the new mop to see what difference it made, and the new mop was filthy. It made me rethink if my house was clean all these years. The mop is easy to use. I think the tank is smaller than my old one. I no longer have to spill water on the floor because the new mop comes with a cup. The cord doesn't get hot and I can mop again.

9. Bissell SpinWave Expert Floor 20393

Bissell SpinWave Expert Floor 20393

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The spinning mop pads are powerful. Restore your floor's shine with rotating mop pads. It is safe on sealed hard floors. Powers through sticky messes on sealed hard floors. On-demand spray. Control how much solution goes on the floor. It is easy to maneuver. It's great for cleaning tricky spaces like along baseboards, because it's low profile and steering makes it easy to clean. There are mop pads and a formula. There are 4 soft-touch pads, 2 scrubby pads, and 2 trial-size Wood Floor Formulas.

Brand: Bissell

👤Most amazing results! I have tried almost every product on the market but this is the best. It was clean for the first time. There are 3 dogs and 7 cats in this house. It's easy to use. I used wood and pet solution on tile. The lines were cleaned nicely. If possible, I would give 10 stars.

👤The machine does not get into the grout because the pads are flat. We need a tool to get into the cracks. The machine does wood floors as well and I am happy with it. It is very easy to use.

👤The spinwave cleaner is very light. The heavy duty choice pads don't clean deeply. It is comparable to a mop. It doesn't have any elbow power. My cheap wet/dry mop does more cleaning than this one. I am very disappointed.

👤I can't believe I found this product. I used to wash, mop, scrub, and use various products and tools. I ordered a SpinWave to see if I could cut out some of the steps and time I was spending in order to get my floors clean. As soon as I turned it on, I knew I had found something. It is whisper quiet, and it washes my floors in one step with little to no effort on my part. The pads can be thrown in your washing machine for reuse. My back thanks you!

👤I am 70 years old and love the ease of use. I have two dogs. I use a shark stick vacuum and mop and bucket and it's very hard on my back. I cleaned my kitchen floor, vinyl plank, and then changed the pads and scrubbed again to see how clean it was. The second pads were not dirty.

👤The product malfunctioned and ruined my floors. I had to work with my insurance company because the process to deal with the company was painful. It left a crack in one piece and left a white film on my floors. The shine is gone.

👤Not sure what they mean by stretch. It is easy to use. It is very difficult to put the pads on so that the machine doesn't shake. I have never been able to put them on perfect because they are on the wrong side. I have a steam mop and I love it. I think it kills germs when they get hot. This thing scrubs the floor for me. I used the water and solution in three different ways, and then mopped my house with the same bottle of solution. It lasts a long time and the pads don't get so wet, it's great over all.

👤I love my mop. It works great even though it doesn't use steam, and I feel like it's safer to use on my vinyl hardwood than a steam mop. The cleaning solution has a clean smell. It's very easy to use when you take it out of the box.

10. Bona Pack Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Bona Pack Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Microfiber floor mops work wonders on wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and most other types of floors. It's not dry and it's not disposable. Use with Bona floor cleaners. Replacement pads for Bona mops. The dual-zone microfiber traps dirt.

Brand: Bona

👤The Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pads were purchased by me after I purchased the Bona Microfiber Floor Mop. The microfiber cleaning pads are large and easy to apply. The cleaning pads are larger than the mop head, but I found them to be more beneficial when cleaning the floor. When you reach a corner, you can feel good about pushing your mop in to them and not worry about it. The extra material immediately fills the space in the corner and allows you to properly clean in there without having to make a second pass in them. I am certain the cleaning pads were designed this way, but I thought it would be worth mentioning just in case. It is a nice feature. I have washed my microfiber cleaning pads twice already, and they have come out of the wash just as nice as when they were put in. I used mild detergent and water on them. I didn't put them through the dryer. I hung mine to dry for 2 reasons. I didn't want the cleaning pads to shrink in the dryer, and I also didn't want them to dry on their own in less than an hour. If you have wood floors in your home, I would recommend these cleaning pads. I think it is a good value. It is very easy to use. Feel free to ask any questions you have. I will be happy to answer any questions that I can. Enjoy.

👤These are the real deals. We keep our floor in tip top shape by washing them over and over. After 10 years, our floor still looks brand new. BONA all the way. Our BONA system has been in full gear since we got a new puppy. It's funny.

👤No one has ever said that we have all hardwood floors. The Bona cleaner and the cleaning pads are in my possession. They don't last long, even when you sweep before use, and we are a pretty clean household. They don't wash well and when I wash them, they never are the same as before, so I just replace them often. I wish they lasted longer for the price of the whole set up. I don't think they clean the floors well, although the pad looks dirty quickly. Sometimes the dirt is moved and sometimes it leaves streaks. I may look at other options after these run out.

👤The floors were installed. The installer told us to only use Bona since other products could void the warranty. I didn't want to have to clear the pad every time I clean the floors. I had to order a few extras. The best price I've found is this 3 pack deal. I got the same ones when I bought the original kit.

👤The original Bona only comes with one pad, so I got these for my luxury vinyl plank flooring. They work well. They're not meant for buffing. I would highly recommend washing these with other microfiber-based products so that they don't get contaminated with lint from other towels.

11. GOBOT Electric Hardwood Stretch Microfiber

GOBOT Electric Hardwood Stretch Microfiber

The Aspiron scrubber is lightweight and sturdy, and it is easy to use for seniors, since it is made from upgraded PBT material. Electric mop speed up to 200r/min use dual motor design, it can move forward by itself, you don't have to bend over to wipe the floor. The battery can be easily removed. The floor spray mop has a built-in water tank. To fulfill with clean water to the water tank, use the included measuring cup. The unique nozzle design, don't worry about the floor wax being blocked, you just need to press the "spray" button on the electric mop to wax, polish and clean the floor quickly and easily. Mother love it. Anyone can use the mop. Old age or back pain is making traditional mop use more difficult. This mop is easy to clean. You just need to control the way forward, it can do hard work for you mother. TheTelescopic Rod is a Led Headlight. It is easier to find dust under furniture if you have headlights. The weight is about 6.6 pounds and the height can be adjusted to 36 to 45 inches. Anyone can use the electric mop. The mop can stand on its own, which is convenient for storing, and will not sacrifice space. The battery can be disassembled at any time.

Brand: Gobot

👤I have found this product to not be what I was expecting, but it is okay, not a strong as I would have liked for floor cleaning and not that fast at all, no time saved while using machine, actually it took me longer. I would have offered something with more RPMs. When I used my spend mop and bucket, the time it took me to go over my family room floor was shorter. The unit is easy to maneuver and it can get up under the furniture. I give it three stars because of this. I hope my wife likes it and I will hold on to it because she won't have to haul a bucket with water. This can be used for a quick touch up, I will do that for the deep cleaning.

👤I have to buy another one because it did not work.


What is the best product for electric mops for floor cleaning pads?

Electric mops for floor cleaning pads products from Ckl&dj. In this article about electric mops for floor cleaning pads you can see why people choose the product. Bissell and Reecoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric mops for floor cleaning pads.

What are the best brands for electric mops for floor cleaning pads?

Ckl&dj, Bissell and Reecoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric mops for floor cleaning pads. Find the detail in this article. Keepow, Shark and Toppin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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