Best Electric Motorcycle for Adults Street Legal No Gas

Adults 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Lightweight Aluminum

SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Lightweight Aluminum

The electric bike already comes pre-assembled so you won't have to waste time with complicated assembly and foreign bike parts. The bicycle seat and handlebars can be adjusted to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride. A pair of air-filled rubber tires with quick-disconnect power lines ensure better traction and easy tire maintenance. The terrain type is flat. You can cruise up to 15.5 miles on a single charge if you ride your hybrid bike on full throttle.

Brand: Swagtron

👤I used to rate it as 5 stars. Quality issues are something they have. I bought 6 of them. Every single one had a battery issue. The battery died after 6 months. The other battery was dead for 2 years. The power controller dies after 1.5 years. I don't mean from my carelessness when I say I'm dead. They would go from fully functional to glitching, like having to turn off the battery with the key in the middle of a ride, to then completely dead. When I bought a new battery, the issue was solved. The battery issues are common for all electric bikes. The battery prices of electric bikes are more expensive. One of the better electric bikes to buy is no longer 5 of 5 stars. I own 5 different electric bikes for different height people in my family, and the Addmotor Hithot H1 is the perfect size for taller people. The Genze Series 200 16-inch frame is for my wife. My 11 year old son received the Swagcycle. The only electric pedal bike I could find that was specifically designed for kids was the perfect electric mountain bike. There are four The bike you are looking at for purchase is the Swagcycle. The most versatile bike in fitting all the different size bodies in my family is the Swagtron. I can easily adjust the seat and handle bar to fit my 5'11' long legged body type, and it still looks like I can adjust the seat even higher. I can ride it without feeling awkward. It looked like a bike for someone who was taller. It is the only electric bike that I can adjust all the way down in height so that it fits my 9 year old daughter, who is 45th percentile for height and weight for her age. The seat and handle bar goes down so she can stand up. I thought the pedals had a bigger adult diameter and that her pedaling seemed awkward, like if she had to bend her knees too much. I put the seat height up so that she has to stand on her toes while on the seat, and now her knees look normal while peddling. The bike shop says that it is normal for little kids to have their knees bent on their bikes. This bike fits my daughter's weight and my body's weight, anywhere in between. It felt like a normal bike to me, no compromise in how it feels. I asked my daughter if it felt funny, and she said the same thing, it just feels like a normal bike. I don't know how they accomplished this, but they did. This is a powerful weapon. I live on a hill and it can easily bring in 180 pounds of body up the hill. The upper limit of recommended weight for this bike was easily handled by a 260 pound guy in a video review. My kids have to be careful while on it because it is so powerful. I think my daughter's 60 pound body does not put enough stress on the bike so that it takes off like a rocket. It explodes when she hits the pedal. You just have to make sure that they are aware of its power and get used to it. I can see how an accident might happen if not. This is true with the pedal assist. If the pedal assist is on, it explodes them forward like a rocket. She can't have the power on when they first start their bike because of this. She is allowed to turn on the power after I give her a ride to gain speed. There should be no accidents if you do it this way. It is quick. Depending on my weight and the type of children I have, it can be as little as 10 to 15 mph. The bike is very light. My other electric bikes weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. This is a 20 wheel bmx bike. The only downfall of the bike is that it doesn't have an assist. Either it is on or off. There isn't anything in between. My Addmotor bike has 5 different levels of assist, from helping just a little at level 1 to full throttle at level 5. My Addmotor bike costs three times more than this one, with only one level assist. The pedal assist on the swagcycle seems to make it go at least 80 to 90% power. It helps when going up hills. I wanted it to help a little. Without the pedal assist the pedaling is more difficult than a regular bmx bike. Tougher than in an aggressive workout. If they don't have the perfect chain length to pedal ring ratio, it will be hard for them to fix and make this bike. If you turn off the pedal assist, you lose the ability to use the throttle. Since it does not have a multilevel pedal assist, I wish the pedal assist could be turned off but we could just use the throttle when we needed it. The pedal assist and throttle are on or off, so it doesn't do that. It would be easy to fix, without having to provide the more expensive multilevel pedal assist. If you want to have the pedal assist on or off, make sure it's separate from the throttle. It is a 5 out of 5 star because of the price I paid. It seems like it could fit my 9 year old daughter. I used a coupon code to get 2 of them off the website for $20 cheaper. The entire family enjoys biking on the bike routes with tons of hills, we are exercising more and getting healthier. They refused to go biking because of the hills. This bike helps get the entire family outside to exercise.

2. Yoshimura R 77 Complete System Material

Yoshimura R 77 Complete System Material

The volume of the muffler was maximized. The cone end cap is made of carbon or steel. There are 3 options for mufflers: titanium, carbon fiber andstainless. There is a low-volume insert included. There is a low-volume insert included.

Brand: Yoshimura

👤It is not the item I wanted. I will return my money back if you are not the right size or vehicle.

👤This is not the place to look for a bike. When I got the bike for my wife, it was a muffler for it. The advertisement needs to be adjusted.

👤I need to get my money back after I returned the item.

👤I want my money back. Not what I thought would happen.

👤Even with the insert, I love it.

3. BOSS Audio MCBK470B Weatherproof Applications

BOSS Audio MCBK470B Weatherproof Applications

Plug into apps like Spotify and Pandora and control your music library with your phone or mp3 device. A class D amplifier is included. It is raining. The latest techniques for protecting against the elements have been incorporated into the MCBK470B. The speakers are three-inch, black, and full range. The handlebars can be from.75” to 1.25” A 3.5mm auxiliary input is compatible with audio outputs of phones and mp3 players. Volume control. It is possible to install a convenient inline volume control in a place of your choice.

Brand: Boss Audio Systems

👤I have had my speakers installed for a long time. I am very impressed with the sound. I didn't want anything on my handle bars for looks, so I mounted all 4 speakers on my engine guard. I think it looks great. I ride with a full face helmet and I can hear the music, but I can't see it. I saw people talking about it not having an on/off switch, and I read lots of reviews. You don't need one. The way I wired mine, I got a digital voltmeter and found a light wire that cuts power on when I put the switch in accessory or ignition so the amplifier will only cut on if that switch is turned. There are no instructions for the installation. The paper you get shows you the wiring diagram, the speakers wires, and the volume control, and that's pretty much all you'll need to know. I painted a little piece of the volume know on my left hand controls. The screw was put back on after black removed it. I had to use a pair of vise grips to close the clamps on the engine guard because I had to install a screw and nut. I put a foam between the engine guard and the clamps. One thing I wish BOSS AUDIO would have done is to have a switch or buttons to go with the volume so that you can change the track and pause and play the music, you have to do that by your phone or whatever device you are using for music. I sent an email to BOSS AUDIO, but they have not responded. I recommend this to everyone. It was a good bang for the buck. I've uploaded a lot of pictures of my set up for you to see.

👤I put them on my motorcycle. Installation was very easy. Plug the speakers in with a power source plug and pair them with your device. It was very easy. You're never going to have good bass from these speakers, so go into buying them with the knowledge. These speakers have tons of output and can live with that. I've heard them while riding at 75 mph. The sound is clear. It's easy to pair your phone with it. I haven't used the line in a port. The amplifier feels good. It doesn't seem to heat up very much. Excellent value for the price. If you want to listen to tunes on your bike or ATV, it's easier to install.

👤The system sounded great at first. One day it wouldn't turn on, tried to use the warranty, and they wouldn't respond at all. It only worked for two and a half months. I went to the local stereo shop to see if they could fix it. The circuit board was useless when they took it apart. I have speakers that are not good for anything. I learned the hard way that the warranty was not good and that the tube failed me twice. I wouldn't recommend the product.

4. Pulse Performance Products Chopster Motorcycle

Pulse Performance Products Chopster Motorcycle

Additional features include a double crown fork, shatter-resistant fairings, riserstyle handlebars with soft rubber grips, and a retractable kickstand. A two-wheeled electric motorcycle with a high- Torque 100 watt motor and variable speed throttle for instant throttle response! Your child can ride in style with this chopper-inspired design with high handlebars and fold out foot pegs, as well as sissy bar for the complete look. Heavy duty. The bike has a high-tensile steel frame and dual air-filled rubber street tires for a smooth ride. A continuous ride time of up to 40 minutes can be achieved with a 24volt rechargeable battery system. DIMENSIONS The scooter is designed for riders 8 years and older and weighs up to 120 lbs.

Brand: Pulse Performance Products

👤Garbage should not be purchased. I bought this item for my niece and nephew. The box was unboxed and followed the instructions to charge overnight. The motor wouldn't engage in the morning, so I investigated and found that the throttle response wasn't working. I charged the scooter after I contacted the manufacturer. Same thing happened. The associate that mailed me the car said it was the throttle. They sent me a new throttle. I hope it will work after I have gone through all this nonsense. The engine must be faulty. I asked the associate if I could send this back in exchange for a new one, but he told me I couldn't. Don't buy or waste money on this product.

👤I had to return it. It wouldn't start. The other reviews were all bad. 6 of 10 of them don't work so I wonder why they keep selling them.

👤The bike does not go half as fast as it says. I was not happy with this item. My 5 year old looks like a giant on the dirt bike, and it was slower than I expected. The kick stand fell off after 3 days. It had to be welded back on. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤This is the second one and neither one worked. I don't recommend this product. Unfortunately.

👤It is a lot slower than I anticipated and it does not go over 7 mph. My son is 10 years old. His neighbor has a scooter. It lasts about 30 minutes on it.

👤The bike does not drive up the smallest incline. Even on a 14 hour day. The charge is out of the box. If your child is under 50 lbs, this product is fine. That is all. Don't waste your time buying this product.

👤It's nice and my kid loves it. It doesn't go very fast. My son's friends are on their bikes. I probably should have bought a razor. Why is the back wheel so small? :S

👤My 7 year old loves this. It is slow going up the hill even after being charged, but he loves it. I think it helped with his balance that he learned to ride this before a real bike. It wouldn't be a good idea for a 10 year old to ride it. He is too big for it.

5. Vance Hines Exhaust 46065 Softail

Vance Hines Exhaust 46065 Softail

The battery case is strong enough for long-term use, no worry about breakages or rain, and the high-quality battery case is waterproof and anti-shock. There are curved baffles. Full coverage of heat shields. There is a chrome or black finish.

Brand: Vance & Hines

👤They fit perfectly on my CVO Breakout. It took about two hours to do it by myself. If you can, I would suggest having a friend help you. The stock pipes are not as nice as the ones that look great on the bike. I've owned several sets of V&H exhaust pipes, but these babies are the loudest of them all. I am very happy that I left the stock baffles installed, they are the first ones I have actually left in. I've always believed that loud pipes save lives. If it's true, I'm all set. I am not sure if it is the shape of the pipes or the design. If you are in a garage, be prepared the first time you fire up your motorcycle. I took the bike for a ride after tuning it. Everything looks great. There is a slight increase in power, but it is there. You will love the sound and it is highly recommended.

👤This exhaust is awesome! The way it looks is great. The way it sounds is even better, I think it's a real Harley. Can not go wrong with this exhaust.

👤It looks great on the bike. The sound is great. It's not very hard to install. Exhaust gaskets don't come with the kit, so you need to buy them separately.

👤Bolts were put on in minutes and came with everything needed. The air cleaner and a custom tune makes my 14 FXSB sound great.

👤The stock pipes are not as good as the gorgeous ones, but I was able to hook them up on my Breakout.

👤It's easy to install, great sound, and I'm looking at my 2016 Breakout!

👤Cars can hear me coming a mile away from the bike.

👤The motorcycle has a great addition. Customer service was excellent.

6. Ninebot Electric Long Range Foldable Portable

Ninebot Electric Long Range Foldable Portable

The GKS is a simple yet beautiful design and features no external cables, a light weight shell, and a simple yet beautiful design. They have a variety of color options for boys and girls. The Segway Ninebot MAX can reach 18 with a 350W motor. Travel up to 40 mph. max load is 220 lbs. Their battery management system assures the battery safety and extends the battery life. The portable folding design is easy to use. The Ninebot MAX can be folded in 3 seconds. You can carry it on public transportation, store it in your car, or both. The mechanical and electrical Anti-Lock braking system ensure safe riding. Even on rough surfaces and speed bumps, the front and rear wheel shock absorbers have self-healing 10-inch pneumatic tires. Superior Technology: With the mobile app, the cruise control, the select riding modes, and the LED display, it's Innovative and Superior Technology. Only one cord is used for fast charging. Ninebot Kickscooter MAX by Segway is the most powerful and sturdy electric scooter. Refer to the product details below for more information on different parts. The brake style is Rear Braking.

Brand: Segway

👤You will never get to 40 miles on one battery. In the middle mode, I got 21 miles. The max speed is only true when the battery is over 80% charged. You're doing 13 mph in sport mode when it slows down to 30%. Don't believe it when Segway says it is normal. That is a lie. I have a Segway scooter that has a 25% battery. I don't like companies being able to lie and get away with it.

👤It gets the job done and is enjoyable. I've taken it around the neighborhood. It is a real head turner and makes you smile quickly. Ringing the bell at pedestrians is very satisfying. I think it expresses superiority. It does fit in the trunk of my car without any problems, despite its large size.

👤I have put almost 100 miles on the scooter and I have more information. I carry a lot of weight in my groceries with the help of my handlebars. About 30 pounds. The weight won't affect your steering if you get it centered. The speed restriction is the biggest annoyance to date. The speed goes up to 16. You can feel it even though it doesn't sound like much. I wish you could just use the extra battery. Even if I only go 4 or 5 miles, I have to charge it every single day. I wish I could keep top speed at zero because I hate the effect on the battery. I have taken this everywhere without a car. I had it in front of my seat to see Star Wars when I rode it to the movie theater. I don't mind going 6 or 7 miles in one direction. It is fast and responsive. I have a set of regenerative brakes that are set to the max so I don't have to use the hand brake as much. Since people don't pay attention to cars, going 18 mph puts you at a lot of risk. Minor improvements to the scooter would make it even better. If they would let it, software updates could fix the speed restriction. I am loving this scooter. There are many good things about it. I bought it to travel around the city so I wouldn't have to buy another car with all its costs. I will be driving this 1 mile everyday to and from work, to the grocery stores, and to events. I will give an initial list of things I like and I will add to it in a week or so. Great range! The tires absorb a lot of the road impact, the grip in rain is good, and it's easy to use. There were no problems or lack of control. The charge is fast. Love that. It doesn't require you to carry a brick to charge. The cable is integrated inside. The secondary locking mechanism is cheap plastic. I broke it the first time I tried to lower it. It was a good thing it didn't do much, but it's so low quality that it's useless. The rear light is small and low.

7. Coleman Powersports CT100U Powered Scooter

Coleman Powersports CT100U Powered Scooter

Recommended for ages 13 and older and will support a rider up to 154 pounds. Powerful and efficient. The engine has 98cc/3. 0hp will power you through the trails with plenty of muscle while still being fuel efficient. It is easy and swift. This is the ideal trail bike for any rider. Even on rugged terrain, low-pressure tires provide a smooth ride. The mini bike is built with a sturdy metal frame and a proven clutch that will last for years on the trail. The rear drum break is reliable. This scooter is perfect for everyone 13 years of age or older, with a load capacity of 150 pounds and clearance of 6 inches. Assembly is important to ensure the product functions correctly. Assembly instructions must be followed. Professional assembly is recommended. Assembly is important to ensure the product functions correctly. Assembly instructions must be followed. Professional assembly is recommended.

Brand: Coleman Powersports

👤Coleman is known for their quality camping and outdoor gear. After assembling the motorcycle whistle, you have to go to the auto parts store to get the missing part. I gave it a test ride before letting my son take it for a run. For the first time motorcycle rider, this is the perfect bike. It is fully automatic with no gears to shift, just turn the throttle, use the handbrake, and that's it. It has no problem with the big boys and girls with almost 200cc's of power. My eleven-year-old daughter is too young for it, but my son and my wife had a lot of fun. The cost is a plus. My son was able to buy this with his money that we received for kids. It did come missing a few parts, however Amazon customer service was incredibly helpful to fully resolve that issue.

👤My son has been asking for a mini bike for two years. He saved up his birthday money so he could buy it himself. I was told that this item isn't eligible for return because of the chain constantly popping and the bike cutting off on him. We just purchased a bike and it has been messed up since the day we got it, we have tried fixing it ourselves, but no luck. I have been doing business with Amazon for a long time and I am upset that I cannot return this product. My son is without a bike and I have to go down the drain.

👤I have both of the two. It is not the better deal with built in front suspension and a giant, powered headlight. In August of 2020, the CT-200 cost $565 on Amazon. I received a total of $620 after tax. You can't beat that deal. This is a great toy and a great vehicle for that price. I ordered theBT-200X from Walmart for around $590 after tax. I had to go to the store to pick it up. The BT-200 is inferior to the CT-200 in many ways. The degovernedCT200u is a good 5+ mph faster than the degovernedBT200x. The governor keeps these things under 20mph. They go 18 mph out of the box. If the screw is welded in, you can loosen it by pressing down on the metal tab that hits it, and the gov can be bypassed. It is more dangerous to go faster on a bike designed to only go 18 mph than it is to do it on a vehicle. It also voids the warranty. The BT200x being considerably slower is not my biggest complaint. After a few months of light use, the throttle broke. Unless you manually spin it back, it gets stuck on full acceleration. It is supposed to bounce back to its previous position when you release the throttle. It's too dangerous to ride as you can get stuck by accident. I had an issue with theradiator cover that snapped after a month, and now it rattles like crazy. What else? Oh yes. The plastic fender on theBT200x is cheaper than the metal fender on theCT200u. The light is cool. It's worthless because it's only bright when it's at full speed and starts to dim when it slows down. You need to use a second light. I have to say that the light looks cool. Both of these bikes look really cool. I painted my car black. They looked good in red. The mini bike is a good looking one, even though I dislike it. One year later, the BT200X is useless and sitting in my garage is a waste of money, but the CT200u is still cruising. And hauling. The chain was too loose when it first arrived, and that's the only issue I have had with the CT200u. It would fall off occasionally on hard turns. It would take a while to get back on. I bought a new chain for less than $20 and watched a few videos on how to install it. Made it a little bit tighter and have not had any chain issues since. It is difficult to roll the chain back on tight. That is. If you are not wearing pants, the red hot cover on the radiator can burn your left leg. The best thing about the BT is that it starts very reliably. Both engines started without any issues. There is a way to start them. The choke must be on to start. Every time. It doesn't matter if the engine is hot or not. After hitting the kill/off switch, you need to flip the choke on, pull the cord and then flip the choke back off to start. It will never start without a choke on. Even at 26 mph, the CT200 handles well and brakes well. You have to give yourself more time to brake. The front suspension on the BT200 made going over big potholes a little bit easier, but it doesn't really handle them as well as the suspension without CT200. You are going to feel the bumps in theCT200. It's not bad if you hit it on a bicycle or scooter. I have hit my kill switch a few times while riding. If your engine stops suddenly, that is usually the issue. The original is theCT200u. Once you get your chain tightened up, it's a pretty solid bike. The newer version of the device is called theBT200x and it's a slower and cheaper version. The CT200u is a fun vehicle that can also be used as a utility vehicle. I attach a large 4 wheel cart to the back and can haul 100s of pounds of weight, but I haven't had any problems yet. If you can find it on Amazon for under $600, you should get it. An extra chain, 2 pairs of pliers, and a large sockets wrench would be helpful. The CT200 will not start after 1.5 years. Less than 2 years later, both theBT200 and theCT200 are junk.

8. Coleman Powersports CK100 S 98cc 3 0HP

Coleman Powersports CK100 S 98cc 3 0HP

A chin strap holder secures the helmet. The 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder is 98cc/ 3.0hp fully automatic and will power you through the trails all day with plenty of muscle. Easy pull start operation with a CVT system. Even on rugged terrain, low-pressure tires provide a smooth ride. Disc brakes that are foot-operated are reliable. For riders up to 150 lbs., it's recommended to have fun. Recommended for ages 13 and over. The reinforced seat and four-point safety harness will keep you locked in behind the wheel, and the heavy-duty padded roll cage will give you extra security. A kill switch makes it easy to power off. This tough machine is built with a heavy-duty 16- and 13-gauge tubular construction and a rugged, proven clutch and chain drive. This tough machine is built with a heavy-duty 16- and 13-gauge tubular construction and a rugged, proven clutch and chain drive.

Brand: Coleman Powersports

👤My daughter will receive a go kart for Christmas. The kart was picked up by me. I was able to get the big box out of the truck. It was easy to unpack. The kart was easy to put together and the instruction manual has good details. The front and back wheels have different spacings, but there is no labeling on them. The kart is well built for its price. I adjusted the gas pedal stop all the way up to limit the kart's speed and keep it fast for a 9 year old. I'm 6 feet and 210 and I can ride it. I would buy it.

👤There are missing parts. It seems like a common problem. Coleman needs to spend some time in quality assurance. We don't have a slide wheel spacer. I need a replacement part for my go cart, but Amazon can't send one because they can't send a replacement part. coordination with a shipping company is required. A 2 inch pipe. Understandable Amazon can't really help. Coleman should try to get the same thing at a hardware store or something. I don't want to change anything. I don't want money, I just want one Christmas to pass where everything I buy works and has all the parts.

👤There is a part that holds down the front fender. I have the tools to make one, so it was not a problem. The first step is putting on the tires after a garbage fire. It was easy to figure out the rest. There was no information on break in for the motor. The oil fill is in a bad spot. The oil should have come with the price. The print is so blurry that it is hard to decipher. The blurry print made it difficult to find what weight oil was. The chain is wet. It comes well packed. They should use wood. 50 pounds of rusty packing steel can be removed after you finish. It runs great. The Throttle adjustment is thought out. It's easy to slow down or speed up.

👤It was protected by a metal cage. It took my husband a while to put it together, but he did it quickly. The brakes were stuck after assembly, but so far it works as it should, and everyone loves it. Our kids use it and my husband can really use it.

👤It's a big risk when it comes to these things. I bought a few seams to hold up. I had to grease the clutch tune and adjust the card. Bbn is moving along. The other came completely broken from broken kill switch to one random old front tire with a bad bearing and spider webs. The engine had a weird tick grind. Buy at your own risk. If you have a wrench, I would say go for it.

👤I bought this for my son's birthday. He has not ridden it much in Maine. The machine is on for about 20 hours. Coleman had a Honda engine replaced. Everything else is built to last.

9. Vance Hines Harley XL883N Exhaust

Vance Hines Harley XL883N Exhaust

Twin Slash End Treatment is a Signature Treatment. Full coverage of black heat Shields. The optional Quiet Baffle is sold separately. Fitment for: 14 -19 HD 1200 Custom EFI, 16-19 HD 1200 Roadster, 14 17 HD 1200 XLCP, 14 19 HD , 18 19 HD. HD Sportster Forty-Eight Special, 14-19 HD Sportster Forty-Eight,14-16 HD Sportster Seventy-Two, 14-17 Harley- Davidson Superlow 1200, 18 HDXL 1200, 48 Special. HD Sportster Forty-Eight Special, 14-19 HD Sportster Forty-Eight,14-16 HD Sportster Seventy-Two, 14-17 Harley- Davidson Superlow 1200, 18 HDXL 1200, 48 Special.

Brand: Vance & Hines

👤He would be wrong if he said that a full stage one kid is necessary. These things are amazing. It is very easy to install, and I would suggest leaving the clamps loose when you are putting it all on so that it is easier to just the heat shield over the pipes. There is no chrome extending out of the back end past the heat shield. I would rather have the all black look, but there was no way that these were going to fit with any chrome extending out. I put them on as they are and it was holy. This thing sounds amazing. You need to do a full stage one tune if you are looking at short shots. There is no need for tuning with the slip on's. It's a great value for what you get.

👤The pipes came in quickly. Even for a first-timer with bike mod, it was easy to install; I just needed a few tools and patience. The finish on my Harley Iron The sound of the bike is clear, even though it is on a cold start (70 degree day) in the video and in an echo chamber. A lot louder than I anticipated. I haven't gotten it off the porch yet, but have a feeling I'll need to get the quiet baffles from V&H, I like my chances for a smooth baffle swap with how these are constructed. I'm happy. A good deal on a product.

👤Amazon is telling me that this does not fit a Harley . I immediately fell in love with them. It's easy to install. Even with the baffles installed, it is still loud. My wife asked why I needed them so loud. I have the option to take the baffles out without damaging the mufflers. I recommend that you wait for this to be delivered so that you can uninstall your stock mufflers. Installation is all you have to worry about.

👤Adding quiet baffles on my iron Even with the quiet baffles, the mufflers are still loud. The sound wakes the motor up. The added back pressure with the quiet baffles makes performance better. There was no popping at decel. The stock air cleaner has a K&N high flow filter element. The performance and sound were great. This setup does not require a tuner. I tried to install the quiet baffles without removing insulation. No way it will go in without these slip ons. I had to unwrap plastic to cut and remove insulation and rewrap using plastic wrap and zip ties, like others have said. After that, it was easy.

👤Awesome exhaust! It would be easy to install if it came with required gasket. The description doesn't say you need a new muffler. I had to go to HD to get a new gasket, not expensive but not the point. You would think all the hardware was included when you paid $430 for some slip ons. Short Shots full exhaust for $500 is more expensive than a slip on. You can see the sun light if you don't have the gasket. It still fires with the FP3 tune. It would have been cheaper to go with the short shots, even with the new gasket, because at least when you order the full exhaust it tells you that. If you want good sound and an easy slip on this is the way to go. Good luck to you my friend, you can try to pull your factory ones out. My year was not having it. It is probably still better to just go with the full exhaust and get the extra power. It depends on your skill level and local emissions.

10. Tamiya Motorcycle Twin【Japan Domestic Products】

Tamiya Motorcycle Twin%E3%80%90Japan Domestic Products%E3%80%91

The controller can provide steady speed and sensitive control of braking and direction changes. The bikes are captured in the most minute detail. The model is not painted.

Brand: Tamiya

👤I didn't know it was a toy, but I thought it was a bike. I will not spend $50 on that.

👤I was expecting a real bike, but it was a false advertisement, and I need to clear the merchandise of that.

👤It takes about 2 months and 1/2 to ship and be delivered. It was a huge deal to resolve because they wanted to deliver it in the middle of the transition. It's not worth it at the end because it's really thin.

👤There are pictures of the plastic parts for building the 1/6 scale motorcycle model toy.

👤It was on time, but I was disappointed to find parts missing. There was a bag of metal parts, but not a tree of parts. It's important to use the parts checklist when you pay this much for a kit. There is a request for a refund.

👤Its name is Tamiya. Do you need to say more about triple A quality? This is a serious piece of kit, and worth every penny I spent on it. Quality is just oozing in all departments.

👤It's a shame it's all built now as someone else will be looking for a new project.

👤It's a kit. It can only be 5 stars.

👤Not yet built the kit, but a very good price.

11. GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

Additional features include retractable kickstand and front brake. The 2020 edition of the GXL V2 is an improvement on the already top selling electric scooter. The 2020 V2 has passed stringent testing and has an improved console. The GXL V2 is a battery that travels up to 12.5 miles and can be charged in about 4 hours. The top speed was 15 mph. The 250 Watt Motor provides high Torque but low power consumption. The GXL V2 can handle up to 220 lbs. and has a top speed of 15mph. Love your commute, ride in comfort using the rubberized grips, easy to use hand-brake, and Shock absorbing 8.5" Air filled tires. The foldable framework is portable. The locks on the GXL V2 Frame make it easy to store it in a car, school, or office. The brake style is EABS. The frame supports riders up to 220 lbs.

Brand: Gotrax

👤I haven't ridden this scooter in a while. I am enjoying every second of it. I've ridden Bird/Lime rental scooters before so I have something to compare. The main advantages of renting scooters are slightly better power and range, but at the cost of being heavier, not to mention that you never really know what condition the scooter will be in before riding; the battery level, brakes, other adjustments may be less than ideal. I can see why people like this because it's a low commitment option compared to having your own scooter. I prefer having my own place where I can maintain it myself and always know it's ready to go. Like any machine, there is some self maintenance that is unavoidable. I am a 160 pound rider. On my last ride, I went through a college campus with lots of elevation change, starting from a full charge. The scooter performed well with good acceleration and only struggled on the steep hills, it's difficult to walk up these hills for a long period of time. The brakes worked well and I felt in control. I had 3 out of 4 bars, even though I think it may be approaching 2 bars. The handling was able to move around other pedestrians with ease and still hold up at higher speeds. Even though I didn't get a reliable top speed measurement, I was able to reach about 16 mph without full throttle, even though I wasn't able to find a stretch of flat road that was long enough. Rider weight, hill angle, and battery level will be the main factors in determining top speed. TheBattery gauge could have more bars to help show battery level more accurately. It will dip down temporarily while going up steep hills, and then back up once you get to level ground. This is normal. When there is a high demand for electricity, every battery powered device will do this. You are fighting gravity going up hills and it takes a lot of power. It is hard to engage the cruise control with theThrottle being very sensitive. If you want to enable cruise control, you need to hold a steady speed for a few seconds and then remove your hand from the throttle. If you want to disengage, turn the engine on. I didn't know about this feature before I got this scooter, but it is nice to have. If you are going on a long ride, I would use this pin. It's not necessary, but it gives me a bit of mind knowing there's an extra piece of steel in case I don't want it to folding up. It's annoying to have to do it frequently. The next design should have a safety pin. When I realized that the magnetic brake and disk brake were controlled by the same brake handle, I added another brake handle on the other side of the vehicle so that I could control them separately. I used a standard bicycle brake handle and it worked well. They probably went with a simpler design to make it more comfortable for the rider, but I like having the option to use either brake independently or together. The magnetic brake works well overall and provides good stopping power, but it works less and less as you slow down. When I need to come to a complete stop, I only use the disk brake at lower speeds. * If you are comfortable with making such modifications and know that your safety is your own, then you should do this. One thing that annoyed me was the implication that there was a gear system included with this scooter and that "gear" 1 would climb hills better while "gear" 2 would be better for top speed. I could be wrong, but I am certain that this is B.S. and the 1 and 2 refer to an electronic power limiter. I think this feature is great to be able to change it to 1 for someone who is learning and/or a young rider, but I think it's misleading to call it that. I don't plan on opening it up to confirm this, but I have tried going into "gear" 1 to go up hills better and have noticed that "gear" 2 is better for both hill climbing and top speed. There is a weird resonance that happens at a specific speed. It is strange to go from almost completely silent to a louder vibrating sound, but it doesn't bother me. I think it's possible that this is a thing that happens with variable electric motor bikes. If anything else develops, I will update again. I'm still enjoying every ride on this scooter and commute daily. The tire pressure was low. I had to pump them up. The front one is hard to get just right. The tire valve adapter that comes with the scooter is hard to remove quickly enough to not let air out of the tire. I had to practice for a long time to get it. If you can, I would recommend pumping it up to 50psi and then removing the adapter as quickly as possible. It will allow some air out and hopefully stop around 50 psi. I squeezed the back tire with my hands and compared it to the front to make sure it was close enough. The scooter rides differently depending on tire pressure. I feel more bumps when I go faster with normal pressure. Lower pressure will give you a smooth ride, but limit your speed and range. If you release air for more than a second, you will likely already be too low and need to pump it back up. I can fill up the whole tire in a few pumps.


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