Best Electric Mouse Traps for Homes Victor

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1. Victor M310S Trap Catches Geometric Pattern

Victor M310S Trap Catches Geometric Pattern

The trap is on the popular channel "Shawn Woods Flip N Slide" on YouTube. If you don't want to see or touch the mice, you can catch and release them. It can catch up to 30 mice per setting. Depending on your preference, disposable or reuse. It is safe to use around children and pets.

Brand: Victor

👤We had a mouse problem in our attic, and we had been using traps. The mouse would get out of the traps half the time. We've never had a caught mouse escape with the Tin Cat. We've never caught more than one mouse at a time, which was something we had been hoping to do, but we've never done that. We think the caught mouse is making enough noise to keep people away. Over a dozen mice have been caught. We had a mouse that hid under the inlet ramp and refused to move when I tried to release it. The mice chew on the toilet paper roll in the trap and it's easier to get them out if you put the tube from the roll in it. The tube is a good place to stick the peanut butter bait. The trap is the perfect size to hold four such tubes. I would recommend keeping the box that Amazon ships it in, or something similar, in case you need to take the trap to a distant location.

👤I really wanted to like this product. I've used plastic live traps before. They worked well, but if left overnight with a mouse they would chew their way out. I thought a metal trap would be perfect. The mice that we were catching were large enough to fit into the traps. Not a single mouse was caught after several weeks of using them. The peanut butter traps worked in the past and we used it again. We tried cheese, but no luck. We tried to lure them inside the trap with different places to place the bait. We saw mouse dropping around the traps, but nothing happened. We put one of the old traps on top of the other traps and caught 3 mice in the plastic trap the same day. Our mice were a waste of money.

👤Being honest! I have had this for a while and bought 2 more. Pros and Cons... There are as many as 60 if you see one mouse. It catches many mouse traps at once, which is better than the single capture traps. I beat my cat by 5 in two weeks, and I got 7 at once. Being scared of mice, they don't go in the single capture traps often. I use peanut butter and Nutella on a paper towel to make it easier to discard and clean cat food. There are some things that are CONS: Edges can be sharp, don't cut yourself around a contaminated object, and mice can carry nasty stuff. Don't take this for granted, look up Haunta Viruses, it's rare. You don't want to be that person. If you don't check the trap, the mice will die or eat each other. I stopped looking when I was expecting to hear the trap rattle, or my cat usually tells me when I get some. If you leave them to die in it, you will lose the point of it being a humane trap.

2. Victor M250SSR 3 Electronic Mouse Trap 3

Victor M250SSR 3 Electronic Mouse Trap 3

This product is only used indoors. The mice are killed with a high-voltage shock. Kills up to 100 mice with four AA batteries. The design is easy to bait and clean. The kill rate is 100%.

Brand: Victor

👤There were lots of signs of mice when I tried these outbuilding. They hid the food so that the dogs wouldn't get to it. I think they stopped frequenting the building due to warmer weather, as I want to get things in the traps. After a thorough cleaning, signs of nice started appearing again. One of the traps was blinking as if full and it was an ACORN! They brought their snack with them. An acorn was left in the place of the bait. As I zapped myself, I knew that it was functional. It did not seem like that would be enough to kill anything, and the droppings sitting right on, in, and next to the trap we're fairly indicative that it is not.

👤I bought them at our store and now on Amazon. The new design shorts out on the floor. They have a problem with the new design. Only one will work. I was shocked when I loaded the batteries and turned the trap on while I was getting ready to set it on the floor. None of the three new units worked and all of the peanut butter was eaten in them. Each of the three have fresh top brand batteries. The trap I have in service is gnarly and still kills mice. None of the new ones I bought have done anything other than feed the mice peanut butter. I put them on cardboard in hopes that they won't fall on the pavement. I will purchase them again at a higher price at our local store so that I can return them when they don't work out.

👤I bought them for my grandparents. They live in a country and are bombarded by mice. They have a hard time setting traps. I have caught up to 3 mice a day. The traditional ones can be messy and dangerous when young. I do not like using poison. I thought I would give these traps a try. I put one in the pantry, laundry room and my grandmothers car. I caught a mouse on the floor board of the car. The light blinks and you can see the mouse's tail. It was easy to separate the trap and open the flap. I used peanut butter as a bait. I recommend this trap to everyone. It may be difficult for an elderly person to separate the trap and battery. You can dump the mouse and reset the bait, even if you separate the two pieces.

👤I put it in the basement. The peanut butter was left as a bait. The trap indicated that it went off. The mouse is dead on the electrode that is supposed to kill it. I assume the mouse survived the shock and ate the pb after I found the trap off the wall. The second one out of the 3 pack I brought actually caught a mouse. I'll increase the rating if it keeps working. The first trap was not very good. trap 2 killed 3 mice but did not kill the mouse because of the bait. Some of these things will catch some mice. I tried to use them but wouldn't buy again.

3. Victor M160S Clean Kill Mouse

Victor M160S Clean Kill Mouse

Use outdoors or indoors. The Kill-Gate is the perfect place for a clean kill. No-touch tunnel design. The instructions are printed on the trap. Chemicals and poisons can't be used around children and pets. Reusable or disposable is the term for the trap.

Brand: Victor

👤I moved into my house in July. There was an active mouse population in the garage. I bought the Jawz mousetrap, Victor M140S, Victor M160S, Victor M143S, D-con corner fit bait station, and catchmaster 402 baited glue trap after my original Victor mouse traps weren't doing the trick. The Neatmaster Ultrasonic was ordered first and didn't do anything. I put a camera on the area and the mice would come out every night and lick the Victor mouse traps. The D-Con bait stations made a few bait squares disappear but still appeared on the camera. I ordered this item along with the 3 Victors. I changed my bait method on the original Victors before they arrived. I caught my first mouse that night. I put the reinforcements along the walls of my garage. The Glue Traps have caught a bunch of bugs, but no mice. I made a bucket of water with a bottle on top of homemade traps and although they investigated it, it did not catch anything. I have traps by the corners of the garage doors where there's room to enter. The Jawz, glue trap, M143S, and 140S are on each of the entry points. I have placed them along the walls. The Victor 140 and Victor 143 each have one kill to their credit, the glue trap is zero, and the Jawz traps mice and chipmonks. I've been catching a mouse by the garage door every day since it started getting cold. The Jawz has a similar mechanism to the Victor 140S. The platform surrounding the bait hole causes the Jawz and the 143S to be triggered. You can easily catch a mouse if he just puts a foot up there and smells the hole. I haven't seen anyone get away with a seed or lick of peanut butter from them. One of the people I got was still alive and alert after getting his paw trapped in it. I put the mouse on the trap and then put his head on the platform.

👤I bought a few of these last year because I wanted a good mouse trap. When I use peanut butter for bait, the mice don't seem to want to go in, and they are not killed. There isn't enough snap to quickly kill a mouse. If I let it go for a day or two, the mouse would be dead, but that is not my idea of a good mouse trap. I shouldn't have to push down on the kill gate to finish him off. I will be throwing away some of the ones that have never been used. The D-con ultra set is the best trap I've found so far, it's easy to set and empty, and it kills quickly. I don't usually write reviews but this one was important. I don't like killing mice but I want it to be quick and clean. The Victor M160S does not do it.

👤Topnotch. If you've ever caught a mouse by a leg or a tail in a tradition trap, you'll understand why these are so well designed. They kill mice by severing the spine at the base of the skull. I'm not sure if they work or not. These traps are very easy to empty and reuse. I bought traps 3 years ago. They work. These are the traps that I will buy. The final word. Solid, well made, works. 4.5 stars

4. Victor M241 Touch Upgraded Electronic

Victor M241 Touch Upgraded Electronic

The bait area is convenient and can be used to lure rodents in. To apply bait on the trap's floor, simply lift open the bait door and use a toothpick or cotton swab. peanut butter is a good bait for it's high levels of protein. Kills up to 50 rats per set of fully charged batteries. No-touch experience. Rats are killed with a high-voltage shock. The kill chamber has aremovable kill chamber for easy baiting and cleaning. Better plate access makes it easier to clean.

Brand: Victor

👤This review is being updated. The first time I used it, I got a rat. Since then, nothing. I put the peanut butter in, turn it on, buzzes, and then the next morning it's gone, no rodents. I have been doing this for a long time and finally ordered a different trap from a different company. The trap was on its side the next morning with no rodents. The bait is not killing them.

👤Hit the switch, watched the green light come on, and heard the "buzz". The mouse is walking out of the trap. Didn't work at all! I'm hoping it's a good unit.

👤I bought this trap as a replacement for another that lasted about 5 years. I wanted an electric trap because they are so effective. There was a fire in the building next to the old trap and all the mice came over into it. I was using glue traps to start it. It was getting out of hand. The kitchen smelled like mouse pee, and the bitches got into my Ritz crackers. It seems like a lot of money for a mouse trap, but in no time, I was tossing out mouse bodies. Sometimes multiple times in one day. In the first month of setting up this trap, I caught 20 or so mice. They are starting to make their way inside again now that the weather is dropping. I caught one this morning. The trap has made a difference in the future generation of mouse invaders. This trap is a good investment. It is easy to dispose of the bodies. I am only seeing mice in this apartment. I was dealing with rats.

👤This is an electronic execution chamber for rats. I reviewed all of the brands and chose this one as my best one. The trap's advantages were not advertised before I bought it. The clever physical design of the chamber resists the rat's auto-response once electricity begins to flow and prevents him from jumping away from the electric panels. The bait is always consumed before the rat is killed, and I think there is a delay in the electricity flowing so that the rat is less alert. It's all over for him with a 2-minute electrical surge that kills him and assures no quick restart of his heart, on a small scale, but some real engineering! My praise to Victor. The green light is not very good, but who cares?

👤I put this and a competing one in the back yard. There are rats in the city of Chicago. The competitor's product caught a snail. The poor thing was cooked. When I saw the red light blink, I was excited, but I was disappointed when I saw the escargot. I was startled to see a tail sticking out of the trap on the other side of the yard. The trap was stuffed with a rat. To get to the bait, it had to flatten itself. Then... ZAP! Never got to the bait. I put it in the trash. It was a big rat. I put it inside a plastic container with a hole cut in it so I can use it outside. I'm happy so far. The rats are not. It's a good thing.

5. Victor RZC001 Zapper Classic Trap

Victor RZC001 Zapper Classic Trap

It is made in the USA. A strong and deadly shock kills mice and rats quickly. It was easy to use. Put batteries, bait, and relax. A common mouse and rat trap has a "yuck" factor because of the hands-free disposal. It is safe and sanitary. There is no blood, mess, chemicals, or poisons around kids and pets. It's great for home use.

Brand: Rat Zapper

👤For the past week, I've been watching this little bugger that's been in my kitchen. The "bad hombre" was roaming and eating and pooping around the kitchen while the family was in bed. Absolutely unacceptable! Went to Wallyworld and got a lot of traps, but had no luck for two days. The little bugger knows how to take the food off the old school trap. I decided to go high tech and got this beautiful Rat Zapper from Amazon with same day delivery. The piece of bacon was smeared with cheese. Very disappointed. I got a bigger piece of cheese smeared with peanut butter and a big prize. I was a bit disappointed when I saw my motion cam alert go off every 30 minutes, but it was from the trap's blinking light that it scored a kill. Win. Just dump everything out and it's easy to clean. When I dump the bait out, I put it on a piece of paper and slid it into the trap. I am changing the code name of the Rat Zapper to "Freaking Awesome Rat Trap 2000". The little bugger was executed by FART. This is a warning to all the other mice that they should not even think about coming near this kitchen. Ban! Mickey came back and brought friends. The little bugger was sitting on top of the unit before it met its maker. The device is a bomb. If you use a rechargeable battery, make sure it's fully charged each night for maximum lethal dose. Happy hunting.

👤We heard noises in the walls. My wife screamed "what's that!" after something ran across our living room floor. Looks like we have a problem with rodents. I said something back. I thought to myself that I would make short work of this person. I put the mouse traps behind the refrigerator because I plated them with peanut butter. I was expecting the offenders to fall into the air as they were drawn to their doom. The wife and I were in bed when I heard the report from the trap. Game, set, match, got him! I jump out of bed to get rid of the pest. I was celebrating too early. There were no creatures in the trap. "Sorry, that happens sometimes..." is a phrase I use more than I should. I would be saying it again to my wife. I headed back to deliver my bad news after the trap was reset and it was ready to explode. The furry creature was laughing at me. I woke up the next morning and exclaimed "Holy smokes Batman!". The trap was sprung again. It was as empty as a Guinness. I thought it was a third time lucky. I reset the trap with prejudice and was about to start work. There was no activity on the trap for a few days. I saw motion out of the corner of my eye while I was picking through the guitar cords. A giant rat is sitting on a box behind our couch. He probably came to play a game. Our eyes were closed for a second. As he held my gaze, he must have realized that my intentions were not legit. I sprang to my feet when he vanished under the couch. I flipped the couch on it's side so I could give him a country line dance. He went into a hole behind the fridge. Yes, a hole! The little devil had chewed a large hole in our kitchen cabinets so large that you wouldn't need to have Tiger Woods to putt a hole in one from across the room. I realized that the tiny mouse traps were not going to cut it. I had no choice but to break out the rat trap because it was so bad to the bone. I chuckled as I pried it's jaw back and locked it in place. Big Bad Mamma Jamma was glowing in the night near the wood that had been chewed in our cabinets. Waiting for the rat to make a move. It's aura was so powerful that the rat must have known it was dangerous. A week passed with no action from the trap. The rat is getting bolder and more brazen. We could hear it dancing under our cabinets and in our walls at night. The rat liked to be on the move and I set glue traps next to where it likes to go. I had more glue in our house than at the Spiderman convention. "With great power, comes great responsibility", and I was going to glue this rat in it's tracks, just like in the movie Fly II where Martin hatch. The glue traps did not catch anything over the course of 3 days. They were not working. I began searching for something else after I realized that the rat was going to take our home. The area around our couch had to be cleaned after it started to smell of rat urine. You like to eat rats. I have the thing! I said to myself, "I want a 5 lbs." A bucket of poison from Amazon and some containers to keep the dog out of harm's way. I set up poison bait locations that would have made Michaels proud. We had tried many other things and we were at a point where we needed results, but I didn't like the idea of putting in our house because of the poison. The rat entered one of the boxes. Yes! He was going to town on the bait. I was listening to Charlotte's Web's song and it was ringing in my ears. The gates are shut. It can be found on the ground when the lights go out. That's where a rat can jump. I knew this was going to work. There was no sound the next night. Could it be? Life could return to normal after we thought the poison had worked. I left the poison out in case there were more. Maybe another week went by with nothing. There is. Again. The person is running across the floor. How could this happen? The rat wouldn't touch the poison I left. I put peanut butter around the poison blocks. The rat wouldn't touch the poison and would eat them all. The previous rat must have taken my phone in the middle of the night and then used it to send poison to his followers on the rat social network. The rat wouldn't touch it, as in more than one. They were making a nest from the inside of the couch. It was built to the level of a palace for rats. I bought some live traps from Amazon. They had a small door that would open and trap the person inside. I wanted to take the rat to court for past due rent and damages. Or maybe doing medical experiments on him to learn more about science. I put slices of orange and sunflower seeds in the traps that came with the package. I made small trails of seeds. The rat reached inside the live traps and took the first couple inches of seeds to eat. He wouldn't go far enough to set off the trap and be caught. I bet this rat would have defeated me at a game. I didn't have any ideas. My wife wanted me to get rid of the rat problem. She wanted to pay hundreds of dollars for an exterminator without knowing if the rat problem would be fixed. I asked her to let me try one more thing. She agreed to give me 10 days, but I had to show a confirmed kill to prove that I was working. I searched for products on Amazon and watched videos on the internet. The Rat Zapper Classic was found on Amazon. I decided to give it a try. It arrived at our front door two days after it was available for Prime shipping. I pulled out the trap after opening the package. It made me smile when I saw the picture of the lighting bolt on the rat's head. It was thicker than I expected and it was rugged. It had a light smell like a manufactured part would smell. There are slots for 4 AA batteries at the top of the battery housing. I put peanut butter on the execution plate. I had to use a butter knife to get the proper placement because it was difficult to reach with my hands. I made a trail of seeds that led to the trap. The rat would always eat them from the entrance of the live traps. The trap made an electric buzzing noise after it turned on the power switch. It is most likely that the lethal shock was delivered by high voltage Capacitors. I imagined the execution of Delacroix from the Green Mile. The trap should be kept away from the water. I went to check the trap the next morning. From across the room, I could see a tail sticking out from the end. A confirmed kill! On the first night too. This thing works. It's a good thing! My wife and I are very happy. I didn't have to touch the rat. The whole thing was carried out to the trash after I switched off the trap. I took the trap back inside to bait if there were more. The kill was not too soon. I was going to try bucket traps and satanic rituals. When nothing else worked, this solved our rat problem.

6. Victor M144 Power Kill Trap

Victor M144 Power Kill Trap

Chemicals and poisons can't be used around children and pets. A powerful kill bar makes a kill quick and humane. Simple to use set and release. The large bait trough is easy to place. The trip pedal can be activated for higher catch rates. Attaching to pipes, beams and other hard to access places where rats thrive can be done with mounting holes.

Brand: Victor

👤I threw away the three Victor Power-Kill rat traps I bought. Two of the traps wouldn't work. The kill bar could not be released even when the Trigger Pad was depressed. The third trap could not be set. The trap was set in my garden for several hours, and then in the middle of the night, it snapped closed, because there was nothing nearby to cause it to open. There was no way to adjust thetrigger when I inspected it. The traps were useless. Where were they made? Victor is a good company and I have relied on their wooden traps for decades, but this product has a major problem with either manufacturing or design that makes it useless.

👤Beware of brands that look like Victors. They are not as effective as the real Victor brand. Trigger mechanisms were difficult to set, so I had to return a dozen imitation traps. When I put them in a box, they would bind up. Some of them were so sensitive that they tried to snap shut in my hand. If they weren't careful, I could see someone breaking a finger. There is no problem with these vampire boots. I've tried the electronic zappers, but they need frequent cleaning or they stop working. The Victor M-144 traps are the most economical traps I've found. I've seen these in a beige color or black, but they work the same way.

👤There are 3 rat traps in my garage. I also have glue traps. I will not park my car in my garage or even walk in it after I found a nest on my car battery. I have traps in there for 3 days. The bait was gone, but the trap was not sprung. I bought this trap after reading reviews. A huge rat was found dead in this trap in the morning. Wow. It works better than the others. I paid for same day shipping when I purchased a second one this morning. I want to know if there are any other people in the garage. This trap is great. If you have rats, buy some. I put peanut butter in the trap. They are on sale and I ordered 3 more. You don't know if any other roof rats are in your garage.

👤The traps from Lowes were not worth the money. The Victor was found at Home Depot. It works well, and it is much cheaper on Amazon. A great locking system doesn't have to worry about losing a finger. I found out that lizards like peanut butter and do not get trapped, and that I had a reptile in the trap. I thought I would get the rat the next morning. The trap was gone. Went to animal control. People are seeing Racoons all over the island. Problem solved. I put the trap on the metal chairs on the deck. There are no more missing traps. The Racoons are still around. I went out in the morning to get rid of the rat and found one of the chairs overturned and the trap still attached. The only thing left of the rat was his head. Racoon had dinner with me and I still have my trap. Is it possible that they will untie the knot or chew the twine?

7. Victor M250S Touch Upgraded Electronic

Victor M250S Touch Upgraded Electronic

Kills up to 100 mice with fully charged batteries. The columns hold Mouse in place. No experience, no touch. The kill chamber has aremovable kill chamber for easy baiting and cleaning.

Brand: Victor

👤So color me happy. There were a few things in the kitchen. We decided we had a mouse, because we don't live in reality. We don't want poison's or snap traps for our child. We placed the mouse in the corner of the floor in the kitchen because we wanted it to be in the kitchen. Nothing happened. The last bag of Donkey chips had been eaten and we had to set a trap on the counter. The green light was on in the morning. I did not. I was expecting a rapid flash, but it's only once every 15-20 seconds. I could see a tail when I looked in the opening. I had two concerns. The mouse was going to look like Large Marge's ghost and be splattered all over the trap, so the first thing that happened was that. I was going to be attacked by the reanimated corpse of the mouse when I touched the trap. I just dumped it into the dumpster. There was no mess. We re-baited the trap and set out to kill the rest of the mouse's family.

👤I was impressed with this product so I wrote a review. I had a mouse in my apartment for the first time and he was snacking on tortilla chips. These are not Tostitos or any mass-market store-bought garbage. The tortilla chips are made by a local business. They're thick and salty. I don't want a mouse eating my tortilla chips. I will not. This aggression will not last. The old-school snap trap can be a bit messy. I didn't want a glue trap. The little guy is eating my chips. I'm not trying to hurt him. I settled on an electric shock trap. A quick zap is all it takes. The best way to go is not the worst. I bought a trap. It's very easy to set up, put in your 4 AA batteries, put some bait in the trap, close the lid, and turn it on. I put the trap on the counter in hopes that the mouse would take the bait after he came out onto the counter to raid the chip bag. I found the trap with a green blinking light the next morning. The trap has been killed by a green blinking light. The "no touch, no see" part of the product claim is what we are going to discuss now. I think that's generous. It would take some effort to not see the mouse carcass, but you can easily dispose of it. You would have to not look at the trash for a long time while you dump the mouse body into it. I think you could really dispose of the mouse in one way. The trap has a split design. The kill chamber can be disconnected from the electronic side without opening the lid, so you could get a new one. That seems wasteful. If you are going to kill the mouse, the least you can do is look at your work and think about what you've done. The only way to dispose of the mouse is to open the kill chamber lid and dump it in the trash. Don't look. Maybe it makes you feel better to know that the mouse looks peaceful and not like he might look after a 7000 volt zap. A mouse was killed on the first night of the trap. Awesome! I re-baited the trap on the theory that there is more than one mouse. When I woke up the next morning, the green light was back on. 2 for 2. The trap is waiting to see if there are any more. This trap does a great job of killing mice and you can try baiting it with tortilla chips.

8. Mouse Insect Glue Trap Pack

Mouse Insect Glue Trap Pack

It's inaudible to people and pets. Glue traps mice. Place inside a tin cat Mouse trap. Just place and catch! Release paper is easy to remove when ready to use. It can be folded into a tent to hide insects.

Brand: Victor

👤I lost my wife to cancer, she had multiple spine surgeries, and I didn't think it was safe for her to have any chemicals in the house.

👤I bought a jumbo pack when I saw evidence of a lizard or mice. I used half the box around the house. There are tiny foot prints and hair on several locations but no animals. I was able to figure out that the animal came in along a pipe. Another $100 was spent on bait traps. This is a good buy if you want to catch rilly polly bugs. It doesn't catch mice.

👤The reviews were read by me. They don't tell how effective this product is. I was wondering if it was possible to catch mice near my house. It is a good price to get 72 pieces. There was no result for two days. I only saw bugs on it. I got a stick today. It seems strong enough to catch a mouse. I'll put new ones there. The product is good and has a good price.

👤I needed a few stick boards for people who were not paying rent. The boards were placed at a few areas in my home to catch anything that crawls. A very effective method of catching pests. I was able to catch and release one. If not more, the box should last me over a year. I'm glad I have them for those times.

👤A mouse was caught in the trap by night after I got the product. I put it under my bed because I have caught mice there before. The mouse is on the trap, but it is moving its way out. He has his back attached to the glue. He will not be going anywhere. If you want to get rid of mice, it's definitely recommended. I have had mice poop on my bed and crawl on me while I am trying to sleep and this product definitely meets my expectations for a good product. If you want a mouse trapped, then click buy now and use the nice and handy Traps. Go ahead and watch the video, I added a video of the mouse being trapped.

👤These glue traps work well without harmful chemicals. We caught a mouse after putting these where we saw mouse dirt near our recycling center. The glue boards trap insects in the house. The brand is very effective and it is a very good price per board. I keep a stack in the garage if we ever have a rat in the house. We try to keep the house well sealed, but occasionally some mouse stills find an opening we missed.

👤I bought a bunch of sticky mouse traps to combat my mouse problem. I bought a different brand of Max-Catch and it worked great. I needed to get good sticky traps to catch the mice after they leave their comfort zones. The brand of trap has had zero mouse catching out of 72 traps. Mouse droppings and fur have been found inside many of these. The adheavise is not strong enough to be effective. The older, dusty Max-Catch traps are better than the newer ones.

9. Control Reusable Chipmunks Squirrels Mousetraps

Control Reusable Chipmunks Squirrels Mousetraps

If you are not happy with their product, they will try to help you. Reliable and sanitary pest control will keep your home free of unwanted pests and keep your household safe. You can finally get rid of rodents with the help of a smart bait cap feature that allows you to place your chosen rat attractant or bait to lure the mice in, as well as an extra sturdy, polystyrene construction that promises to last for years to come without losing its efficiency. Pest control methods that leave dead, decomposing mice in your home are no longer effective. Place the traps alone or in pairs in places where rodents might hide. The high precision, stainless steel spring will hold the trap in place with more force than other rat traps in the market, without breaking the skin, ensuring a mess free kill. Forget about falsetriggers, stolen bait, and escaping mice. The specially designed teeth and snap mechanism of the rat traps make them very effective at seizing rodents. The humane design ensures that rodents are killed quickly and painlessly. These rat traps are easy to use and use multiple times, unlike wood traps that are difficult to set and tend to leave foul odors and blood stains. The trap can be easily opened over the garbage bin. They are able to offer you a hassle-free return because they are so sure about the quality of their rat traps. If the mice traps don't meet your expectations, you can return them for a full refund in no time. Can you afford to miss this offer?

Brand: Kat Sense

👤I woke up feeling thirsty at 3am. I went to the garage to get a glass of milk because I thought I'd be able to fall back to sleep because I wouldn't be worried about rats. They say that assuming makes the rodents out of my garage. When I was a child, my male and female rabbit would get out at the same time and start rolling around together. My dad told me not to allow them to do that. "But why dad?" I asked after some mumbling under his breath. He told me that they were fighting. I knew the rats would end up with the same result, only they wouldn't be cute baby bunnies. It was time to act. Buy traps. Plan B is to move far away. I caught 3 rats with a little leftover bacon grease in the cup that goes in the bottom. These were Florida Mutant-sized rats. I grew up in Detroit attending the Eastern market several times a year and the rats don't phase me. Wow. These things were large. I'm not sure if they were labradors in rat costumes, but I did not get a good look at them. It's good to know that the traps died instantly, they were still right where I had placed them. I got a rat every night, but never again. I can feel confident getting milk at 3am without fear. Customer service is also great. The traps in the first batches wouldn't set even on the first try. The company sent me a new set of traps after I sent them an email.

👤I have been fighting mice in my bedroom since the summer of 2019. I thought I saw a mouse when I heard scratching noises in my kitchen. I thought I was just seeing things when I didn't see any droppings. I opened my under sink cabinet and saw something. I put up the cabinet with about 1 cup of Ramik pellets. All the pellets were gone the next day. I did this for 3 days. They stopped eating the pellets on the fourth day. I waited. I could still hear mice but they weren't eating the pellets. I found the mice under the sink a week later. I was very happy. I put a few pellets under the sink to make sure. I looked at the cabinet every day. There were no missing pellets. There was no poop. About 2 months later. A mouse jumped out of a basket and ran away when I lifted a yarn ball to get the one under it in my bathroom. I bought the first mousetrap after watching some videos. The Better Mousetrap, 6-Pack is from The Intruder. It was a waste of money. I heard it snap but there was no mouse in the trap. The trap was gone when I woke up to check it. This happens a lot when I look on the internet. I tried an Ulrasonic mouse trap. It's complete waste of time and money. Didn't kill a mouse. I started hearing more and more droppings. They were getting bolder. They would be out all night. It didn't matter. They would run as soon as I turned the light on. I bought the D-con no view no touch mousetrap. I have yet to catch a mouse. The traps are still green, but no mice are caught. The catchmaster 72max Peat trap is a glue paper trap. I don't like to kill mice myself. I wanted something that would kill them quickly. I tried baking soda and sugar. Not a dead mouse. I would see marks and droppings in the powder they ate. I tried the plaster and sugar. Again, not a dead mouse. I didn't know what to do. More research is being done. They are so smart that they will avoid poison and traps. I have yet to see any dead mice that are not in a trap, but they were completely avoiding Ramik pellets at this point. I had the idea of getting a bigger trap. I felt like the regular mice were too small. The rat traps I purchased have been a game-changer. I put some peanut butter in the bait station. I heard the trap go off before I could even sit down. I ran to see if I caught anything and there was my first kill. I screamed "yes!!". Set the trap again and dispose of the mouse. I heard it go off again 30 minutes later. I ran to the trap after hearing squeaking. The mouse got loose as I was about to pick it up. Oh no! I baited and set again. There was nothing for 2 days. I gave the bait station a 3 stars because it took a long time to get that peanut butter out. I decided to use Ritz crackers instead of peanut butter. I put them in the bait station at the bottom of the trap. The bait station for the trap was gone after the last mouse left. I couldn't find it. The bait station is easy to clean. I was a little disappointed that the bait station was gone. Ritz crackers were put in the bottom of the trap. The mouse had to get on the lever and into the trap to get the crackers. I was baiting with peanut butter. I want to mention that mice are smart. I won't be able to catch a mouse in the same area for a couple days if I catch it in one spot. I will bait the trap and move it to a different area. I have been very successful in this way. I live on a large lot with a grassy back yard. I think I will always have problems with mice because of this. I tried using the oil around the house. This didn't do anything. My most successful time catching mice is 1. Cheez-IT crackers are good for baiting the trap. They can't stay away from Cheez-It's. I only use this bait now. 2. I have seen a mouse or droppings against a wall or door. I wait about 5 seconds after hearing the trap. I will investigate if I hear squeaking again. I know I will get a kill if I don't. I will wait until the morning to dispose of the mouse if it is the middle of the night. I put the mouse out of its misery if I hear squeaking. Since these traps are made for bigger rats, there have been several times when the mouse is trapped by its legs and still alive. I have to kill the mouse. I hated it in the beginning but now feel like it is better than letting the mouse suffer. I drown them so it is not messy. February 2020 is when I am still battling mice. I believe they are getting in and putting foil in the hole to try and work. This is my most successful method of killing mice. I have not seen any dead mice. I am sure they are eating the pellets when they are gone. I know this is long. I wanted to save someone the same headaches and frustration that I had when I couldn't find the right trap, because I had so much time reading and watching videos on the internet. Good luck ridding your home of these little nuisances.

10. OWLTRA OW 2 Electric Instant Trigger

OWLTRA OW 2 Electric Instant Trigger

It is safe to use around children and pets. Owltra is the humane solution for getting rid of large populations of rodents, as one set of 4 AA batteries is enough to kill 60 rats. Owltra ensures no false zaps with improved dual IR sensors. The no-escape design keeps the rodents in place while generating high-voltage shock for quick elimination. The Quick-Zap System guarantees 100% elimination without causing the rodents to suffer. It can be placed anywhere in your home or business and is a safer alternative to poison and chemicals. The chamber has a dual IR sensor at the entrance and at the back. Owltra only works when it senses a rat inside the trap, which prevents false zaps and protects children and small pets. No-Mess disposal - with magnetic latches, you won't have to touch or see the rodents. Remove the trap's lid and put the rat in the trash. Owltra is activated when the top is removed. The bait area is convenient and can be used to lure rodents in. To apply bait on the trap's floor, simply lift open the bait door and use a toothpick or cotton swab. peanut butter is a good bait for it's high levels of protein.

Brand: Owltra

👤The electric rat executioner box is a game-changer when it comes to killing rats without mess, and I have already killed 23 rats using it, which is a high average, because other traps will not catch many rats that fast. Thank you so much! I have extra batteries that I can use to kill rats in my apartment house.

👤I have a mouse problem and it seems to have developed a liking for my noodles. The ramen pack left outside of a sealed container has a hole through it. This item was on the "Mouse Trap Monday" channel. I tried many different types of mouse traps, from glue to "humane", to metal "tin cat", to various snap types. I added Amazon AA batteries to both and armed one in a location I've seen mouse droppings before. I put my noodles in a sealable container, but the other was left up top. The lower trap had a dead mice inside, and I noticed the strobe flash every few seconds. Everything fell out when I turned the container upside down. I rebaited the trap and made sure I saw the green light after I put it back. The other trap will get its first victim. There seem to be no more mice in the area after each trap claimed 2 victims.

👤I don't like killing anything, even mice. I don't like snap traps and they don't kill at times. I was looking for something that would dispatch them quickly. This does the job. Do not use this outside as you will kill anything that wonders into it. Birds toads and other innocent creatures.

👤I was expecting more hype than delivery. I can buy a lot of spring traps. Adult mice only work with spring traps. This one has all the mice. The product's performance blew me away. I've been having a hard time catching some of the smaller juvenile mice using a variety of traps. Smaller mice are too small to spring the traps, so bigger mice are fine. The trap did the trick. The though that went into the design was something I liked about it. If a parent of a small child is concerned about leaving a trap that provides an electric shock, they will want to know that this trap has safety measures that make it much safer than any spring trap. It's made from strong material. The only way to open the trap is to disarm it. The trap can't operate until the electrical contacts separate, which is when you open the top. Even a small child could break the case and it would be useless. It has a flashing green light for when the trap catches something, so you only have to walk by if there is anything inside. The batteries need to be changed and it has a red light. They thought of everything. How often can you talk about a product? The bottom half of the house can be cleaned with soap and water. Windex was used to kill it.

11. Victor Easy Mouse Traps Pack

Victor Easy Mouse Traps Pack

Many of their glue traps and glue boards are made in the USA. The wire snap trap is made from wood. Clean and quick trapping. Can be used around animals. It's ideal for runaway trapping. The Swiss cheese pedal does not require baiting.

Brand: Victor

👤Yes! It was a classic. It was deadly. The mice are being shown. Listen. There are 10 litters of mice. It is per year. You don't want them in your home. Period. Yes. It may seem a bit harsh. The reality is. There can be a lot of illness if you have mice in your home. The list continues. These traps are old fashioned. I put all of them up. I have at least one family. I wascurrying around in my cealing. Every night. They bite through insulation and wires. I had to figure it out. End it once and for good. I used Grass Fed cheese. The best for their last meal. I lay in bed to write. Two snapped and I heard a noise. Rest your souls. I'm taking my home back. I will not update with a picture. I'm pretty sure it's a horror scene. I will check it tomorrow. If there are more that want to join their family in mouse heaven. Word of advice. Setting the traps is slow and steady. I had a finger that was hurt. I've felt worse. Give them the best last meal of their life by using that bomb cheddah. You took back your domain, be proud. Be careful setting them. The metal hinge is held on by a staple. Pull that off! Keep your fingers on the side as you pull the yellow piece up. It was wonderful. The wood smells good. Overall. Great product. I'm unsure how many people are living in the ceiling, so I'll be buying another pack. It was a sad day for little buddies.

👤I bought a few times and liked a lot. I was going to return the last batches from September, because I thought it was faulty. The traps are not faulty, but I was doing it wrong. I canceled my request for a refund and posted this to save the situation for the next guy. I found a review on Victor's website that explained how to set this trap. I don't know why the old way of setting the traps didn't work for me, but I was able to set all new traps by using this method from "Guy", who was the one who told me about it. Victor needs to improve its instructions. I posted a very negative review two days ago. I must now change my mind about Victor's Easy Set mouse trap. I challenged the person at the customer service desk to try and set my traps after I returned my traps to my retailer. She did it easily. I discovered the secret while watching her. The yellow bait pedal has a maximum movement of 50o from its resting position. It should be held at a much deeper angle when it is placed in the trigger bar. Slowly release thumb pressure on the kill bar. I was able to fully release my thumbs without incident because the Trigger bar held my position. The trap was set. I wonder if this is the reason for the difficulty others have experienced. I apologize to Victor. There is an old AMAZON review. Even on NYC mice, it gets the job done. The NYC mice are the kind that learned to avoid traps and are now being built nearby. I tried different traps, but only Victor worked. I tried humane no-see enclosed round traps, but no mice were caught. I tried glue traps from Lowes, but they gathered dust, with mice happily running and skipping nearby. I finally got Victor's traps, but by the time I got them, the mice had left the building. I left 4 Victor's traps by the wall if mice came back. For a few months, the traps were empty. I didn't have a mice problem anymore. A neighbor told me that there were mice in the building. The old Victor traps caught two mice at once. Nice! For a month or so, there was nothing. I saw another mouse after it reappeared. I set out more traps after I saw it. Adding peanut butter to the bait will make it harder for the mice to get it out. There are traps along the wall. Set traps in pairs that are an inch apart. The first two mice were caught with the old Victor traps that were sitting out for a while without any bait. It's best to set traps in pairs, as mice will be caught when they jump over the first trap. Within 10 hours of seeing the mouse, a single trap was on top of my stove. I added peanut butter and a Trader Joe's dark chocolate bar with almonds as a bait, and I saw the droppings. If you're looking for an effective trap against the city mice, this type of old-fashioned snap trap is the one for you.


What is the best product for electric mouse traps for homes victor?

Electric mouse traps for homes victor products from Victor. In this article about electric mouse traps for homes victor you can see why people choose the product. Rat Zapper and Kat Sense are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric mouse traps for homes victor.

What are the best brands for electric mouse traps for homes victor?

Victor, Rat Zapper and Kat Sense are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric mouse traps for homes victor. Find the detail in this article.

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