Best Electric Nail File Baby Kit

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1. Electric Baby Nail File Clippers

Electric Baby Nail File Clippers

Baby nail scissors are not safe for baby care. Use these battery operated infant nail clippers to cut your baby's nails. The baby nail clippers are free of the harmful chemical. The baby should stop scratching themselves with their nails. Baby safety is important. The baby nail filer kit comes with 4 baby fingernail file pads that are good for a different age to grow with your baby. Pink is for 3-6 months, blue is 3-6 months, yellow is 3-6 months, and orange is 3-6 months for toddlers. The baby electric nail file has two filing speeds, so you can trim each baby's nail with confidence and keep them calm. It is a great gift for a baby shower as it is an electric baby nail file. The motor is quiet and powerful. The baby electric nail trimmer from Cherish Baby Care is a great baby grooming kit and great for use after bath time because it is very quiet. They take care of their customers. The baby nail kit has a 60 day money back guarantee. The newborn nail file kit comes with a storage case for safe and gentle filing. The portable baby grooming kit newborn comes in a plastic carry case that can fit into a hospital bag or diaper bag and is perfect for a baby shower gift. They take care of their customers. The baby nail kit has a 60 day money back guarantee. The newborn nail file kit comes with a storage case for safe and gentle filing. The portable baby grooming kit newborn comes in a plastic carry case that can fit into a hospital bag or diaper bag and is perfect for a baby shower gift.

Brand: Cherish Baby Care

👤I thought this would be the solution to my battle with my baby, I followed the instructions and read them. If I file from the front, the lowest setting is a little too fast and skids or breaks the nail, if I file from the top, it's not even even. I was careful not to use it for more than a few seconds because I was afraid it would burn the baby and I didn't want him to notice, but I am not using it anymore. He wouldn't recommend it for small babies when he's older.

👤I received this product in June but didn't have my baby until August 15. He is 6 days old and was scratching his face. I told the doctor I had a cherish file and got the go ahead to file them. I had to write a review about it. He slept the entire time, didn't roll or startle, his nails are shorter, smoother, and no scary baby nail clippers, which the doc said not to do this early anyway! I am very happy with the cherish and will recommend it to all of my friends who are also first time mothers. His face should be scratch free. Thanks a lot.

👤Great product! I ordered this for my 18 month old who won't let me trim his nails with the manual clippers, and I can't reach him in his crib when he's asleep. I was worried that the noise would make him freak out, but it is as quiet as can be. It was easy to assemble and works great. He allowed me to use it on his nails. I tried it on myself to make sure it didn't hurt. I am very happy!

👤They told me that they are now offering replacement packs in a single size. I tried this product on my toddler and it was great. I realized it only came with one orange pad. Replacement pads come with one of each, not the option to pick what size you want. I think I will return because it will be a lot of money in the long run.

👤I was hesitant to buy this because I had never heard of anyone using something like this, but it definitely works. I bought this because I was too scared to use nail clippers on my baby. When I first used it, I got help from someone else, but today I did it myself and it didn't bother the baby at all. They are safe and effective. It seems impossible to hurt little finger tips with this device.

👤Absolutely love this baby nail grinder. I use a basic nail file for 5 months. It still doesn't work as well as I would like it to. My 5 month old girl doesn't mind me using this if she's awake. Once they are asleep, it is more of a breeze to use. It is so quiet that you can barely hear the rotating pad. The sand will not fight against you when you grind your baby's nails. You can grind at an angle, curve, vertical, and increments. You can shape the nails without hurting your baby's skin. I use the two power settings. I set two initially and one for touch ups. I check her nails every now and then. I like the packaging and the color. Let's see how long the sand grit pad lasts. I ordered extra just in case.

2. Electric Clippers Grinding Grooming Manicure

Electric Clippers Grinding Grooming Manicure

2 The baby manicure set includes an electric baby nail file and nail clipper, making it easy to groom your nails. You will get a single package that will include a charge cable and 6 replacement grinding heads. The infant nail file electric is a safe and effective way to trim and polish your child's toenails and fingernails. The baby nail trimmer is electric and prevents you from accidentally cutting your child's skin. The baby nail trimmer makes toenails and fingernails softer. The electric nail file baby is easy to use with only one button to control the speed and rotation. You can choose the direction and speed of the nail trimming. The baby nail clipper and toddler nail file have built-in lights that are quiet and can be used in the dark. The baby electric nail trimmer set can be used for babies from 0 to 12 months old. The electric nail file for babies nail trimmer manicure set is a great gift for new parents. The newborn nail clippers kit is a great gift. A portable baby nail trimmer is a great gift for a newborn. The electric nail file for babies nail trimmer manicure set is a great gift for new parents. The newborn nail clippers kit is a great gift. A portable baby nail trimmer is a great gift for a newborn.

Brand: Abtor

👤The nail care device is designed for use on infants and toddlers. Their suggested usage range is 0 - 12 months, although they do include some pads for adult application, which could also be used for all age groups. The baby pads have a softer substance which is appropriate for the finger and toe nails of infants. The device is not loud. You can choose between two speeds and a rotation direction. The handle has a switch on it. The middle position is off, with two indents in either direction. Each direction has a high and low speed. There is a small directed light when using this feature. Most people would attend this task in a well lit area. It is still a nice feature to have. There is a The feature of the nail clipper is an issue. The lever is on the handle. The plastic body blocks the lever when you try to turn it around, you need to angle it at the right spot. The design of the clipper head is an issue. I think they paid too much attention to the visual aspect. There's too much plastic in the way of the clipper blades. The grinder pads push onto a machine. They work as expected. It's not a very robust motor, but it does get the job done. There are photos to show the real world images of the clipper/grinder device. A comprehensive overview of the product is provided with various angles and close ups. I like the feature of the grinder. A device that is less frightening for a young child to see is a positive. The device earned a 4 star rating based on initial impressions.

👤I really like this 2 in 1 baby nail file. One of the heads has a baby nail cutter that is cute with an light and the other has a grinder with a cap. Since my child is two years old, I will use the sapphire color according to the instructions on the grinder. I would use the metal or gray color if I wanted to. It is powered by a microusb cable. It is fast to charge. I was able to use the unit immediately after I charged it for a few minutes. The packing list had a storage case listed twice, but I didn't receive it. It's understandable that a storage case should be included. This is a great affordable baby nail cutter and grinder unit. I had to contact support twice regarding their so-called storage case, and they have been giving me the runaround. They said it was a mistake and that each item should have a single storage case. When I pointed out that I did not receive a storage case, they replied with a picture of something else. I asked them to send the picture back, and it's now radio silence. Poor support of this product. I think it's misleading because the storage case is just a plastic container that the nail cutter and trimmer comes in, and it's not something separate to be expected. I would have given this product 4 stars, but since support is subpar, I docked a point.

3. YIVEKO Clipper Manicure Pedicure Kids Owl

YIVEKO Clipper Manicure Pedicure Kids Owl

There is a 4 in 1 conversion. The entire grooming kit includes a baby nail clipper, scissors, soft-tipped tweezers, and a glass nail file that won't hurt the skin around the nails. The case is cute. This is one of the safest and easiest baby manicure sets on the market right now. It's safe for everyone. The baby manicure pedicure set is produced in a sanitary manner. The blades are rust-free and made from precision steel, so they are safe to use as a trimmer. The handles are free from harsh chemicals. SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR KIDS. The baby nail clippers have a non-slip handle. The baby nail scissors have a large hole handle. The baby nail file is perfect for the small fingers and toes of toddlers. The rounded tip design of the Infant Tweezers is useful for cleaning like picking the nail scraps or bellybutton. The perfect baby gift is a cute and durable case with 4 tiny tools that are made for tiny fingernails. Their premium infant nail set is a perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday, or for new mothers who are going to have a baby, also perfect for moms on the go. If you are less than 100% satisfied, please get in touch with them for a replacement or full refund at any time. They're dedicated to your satisfaction and won't just say try their products. If you are less than 100% satisfied, please get in touch with them for a replacement or full refund at any time. They're dedicated to your satisfaction and won't just say try their products.

Brand: Yiveko

👤The cute case and baby-sized nail scissors are easy to use.

👤I am a new mother and trimming my baby's nails can be pretty nerve-racking, leading to sweaty, shaky hands. I found the baby grooming kit by accident. This set contains everything I need to groom my baby's nails. The scissors are functional. The rounded edge makes it safe. I don't need to worry about poking him. It has a good quality cutter that makes the process go quickly. I got them for my friends who have babies.

👤There is a caution-choking hazard. The white peg on the scissors fell off after I used it for the first time. My baby is only 4.5 months old, but I would be very cautious when using them. I don't know how much use it will take for the peg to fall out again. The scissors work well. It is easy and safe. I showed my husband how to use theblades to pinch my finger. There was no pain. There were no cuts. I was able to trim her nails while she was awake.

👤This set is well made and it is so cute. I've been afraid to trim my son's nails. I've been able to peel the long bits off after a bath, but as he's getting bigger, I'm worried about peeling too far. I was looking for a glass file for his nails. I decided to try it after seeing this set at the same price as some single files. I'm very happy I did. I was able to get his nails down with the help of the clippers and file.

👤The Yiveko Baby Nail Kit was given to me just before my baby was born. The kit has scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, and an emery board. My daughter's finger nails were too long and needed to be trimmed immediately after she left the hospital. I felt confident using them on a newborn because they have blunt tips and there is no risk of cutting the baby's skin. They were the perfect thing for a newborn. As my little girl gets bigger, I will use the other things in the set more. The case is very cute. The price is right and I love it. I recommend this nail kit to anyone with a baby or small child. This Amazon seller is excellent and she is a great person to talk to if you run into any issues. Buy this nail kit!

👤My one year old is very fond of this kit. The seal character is so cute and she is always excited when it is time to trim her nails because I let her hold its head. The kit has everything you need for an infant to a child. I use this product on both of my kids, 1 and 8, and I plan on using it on my son due in January as well. The scissors in the kit are great for hanging nails and the file is perfect for infants who can't use clippers yet. This kit is worth the money because it can be used on any age. It's a great gift.

4. Tachibiu Baby Nail Clippers Electric

Tachibiu Baby Nail Clippers Electric

The silent file 2 in 1 nail trimming tool helps do the job quickly and safely. The LEDs on both ends are safe to use. Babies and family members could use 6 sanding heads. The cent motor has low noise and vibration. The hassle and money are gone with the Rechargeable battery.

Brand: Tachibiu

👤This is a great buy, it is the first nail clipper/ file that my daughter hasn't pulled away from. Love. The nail clipper has a light on it. Definitely recommend it.

👤My baby's nails are easy to trim with this nail clipper. It is not loud and it is very subtle, so it does not bother my baby.

👤This thing works. I have to avoid cutting my infant's nail because I end up cutting her skin and it bled, but this one is still possible because of the led lights attached. It helps me avoid accidents.

👤This product can be used through most stages of a child's life, which is cool. I only use them on babies 6 months and older. These clippers are very powerful.

👤It's amazing! It's perfect for baby mail. It has a light as well.

👤Our one year old grandson doesn't like having his nails cut. It's a combination of being confined during the process and the fact that I accidentally nipped him once and he hasn't forgotten it. I picked these up because I wanted to take some of the stress out of keeping him groomed. It's important to keep his nails short because he scratches himself a lot. The set is a must have for parents and grandparents. The clippers are very sharp and there's no need to try to get them to cut. The lights help you to see what you're doing. The file does a great job. Sometimes I don't have to clip the nails because the file takes care of them. The light on the file helps keep things easy. He loves getting his nails done. He laughs through the process.

👤I was terrified of using a nail clipper to cut our baby's nails. It seemed like there was a lot of room for error. I enjoyed using electric nail files up to this point, and was ecstatic to discover that there were. Many improvements were made to the previous versions of this model. Several of the features are fantastic, but a few of them were not thought out. This model has a nail clipper and file. I can use the nail clipper now that our baby understands what I'm trying to do, and it's a great idea. It wasn't well designed. They tried to get too cute with the design and make the baby's ears useless, as if the baby would be amused that it had bear or mouse ears. This also limits the range of the nailclipper, where you can only cut straight across, and can't cut the edges since the ears block it. Really not smart. The file is more powerful than before. It would be too strong for baby nails under 2 years old, but it is great for our toddler. They would destroy them. There are lights. The lights on newer models do a better job of illuminating the target area. The 2nd and 3rd pics were taken with the lights out, as it would have been a hassle to do this on our toddler. The end lights up when you flip out the nail clipper handle. It is important. If you're new to using these electric files on a baby's fingernails, please take this advice and be aware of where you put the file. The first time I used a baby nail, I touched the nail on the "upswing" part of the disc, which caused the nail to split. I like to make contact with the disc against the nail. If you can, try to start closer to the center because the more distance you travel from the center, the more force will hit it. Older models did not allow you to choose clockwise or counter-clockwise. I would like to practice on your own nail first before damaging your baby's nails. I love this file because of the lights and the added power, which is desired when doing our toddler's nails. If it was an infant, I would go with less juice.

5. Zooawa Electric Grooming Clippers Fingernails

Zooawa Electric Grooming Clippers Fingernails

Made of eco-friendly material, lightweight and safe, powered by 2 AA batteries, energy-saving, and comfortable to grip. There are 6 kinds of grinding head, including orange, green, and scuplture head. A blue grinding head is fit for a baby. There are three types of grinding heads: Cylindrical grinding head, Metal grinding head and White grinding head. One-button activation, two-gear speed, bi-rolling function, better to fit palm, easy to convert and operated, all-round exquisite polished, effortless and time-saving. There is a built-in light. The low noise and shock absorption motor does not affect the baby while they are sleeping. It's great for home and travel because of the cute and portable storage bag, nail tools and accessories that can be stored in one box. It's great for home and travel because of the cute and portable storage bag, nail tools and accessories that can be stored in one box.

Brand: Zooawa

👤The price is the best on here. He didn't wake up or flinch when he filed his names while he was sleeping. No batteries were included. Takes AA batteries.

👤It doesn't have to be a nightmare to keep your kids at bay. I don't have to worry about cutting my child's finger because this is so easy to use. It's easier to see my kids nails with the light on. It was a great purchase for the price.

👤This can be used on my babies. Does what it says. I don't have to worry about nicking my kids nails. The case is very easy to use. Very happy with the purchase.

👤These are great for baby finger nails. I have ordered two because the textured foam can pop off the plastic piece, but it is easy to find and inexpensive. I bought a different brand from buy baby that was more expensive than the one I had purchased, and was very disappointed in its function.

👤I've tried a few brands from Amazon. I bought a blue one a couple years ago but it isn't powerful at all. It stops when it's in motion. This one doesn't do that. Definitely like this one more.

👤I love this so much. I needed something to use on a wriggling infant because he wouldn't sleep through nail trims. It can be difficult to shorten her nails, but it's a safe process, even if the trimmer slips and hits some skin. I considered a four star rating because the little light it has does not help at all, and it casts a shadow that makes it harder to see without a light source coming from the opposite direction. It doesn't diminish the usefulness of the product for me.

👤I bought it because I heard it was good and I wanted to use it on my baby. Two different speeds per side, left and right rotation. It is too much power behind the spin for my toddler. I use it for myself.

👤It worked fine but stopped working after being accidentally dropped to the floor. The light is on and nothing looks broken from outside.

👤Its nice. I think it's so powerful for the baby that they jump whenever I use it.

👤Es perfecto. No tengo, me limarselas an estando despierta, pero aprietas ms de la Cuenta. Tiene dos sentidos. No, he utilizado la lima naranja, no lo he utilizado en adultos.

👤Para m es una mejor opcin. No paro de recomendarlo. La lima no duele tienes una piel con lo. Yo lo usé, en el hospital. No usamos manoplas, no son recomendables. No es imprescindible, la nica pega.

👤Cumple con su funcin, lo he probado y ami me da aunque pierda. I cuesta alcanzar con los discos para limarlas.

👤No se resisten las bebés, he ido limandoselas y se sper relajada. No se tiene un dao porqué de hecho. También tienes una sobrino de seis meses. Un acierto!

6. RUIBANG Electric Baby Kit Baby Clippers Gift Figernails

RUIBANG Electric Baby Kit Baby Clippers Gift Figernails

The round shape of the machine is more convenient for hand-holding. The portable design of the machine allows you to carry it wherever you go. You can use the nail file machine with just one button. You can operate the trimmer by holding the baby's hand. Different colored nail trimmer grinding heads are designed for different stages of babies growth. 6 nail trimmer grinding heads are suitable for all ages. Newborns have thin, fast-growing nails that can easily scratch their face or adult skin, so when they are long, gently clip nails to a proper length first, then use the baby manicure set to grind and polish them. Your baby's nails will be clean. You don't have to worry about your baby scratching himself. If you have any questions about their products after purchase, please contact them, they will give you the most satisfactory answer as soon as possible, and if the product has quality problems, they can replace it for you.

Brand: Ruibang

👤I don't write a lot of reviews. I think this is one of the products that deserves a review. It is different from other baby nail trimmers in that it is round and has a curved design. I bought it for my friend, who uses it on her children. Her son is able to use himself. You can switch between the power button and the nail trimmer, without having to hold on to it. A good product. The baby is getting his nails trimmed.

👤Excellent quality. It's easy to use for baby or older children.

👤Me encanto lo uso con mi bebé, antes se me dificultaba cortarle las Uas ami bebé.

👤It's the best thing for little fingers. Works on babies.

👤I am happy! This product is great for my diaper bag. The size of my diaper bag front pocket is good and the case is textured and has a mesh pouch in it. The instructions say to file on the edge of the pad. The center is quieter and the edges last longer. You can only use for baby for low use of nail pads. If you need it for everyone at home, then you need to order more metal nail pads. If you try to use all 3 nail pads on a regular basis, it will let you down. If you don't like it, just try. You can always return it.

7. Electric Manicure Clippers Fingernails Grooming

Electric Manicure Clippers Fingernails Grooming

13 in 1 baby nail trimmer. The baby nail file comes with 13 grinding heads, which include 6 grinding heads with 3 textures and colorful sandpapers, which are designed for various stages of babies' growth, 3 cylindrical grinding heads, and 2 metal grinding heads for adults. The foam cushion on each sandpaper protects the skin from harm. The nail file can be used to care for babies' fingernails. The nail file machine can only be controlled by one button. You can choose from high and low speed, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, which are suitable for either the right or left hand. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and makes the fingernails and toenails softer and smoother. TheQuiet Motor and Light. The quiet motor in the Topsome nail care kit makes it easy to trim babies' fingernails without bothering them. If you want to trim your baby's nails after they've fallen asleep but are afraid of making them awake with the light on, it can be solved with the baby nail trimmer's built-in light which will change into the normal or soft mode by the speed. The package set comes with an extra nail clipper. How to use the baby nail trimmers? If your baby's nails are too long, you have to trim them down. The grinding machine needs 2 AA batteries. You need to choose a proper grinding head for your age and need. Pick the rotation and speed you need, then gently grind the nail edge to smooth. Risk-free purchase with Satisfactory after-sale service. The electric grinding with a speed of 5000 revolutions per minute offers a comfortable way to trim and polish nails. The nail trimmer is suitable for newborns, infants, toddlers, kids from 0 to 12 months or above, and adults. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Topsome

👤I bought this file because I was having trouble cutting my baby's nails, it can be easier to cut with this file, but it doesn't seem to work as well as in the product video, but it works with effort!

👤The item is well made. I needed to be able to file newborns nails and this is easy to use. I am able to use it while my baby is sleeping. The product will last later.

👤Perfect size and tools. I didn't want an abrasive tool for natural nails. Love it.

👤I gave it to a first time parent. They loved it. They said it was very easy to use.

👤I want my money back.

👤This is a must have for all parents. I know a lot of people are afraid to use a nail clipper on a baby, but this electric trimmer changes that. I didn't know baby's nails grow so fast. Baby will get scratched if you don't trim them. The device is easy to use and won't hurt the baby. The unit isn't loud and won't scare the baby. Make sure you start with the "gentlest" one, the orange one, and work your way up as needed. I recommend trying it on your own nails before using it on a baby so you can get an idea of how it works. Each one has two speeds and can rotation left or right. The plates cover the light from shining on your nails, so I don't think it's useful. We trim baby's nail in a bright room. It doesn't matter to us. Before you get this set, you need to get the batteries ready. They gave an extra set of heads because they get dull after using it many times. The price of this particular set is very competitive and cheaper than other sets that do not include the extra heads and nail clipper, so I highly recommend it to every parent and child. I've told a few people and bought a few sets for them, and they've all said how useful it is.

👤I ordered the electric baby nail file because I was uneasy using clippers on my baby's nails. My baby would get annoyed whenever I used a clipper and a file. I had to stop before my baby started to freak out because they will have scratches on their face at the end. One of my friends suggested I look into baby nail dremel. The electric nail file is in a case. You have to push into the top of the tool to attach the attachment. You just have to pull it off. It was very easy to use. The tool feels good in your hands. It takes practice to get the technique down. I was able to smooth my baby's nails down quickly and to the length I wanted so my baby wouldn't scratch their face anymore. This is an essential accessory for my baby. I think this product would be great for any parents with a baby or toddler.

8. Electric Safety Trimmer Clipper Fingers

Electric Safety Trimmer Clipper Fingers

There are multiple speeds and rotation patterns so you can try out different nail filing positions. The nail clipper is lightweight and sleek so it can be carried in a purse or handbag. Even as the baby sleeps, you can file nails with a whisper-quiet motor. The nail file comes with accessories for babies and children, as well as adult use. The nail trimmer is safe and gentle on delicate nail beds. The nail trimmer is safe and gentle on delicate nail beds.

Brand: Qunlions Life

👤My sons head has been saved by this. He hates fingernail clippers. He allows me to use this product to file his nails. It was quick and easy.

👤I didn't like the product at first. Sometimes the filing seemed abrupt, and I thought it was harsh. After a few tries, I realized I don't need to use L1 or L2 directions. I have a 6 month old baby. The pink file is always used on R1 speed. I am very happy with how quickly I can file his little "claws"! I will be a signature baby shower gift. I've tried it all, and when I cut his finger tip with my nail trimmer, I was the only one who didn't like it. I went back to mittens and manually filed his nails, which took a long time. I'm glad I found this solution.

👤I bought this for a small linnie bird. His beak started growing crooked because there weren't any local bird vets. I tried everything I could to find a solution for trimming my bird's beak. This is perfect! It is easy to use and effective. His beak looks better and he liked it more than before. Hopefully we can keep working on it. It is nice and straight again.

👤Why didn't anyone tell me about this? For me to say no, I clipped my little fingers. There was no more nail clippers. I was too scared to use anything else. I was told by other mothers to bite his nails. I don't bite my own so why would he? I remembered that a mom told me to use nail filers. It is a little annoying that when you move the container with all its contents in, everything moves and you have to rearrange it again. Only down side. The grinder has some drawbacks. I never knew what R1, R2 and L2 were. The light is small and it's annoying to turn the grinder the direction of the light. Even if it hits his skin, my son doesn't care and he enjoys it. The grinder stops when you apply too much pressure. If you are like me, and afraid to clip your little ones skin, you should get a nail grinder. My husband and I both use it.

👤I don't do reviews but I love this thing! I used it for the first time today and it works great. I have to fight my one year old on nail days because it is so hard to get them short enough and to the point where they are not sharp or jagged and this cures all of that. It was easy to use and comes with different pads. It is so easy to manage and it does not hurt the skin, it just files the nail straight down to where it is smooth and short. He was amazed by what he saw. No tears, no fit, nothing. I will definitely be using for the baby I have due Tuesday. 10/10

👤The file works. I am using it on my baby's nails. Replacement/alternative heads that weren't included in my order are displayed on the item. It should have these according to the item title. I am disappointed. The built in light was not very useful as the file head covered a lot of the light. If you use this in good lighting, this isn't an issue. I found the light most useful to turn the file upside down, so the light is below the mail instead of above, and you can see through the baby's transparent finger to file the nail. You can maximize all of the light you get if you file at one particular angle.

9. Fridababy NailFrida S Curved Nail Files

Fridababy NailFrida S Curved Nail Files

The curved S-shape of the nail file is specially designed for small fingers. There are scales. After baby nails are clipped or used on their own, the file follows the shape of the nails. The MITTS should be switched. There are files for little fingers. 5 Pack of S-Curved Nail Files are free. It's safe for everyone. From newborns to toddlers. 0+ months. It's safe for everyone. From newborns to toddlers. 0+ months.

Brand: Fridababy

👤I was too scared to use nail scissors on my baby's nails, and these are preventing me from doing so. It is a common misconception that nails should be filed after a bath. Don't file after a bath! It can hurt your baby since the nail is too soft. The files should be used while baby's nails are dry. The splitting of the nail can be prevented by filing in one direction. I like how many come in one package. I leave one upstairs and one downstairs when the baby is asleep. Filing his nails has never woken him up.

👤These files are great. The review is based on the fact that I did not receive the authentic Friday Baby files. The ones I received as part of this order have strips on them that are weak and don't say "Frida Baby". Don't buy these on here because they could be fake files that don't work.

👤I was disappointed that they weren't very effective at filing baby's nails down. The curve thing seems like a trick, but the edges wouldn't be filed down and it was hard to get to given the shape of the file. The husband and I tried many times, but we weren't impressed and kept getting scratched. We tried the curved nail scissors and baby clippers, but they were not as effective as the electric baby files we found on Amazon, which were only$15.

👤Many drawbacks make me look for other options. The shape of the nail makes it easier to file delicate baby nails, and they are pretty disposable, you can do a full see of nails with one. You wont get more than 2 uses of 10 nails per nail file because of the fall out. That's the biggest disappointment.

👤The concept is a great idea, however when I received them the files were peeling away from the curved board so the quality could be better.

👤I noticed how quickly her nails were growing after a couple of days with my newborn, and how she loves to scratch me and myself. I was afraid to use the nail clippers. Thankfully it came with a nail file. It's much easier to use. I don't live in fear of hurting her. 2 months have passed. I am still using the files.

👤These are easier to use on baby's hands than a straight file. My son doesn't like getting his nails filed. I have to file Them frequently to avoid him scratching himself because his nails grow very fast. They are effective.

👤It's easy to do if your baby is sleeping, these are great for newborn nails. My baby is only 4 months old and it's not as easy to get her nails done as it used to be. The files get worn down quickly when she gets very picky. The good thing about these is that they are cheap and do work. I wish they didn't wear down so quickly. They get the nails filed quickly when they're fresh. I have one more set. I got an electric nail filer to see how it works. I might use both of them to round her nail.

10. Nail Filer Baby Fingernail Electric

Nail Filer Baby Fingernail Electric

The electric nail trimmer will stop spinning if it is pressed too hard against the baby's finger, so take the fear out of baby's nails. Their baby nail kit is versatile and can be used by the whole family, with even a vertical file for those hard to reach. The baby nail cutter causes sharp edges after cutting nails. You no longer need to worry about baby scratching her face because their baby electric nail file produces perfectly rounded nails. The electric baby nail filer has two speeds and two directions so you can spend more time playing with your child. Their product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty; if you have a problem with their baby electric nail trimmer, they will send you a replacement for free. Their product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty; if you have a problem with their baby electric nail trimmer, they will send you a replacement for free.

Brand: Nolla Kids

👤The automatic nail files are more user friendly than traditional nail clippers. My son's claws get razor sharp and he needs an electric file that is safe and won't cut or burn his skin. This is very easy to use, works well, and has several attachment points as baby's nails become thicker to accommodate them.

👤Our son is two years old. We've been trying to get him to let us clip his nails. We saw this product and decided to try it out. He likes using the nail filer. I was worried that he would hurt himself if he used the nail filer on his own. If he presses it into his skin, the head will stop, because it has 2 speeds and 2 directions. It was nice for me to help him build trust with the product, because I feel comfortable with him using it on his own. He had his nails filed a week or two ago and they are growing back now. Soon it will be time to file again. The box does not include batteries. I don't think that's a bad thing, just a reminder that you'll want to have 2 AAs ready for when it arrives.

👤If you have an infant, this is better than using nail clippers to cut a child's nails. It is easy to use and the kids don't notice. The nail clippers are harder to clip when the baby is in your lap. These? It's easy. If you have a child, get it. The product is the best. I am guilty of using it to file my own nails.

👤We got this for our neighbor who just had their second baby and they are loving it! The dad told us that they don't need to worry about cutting their kids when they don't cooperate. Even if the trimmer touches the baby's skin, it won't hurt them because it has different directions and settings. This is the best way to cut your baby's nails.

👤My daughter likes the electric file from Amazon. I clipped her nail and her skin using traditional baby nail clippers. It was a traumatic experience for both of us. I bought these the next day. They are very easy to use and even have attachment for adults. I file her nails in a well-lit room because I don't find the placement of the light very helpful. I would recommend them to new parents.

👤It is easy to use, but I wish the files were more durable. I can tell that it is not going to last for as long as I need it because there is only one baby safe attachment. The attachment for callus buffing is going to be useless because there is not much power in the file.

👤I love this for trimming my toddlers nails. I didn't like clipping skin and him bleeding. I cried and said I have to find something better. I use it on myself.

👤Our daughters use this file for their fingernails. We have been using this since she was 7 weeks old. She doesn't wake up when we file her nails, so we have to do it when she is sleeping. It's much better than hurting a baby.

11. Replacement Pads Electric Baby Trimmer

Replacement Pads Electric Baby Trimmer

There are different types of nail file pads for babies and children. It's compatible with the following: Homet-TEK, Little Martins Drawer's, Fansidi, BabySteps, Anjou, Elera, Fzcono, and Cadrim. Ages for the refill. Pink, light yellow, and blue pads are for babies from 0 to 3 months old. There are 2 pink pads, 2 light yellow pads, and 2 blue pads.

Brand: Jaybva

👤The Little Martin baby nail trimmer was the reason we bought these. They work the same as the original pads. We were happy to purchase!

👤I didn't think this would be a big deal until I noticed the skin under my baby's nails was dead after using the replacements. The nail file pads are thicker. The originals were less rounded. I've been using the electric nail file for over a year with the original pads and never had anything like this before.

👤Make sure they don't get wet or damp.

👤It's a perfect replacement for electric nail files. When toddlers nails break through the originals, it's a good time to use this. Haven't had to use the second one.

👤Son perfectamente compatibles, ya no tengo, porque se me gaste la lima.

👤These things are lifesavers. It's always difficult to trim the baby's nails. This is not as difficult as it could be.

👤I bought these for my baby and they have worked out great for us, we are going to use all the replacement pads! If you are buying these for a new born, they will be rough.

👤Glad to find replacement pads.

👤It's so cheap. It works with my Little Martin's Drawer electric nail file.

👤The files were bought to replace the Little Martin's Drawer nail trimmer. My baby's finger bled. Avoid dangerous product.


What is the best product for electric nail file baby kit?

Electric nail file baby kit products from Cherish Baby Care. In this article about electric nail file baby kit you can see why people choose the product. Abtor and Yiveko are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric nail file baby kit.

What are the best brands for electric nail file baby kit?

Cherish Baby Care, Abtor and Yiveko are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric nail file baby kit. Find the detail in this article. Tachibiu, Zooawa and Ruibang are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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