Best Electric Nail File Baby Refill

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1. Electric Safety Trimmer Clipper Fingers

Electric Safety Trimmer Clipper Fingers

There are multiple speeds and rotation patterns so you can try out different nail filing positions. The nail clipper is lightweight and sleek so it can be carried in a purse or handbag. Even as the baby sleeps, you can file nails with a whisper-quiet motor. The nail file comes with accessories for babies and children, as well as adult use. The nail trimmer is safe and gentle on delicate nail beds. The nail trimmer is safe and gentle on delicate nail beds.

Brand: Qunlions Life

👤My sons head has been saved by this. He hates fingernail clippers. He allows me to use this product to file his nails. It was quick and easy.

👤I didn't like the product at first. Sometimes the filing seemed abrupt, and I thought it was harsh. After a few tries, I realized I don't need to use L1 or L2 directions. I have a 6 month old baby. The pink file is always used on R1 speed. I am very happy with how quickly I can file his little "claws"! I will be a signature baby shower gift. I've tried it all, and when I cut his finger tip with my nail trimmer, I was the only one who didn't like it. I went back to mittens and manually filed his nails, which took a long time. I'm glad I found this solution.

👤I bought this for a small linnie bird. His beak started growing crooked because there weren't any local bird vets. I tried everything I could to find a solution for trimming my bird's beak. This is perfect! It is easy to use and effective. His beak looks better and he liked it more than before. Hopefully we can keep working on it. It is nice and straight again.

👤Why didn't anyone tell me about this? For me to say no, I clipped my little fingers. There was no more nail clippers. I was too scared to use anything else. I was told by other mothers to bite his nails. I don't bite my own so why would he? I remembered that a mom told me to use nail filers. It is a little annoying that when you move the container with all its contents in, everything moves and you have to rearrange it again. Only down side. The grinder has some drawbacks. I never knew what R1, R2 and L2 were. The light is small and it's annoying to turn the grinder the direction of the light. Even if it hits his skin, my son doesn't care and he enjoys it. The grinder stops when you apply too much pressure. If you are like me, and afraid to clip your little ones skin, you should get a nail grinder. My husband and I both use it.

👤I don't do reviews but I love this thing! I used it for the first time today and it works great. I have to fight my one year old on nail days because it is so hard to get them short enough and to the point where they are not sharp or jagged and this cures all of that. It was easy to use and comes with different pads. It is so easy to manage and it does not hurt the skin, it just files the nail straight down to where it is smooth and short. He was amazed by what he saw. No tears, no fit, nothing. I will definitely be using for the baby I have due Tuesday. 10/10

👤The file works. I am using it on my baby's nails. Replacement/alternative heads that weren't included in my order are displayed on the item. It should have these according to the item title. I am disappointed. The built in light was not very useful as the file head covered a lot of the light. If you use this in good lighting, this isn't an issue. I found the light most useful to turn the file upside down, so the light is below the mail instead of above, and you can see through the baby's transparent finger to file the nail. You can maximize all of the light you get if you file at one particular angle.

2. Electric Trimmer Clipper Fingers Purple 18

Electric Trimmer Clipper Fingers Purple 18

There are multiple speeds and rotation patterns so you can try out different nail filing positions. The nail clipper is lightweight and sleek so it can be carried in a purse or handbag. Even as the baby sleeps, you can file nails with a whisper-quiet motor. The nail file comes with accessories for babies and children, as well as adult use. You can quickly trim and polish your nails with the nail trimmer. You can quickly trim and polish your nails with the nail trimmer.

Brand: Qunlions Life

👤It's great for babies. 10/10 was recommended.

👤Fcil de usar.

3. Bblüv Trimö Replacement Filing Discs

Bbl%C3%BCv Trim%C3%B6 Replacement Filing Discs

There is a replacement filing disc for the Trimo nail trimmer. Choose the right color for your baby's nails. Stage 1 is pink. Stage 2 is 3 - 6 months. Stage 3 is for 6 - 12 months. Stage 4 is 12 months. Stage 4 is 12 months.

Brand: Bblüv

👤Our baby's nails have been trimmed with Little Martin's, and they've been great. The discs need to be replaced more often as our baby gets older. Little Martin's sells replacement discs for a suggested retail price of$15. The replacement discs from Little Martin's are half the price of the complete set. Unless you are expecting another baby, Little Martin's doesn't make sense to package the 0-3 months and 4-11 months discs. The set comes with 3 discs of 12m+, which makes it more understandable. We need to replace the discs every quarter. We found replacement discs that are compatible with our Little Martin's.

👤The file is good for one use. I need to replace the nail pads on my son's hands after using one nail pad for both hands. His nails are not long. Quality is not there.

👤The refill is for the nail trimmer. My daughter is over a year old and she has multiple replacement discs for a year.

👤It's much easier to cut baby fingernails. A must have! Babies' fingernails are the worst. The product is great because you don't have to worry about cutting the baby.

👤Great product. Enjoying it on my baby's nails. Fast delivery.

👤Replacements for a well-loved item.

👤The discs that came with our trimmer wear out more quickly than the ones that came with a different brand. They do a good job, but the small packs of the specific pads we need are about half the price of big sets with a bunch of pads we don't need, so we're quite happy with that. P.S. We're using these with a "Cunina" nail trimmer, which is a generic brand that's prevalent here on Amazon. These pads work well with it, but don't stick out as far as the original ones.

👤The replacement heads come in a variety pack. They fit the nail trimmer perfectly and make trimming toddler's nails safe and comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

👤Stock up! You'll need to change these discs often. I recommend buying multiple packs because they sell out quickly. I use the blue and yellow ones for my 11 month old because they're gentle and effective.

👤The Little Martins baby nail trimmer is compatible with it. The package comes with three of the same type, which makes more sense than the original replacement that comes with LMs. There are slight differences but they are functional.

👤I didn't like this product at all. The border around the file is hard to get to.

4. Qunlions Life Replacement Electric Grinding

Qunlions Life Replacement Electric Grinding

The package includes 12 pieces of baby nail file pads in 5 different colors, suitable for 0 - 3 months baby, 4 - 11 months baby, and at least 12 months baby. Electric baby nail grinding heads are designed for baby nails, for they will not hurt their skins and nails, and also, using grinding heads will make baby's nails smooth and clean, without scratching skin. The pads are suitable for most standard electric baby nail trimmers, convenient and practical, and are provided for people to replace the old pad. It is easy to use, first you need to press nail replacement pads into the electric nail trimmer, and make sure that it is installed. The baby nail clippers have different colors for different ages, each of them has a different focus on baby's nails, so they will show less reluctance to nail trimming. The baby nail clippers have different colors for different ages, each of them has a different focus on baby's nails, so they will show less reluctance to nail trimming.

Brand: Qunlions Life

5. Electric Manicure Clippers Fingernails Grooming

Electric Manicure Clippers Fingernails Grooming

The baby nail file has 10 grinding heads, which is better than others. Different stages of babies' growth and various needs can be met with 6 colored sandpapers. There are 2 soft grinding heads for polishing and 1 metal grinding head for adults. The manicure set can be used for children from 0 to 12 months. As well as adults. There is one-butt and adjusted speed. The nail trimmer is very easy to use. The modes can be operated by one hand, and you can switch them off. The electric nail file can be used to trim different hands' fingernails. It is possible to make toenails and fingernails softer and smoother. Quiet operations andLED front light. The baby nail file has a soft light which will help you use it in the dark. The nail care kit has a motor. You can trim toes and fingernails while the baby sleeps. If the baby is awake, you won't make any noise or fear for him. This nail trimmer is approved for use in the European Union and is also approved for use in the United States. Excellent and safe: that's what it's called. The baby nail file is powered by batteries. You can quickly trim and polish both toenails and fingernails with the help of electric grinding. You can file little nails with 2mm foam under the sandpapers. The safe nail grooming set won't hurt the soft nail beds. The electronic grooming kit will give you and your baby full healthcare. There is a zero-risk purchase. The nail file machine is built with high-graded ABS. The design allows you to carry wherever you please. Every package comes with a nail clipper. The nail care kit can be given to a new parent at a baby shower. The baby nail file has a no risk return policy. They will give you your money back if you don't like the baby nail file.

Brand: Consevisen

👤I didn't use it for the first two months because my baby's nails were so thin, but I liked that it came with replacement heads and a carrying case, and it seemed like it would be more convenient than a standard file. I only used it when my baby was sleeping or distracted by his bottle, and I had my finger on the side of the rotating head to slow it down. This method was not perfect. I wanted to give this product a good rating because I think it will work well for older kids. My husband accidentally cut our son with the product even on the lowest setting and the gentlest file head, so I am giving it 2 stars. He tried to use it while our baby was awake, but he pushed his hand into the file and it hurt his finger. I didn't want to cut my baby so I got the file. It's not realistic to think that a baby will be able to use this product. We are past the return window but I don't think we will ever use this again. I decided to buy a pack of glass baby nail files. I know they won't hurt my baby.

👤My wife researched the best product to file our 4 month olds nails. He only allowed her to file them while he was asleep and nursing. She used this right when we received it. This product is easy to use, it is quiet, and it has a night light that is helpful. It only took a few minutes to do one hand and one foot and it wouldn't be that great of a file. She likes the different file heads it came with. It came with a refill pack. We will recommend this to people we know with a baby.

👤This is a must-have for a new parent. I put this on my baby registry, but nobody bought it for me. I thought I would give regular clippers a try and save $20. It is frightening to trim newborn nails. They need to be trimmed when the baby is small and fragile because they come out so long. I didn't know their nails are paper thin, making it hard to clip them. I tried one nail, couldn't cut it cleanly, and gave up the traditional trimmers. I have had no regrets after ordering this electric file. I can get each hand done in under five minutes while I am nursing. Each finger is meticulously filed. If you needed to, you could do it faster. The orange file has been great so far. There is no harm done when it hits the skin. I have never cut my baby with this, and I don't think it will be an issue when using the right file.

👤I still think cutting with nail clippers is easier than using this. It makes baby's nails soft so they are less likely to scratch themselves. You can cut your baby with this nail file. I'm not sure if I would buy this again.

6. EcoSmart Electric Tankless Modulating Technology

EcoSmart Electric Tankless Modulating Technology

FCC, CE, and RoHS are certified with test reports. They will help you if you have any problems. The product is strong. The product is easy to use. It was manufactured in China. The heating elements are easy to replace. The flow is referred to as activation flow. The flow is referred to as activation flow.

Brand: Ecosmart

👤I will not purchase from this company again. I replaced our eco smart water heater in our rental home. I bought it on August 30 and had it installed on September 6. The water heater went out a month later. I had a guest in my home on Friday night and she told me she had no hot water. The power/thermostat button was faulty and I had to call our installer. It would probably go out again if he fixes it. I immediately order a new one. It went out again the next day. I had to pay for an emergency call and get a new water heater, and I had to pay for a guest to come back. Amazon and EcoSmart refused to help. If they did cover that, the water heaters would be more expensive. I believe that one of these companies should be held accountable for the quality and reliability of this product.

👤I have installed EcoSmart in many places. It took me 4 tries to get this one installed where it didn't leak around the water supply. I have done hundreds of these types of installs on do-it-yourself projects. Nobody does new install with the compression fittings that these are designed for. I had to use a combination of pipe thread compound and Teflon tape before I was able to get a seal on their supply connections. Hey EcoSmart! Help a brother! These connections need to be changed. This is the smallest of the EcoSmart units that I have installed. I wanted to upgrade the hot water in my trailer. I chose this water heater because it only required a 40 Amp breaker and it was advertised for a single bathroom. Travel trailers and RV's are limited to 50 Amps max because of the electrical supply in campsites. I have an Eco 11 in my master bath, but it requires a 60 Amp breaker. I thought I would try this, but it isn't working as well as I would like. It doesn't have enough time to heat the water because it has too much flow. It's not a very satisfying shower because there is too little water flow. The good news is that I can take forever hot showers in my camper, but the bad news is that it is with a very low flow of water. Eco 11 is great for showers. Eco 8 isn't that much. If you only needed hot water for washing hands, this would work. It's not good for showers.

👤The product needs to stand up to the test of time, so I wait to write a review. The first tankless water heater was installed in July of 2016 by me. Things happened after about 4 weeks. There was a noise that got louder with time. I have an electric stove. I use the hot water when the stove is on and the magnets are very loud. Eco Smart customer service told me there were no moving parts. I made a video with sound and sent it to them. I was sent a part to replace. Two days of the same loud noise. They sent me a new board. Come on! I have to buy and install two new connections every time I take this unit apart. I have purchased all 10 of the items they had. Eco smart sent me a new unit. The noise is starting up as if it was yesterday. I don't want to deal with their customer service as they were rude towards the end of the dilemma. I will probably junk it and try something else.

7. ZoLi BUZZ Electric Baby Trimmer

ZoLi BUZZ Electric Baby Trimmer

Each stage of your baby's growth is covered with replaceable pads. The grooming motion trims nails while keeping the surrounding skin safe. The case is a stand at home. Energizer size and multi-power setTINGS make it easy to use. The 1.75 x 1 x 4.5 size is safe for newborn and up. The 1.75 x 1 x 4.5 size is safe for newborn and up.

Brand: Zo·li

👤It was bought after friends recommended it. It was hard to replace the heads, but after I did it seemed to work for my baby. After 1.5 months of use, it's already not working well, and my baby loses his patience when it takes too long. It doesn't hurt him, but doesn't do a good job either, and even when I use it on a daily basis, I still can't get those nails short and smooth enough so that he doesn't scratch himself. It's not working as well as I hoped, but I expected it to replace the scissors. Wouldn't but again.

👤I clipped my baby's finger tip when she was small because I couldn't find a way to clip her nails. I have tried the nail files, but they are too long and painful. I can do it easily while she is playing with something in her other hand and then switch hands, because she lets me do it easily. You have to do this daily or every two days, the nails get too long again. This has saved my baby's face from being scratched when she sucks her thumb with the rest of her finger under her eye and next to her nose, because she would accidentally scratch herself when soothing and sucking.

👤The battery life is not good. The batteries run out quickly. Also, second. It takes too long. It's very gentle on your baby's fingers, but it takes too long to file the nails down, because it leaves the outer edges sharp. I had to get back to the old school nail trimmer.

👤I knew my little boy was going to need his nails trimmed when he was home for the first week. I was pregnant and heard of this device. I was trying to avoid buying another useless device. The baby is here. I tried to trim one nail with the typical baby nail trimmer, but refused. I was not going to be able to get the job done with regular baby nail clippers. I'm a first time mom. I wasn't brave enough to go for it. I ordered the Zo-li Buzz after I realized I wasn't brave enough for the clippers. It trims my little one's nails so that he doesn't scratch himself. I can do it while he is asleep. I would recommend it to everyone. This might be my new go to baby shower gift. It's one of those things that you don't think you need, but when you have it, you don't want to be without it.

👤I used this with my babies. There are different options in files. If you are worried about using a nail clipper, this will give you peace of mind. I only used the file a few times until I gained the confidence to use a nail clipper on my baby.

👤I have a baby at home and she kept scratching her face. I bought this nail trimmer from Amazon. The baby does not mind us trimming her nails. She has different options as she grows. We don't have to worry about her scratching her face because we just trimmed her nails and she doesn't cry while doing it.

8. Replacement Pads Electric Baby Trimmer

Replacement Pads Electric Baby Trimmer

There are different types of nail file pads for babies and children. It's compatible with the following: Homet-TEK, Little Martins Drawer's, Fansidi, BabySteps, Anjou, Elera, Fzcono, and Cadrim. Ages for the refill. Pink, light yellow, and blue pads are for babies from 0 to 3 months old. There are 2 pink pads, 2 light yellow pads, and 2 blue pads.

Brand: Jaybva

👤The Little Martin baby nail trimmer was the reason we bought these. They work the same as the original pads. We were happy to purchase!

👤I didn't think this would be a big deal until I noticed the skin under my baby's nails was dead after using the replacements. The nail file pads are thicker. The originals were less rounded. I've been using the electric nail file for over a year with the original pads and never had anything like this before.

👤Make sure they don't get wet or damp.

👤It's a perfect replacement for electric nail files. When toddlers nails break through the originals, it's a good time to use this. Haven't had to use the second one.

👤Son perfectamente compatibles, ya no tengo, porque se me gaste la lima.

👤These things are lifesavers. It's always difficult to trim the baby's nails. This is not as difficult as it could be.

👤I bought these for my baby and they have worked out great for us, we are going to use all the replacement pads! If you are buying these for a new born, they will be rough.

👤Glad to find replacement pads.

👤It's so cheap. It works with my Little Martin's Drawer electric nail file.

👤The files were bought to replace the Little Martin's Drawer nail trimmer. My baby's finger bled. Avoid dangerous product.

9. Clippers Electric Trimmer Fingernails Suitable

Clippers Electric Trimmer Fingernails Suitable

The Instinct Moment baby electric nail file is designed to safely trim and polish little toe and fingernails for babies and adults. It can quickly and safely trim and polish toenails. It is soft and can protect nail beds. The Instinct Moment electric nail trimmer is very easy to use. The modes can be operated by one hand, and you can switch them off. A whisper quiet motor is used to power the baby nail clippers. You can trim your baby's nails with a light aimed at their fingernails. You can charge the baby nail trimmer with theusb cable. For about 75 minutes, charging 1 hour can keep working. There is a charge cable provided. The package includes 9 grinding heads and a cable, no need to buy new grinding heads for replacement. If you have a question, they will reply and solve it within 24 hours.

Brand: Infant Moment

👤I love this tool. The noise is very low. It stops if you put too much pressure on it, so there's no risk of hurting the baby's skin. My baby is 6 months old, and his hands are too big for the mittens. He was tearing me to shreds when I nursed him. I don't get any scratches anymore because his talons are filed.

👤I purchased this August 30th, but have only used it a few times, and the on/off knob doesn't work properly, so it won't shut off. The return was shut off on Sept 30th. Not impressed yet. I would like to buy a different one at this point.

👤Muy bueno para limar las manos.

👤You save on batteries by being Rechargeable. I use the set for sanding my adult daughters nails, especially along the edges, where she tends to get hang nails. It works well for mild use. This isn't very powerful and doesn't work well when you press too hard, which is great for babies or toddlers, as it helps prevent sanding burns. If you use this on thick skin or dried hang nails, you will get hot and that will hurt, so don't hold in one place for more than a second at a time. I can't angle the sanding head because of the dust guard, which is nice to keep the dust from blowing up in your face. I removed it because I like it. I use a nail fan with a filter that pulls the air down and away to catch the nail dust and it works better for me than a nail dust guard. I don't use the other metal grinding tools, but they should work, but I wouldn't want to use a tool that doesn't have a stronger motor.

👤Our previous baby nail trimmer used batteries, so this was a step up. I don't know how many times we've had to change the batteries, but in our house we like to use rechargeable everything, it makes life a little easier. This product is superior because it doesn't have to waste money on batteries and then have to figure out where to dispose of them. The nail trimmer is safe to use on babies. Since the day the baby was born, we have been using this type of nail trimmer, and I have recommended it to friends and even purchased a few to gift to my friends. I tell them not to be scared if you are using this, because they always tell me how scared they are to cut their child's nails. Just use the head that is right for your child. The emery boards range from coarse to super coarse. You can see the nail of your baby with the light on. The baby's fingers won't be hurt by the trimmer. You can try it on your own finger to get an idea of the angle. I recommend this product to every new parent because they will need to cut baby's nails and it will scratch up their beautiful little faces. You don't want to use an adult nail clipper. This will make your life easier. I have recommended it to many people.

10. Nolla Electric Nail Trimmer Replacement

Nolla Electric Nail Trimmer Replacement

Safe and gentle on the nails. The replacement baby nail file heads are made with high-quality sandpaper with a soft foam cushion and produce perfect result every time. It's easy and hassle-free to insert the replacement heads into the Electric Nail Trimmer and you're ready to go. There are three levels of filing pads to choose from, pink for 0-3 month old, yellow for 4-12-month-old and teal for 12 months and older. It was designed for the Nolla electric nail trimmer. Please use the electric nail trimmer with the replacement heads to get the best results. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Nolla Kids

👤It works well for my baby. The noise level is amazing. There was little to no sound.

👤My nail file is perfect. Just what I needed.

👤Me encanta.

👤Not good quality. It feels like sand paper. I wouldn't waste time or money on this.

11. Replacement Grinding Electric Consevisen Fingernails

Replacement Grinding Electric Consevisen Fingernails

The replacement pads are designed for different stages of baby's growth and various needs. The set is suitable for newborn, infant, toddlers, kids from ages 0 to 12 months or above, and the 2 soft grinding heads are great for adult use. It is possible to have impersonal and comparable. The baby nail file replacement pads are perfect for Consevisen. The Grinding heads can be used with other standard electric baby nail files. The baby nail care replacement heads are safe. You can file little nails with 2mm foam under the sandpapers. It is possible to trim and polish toenails and fingernails. This set is only for replacements. Purchase the electric nail trimmer. They recommend using these pads with the baby nail file. There is a guarantee of success. The baby nail file replacement pads are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with their product, please contact them and they will give you a full refund or a new one.

Brand: Consevisen

👤You get what you pay for. Many of the files were not even shaped. I felt like I had to file down the file in order to file my baby's nails, which made it hard to file them out of the picture. One of them fell to shreds after using many times.

👤The product was supposed to come with 8 nail file pads, two yellow, two green, two blue, and two white. It arrived with only five pads, one blue, two yellow, two white, and no green. I don't know where this problem happened, but it's not a good result.

👤I bought these hoping they would work with the Little Martin pads my son ate.

👤I really want to love these, but they aren't as effective as I was hoping.

👤It's not good for infants. He had his finger sanded.

👤We used the first set for a full year. These are great! It is normal wear and tear. Will use them for all of our babies.

👤I've never written a product review. If you lose the small parts, these are great. I have lost 3 because of my cat. The pack I ordered only had 6. Very disappointed.

👤It was skipping across the nail. I didn't like the design of the head.


What is the best product for electric nail file baby refill?

Electric nail file baby refill products from Qunlions Life. In this article about electric nail file baby refill you can see why people choose the product. Qunlions Life and are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric nail file baby refill.

What are the best brands for electric nail file baby refill?

Qunlions Life, Qunlions Life and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric nail file baby refill. Find the detail in this article. Qunlions Life, Consevisen and Ecosmart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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