Best Electric Nail File Bits

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1. ISTON 36 Piece Professional Manicure Pedicure

ISTON 36 Piece Professional Manicure Pedicure

This manicure pedicure tools includes 11 high-quality STAINLESS STEEL STEALS that are made from durable sapphire and felt as opposed to plastic and 20 sanding bands, which are used for easily grinding, filing, shaping, cutting, polishing nails, smoothing corns, and more. When fully charged, the New Version nail drill machine can deliver up to 10-18 hours of use. The highlighted view of the light gives a precise manicure and pedicure. You can have manicures and pedicures at any time. 4 speed settings up to 20000rpm. The new electric nail drill has four different speeds and is easier to use. There is no need to worry about hurting your nails, because the powerful enough for giving you a great nail grinding effect and flawless salon nails. The 7.8x 1.5x 1.5 inch small size is lightweight and portable. The new streamlined non-slip design is easy to hold. The standard interface is ideal for all sockets. The nail filer electric can be used with a lot of things. The nail kit is very easy to use. The professional manicure set includes a pedicure manicure kit, an electric nail file, 11 high quality nail drill bits, 20 sanding bands, a storage case and a 5-year warranty. The ISTON manicure tools have been approved for use. The best manicure experience can be given to you. Let them know if there is a problem with the kit. Within 12 hours, they will assist you.

Brand: Iston

👤I'm returning for the second time. The battery won't hold a charge for even a few minutes when it stops after contact with nails or skin. I bought another one from a different seller because the first one did the same thing. I don't like to return things, but the last few things I've purchased from Amazon have had issues and should be discontinued. It's a waste of my time to shop for things only to have them not work and have to spend more time and gas to return them.

👤This seller only reached out after I posted this review, asking me to remove it in exchange for $10, instead of contacting me about my support request submitted weeks ago. They will only get involved when a bad review is published. I don't want a $10 gift card, I want a replacement for an item they sent me, or a full refund. I have used this drill twice since I purchased it six weeks ago. The first time it worked well, it wasn't a strong motor, but it did the job of removing most of my gel polish. When I used it again, the attachments became loose as soon as you turned the drill on, because they no longer lock in place. I contacted Amazon support and was told that the window for return had expired, but I could contact the seller. I have yet to hear back from them after I did that. I didn't expect a heavy duty salon drill for this price, but I think it will work after just 2 uses. There was no help from the seller.

👤When I first opened it, it was overwhelming but I love it so much. I used it for the first time. There are multiple bits to choose from. I love it because it is cordless. The case is easy to understand. It is easy to charge and quiet. I thought it would be harder to use. It is perfect for a beginning nail tech or someone who doesn't have time to go to the salon. Each of my sisters will get one for Christmas.

👤The files fall out of the machine after a few uses, the inside of the machine just broke, and the tension that held the file in place is no longer. The plastic that held the machine in place has broken if you turn it on upside down. I can't use it much now, and after the 30 day return. They should make the inside of the machine of steel with a clip on.

👤The professional nailpolisher, buffer, filer, etc. has paid for itself many times. I don't have to make an appointment because it's less expensive than going to a salon. The storage bag is easy to grab and go. I can take it anywhere after charging it. The charge will last because I have used it many times. It makes my callouses smooth. I use it on my husband's callouses and am glad it comes with a dust protector. It has a light indicator for going forwards or backwards and had 4 speeds. It's very strong. This is going to be on my gift list.

2. Rechargeable 35000RPM Professional Portable Electric

Rechargeable 35000RPM Professional Portable Electric

The KARITE electric nail filer has a speed of up to 35000rpm and is equipped with a strong coreless motor. The answer is 30 hours straight, and it's 3000 power capacity, which is surprising. The built-in strong power capacity with a capacity of 3000 power capacity and the low-consumption coreless motor make this nail drill a great choice for anyone who wants to create art without charging frequently. Each nail drill from KARITE comes with 13 exchangeable bits, including two ceramic bits, and 11 different types of steel, for filing and polishing. You can achieve most shaping and filing work with this complete nail art tool kit. I bet you are tired of having to connect your countertop nail drills to the power supply all the time and limiting your movement and imagination as well. You can do beautiful nail art wherever you want with the KARITE portable nail drill and filer. A company with years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality beauty accessories and tools is called KaRITE. The product that you purchase from KARITE comes with a 12-month warranty. If you have a question about the product, they are always ready to help.

Brand: Karite

👤The drill is terrible to use. I have been doing nails for a decade. I have never seen a drill that I hate more. This drill is hard to switch directions on. When you click the large dial twice it is supposed to switch directions but it doesn't, it just stops and continues to go in the same direction that it was already in. You have to click it over and over until it makes a decision. It doesn't have a charge. I make sure to completely turn off the drill when I use it on the same client. It dies whenever I go back to using it. It only takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to get a complete charge through one client, but I will keep it on the charger for two hours to get a complete charge. While charging, the drill is usable. You must wait for it to charge before you can use it. The bit stops rotating when I press down on the nail. I am not happy with this drill. I will never recommend or re-order something like this.

👤I've been doing my own dip nails for a few years now and the biggest struggle is removing the old set. The cheap nail drill I had was decent but the motor was very loud and it didn't feel powerful. I wanted to upgrade because I've started doing my daughter's nails. I contemplated a pro nail drill from the company I buy my supplies from. I saw the nail drill that was recommended. The reviews were good and the price was better than the pro drill, so I decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did. I don't have to use an outlet while using the drill. It's quieter than my old drill and has many different speeds. The drill part is weighted just enough to make it comfortable to hold, and the motor is very powerful. It had a wide arrangement of drill bits. I'm excited to learn how to use them. The drill I used to remove the old set went so fast that I couldn't believe it. I wish I had upgraded sooner.

👤I am comparing this machine to the pink modelones machine that I got when I first started doing nails and it is way better than this machine. The pink one was not wireless. The instructions are very clear and easy to read, so why are people saying they can't use their drill machine while it's charging? If it's Charing. Is it possible that it has the strength to work with nails? It is amazing. I put the power level to 2 and it did a great job. I can not have this plugged in and portable compared to my modelones that had no power level as low as 1 and were not wireless. So far, so good. I regretted ordering this machine and paying for it, but my machine broke so I needed a new one. I don't regret it.

3. Sanding Professional Manicure Electric Working

Sanding Professional Manicure Electric Working

High quality sanding bands comes with a smooth surface and it will perfect on the natural nail, shape acrylic and cuticle with your file's low speed. The set of nail sanding bands is durable and resistant to scratches. The AIRSEE professional e file nail drill bits sand bands are made of durable senior material and will not fall apart. It's suitable for a 3/32" nail drill machine. It is easy to use for a nail beginner. It's perfect for pedicures and manicures. Natural and artificial nails are being worked on. It's suitable for nail salon, beauty parlor, spa or personal manicure pedicure. It's portable and light, so you can use it anywhere. It is professional for both uses. Customers can always get help with their beauty nails from Airsee. It's designed to be compatible with most size 3/32" nail drill machine. AIRESEE nail file sanding bands set can accomplish a wide range of professional jobs, such as smoothing and polishing for all nail arts, and cuticle removal.

Brand: Airsee

👤These are not good. I have been a nail tech for 10 years. These are the worst bands I've ever used. A quarter of them were falling apart and useless. Taking a new one out and throwing it in the garbage was a bad idea. These wear out very quickly. I had to use more than one set of nails because they would get dull so fast.

👤I was skeptical when I first saw these sanding bands. Since they are put on a bit, they work better and faster than a fingernail file. My toenails are curling up from both sides and cutting off circulation to my toes. I was told by my doctor to get a sand drill to sand some of the thickness that is causing my nails to Curl up. The pediatrist told me to sand down the center of the nail. I'm happy.

👤These deliveries are getting to be too much. I don't like the two day shipping. I think that will be a thing of the past. The bands took a long time to get to me. Didn't know they were made in China. It should be assumed these days. They fit well on my file and seem to be of good quality. If I order again, I will place the order long before I run out.

👤It is a great buy, but the #120 bits are not fully covered with the sanding material, there is some white string hanging a little from each inky on the #120. I use the 80. If the sanding bands don't have a snug fit or if it's the drill. Sometimes it slips off in the middle of drilling. The seller reached out to him. I would recommend this purchase.

👤I just bought this drill and MzE These work well with it.

👤When you put them on your nail bit, they were already open and we couldn't use them because we couldn't get one that worked. They did what they were supposed to do.

4. Lavinda Electric Professional Colorful Manicures

Lavinda Electric Professional Colorful Manicures

The sanding bands are perfect for manicures and pedicures. After artificial nails or natural nails, it's great for backfill. The total of 300 pieces of nailpolish is 1x 100 PCS Coarse Grit 80#---Brown, 1x 100 PCS Medium Grit 150#---White, and 1x 100 PCS Fine Grit 240#---Black. It's great for electric nail drills and other drills. It's suitable for nail salon, beauty parlor, spa or personal manicure pedicure. Multi Functions can accomplish diversified professional jobs, such as carving, engraving, grinding, routing, sharpen, and so on, suitable for natural nails as well as artificial nails, great tools for any professional manicurist. The quality of the sand bands is high, it can increase the life time of the grinder bits.

Brand: Lavinda

👤The bit is too small to fit the sanding bands. I had a few of my own bits. Other buyers may not have one. I thought it was worth mentioning. I ordered this set because I liked that it came with a rainbow bit to match my other bits. It was too small to use with the sanding bands I had, so I was disappointed. The main portion of this purchase is the sanding bands, they are as described and do work just fine with all 3 of the standard mandrel bits I tried them with. The entire set would be useless if someone purchased this. If they didn't realize it was the bit, they might order more bands and waste more money. I gave 3 stars instead of 5.

👤I had a problem with the bands. They don't fit all the way down. Either the bands are too small or the bit is too big. It will go on for a bit, but you will have to force it on and get it off.

👤I used this product for a variety of things. Beautiful. I was expecting something different from these filers. Cut down the nails by shaving and smoothing the surface. The product is great.

👤It's a good product, just think the price could be a better deal. I needed them so.

👤These are great. It is easy to find what you want with the colors. I didn't see any issues with the bit that others were complaining about. I have to cut it off because the band is not moving around while it is on or in use. I'm happy to have these in my collection.

👤The arbor bands are too large to slide off the mandrel. I have several bits that don't stay on. They wear down very fast, negating the value.

👤The amount that came in the package and the description for each use made me very happy. It is reasonably priced for the amount you get. It's ok despite the fact that the mandrel doesn't fit my drill. I had another.

👤I am very pleased with these, but they are hard to remove from a mandrill bit. They get the job done.

5. Ceramic ECBASKET Diamond Manicure Pedicure

Ceramic ECBASKET Diamond Manicure Pedicure

The nail drill bits set comes with ceramic drill bits, diamond drill bits, and brush bits. It would be easy to shape, polish, smoothen, grind, sharpen,carve and neaten the gel nails. There are great nail tools for beginners. Ceramic drill bits are great for professional nail jobs such as carving, engraving, grinding, honing, sanding, polishing and so on. Ceramic bits can be cleaned and never rust. They could make less dust with less heat. The drill bit is slender to a capped point, which is convenient to use, and great for nail filing enhancements. The drill bit can be used to clean the side walls and under the nail edge. 7PCS different nail drill bits, which fit most nail drill machines that use 3/32" bits, are durable for long time use. They could be used to get into tight areas. The drill bit brush bit is used to clean and shine drill bits. The nail drill bits are easy to clean. The nail brush bit can be used to clean the dust on the bits or nails.

Brand: Ecbasket

👤The drill bits worked well with my machine. They are perfect for shaping when you want to thin out a nail that has too much product on it. They're essential for anyone who works on their own nails. They are gentle on the skin. It would definitely recommend a great buy.

👤The drillbit kit is very rare. I only started with the green, and had to stop the removal to do a review. This would be the name of the game changer for do-it-yourselfers. I did gel nails for the last year, but am a beginner with poly gel. I like nail therapy because it allows for creativity.

👤I absolutely love them. U get a lot for that price. I love using the skinniest one for my clients because it doesn't burn them. It is worth your money to do it.

👤The nail enthusiast is not a pro. The bits that came with my device were not as good. They remove gel polish, glitter, polygel, and hard gel. The price point and effectiveness of these are wonderful. My 16 year old finds them easy to work with.

👤I bought this set of bits and a set of carbide bits because I couldn't decide which to get and I heard they were both as good. Wrong! The ceramic bits are better. They tear through the product faster than the carbide bits, and they're less aggressive than the other bits. This set comes with a small blue banded one that is perfect for working around cuticles and removing ridges from polygel dual forms. I've never seen a small piece like that before. If you're trying to decide between this set and a set of bits, definitely get this one. It's the best set I've ever used. I've been doing my own nails for several years, but I'm not a professional nail tech. This is not a professional opinion.

👤I am new to doing my own nails and having to learn how each one works, so I am glad I ordered these. The bits work well.

👤The drills that came with my melodies nail drill were better than the ones that took the acrylic off my hands. Will definitely be buying more drills from this company.

👤If you are a beginner, you should not use these ceramic bits until you are familiar with using an efile.

6. RenoJ Portable Electrical Professional Polishing

RenoJ Portable Electrical Professional Polishing

You can plug RenoJ electric nail file into any of the ports on the upgradeusb interface. A multi function nail drill kit, 11 different nail drill bits, and 30 different sanding bands are used for carving, cutting, polishing, and removing gel polish. The direction of the electric nail drill can be adjusted by the user, no matter how they use their left or right hand. The electric nail drill is quiet and smooth, and can avoid overheating. The electric nail drill is portable and easy to carry.

Brand: Renoj

👤Great drill. It is easy to store and use. I did a friend's nails as well. This drill is perfect. I'll be ordering another one to give as a gift. My drill stopped working, never been dropped, never use on high speed, but for some reason it just stops when trying to use. The drill was great in the beginning.

👤When this arrived, I was so excited. Everything was turned on and nothing happened. Went back off after moving the plug a little bit. Next day, send it back. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. It was very easy to return. The bar code was sent by Amazon to the shipping company. I was done. It came in the box it came in. Did not have to pay anything. Within 4 hours, the refund was in my account. It was perfect. I love Amazon.

👤The buffer attachment allowed me to remove finger and toe nails. It makes natural nails shine a lot faster. I was able to use the other attachment that I had, and it files and smooths them much faster than the manual one. I have had to play with this drill so I don't cut myself or anyone else, including my daughter, sister and mom. We've been having fun with this drill, but you're able to start low which has been great for me as a beginner. None of the bits fall out even if you go for high or low settings. Even though we've used these files many times, they are still in good shape, even after 3 weeks of use.

👤The nail drill is the worst. Don't come at me with "user error", I have experience. The motor is not strong enough to file the nail after you place the drill spool. As soon as it touches the nail, it stops. I think the company pays for reviews or I got a faulty drill. I've used different power sources and changed bits. This glossy piece of trash has a worse motor than a scepter.

👤I am a beginner with a nail drill. I found this to be very easy to use. I like the attachment for the cuticle. I use it with a poly gel kit. I use this drill to shape the poly gel. It can not be pressed hard because it stops, but it can be pressed gently and lightly. I use the poly gel to clean my nails. I like that it comes with a lot of different things. I keep the kit in the original box it came in because it's nice for keeping it organized. It doesn't have a plug.

👤So far, so good. I've been using this drill for a couple of days and it works perfectly. I bought it for my mom because of her overgrown nail. She is using a drill to save her nails. I like the fact that it is lightweight and easy to use, and it is quiet. It was a great purchase and I could buy it again and again.

7. Diamond Cuticle Electric Manicure Pedicure

Diamond Cuticle Electric Manicure Pedicure

The nail drill bits set includes 6PCS Special Under Nail Cleaner(UNC) Bits, 2PCS Ball-shaped Bits, 2PCS Flame Bits, and 1PCS brush. For both beginners and professionals. It'sTILE: Most electric or rechargeable manicure nail file machine has a universal 3/32-inch nail drill bits. It's perfect for nail salon, beauty parlor, spa or personal manicure pedicure. The highest precision standards diamond has superior strength, sharpness, and durability. You can be sure that the nail bits will last a long time. It is useful for both drilling and polishing. You can use it for a lot of things. Ensures that you can get the nail art you want. It is easy to store them in a cute and dust-proof box to make it easier to carry them around. It is easy to figure out what the desired bits are.

Brand: Depvko

👤I had no idea they would make a difference. I will never use the ceramic bits again after using the sandpaper bits. It's been pain free since these take off my gel so quickly.

👤Very pleased with the purchase. The bits are sturdy and the price is great. Removes thick poly gel.

👤The purchase was worth it. It saved my drill. I was going to throw away my drill since I thought it wasn't working as well as it used to. It was bad because the bit it came with got a little weird. When your drill isn't working well, it means the drill bits are worn out. I found the bad boys and it worked. It was worth it.

👤Exactly as described. It works great with my nail drill. I thought my drill was malfunctioning. I was going to throw it out. My machine was bought back to life.

👤They fit the random drill that I bought and they cut through the gel polish and butter. Very happy.

👤I love the ceramic bits. I have used ceramic before for my hair trimmers. The bits are the same as before. They are tough and efficient. They are just as good as the metal ones and the one with the sandpaper. If they come in contact with your skin, they don't hurt or burn. I recommend.

👤These are great for beginners to use a nail drill. They fit in the drill. I did a set of nails and I love them. They got the job done.

👤N'est pas, sinon c'est le meilleur forets.

👤The other ones are great for nail prep. I would recommend it.

👤They cane in little cases and work great for acrylic nails.

👤It's excelente! Muy buena calidad, lo tienes a esterilizar en calor seco. Se retirar el anillo de color.

👤Je vous aimes. Rapport prix.

8. ZXUY Drill Machine Replacement Acrylic

ZXUY Drill Machine Replacement Acrylic

If you have a problem with their products, they will give you a fast replacement or refund. Most professional electric nail files have a 3/32" stem. A set of 6 diamond drill bits and 6 sanding bands. A set of 6 diamond drill bits and 6 sanding bands.

Brand: Zxuy

👤These aren't what I was hoping for. I was looking for replacements for my nail machine. They're hard to find in the right size for my machine. The bits I bought were cheap and fit the machine. The course grinder is too loose. When put into the machine, they spin around on the bit, which won't work. There is no way to tighten them onto the bit so they don't move. Coarse metal is what I don't like. Not worth any money, no matter how cheap.

👤This purchase is worth it because I use it exclusively for the mandrel bit. I have used all of the bits and found, though they are supposed to be used on the natural nail or around the cuticle, you have to file down any edges or you can cut the skin. They don't come sanded down and can have sharp parts. Before using them, inspect and destroy them.

👤I put them on the dremel and they fell apart. Cheap, cheap, cheap. I can't come back. If you don't use it immediately, you will get stuck with it, which is a huge downside of Amazon.

👤Unfortunately, only one of the items will fit my Medicool Pedicure tool. I am able to use the sanding barrels and figure that will cover the cheap price, even though I had planned to return it. It feels like each shank is a bit different in size. "Be careful"

👤Four of the six bits are very small. I can only use a few of the bits. The other two were too small to fall out of my drill. I expect all six to be the correct size. It gets 2 stars.

👤You need these if you do your nails at home. These are always great to have on hand because my drill heads run down very quickly. It's perfect for tidying up and doing manicures.

👤They fit and work with the nail drill set that I had previously purchased. They were cheap.

👤I only bought the cheap set because the sanding pieces were too large to fit on the bit. I decided to compare the other bits and agree with the other reviews. I don't think this is sanitary in the least. Don't buy.

👤They fit perfectly and were bought to replace lost Tomight drill bits.

9. ERUIKA Professional Diamond Electric Manicure

ERUIKA Professional Diamond Electric Manicure

The package has 14 pieces of different nail drill bits in a see-through and dust-proof carrying case. It is made with the highest quality diamond, with super strength, sharpness and durability. The kit contains all the designs that are needed for nail jobs. It's versatile enough to do all the jobs, like removing the cuticle, smoothing the nail, and cleaning it. The size of 3/32" shank is suitable for most size 3/32" drill machine, different shapes and sizes are suitable for natural nails as well as artificial nails. Protect your skin from harm by using advanced craftsmanship and well-examined layout. You can see the favored bits quickly with the Lovable and dust-proof carring case.

Brand: Eruika

👤These are amazing! Everything you need for a drill set. Don't push it in to hard, it works on any drill. The drill bits that come with a drill are still great. Buy these! The bit that removes the hair is my favorite. I would love to have one. I don't like using a cuticle cutter on other people, so it removes the skin and everything in between. It's easy to use a cuticle cutter on yourself because you can feel it, so these bits took all of that away. I need more bits so I would buy these. Excellent quality!

👤The set is very good and I love the holder it comes with, it will always come in handy.

👤These would work well for natrual nails. I use "plastic" full nail gel x tips, but it doesn't file into them the way I want.

👤Did you just buy a poly gel kit? Are you going to remove your toenails? Get the bits now. It doesn't have a label, but the stripes indicate the quality. I have two of these, one for manicures and one for pedicures. Most kits don't have this size variety in a small pack.

👤I use a few for shaping. They work well.

👤I like the variety of bits in this set. The price for the product was good. It has enough choice to fit just about every need you might have in the world of nail tech.

👤I have other bits that are shorter. I find myself always reaching for this kit because they still work well. I might try to trim them down in the future. This is an amazing kit.

👤I use this product for both poly gel and cuticle care. This is a great starter set, it has a variety of tools and sizes. I bought this to add to my drill set because it fits in perfectly and will work well with the average drill. If that makes sense, the bits are not gritted. The addition of the duster bit makes it easier to get dust from under the skin. It is a great starter set or add on.

10. MelodySusie Diamond Professional Manicure Pedicure

MelodySusie Diamond Professional Manicure Pedicure

The nail bits kit is made of premium diamond metal and is strong enough to drill, file, and remove nature nails. 10Pcs different shapes and sizes bits design allow you to prepare the nail bed, clean the cuticle area, shape and shorten the nail, and so on. This nail set works great for under nails cleaning and hard skin. You can figure out the desired bits quickly with a well-made case for storage. The highest precision diamond metal with superior strength, sharpness, durability, heat resistance, and long- lasting, and sturdy. It's ideal for nail salon, beauty parlor, spa, or pedicure. The safety cuticle nail bits are designed to protect your skin from being harmed. It's suitable for beginners or nail tech. The universal size is 3/32" They will be happy to help if you need it, and they will stand behind their products.

Brand: Melodysusie

👤I really like this set of drill bits. I just started doing my nails at home and they help in preparing my nails for application. It is surprising. I use almost all of the tips when I do my nails, but I am not sure what the blue bit is for. They are very gentle on my nail bed and are great for cleaning up the area under your nail. I have hurt myself using it, but be careful, it is very sharp. I would recommend them to anyone who does their own nails.

👤A set of bits for gel and acrylic fills. The growth is smooth. I didn't think I would use the brush, but it works great at getting the dust off the nail.

👤I am a beginner when it comes to doing nails. I only use my drill for manicures, but I needed help with my dead skin around my nails. This set has been used. The edges of my nails have looked terrible with the hand washing and hand sanitizing. I've used various nippers and cerave lotion, but they left rough edges. The edges were making me angry. I'm able to clean it all up and have a smooth skin again. I'm able to clean everything up on my system's lowest speeds because they've been safe enough. I've been able to get it done faster now that I'm more confident in my skills. When it's time to replace them, I will buy these again.

👤I ordered 10 cuticle bits, but I was disappointed in the Melody Suzie nail drill. They look new and shiny. I have a set that is dull and old. They have no shine. I would have liked them to have looked new. They didn't like how they performed. Embarrassed to use on my clients.

👤This set is perfect for a do-it-yourselfer. It was a great addition to my collection. One tip I hear over and over again is to have more than one of each thing. I like that there are different parts. I found out how much I like the ball bits. I have ordered more sizes of the ball bits. I had the chance to test each of them.

👤I bought these because I increased my self care routine. I had other drill bits, but nothing for my nails. I love each bit and tried them out. The hack that helped me with my ingrowns on my toes has been a game-changer for me. The gelX hack with builder and ABS extensions help clean up any overflow on the backside of the nail. The price on this is too good to be true.

👤I can't wait to use them. There are a few extra slots for my other bits.

👤It's difficult to tell what's what when you don't have a manual and works OK for a single set of nails. The nylon brush broke after the first use, most of the so-called "diamond" bits only worked on one hand, cleaning them didn't help, using them with higher/lower speeds yields the same results. Didn't think it would last long, but expected it to. If you're planning to use it with a dremel or any other tool, it's important to know that the regular mandrel that comes with it is too big and requires the use of an accessory that this set doesn't have.

11. Makartt Tungsten Carbide Manicure Pedicure

Makartt Tungsten Carbide Manicure Pedicure

The nail drill bit set comes with 10 drill bits with different sizes for any nail gel art work like shaping, polishing, smoothing, grinding, sharpening, carving, and more. 10PCS different nail drill bits include 2 fine barrel nail bits, 2 coarse barrel drill bits, 2 safety bits, 2 small-cone bits, 2 UNC drill bits, and the nail bits suitable for natural nails or artificial nails, fit most 3/32" inch. The drill bits in the set are made of the hardest material on the planet and are sturdy enough to remove hard gel nails. It protects your skin because of superior craftsmanship and well-tested design. Long-term use and saving your money is possible with the Makartt drill bit set nails. Do your nails art at home and enjoy your nails art experience with your sisters and friends. The nail lab in-a-box is the first of its kind. By listening to, working with, and learning from their amazingly creative customers, Makartt strives to provide their customers with beauty products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty. You told them and they listened so they're confident that they can provide what you're looking for.

Brand: Makartt

👤I have seen some reviews that say they are too dangerous. They are supposed to be sharp. The drill bits do not work. If you think these are dangerous, you should not buy them because you are not experienced with an electric file. I am trying to save your fingers from being cut. Please learn how to use one first. For people with experience, I give these 10/10. They do a good job. They are adorable!

👤If you don't know what you need to do to stick with hand files, you will hurt yourself or someone else. I work as a nail technician. If you buy these and you are a beginner, you should use them on a low speed. I plan on buying more of them.

👤I purchased this set over others because I love the products from Makartt. The case was one of the reasons I purchased it. I was going to use this set in my travel kit. The case is damaged and the lid isn't staying on. It defeats the purpose of why I bought them. I have to return them or buy a different case or deal with the case being damaged or not staying on which defeats my purpose. The bits from Makartt are always great. I gave these 3 stars because of how important the case was to me.

👤I do my own nails and have a few complaints about the bits I use. The bits only work when I use my right hand. The bit effectiveness is decreased by left handed reverse filing. It's not a deal breaker, but something lefties and DIYers need to know. The course bits in this set are not as effective as the Fine drill bit from Kiara Sky. This set is better than most of the other options on Amazon, but I think it is better to spend the money on one really good bit rather than several just okay bits. I hope this helps someone else.

👤I got them today and I love them. I used most of them to see how well they worked. The safety dome is my favorite. It took off my design in less than a minute. I used the brush bit to clean the other bits I used as well as my nails, and it did both with ease. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Definitely a must have. Would buy again. Highly recommended!

👤I can go for a cheaper, more reasonable price once I use it.

👤The drill bits work well with my file. I don't have to press down hard to remove the gel polish.

👤Exactly as described. The price for so many awesome bits was great. They are perfect as a do-it-yourselfer. I like to use the safety barrel bit most of the time. If you like doing nails, buy these.


What is the best product for electric nail file bits?

Electric nail file bits products from Iston. In this article about electric nail file bits you can see why people choose the product. Karite and Airsee are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric nail file bits.

What are the best brands for electric nail file bits?

Iston, Karite and Airsee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric nail file bits. Find the detail in this article. Lavinda, Ecbasket and Renoj are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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